Dad Brings Sons to Gay Park

By Rob Loveboy

Edited By Francis Symes

I wouldn’t believe this story either if someone else told me it. About five-years ago my friend, Rick, and I were sunning ourselves nude by the river semi-private in a small clearing in the bushes just off a pedestrian ‘bicycle and walking’ path that led to and from the city center to our zoo.


The park was a well known gay cruising spot most times of day and night. It was a large park, densely treed for privacy. Lunch hour and after work it was popular with businessmen looking for quickies. A public bathroom once existed where a glory hole was carved and recarved every time city workers covered it up. Guys lined up waiting to use one of the freed up cubicles, either to get blown via the impersonal gloryhole cubicle or an in-person fling in the other cubicle. The urinals were used for mutual masturbation. All good things come to an end eventually and the washroom was torn down forcing its patrons into the bushes for action.


Rick and I would meet up on our days off mid-week to sun ourselves, cool off in the river, and drink a few beers. We were seen several times by people walking the shoreline, all ignored our nudity and returned a friendly wave. People with kids in tow picked up the pace and got away quickly.


We had seen and heard from the regular bush dwellers looking for action that the man with two boys aged 8 and 10 actually left the main path to look for guys going at it from a distance. It was truly peculiar and intimidated many, not another guy watching, that was common, but two little kids?


One afternoon about 3:30, Rick and I were dozing atop our blanket until I heard a rustling in the bushes. Low and behold it was the strange man and his two kids. He came out of the bush and smiled at me, then told the kids to go on the shore line, He himself stayed back 10 or 15 feet from shore never saying a word. I woke Rick up to cover himself from the staring eyes above and 10 feet below.


Kids will be kids and were getting wet playing. Dad told them to take off their socks and shoes. The youngest was wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt, oddly, the eldest wore a school uniform of blue trousers and white shirt. Obviously, dad picked the boy up after school and headed directly to the park.


They were named, Justin, 8; and Jordan, 10, I gathered after a short time.


“Jordin, take off your school pants and shirt if you’re going to play in the water.” Dad said harshly. “You’ve already got the cuffs wet.”


“I’m not playing in the water,” the kid rebutted. “It was a mistake,”


“Jordan, take off your shirt and pants right now.” dad said again with anger.


Rick and I looked at each other and smirked. I wondered if dad was truly concerned about Jordan’s uniform, or if he was trying to tease Rick and me. Little would he know that I was a boy lover, I prefered a little older but watching Justin undress down to his blue briefs did get my cock stirring, and I have been known to venture toward youngsters when opportunity struck.


He was quite cute with short brown hair and large ruby lips. I wondered what his cock would look like causing the cotton to bulge, and his plump ass filling the rear, his crack could be seen.


I was rock-hard and Rick suggested we take a dip to cool off from the blazing sun. Rick whispered, “The guy invaded our territory with his kids knowing full well we were naked. Fuck him.”


I agreed. He had a lot of shore line he could have found, but for some reason chose our spot. My erection led the way, dad had a rear view and wouldn’t see, the boys had full frontal vision, both glanced at my cut seven thick inches however, there was no real interest as most boys showered in the rec center’s pool showers. I liked to expose myself there … but that’s another story for later.


Five minutes later, with only a semi I walked past the boys who were sailing little twigs down the river. I squatted beside them floating my own sticks waiting for dad to move in and hush the boys away. He didn't. I said to the boys, “Why don’t you guys go for a swim and cool off?”


Justin yelled to his father asking permission.


“Yes, but take off your underwear … I don’t want your wet asses on the seats of my truck.” Dad said sternly. Most men would have allowed their kids the modesty of swimming in their underpants. Something was indeed odd about this father.


Justin peeled off his red briefs uncaring of the company he was in, after all, we were naked, too. His cute uncut dick hung the size of my little finger, not to bad for his age, I wondered how big it would grow erect.


Rick walked out of the water and took two beers from the cooler and walked up handing the man one who accepted it.  He wasn’t a bad looking man, blond as was his youngest boy. His shirt was unbuttoned showing nice abs, I knew Rick was interested, and he had more guts than any other guy I knew of who would try to seduce straight guys on city buses, transit trains, shopping malls … and many times he succeeded in giving them blowjobs, his favorite pastime besides getting fucked.


I could see that wanted to go swimming watching his brother frolick, Justin was a good swimmer on his tummy or on his back. He reminded me of myself at his age, I took to water like a duck and took lessons.

Dad was heard yelling over, “Jordan, take a swim, you’re sweating and I don’t want you getting heat stroke.”


“Come on, Jord, we’re all boys here. No one else is going to see … besides, you’ll be hidden under water.” I encouraged.

He looped his thumbs in his waistband and quickly slid them down and ran into the water. All I saw was what appeared to be slightly longer than his brother’s, his ass bounced nicely. Mostly, I wanted those rosy lips around my cock,


I decided to grab a beer and chat with Rick and ‘Norm,’ as he was introduced by Rick. Rick tried to convince the man to go for a swim but he refused saying he prefered to stay in the shade. Suddenly he yelled, “You guys don’t put your underwear on until you’ve dried off in the sun.”


I could have offered a towel to them, but what the fuck, why spoil the view of two naked boys who took the liberty of sitting on my blanket facing us men. My cock reacted.


The boys got into a game of X and O in the sand and when they dried off, Norm called over and told them to get dressed, they had to get home for supper. He was an odd man, barely spoke unless spoken to and never smiling. He looked down at my semi-hard coock and up to my face and said, “Will you be here tomorrow?”


“Yes, one more day off work.”


I’ll come back then, It’s Teachers Convention and the boys are off for the day. I can tell you like Jordan.” he said, his stone face showing a slight smile then herding the boys to the pathway and they were gone from sight.


I wondered why he made the comment about me liking Jordan, what was he inferring, I would spend the night dwelling on it. What a strange man Norm was, ever so serious. The million dollar question loomed … why bring his sons to a park that he knew was rife with sexual activity and take them on the many beaten trails looking for men getting it on and others hiding in the bushes to watch.  



The following day I picked up Rick. We picked up a couple of subs for lunch and filled the cooler with beer and made our way to the parking lot, we carried the cooler between us and walked to our favorite spot, greeting acquaintances along the way who didn’t care about the outer wrapping, only the candy inside, some guys had no scruples.


Rick and I settled in for the afternoon spreading the blanket and removing our clothes before opening a beer while eating our sandwiches. We were in our Little Eden not expecting guests, but anticipating Norm and the kids’ arrival … Rick lusting after Norm, me lusting after Jordan, although, I was doubtful that anything would happen.

They arrived an hour after us. Norm stood in the same spot he stood the day before and the boys stripped off their clothes without being told and entered the water. Rick was at Norm’s side a second later chatting the silent man up, I joined them a few minutes later.


“Hey, Norm. Glad to see you came back.”


“Happy to see me or my Jordan?” he said, stone-faced and catching me off guard.


“I’m happy to see you … you’re fucking hot.” Rick said giving Norm’s clothed body the once over.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when Norm ran a hand down Rick’s chest stopping short of his groin then just gazed at his kids playing in the water.


I had nothing to lose and answered his question. “Yeah, buddy. I do like Jordan a lot. I’d love those fat red lips wrapped around my cock.”


“Well, you’re in for a surprise. You can do whatever you want with Jordan … as long as I can watch.” Norm said, still staring ahead. “While you’re buddy here sucks my cock.”

It couldn’t be true. Norm summoned Jordan who seemed to ignore his dad’s request. The second order had the kid slowly coming forth and he stood in front of Norm looking frightened.


“Remember what I told you last night in bed?” his voice was strict but soft.


Jordan looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes then down at my cock that was at full mast. He slowly moved in front of me, obviously not eager to perform oral sex on me. A million things went through my mind. It would have been different if Jordan had at least shown a little enthusiasm. The onus was on me  and my conscience, I could walk away and let the boy off the hook, or stand there and allow him to be humiliated.


“Now, Jordan,” Norm said sternly, pulling down his pants for the very eager cock-sucker who was already on his knees. Norm’s cock flopped out when his pants were thrust down by Rick. Eight cut chubby inches bounced out and Rick was on it in a millisecond.


Jordan flinched at his father’s demanding voice and got on his knees taking hold of the base and putting the head in his mouth, slowly taking more of its length until he reached his comfort level and began sucking and bobbing and masturbating. One thing was for sure, daddy must have taught him and taught him well. A hand cupped my balls kneading them gently.


“Good boy, Jordan. Remember, you’re a man-pleasing boy-slut now, all sissy mommy’s boys are.”


I placed my hand on the back of his head trying to ignore Norm’s debasing of Jordan. The flood gates opened minutes later, Jordan was making slurping noises as he tried to contain the thick fluid, droplets formed at the sides of his mouth. He didn’t stop pumping with his hand until he was sure I was spent. He looked up at me and swallowed my jism


“Ya did great, little buddy.” I praised, hoisting him to his feet. He looked like a rabid dog, my cum slick around his mouth. I got on my knees and used my tongue to haul his flaccid cock into my mouth.


“Now you’re spoiling him.” said Norm giggling. “I usually have his little brother do that when he’s earned it.”


It had to be a wild erotic dream, it couldn't be real. A perverted father sexually abusing his sons and willing to share them with other like minded men and get off watching it. It’s stuff you read and hear about, but you never think you would meet such people.


My tongue tantalized Jordan’s cock inside my mouth, very pleased to feel it growing, maxing at four solid thin inches, enough to please me, I’d had men not much bigger.

It was certainly a day I’ll never forget. Rain kept us out of the park after that, the winter set in. I looked forward to next spring, but father and sons were never seen again.


Side Note:  Approximately 2 years ago there was a news report stating that a man has been arrested for sexual abuse of his two sons aged thirteen and 11. The report went on to say the abuse began many years earlier and that the two boys believed it was normal  activity between fathers and sons as well as men and boys in general.


The age of these two lads and limited details released fitted the time period when the kids would have been 8 and 10 when Rick and I met them. I do believe Norm either got caught by his wife, or one of the boys offered sex to a man who blew the whistle to authorities … a couple of years before the court case, another news report aired of a young boy (age not known) who offered sex to his male school bus driver. Coincidence? Maybe, however, I don’t think so.



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