David's Surprise

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David's Surprise


Part 2 - The Hearing


Adam had finally calmed down so they could talk. Arnie brought David a cup of coffee and sat with them as they spoke. "Son, I'm sorry you had to hear that. I think you understand why I want nothing to do with my parents now. I don't like every person I meet, but I never think I am better that they are because I am white or I own a successful business. If someone rubs me the wrong way, then I won't have anything to do with them but I don't start thinking I am better that they are. I may very well be, but that is not me. I expect you and the twins to treat people the same way. I won't expect you to like everybody, but you will treat them like you want to be treated. I already know I didn't need to say that because I see how you treat people, but that just reinforced the point."


Adam listened to David and smiled. "Dad, how did you get so smart? This is just another reason I love you so much." He sat up and planted another kiss on David. He started on another search and rescue mission with his tongue.


Arnie coughed and caused Adam to break the kiss. Thank you Arnie, David thought. He was beginning to tent his pants and Arnie's timing couldn't have been better. "I'll see you later when I bring the twins back." He stood and headed for the door.


David walked with him saying "Thanks pal. You had perfect timing. I'm going to try to get John and Adam together, if you catch my drift. I've seen they way they act together and I think things will be better for them in the long run."


Adam smiled and said "You seem to have thought this over for some time. I know this isn't an easy decision for you."


David replied. "No it wasn't, but it's the best for all concerned."


David opened the door and Arnie headed for his car. David went back to Adam and asked "How you doing now, son? Better?"


"Yeah Dad," Adam answered. "I'm fine now. Can we talk for a little while? There is something I've been thinking about and I'd like your opinion."


"Sure thing son," David said "I'll fix us some lunch and we can talk while we eat."


Adam replied, "Yeah that sounds good. I'm starved."


David fixed some sandwiches and they sat at the table and began to talk.


Adam was right, he was starved. You can't expect a growing teenage boy who missed breakfast not to be hungry at lunch. He had polished off a sandwich and a half while he said. "Dad, I really miss John. In fact, I wish he could be here now. I know we were planning for me to go out there for the summer, could we split it in half. Here and there."


David swallowed his mouthful of food and said "I don't see a problem with that but you might want to talk to your grandfather and him first to see what plans they may have made for the two of you."


Adam had more to say. "Dad, you remember I told you how much I love John? That I love him more that a brother?"


David finished his sandwich and said "Yes son, I do. And I am very happy for you both. I also know that you want to be together and make love. I don't have a problem with that. Last time we tried to talk about this, things got really messed up and confused. I think if we take our time now, we can both say what we need to and not confuse anyone."


Adam thought for a second and said. I was confused then and I am still, a little. I don't understand what you meant when you said there may come a time when we aren't lovers."


David thought for a minute and spoke. "What I ment was if you find someone your own age and you fall in love with them, you should be faithful to them when you start having sex. I don't think it's fair for them if you are doing that with two people. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"


Adam thought then answered. "I think so, sort of like when a man and a woman are together?"


David answered "That's it exactly. One man one woman, one boy, one partner. Look son, I knew that this could happen and well, it's hard but it's the best thing for everyone. I'm still your Dad and I still love you. You will always have my love. I know you will always love me, but we won't show the physical side of our love. That, for you, is for your partner. I'm really glad it's John. You are good for each other. You are separate but one. You are individuals with your own personalities, but together you make up a whole. Does this make sense?"


Adam had a smile on his face. "Yeah Dad. More than it ever has before. You should have been a Cherokee. You are a very wise man. That's why I love you so much. Can I call John and grandfather? I wonder what John will think about this?"


David said "We could always have this talk again. I'm sure he will have questions too."


"Your the greatest, Dad." Adam said as he went to call John.


As Adam went to call Gerald Lee and John, he thought about he had just change his entire life. He just made himself celibate. Well, at least I don't have to worry about AIDS. I was tested prior to getting out of the Air Force and he was my first partner since. I wonder if I should approach his about this. If he and John are to be together forever, I think it is only right I have this talk with him. I am his Dad, now.


As David was finishing his coffee, Adam came bouncing into the room with a smile that could have lit up the entire house. "Dad, Dad. Guess what?" He swallowed his coffee and started to say something but never got the chance. "John can come here for a while. Isn't that great? All we need to do is go get him."


David heard this then said. "Son, this is nice, but there is a problem. You know we have court for the twins the day after tomorrow, right?"


Adam just said "Yeah."


David continued. "There are the twins. What about them? I have a PI on Dennings' case getting me every shred of information he can on what he is trying to do to the twins. I don't think you took all this into account when you said we could go get John. Don't get me wrong, son. I want John here. He couldn't help the seeing how much the twins have taken to their "new" brother."


Adam looked dejected. He asked, almost in tears. "What'll I do now? I can't call John back and say he can't come. Why am I such a jerk?"


Now he was in tears. David swung around and motioned his son to come to his and sit. Adam sat on his lap as he said. "You're not a jerk. I know you forgot about these other things and that is partly my fault. I didn't tell you about some of this because I was trying to spare you any more grief and heartache."


Just then, they heard the door bell ring then heard the door open. David knew who this was. Suddenly he heard the footsteps of little boys and he knew Arnie had brought the twins back. Billy and Karen came along for the ride and were immediately pulled upstairs to their room. Actually, that worked out well as Adam had an idea.


Adam looked at Arnie and asked. "Uncle Arnie, could you do me very big favor?"


Arnie looked at him and said "If I can son, you know I will."


Adam started telling Arnie what transpired and then looked at David. David looked back at Arnie and said "Why you looking at me like that? What have I done? Look, things got moving fast and there were some things I didn't tell Adam for his own good."


Arnie started laughing and said "Calm down, my friend. I understand what you did and why. I just happened to look at you, not think you did something wrong. Adam, I can take you to Cherokee in the morning, or we could leave in an hour and be there by 8 or 9 tonight."


Well, Adam couldn't resist the chance to leave today. He looked at Arnie and said. "I'll take a shower and pack. I can be ready in 20 minutes."


David started laughing on that. Arnie snapped his head around but David said "I'm sorry pal, but you set yourself up for that. You really thought Adam would wait to leave tomorrow when he could see John tonight? Because if you did, I have some land for sale in Florida I'd like to sell you."


Arnie didn't say another word. He accepted defeat. He knew David was right and they should have waited until in the morning. David fixed Arnie a cup of coffee when the twins came running downstairs. "Can we go too? Can we go too?"


David thought about it for a minute then said. "Sure, if it's... Wait a minute. I don't know if it's alright with Gerald Lee."


Adam came back into the kitchen and was almost attacked by the twins. "Adam, Adam. Dad said we could go but he doesn't know if it's OK with grandfather."


Adam smiled and said "Yes it is. He had asked about weather you two were going to be coming and I said I didn't know. He said it was fine if you did."


"Yipee, yipee." The twins started jumping up and down.


Karen and Billy were carrying their unpacked bags with them. Karen said. "The boys' clothes are clean. I washed them last night so you wouldn't have to worry about that. I was just about to put them away when Adam mentioned going to see John. I guess it's a good thing I waited."


David said. "Boys calm down, now. It seems John and your grandfather had missed you two as well. I think it might be good for you to get away for a while, even if it's only over night. I want you three to go upstairs and get a jacket. It does get cool there at night."


When the kids all went back upstairs, Arnie handed David the video tape. As he handed it to David, he said. "I think you're gonna like this."


Arnie was an expert on the computer when it comes to editing video. The state of the art system they have at the office turns out professional grade work. When the editing is done, it is copied on to another tape so the editing isn't seen No one can tell the copy isn't the original; Arnie is just that good.


The kids came back down stairs and they left to back over to Arnie's to get ready for the trip to Cherokee. David decided to see his buddy's handywork. He sat and watched the video and was impressed at how the tape turned out but it also pissed him off to the point that he wanted to be doubly sure he got the twins. He picked up the phone and talked with the investigator. "You found anything more? Really? Yeah, what? Un huh. OK, fax it over to me right away. Good, another piece."


Arnie and the gang were finally on the road. They were cruising down the highway and making good time. He fgured at this rate, they should be there by about 8.


Adam was finding it very hard to control himself knowing he was heading to see the new love his life. He wanted to give himself to John but he knew his brother would have questions and he didn't want a repeat of what he and David went through. He decided to keep things light for tonight and they would sort things out when they got back. About 6 they stopped for dinner and had a bathroom break. Arnie was about to bust from all the coffee he drank earlier. The boys ate quickly so they could get back on the road and at 8:15 they were at their second home.


John and Gerald Lee came out to greet them. Gerald looked at Arnie and smiled. "You must be Arnie, David has spoken often of you, as has Adam. He refers to you as Uncle?"


Arnie was stunned. He didn't know he had been talked about. "Yes, sir. I'm not really his blood Uncle, but as far as I'm concerned he his my nephew. This one here, also." Arnie said reaching for John. "How you doing, pal?"


"Fine, Uncle Arnie. How are Billy and Karen?" John asked.


"They send their love and can't wait to see you."


The twins were feeling left out. "Hey what about us?" Jody asked.


Gerald Lee and John went over to the little ones and picked them up. "What's the matter small ones, do you think we could forget about you?" He gave each boy a kiss as they headed inside. "John, will you and Adam get the bags and put then into the rooms?"


"Right away, Grandfather." the older boys said heading back outside.


After an hour of chatting, the twins were more than ready for bed. They had had only a few hours sleep the night before and now made a long trip by car. They were beat. Adam and John carried them into their room and got the undressed and into bed. They were out before they were laid down. The older boys kissed the twins and went back down stairs. Adam was feeling the effects of the night before. Even though he got up at nine, he didn't fall asleep until four. A hard day on five hours sleep can tire even a fourteen year old. The boys kissed their Grandfather and Arnie and called it a night.


Arnie and Gerald Lee were soon ready to head for bed themselves. Arnie had put in a couple of long days himself and he still had another long drive ahead of him tomorrow.


David was going over the information he received from the investigator and he felt he had everything he needed to get the twins. Still, he wanted an ace in the hole. The PI had another twenty four hours to get more on Dennings and he felt this missing piece might materialize. He had downed a couple of strong drinks and was more that ready to call it a night.  The big house was once again quiet. Something this place had not seen in six months and made David depressed. He knew everyone would be back tomorrow but still he missed his boys. He was looking forward to having John living with them for a few months and worried how the two of them would take to being separated again especially if they consummated their love for each other. Adam realized that the visit would be temporary and that they would be in different schools in the fall. But knowing something and accepting it were far from the same.


David undressed and slid into bed. He stroked himself but the effects of the drinks had made things useless for this night. He turned the light off and tried to sleep.


The next thing David knew, it was after 11. He got up and took a leak and went into the kitchen and made some coffee. The phone rang and it was Adam calling to say they were on the road and should be home around 4. David was thrilled he called. He missed the voice of his son and couldn't wait to have him home again. The twins sent their love and they would be home soon.


David received another fax. The missing piece was found and was being given to Ben and George. "Yes!" David shouted. "I have that son of a bitch right by the balls and he isn't getting away."


David spoke to George and was told the final piece was only half done. Getting the other half was going to take some work but the PI was doing that now and he was confident that things would work out. David hadn't a clue as to what George was talking about but he did trust him.


It was almost 4 when Arnie and crew arrived back at David's. Everyone was happy, especially Adam. Arnie stayed only a few minutes then headed home. After things settled down to a dull roar, David decided to go out for dinner. They went to a local Italian restaurant and ate all they could.


After returning home, Adam got the twins ready for their bath and was soon back downstairs with David and his brother. They all sat talking then John remembered something. He went upstairs and got something out of his suitcase, a letter for David from Gerald Lee.


John returned and said, "Dad, this is from grandfather. He told me to give you this as soon as we got home. I'm really gonna' have a redskin on my butt after he is done with me."


David looked at him and said. "John, if anyone asks, you gave me the letter as soon as you could.  He opened the letter and read what Gerald Lee wrote. I'll let him think you did ask he said. It said:


Dear David,


I guess you have the letter now. First, I'd like to say you have proven yourself to be a good father to Adam. In spite everything he has been through, he now has a loving father and a chance to make something of himself with his education. Now John's grades are beginning to go up after he met you and Adam.


This next part may be hard, but I need to honest with you. I have something that is making me very weak and I don't understand this at all. I want to see a doctor, but don't have a way to get there since everything here is spread out.


I would like to ask you a favor. When the mess with the twins is finished, would you mind coming to see me? I hope I have answers for you then.


For now, I must be sure that John is safe and with someone who cares about him. I want that person to be you. Behind the letter, you will find a form to be signed by the judge giving you joint custody of him with me. This is strictly a formality but it must be done.


This way if something happens to me, John is looked after right. I have no doubts that you will love John as much as you do Adam.


He doesn't know about this yet, but I feel you can handle this.



Gerald Lee



Adam looked at David whose mind was somewhere between lost and found. He put him hand on David's shoulder and asked. "Is everything alright?"


"I'm not sure." He showed the paper to Adam and John. "John, do you know anything about this?"


John read the letter and said, "No, not really. He has been getting tired easier that usual but I just thought it was due to his age. Can you do anything, Dad?"


David looked at his boys and said "As soon as this mess with the twins is sorted out, we will go see your grandfather and bring him here to see a doctor. I don't want anything to happen to him either."


Just then they heard the twins coming down the stairs. It was getting late and the twins were going to have a very big day tomorrow and they needed their sleep. When they came into the family room, David gave each of them hugs and kisses and the older boys put them to bed. David wondered how George and Ben were doing with the missing piece of the puzzle. He tried to feel confident because he knew his lawyers but, he couldn't help but worry a little with all that has happened to shoot holes in his attempts to get Jody and Eric. He also knew that he needed to have a talk with Adam and John. No sooner had that thought left his head the older ones came back downstairs.


David looked at them both and said. "I need to talk to you for a minute. Come here and sit. With everything that is happening now, I need a big favor from you. Until we know one way or another about the twins, I would like you two not to have sex. I know this is a lot to ask and if things were different, I wouldn't. Adam, you know Dennings' will do, use or say anything to keep me from getting the twins."


Adam looked at David and said. "No problem, Dad. We want you to get the twins too."


David smiled at them and said. "Thanks boys. I knew I could count on your support. Now, it's getting late and we all have a big day tomorrow. I want you two to try and get some sleep. I know it will be hard, but you have to try. OK?"


Adam and John stood up and gave David a hug and kiss and went to their room. David went over to his bar and fixed himself a drink. He was really nervous and hoped this would help him sleep. He quickly finished the drink, checked the house then retired for the evening. This would be the one of the longest nights of his life. He wanted Adam with him just so he could sleep but knew that could prove to be a very unwise decision so he just left well enough alone.  David did manage to get some sleep but it was a fitful sleep, not restful.


At 6:30, he finally said the hell with it and got up. He went and made coffee then took his shower. He would have Adam and John get the twins ready. This would keep their minds occupied and not worry about court. At 7:30, Adam and John were awake followed shortly by the twins. As with the meeting, Adam wasn't hungry and neither was John. The twins were always hungry so they had cereal and milk while the older boys got their showers. When Jody and Eric were finished eating, Adam and John were done in the shower.


At 8:45 everyone was showered, dressed and ready to head to court. It was a very quiet ride to the courthouse that took about 20 minutes. They still had plenty of time because court didn't start until 9:30 and usually the first 30 minutes are taken up by lawyers requesting delays in their cases.


George and Ben were there already as was Arnie. They looked at the docket and David's eyes got big. "Shit!" David said. "We're the first case."


George calmed David down saying. "Cool it, David. Being first can be better for us. The judge will not have had the chance to get pissed yet because of something else.


David realized that he was right. They devised a plan to get the audio tape into evidence and Ben actually had a good idea. George knew what was on the tape and just how to get it into play. Adam and John took the twins to a private room and the bailiff said he would get them if they were needed in the courtroom.


The courtroom was opened just before the first case was called. David and his team were seated when Dennings' came in with David's parents. The room felt like the temperature just fell 20 degrees.


A man stood and said. "All rise. All those having business in this court come forward and you shall be heard. The Honorable Judge Richard Bennet presiding."


The judge entered from his chambers and said. "Be seated."


The clerk called the first case. "David Saunders versus The Department of Social Services, in the matter of the adoption petition for Jody and Eric Ryan."


"Mr. Jamison are you ready to proceed?" The judge asked.


George replied, "Yes, Your Honor. We are."


The judge looked over to Dennings and asked the same question.


Dennings stood and answered. "If it pleases the court, we would like a 30 day delay so we might be able to confirm some new evidence that just came into our office."


The judge was not pleased when he heard this. "Mr. Dennings, you have had more than ample time to get your evidence together. Motion denied. Is the Department of Social Services still objecting to the adoption? If so, you may proceed."


Dennings was stunned. Not only was his plan to get the case delayed shot down, but he had to present his case first. He had to have his case air tight so David had no chance of getting the boys. He started by calling a child development specialist. He testified that the boys would be better off with a family of their own race. They would be able to grow as black children and learn about their culture and heritage.


George asked the expert if the boys would be better off in a white foster home or a black home. The reply: black.


Would the boys be deprived if a suitable black family were never found and they had to live in a white home. The reply: They could adjust as long as the family cared about their best interest and taught them about their race, culture and heritage.


George asked him: "If the family did this, would you have any objections to the twins being adopted by a white family?" The answer: None


George had no further questions.


Dennings called David's father to the stand next. As Dennings started asking him questions, the man played a caring father who thought a single person could not properly raise children. Especially two black children.


George asked him if he was racist or biased. Dennings objected but was shot down. David's father denied he was racist. "Mr. Saunders, have you ever referred to a black person as a nigger? I remind you sir that you are under oath."


David's father replied, "Never."


George asked him again. "Are you sure?"


The man replied. "I am quite sure."


George turned to the judge and said. "Your honor, at this time I would like to offer into evidence proof to rebut Mr. Saunders testimony."


He handed the judge a tape. Dennings objected saying "Your honor, this is here say. We have now way of knowing who or what is on the tape?"


The judge looked at it and said. "If Mr. Saunders voice is on this tape, he can confirm this and if he isn't he can deny it. You may proceed Mr. Jamison."


As George prepared to play the tape, Dennings' sunk into his chair. George looked at the judge and said. "I would like the contents of this entire tape entered into the court record."


The judge nodded his head and said. "Proceed."


George started the tape and told the judge everything would become clear if he listened to the entire tape. The judge motioned for George to continue.


George turned on the tape recorder. This is what was heard:


David asked "How are you doing, father? Have you retired yet?"


David's father said. "I see your living fat off the hog. Is this how they live? With all these rooms, I expected you would have a house full of them."


David stayed calm and said "What do you mean by that?"


His father shot back "You are probably sleeping with every guy in the town. It looks like they are paying you well."


Arnie stepped in. "Mr. Saunders, I am David's business partner, Arnold McDougal. David's business just expanded another 20% and he is working very hard for his money. He has the right to spent it any way he wishes."


Yeah!" his father replied. "Buying every male whore in town."


"Sir, that is not true." Arnie shot back. He was starting to get pissed. "I see the look in your eyes, so don't say it. I am married with two wonderful children. David is the closest thing to an uncle they have. I trust him with their lives. So you can stop that talk right now."


David's father spat. "Your probably one....."


Dennings said, "Mr. Saunders, I advise you not to say any more."


Adam speaking to Mrs. Saunders "You must be Dad's mother. He has told me so much about you. How you do, ma'am?"


She said. "I'm fine, young man. Thank you. Did you call David, Dad and where do you go to school, the local high school?"


Adam said. "Yes ma'am, I did. David is my father. I go to the Rivercrest Academy. I received my progress reports and I have a 3.8 grade point average. I am studying computers so I can go to college and learn more about them."


She said. "I see. You are a very intelligent young man."


His father spoke up and said "I wonder just what you have done to him?"


Adam answered saying "He is the perfect father. Any child would be lucky to have a man like Dad for their father."


Dennings said "I wonder then, if the twins would be lucky as well. How could a single white male raise twin black nine year olds?"


David's father said, "Twin niggers? He wants to adopt twin nigger boys? I knew he was sick, but this is sick and crazy."


David interrupted saying "That word will not be used in my house. I will not stand for any racism here at all."


"Listen, fag boy!" His father spat. "I'll say what I want when I want. You got it queer?"


David said "Yeah, I got it. But if you say that word one more time, Dennings' will have to stand up in court and tell the judge you are racist."


Dennings smiled and said "I didn't hear anything racist."


David answered "I might have known you would say that."


David spoke again asking, "Well, mother. What have you got to say? You never said how you feel that I made something of myself, how I live or anything for that matter."


His mother said "As far as your success, you have done well there. You always had drive, so I felt you would have a decent career. You house is lovely, a true sign of your success. As far as you being a father, I know that is a mistake. A single man has no business raising children. Children need two parents. You hit the bottom of the barrel when you adopted this savage. He belongs on a reservation where they can be supervised. It's a wonder he hasn't stolen all your things of value. You can dress him up in fancy clothes, but he is still a low life, uneducated savage void of any morals. And as far as you wanting to add a couple of niggers here, this is wrong. They need to be with their own kind. White people should adopt white children, period. Add to this whole thing you are queer, well I won't stand for it for one minute. I'll say and do everything I can to see this doesn't happen."


David said. "Well, I guess everything that needs to be said has been said."


Dennings said. "It's appears Saunders, you won't be getting those kids after all."


David said. "Mr. Dennings, I have taped this entire conversation. This recording will be played for the judge so he can see just how low you will go to keep children in unfit foster homes with people who put them on the street just to make room for guests."


Dennings just laughed when he heard that. "I have a very secure job with the city. I make $80,000 a year just to sit on my ass and do what I want with these little bastards. They get what they deserve. Shit man, I even have a couple of cops doing my bidding. If they find certain kids on the streets, they get put in jail then they are out of my hair for good. My foster parents for these brats have been selected by me. They have them do all their shit jobs. Hell, several kids have jobs, but they don't get to keep a single penny. They have to give that to them for their upkeep. They still get what we pay them, less my percentage. I will see to it your tape isn't allowed to be heard. So, what do you have to say now?"


When George turned off the tape, the judge was fit to be tied. He had been made a fool of by Dennings and he was pissed. "Mr. Saunders, please rise. I have heard enough to render a decision now. In the matter of your petition to adopt the minor children, Jody and Eric Ryan, the court finds in your favor and approves the petition. The children shall be, from this day forward, known as Jody Saunders and Eric Saunders. Mr. Jamison, the papers will be sent to you as soon as they are complete. Do you have any other business before this court?"


David replied. "Yes, Your Honor. I do." He handed the letter and request for joint custody to the bailiff.


The judge read the papers and said. "Granted. You and Mr. Gerald Lee now have joint custody of the minor child, John Rollins. Now as for the other matter before this court, Mr. Dennings, I do not like having a fraud perpetrated on this court. It is the decision of this court that you shall be suspended as the director of the Department of Social Services until such time as the state can go over your entire department from top to bottom including your foster families. I am ordering you to be held in jail on child neglect charges without bond. Should additional charges be found and confirmed by the state, they will be added to you as they come to light. Mr. Dennings, you are looking at some serious jail time and you will serve every day. Bailiff, arrest this person and remove him. If no one has any further business, this court stands adjourned."


The judge banged his gavel. Everyone rose as he left the courtroom then David and Arnie hugged each other. David looked at his lawyers and said. "You two really earned your money today. Thank you. I don't know what I would have done if he would have not admitted the tape."


Ben replied. "David, we still had two more aces in the hole if we needed them. But, I am glad we didn't though."


David and Arnie walked out the door and the bailiff showed him where his sons were. As soon as he opened the door, the twins had a look of fear in their eyes. David just held out his arms and they knew what that meant. They both ran to David.


Jody said first. "Are you our Daddy, now?"


David scooped his two raving black beauties up in his arms and said, "Now and for always. And that goes for you too, John." John came over and hugged his new Dad, Adam then the twins. David looked at his watch and it read 11:45. Everybody was starved but David wanted to take his family and Arnie's family out to the finest restaurant to celebrate his adoption of Jody and Eric Saunders. They settled on burgers, fries and soft drinks to go.


Arnie called Valerie and had them get cleaned up and dressed so once they got to David's everyone could just relax. Billy and Karen brought a change of clothes so they could swim while the adults relaxed. They helped the twins get into their trunks when they suddenly ran downstairs to David.


In perfect stereo they said. "Can we swim nu..."


David looked at them and said, "Not when there is mixed company in the house. When it is just you and your brothers, it's OK. When we have ladies here, no." The twins didn't like that answer but it was the only one he could give them considering Karen was present. He knew she helped give the boys baths but this was something even David, himself, felt uncomfortable in allowing.


At 4, David called the kids in to start getting their showers so they could go to dinner. David went into his room and showered and shaved quickly because he wanted to talk to Gerald Lee. He was really wondering what could be wrong with him. Once cleaned, dried, shaven and dressed, David called his friend, "Hi Gerald, David Saunders here."


"Hi, yourself," Gerald replied. "Did you get everything ironed out with Jody and Eric?"


David answered. "Yes we did. I have two more adopted sons now. The judge even signed the papers regarding John and my lawyer will be sending you a copy of them in the mail. Now, my friend, what is going on with you?"


Gerald said. "I don't want to run up your phone bill. I can tell you when you get here."


"Now listen here!" David began. "Don't worry about the bill. I can pay it. You, talk to me."


Gerald relented and began filling David in on all that's been happening to him. Over the last few months, he has had night sweats, increased thirst and it seems his second home is the bathroom. His weight is going up and down like a yo-yo. David said "Look, my friend. I'm not a doctor, but a while ago a friend of mine went through the same thing. He has diabetes. Left untreated it can kill. With medication and diet you can have a pretty normal life. We will be there tomorrow afternoon. You will be coming back here with us to see a doctor to find out what is wrong. If it is diabetes, you may have to spend a few days in the hospital so they can get your blood sugar regulated and under control. Your grandchildren are worried about you and they only want you to get better. Please, don't argue with me about this?"


Gerald was too tired to put up a fight. "Very well my friend. I will see you tomorrow afternoon. Good bye."


David hung up the phone and was more worried now that he was before. Adam and John came into his room. "What's up, Dad? Why do look so worried?"


David continued to stare into space. "I just got off the phone with your grandfather. He told me everything that has been going on with him over the last several months. Like I told him, I'm not a doctor but it sounds like diabetes. It is a treatable condition as long as you take care of yourself, check your blood sugar as you are told, take your medication and eat the proper diet."


John had his hand over his mouth and was fighting back tears. "That's all. It will keep him busy all day."


David smiled at him and said. "Not really, son. He checks his sugar before each meal and before going to bed and takes his medication. Once his sugar is under control and regulated, he may be able to reduce the number of times he has to check his sugar each day. I have a friend who is diabetic and he leads a fairly normal life. So can your grandfather. It may take some time to get him used to a new routine but, I'm sure he will adjust to the changes."


"Dad," John said. "You make it sound easy."


David replied. "I didn't say it was easy. It is just something he will have to do in order to live a normal life. I know children who have diabetes. They can do almost everything they want to. Play sports, go camping, fishing. If children can do this, your grandfather can. He can stay here for as long as he need to until he is self sufficient to be on his own. You can't do this for him. He has to learn to do it on his own. You will be in school. How can you be in two places at the same time? Your grandfather has a large support system here. The rest will be up to him. I know him well enough to know he will not let this get him down. He is Cherokee."


John smiled at that. Everyone was ready to have a fine dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. The twins looked handsome in their suits. Karen did a good job. Jody had one arm and Eric had the other as they escorted her to their car. Everyone quietly giggled as the twins made over Karen as if she were their date for the evening. Well, David thought, she was.


To be continued