Danger! High Voltage! Ovdoc May, 2012

I was in my early thirties, and doing very well professionally when a friend of mine approached me asking if I would be interested in helping him with his scout troop. He had done well, but was not able to keep up with the program and the many activities involved. Harry assured me I would enjoy working with the boys, and just knew they would like me as well. His enthusiasm was more than I could resist. I agreed to become an assistant, and would quickly find out I had made a great choice.

I should mention here that I knew I had a thing for boys. I had already had several affairs, and had been active with the scouts for years. In fact, I had managed programs and summer camps, so I was familiar with friendships with young teens.

It didn’t take long to become acquainted with the twenty or so boys in the group. Most of them came from upper middle income neighborhoods. Some came from upper income homes. We had some well known professionals with sons in the troop. It was these boys that mutually drew my attention. Most of these boys were both more attractive, and more willing to try new experiences. I would soon find out just how far they were willing to go.

Some of the older boys in the group not only served as junior leaders, but were the role models the younger boys looked up to. The older boys often used this to their advantage. Since the older boys held the higher ranks and positions in the group, it was only natural that the younger ones did whatever they were asked to build friendships and earn badges and awards.

This story is mostly about a young boy who really loved what he was asked to do. In fact, he openly admitted he wanted to do things forbidden by adults, but thoroughly enjoyed by other boys.

The story begins when I had made friends with several older boys in the troop who had been on a summer hike with me. The hike had been in the nearby mountains. I had agreed to take three young teens who wanted to win their fifty mile hike award. The hike would take five days, and would include survival skills. The boys needed these skills to earn their next rank. They were nearing their Eagle rank, the highest rank a boy could achieve. All three boys were experienced campers as well as good friends. The self-appointed leader of the boys was a fourteen year old named Mike. Not only was Mike the troop’s Senior Patrol Leader, he pretty much set the code in the troop. Mike was a natural leader. He let the others know he was the boy in charge. No one challenged Mike.

For some reason, Mike and I had really hit it off. He was a really attractive blond with hazel eyes that had read me like a book from the time I joined his troop. He was about average height and weight, and had an athletic swim team body. Both of us came on strong, so we had quickly led the troop to become skilled and very competition minded. We turned games and teaching into competitive events between patrols.

As for the other two boys on the hike with us, theywere Stuart (Stu) and Gary. Both were thirteen. Stu was the smallest of the three. He and Gary were quieter and more reserved than Mike, but both spoke openly when expressing their opinions. Gary was as big as Mike, and weighed as much. Neither was as cute as Mike, but that didn’t matter. The boys had grown close as they grew together. It was obvious they had shared a lot. They had no secrets from each other.

After a few hours on the trail that first day, Mike pulled off to the edge of the trail. Without any fear or concern, he zipped his shorts open and pulled out his four inch limp shaft aiming it toward a bush. He let loose a yellow stream of piss looking back as I joined in. I moved alongside him. I also looked him over. It was not the first time we had checked each other out. Mike and I had stood side by side at the urinal at the meeting hall. Both of us had seen dicks before. Neither of us had shied away. Somehow I had the feeling we would go further, even if it was just curiosity. Mike wasn’t worried about being gay. He was way to curious to find out what sex was all about. Besides, he had already played sex games with Gary, Stu, and other boys. He was already aware that the games were fun. I wasn’t surprised at all when Stu lined up next to Mike, and smiled as he glanced at us and let it go.

The three of us showed only a couple of inches of our dicks. All of us were cut. No one was stiff. We openly tried to out distance each other with our arching streams, then casually tucked the weapons away and headed down the trail.

It was early afternoon when we reached a clear cold mountain stream. The weather had turned hot. We were sweating so my suggestion of a swim following lunch was welcomed by all. Not wanting to break out swim suits, and being on the trail alone meant we could just strip to our briefs. I was pleased that they went along with that. No sooner had we waded into the cold stream and got ourselves soaked did it become obvious that the wet briefs pretty much showed everything we had. No one was all that surprised although all of us took the time to look each other over. It was our first opportunity to check each other out.

A short time after we had splashed and soaked each other to cool off as well as to play. It was also a move to set the pace between us. I had let them know fun games were ahead although I told them “There’s no need to be shy or afraid of each other.” That being said, I slid out of the briefs finding a tree branch to hang them on so they could dry out. After a minute or two, Mike chose to follow my example. Five minutes later all of us were totally nude splashing about in the shallow stream. There was no attempt at that time to get sexual. It was just a get acquainted move, but I think all of us knew there would be sex games coming up in the near future. To these teens, it was nothing they hadn’t done before, just not with an adult. And their attitude told me they were more curious than worried about it.

After the swim, we simply took the damp briefs off the tree branches and slid into them. I had accepted that these boys were pretty much average for their age in height and weight. I was definitely larger and more endowed, but that was expected. Mike was about five inches and had some nice sized balls. His pubes were darker tan his hair, but that is often the case with blonds. Gary’s shaft was as long as Mike’s, but he had brown hair. His balls looked a little bigger. Stu was also brown haired, but was smaller than the other two. His shaft was slimmer. His balls were smaller. His pubes had just started to show, giving him that still bald look. But his buns were better padded, giving him a bubble-butt look. It was obvious Stu was the one Mike and Gary loved to mount.

The three of us smiled and watched as we slid back into our shorts and tee shirts to head further off on the mountain trail. We knew it was not that much further to the trail hut where we would stop for supper and set up camp for the night. I had only half attempted to hide the semi-erection that betrayed desires. And Mike had also shown an interest in getting on with the games. But I guess all of us wanted to believe our first duty was to keep our mind on the fifty mile hike.

As we dropped our packs in front of the open shelter, the hot humid weather gave way to a few loud lightning bolts that sounded close. So close they shook the ground we stood on. Dark thunder clouds covered the sun. We hustled to get a fire going in the fire pit so we could have a hot meal. We knew we were in for a rainy night. Canned beef stew allowed us to fill up and to retreat to the shelter as heavy rain poured down.

Leading the way, I peeled out of the wet clothes after lighting off a small gas lantern. Mike lit off another. The shelter was well lighted. Without even a grunt, the three boys stripped down to their briefs. There were four double bunks in the shelter. Each of us claimed a bottom bunk, then spread our wet clothes over rafters to dry.

The cotton briefs not only clung to our body, they felt cooler as the temperature began to drop. No one seemed surprised when I once again slid mine off and hung them to dry. It felt different this time. Maybe because I was now showing a seven inch boner. It stuck out boldly in front of me. The three boys stared at it. They seemed to guess this was going to be the time we would get a little more familiar with each other. It was game time. All three of them were showing stiffs, but their shafts were pinned against their stomachs. All three of them stood silently in front of me as I sat down on the edge of my bunk. All three of them had a horny looking smile, but weren’t sure what to do now.

Mike knew it was their move. I was ready, but I was not going to make the first move. We were alone. There was no reason to ignore this chance to play games. We had all night. No one was going to interfere, and all of them felt safe.

It was Mike that once again slid out of his briefs hanging them up. As the other two followed him, he sat next to me and wrapped his right hand around my shaft. I quickly grabbed his dick and began to stroke it. After only a few strokes, I leaned over and made myself comfortable as lowered my mouth, opened up, and started licking the head of his long slender curved shaft. I paused long enough to see Gary and Stu sit on another bunk playing with each other. The only sounds I recall at the time were a few giggles. I’m not sure who. All of us were amused that we were finally ready to play. We weren’t sure what the rules were. It didn’t really matter right then. We knew we wanted to get started. We could talk about the rules and morality later.

Mike and I laid head to toe on a canvas covered mattress. Each of us wrapped his lips around the others shaft and started sucking and licking. We could hear and see Gary and Stu doing the same on the next bunk. They made no attempt to hide anything or to keep quiet. Like most teens, they were enjoying themselves. We could hear them slurping. That was fine by us. Mike was not interested in proper table manners at the time. He also did not seem to be at all shy about the size of my shaft. It took a few minutes, but he was soon sliding it into his throat as he slid up and down. And I was just as anxious to taste and enjoy him.

All to soon there was a lot of grunting and humping going on. On both beds. And when each of us had swallowed their reward, the grunting stopped. Each of us sat up and looked at the other as if we were wondering who had blew who. Mike and I gave each other a hug laughing that this was just in fun. No one had anything to worry about. We moved about exploring and sucking on each other. None of us actually shot off again. Not right away. I suspect the boys had shot their load and it would take awhile to replace it. They could still climax, but not blow another load.

So as the thunder thundered and the lightning lit up the night, four naughty guys spent their time playing their games. These three boys showed no guilt, and were pleased that I had joined them.

As the hour grew late, we spread out our sleeping bags on the mattresses. After turning out the lamps, I also got out my vaseline and greased up Mike in the dark before easing inside him. Gary borrowed the jar. I think it was the first time he had used lub, but it was not the first time Stu had played bottom. Or did he pretend it was. Before the night was over, I’m sure Stu had shared his bubble butt with all his friends. I’m not sure about Mike or Gary, but they did sleep together while Stu swapped places with Mike. And while Stu purred that he loved the way I made him arch up to meet my thrusts, he sure knew how to make me want to last forever.

Each night on the hike was a night of fun and games. If there was anything to regret, it was that the hike didn’t last longer. Not only did I get to know the boys well, but I could tell what each boy liked most, and what they preferred. You could say the “Danger High Voltage” really started with that sudden thunder storm on the first night, but that was just the start.

When I went home after that hike, I know I had to be depressed. Nothing seemed right for days. How could it? No boys were there to strip out of their clothes and find a stream or grass bed to play in. I stayed horny constantly, and couldn’t tell any one why. Mike, Gary, and Stu saw me at the weekly meetings. We giggled, touched, and joked about camping, but had no chance to continue our fun. I was ready to go crazy, and would have, except I knew the troop was going to summer camp in a couple weeks. Could I find some place where a foursome could pick up where they left off?


Several weeks later, I would get an answer to that question. Boy, would I ever! Or maybe I should say we would open a whole new chapter. Still, Mike, Gary, and Stu would still play a major role, but only at the troop’s summer camp week.

All three of the boys went to camp riding in my car. We chatted openly about our hike, and about the fun we would have at summer camp. We would have to be careful though. This time there would be about a dozen boys at camp and another leader. Although we would have our own campsite, there would be about a hundred other boys in camp. We would be eating in a dining hall. There would be a swimming pool, showers, etc. Still, we were confident we could find a safe place to meet and play.

When we arrived at camp, we were shown to our camp site. There were six wall tents set up for the boys. Each had two bunks set up on floor boards. There was plenty of room for the two tent mates to put their stuff. Each had their own foot locker at the end of their bunk. The canvas tents allowed tem to roll up the sides and the ends for plenty of ventilation. There was a picnic table in the center of the site, along with a fire pit. There were two leaders tents set off to one side allowing privacy, but also allowing the leaders a good view of the site. Harry and I quickly set up a couple of rocking chairs and a small table where we could chat and meet with boys who desired help.

It was the next morning when I spotted a tent with a sign hanging on the tent pole in front. It was a metal sign about the size of a road sign. In big black letters the sign declared: “Danger High Voltage”.

Not knowing at first who was in that tent, I just smiled. Some one was warning others to stay out of their tent. A good way to humorously tease others I thought. Wonder how long it will take for someone to hide it, or maybe come up with a cuter one. Our troop was well known for having some clever boys. The other boys saw the sign and laughed it off. Or so I thought anyway.

It wasn’t until after breakfast that I found out who was in that tent. That was also when Mike cornered me to announce the real meaning behind the sign. He was still laughing, but told me it was David’s tent. Tommy was his tent mate. I still didn’t quite get the importance. David was a really cute twelve year old that every one seemed to like. He did seem to be a little girlish and overly friendly, but most just overlooked that. I thought at first that David was probably just spoiled. I was amazed that he seemed to be coming on to me at times. After all, adults were usually not included in boys’ private activities. David’s friendliness set off my gaydar. Boys do not go after adults. They may accept adults as someone who wants more than their friendship, but the adult is the one who comes on to them.

During that first day, I noticed a half dozen boys enter David’s tent. They would visit for maybe a half-hour or more. There would be a lot of joking and laughter, then they would leave. Sometimes Tommy would be there, sometimes not. Both of them came and went, but would often return to the site when the adults were gone. The flaps were kept closed when the boys were there. This whole troop seemed to be closer and friendlier than any other group of boys I had known.

One reason I couldn’t believe there was anything sexual going on was that David and Tommy would come to chat with me at the picnic table. The table was where us leaders would sit and watch the site. I could get a good view of boys changing into swim suits or changing clothes. It was hot so often boys would wear only their shorts in camp. David would sit on the table spread eagle giving me a good look at his small goodies. He did not appear to be shy. I was sure he caught me looking a couple of times. He would smile, and pretend not to notice. He made no effort to hide anything. I know I must have blushed more than once. My shorts had to be showing my desire to do more. Still, there was almost always other boys with us. Discretion was the rule. Discretion was killing me. Like David, I wore no underwear. Mike would give me a knowing smile when he was with us. Tommy and a few other boys also had left off the underwear, causing me to wonder if I had died and gone to boy heaven. I know I stayed hard through most of the day. I was so horny I would humped anything that even looked like a hole.

I was almost relieved that evening when we dressed in our summer uniforms for dinner. Even then, we wore khaki shorts. Most of the boys wore older camping shorts. That meant the shorts were open at the legs when the boys sat down. There was no way I wasn’t going to try to sneak a peek given the chance. And these boys knew that. It was a game. By dinner, I had seen the goodies of almost every boy in camp. Still, I strained to get yet another look from another view. Not one boy chose to verbally forbid me to peek. Without openly permitting me to check them out, they led me on by perching in different positions so I could look up the leg of their shorts. Most had already changed into their swim suits with the flaps open. It was cooler, and showing their stage of development was no big thing. Not to them. It was a different thing for me. Several times during the day I sneaked off into the woods alone to relieve my problem. After all, I was still a young adult. I had needs.

That night, the boys decided to get a warm shower before turning in for the night. Mike asked if I could escort the group to the camp showers. He explained that other troops would be there, and the boys wanted an adult to keep things proper. Of course, I agreed. Adults showered separately at the camp, so I wore shorts and stayed in the dressing area.

When we got there, we found only a few boys from other troops. They were mostly young teens. The boys paid them no attention, and openly removed their clothes to shower. I sat off to one side on a wooden bench. Mike, Gary, and Stu stood next to me smiling as I looked over my group once again. David wasted no time doing a sexy strip tease act for all of us. Even though he knew what every boy looked like, he watched as most of them get at least a little aroused watching him. There was no doubt about it. David was acting gay, and not one boy there was surprised or upset. A few laughed at his antics. A couple reminded him that the showers was no place to goof off. A few stayed clear of him at the showers. And David definitely got a solid erection, but did not make a big deal about it. He and Tommy used the same shower, and quickly finished up. If anything, it was the older teen boys that teased each other over who was stiff and built. I watched and waited leaning forward to cover any bulge knowing I would be obvious if I tried to slip away to jerk off. I’m sure there was a tell-tell spot on my shorts as we headed back to camp. I dropped back behind the boys and hoped the darkness would hide my problem.

Back at camp, the boys pretty much remained in their briefs and seemed pretty much at ease. We chatted about camp activities, special needs, family, and friends. Two by two, they wandered off quietly to their tents. There was very little chatter coming from the tents that night, but I figured that was because of the busy day they had just finished. I gave them time to turn in, then I announced I was going to do a tent check, and turn in myself. I figured I could pause somewhere private and jerk off one more time. Maybe I could do it in the camp latrine. 

The first two tents were pretty much the usual. It was still early enough that you might catch a boy laying on top of his covers playing with his favorite bedtime toy. Of course, he would quickly roll over on his tummy when you sneaked up on his tent, or when he saw the beam of your flashlight glowing on his stiff toy. For me, it was a chance to catch some boy off guard. It was also a chance to get acquainted. In some cases, I would just turn out the light and kneel next to the cot. If the boy turned over on his back, I would play with his pleasure toy then lean forward to take it into my mouth. After the first time, most boys were more than willing to do it again. Many were willing to go a lot further. The main thing was to keep the game a secret.

Of course my last tent was to be Mike and Gary’s tent. I knew I was going to have some fun there before turning in. And I did. I wound up doing a sixty nine with both of them. Neither was even reluctant. I left them both happy and relieved for the night.

As I headed back to my tent, I heard some quiet chatter and some moans coming from David’s tent. I approached the tent in the dark. Opening the tent flap, I found both David and Tommy in David’s bunk. Both were head to toe. Both were busy taking care of each other. Without hesitating, I took David into the empty bed and slid out of my shorts. During the next hour, both David and Tommy had sucked me off taking my load. We kept down the talk to keep from attracting any one. Having already shot off twice before reaching their tent, I was drained by these two. They not only blew me, but they did a really good job. Neither went for a fast blow job. These boys knew how to tease, making you want to beg them to finish it. David and Tommy had been trained to please others. David especially loved what he did.

 I would later find out that both boys had slept with Mike, Gary, and Stu. Both had also slept with other boys in the troop. All the boys at camp with me knew this. Most did not object. I had done a lot of boys, but this troop was like nothing I had ever seen. Sex was a game played at camp, and was taught like any other camping skill. David was gay, and was accepted as such. He chose who he wanted to sleep with. And no one asked what he did, or to whom. Even without David, the boys paired up for fun with others in the group.

During the week, I had fun with seven of the boys in the troop on more than one occasion. David let the other boys in the troop know that we had regular sex, and it was more than obvious that he was infatuated with me. Whenever the two of us went for a walk together, David would smile at his other friends letting them know he had plans for our “nature hike”. Mike told me that David had bragged about the size of my dick, and that he loved knowing he could please me. He also set me up with several other boys by bringing them along with us. He especially liked Stu, who liked being a bottom like David.

On the third day of camp, we agreed to a hike. Mike, Gary, and I would invite David, Tommy, and Stu. We went to a grassy spot on the cliffs overlooking the river. Once there, we found separate spots where we made our self comfortable with the boy we had invited. In my case, it was David. Mike chose Tommy. Gary wanted Stu.

David and I stripped, then necked and I licked and sucked every part of David’s beautiful body. David and I then blew each other, taking the other’s load with no problem. Greasing down my shaft, I spread David out on the grass and gently worked him with two fingers until he agreed he was ready. He seemed to be more concerned with getting comfortable under a man weighing one hundred sixty pounds who was laying on top of his back. I had no problem easing inside him. David grunted a little, but did not appear to be in any pain.He just spread out. He looked back at me after I was entirely in, and smiled. I kissed him on the back of the neck, then began a slow easy rhythm. It didn’t take me long to get close. I could feel te load building, and was soon plowing deep and fast. David swayed back and forth as I sped up and pumped deep. I had found his pleasure spot. The moans were sounds of total contentment. He was not only relaxed, he was moving gently to disrupt my rhythm. This was going to be another moment to remember - for both of us.

I could tell David was really enjoying this. He had to be a natural bottom. He wanted this feeling to last. He wanted to show me he was good at what he did. This was not my show. It was his. I have to admit I had never experienced sex with a boy that not only liked it, but wanted to be in control as well. For a top to wonder who is running the show was totally new. Most bottoms just want to get it over with. Not David. He wanted to make you feel great. He wanted to let me know no one could do for me what he could do. And man was he ever doing it. I gave up trying to set the pace so he could do his stuff. His swaying would suddenly stop causing me to just lay helplessly on top of him wondering why he had stopped my rhythm. Then he would move from side to side, moving my shaft around inside him while he moaned in pleasure. I would kiss the back of his neck ans suck on his ear lobes, which he dearly loved. When he was ready, he would change again, rolling back and forth allowing me to once again pull back and pound into his love hole which was rising to meet me every time I came down on him. Each stroke was met with a slight pause as if he was relishing the feel of having my thick seven inch shaft completely deep inside him, and wanted more.

I’m sure I was moaning as much as he was. Neither of us was the least bit aware of what the others were doing. I doubt either of us was aware of what planet we were on. Nor did we care. Both of us were covered with sweat, and filled with passion. David had found an adult that knew how to please. I had found a boy that knew what I wanted.

When I couldn’t keep up this madness any longer, I held David still and unloaded stream after stream of cum deep inside him. He could feel my shaft jerk and expand as my cclimax was not to be held off any longer. As much as I loved the way he milked my dick to get every shot, I was still very much excited. I didn’t want it to stop. Finally, exhausted, I lay flat on his body trying to regain my breath. He was still relaxed, but had just blew his own load in the grass. We lay still for a few moments trying to regain our composure.

We could also hear the grunting of the other pairs. They knew what they were doing. I could tell they were also very pleased with each other. We would have spent a lot more time doing our thing.We were at ease although a little worried about getting caught. That would have given away our secret hideaway. Instead, I took a long hard look at the five boys wondering if this dream was going to suddenly end. It just couldn’t be real. Oddly, we didn’t mention anything about what we had just done. We chatted about getting a shower and getting on with other things as if this kind of fun could wait. After getting dressed, we headed back to camp. All the boys had other activities to attend.

Harry, the leader was waiting. He told me he had to return to town on business. He had contacted another leader who would arrive at camp in a day or so. Shortly after that, he was gone.

I called Mike back to explain that I was to be the only adult with the group in camp for a day. I would have to rely on him as the senior boy in camp to help out by keeping the group in check. Like any teen, Mike took the news very pleased.

He wasted no time. Mike brought another boy to see me. The boy was twelve, dark brown hair, beautiful smile, maybe a little chunky around the belly, still showed some baby fat, but was also showing some muscle definition. He had green eyes. And he was working on his First Aid badge. That was my specialty. His name was Steve. We hit it off instantly.

Steve was on his first summer camp trip. Mike had already shown him what it was like to play around at camp. He was also a buddy of David’s. They lived close to each other.

Just as we were getting well acquainted, Mike was back. He had two other boys with him. One was Steve’s tent mate, Terry. Terry was almost a year older. He had reddish brown hair and was a little heavier than Steve. He seemed to be pretty much at ease with Mike, but maybe a little uncomfortable with an adult. He was the quiet type. Not all that shy. Just a little shy until he got to know you.

The other boy was a gorgeous blond I had tried to get to know better. He was shy, and had often stood back when I was around. Tracey had the bleach blond hair and blue eyes that every boy lover dreams of. He was thin and average size.

Mike thought we should make another trip to our secret hideaway. He seemed to be more than a little anxious t do this soon. I was stunned that the boys were not surprised. I figured they didn’t know what Mike had in store for them. I wasn’t even sure I knew. This had to be a dream. I had already had sex with three older boys before camp. And several more at camp. All of them had made it clear they were willing to meet again. And now I was being introduced to three more? What had I gotten into?

I found out the boys had been told by other boys they were going to learn stuff at summer camp about sex. All of them liked Mike. They knew they didn’t have to do anything they didn’t want to. They were curious about what they had to do at the hideaway, but the only thing that really bothered them was taking an adult with them. Mike proudly announced that this adult was his friend and could be trusted. Terry had been with Mike, Gary, and Stu before. He told Steve and Tracey that they would like what they did.

At the hideaway, Mike told them to undress. We undressed with them. The boys were shy and worried, but slowly went along with us. They stared at me openly. They had seen me in the shower, so it was not the size so much as the erection. I did not get hard in the shower. But here at the hideaway I had no idea what Mike had in mind. Once they were nude, Mike showed them how to jerk off. One by one, they followed his example (although I got the impression all of them had done this).

 Terry already had a fairly good field of dark fuzz at the base of his cut four inch dick. His balls had dropped, but were filling out. I was sure Terry was shooting already. And I had no doubt that Mike knew Terry could jerk off with the best of them. He graped his dick to show the others that this was going to feel good.

Tracey looked younger than he really was. His cut dick was almost as long as Terry’s, but was thinner. His hair was so light that it looked like he didn’t have any. Again, I was sure that Tracey had already found out how to jerk off. Probably from an older brother.

Steve had the smallest shaft. Only a few inches long. But he grasped it with a thumb and two fingers. He only had a few light hairs showing. He wasn’t worried though. He knew that would soon change. Watching the rest of us, he did as we did. He admitted he knew it felt good. He had tried this before, but hadn’t orgasmed.

Mike and I Showed each of them what a blow job was. We didn’t ask them to do it, but we showed them what it felt like. Each had experienced an orgasm before we left to go back. Mike explained that we would show them more, but that would be later. All of them were tickled that they had gotten off. I was relieved that Mike hadn’t gone further. I was probably overwhelmed with what we had already done.

That night in the showers, I was accepted as another one of the group. Though we didb’t have sex in the showers, no one was shy about looking around. No one, not even David, made a move to make contact with another boy, yet we knew there would be boys playing games before the night was done.

When the week was done, I had played games of one type or another, with Steve, Terry, and Tracey. But it was just play. David saw to it I was not bored. We made several visits to our secret hideaway. Neither of us explained our absence to the others. I didn’t even feel it was necessary. They never once questioned where we had been - or why. We did get some sly grins when we returned to the site. There was always some one chatting at the picnic bench.

The week was soon gone. Saying good-bye that last day was tough. The troop had done well as far as earning badges and having a great time. And I knew some how that there would never be another summer camp trip like this one. To this day, I can’t believe how the boys accepted me for who I was.

Don’t get me wrong. The story of me and David hardly stopped there. It had just begun.