The Diaper Deal

****As always, I expect that no one will actually read this, but to those who do, be forewarned. As the name describes, this story involves diapers. It is also a man boy love story, and therefore involves mutual sexual relations between said boy and man. To any still reading, I hope that you enjoy this short story that I wrote for you, and I ask that if you liked it or have any comments on it, that you email me at I very much appreciate hearing from anyone that cares to comment on my stories, so, feel free to do so. If you are not already a member of my site, and wish to read other stories by myself and or other authors that have stories in the same genre, then please join my group. You will find it at, hope to see you there. Thanks again for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy the story.****

“Are you hitting on me?” Jack asked the young boy who was essentially working for him.

“Maybe! Would that upset you?” He asked coyly, shyly.

“Not really, but you know as well as I do that what you want I can never give to you. So, when did you finally admit to yourself that you were gay?”

“Few weeks ago now I guess.”

“That little incident with that other boy who was here for a few days kinda made you admit it to yourself finally huh?” He grinned.

“How did you know about that?” He asked in shock, he did not know anyone had seen in any way.

“I know everything that goes on around here, and besides, you didn't lock the door like you probably should have. I heard some sounds in the storage room and went to investigate, and what do I see, but some cute ten year old bent over a low table, taking it hard from a fourteen year old horny boy, the little boy beneath you asking for it harder, faster, the way he likes it, needs it. He sure was a real moaner, wasn't he?”

“You stayed and watched?” The boy asked in shock.

“Hell yeah, that was some hot. How did the boy actually seduce you, and how did you like getting your hot little ass filled for your first time?” Jack asked, and the boy blushed huge.

“He caught me jacking off in the public bathroom, he was watching underneath the partition and then just scooted underneath and started sucking me, and I came in his mouth. I was so ashamed, and he just told me to shut up and suck him, he stood up and pulled his pants down, stood up on the toilet seat and rammed his little dick in my mouth and face fucked me like you wouldn't believe. Sure was a horny little boy, I didn't even know what sex was when I was ten, but he sure did. He asked if there was somewhere we could go that was more private, because he wanted to feel my dick up his hot little baby boy pussy. By then I was just too horny I guess, and I said the store room would be best.”

“Yeah, I agree, but the man that he was here camping with I doubt very seriously was his dad, just a gut feeling, but could you blame the guy, the kid was a hot little fucker, I think you can agree.”

“If you think that, then why wouldn't you want to have me?” The boy asked, sounding more than a little hurt.

“Trust me, it's not that I don't want to, it's more that it'd be insanely illegal. I mean, you're fourteen, you work for me, and I'm old enough to be your father, hell, your dad's only a year older than I am.”

“So what, I don't care about anything like that, and why should either of us. It's not like you hired me really, I more came to you and asked if I could work for you for room and board, because I hated my parents, hell, they're even allowing me to just live here for as long as I want, and you already arranged so that I could do my school here. You're more like my dad than my real dad is.”

“And that makes it any better?”

“Well, to you maybe not, but I really do think I love you.”

“But it's that reason and the ones I mentioned that makes it so much worse, I could never, would never take advantage of you like that, or of anyone really, it'd kill me.”

“What do you mean, it's me that wants you.”

“Yeah, but it'd be the ultimate betrayal of the trust you have in me.”

“Bullshit, it's that trust that I have in you, the knowledge that I have that says that you'll never hurt me, and that you'd treat me right that tells me that I'm making the right choice.”

“Look, Sebastian, I know what you want, and I've even known you were gay since the day you arrived here, but you can't have me, I'm too old for you. Just stick to the kids that come through here, have a few fun times, and when the time's right, find yourself a nice boyfriend and settle down, but I can't now or ever be who and what you want. I need for you to understand me on this one, okay.” Jack asked pleadingly. He knew that he loved the boy just as much as, or possibly more than Sebastian loved him, and it was taking every ounce of will power that he had to turn the beautiful boy down.

“Fine, for now, but I'm gonna get you, soon.” Sebastian said simply, and scampered off, to go do some work.

Jack owned and operated a nice family campground on a very nice creek, there were only thirty camp sites on the property, it did not make him a huge profit, but he was never in it for the money, he did it for his love of nature and camping. The creek was nice and big, and almost a kilometer upstream was a very nice waterfall, and the trail that followed the creek, to the waterfall, also led eventually to the lake an hours hike above.

Jack had won the lottery when he was twenty, and had used almost every penny that he won to purchase the land from the government and build his perfect log cabin and create the campground. Sure, the place was packed every day during the camping season, he had without a doubt the nicest place around, and for probably the best prices too, but still, the money he received really only went to pay for everything and get him a few dollars in the bank. It was not much, but it was everything that he ever wanted and needed in life.

Almost a year ago, this tiny little waif of a boy walked right up to him, it was pre season, and he was getting everything ready for the up and coming camping season, and the boy asked him if he could work and get paid food and lodging. The boy had a backpack with a tent and everything on and in it, so he was ready to go. At first Jack balked at this, telling the boy that he was only ten years old and that he needed to be with his family, and not out trying to get work. That was when Jack found out that the boy had a family, but hated it there so much that he had pretty much run away. Jack also found out that the boy was just turned thirteen, and not the ten that he thought that he was. Finally they came to an agreement, but it involved contacting the boys parents and having them agree to everything in writing. It seemed to Jack though that the hatred was more than a little mutual, because they sure seemed pleased with the arrangement, practically signing Sebastian over to the totally unknown man.

Sebastian was a small, brown haired, brown eyed, freckled, dimpled beauty, and for the life of him, he could not figure out why the boys parents hated him so. When he had arrived, he weighed at best seventy pounds, but now a years worth of work and good meals, he had packed on a good twenty pounds more of mostly muscle, he was also now just a bit taller, just over the five foot mark. Still, he was very small for a fourteen year old, but he sure never seemed to mind this, although it had been a sore point when he went to school.

Jack himself was well into his thirties, very fit, brown hair and blue eyes, and pretty good looking, or at least the guys he had been with seemed to think so. Years of hard work and good meals had made him very muscular and lean, and it showed. He kept all his body hair pretty much removed, although he did keep just a small patch in his arm pits, but it was always well trimmed.

For a year the boy worked along side the man, they got to know each other very well, and like Jack had told Sebastian, he had known that the young boy was as gay as they came right from the start. This did not bother Jack though, because so was he, and a boylover to boot, but he had never, nor would he ever do anything about those feelings, choosing instead to love boys from a distance. Sebastian grew into a very fine young man, he started puberty soon after he arrived, and was filling out. Good food and plenty of exercise helped in this endeavor mind you, but also living in a loving environment really truly helped Sebastian to flourish.

Sebastian was still very small and almost fragile looking, most people still thought that he was only twelve, but he was just fourteen. The day that Sebastian pretty much asked Jack for what he wanted though started out just like every other day. It was still pre season, the summer was almost ready to start, and even though they had had many campers in already, it was not near as busy as it was to come as soon as school let out. They were working in the garage, doing some painting of some new cabinet doors that they had made for the cabinets that Jack was making for in the store, and Sebastian said he was getting hot, so took off his shirt.

It all started innocently enough, at least Jack thought so, and he actually managed to start it.

“Sebastian, those are the new pants that we just bought you, you shouldn't be painting in them, in fact, why are you even wearing them on a work day?” Jack asked.

“I thought that it was tomorrow actually, and didn't realize that I had to work today, I thought it was a school work only day. I can just take my pants off and paint, and then once we're done, I'll go in and change.”

“Yeah right, like you'd do that.”

“Yeah, I would, I'd even skinny dip, I don't care, I'm not shy. Actually, I'm gonna have to go naked, 'cause I didn't wear underwear.”

“Um, no, just go get changed, and then come back.” Jack said, stunned. He knew that Sebastian did not have much shame at all, but he never thought that he would actually get naked in front of him.

“What are you afraid of Jack, we're both boys?” He asked, almost too sexily.

“I'm not afraid, it just wouldn't be appropriate is all.”

“Why, don't you want to see me naked?” He asked, and this time you would have to be deaf and blind to miss the signals that the horny boy was sending out, because he was more than a little hard, his lack of underwear showing very clearly in the tan Docker pants he was wearing.

“Are you hitting on me?” Jack asked, and the rest you know.

Two weeks have passed since that day, and every day without fail, Sebastian hit on Jack something fierce, to the point that Jack actually got quite angry with Sebastian more than a few times. Sebastian knew though that Jack wanted him just as much, or maybe even more, but knew that the man was fighting off the urges because of the risks. Sebastian had tried to ease those fears, but so far, all it was doing was angering the man he loved, but still, he kept it up, because he knew that eventually Jack would cave in.

The day had gone quite well, they had worked for the entire morning getting the last minute preparations ready for the up and coming campers, because the next day was the start of summer, and the entire place was already booked, and they now had not one day off until September sixth or seventh. As soon as their chores were done for the day, Jack left Sebastian in charge of guest services and the store, and headed into town to get everything that he would need for the next two to three weeks. He would get all the groceries for the house, all the supplies for the store, and more than a few other things as well. His first stop was the pharmacy, where he would get all the medical supplies, as well as his supply of diapers.

Jack was a diaper lover, but was also a chronic bed wetter as well, he had never stopped, and eventually grew to love diapers, and was now never out of them. If Sebastian had ever noticed that Jack was wearing diapers, he never said anything. As he was perusing the diaper aisle, deciding on what ones to get this time, he noticed a new brand, one he had never seen or heard of before, and they looked really comfortable. They came in sizes from right where baby diapers left off, and went all the way up to a very large for larger adults. They were actually very babyish in their design, but on the larger sizes still had four tapes. They were plastic covers, but the sample diaper that was on display was very soft, and it had designs on the fronts. For the smaller youth styles, they were more childish, but the adult ones were not much less so. Jack loved them from very first look, and the first feel sealed the deal. He grabbed three packs for himself, and then decided that he was going to buy some for Sebastian as well, so he grabbed one pack.

Now, Sebastian had never wet the bed in his life, or at least that Jack knew of. But Jack was not worried about this, because he had a plan. From the pharmacy, he headed to the meat store, and from there to the grocery store, and every other place that he needed to hit. By the time his shopping trip was done for the day, he had spent well over four hours and almost a thousand dollars. He was tired and hungry, but he wanted to get home, because he knew that Sebastian would have dinner ready for him when he got there.

As soon as he got home, Sebastian came out to help him unload, but Jack waved him back, saying that he had it. Sebastian said that dinner was almost ready, and that he had to hurry then, and headed in to finish it off. Jack got everything in and set in its approximate home in short order, taking the diapers to his room, so that Sebastian did not see them, and when he was called to dinner, he went and ate. After dinner, they cleaned up, and then Jack headed up to his room to get his plan started. He stripped down, removed his nearly soaked diaper, put on a fresh new diaper, one of the new ones, and he was very pleased with his decision to try the new ones, because they felt even better once on. He peed in it, because he had to go, and he preferred his diapers wet. As soon as that was done, he put on a robe, and then called Sebastian up.

“Hey Jack, what's up?”

“Probably you.” Jack chuckled.

“You're probably right, but only because you refuse to help me out, and jacking off by myself just isn't doing it any more.” Sebastian grinned cheekily. He had stopped being embarrassed about talking like this to Jack, because of his desires.

“Well, as for that, I think I have a solution.”

“I'm listening.”

“Well, it's gonna have to involve a little give and take on your part, but it's pretty much a must if you want me to help you out.”

“I think I can live with almost anything. All I ask is that you don't hit me, I got enough of that from my parents.”

“Oh, I'd never hit anyone I loved.”

“I knew you loved me.” Sebastian smiled brightly.

“I've loved you from the day I met you. I'm a boylover Sebastian. Do you know what that means?”

“Yeah, that you like having sex with boys.” Sebastian answered, but looked puzzled at the question.

“Wrong. A true boylover would never have sex with a boy unless it was really and truly what the boy wanted. I know it's what you want, but I don't want sex, I want love. I think that you love me too, but still, for you it'll be more about the sex.”

“Oh no, I love you, with everything I have, and as much as I want sex, I'd rather you made love to me. I've been reading a lot, and I love the Nifty website you told me to look at, and sex sounds fun, but love sounds way better, and that's what I want with you.”

“I'm glad that you're enjoying the site and all the stories. I've got a few there myself, maybe you've read one or two by now.”

“Which ones are yours?”

Jack listed off a dozen different titles, and Sebastian had never read any of them, at least not yet, because he would now, that he thought for sure.

“So, what do I have to do to gain your love?” Sebastian asked sexily.

“I need to tell you a few things first, before I answer that.”

“What.” Sebastian asked impatiently, his dick was already very hard under his shorts, and once again, it did not appear as if he was wearing any underwear.

“You really need to start wearing underwear, any time you're happy, anyone with half a brain can tell.” Jack chuckled.

“Yeah, but I'm only really happy around you, now quit stalling.”

“Okay, okay, keep your shorts on.”

“I'd really rather take them off.”

“I bet. Well, I'm going to tell you something, something that no one, and I do mean no one, has ever been told before. I'm a diaper lover.” Jack said, and then left it there.

Sebastian stood there looking at Jack for a moment in puzzled silence, wondering if he had heard Jack correctly.

“As in you love to wear and pee and poop in diapers?” He asked cautiously.

“Mostly correct. I don't really care for messing my diapers so much, but I've done it when I've had no other choice.”

“Oh, I wasn't expecting that.”

“No, probably not.”


“Because, they're comfortable, and really convenient too. Granted, I still wet the bed at night, always will, a problem in my bladder. Even though I love diapers though, everyone else has only been told that I need diapers, you I'm saying I love, because I love you too.”

“Can't you take pills to stop that, that's what my parents made me do when I was seven and still wet the bed?”

“Can't, and you shouldn't have either. Have you seen the side effects of those things, it's not good. Granted, you probably never knew, and by the way your parents sound, they wouldn't have cared anyway. Mind you, I don't like most drugs, because I think the side effects far outweigh the benefits of most of them, and should only be taken if really truly needed, and I don't see bed wetting as that important a thing to stop at any cost.”

“What kind of side effects are there?” Sebastian asked shakily.

“I don't remember all of them now, but my doctor told me that there were quite a few. This was when I was twelve, so maybe they're not as bad now, but I doubt it. My doctor told me and my mom that they wouldn't help me anyway, because the problem I had wasn't something that could be fixed with a magic pill, only a highly dangerous operation could do that. I certainly wasn't gonna do that, so I chose diapers. Until then I just wet the bed, it was horrible, and the doctor said that it was that or the surgery, so I chose diapers, and I've never looked back.”

“So, do you wear them all the time then?”

“Does this answer your question?” Jack asked and opened his robe to expose his diaper.

“Yeah, I guess it does. How come I've never noticed them before, babies can't hide their diapers, so you'd think that I would have noticed?”

“Babies are a lot smaller, and their diapers are larger in comparison to their bodies, so they show up better, but most of the newer diapers really don't show all that much, especially on the older and bigger boys.”

“Yeah, I guess that's true. So, this still doesn't tell me what I have to do!”

“I'm getting to that. Another part of my diaper love, is that I love to see others in diapers as well, especially boys.” Jack said, and left it at that, wondering if Sebastian would take the hint or not.

“So, let me get this straight, if I want to have you as a boyfriend, I have to become a diaper lover as well?” Sebastian asked after only a moments thought.

“Something like that. If you don't like it, you can say no at any time, but I'd really love to at least see you in diapers for a bit, and maybe every so often, but I'd never force you if you really don't like it. Except tonight, I really want and need to see you in only a diaper. I'll also want to take some pictures of you in diapers, for just in case you don't like them and I'll never get to see you in them ever again. If you can agree to all this, then starting tomorrow, we can be boyfriends in any way you desire, for as long as you desire. Before you say anything though, I must make one final warning.”

“What?” Sebastian asked softly.

“Don't go into this lightly, what you're asking me is not only highly illegal, but very immoral as well, and I know that if there's a god, I'm going straight to hell. I also know that with you, I've never felt more alive, and as much as I know I shouldn't love you like I do, damn it, I do, and I want us to make sweet tender love. If you can't love me in that way, then back away now, I can't now and can never have just sex with you, it has to be a mutual love.” Jack asked softly, knowing that he was going to do it if Sebastian would only do this one little thing for him.

“Jack, if you asked me to walk through fire, it would only be just a tiny fee to pay to get to love you like I want us to. Yes, I'll do it, I'll willingly become a diaper lover, just for you, and I'll wear them each and every day just to make you that much happier.”

“No, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, at least after tonight.”

“I know, but what you love, I love too. I might think it's odd, but if you like it, I'll probably like it just as much. You can even take as many pictures of me, but I'd like to ask that you never put them on the net please.”

“Oh never, those are for me and me only, unless you want to see them some time of course.”

“Thanks. So, do you have lots of pictures of boys in diapers?” Sebastian grinned.

“Thousands, and even hundreds of videos as well.”

“Can I see them?”

“Sure, but after we get you diapered and I want to take some pictures of you first, and then we can look at them all together.” Jack smiled brightly, he was going to finally have his dream come true, and in exchange, so would Sebastian's, not that Jack was not happy with that too.

“Okay.” Sebastian said brightly as well.

“Goody. Come on, go lay on the bed, let me take care of everything. If you need to close your eyes, go ahead.”

“You've been waiting to do this for a long time, haven't you?”

“Oh, you have no idea.”

“By the looks of how hard you are in that diaper, and the way you sound, yeah, I think I do.” Sebastian grinned, and went and laid on the bed in the way he assumed he would need to to be diapered.

Jack went and grabbed the diapers that he had bought earlier that day, his diaper rash cream, the baby lotion, the powder, and then finally the camera. He wanted to get some good pictures of Sebastian getting his very first diaper. He knew that with as hard as the boy was, that they would be serious porn pictures, but no one else would ever see them anyway, unless they were somehow caught, in which case it really would not matter any anyway.

Jack snapped a few pictures of Sebastian the way he was, and then a few as his shorts were removed, and like Jack suspected, no underwear. Jack passed the pack of diapers to Sebastian, who took them and looked at the package, read it, smiled, and then opened the pack without being urged. Sebastian curiously pulled out a diaper, felt it all over, opened it up, and even gave it a sniff. In the meantime, Jack was snapping off dozens of pictures, really liking what Sebastian was doing, but Sebastian was not doing it for the camera, he was genuinely curious.

Sebastian passed Jack the diaper, grinned, and Jack took it and went about diapering his soon to be little baby boy. He slipped the diaper underneath Sebastian first, and then used the baby lotion and gave Sebastian a nearly full body massage, stopping to take pictures every so often. He then grabbed the diaper rash cream, spread a large amount all over Sebastian's entire diaper area, getting large amounts of pictures there, and then finally sprinkled in a small sprinkling of baby powder, and got more pictures. He cleaned his hands, and then pulled the diaper up, taping it nice and snug. With Sebastian fully diapered now, his smile grew, and he suddenly realized why Jack liked them, they were so comfortable, and his smile grew more. His hand crept down and he felt the diaper, and his pulsing erection beneath it, of which Jack had had to bend down rather painfully in order to tape up the diaper properly, Jack of course taking a great deal more pictures.

Without being told to do so, Sebastian got up after about a minute, and started posing for Jack, going into all sorts of positions, going from looking like a baby while sucking his thumb, to looking sultry and sexy, a look he pulled off very well in only a diaper Jack thought. After taking well over five hundred pictures, Jack finally thought that he had enough to fuel his fantasies for the next hundred years or so.

“Okay baby, that's enough of that, and unless you want to again, I'll never take another picture of you like this.” Jack smiled warmly, setting his camera down.

“I like you calling me baby, I am your baby now, aren't I?” Sebastian asked softly.

“Yes, and I'm yours. We can be each others babies for as long as you'll have me.”

“If I want you for life, will that matter? I know you're a boylover, and eventually, soon actually, I'll no longer be a boy.”

“No, it won't matter to me that you grow up, I know it'll happen, but I'll still love you anyway. I'll always be a boylover, but I'm also totally gay too. I've had sex with many men in the past, and I enjoy it a great deal in fact. I've had a few relationships even, but nothing long term. Most guys get tired of the diapers and decide they don't like it any more, and even though I know it could happen to you too, I hope it doesn't.”

“Did any of the others wear diapers as well?”

“A few tried them yes, but I've never found another diaper lover that I liked. The ones that tried them didn't really care all that much for them, but at least they tried them for me. A few said no outright, but we still had great sex.”

“Well, I know that I love you for the long term, so you don't have to worry any about that. I'll even seriously try out the diapers, but I think I already like them.”

“Have you peed in it yet?”

“Yeah, while you were taking pictures. Can't you tell?”

“Nah, not yet. These diapers are amazingly absorbent, and you can't even tell yet. I can see it on mine now, but it took quite a bit for it to actually show up.”

“Yeah, I can tell, and I've only peed once, but it was quite a bit I thought. So, do I really have to wait all the way until tomorrow before we can make love to each other?”

“Yes, I want us to really learn to love each other first, before we move to sex.”

“Okay, I can live with that. Does that mean that we can at least kiss and cuddle and sleep together?”


“Goody.” Sebastian grinned broadly. “Let's go sit at your computer and check out the pictures you took of me, and then I want to see the pictures of all the cute boys you have.”

“Okay. Let's go. You'll have to sit on my lap, do you have any problems with that?”

“Nope, but I can think of a few things that might be better, but we can wait.” Sebastian grinned.

“Yes, we can.” Jack grinned back, and they went and sat down.

They went and sat down at the computer, and Sebastian got comfortable right away, nearly melting into his man, and sighed deeply. It took a few minutes of this for Jack to realize what he was supposed to be doing, because he too was loving the feeling of what they were sharing. As soon as he was focused once again, he hooked the camera to the computer and downloaded all the pictures that he had just taken, and then they spent half an hour looking through them.

“Wow, those turned out real well, I look hot like this.” Sebastian grinned as soon as they were finished looking at the pictures.

“I'll say. I've always wanted a boy who was wearing diapers to take pictures of, it was my biggest fantasy, thank you so much for that.”

“You're welcome. You know I'd do anything for you, just being here with you is the very best thing to happen to me. The entire last year has been the best, and I knew that I loved you, but until Matt helped me to see what it was that I wanted, I never even thought of sex with you. Now it's all I can think about, and I can't wait until we get to go to bed and share with each other everything that we both want.”

“I can't wait for that either, but for the biggest one, it'll take time. I'm not about to just bend you over and fuck you raw, no, we're gonna wait a while before we get that far.”

“That's okay, I probably wouldn't be able to take you yet anyway, you're pretty big I bet, and all I've ever had was a kids dick in my bum, and even he hurt a bit at first, but boy did it feel good by the end. The next day I snuck him in the house and up to my room, and I let him fuck me again, three times, and he wanted me to fuck him too, it was awesome. I almost cried the next morning when they left, it was very difficult.”

“Yeah, I know, it was hard for you to see your first boy go, but you had to know it would be temporary at best, but you made the best of it by the sounds of it.”

“Oh yeah. Ever since he left though, I was dreaming of you and you only, jacking off wasn't doing anything for me any more, and I started dreaming of ways to get you, but when I did finally try and get you, you bloody well said no. I cried that night, and for the next few nights, because I wanted you so bad. I knew why you were doing it, but that didn't make it feel any better, but then I realized, I'd get you eventually, and all I had to do was keep trying. The first time you got mad at me for trying to seduce you, I almost laughed, but I kept it in. I could tell you were just as horny as I was, you wanted to just drop everything and do to me anything right then and there, but you fought it instead. Oh well, all that matters is that you're mine now, and forever.”

“Yes you little shit, I nearly gave in right there and then and did something to you that I would have very much regretted the next morning. I've loved you for a long time, and that would have hurt you, but it would have hurt me a thousand times more to have just bent you over and fucked you silly, even though that's certainly what my dick wanted at the time.”

“I wanted it too, to tell you the truth, but then I realized something, that it wasn't what either of us really wanted or needed. That's why I stopped pushing you so hard and making you so horny. I took off the main pressure, but still kept making sure you knew what I wanted.”

“At least you were thinking with the proper head, most teens can't.” Jack laughed.

“I know, but most teens aren't in love either, and all they want is sex, but I know I want your love, not just your body. Although, that'll come, repeatedly hopefully.” Sebastian grinned.

“Yes, that it will. Can you even cum yet?”

“Yeah, but not much. I started cumming about a month ago now I guess, but it's still pretty thin and watery, not thick and white like it's supposed to be.”

“I take it to mean that you've been doing a lot of research on puberty then, or you wouldn't know any of this?”

“For sure. I also read a lot of stories, and I've learned a lot from them as well. So, can we look at some of the other pictures that you've got saved now?”

“Sure.” Jack smiled, and they both looked back to the computer, and for the next hour, they looked at all sorts of pictures of boys in diapers.

“Well baby, I think that it's time for bed, come on, let's go cuddle up and go to sleep.”

“Okay baby.” Sebastian smiled warmly, slipped off of Jack's lap, and stood, waiting for his man.

Sebastian grabbed Jack's hand, and led him to the bed, and crawled in. Jack turned off the light and slipped in as well, and cuddled up to Sebastian. They met in the center of the bed, and they both turned onto their sides, facing each other, and tenderly they reached in for each other and started kissing. Their kisses were soft and gentle, not even introducing their tongues yet, and like this they kissed for nearly half an hour, before breaking apart.

“Oh god, I knew that kissing you would be heavenly, but that was way better. I love you baby boy, more than you can ever truly know. Good night, we need to get to sleep, it's gonna be a long summer, and it all starts tomorrow.”

“Yeah, that was way better than I thought it ever would be as well. I don't know what you're talking about though, because I love you just as much as that, and maybe even more, but yeah, I guess we need to get to sleep.” Sebastian said, and leaned in for one final kiss goodnight.