David's Surprise

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David's Surprise



Part 1 - The Visit



For almost the first time since last Christmas Eve, things in the Saunders home settled down to a routine. It was without doubt a more hectic routine than this house had ever seen before, but a routine all the same. In no time at all it was the first week of June, and the last week of school. Exams had all been written and passed; the three boys had finished their year with flying colors. Adam was looking forward to spending a good part of the summer in Cherokee, but there was one more base to be covered first.

Two days from now, Tuesday morning at 9 AM, there was a court hearing. This hearing would decide once and for all the fate of two little homeless twins Ben and George, David's attorneys, had been pushing for weeks to get a final hearing. They had pressured Mr. Dennings, trying to get his support for an adoption that the twins already believed had happened. They wined and dined him; they coerced and threatened him. They tried to reason with him, tried to find out if he had any alternatives. But Mr. Dennings had flatly refused to give in. He had a major problem with two black children becoming the sons of a white bachelor, and nothing, it seemed, was going to change his mind. He wouldn't say why, and he wouldn't reveal what alternatives he had for the twins. George was confident that, given the twins' superior performance for the past five months, the judge would overrule Dennings unless he could provide a good option. But they didn't know if he could do that or not. Denning finally agreed to meet with George, Ben and David late Friday afternoon. David didn't like it. He had no idea why, but he suspected something was up; and when he saw the shit eating grim on Dennings' face as they met for the meeting, he was sure of it.


"How'd the meeting go?" Adam asked absently as they all munched on the pizza David had brought home. Like the twins, he had lulled himself into believing the he had two little black brothers, and all this legal mumbo-jumbo was just that. It was a chance for a lot of lawyers to make a lot of money doing what had already been done: giving two boys a home.


"Total waste of time," David grumbled his reply. "Same old fuckin shit, round and round. Dennings is such an asshole!" "Dad," Eric scolded, "You told us not to use language like that!" "Not now, Eric," Adam warned. "I think Dad's had a pretty hard day."


"Yeah, and tomorrow's gonna be worse," David said as he spilled his glass of water. "Tomorrow we're getting a visit from my mother and father, thanks to Mr. Dennings!"


"Really, Dad?" Eric asked. "Are they going to be our grandparents?"


David got up and went into his room. He really needed to calm down and get his head together before he said and did something he would regret. Eric had a blank look on his face trying to figure out what he had said wrong. Adam had followed David upstairs; he walked into the room and sat beside David. Putting his are around him he asked, "Are you alright, Dad? I've never seen you this upset before."


"Damn that Dennings." David growled "I'll get that son of a bitch if it's the last thing I do. He went behind my back and brought my parents into this."


Adam looked at him and said "Well, that should make things easier for us then. Right, Dad?"


David shook his head. "No son, it won't. In fact, it could only serve to make things worse. My parents resent everything about me."


"I don't understand, Dad." Adam started saying but David stopped him. David continued "Son, if you hold on a second, I will try to explain about your grand, ah.. my parents. My parents are middle class people. My Dad worked hard all his life. We had a regular looking house and all that. He worked regular hours, 5 days a week 50 weeks a year. He got two weeks off in the summer when we took a family vacation. Actually it was their vacation, I just happened to be along for the ride because I was just a kid. Son, even back then I was looking at boys. When you're 9, you know girls are well, just that, girls. But to me, boys were not only fun to be around and have for friends, but they were becoming more to me.


Adam spoke while David took a break saying, "This seems like a family I wish I had, Dad."


David composed himself and said, "Adam looks can be deceiving and I have only scratched the surface here. When we get everything smoothed out downstairs, you and I can talk some more. I owe you that much, son. Fair enough?"


Adam smiled at David as he moved in front of him. "You got it, Dad." As he finished the sentence, Adam kissed him as if it would be his last. David's eyes got big and his pants grew as Adam went on a search and rescue mission with his tongue. "You keep this up and we will never get back to the twins." He said with a big grin.


They headed down to the guests and the twins were the first to meet David. "Are you alright, Dad?" Eric asked giving him a hug in the process.


David kneeled down and reaching for both boys said "Yeah, guys. I fine now." He kissed each boy on the cheek and all you could see was white teeth from their grin.


Suddenly, David got an idea.  Adam had seen this look before. A look the said David had a devilish plan up his sleeve. And what a plan it was. He was about to make Dennings' look like a complete fool in front of his parents, and he didn't give a fat rats ass about them, he just wanted Dennings to look like a total incompetent. He walked over to the phone and punched in some numbers. Someone on the other end answered and David said,

"May I speak to Mr. Dennings, please?"


The voice told David to hold on for a moment and she would connect him. After waiting for several minutes a voice came on the line David knew all to well. "Denning's here."


David spoke quickly, "Mr. Dennings, David Saunders here. I heard you were bringing my parents into town. I hope that Social Services have made arrangements for their stay. My parents expect only the finest in suites and meals and I have no room here at my house. Had you been decent enough to inform me of this sooner, I would have been more than glad to handle those details but since you didn't, this is your responsibility, my good fellow Good day, Sir." And with that, David hung up the phone.


Arnie was in stitches. He stomach was hurting so bad from laughing, he had to sit down.


Then Ben spoke busting everyone's bubble saying "I fail to see what's so funny here, David. Nothing has changed one bit. In fact, you may have made things worse by having Dennings come off looking like an incompetent fool. You know he will remember this."


David looked at this stuff shirt and said "Ben, stick a sock in it. I know all too well that Dennings will remember this. In fact, I am counting on it. There is one thing you seem to have forgotten here. I don't just get even, I get ahead. Now, here is what I want you to do. I want you to get that private investigator I pay so well to get off his ass and have him start earning his money. I want to know every family Dennings has checked out as potential adoptive parents for Jody and Eric. Then I want him to find out everything there is to know about those people."


Ben looked at him "Everything?"


David barked back "Yes, everything. I want to know the last time they took a shit and what color it was. Got it! Good, now get your ass out of here and you two start earning some of that money I pay you."


Arnie sat there stunned. He hadn't seen this side of David in a long time. The last time he saw David like this was when he was fighting with IBM over his program that he developed and made him wealthy.


As Ben and George headed to the door, Arnie asked quietly "David, are you alright?"


"Yeah, Arnie." David started. "I'm fine. Why?"


Arnie answered saying "It's been a long time since I've seen you fight like this."


David cut him off. "Pal, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Dennings' started this by dragging my parents into this. This is going to get ugly and I don't want you, Val or the kids around when the shit hits the fan. In fact, I don't even want the twins' here for that matter. Can they stay with you?"


Arnie shook his head. "Sure, David. You know you don't even have to ask that."


"Dad, why?" Jody said with tears falling like rain.


"Son." David said picking him up and wiping away his tears. "This is something you and your brother shouldn't be around to witness. There will be things said that I don't want you guys hearing because I don't want you getting upset like you are now. See, my parents are very close-minded people. They think that you should not be adopted by me and they will say things that are ugly towards you and Eric.


"What will they say, daddy?" Jody asked.


David looked at his little black beauty and said, "They think you should be kept with people of your own color. But they won't say it like that."


"How will they say it, dad" Adam spoke up.


"Unh unh," David said, "I'm not going there. I don't use words like that and those words will never be said in your presence."


Adam asked reluctantly "Dad, do they use the "n" word?"


David said "Yes and a lot worse. I refuse to subject the twins to this."


Adam looked proudly at David and said "That's why I love you so much, you know that?"


David just smiled and kissed him. Adam and twins washed the dishes and put away the left over pizza. Since there was only one slice left, Jody finished it before Eric had the chance to get to it.


"Hey!" He said. "Who ate the last slice?"


Jody was quickly trying to chew and swallow while saying "I don't know. Why don't you ask Adam?"


Eric was about to do that when he saw his twin with a mouthful of pizza. "Why don't I ask you?"


Jody handed him what was left of the slice thinking he would refuse and said "Want the rest?"


Eric took the food and ate it saying "Thanks. Don't mind if I do."


Jody's eyes got big as his brother polished off the remainder in one mouthful.


David was walking Arnie and the gang to the door then he remembered "Shit, the twins. My par...ah.....Mr. and Mrs. Saunders are due here sometime tomorrow. Can they ride with you now?"


"Man what a stupid question." Arnie shot back. "If I didn't let them stay with us, the kids would give us hell. Billy likes playing big nephew and Karen loves to fuss over them."


David shouted "Adam, can you get the twins ready to go to Uncle Arnie and Aunt Valerie's. The rents will be here in the morning and I will not let them be here when they start talking trash about the twins."


"Their stuff is already packed but they need to get a shower first." Adam returned.


"They can do that there." David said again."


The three of them appeared at the door and David kissed two sad boys good-bye.  "Boys, if they weren't going to say things I know would hurt you, you could be here. You know I love you both very much and refuse to allow anybody to hurt you physically or with words. Do you understand what I am trying to say?"


The boys expressed themselves just fine. They wrapped their little arms around David's neck and smiled at him and gave him a kiss that said more than words ever could.


David went upstairs and got out of his clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Before he could turn around, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and a tongue explore his ear. David had a grin on his face as he turned around to face his Indian god.


"Is there something I can do for you?" he asked that perfect creature.


"Kiss me, you fool." Adam answered in a raspy but sexy voice.


"Or?" he returned.


"I will have to take your scalp." Adam came back a little more firmly this time.


David put his hands on his head and said. "Why would you want this thinning head?"


"Wrong head," Adam replied.


David answered in the most innocent voice he could muster "Take me I'm yours, Mr. Indian."


Adam went on another search and rescue mission with his tongue as he kissed David in such a way that had his lovers legs turn to rubber. David was about to go on a mission of his own when he was rudely interrupted by the telephone.


"Damn!" Adam complained.


"Great timing," David thought. "Hello."


A nightmare from his past answered. "David, is that you? It's mother. How are you, dear?"


David took all this in. How are you, dear? What the hell is she up to, he thought. "Hello mother. I'm fine, and you?"


"We're all fine, my dear." she said. "We can't wait to see you tomorrow."


"Why are you here, mother?" David asked.


"We can discuss that when we see you tomorrow, son." she said.


"We can discuss it now, or there won't be a tomorrow." David said with a very short tone.


"For you, son," She said. "Mr. Dennings thinks we can help you."


David heard enough for now. "Very well, mother. Until tomorrow. Good bye."


He hung up the phone and new something was rotten in Wisconsin, and it wasn't cheese.


Adam saw the change in David's demeanor. "Was that your mom?" Adam asked his Dad.


David sat there and just nodded his head. His thoughts were running through is head. Dennings thinks they can help me? Yeah, right. Why in hell would I want their help? Fuck him, I don't. Dennings doesn't want me to get the twins, the rents are first class homophobes and he will use that against me. They hate my guts and can't stand the fact I made something of myself on my own, added to it the fact I'm gay will all work against me and I will be screwed. How can I have all this work for me? I think I'll tape everything and see if this will help me. Shit, it sure the fuck won't hurt.


David got up and went into his office and looked for his micro recorder. "Where did I put that thing? Shit, oh..wait. Here it is. Good, I've even got three hours of recording time. This should be plenty."


"Dad, talk to me." Adam asked. "What's going on?"


David went into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of coffee. He headed to the den and Adam was right behind him. David sat down and Adam curled up right next to him.


David finished telling Adam the rest of the story.


"As I was saying, my dad worked hard all his life and I was expected to follow in his foot steps but I wasn't about to go down that street. I was into computers and earned a scholarship so I could do what I wanted to instead of my fathers. This only served to drive a wedge between us even further. When I decided to go into the Air Force after graduating from college and becoming a pilot that set us even further apart. After I got out, I tried dating and you know the rest of the story from there. My father hated the fact that I "got lucky" with the program from IBM, but when I turned PowerNet into a successful business, the rift became insurmountable.


"He should be happy that you made a good life for yourself." Adam said.


"Depends on what you mean by a good life, son." Davis replied. "To me, this is a very good life. To my father, I'm a queer fucking loser."


"No your not!" Adam shouted "I'll tell him so!"


"Cool down, son." David said. "I'll handle things. I may not even have you here either."


"Dad, don't do this to me." Adam said, almost in tears. "I'm your son now. There ain't shit he can do to me. Not even that asshole Dennings!"


"Ok, Ok." David said. "You can stay, but only if you follow my lead."


"Deal." Adam said.


Suddenly there was a knock at the door. David looked at his watch. 9:30 PM. "Who the hell is here at this hour?" he said.


Adam walked to the door and said. "Dad. A man and a woman."


David said, "Don't answer it. We are doing this by our rules now. They will not get in and if the try to open the door, it will set off the alarm and the police will be here before they can do a thing."


Adam turned and went back to the den and left the people standing outside. They could freeze for all they could care but they were now doing things according to David's rules. They said they would be here tomorrow at 10:30 AM and that's when he will open the door.


They watched TV and David checked the door a few minutes later and saw the three of them walking towards their rented car. David snickered to himself as he knew he just won a small battle if this war. Tomorrow would be another battle. He thought, if he played his cards right, he could win. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but it could be done.


At 11, Adam was asleep in his lap so he decided to put him in bed and get ready himself. He carried his Indian God to his proper room and tucked him in. He leaned down and kissed his on the forehead and went into his room. He wanted to sleep with him but, he knew if anything was done wrong from here on in, the twins would never be his.


David rose very early. He never was up before 9 but today he was awake at 6:30. At 7, the phone rang and it was his private investigator. He'd found something he thought David could use so he had the man fax it over right away. It was a report on the people Dennings' had interviewed as potential adoptive parents for the twins. David was fixing his first cup of coffee when the fax machine started spitting out paper. He looked at the report and just put it into a file folder in his desk. Good, he thought. This is another piece for our side.


Adam did his usual, slept until nine then went and had a swim then a shower. He came into the kitchen and fixed himself a cup of coffee and sat beside David. "Morning." he said quite chipper.


"Morning, son," David replied as he fixed his third cup of coffee. "Hungry?"


"No, not really," Adam said. His face lost the smile he had a few seconds ago. "I'm a little nervous."


"Me too," David replied. "Just remember. Follow my lead and don't loose your cool."


David finished his coffee and went to take a shower. "Son, I want you to out in your best suit. I want you dressed to the tens when they get here."


Adam nodded his head as he took another sip of coffee. He thought to himself. Fine, Dad. We'll do this your way. You've never lied to me before so I know you won't start now. I just hope you have a plan.


David was putting on his very best suit, tie and shoes. He was successful and he was going to look his best for this meeting. he had the hidden video cameras all working and recording. He couldn't trust Dennings' as far as he could throw him so he was making sure all his bases were covered. He picked up the phone and called Arnie to see how the twins were doing. Billy and Karen had kept them busy all night and when they finally went to sleep, it was almost 2 in the morning. David asked Arnie to come over. He was the only person, whose mere presence could keep him calm. Arnie was David's closest friend. He knew more about him than he new about himself.


At 10:15, the door bell rang. It was Arnie and he let himself in. He walked into the kitchen and fixed himself a cup of coffee. David had made a huge pot because he was having company, but this was all he intended on fixing. Any meals would be had out in a restaurant. He was not going to pick up their bill, so he was going to suggest only the finest places in town. He knew how to wine and dine clients. Just this time, someone would be paying the bill. Social Services.


At 10:30, the bell rang again. Right on time, he thought. David started the cameras and turned on his tape recorder.

He opened the door and got his expected greeting.


His mother barged forward kissed him like she always did when he was a child, on each cheek before he could even move. She always had to be the first in everything. He looked up at his father and saw him in a suit. Strange attire for him David thought, he only wears that for church. David took his father's hand and shook it, as well as Dennings' so he would make a good impression.


David thought his mother never could wait for anything nothing had changed in all these years.


"Come in out of the cold." David said. "You must be cold. Can I get you some coffee?


Dennings' said. "That would be nice Mr. Saunders. Can I be of some assistance?"


David replied. "No thank you, I'll bring it into the study. Please follow me." David led them into the study then excused himself as he went for the coffee. He returned with the large pot on a wheeled cart with all the trimmings. He was the perfect host. Arnie helped pour the coffee then David asked "How are you doing, father? Have you retired yet?"


His father didn't answer but his glare spoke volumes. When he did he said. "I see your living fat off the hog. Is this how they live? With all these rooms, I expected you would have a house full of them."


David stayed calm and said, "What do you mean by that?"


His father shot back "You are probably sleeping with every guy in the town. It looks like they are paying you well."


Arnie stepped in. "Mr. Saunders, I am David's business partner, Arnold McDougal. David's business just expanded another 20% and he is working very hard for his money. He has the right to spent it any way he wishes."


Yeah!" his father replied. "Buying every male whore in town."


"Sir, that is not true." Arnie shot back. He was starting to get pissed. "I see the look in your eyes, so don't say it. I am married with two wonderful children. David is the closest thing to an uncle they have. I trust him with their lives. So you can stop that talk right now."


David's father spat. "You're probably one....."


Dennings' was seeing things going up in smoke. "Mr. Saunders, I don't think you should say any more."


David knew he was getting some good stuff on tape and Dennings' just may have given him all he needed. Just then Adam walked in. Arnie did a double take when he saw him. Adam was stark raving handsome. The grey suit he was wearing had been made to perfection for him. The shirt highlighted his eyes. His hair was combed to perfection and it rested on his shoulders like a cape.


He walked over to Mrs. Saunders and said extending his hand like the perfect gentleman "You must be Dad's mother. He has told me so much about you. How you do, ma'am?"


She was speechless. When she finally did speak she said. "I'm fine, young man. Thank you. Did you call David, Dad and where do you go to school, the local high school?"


Adam smiled at her and said. "Yes ma'am, I did. David is my father. I go to the Rivercrest Academy. I just received my progress reports and I have a 3.8 grade point average. I am studying computers so I can go to college."


When she heard that, she almost spat out her coffee. "I see. You are a very intelligent young man." As she regained her composure, she shot daggers towards David.


His father spoke up and said, "I wonder just what you have done to him?"


Adam answered saying "He is the perfect father. Any child would be lucky to have a man like Dad for their father."


David's father was totally speechless. Dennings was thinking of how he could get his parents to say something about the twins; then he had the perfect statement."


Dennings said, "I wonder then, if the twins would be lucky as well. How could a single white male raise twin black nine year olds?"


David's father jumped on that. He said, "Twin niggers? He wants to adopt twin nigger boys? I knew he was sick, but this is sick and crazy."


David interrupted saying "That word will not be used in my house. I will not stand for any racism here at all."


"Listen, fag boy!" His father spat. "I'll say what I want when I want. You got it queer?"


David said, "Yeah, I got it. But if you say that word one more time, Dennings' will have to stand up in court and tell the judge you are a racist."


Dennings smiled and said, "I didn't hear anything racist."


David answered, "I might have known you would say that."


David spoke again asking. "Well, mother. What have you got to say? You never said how you feel that I made something of myself, how I live or anything for that matter.


His mother thought for a minute and said, "As far as your success, you have done well there. You always had drive, so I felt you would have a decent career. You house is lovely. A true sign of your success. As far as you being a father, I know that is a mistake. A single man has no business raising children. Children need two parents. You hit the bottom of the barrel when you adopted this savage. He belongs on a reservation where they can be supervised. It's a wonder he hasn't stolen all your things of value. You can dress him up in fancy clothes, but he is still a low life, uneducated savage void of any morals. And as far as you wanting to add a couple of niggers here, forget it. They need to be with their own kind. White people should adopt white children, period. Add to this whole thing you are queer, well I won't stand for it for one minute. I'll say and do everything I can to see this doesn't happen."


David took a deep breath and said. "Well, I guess everything that needs to be said has been said?"


Dennings just gave his usual smirk when David said that. "It's appears Saunders, you won't be getting those kids after all." With that, he proceeded to light a cigarette.


David excused himself for a minute and Arnie went with him. "Arnie, Go check the tapes then see about Adam. I don't want him upset over this. Tell him I'll be there in a few minutes. No smoking in my house. Put it out, now!"


David played his trump card. "Mr. Dennings, I have taped this entire conversation. This recording will be played for the judge so he can see just how low you will go to keep children in unfit foster homes with people who put them on the street just to make room for guests."


Mrs. Saunders eyes got big when she heard that but kept her thoughts to herself.


Dennings just laughed when he heard that. "I have a very secure job with the city. I make $80,000 a year just to sit on my ass and do what I want with these little bastards. They get what they deserve. Shit man, I even got a couple of cops doing my bidding. If they find certain kids on the streets, they get put in jail then they are out of my hair for good. My foster parents for these brats have been selected by me. They have them do all their shit jobs. Hell, several kids have jobs, but they don't get to keep a single penny. They have to give that to them for their upkeep. They still get what we pay them, less my percentage. I will see to it your tape isn't allowed to be heard. So, what do you have to say now?"


David looked at him as said, "You think you have it all arranged, don't you? Well, I have a few surprises for you, too. What are they, you ask? You will find out in two days and then we will see who is laughing then."


Arnie nodded when he returned to the den. When Arnie entered David said. "As far as I'm concerned, this meeting is over. He went over to his father and whispered into his ear "Listen you son of a bitch if you ever come here again, I'll have you arrested. You are not welcome here any more. Just leave and never return." He made sure he said that so low the tape recorder didn't pick that up.


They went to the door and David opened it and pointed them out. He slammed the door as soon as Dennings' ass was out. He stood there for a minute shaking his head. Then he remembered about Adam.


Adam was in the kitchen and had a sullen look on his face. Adam saw David walk in and he jumped right into his arms. The tears fell and David didn't try to make them stop. He knew it was important for Adam to get this out of his system. He carried him into the den and sat on the loveseat with him in his arms.


"I hate those fucking words, Dad." Adam cried. "I wish they had never been thought of. Why do people have to be so hateful? I've met them once and I never want to see them again."


David let the anger and tears come out. He held his son and rocked him as he cried. They will not get the chance to poison the twins. He will get George to request that the twins be kept out of the court until his parents have said all they are going to. He will also have him prevent his parents from having any contact with them what so ever and that they not be allowed to even speak to the children. David was mad by now. He is going to use that anger to get what he wanted, not ruin his chances to get the twins.


He reached for the phone and called the investigator. "I need you here in 20 minutes. The tape is ready and you know what to do." The man picked up the tape and told David it would be ready tomorrow and he would be pleased with the results.


Adam had finally calmed down so they could talk. Arnie brought David a cup of coffee and sat with them as they spoke. "Son, I'm sorry you had to hear that. I think you understand why I want nothing to do with my parents now. I don't like every person I meet, but I never think I am better that they are because I am white or I own a successful business. If someone rubs me the wrong way, then I won't have anything to do with them but I don't start thinking I am better that they are. I may very well be, but that is not for me to say. I expect you and the twins to treat people the same way. I won't expect you to like everybody, but you will treat them like you would want to be treated. I already know I didn't need to say that because I see how you treat people, but that's just reinforces the point."


Adam listened to David and smiled. "Dad, how did you get so smart? This is just another reason I love you so much." He sat up and planted another kiss on David. He started on another search and rescue mission with his tongue.


Arnie coughed and caused Adam to break the kiss. Thank you Arnie, David thought. He was beginning to tent his pants and Arnie's timing couldn't have been better. "I'll see you later when I bring the twins back." He stood and headed for the door.


David walked with him saying "Thanks pal. You had perfect timing. I'm going to try to get John and Adam together, if you catch my drift. I've seen they way they act together and I think things will be better for them in the long run."


Adam smiled and said "You seem to have thought this over for some time. I know this isn't an easy decision for you."


David replied. "No it wasn't, but it's the best for all concerned." David opened the door and Arnie headed for his car.


David went back to Adam and asked "How you doing now, son? Better?"


"Yeah Dad," Adam answered. "I'm fine now. Can we talk for a little while? There is something I've been thinking about and I'd like your opinion."


"Sure thing son," David said "I'll fix us some lunch and we can talk while we eat."


Adam replied, "Yeah that sounds good. I'm starved."


David fixed some sandwiches and they sat at the table and began to talk.


To be continued