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This is my very FIRST story!
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Daily Newspaper, Chapter 2


It was only about eight thirty in the morning when I left Mr. Johnson's office so I decided to try a new street on my way home. This street had big fancy homes for the most part and fewer of them because they had bigger yards. At the very first house I rang the doorbell three times and was turning to leave when an older man answered the door in just a bath robe. His hair was messy and I could tell he must have been sleeping. I apologized for waking him and explained my reason for visiting him. He said he needed to get up anyway and invited me inside. He asked if I wanted a cup of coffee and then laughed saying he really needed one and I should follow him to the kitchen. When we got there he put a small package in a machine, closed the lid, and it started spitting out coffee into a mug just that fast. I had never seen a coffee maker that could make a cup of coffee instantly.

When he reached up for the cup his robe opened up and I saw he was naked under it. He had a way bigger thing than mine and had hair down there to. His nut sack was also huge and caused his thing to poke out more as it laid on top of it making both of them look even bigger. He noticed me staring right at them and didn't even try to close the robe so I kept staring and soon it started to grow even bigger. I think I was still sexed up from my visit with Mr. Johnson because my stiffie started to tent out my shorts again. I couldn't believe I got my first sex and now was seeing my first adult thing and it wasn't even nine o'clock yet. He moved closer and I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was definitely getting bigger, and so was mine.

He broke my trance when he spoke, saying "how bout we go back to the living room". He placed his free hand on my shoulder and steered me back the way we had come. The whole time I was staring sideways at his growing appendage and not where we were going. I was really hard and tenting out my shorts because he said it seems we both have the same problem this morning. I shook my head yes but never took my eyes off his growing package. It started out soft but still longer than my whole hand and was now longer than both hands and still growing. He made no attempt to close the robe and even pulled both sides open a little more to give me an unobstructed view. He asked if I had ever seen an adult cock before and I slowly shook my head no. "It looks like you like what you see" and pointed down to my crotch area. I again nodded my head yes.

I hadn't noticed but we were directly in front of a sofa and he put pressure on my shoulder to guide me to sit on it. He stood in front of me and totally opened up his robe pushing the sides behind him. I was mesmerized and still staring when he asked me if I wanted to touch it. Again I slowly nodded yes. I reached out slowly and felt his nut sack first and he let out an audible groan as my little hands hefted and weighed his baby makers as he later called them. I couldn't believe how soft and fragile they seemed and wanted to keep fondling them all day long. Eventually though my little hands traveled to the nest of curly black hair that housed all that intrigued me. I repeatedly ran my little fingers through the dense bush and wondered how it got down here. After all, I didn't have any down there and neither did any of my friends.

As children often do, my attention span soon waned from his nest of pubic hair and I found my fingers drawn to the real object of my desires. His cock had grown to a hard and throbbing mass of eight inches or more and rivaled my entire forearm for both strength and girth. It was huge and hard as a rock, but when I touched the end it was soft and spongy as could be. This elicited an even louder moan and I wondered if I had hurt him. I quickly withdrew both hands and asked if I had hurt it. He placed both my small hands back on it and said "no dear boy, you make me feel wonderful, please don't stop". So I continued my exploration of the only adult cock I had seen in my entire life with great enthusiasm.

I felt every crack and crevice, every bulging vein, and particularly noticed the sticky clear stuff that started to leak from the hole in the end. I played with that stuff smearing it all around the big mushroom shaped head amazed at how slippery it was. That seemed to send him into a new level of "wonderful" and he told me to keep doing that. After a couple minutes it seemed there was an endless flow of that stuff seeping out. I raised one hand to my nose to smell it and he said I could taste it if I wanted to, that it was good for young boys like me and would make me big and strong. I licked a little off two of my fingers and was surprised at how sweet it tasted. I smiled and said "hhhmmmm". He could tell I liked it and said there was plenty more.

I licked both hands clean and craved more of the honey like syrup so I instinctively started licking it from the source. The big mushroom head seemed even softer against my little tongue. Wow, that really made him moan. I licked all around the head and especially in the hole at the end where the nectar was now flowing steadily. He moaned loudly the whole time and began little stabbing motions trying to get it inside my mouth. He told me to open my mouth a little and just put it over the tip while I licked and sucked his honey up like a vacuum. By then I was actually slurping the stuff up. I did as I was told and again was surprised at how soft the head was on my lips. It slid right in like it had always belonged there.

He told me to cover my teeth with my lips so I didn't scrape him and I was soon sucking my first adult cock and loving it. His moaning grew even louder and I was sure that meant no one else was home or they would have investigated all the groaning by now. I was wrong. Just as I started to get his whole cock head and about an inch of his shaft in my mouth I heard someone clear their throat at the top of the stairs and I froze, and just about died on the spot. It was a younger man in his teens and he said, "Uncle Jim, what's going on here".

Just then and without warning that big cock in my mouth started throbbing even bigger and jumping and spitting a whole lot more of the sticky stuff into my mouth. Uncle Jim yelled "Oh Fuck, oh fuck, cummin" and Shot after shot of it splashed into my young mouth and right down my throat. I tried hard to swallow it all like I had the previous flow but I couldn't swallow fast enough. After about three shots I had to breathe and let if fall from my mouth. That made it shoot all over my face and chin and even in my hair. I bet it shot six or seven times before it started spurting dribbles instead of geysers. His cock continued to leak even as he removed his robe and started to clean me up with it.

Did I mention the kid on the stairs was naked and sportin wood!


I am definitely open to suggestions for new stories or to hear what you think of this one so far, so do not hesitate to contact me, at Don't forget the underscore.

Flames will be ignored so don't waste your time.