Chapter 2

The alarm clock woke the two lovers up at five am the next morning, and they both woke almost instantly, for they were used to getting up at that time, but normally they were awake before the clock had time to wake them. Not this morning though, they were so wrapped up in each other, so comfortable, so in love, that they were still fast asleep until then.

“Good morning baby, how do you feel this morning?” Jack asked softly.

“I feel so good, so loved, and so comfortable. I slept so good last night, it was great.” Sebastian sighed deeply.

“Me too, I'm glad. Well, should we get up and get the day started then?”

“Yeah, we should, it's gonna be a long two and a half months, and it starts today.”

“That it is. So, how do you like the diaper?”

“It was awesome. I woke up twice through the night to go pee, and I didn't have to get up, I hate having to get up in the night to go to the bathroom two to three times every night.”

“Does that happen every night?”

“Yeah, every night, two to three times for sure, sometimes four or five. It doesn't even matter if I have anything to drink or not, it's just always that way.” Sebastian admitted.

“Hmm, sounds like you're barely a step away from being a bed wetter. How many accidents have you had in the past few years?”

“About one or two a year. The past year here I've had three.”

“How come you never told me, I would have helped you out?”

“I was too embarrassed to, I thought it'd make you mad or something. It always made my parents so mad when I wet the bed, I'd get spanked real bad, so I learned to just keep it real quiet, wash my sheets and plastic sheet, and say nothing.”

“I can understand at home, they hated you, but I would have been just fine, you've never even really gotten in any trouble here at all, you should have known that.”

“Yeah, I know, but it's hard to deal with I guess, I was just so ashamed about it. Can you change my diaper though please?”

“Are you sure, as in really sure that that's what you want? I'll only change your diaper if it's really truly what you want, this isn't about what I want.” Jack asked softly, letting the decision be Sebastian's, and his alone.

“Yes.” He said instantly and honestly.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me, but remember, if at any time you no longer wish to wear diapers, you just tell me. I'll never ever make you do something that you don't want to do.”

“I know, that's what makes me love you so much more, but I sorta like them, they're so comfy, and I bet they'll be wicked convenient too, especially considering how busy we're gonna be over the next couple months.”

“For sure. With my baby sized bladder, I'd have to go to the bathroom every half an hour to an hour if it weren't for my diapers, so they're very convenient for me.”

“I'm not much better, you've had to have noticed that before.”

“True, you usually can hold it for no longer than two hours before you're dancing, but it's usually closer to an hour.” Jack smiled warmly.

“Exactly. How come you don't carry diapers in the campground store? I would have thought that with your desire to see boys in diapers, that you'd want to sell them here so that you can at least know of cute boys that are wearing them?” Sebastian asked curiously.

“Actually, that's the exact reason I didn't want to carry them, because then I wouldn't be tempted.” Jack answered honestly.

“Fair enough. You won't need to be tempted any more, because you have me, so go into town again today and get some good stock, and not just those silly Goodnites, oh and buy me more of these please, because they're wicked comfortable, and I bet you only bought me one pack?”

“Okay.” Jack said brightly, happy with that plan. “I don't know if I should leave you here all by yourself though on the first day of the season, it's gonna be insanely busy.”

“I'll be fine, don't worry about me. I'm gonna keep the store closed though, I'll tell everyone that it'll be open tomorrow, that way it gives us the time to get everything settled and all the diapers put away.”

“That's probably for the best. If I leave pretty much right away, well after breakfast at least, I'll probably be home before the main rush starts anyway, since most people won't start showing up until after check in time.”

“True. Now change my diaper, I have to pee again, and I think this diaper's too full, it might start to leak if I pee again?”

“Hmm, you are pretty full, aren't you?” Jack laughed, he had reached down and gave Sebastian the squeeze test, and he sure was soggy.

“Oh yeah, but do that too much more, and I'll have to ask you to do something else too.” Sebastian sighed.

“In order to tape up your diaper, I might have to anyway.” Jack grinned, liking the sounds of that.

Sebastian grinned as well, liking that idea very much so, going fully hard inside his diaper now. Jack hopped out of bed, grabbed the diaper supplies, his included, and came back to the bed. Once there, he untaped Sebastian, and was not even surprised to see the boy pulsing hard when his diaper was flipped down. He took a wipe and first cleaned his entire diaper area gently, and then removed the very wet diaper, stuck the wipes inside, and then balled it up and taped it closed. He threw the used diaper in the trash can, and unfolded the new diaper and slipped it underneath Sebastian's upraised bum.

With a tentative smile upwards and a nod from Sebastian, Jack grabbed hold of the very hard young meat, and started slowly stroking the panting boy. It took a surprisingly short amount of time for Sebastian to erupt his load though, maybe two minutes tops. He was obviously more than a little horny and full. He stayed panting and gasping the entire time, and had not stopped once Jack had, it was the very best orgasm he had had. As soon as Sebastian was done, Jack grabbed the diaper cream and applied a generous amount, sprinkled on some powder, and then taped him up nice and snug, all before Sebastian even came down from the ultimate high.

“Wow, that was incredible. Thanks so much.” Sebastian panted out.

“You're very welcome.”

“Can I change your diaper please?”

“I'd really like that, but don't do anything that you're not comfortable with, and certainly no more than I did for you.” Jack said, telling Sebastian the limits, but letting him decide what to do.

Sebastian just smiled brightly and Jack laid down on the bed. Sebastian, with shaky hands, released the tapes holding Jack's diaper up, and then pulled the diaper back to reveal what it was that he wanted more than anything in the world. He had never seen an adult naked before, and other than the one ten year old by, he had never seen anyone else naked either. This made him hard yet again, big surprise there, and he was amazed at the size of what Jack had. He was at least seven and a half inches long, maybe eight, and he was pretty thick too he thought. Sebastian finally grabbed a wipe after about a minutes worth of looking and drooling, and wiped Jack down completely. He too removed the diaper, put the wipes inside, and then balled up and taped the diaper closed. He too threw the old diaper in the trash, and then opened a new one and slipped it underneath Jack.

With a look upwards and a nod from Jack, Sebastian grabbed hold of the pulsing adult meat, and started slowly stroking it, memorizing every detail that he could as he did so. He was amazed at how good this felt. He had never stroked anyone else before, because the other boy was all mouth and ass, they never used their hands on each other, so this was new to him. He even tickled Jack's balls for him, loving the soft hairless sack and the large eggs inside, but then Jack sure seemed to be enjoying it as well. Jack too did not last long, but he lasted at least a full minute longer than Sebastian had until he exploded.

It was without a doubt the very best cum that Jack had ever had himself, but then again, he had not jacked off once in at least the past week, so he was more than a little ready, and it showed. His first shot cleared his own head, splattering onto the sheet behind him almost a full foot past him, his second, third and fourth shots painted his face, and then the rest of eight shots painted the rest of his front side. To say Sebastian was amazed would be more than just a little bit of an understatement, he had never even dreamed that anyone could shoot so much or so far, but what he failed to realize, was that even he could do so if left to hold it for days at a time with no release as Jack had done. Jack normally did not shoot near as much or as far, and he thought it was his best ever for sure.

“Wow, you shot huge.” Sebastian said in awe when he saw that Jack had come down, he still had not taped his lover up yet.

“Yeah, I was more than a little worked up, I wonder why. I haven't jacked off in at least a week, and your constant teasing hasn't helped. And then last night, I can't tell you how many times I nearly came as you were posing in your diaper. Go ahead and tape me up baby, but please put some cream and powder on me before you do so? Just remember to wash your hands off before you tape me up, because if the cream gets on the tapes or anywhere in the taping area, the tapes won't stick.”

“Okay.” Sebastian said happily and did just that, and Jack sighed deeply as it was being done. This was something that he was not at all used to, almost no one had ever changed his diaper for him, and certainly it was never this loving before.

“Okay, now we need to get dressed.” Jack sighed sadly and got out of bed.

“How am I gonna hide the fact that I'm diapered, all my clothes are gonna show what I'm wearing?” Sebastian asked curiously.

“Good question, you prefer tighter shorts, and the only pants you have that might hide the fact that you're quite heavily diapered are gonna be too hot to wear today. I'll have to buy you some clothes while I'm in town then. In the meantime, just wear your biggest pants you have and that long shirt of yours, it'll have to do. If anyone asks, which I doubt they will, you can just tell them that you have a need to wear diapers, and leave it at that.”

“Okay. Can I help you get dressed and then you help me get dressed?”

“I'd really like that.” Jack smiled warmly, and then they helped each other to get dressed. Jack picked out his clothes, and then Sebastian dressed him.

“Where'd you get diaper shirts to fit you, and can you get me some as well?”

“I bought mine online, but I know where I can get something for you, so sure.” Jack smiled, and then they headed to Sebastian's bedroom to get him dressed next.

By the time they were finished getting Sebastian dressed, you could barely tell what he was wearing underneath his clothes, so that was good. They headed down to the kitchen and got themselves a good breakfast going, ate that, cleaned up, and then Jack took off. Sebastian knew that he would not be needed by any campers for a while, so went down to the store to start rearranging things so that they could fit the new diapers somewhere. He decided to keep them near to the back of the store, so that he could see who was looking at them when he was manning the store, as well as keep them out of the main view, again so that cute boys could come and see them without really being noticed by others as to what they were looking at. This took at most an hour for Sebastian to do, and then he started cleaning other things up.

He went and cleaned out the two communal bathrooms and shower areas, and then the laundry room. The bathrooms were fairly large and open, two toilet stalls in each one, two urinals in the boys washroom, and four shower heads in an open concept shower and change area pretty much summed up both bathrooms. Because they were nice and open, it made it easy to clean them. The laundry room had four washers and dryers and a table in the middle, so once again it was nice and easy to clean. He restocked the soap vending machine in the laundry room, because it needed it, as well as he had stocked all the toilet paper and paper towels in the bathrooms. After that he went and cleaned the games room, so that it was nice and clean for all the guests, this really took no time at all, and in under two hours, he was totally done his chores. There had only been one camper to come in and disrupt his cleaning at all, and he never said anything, just went to the washroom and left, and this when he was cleaning the games room. The entire lower level of the house was the guest services area, it encompassed the two bathrooms, the store, the laundry room, a storage room and the games room, the two upper levels were off limits to guests, and they were the living levels.

By the time that Jack made it back, a little over three hours later, Sebastian had everything cleaned and ready for the up and coming onslaught of campers that were probably going to start arriving very soon. Sebastian helped Jack to offload all the stuff into the house, taking most of it to the store, but two bags went upstairs, these were Sebastian's new clothes. All the diapers were together in the store, so Sebastian would have to get his later, but would likely just keep them in the store.

“So, how did it go baby?”

“Really good, I got all the cleaning done and I only saw one person the entire time.”

“That's good. I'm glad that you did your chores while I was gone.”

“Of course I would, I know what needs to be done and I always get my chores done.” Sebastian said proudly.

“Yes, that you do.” Jack smiled warmly.

The rest of the summer went amazingly fast for the two of them, they were kept busy non stop. Twelve hour days at least, helping campers with anything that they needed, keeping everything stocked and cleaned, it was long and tiring, as every summer was, but they managed to make it. That very first day, after getting everything put away, of course Sebastian had dragged Jack upstairs and had him put him into the new diaper shirt and clothes that had been bought, and he loved them, especially the nice tight fitting diaper shirt, of which Sebastian was told was a dancers outfit. It really came as no surprise that Sebastian started to really love the diapers by the end of the day, they really were much more convenient, he could go for many hours before needing a change, instead of having to find a washroom every hour, and while busy, it really was for the best. The entire summer, there were very few moments that Sebastian was out of diapers, same as Jack was.

If going slow was bothering Sebastian though, it certainly did not show, because the entire summer, Jack had not even let them progress past their hands, not even allowing them to use their mouths for more than just kissing mouths, even though Sebastian had asked, a few times. Every night they would cuddle in bed together, kiss each other tenderly, they had progressed to their tongues quite quickly, and they would each sneak a hand into the others diaper and satisfy each other that way. This was how it was most nights, but sometimes they also played a little longer, and bare, but given how tired they were most days, this was all they really had the energy for, and it was all they really needed.

“I can't believe that summer's over already and that everyone is heading back to school.” Sebastian said on their very first day of almost peace and quiet. They would still have a lot of the late season people come in, but these were for the most part people without kids, but they would have many kids there for the weekends throughout most of September.

“Yeah, I know, it always seems to go so fast, but we did amazingly well this year. I know you know just how many diapers we sold, you must have made friends with every boy that they were bought for, and you sure seemed to sell a lot of other things as well.”

“What can I say, and besides, almost every one of those boys was real cute, and I could have had my fill of hot boy ass any time I wanted it, but I wanted you, and no one else.”

“Yeah, I noticed. That one cute twelve year old that wore twenty four seven as well sure seemed to like you, and he would have jumped you instantly had you given the nod, and it wouldn't have mattered where or when either. I think his parents noticed as well.”

“They did, he told me. He was a bit embarrassed at first he said, but they seemed okay with him being gay, he had to admit it to them of course, it was sorta hard to hide. I almost felt bad for turning him down though, he was real cute, and I wish I could have gotten some pictures of him.”

“Don't feel bad, he was fine, and besides, you found him another cute boy, and from the way they looked at each other, I think they enjoyed their time together, even if it was only temporary.”

“I know they enjoyed their time together, but it won't be as temporary as you think, because they only live half an hour from each other, they go to different schools, at least for now, but apparently they'll probably go to the same junior high, at least they sure hoped so.”

“Where do they live?”

“Up north somewhere, I can't remember, but they live pretty close, even though they're half an hour away, they said that's close there.”

“That's really good, I hope they become real good boyfriends. Did the other boy end up getting diapers as well?”

“I think they will, and he sure did. The reason I put them together was because I knew he was gay and he kept stealing glances at the diapers and rubbing himself. I finally told him that it was okay and offered him a couple diapers for free to try. He smiled shyly, but accepted, and another diaper lover was born.”

“Exactly how many boys did you get to try diapers this summer anyway?”

“Not too sure, maybe twelve or so I suppose.” Sebastian grinned.

“For someone who had never even heard of diaper love all that long ago, and had never worn a diaper before that since he was a baby, you sure have become one hell of a diaper lover, haven't you?” Jack smiled.

“Oh yeah, but I bet most boys would love them if given only half the chance.”

“I agree.” Jack smiled again.

“So, how much money do you figure you made this year then?”

“About fifty thousand dollars, about enough to pay everything off, and have enough money to live for the rest of the year, I hope.”

“Wow, that's a lot.”

“Not really when you take into consideration how much it costs to run this place. I'll probably only have twenty thousand left by the time I finish paying everything off for the year, and that's not a huge amount to live off of, granted, I don't pay any rent or anything, just utilities and taxes, so we'll do just fine.”

“How much more of the land around here do you own?”

“From the road to the waterfall, and from the base of the mountain to about half a kilometer from there. In all about sixty acres or so I think it was. Why?”

“Have you ever thought about making more sites, so that you can earn more money?”

“Nah, not really. I don't need any more money, and to do so would cost a huge amount of money. We're talking probably a million or more dollars. I have about half that much left in my savings, but I'd rather not touch it, and I don't really want to take out loans or anything like that, because then I'm just paying huge amounts in stupid interest.”

“What if over the next year we just do it ourselves, not actually pay to have anything done, what about then? We could do more sites up the creek, I think we could easily fit another twelve sites on either side, and still keep it nice and natural, just the way you like it. I also think we should put in a nice large field and playground, but that can go over in the flat area between the house and the road.”

“We can look it over, and this way we could have more people here. I don't really care about the money, as long as it pretty much pays for itself and allows me to eat, I'm happy, but having more people here to enjoy the area can only be good.”

“Exactly. We could also make the field area even larger, put up a couple shelters and do group camping areas, so that a group of people can circle their wagons around the shelters and have a more private area, that'll be easier than how the people that were in groups this summer had to do it, take up four or five sites, and they couldn't really be together. That way we'd be able to fit tonnes more people here.”

“Now, that's a good idea, and we often have two to three groups at a time, so we would want to make at least two areas like that, good thinking.”

“No problem. I'm only looking out for your best interests, and I know this place is your entire life.”

“Not true, now that you're with me, you're my entire life, this place will only help to ensure that.” Jack smiled warmly.

“Thanks, I love you too.” Sebastian smiled back just as warmly.

“Come on baby, let's go get some dinner, take off all our clothes, close the curtains, lock the doors, put the signs out saying do not disturb, and spend the rest of the evening in only our diapers.” Jack sighed.

“Does it have to be in that order, because I'd rather put the signs out before I stripped down to only my soggy diaper?” Sebastian giggled.

“Why, everyone would love you like that. But I guess it'd be best to do the signs and lock everything down first before we strip.” Jack smiled.


They got everything done so that they would be less likely to be disturbed for the rest of the night, and then stripped right down to only their soggy baby diapers, made dinner, and then sat down to eat. This was officially the first time in more than two months that they had got to sit down together and enjoy a meal together, it was almost always a rushed affair, and usually much later, it was just past five, so it was very early for them.

“It almost feels strange to be sitting here in only a diaper, but I like it, so free, so relaxing.”

“Know how you feel. I haven't gotten to enjoy that a lot lately, so it feels weird again to me, but I used to do it every night.”

“I interrupted that, didn't I?”

“Yeah, afraid that you did, but don't worry about it.” Jack smiled warmly to his baby.

“Why didn't you just tell me right from the beginning that you needed diapers and just done things as you always did before I came? I would have understood, and even though I would have been shocked at first, I would have gotten used to it. Same as I did the night you told me.”

“Not too sure, I guess I was still a little nervous around you. I thought you were beautiful right from the start, and I admit that I fantasized about you a lot, but had you have seen me in diapers, it may have gotten you looking at them as comfortable, and I didn't want to go down that road, because had I have had one fantasy, I may not have been able to stop the next, and you weren't ready for that yet.”

“I guess in some sort of a sick twisted sort of logic, that makes sense, but I almost agree with you.” Sebastian laughed.

“Yeah, well I know how teens think, I used to be one after all, and I still remember almost all that I went through.”


“Let's go lay down on the couch and cuddle up and watch a movie baby, we haven't done that in forever?”

“Okay, that sounds nice.” Sebastian smiled warmly, so they headed to the living room to do just that.

For the next few hours, they laid down on the couch and watched a really good movie. They stayed cuddled up the entire time, Jack almost petting Sebastian the entire time. As soon as the movie ended, silently they got up, shut everything down, and then headed upstairs to go to bed.

“Jack, tonight I want us to suck each other, I want, no I need to taste you, I want it so bad. I'd really love to take your nice soggy diaper off and suck you first, and then I want you to do me as well.”

“Okay baby, I'd like that.” Jack smiled, he too knew it was the right time, because they could really truly enjoy it. The store was now open at nine, instead of seven, they had no guests that would need anything before then either, so they had all the time in the world tonight to play, because they could sleep in in the morning they figured.

Sebastian just smiled, he did not say anything at all. He crawled onto the bed after Jack, Jack had crawled in and laid on his back, prepared for anything and everything that Sebastian wanted and clearly needed. Sebastian crawled in between Jack's wide spread legs, petting all the way up his lovers body, but amazingly enough, he skipped right past Jack's diaper, and worked until their lips were pressed together, and their diaper crotches were almost the same. Sebastian rocked gently, really making it feel good as they kissed, and managed to keep this up for about ten minutes, both of them without cumming, before he decided to go back down again.

This time on his way down, Sebastian buried his face into the soggy diaper mass, inhaled deeply, and ground his face into it, really driving Jack insane. As he was doing this, he reached up and started slowly releasing the tapes holding Jack's only cover on, and slowly he lifted and pulled the diaper down in the front, exposing Jack for what Sebastian had in mind.

Sebastian just laid there for a minute or two, just looking at the meat that he so desperately wanted in his mouth, and eventually inside his little baby boy pussy, his gaze was hungry, but still he waited. Not only did he want and need Jack to come back down again, because he was very close to cumming, but he really wanted this moment to last forever, even though he knew it could not. Soon though, although not soon enough for Jack had you asked him, Sebastian moved forth, but only with his tongue.

He started licking everything, everywhere, he left no area untouched. If it was normally covered by a diaper, Sebastian was now licking it, and this was driving Jack more mad than he had ever felt in his life. Five times Sebastian had to pause and let Jack slowly drop back from the orgasm he was approaching, because he did not want for Jack to cum yet, that was all in due time. After nearly half an hour of intense torture, Sebastian finally sucked Jack in, and sucked him clean to the root, swallowing him deep in his throat, without so much as gagging once. Even in Jack's hazy mind, he realized that somehow Sebastian had been getting practice, because you do not just up and deep throat something of Jack's size without gagging, no matter how much of a natural you are. However, this was just too much for Jack, and seconds after Sebastian sucked him down, he exploded.

Sebastian felt the oncoming rush of cum and backed off so that only the head of Jack's penis was inside his mouth, and waited for the half a second it took for the first shot to make it there. As soon as it fired, he sighed, although Jack screamed, and he savored the tasty load like nothing he ever had before. Another second later, another shot joined the first, followed by seven more shots fired in quick order. Although he had read about boys and men having to swallow or end up drowning, he knew this was a myth, he knew his mouth could hold far more than any one person could cum, so he held the entire load in his mouth, so that as soon as Jack was done, he could truly savor it.

Jack finished his ultimate climax after almost thirty seconds, but it took him a lot longer than that to come back down, but as he did so, Sebastian kept him in his mouth, not letting him go in the least, nor did he swallow his precious load. As Jack was coming down, Sebastian was enjoying the load, and when he finally came down, Sebastian started sucking again, this time really showing Jack how good his cock sucking skills were becoming.

At first Jack screamed out, almost telling Sebastian to stop, because it was too much, but it never came out, at least no more than just a strangled cry, of which Sebastian promptly ignored anyway, even though he suspected what it might be about. Sebastian was going long and slow, really making it feel the best he could for the man he loved more than life itself. As he was doing this though, he really was enjoying himself though, it just felt so good, so right to have his savior in his mouth like this, and he never really wanted it to end. Hence the reason that when, about five minutes later, Jack came again, Sebastian did not stop, once again.

Sebastian had swallowed down the first load, just before the second load was to enter his mouth, in preparation, and then held the nice tasty cum load, and Jack's still mostly erect dick in his mouth, until Jack came back down again. Once he did, Sebastian started over again, and again, Jack cried out in lustful pain.. It was torture beyond belief, it hurt so good, it was glorious beyond bad, the fire in him was burning so hot now he thought for sure he was going to explode, surely no one could survive this much pleasure. All this and more was trying to run through Jack's sex hazed mind, but other than screams and cries of pleasure, nothing much came out.

This time it took almost ten minutes for Sebastian to work another load from Jack, he once again was doing everything in his power to make it incredible for Jack, but was going even slower now than he had been before, and that was saying a lot. The final load that Sebastian sucked from Jack was almost non existent, only just a couple small squirts, and then nothing else, and Sebastian knew his work here was done. He savored that last tiny load for a few minutes while nuzzling Jack's balls, that were currently pulled up very tight to his body, not since he was a little boy had they been so tight in fact, waiting patiently for Jack to come back down. This time it took at least ten minutes for him to come down.

“Holy shit, what did you do to me baby?” Jack gasped out when he was able to form a coherent sentence.

“I sucked you dry, and you tasted way better than I thought you would, you taste great.”

“Wow, no one's ever done to me what you just did, I almost felt like I was gonna die at times. Where'd you learn to do that, you've been getting practice from somewhere?”

“Yeah, I have, but not from someone, I stole your dildos when you weren't looking, and I taught myself how to suck dick real good, and I can deep throat even your largest one.”

“Oh god, that's awesome, you were incredible. I've had men who've had sex for years not be able to take me all the way. You haven't been using those toys on your cute little bum have you?”

“No, you're to be the first to touch me there, and from what I've read, you would have noticed the second I did that anyway, so I didn't do it.”

“Well, second actually. But yeah, I would've noticed for sure, and I'm glad, because even my smallest toy will be a hell of a stretch for you, and you could have done serious harm if you did it wrong. Although, I bet with the amount of reading you've done, you probably know how to anyway, don't you?”

“True, I almost forgot about him, and I know, but yes, I do know how to as well, and I'll get it soon enough, but the real thing. Now, I know that you're still pretty tired and are probably pretty ready for bed, but I have to cum so bad, can you at least jack me off please?”

“Oh yeah, I'm exhausted now, but there's no way I'm jacking you off, not after what you did for me, I want, no I need to taste you as well. So go ahead and lay back baby and let me take care of that hot little baby boner of yours.” Jack smiled warmly, and Sebastian was only too happy to lay back and wait for untold amounts of pleasure.

Jack moved so that he was now between Sebastian's legs, ready to start their fun, but he also knew that they were both very tired, and Sebastian was probably more than a little close, so he was certain that there would be no way that he would be able to edge the horny boy tonight, that would have to wait for another night. So, without any real foreplay at all, other than some kissing and petting as Jack removed Sebastian's very wet, very tented diaper, he got started.

As soon as the diaper was out of the way, Jack moved forward and engulfed the entire package into his more than talented mouth, he took Sebastian's dick and balls, and started working the horny boy. Sebastian gasped as soon as he felt Jack touch him, and then he started panting heavily, sounding almost as if he was going to hyperventilate, but Jack was not worried.

After only thirty seconds of deep throating and a tongue lashing that Sebastian would not soon forget, he exploded, and Jack also got his first taste of boy, and he fell in love instantly. Jack paused temporarily, but did not let Sebastian go, nor did he swallow down the offering, opting as well to savor the load in his mouth for as long as possible.

As soon as Sebastian came down, Jack started again, this time sucking slower, and taking longer strokes, until his balls fell out of his mouth, but then he would suck them back in as well as soon as he could. It was very erotic, and was driving Sebastian mad, it felt so good, and he now knew why Jack had acted the way he had, because he was now feeling the same things.

Sebastian's second cum came after only about five minutes, but Jack knew that he would not have to swallow down the previous load, he just let the nectar flow and mingle with it, and savored that as well. Sebastian though had slumped down, and his dick started to wilt rapidly, and Jack knew that that was it, that he had probably caused the boy to pass out. He stayed there though for a little while, just gently playing with the soft penis and balls in his mouth, noticing that Sebastian did not get hard again. Soon he decided that there was not going to be a third load from Sebastian tonight, so he swallowed all that he had in his mouth, let Sebastian fall, and then licked his entire package clean.

When he looked up, Jack was not at all surprised to see that Sebastian was in fact asleep, a large tired grin was still plastered on his face, and he doubted that it would be gone even by morning. Jack gently got out of bed so as not to disturb his baby, grabbed their diapers and the cream, and then came back and diapered Sebastian gently without waking him, in fact he did not stir once. Jack then laid down and diapered himself, and then as soon as he was ready, he crawled back into bed, hit the lights, curled up to his little lover, and fell fast asleep.

Maybe it should not have come as too much of a surprise to Jack, but he was surprised the next morning when he woke up to find that Sebastian was already awake and gently stroking his chest, nor at looking at the clock and seeing that it was already well after eight in the morning. It was officially the latest that they had ever slept in before, but he was also right the night before, the grin was still on Sebastian's face.

“Mmm, good morning baby, how did you sleep last night?”

“Oh god, better than I ever have before. Thanks so much, it was incredible, way better than the other boy was, that's for certain.” Sebastian said effusively.

“Good, I'm glad, because I tried to make it as good for you as you made it for me, but I think I failed.”

“I doubt it.” Sebastian sighed.

“Well baby, have you seen the time, we should probably get up, get these soggy diapers changed, get dressed, and get started on our day.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don't really feel much like moving.”

“Know how you feel baby, but we have a business to run, and we still have almost a dozen sites full, and they'll likely be wanting into the bathroom facilities soon.”

“Ah who cares, they all have trailers or motorhomes and are on the full service lots. They can use their own damn washrooms.” Sebastian pouted.

“As true as that may be, no, they're expecting us to be open for nine, so we have to get up and get ready. Come on baby, I don't want to do this any more than you do, but we have to, so up and at em.” Jack sighed and pushed himself out of bed and reached for Sebastian's hand.

Sebastian reached out and Jack pulled him to the edge, but then Jack spun him so that Sebastian was in diaper change position, and then went and grabbed the diaper supplies. As soon as he was back, he quickly went about changing Sebastian's very wet diaper, giving him a good dose of diaper rash cream as well, and then taping him up nice and snug. They then traded places, and Sebastian changed Jack. They were done a few minutes later, and then they both helped each other to get dressed and ready for the day.

“Okay, breakfast first, then open and clean, but then what?” Jack asked.

“I don't know. I say we go tell all the campers that we're going into town today and that the store won't be open for most of the day, and tell them that if they need anything to get it right away.”

“What do you want to go to town for? And besides, when do you plan to start doing your schoolwork?”

“I'll do it nights like I did most of last year, don't worry. As for why, I think we should go check a few things out and see about expanding.”

“Okay, but like what, what could we possibly need if we're gonna do most of the work?”

“Well, I figure that we should find a good small tractor somewhere, something with a backhoe and bucket option, but also with a mower. All we have is a push mower, and if we do as large a field area as we'll need, then we're gonna need a bigger mower for sure. We're also gonna need other supplies, things that we'll need delivered, like gravel and dirt, grass seeds and other such things. I don't know what all we'll need, but we're gonna need lots of it.”

“Actually, a tractor might not be such a bad idea anyway, so yeah, we can check it out. As for gravel, we can go up the road a little ways for that, there's a gravel pit in a ways that's not used and no one knows about, it's where I got all the gravel to do this place in the first place. We'll probably need a good load of topsoil for sure, but grass seeds can wait, and even the topsoil can wait for a while. We're also gonna need concrete, but we'll need a mixer for that, so we'll check that out at the same time.”

“That's cool. You can make your own concrete, you know how to?”

“Sure, it's not really all that hard to do. Other than the foundation of the house, I did all the other concrete work around here.”

“Then why don't you have a mixer already?”

“When I was done, I sold it, figuring that I'd never use it again.” Jack shrugged.

“Oh well. We should check out used equipment for sure, that way it doesn't cost as much.”

“I always do.”

Shortly after that they went about getting breakfast and then getting their daily chores done. They did warn the campers that they were heading into town and that the store would only be open for a short time, so come in and get anything you need before it closes, so anyone who wanted anything did so pretty much right away. Their daily chores took a couple hours as normal, and then as soon as they were done, a diaper bag was packed and they were off.

As soon as they got to town, they headed right to a tractor place to see what they had. Jack asked them for what he was looking for, preferably used, and the guy took them to a few different used models that may be of use, and one of them was perfect, so he took it. They had a trailer for it, so he bought that as well, and they loaded it up to the truck and were off, spending only a little more than fifteen thousand dollars for everything that they wanted and needed, not bad, since that one tractor new would have been three times the price, plus the accessories that they had bought.

They then headed to a place that carried all sorts of building supplies, and there they found everything that they would need for almost anything that they wanted to do. They found a good big cement mixer, it was a bit more than Jack had wanted to spend, but he decided to anyway, because it could hitch to his truck and was diesel powered, so he would not have to worry about lack of power. It was loaded onto the trailer as well, it just barely fit, and the rest of the building supplies that they bought were put into the bed of the truck. Mostly there they had all the nails and screws that they would need. They had all the stuff for the roofs of the two new structures that they were going to build, and they had quite a bit of lumber as well, but the main part of the structures were going to be made from logs, so they did not have anything for the supports. They also got all the new water pipes that they would need to put in a few water areas for the new sites, because they would not be full service lots, but there would be water nearby for them to use.

From there they hit a place that sold topsoil and they placed an order for four truck loads to start, to be delivered in about two to three weeks, whenever they had time Jack told them, because he knew they would not be ready for it for at least a month. After that they went for lunch to a Chinese food buffet restaurant and they both pigged out. This was something that they almost never did, but it was a good treat. After lunch, they decided to go do their grocery shopping as well, so hit the pharmacy for everything from there, including more diapers, and then to the grocery store for all the food that they would need for the next few weeks or so.

On their way out of town, Jack stopped at the gas station and filled up the fuel tanks in and on the truck, because he had a large extra tank for diesel for the truck, and he always had a bunch of gas cans in the back as well, so he filled them up with gas, since most of them were almost empty. As they drove home, they talked happily about what they were going to do, and how they were going to go about doing it. They both came up with a great deal of ideas, and by the time they made it home, they almost had it all planned out. They wanted to get the clearing and the two new group camping areas done first, and then work on the twenty four or so new camp spots, because they would take the greatest amount of time. They knew that they had to get the clearing done first, because they needed the trees down for firewood and to build the two covers, as well as the ground needed time to settle a bit as well after doing all that work.

“Well baby, I'm used to having a more than relaxing winter, but not this year. We've already bought almost everything that we'll need to do this, so it's too late to back out now, so the next several months are going to be very busy. That doesn't mean that you get to slack off on your school work though, at all. It has to be done, and I think I'm going to tell you to do that first thing in the morning, three hours each day, and you can't help me until it's all done. Think you can go for that?”

“We'll be fine though, no worries. As for schoolwork, I'd rather do it at night.”

“No, mornings, or you'll be too tired to do it, and we both know you don't concentrate so well when you're tired, so no arguments there.”

“Yeah, I know. Fine, I'll do it in the mornings, as long as you promise me that you won't work too hard while I'm in the house doing school work, because I want to be right there with you doing this.”

“I can agree to that. It'll take me that long to do most of the daily chores by myself anyway.”

“No it won't. With having next to no campers after September, it rarely takes more than an hour to do everything, trust me, I know, I'm the one that did them almost all winter last year.”

“True. Well, let's get all this stuff offloaded and put away, and I guess we can just start tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Sebastian said happily, so that was exactly what they did.

The next several months would be very hard on them, because they would want to have it all done before the next camping season started, but they would manage just fine. They got everything put away, and then decided to head into the house for the day, after making sure that none of the campers needed anything from the store or needed in the washroom or laundry facilities. Once that was all good, they went in and rested for the night, and Sebastian did some school work. That night, they sucked each other again, but only one load a piece, and they both enjoyed it a great deal.

The next day they got started on their new routine, Sebastian on his school work, while Jack went and did all the morning chores. As he did his daily walk through of the campsite, he was asked by almost all the people what he was doing, so he had to explain it all to them. They were happy with this, many of them having been there many times, so were please that Jack was expanding. As soon as Sebastian was done for the day, he came out and joined Jack.

“So, what first baby?” Sebastian whispered to Jack.

“Well, the first thing's gonna be to start logging the area where the new park, field, and two group camp areas are going to go, so I need to go get the chainsaw. You grab the ax, and as soon as a tree falls, you can de-limb it. As always, just remember to stay well out of the way of falling trees, and I'll warn you when one's coming down and where.”

“You tell me this every time we go out hunting for trees. You do realize I have a good memory and certainly remember that.” Sebastian sighed in mock frustration, but ruined it by grinning.

“Yes, I know, but I just tell you so to make sure that you remember, because I wouldn't want to lose you, especially for such a stupid reason.” Jack smiled warmly back.

“I know, I love you too.” Sebastian said, and they went to get their things.

The area that they were going to log was quite large, but the trees were sparse, maybe only a hundred trees or so needed to be cut down. This was not a lot, but it would still take them the better part of a week to get done, and then even longer still to clean the area up. It took almost three weeks total for them to log and clean up the area, their new tractor helping in this endeavor a great deal. Sebastian even got to learn how to use the tractor, and had a great deal of fun doing so.

Every morning was the same though, schoolwork and chores, and then they would get started on the clearing. It was much the same every day. By the time they were finished that, there were now almost no campers left coming in, and they were expecting no more at all, other than maybe one or two unscheduled ones, but they were rare. By the time they were done, they had a very large area cleared out, and ready to go. They had even managed to get all the stumps out and the ground leveled out as best as possible. Their topsoil was there, but until they had the ground done and the concrete work for the new covers done, they would not spread this out.

Speaking of concrete, this was now their very next chore. Eight holes now had to be dug out, they had to be good and deep, about four feet, at least twelve inches across, and the concrete was to be out of the ground by at least a foot. They had bought cardboard tubes for this, and they were each cut to five feet long, so that they knew when they were at the correct depth, and then they started digging. They had a couple post hole diggers, but it was tough work. The eight holes actually took them a week to complete, and by half way through Jack was asking himself why he had not bought an auger to do this, but figured it was too late now, there was little point in getting one by then. Finally they poured the concrete and set the saddles in place, so they were ready for the structures in just a few more days.

“Wow, that was a lot of work.” Sebastian sighed when the last one was complete.

“Yeah, I'll say. Damn good thing that the ground isn't any more rocky than it is, or we'd be here for forever doing this.”

“No kidding. At least the concrete was quick and easy.”

“Yeah, but we'll still need to do a lot more.”

“Yeah, why do you have so much concrete left? I thought we only bought enough for the posts.”

“Because after everything is constructed, we'll put a concrete pad in here as well, that'll keep it neater and easier to maintain.”

“Oh, okay. I didn't realize that there was so much concrete in those bags, I thought we'd need a couple each for the posts.”

“Nah, this is straight concrete, so we had to add the sand and gravel, and as you noticed, we added a lot more of that than we did concrete, so that's why we still have so much. The rest of the concrete work won't be for quite some time though, because now we get to start on the structures.”

“So, how exactly are we gonna do that again?”

“We're making it almost totally out of logs, so the logs that we took down from the clearing are gonna be used. We need to peel them, and then cut them to size, and then we start constructing.”

“I sure hope you know what you're doing then, because I haven't a clue.” Sebastian grinned.

“Yeah, I have a pretty good idea of what we're doing.” Jack grinned, so for the next few days, this was their chore, getting the logs ready.

As with almost every night, they sucked and or jacked a good load from each other, and then the next day was back to work. It took them five days to get all the logs prepared and cut to size for what they needed, and then a further two days to construct the basic frame for the covers. They were not huge, but they were quite big, at fifteen by thirty feet, so they were not quick to build. With the tractor though doing most of the heavy work, it was really not all that hard, and it actually took longer to put the red metal roofing on them than it had taken to build them, but before too long, they were done.

“Wow, those look great, I can't wait to see a bunch of campers surrounding them and groups enjoying them. Are we gonna bring water or power right to them though, that'd probably be best if we could at least do that?”

“I hadn't been planning on it, but you know what, we can, it won't take much time or effort, and we already have everything we need for it, or at least I think I still have some of the power cable in the shop.”

“If you're talking about that huge roll of wire that's behind the shop, then yes.”

“Yep, that'd be the one. I thought it was in the loft of the shop, I hardly ever go out back.”

“I don't know how you think you would've gotten it up there, that roll is huge and looks really heavy.”

“It is, but that's where I thought it was, even though I don't know how I would have gotten it up there either. I haven't seen it in fifteen plus years, since I built the place, so forgive me if my memory isn't that good.” Jack grinned.

“Well, let's use the tractor to get it then and get it all done. Do you need an electrician to do that for you, or can you do it yourself?”

“I can do it myself, I did all the others anyway, it's not all that hard to do.”


They grabbed the tractor and grabbed the wire, and got that rolled out. The power house was right next to the clearing, so that made it nice and easy, but they did have to dig a new ditch to get to the area where the wires went into the building, but it was only about fifteen feet or so, so only took a couple minutes. The wires were sent inside, and then the ditch was buried again, and then they hooked up the boxes at the new covers, and then hooked up the power in the power house.

“That wasn't too hard, was it? It only took a couple hours. The water won't be as easy though, will it?” Sebastian asked.

“No, it wasn't, and no, it won't really. It'll just take more line, and we'll have to dig a bigger ditch, but once that's done, it won't be hard at all. We'll get started at the covers again, and work our way back, but we probably won't get finished today.”

They managed to finish the water lines the next day, and then the water and power lines were buried in gravel, so that they were protected, and then the entire clearing area was covered in at least three inches of gravel to solidify it and level it out even better, and then their topsoil was added, but the areas around the two group campsites were left as gravel, more was added though. Jack ended up calling and having another ten loads of soil delivered, because they did not have near enough to give them the at least three inches of soil that he wanted, and it was delivered a couple days later. They got that done, and then they were pretty much done, except to do the concrete under the new covers and to seed the new field. The chore of seeding though would have to wait until after winter, but they got the concrete pads done in only a few days.

“Well baby, winter is almost started and we've gotten quite a bit done, but I think we should take a few days rest, we've worked really long and hard, and we need a break. We're gonna close down the campground for a week or two and just relax. How does that sound?”

“Like a really good idea to me.” Sebastian smiled.

“Good, 'cause it wasn't actually up for negotiation.” Jack grinned.

“That's fine. Let's go in the house, strip to only our diapers, and hang out for the rest of the day.”

“I can live with that.” Jack smiled warmly, and they clasped hands and headed into the house. Not five steps in, they were already stripped down to only their diapers.

The two of them sat around after making and eating dinner, watched a movie, and then quite early, even for them, they decided that it was time to head upstairs.

“It's time baby, I want you to start fingering my tight little baby bum please?” Sebastian asked softly as soon as they entered their room, not once had Sebastian used his old bedroom since they got together.

“Are you absolutely certain?”

“Yes. I've wanted you to start for quite a while, but I decided to wait, and today feels like the right time. You can go as slow as you want to, but soon I want to feel your nice big dick up my tight little bum.”

“Okay baby. It'll take a few weeks at least to get you prepared for me, and more than a little pain as well.”

“Oh, I know it's gonna hurt some, but I'd take any pain just to have you buried inside me. I know that you'll get me good and stretched, so that when we do finally make love to each other, it'll hardly hurt at all though. And don't forget, I've known some of the pain that I'm gonna feel when that day comes.”

“You had a tiny ten year old dick inside your ass, trust me, that's a fraction of what I'll be doing to you.”

“I realize that, but you're forgetting something.”


“He never prepared me at all, just lubed up and stuck it in, he never even fingered or licked me at all, and you're gonna stretch me nicely over the next few weeks until we both know I can take you. Matt may have been small, but trust me, it still hurt.”

“Yes, I suppose that's all true. If you're sure you're ready then, go and lay down on the bed and I'll get to work on you.” Jack smiled warmly. He had known that when Sebastian asked, that he would do it, but he had to make the arguments anyway, just to make certain that it was what Sebastian really truly wanted. He knew it would hurt the boy some, but he also knew that Sebastian knew what he was asking for.

Jack went to his dresser and grabbed a few things, and then came back to the bed. He crawled in and smiled brightly to Sebastian, because he was laying on the bed in only a diaper, legs spread wide open, a sexy grin on his face, and from the bulge in his diaper, it looked as if he were more than a little happy. Jack started slowly, as they almost always did, just petting and kissing all of Sebastian's beautiful body, working him like that for nearly half an hour. Sebastian was moaning and sighing the entire time, truly loving what Jack was doing to him, he always felt so good when Jack touched him.

As soon as Jack was ready, he released the tapes holding Sebastian's diaper on and pulled it down in the front, but left it underneath Sebastian for now. He then moved forth and sucked Sebastian's hot growing balls into his mouth, and started really working on them, sucking and licking, and even humming a bit just for added sensations. After about a minute of this, Jack presented a lube slicked finger to Sebastian's hot little boy hole, and started stroking it gently. So far all he was doing was stroking the outer lips, not even venturing inside yet at all, he just kept going around and around, and up and down it, tickling it, relaxing it.

Jack knew that one finger would not hurt Sebastian at all, since anyone really could take one finger with ease, but he also felt no point in causing any discomfort at all, so was really making him hot, so as to open him up even more. Sebastian though was absolutely loving it, the sucking and licking of his balls, and the tender touches to his very sensitive little hole. He was moaning and sighing, and had he have been able to talk, he would have begged Jack to push inside.

After a few minutes of playing though, Jack did that all on his own and slipped his finger in. Once it started going in though, Sebastian seemed to nearly suck his finger all the way in, because without realizing it, Jack's index finger was all the way inside Sebastian.

“Oh fuck yeah, ooooohhhhhh, that feels so goooooooood.” Sebastian really moaned out this time, actually forming words, sort of.

This only turned Jack on more, hearing how good he was making his baby feel. He figured that with as much foreplay as he gave to Sebastian, that he would not feel even the slightest discomfort when he slipped a finger in, but he never thought that he would enjoy it quite so much as he seemed to. Still sucking only on Sebastian's balls, Jack started moving his finger inside him, just slowly, and at first only just back and forth, but after a a few strokes, he also started moving his finger inside, touching all the sensitive places inside his young boyfriend.

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, oh yeah, oh god, I'm gonna cum.” Sebastian panted out all of a sudden, and Jack knew it was gonna be big.

Quickly he let Sebastian's balls go and latched onto his excruciatingly hard dick, his precum was covering the entire bright purple head, and Jack sucked the entire thing in. Jack could feel the pressure building inside of Sebastian, his ass was constricting to unbelievable proportions, his dick was going even more hard than it already was, Jack kept toying with Sebastian's prostate of course, and Sebastian had stopped breathing, his entire body was arching and vibrating.

And then all of a sudden, with a deep gasping breath, Sebastian screamed and came, all at the same time, twelve shots Jack counted, but after only six there was no more liquid coming out. It was the most intense orgasm that Jack had ever heard of, and the most either of them had ever experienced. The orgasm itself lasted a good few minutes, Sebastian's body kept quaking and convulsing well after he stopped spraying, and then all of a sudden, he was gone, he was completely and totally out of it, passed out cold. Jack grinned, he had hoped the first time would be as good, and by the looks and sounds of things, he would say it was far more than just mere good.

Jack knew that there would be no reciprocation tonight, because he knew there was very little chance that Sebastian would be waking up again any time soon, so he climbed out of bed and picked up the diaper supplies that he had grabbed earlier, but Sebastian had kicked off the bed, and went and diapered his baby up. Jack then removed his soggy diaper, put on his new one with a generous helping of cream, and then taped himself up as well, all without jacking off his painfully hard dick. He knew that Sebastian would be upset if he did not get to taste it, so left it until morning, when it would be soon enough for him.

He crawled into bed with Sebastian, pulled the covers up, curled up and fell fast asleep with his baby. And that was how they stayed all night, both with happy smiles on their faces the entire night, neither of them stirring hardly at all. It was all in all a very peaceful sleep.