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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

This is my very FIRST story!
I am definitely open to suggestions for new stories
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Daily Newspaper

When I was a kid there weren't many ways to make extra money. I wanted a paper route but you had to be twelve to get one, the newspaper's rules. Two of my older friends had them and they always had extra spending money. One day one of them told me about a subscription drive for the paper and said kids as young as nine could do it. All we had to do was knock on doors in a designated area of town and ask the people if they wanted to subscribe. If they did, we just had them fill out a short card and give it back to us to turn in and we would get two dollars cash for every new customer. This sounded too good to be true but I rode my bike down to the paper's office the next morning.

The man they had me see was old, maybe forty but very friendly. He was tall and handsome like a movie star or something and he closed his office door behind me and had me take a seat on a small couch. He sat next to me putting one hand on my back and the other on my knee and asked me a few questions about me and my family. He was gently rubbing both my back and leg and that made me feel comfortable around him. He soon set me up with my own section of town complete with a map of the area. He said if I finished that whole area he'd give me another but I had to be sure to go to every house and apartment. I promised I would do a good job because I wanted a paper route when I was old enough. He laughed and said "good, because I hire the paperboys also". I practically screamed "really". And he shook his head yes and started rubbing higher up on my leg. He said if I did a good job for him I was guaranteed a paper route when I was older. I started to get hard from his rubbing because he was getting real close to my private area so I stood up and told him thanks but I had to go and get started. The real reason was that I didn't want him to see me boning up. I didn't want him to get mad at me for that. When he stood up I noticed his crotch had grown a lot also. He told me to see the secretary in the lobby for subscription cards and to be sure to bring them back directly to him when customers filled them out and signed them.

Since part of my assigned area was on my way home I decided to get started right away. Most people weren't home that time of the morning but I did two whole streets and got seven new customers, a glass of milk and warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven at one of them. What a GREAT job this was! It was my Mom's idea that I try again tomorrow but in the early evening when more people were apt to be home. So I marked down all the addresses were no one was home and would try them again the next evening. That worked out awesome, almost everyone I missed was home then and I signed up eleven more new customers for the paper and got two job offers to mow lawns and one to babysit. I couldn't believe I made thirty six dollars in two days and on only two streets. I couldn't wait to take those subscription cards in to Mr. Johnson the next morning and get my money.

I rode my bike to the newspaper office at seven thirty the next morning only to be told Mr. Johnson didn't come in until eight so I rode around town until then. I was back right at eight and met Mr. Johnson on the sidewalk outside. He guided me directly to his office and closed the door. We both sat on the small couch again and he was so close that his leg was touching mine. He placed one hand on my back and the other on my leg and asked me what I had for him as he gently massaged me. I leaned forward to get the subscription cards from my backpack and his hand on my back slid down so he was rubbing my butt below my shorts now. It felt really nice so I stayed bent over longer than I needed to and I think he knew I liked it because one of his fingers went between my cheeks and was rubbing around my hole. I must have moaned a little because his finger pushed in further and was starting to open up my pink little rosebud. He only removed his finger when I started to sit back up and hand him the cards. He raised his hand to his nose and sniffed his finger and then he moaned. We both had tents again and he noticed.

His hand on my leg had steadily risen until it was under my shorts leg rubbing up against my little hairless sack. Then it went even higher and caressed my entire ball sack and my little stiffy. I moaned even louder and leaned back a little to give him better access. He must have taken that as an act of submission because he immediately reached for my waistband and pulled my shorts down in one swift move. There I was with my new boss naked from the waist down with my shorts around my ankles and him fondling me openly and both of us moaning loudly. He bent over me and sucked my sack and stiffy both right into his mouth like he had done this many times before. I almost passed out from the feelings I was having. I stretched out even more out of instinct to give him the best access and that's when he put one hand under my butt again. He found my hole again and started rubbing all around it wetting his finger in his mouth and putting it part way inside me. He was pushing it in then pulling it part way out and pushing it back in, in and out, in and out.

I couldn't deal with all the wonderful feelings I was having and moaned even louder. He removed his other hand that had been rubbing my inside leg and placed it over my mouth and said I was a real moaner but needed to keep the noise down. I had forgotten where we were and shook my head yes. He never stopped moving his finger in my butt hole. When he went back down and swallowed me whole I lost it. I started shaking and convulsing all over and we were both moaning a lot again. I could feel my hard little spike jumping and throbbing in his mouth which made him moan as loud as I was. After what seemed like an eternity I started to giggle and gently pushed his mouth from my stiffy because it tickled too much. Mr. Johnson sat back up and moaned softly. He then gently pulled my shorts and underwear back up over my still rigid little spike. I noticed his tent had grown considerably and left a wet spot at the end of it in his pants.

He was very impressed with the number of completed subscription cards I had attained in just two days. He went behind his desk, sat down, and filled out a slip and said to give it to the secretary and she would pay me on my way out. He seemed in a hurry to get rid of me now for some reason. Mr. Johnson thanked me profusely and told me what a great kid I was and that if I wanted to stop by his home any time I could and he handed me another slip of paper with his address and phone number on it. Before I opened the door to leave he asked that I call first and thanked me again and said he hoped to see me again soon. I said "thank you Mr. Johnson" and he said "call me Brad." What a great job I have!


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