Danger! High Voltage! ovdoc May, 2012

Chapter Two

Needless to say, I was pretty popular with the troop when we got home. I was very much into troop activities, and was constantly informed on boys and activities. It should come as no surprise that Mike, Gary, and Stu went camping and hiking with me on occasion. David called constantly. He and I met at different places and at different times. His dad was a well known attorney. We had to be careful. Or at least I tried.

For months, things went well. Word had gotten around about summer camp. Only half the troop had gone to summer camp. The other half was filled in on the fun things that happened there.

A number of new and younger boys joined the troop during the winter months. Things had slowed down some and were back to normal. I still saw the boys, but went back to being the program leader for the troop.

That would cause me to rely more on Mike to train the new boys to accept the ways of the troop. David also did his share by inviting the new boys to visit his tent. The “Danger! High Voltage” sign still hung on the tent pole. I’m sure the meaning was quickly explained to those curious about it.

Because of the competition between patrols during the day, I was kept pretty busy. David made up for it that night. We spent most of the night together. As always, David made sure I was pleased, and I let him know he was the best at what he did. His tent mate, Tommy, was busy with Mike.

David didn’t attend summer camp that summer which was probably a good thing. I had become involved with two other boys, but that’s a whole different story. I had also cooled it with Mike, but was still seeing him and the others from time to time.

It was when David had become a teen that he pulled another stunt that stunned me. He had decided to start dating girls at school to show his parents that the gay thing was just a phase he had gone through. In fact, it was when I had been asked to visit his church that we met. David introduced me to a cute young girl about his age, and asked if they could sit next to me during the service.

We chatted about the fun we had had with each other, which made me feel uncomfortable because David was openly letting the girl know that we had been lovers, not just friends. She didn’t seem to be happy about our age difference, so I tried to discourage David from saying anything more. When the sermon began, he had to stop talking. I thought that would take care of it. Not so. I had layed my coat across my lap. David had done the same. David was sitting next me. I turned my attention to the preacher and the sermon. Not long after the sermon began, I felt David’s hand on my thigh. It didn’t stay there long. The hand slid upward until it was playing with my dick and my balls. The church was crowded. There was no way I was going to stop him without attracting attention. When I tried to get his eyes to tell him no, I was startled to find he had his other hand on his girlfriends lap holding her hand.

His hidden hand was doing a job on my crotch. He had opened the zipper on my fly and was inside my underwear slowly stroking the shaft. It was feeling great. To tell the truth, I was excited that he was doing this with a couple hundred people in the church, but was equally scared out of my wits that some one would figure out why I looked so happy. His girlfriend looked over at me a couple of times. Did she know what was going on. I don’t think so. Ever tried to keep a straight face while having an orgasm in church? To this day, I can’t believe no one noticed my hips arching up off the pew. David gave me that big grin of his when he was done. He slowly withdrew his hand, leaving it up to me to zip up under the coat. I knew there was a slimy mess in my underwear. David took out a handkerchief to clean his hand. I was busy saying a prayer that no one knew what we had just done in church. When the service was over, David thanked me for cuming. Before I could question what he had done, he rose with his girlfriend still in hand, and was gone. I was busy shaking hands with other friends at the service, but was also very confused as to what had just happened. I wasn’t likely going to deny it though. Not with a wet sticky feeling in the groin that made me feel very uneasy. Were people able to see anything? Was there a wet spot showing? It’s hard to determine that when you’re busy greeting and shaking hands with people you hardly know.

A few days later, I got a call at home from David. He said he needed to see me. He sounded very depressed. To tell you the truth, I still had strong feelings for this imp who had done me wrong. To begin with, I couldn’t honestly believe David seriously had a girlfriend. And such a cute one. She was beautiful. But then I remembered what David had done to me at church, then left me to wonder what the hell was going on while he slipped away with this girl.

When David arrived, he seemed upset. Before I could find out what the problem was, David was all over me. I didn’t even have time to tell him how angry I was that he had the gall to tease me at church while showing off his girl. He cut me off explaining that his family was pushing him to socialize more, and wanted him to start dating to stop the rumors that he was gay. David was in tears. We were soon sitting next to each other on the sofa with David’s head on my chest while he sobbed that he couldn’t please the girl. They had broken up. How was he going to explain that to his parents?

Out of sympathy, or maybe just out of passion, I held him close. How do you tell a lover how to love some one else when you still want to make love to them? I tried. Really, I tried. I think I tried. I held him and leaned forward to kiss his lips passionately as I undressed him to worship that gorgeous teen body that I had missed so much since school started (maybe a month ago). David offered no resistance. Soon we were undressing each other. At some point, I picked him up and carried him to my bedroom.

We started things off by blowing each other, but not before we had kissed and licked each other from head to toe. I’m sure we both vowed to the other that we were madly in love. (We had played this tune before.) We were all over each other. I think I did lube up before I laid David on his back, raised his legs over my shoulders, and easily slid my seven inches deep inside him. Even before I had started my rhythm, David was sighing in pleasure. We continued by kissing and playing with each other to make this one of our longest and most passionate times ever. Boy, did we ever succeed. As I have said before, David was more than good at pleasing. He made it an art. I don’t know to this day if I was in love with this boy, or just totally infatuated with him.

At the time, it didn’t matter. David and I were both playing games to make the moment special. Each of us watched, squirmed, and moaned as my shaft pulled back, then slid quickly back to it’s full length slapping loudly against his buns before backing off to do it again. Both of us loved being together again. Neither of us wanted this game to end. When I felt myself nearing a climax, I would hold the shaft deep while David and I paused to make out. We were loving our time together. Only when I couldn’t hold out any longer did I speed up and let David know I was tiring and needed a rest.

At any rate, I wound up making a few hickeys on several different parts of his anatomy. I didn’t even realize how much they would show up by the time we were done. Most were in unexposed areas. The one that had him ost upset was a dark purple hicky on the back of his neck. His shirt did not hide it. I was amazed at how dark it was. David spent a lot of time using a cream to cover it. He was sure his father would see it. His parents would know he had been to bed with another guy. I suggested he explain it was not a guy. David didn’t think they would buy that. Nevertheless, we parted with a long passionate kiss and a promise to meet again.

That didn’t happen. I didn’t dare call him. His parents knew me. I couldn’t let them know their son was secretly meeting with me. It would definitely make matters worse. I did get a message from him a few days later that he had been grounded. He would contact me when things cooled off.

Weeks passed. Months passed. I did run into David briefly at a meeting. He told me he was now openly gay. He had made a deal with his family to go to a private school. A short time later, I was told he had been seen in a gay friendly area of town. David was on the streets? Had his parents thrown him out? Attempts to contact him failed.

It was not until David had become HIV positive that I heard from him again. He called to explain that he had received my messages including the warning about aids, but had moved in with a gay friend who was very active sexually. We kept in touch, but never had sex again. David became popular as a gay activist, and even joined a nationwide movement to stop aids. He moved out of town.

A few years later, I was told by a friend that David had died of aids. It had been years since we had talked. I still felt hurt that we had drifted apart. David was so much more to me than a gay boy. He was an imp who loved getting your attention by trying to please you. He loved teasing me whenever he could. He’ll always be the boy that greeted me with a kiss even though others were watching. Then he would laugh while I blushed and scolded him. Today he would be pleased that I am openly gay. Nothing would please me more than to be able to hug him and to scold him for fooling around with people who might have aids. Not that he would listen. David didn’t play by the rules. I hope you do.

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This story is dedicated to a friend David who gave his final efforts to help find the cause and cure aids.