Chapter 3

“Morning baby, how did you sleep last night?” Jack asked as soon as Sebastian opened his eyes up to find Jack laying there, petting his chest lovingly.

“Oh god, I slept so great. What you did to me last night, well, wow.”

“Know how you feel baby, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it, because I enjoyed making you feel so good.”

“Can I do that to you now?”

“Why not wait until tonight?”

“I suppose we could, but I'd really like to play this morning and try and make you feel half as good as you made me feel last night. Besides, I'm willing to bet you didn't cum last night, but you would've been really hard too, so I bet you really need to cum this morning.”

“Yes, it's true I didn't cum last night, but given I'm older and can hold off my orgasms far longer than teens can, I'm okay.” Jack smiled warmly.

“Come on, lay back and let me make you feel good!” Sebastian said softly.

“Okay.” Jack said simply and laid back, allowing Sebastian to take the lead and do whatever he wanted to do.

“Thanks.” Sebastian smiled warmly, and got right to work.

The very first thing that Sebastian did was to move in and press their lips together softly, giving his savior, his lover the most tender and loving kisses imaginable. Together they kissed for nearly half an hour, before Sebastian broke their kiss and started moving down.

After releasing their kiss, Sebastian slowly worked his way down Jack's toned body, kissing and licking almost everywhere that he could, both of them enjoying it a great deal. When Sebastian finally made it to Jack's very wet diaper, he pressed his face into the soggy mass and used his face to massage Jack tenderly. After a few minutes of this though, Sebastian reached up and released the tapes holding the diaper on, and then rolled the front down, exposing Jack fully.

Sebastian manged to grab the lube, it was on the bedside table from last night still, and he got some on his fingers. Once his fingers were ready, Sebastian moved in and started sucking on Jack's nice big balls, and started circling his fingers around the puckered entrance that he knew would accept one of his fingers with ease. However, Sebastian was only going to use one finger as well today, everything that Jack had done to him, he would now do to Jack, in the same manner, at the same speed, they would enjoy the ride together at the same pace.

After a couple minutes of just teasing Jack's anal entrance in this manner, Sebastian slowly worked a finger inside, and was surprised at the heat and the softness inside. It really felt quite nice. Sure, he had sort of felt this before, but not like this. Toying with his balls and slowly fingering Jack, Sebastian was taking it very slow and easy, just trying to give the utmost in pleasure, not worrying about bringing Jack off any time soon, neither one of them wanted that. Just like the night before, it was about love and tenderness, about feelings, not about sex. Sure, Jack really was starting to open Sebastian up for the ultimate act of love between two males, but that did not mean that it had to be fast. Sebastian also knew that without a doubt, he would just be able to lube up his penis and slip into Jack with ease, and probably cause little to no discomfort at all, if the toys that Jack had meant anything at all that is.

Much like Jack did the night before, Sebastian was doing now. He stroked his finger in and out slowly, moving it inside as well just as slowly, feeling everything he could, toying with the prostate inside, knowing where approximately it should be, and finding it easily.

For nearly half an hour Sebastian sucked on Jack's balls and played inside his ass, and as much as they both wanted it to last, for it to go on for forever, they both knew that was not to be. Sebastian could actually feel it happening as easily as Jack could. His balls were pulling up tighter, his ass was constricting around Sebastian's finger, and he was starting to quiver and quake. As soon as Sebastian knew that the time was right, he switched targets and sucked just the head of Jack's leaking dick into his mouth, slurped up the tasty juices that were there, giving the head a very good tongue lashing, and intensified the probing of his finger to the pulsing prostate, and that was it, that was all it took, Jack erupted. With a yell or a gasp, maybe both, Jack came, and he came hard.

The only difference to Sebastian the night before, was that Jack did not pass out, but he was totally out of it for at least ten minutes. Sebastian changed targets again, but this time he only licked Jack's balls tenderly, and he did not remove his finger either, just left it inside, just gently slipping it in and out, otherwise hardly moving it at all though. With a deep satisfied sigh, Jack came down, and Sebastian released himself.

“Wow, for someone who I gather has never done anything like that before, you sure did a real good job, that felt amazing, way better than I've ever felt before.” Jack sighed out.

“Thanks, I'm glad that you liked it. I just copied what you did to me last night and tried to make you feel as good as I did.”

“I think you may have succeeded where no one ever has before, because no one has ever made me feel that good in my ass.”

“I'm glad. Now, let's get my baby diapered properly in a nice dry diaper, and then I need a diaper change as well please?”

“And probably something else as well, but sure, that sounds good.”

“Yeah, if you wouldn't mind helping a guy out. I almost came when you did, but I tried to hold it off, and I just barely did.”

“Of course I don't mind baby. If you had have been awake last night, I would have asked for the same thing.” Jack smiled warmly.

Sebastian grabbed the diaper supplies for the both of them and came back and diapered Jack lovingly, and then they traded places. When Jack opened up Sebastian's diaper, it was with very little surprise to see a lot of precum soaked into the material, and the head of his dick looked quite angry purple. He smiled upwards and bent right down and began sucking Sebastian with no pretense. He knew he did not have the time for foreplay, because the first tender touch to Sebastian's over heated body might have set him off. As it was, Sebastian lasted at best twenty seconds before exploding in another super orgasm, with a scream that could have waken the dead.

Jack decided to release Sebastian's dick, but took his balls in instead, and waited for his baby to come down. As soon as he did, he sighed as well, and Jack released his balls and diapered him up just as lovingly.

“Wow, what a way to start a day.” Sebastian finally managed to sigh out.

“I'll say. Most of the time we really don't have the time to do that in the morning, but it sure is nice. Well baby, you have schoolwork to do, and I should clean the house and get us some breakfast, so let's get up and get going.” Jack smiled warmly to his baby.

“Yeah, I suppose that's probably a good idea, even though I don't really want to do anything other than cuddle up to you all day long.”

“Yeah, same here, but eventually we have to eat, so it may as well be sooner rather than later. Besides, I can already hear your stomach growling, and I know that we need to feed you soon.”

“Yeah, I'm getting pretty hungry alright.”

“Then let's get up baby. I promise though that we'll curl up on the couch later this afternoon and cuddle up and do nothing, but this morning we both have work to do.”

“I'll hold you to that.”

“I know. Come on.” Jack said, begrudgingly rolling out of bed and extending his hand for Sebastian to grab hold of.

And that was just what they did too. They did their work that they needed to get done in the morning, ate breakfast once it was done, and then curled up on the couch. That was pretty much where they stayed all day long too, really doing nothing much at all. About the only times they left the couch was to get drinks or food, and then once for a much needed diaper change for both. Once bedtime rolled around though, they were both as happy to be going to bed as the other, but not for the reason of sleeping.

“Let's suck each other at the same time and finger each other as well? That'll feel real good I bet.” Sebastian asked.

“Oh yeah, it does feel good, so sure.” Jack smiled, they clasped hands and headed off to their bedroom.

Once they made it to their room, they quickly stripped off each others diapers and fell onto the bed, naked and hard. They met in the center of the bed and kissed and touched each other all over the place for a little while, before Sebastian turned himself around to get the party started. They were both tired, but they were both more horny, so while they wanted sleep, they needed sex more. Jack grabbed the lube and got some on his finger, and then passed the tube to Sebastian, who did the same thing, and then they got started.

They sucked each other in at the same time, and moaned, and then they started circling each others holes, and they moaned more. Going at the very same slow steady pace, they sucked each other slowly, and even slower still they worked to the center of their boyfriends, finding them at the same time. With a final tickle to the lips, they both slid their fingers inside each other, all the while they were still sucking each other slowly and tenderly.

Neither one stopped once they had started entering the other, they both slowly and steadily inserted just one finger into the others hot moist assholes, and they moaned even more yet again, this time around each others dicks. They both reached bottom a few seconds later, and then just stayed there, enjoying the feelings before they started moving again.

Once they were ready to do so, they started moving their fingers in and out slowly, matching the pace at which they were sucking each other, both of them enjoying this a great deal. Sebastian was the first to realize he had a spare hand that was doing nothing at the moment, so decided to use it as well. He reached up and started playing with Jack's balls tenderly, more tickling them than anything really. Jack enjoyed this for only a split second before deciding that it was a good idea, so did the same thing.

With all the great feelings coursing through their bodies, they were not surprised that after only about ten minutes of this that they were both getting very close to cumming, but neither one wanted it to happen just yet. They both slowed right down and clamped down, attempting to hold it at bay for just a little while longer. They managed to hold off their orgasms for almost five more minutes by doing this, but it was at a cost as well, they were both starting to really hurt, but it was such a good hurt, one that anyone would happily allow, if only given half the chance to find out just how good it was.

At the same time they both lost the battle of holding their orgasms off, and they both came. They were nice big loads as well, both of them getting a nice sized mouthful of the cum that they so very much craved. Amazingly enough, even though both were well worn, they were both still awake. They were breathing raggedly, and they had no focus at the moment, but they were still awake.

“Wow, that was awesome. It was almost too much all at once though to do each other at the same time. Near the end there it was really hard to concentrate on giving you pleasure at the same time.” Sebastian sighed out.

“Yeah, that's the only problem with doing it at the same time. It's quicker, but it's harder to concentrate. I'm glad that you enjoyed it though, because I sure did as well.” Jack sighed out as well.

“I don't know so much about quicker, that was one of our longer sessions, but it sure was nice. Well, we should get diapered and into bed, because I'm about ready to pass out.”

“Yeah, I agree, but you're forgetting that if we had have done it separately, we'd probably still be at it.”

“True.” Sebastian nodded.

Jack climbed out of bed and grabbed their diapers, and then came back and diapered Sebastian up first, and then they traded places so that Jack could get nice and thickly diapered as well. Once they were both ready for bed, they curled up in the center of the bed, pulled their blankets up, kissed and whispered goodnight, I love you, and then they were fast asleep.

The next several days they relaxed a lot, went to town and bought more supplies, and had sex each and every day, twice it was twice a day. After they felt that they were rested up enough, they put the open sign back out at the road, but knew that the likelihood of them having any campers now was unlikely, and they got back to work. Their first chore was to be the logging of their new camp spots as well as the new roadway, and then after that was the more than tedious task of clearing out all the stumps and all the large rocks, because close to the creek there were a lot of large rocks. Most would stay, or just be moved, but it was still a lot of work. These two chores alone took them nearly a month, and they were now well into December. Christmas was coming up, and once again, they were going to take just a short break to celebrate Christmas together.

“So, do you think my parents will even bother to call on Christmas day this year?” Sebastian asked sarcastically.

“Well, I'm gonna have to go with a no on that one. They didn't call last year, nor did they call on your birthday. Not exactly a huge surprise, they haven't called once since you came here, and every time that you've tried to call there, they've either not been home or ignored the call. Probably ignored to tell you the truth.”

“Yeah, I agree, not that I care.”

“You've always skirted around the issue when asked before, but I'd really like to know why they hate you so much, and you them?” Jack asked, he had tried asking before, many times, but still Sebastian had been tight lipped about his past, other than to say the hatred was mutual. They were just sitting there on the couch cuddling up and listening to music.

“To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure I know the entire answer to that myself, but I'm so happy now that I don't really even want to think about it.”

“Can you at least tell me something, anything? I'd really like to know.”

“Okay, but only for you. As you know, I wet the bed until I was seven, when they took me to the doctor and told him to cure me. He gave me the pills, and that actually helped. Before that though, I was potty trained at about two, at least I think that was when, they said once I was two, that was enough of diapers, and they wouldn't do it anymore, so I'm sure it was a quick and brutal potty training. More than likely I was scared out of diapers. Every day after that, if I woke up wet, I was spanked, if I wet my pants, I was spanked, if I talked back, I was spanked, if I talked out of turn, I was spanked, hell, if I even talked sometimes, I was spanked. There never needed to really be a reason, they just spanked me.”

“The one day I got in trouble at school, I was spanked, but it was so much worse than any other spanking I ever got before, normally I was spanked twenty times to my bare bum with their hand, but this time it was forty times with a rubber spatula. I had to go to school the next day and not say one single word about how sore my bum was, and I was to apologize to the teacher for misbehaving. Want to know why I got in trouble? Well, it was because I forgot to do some homework the night before, I had wet my pants soon after I got home from school, and was spanked once again, and put in the corner for the night, not allowed to move until it was bedtime. I tried to say I had homework, but I was spanked for talking out of turn, and spanked for talking back. So, all that on top of the spankings I received the night before, I tell you, I was some sore.”

“I even tried saying that I'd tell a teacher or something, that they were beating me, they just laughed and said good, go ahead, you'll only be shipped to some small orphanage where the abuse I received there would make what they gave me seem like a great day. To tell the truth, I believed them, because I had seen what some kids had gone through, so I kept my mouth shut. Maybe I should have said something, maybe it would have been better for me, but after I didn't tell on them, the beatings only got worse, that's when I was ten. It went from twenty spanks with their hand, to thirty or forty with whatever they felt was appropriate, and I just let them do it. Also, right around the time I was twelve, I started having wet dreams, well, I tell you, that was as bad as, or maybe even worse than wetting the bed with pee. Especially from my mom, she was disgusted. She spanked my dick with the rubber spatula, and I'm not talking just once either, twenty swats, she sat on my chest and just spanked. I've never screamed so hard in my life, it hurt so bad. I got that treatment three more times after that, the final one, as soon as my mom let me go, I pounced on her and I just kept hitting and hitting and hitting her, I used anything I could. She hit me back quite a few times, but I was so enraged by then, I wasn't feeling anything. I finally snapped and hit her with a chair and knocked her out, and then I grabbed anything and everything I could, dumped it into my pack and bag, and left. I made it here about two or three weeks after that day.”

“By the time I made it here, almost all my bruises were healed, and I had finally stopped peeing blood. I saw you and felt that you would help me out, at least a bit, and you know the rest there. Why it was that they hated me, I'll probably never know. Why it is that I hate them, I think is pretty obvious. To tell you the truth, every time you said that I should at least try and call my parents, I didn't, I just pretended to, I'll never talk to them again, ever. The day you made me call them to tell them where I was, and what I was doing, that was probably the scariest day of my life, I just knew they were going to come and drag me back to that hell hole, and if they had have, I would have killed them, I swear it.” Sebastian finished, he was crying huge tears now, but he was not the only one, because Jack was crying right along with him.

“I'm so sorry that that happened to you baby, I had no idea. Had you have told me this before, I never would have even suggested you call those monsters. I wish that you would have told me sooner, but I know the reason you didn't, and I thank you for telling me now.”

“Thanks, but you have noting to be sorry for. I long ago accepted that I don't have parents, and you're all I have, and I'm happy with that. It was actually the first day that I came here that I realized what living really was, and you did that for me.”

“I'm still sorry, mostly that I made you relive all that and tell me all about it.”

“Don't worry. I've been thinking of telling you anyway, because I knew you wanted, and really needed to know. So, what are we gonna do for Christmas then?”

“Don't really know. I don't really think there's any point in either of us giving gifts, we really already have everything we want or need. All I want is to just cuddle up to my baby all day long, maybe make love a time or three, and of course have a huge fattening dinner.”

“That sounds good to me. We have a week left, you're up to two fingers comfortably in my baby bum, and we both know I'll need three, and Christmas day is the day I give you my virginity, so you'd better speed it up a bit in stretching me out.”

“That wasn't quite what I meant by making love.”

“Maybe, but it's what I want, and admit it, it's what you want as well.”

“Yes, I have to admit, I can't wait until I can bury myself deeply into your fiery depths and make love to you, and then you me.”

“I can't wait either, but Christmas day will be soon enough.”

That very night, they went to bed, and Jack very slowly started working his way into Sebastian's hot little bum, first one, and then two fingers, what Sebastian was already comfortable taking. They did this for a while, until Sebastian told Jack that he was ready. At first it was very tight, but Sebastian kept pushing and relaxing, pushing and relaxing, until Jack broke in and his three fingers slid all the way in. Sebastian gasped from the pain, and a few tears leaked out, but he told Jack not to stop, because he wanted and needed it, no matter the hurt. It really had been the same when they upgraded to two fingers, and Jack knew that it was going to hurt, but he still hated causing pain in his young lover. He also knew that if he did not do it, that Sebastian was likely to one night just take matters into his own hand, and probably hurt himself in the process, and that would be far worse than what they were now doing.

It took about ten minutes for Jack to work up to three fingers, and then a further ten minutes with three fingers inside of Sebastian before the pain started to subside. Jack had just been very slowly jacking his fingers in and out, attempting to loosen Sebastian a bit more, he was very tight. He wondered in the back of his mind how anyone could be so tight and still enjoy anal sex. He himself did not ever remember being so tight, but then again, he had been a late teen when he first felt something slip into his ass, and he had not been near as small as Sebastian still was. Soon though Sebastian was moaning in pleasure, even if it still hurt a bit, but he was willing to accept the pain to allow something that felt this good.

Almost half an hour later, Sebastian came, and he came pretty hard, his dick pulsing inside of Jack's mouth as he shot. They then traded places, as soon as Sebastian was back down, and then Jack felt three fingers slip into his ass with hardly any discomfort at all. Jack though was unable to last nearly so long as Sebastian had, because he had almost came when Sebastian had, but they both enjoyed anyway.

The next week went by far too quickly for them, but they enjoyed it, a great deal in fact, because they were working hard, no pun intended of course, to get Sebastian ready for his first romp into anal sex with Jack. In fact, Sebastian was hard nearly all the time, almost always horny and ready for more. Finally Christmas morning came bright and early.

“Merry Christmas baby boy, how are you this morning?” Jack asked as soon as Sebastian woke up.

“Merry Christmas to you too, I feel great. How about you?”

“I'm great as well.”

“Come on baby, let's get up and get some breakfast.”

“I'd rather we stayed in bed.”

“I know you would, but we need to get some breakfast in order to have the energy that I know we'll be needing for after breakfast, as well as I have to get the turkey in the oven soon.”

“Oh, good point.” Sebastian grinned and hopped out of bed, neither of them saying anything at all about a diaper change.

They went and had breakfast, and then Sebastian helped Jack to get the turkey prepared and into the oven. It was a pretty small bird, so it would not take all that long, but they were planning on having it for lunch anyway, because they did not like large dinners. As soon as everything was done that needed to be done, Sebastian got a grin on his face, and Jack knew what he wanted.

“Okay baby, come on, let's go to our bedroom and we can make love.” Jack smiled warmly.

“Oh, finally.” Sebastian sighed, and grabbed onto Jack's outstretched hand and followed Jack to their bedroom.

“Now, are you absolutely certain that this is what you want baby?” Jack asked as he laid Sebastian on his back in the middle of the bed.

“Oh yes, get me nice and slippery, and then just slip right in and make love to me. Don't worry though, I'll tell you when I need a few moments, but whatever you do, don't pull out.”

“Okay baby, I just had to ask, I'd never do anything to hurt you, but you're about as ready as I can make you.”

With that though, there were no more words, there was no need for any silly words now, not when they were so in love. Jack just crawled into bed, crawled over Sebastian's prone body, and laid himself on top of his lover gently and started kissing him tenderly. As he was doing this though, he was grinding their hot soggy diapered crotches together, making them both quite hot. After about ten minutes of kissing, Jack started moving down, kissing as he went, until he was kissing the front of Sebastian's tented diaper.

Jack grabbed the lube from the end table and lubed up his fingers, and snuck them in through the leg hole and inside to the primary target he was searching for. As soon as he found it, he started stroking it and gently inserting two of his fingers. He kept this up for a few minutes, and then added some more lube and another finger, just to loosen Sebastian up even more. Sebastian was moaning and sighing, and even grunting at times, but he was not in any pain, in fact he was feeling really good.

“I'm ready, do it now please?” Sebastian whispered.

“Okay baby.” Jack whispered back.

Without removing the fingers inside of Sebastian, Jack used his other hand and poked a hole in the front of his diaper, and then worked his erection out of the hole, grunting as he did so. He then poured a generous helping of lube on the top of his dick, and then rubbed it into the entire shaft. Once he was ready, he poked another hole, this time in the seat of Sebastian's diaper. He removed his fingers, added some more lube right to Sebastian's hungry hole, and then got into position.

Once he was ready, he looked up and received the nod of approval, and then he started aligning himself to heaven, and soon was kissing the lips to Sebastian's incredible boy bum. Using the hand that was not supporting his body, he held himself steady and on target, and then started pushing lightly. At first he was being rejected entry, until Sebastian gave a grunt and a large push, opening himself fully for Jack. With this, Jack slipped inside, he had only intended for just the head of his dick to penetrate, but he had accidentally slipped almost half his girth inside Sebastian when he had done that. Sebastian grunted from the rather quick insertion, but then sighed, because it did not hurt.

Jack stopped though, not moving at all. He had heard the pretty loud grunt, and then a few seconds later the loud sigh that said all was good in Sebastian's world. Still Jack held still, not moving at all, just letting Sebastian get used to the fullness, because he knew that he was a fair bit larger than what Sebastian was used to. Yet, Sebastian did not seem to be in any distress, he was smiling and sighing, and finally, a few moments later, he gave a nod to Jack, and Jack knew to continue.

Much more slowly this time, Jack started moving, slowly slipping his way fully inside Sebastian. As soon as he was all the way inside, he stopped to let Sebastian get more used to the intrusion, because he was also far deeper inside Sebastian than he was used to.

As soon as he felt that Sebastian was ready for him to do so, Jack started pulling out, almost as slowly as he had thrusted in. Once he reached the end, he reversed directions again and slipped back in again. He started a slow gentle motion of pulling all the way out before slipping back in, and they were both moaning in pure pleasure now. Jack leaned down and attached themselves at the lips and they kissed as passionately as they were making love. Unfortunately, they were unable to last all that long, but it was still ten more minutes of pure bliss before they both came, once again at the same time. As they came down, they continued kissing, not detaching at all, amazingly enough considering just how powerful they had cum.

“Wow, that was so much better than I ever thought it would be, so much better than Matt was.” Sebastian broke the kiss and sighed.

“Yeah, I agree. You were way better than anyone I've ever had sex with as well.” Jack sighed out as well.

“Thanks, by the way, you made this the most special Christmas I've ever had, really my first real one, except last year I guess, that was my first ever. I suppose we should get up though and get re diapered and go check on the turkey, but then it's your turn after lunch.” Sebastian smiled.

“You're very welcome. This is really my very best Christmas ever as well, and it's all thanks to you. I suppose that we should get out of bed though, but you're right, after lunch it's my turn.” Jack smiled right back.

They got diapered and headed down to the kitchen and checked the status of their lunch, and got a few other things ready to go. As soon as lunch was ready to go, they got it all set out and then ate the delicious meal, talking happily as they did so. As soon as they finished lunch, the dishes were left as they were, and they headed right to their bedroom, to continue their day of making love.

Jack was laid out in the middle of the bed, and Sebastian started the foreplay all over again. He started by kissing Jack tenderly, passionately, while grinding their crotches together. Soon though Sebastian parted and worked his way down, kissing and licking all the way, until he was pressed into the front of Jack's tented diaper. Sebastian grabbed the lube and got some onto a couple of his fingers, and then worked that hand into the leg hole of Jack's diaper, and started lubing up his hot moist hole.

It really only took Sebastian a few minutes to work from two fingers to three, and get Jack nice and ready for the invasion that they both wanted more than anything else in the world. As soon as Sebastian had Jack nice and ready for him, he reached down, poked a hole in his diaper and fished out his nice hard dick, got it well lubed up, and then poked a hole in the rear of Jack's diaper.

Sebastian crawled up until his boner was poking the hole in Jack's diaper, and then he inserted it, and found the hot hole buried inside. He then centered himself, gave a gentle push, and the first time he slipped in. He allowed only the head of his dick to enter, but then he started sliding in a minute later. They were both sighing softly, all the way until Sebastian was buried all the way inside Jack.

Sebastian stopped once he reached bottom, their hot wet diapers pressed together, and there he waited for a few moments. This time it was not so much to allow Jack to get used to having something inside him, because Sebastian knew that Jack was well used to this. No, it was that he had shot right up to the very peaks, and he needed to back down some before he exploded long before he wanted to. He did have to wonder though how long he was going to be able to hold off though.

As soon as he was backed away far enough from the precipice of orgasm, he started thrusting softly, only pulling about half way out before slipping back in. He was going even slower though than Jack had, something that surprised Jack a great deal. He was not about to complain though, because the things that Sebastian was doing to him felt beyond incredible, in fact, there was no way that he felt that he could describe what exactly it was that Sebastian was doing to him now.

Sadly Sebastian was unable to hold on for very long, and well before he really wanted to, he exploded, but instead of stopping, instead of slumping down, he just gritted his teeth and kept right on going.

Jack had not cum when Sebastian had, he had managed to hold it off, because he was not quite as hot and horny as Sebastian was, but he was more than a little amazed that Sebastian was continuing on, even after cumming. He was good with this though, having something that felt this good continuing on was okay in his books. Jack was the first to explode for Sebastian's second go, and it was only after about five minutes that he did so. As soon as Jack started cumming though, so did Sebastian, because the pressure on his battered boner was just too much, and caused him to burst forth with a much smaller load this time.

This time Sebastian did collapse, falling onto and into his lover fully, but he did not pass out. He was not all there either mind you, but he was still awake. For at least five minutes they laid like this, Sebastian still mostly hard, still mostly inside of Jack, and Jack just enjoying the feelings and petting Sebastian's back and hot little diapered bottom.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Sebastian panted out a while later.

“Yes, that it was, but times about a trillion if you ask me.”

“I think that I can agree to that.” Sebastian giggled.

“Well, so much for all the calories we had during lunch baby, I think we wore them all off, and maybe a few more.” Jack giggled as well.

“Oh well, thank God for leftovers.” Sebastian grinned.

“For sure, and we're gonna need them too. Come on, let's get our ruined diapers off and get diapered back up nice and thick, and then go watch a couple movies.”

“How about instead of taking these ones off, because they're not all that full yet, we just poke more holes in them and put another one on over top of them and go really thickly diapered?”

“I think I could agree to that.” Jack grinned.

“Goody, I hoped you would.” Sebastian said happily and hopped out of bed.

He ran down to the kitchen first and grabbed a fork, and then came back and grabbed two fresh diapers and came back to the bed. By the time Sebastian made it back, Jack had already turned himself and positioned himself in prime diaper changing position, so Sebastian took the offer and double diapered his baby lover. They then traded places, and Jack double diapered Sebastian as well.

“Wow, this is super thick. I bet we could last until tomorrow if we wanted to.” Sebastian said giddily.

“We won't be having sex again today anyway, so let's give it a shot. Even if we do leak during the night, oh well, that's what the waterproof sheet is for.”

“Good point, and I'm good with that if you are.”

“Then it's all go. Come on baby, let's go cuddle on the couch and watch a couple movies.”

They headed downstairs and put a movie in, curled up on the couch, and watched two movies back to back, before getting up, grabbing a snack and a drink, and then came back and watched another two movies, taking them right to the end of the night.

“How's your diaper holding up baby?” Jack asked.

“Pretty good, and yours?”

“Pretty good as well. It doesn't seem to be any more wet than what I'd normally accept for going to bed, and yours doesn't look any worse, so we should be good. Come on, let's go to bed baby.”

“Okay.” Sebastian smiled warmly and they headed up to their bedroom. Once they arrived, they turned off the lights, climbed into bed, kissed each other tenderly for a few minutes, and then whispered good night, I love you, and then they were fast asleep.

The next three months was almost non stop working for the two of them once again. They took a couple breaks during the time, but in that three months, they were able to get all twenty five new camp sites done. They had to go buy some hedging cedars to help fill in some, but they did not need all that many, because they were careful to give lots of space for each site, so that was good. During this time Sebastian also asked Jack what the odds of putting in a swimming pool would be, and Jack said slim to none, but they put their heads together and came up with an idea that was nearly as good. Technically speaking they may not have been allowed to do so, but they dammed the creek at the top of a natural waterfall, and made themselves a nice little pool. It was only about fifteen feet across, and maybe twenty feet long at it's largest in the pool, and it was only about five feet deep in the center, but it was perfect.

By the time the new camping season was approaching, they were very nearly ready. The new field area had been seeded, and the grass was coming in nicely. All the water and electricity was turned on and tested to make certain it was all still working after being shut down for the winter, and then everything was cleaned and groomed. They even took a hike up to the lake to make sure that the trail had fared well during the winter. It had not, and they had to go back up and cut a few trees out of the way to allow hikers to more easily navigate the path. This only took them a couple days to complete though, so they were all good there.

Spring arrived, and with it came the first of their regular campers, as well as a few others that had never been there. The regulars were all universal in their compliments, saying that it was now larger, but still felt like a nice family campground. Their first group came during the late spring, and they loved the new area, and throughout the summer, both areas would be frequently used by many groups, it was great. They even had one group that was so large that it encompassed both together, there were so many of them. Summer came, and word had gotten out that they had expanded, and that it was better than ever, so the people all flocked to Jack and Sebastian's family campground and they all loved it. They had the best summer ever, making more than twice the amount that Jack was used to making for a season.

The love that had ignited between Jack and Sebastian did not stop growing either, they had fallen madly and deeply in love with each other, and their bond was more strong than anyone could have ever dreamed possible. They stayed together for life, enjoying their campground and their nice peaceful life together as true lovers.