Diapering Deegan

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I first met Deegan at the beginning of the school year, probably the fourth or fifth day, not too sure. I was taking my son to school, as I did every day, and on that day, one of his classmates' brother was there. I did not know anything about him at the time, I just knew that he was quite the little cutie. He was very small, yet I knew that he was older than his brother and my son, who were both in kindergarten. In fact, he was smaller than his brother was. I tried to say hi, but he just lowered his head shyly and hid behind his mom. This went on for some time, I would say hi every time I saw him, and he would shyly hide behind his mom. It was not until after Christmas some time that I finally got a shy hi back out of him, and he did not hide so completely behind his mom. She had explained to me more than a few times that he was dreadfully shy. I never did ask though why that was, or the fact that I always saw him during school hours outside of school. I would find out, eventually though.

My name is Mike, and my sons name is Cayden, we lived alone in a small townhouse complex only a block away from the school. We lived a pretty simple life, we had no choice really, because ever since I wrecked my back in a work accident, I have been unable to work, and while the insurance company does pay me, it is by no means great. I do do a few things though to make some extra money, but let's just say that the river of money does not flow freely through our house. The accident also caused other damage to me that at first had been overlooked, but within about five days after the accident, I was still in the hospital, strapped to a back board and all, they started to realize that something else had been damaged, namely my bladder. The first few days they blamed my lack of feeling it on the fact that my spinal cord was quite badly bruised, and that I had had to have two different surgeries to repair it, blah blah blah. Well, they never were able to repair that damage, so now I wear diapers full time.

My son, like I stated, was in kindergarten, so that makes him five now, he's a cute brown hair, green eyed little monster at times, he's overly active if you ask me, he goes from sun up to sun down, and never seems to stop. Oh how I wish I had just some of that energy, but even if I did, I suppose my back would never allow me to use it all. My son was a late potty trainer, he was four by the time he finally stopped having frequent daytime accidents, but he still has them occasionally, and he still wets the bed every night. This was no concern to me though, because I had wet the bed until I was thirteen, and I knew that he likely would as well.

Cayden's mother left not even three months after he was born, she said she just couldn't do it, and I feared that from day one. She just was not the motherly type, and she left us. Truth be told though, that did not hurt my feelings near as much as it should have. I had been with her only out of convenience anyways, and a pregnancy was a total shock to me, considering that I had barely kept it up long enough any time we had ever had sex. I had known I was gay since before I was a teenager, but no one, least of all my family knew about this. At least at that time. Shortly after she left, I told my family that I was bi, and that there was no way in hell that I was ever putting myself through the sort of shit that being with a woman had caused me, and that being with guys had never been so aggravating. Funny thing though was that they were not surprised in the least. Oh well.

The accident came just after Cayden turned one, and I was in the hospital for a little more than a month, and while I was in there, my parents watched the baby. It was a difficult time for me, not knowing if I'd ever walk again or not, I did a lot of crying, and a therapist made me see that at the very least, at least I was still alive and had a beautiful son to live for, so I had to snap out of it. I walked out of the hospital, albeit in a walker, that lasted for six months, before I was gradually weaned into double canes, then a single cane, and finally I was walking on my very own after almost eighteen months. Even still to this day though I have to be careful of what I do, and the stairs at home can be murder, but I can't afford to move.

Sure, my accident and disability insurance paid off the house and all my debts for me, but if I were to sell and move, I would not be able to afford a new mortgage, so I was stuck pretty much where I was. I did not complain though, because the place really was great for kids, it was close to the school, close to parks, close to everything. There were also lots of other kids there for Cayden to play with, which was great. We enjoyed our lives as best we could, and that was all that I could ask for.

Finally around spring break, Deegan came around and actually talked to me. It was simple, but he said more than hi. A couple weeks later, just a bit more yet, and then a bit more. Finally one day I was at the school almost fifteen minutes early to pick Cayden up, and Deegan was there playing on the playground by himself, something that I had never seen him do before, he was always within arms reach of his mom, who was standing over by the classroom door.

“Good morning Deegan, how are you today?” I asked softly.

“Good, and you?” He asked shyly, still not quite looking at me.

“I'm really good. So, can I ask you a question, and can you answer it for me?” I asked softer still, so as not to scare him away.

“Um, I guess so.” He answered softer still, looking over to where his mom was.

“Good. Why aren't you in school, and how old are you?”

“I'm almost eight, I don't go to school, because I get teased a lot and I do school at home.” He nearly whispered.

“Oh, that's too bad. I now what it's like to be teased, I was as well. What did they tease you for?”

With that, he just looked down and walked away. I knew that I had hit a sore spot, so I let him go, feeling bad for the poor little guy. He really was a little cutie, he has light brown hair, soft blue eyes, he wears cute little glasses, as I said before he was smaller than his younger brother, and he constantly has a sad look on his face. He was so opposite of his little brother, or big brother if you only look at size, his brother was very outgoing, very loud, always happy and smiling. Deegan though I don't think I had ever seen smile, he had never ran around with any of the other kids, and in fact, as soon as the other kids were let out of the class, he went and hid behind his mom.

It was so sad to see such a little cutie so miserable all the time, but what little I had got from his mom said that she was doing all that she could, up to and including a therapist, but as of yet, she still had not told me why. It almost seemed as if she were ashamed somehow, but I did not fully understand why that was.

It was almost two months later, the end of the school year was nearing, I had talked to Deegan a number of times more, and each time he opened up to me just a bit more, but still, any time that I brought up why he was teased, he froze up or walked off, one time I saw tears in his eyes. I knew that I was going to have to take the bull by the horns with him, and almost force it out of him, because it hurt too much to see a boy so sad. To that end, I decided to ask his mom if her boys would like to come spend the night at my place. The very next day, Friday, I did just that. When we met at the school in the morning to pick the boys up, I asked their mom.

“Morning Marie, I was wondering, would your boys like to come spend the night at my house this evening, and maybe tomorrow night?”

“I'm not so sure that's a good idea, sure Morgan can spend the night, but I doubt Deegan will even want to.”

“Oh, is it because he wets the bed or something like that?” I could speak freely, because Deegan was once again on the playground, playing by himself.

“Not just his bed, but yeah. He has almost daily daytime accidents as well. He's too shy though to do it I'm sure.”

“Let me go ask him, but when you go home, pack to have both boys spend the night. Does he wear diapers to bed for it?”

“No, he refuses to.”

“Okay, I'll see what I can do to help you out there then, I know what it's like to have to wash sheets every day, my mom made me do mine from the time I was eight, because she was sick of doing it.”

“You were a bed wetter as well?”

“Until I was thirteen.”

“Then maybe he'll listen to you. I hope you have better luck than I have with him.”

“I'll see what I can do.” With that, I headed over to the playground.

“Good morning Deegan, how are you today?”

“Morning Mike, pretty good, and you?”

“Good thanks. My back's a bit sore, but that's not unusual for me. I'd like to ask something of you, something that might frighten you a bit, but I want you to seriously think about it, okay.”

“What?” He asked cautiously.

“I'd like for you and your brother to come spend the night at my house tonight. And before you protest, don't worry about wet beds in my house, and don't be mad at your mom, she never told me, I guessed. You see, Cayden wets the bed every night, and truth be told, so do I, but we don't see that as being a problem. Now, please don't say no, because I think you really need to do this, for yourself.”

“But, I've never stayed anywhere before, I'll be scared.”

“What's there to be scared of, I'm not scary, in fact you could easily beat me up with how bad my back is. Come on, what have you got to lose?”

“But my mommy will say no.” He argued.

“Will she now. I already asked her permission, and Morgan is allowed, and he'll say yes instantly, and you will be allowed as well, as long as you say yes. Now, don't answer now, just go home with your mom and pack up your stuff, and I'll be there in half an hour, okay. Just do it, if you really hate it that much, you can always go home.”

With that, we were pretty much done, because the class had been released, and the kids were spilling onto the playground, which meant Deegan went straight for his mom and hid behind her. Cayden and I headed home and I told him of the plan for the boys to spend the night.

“Now, Cayden, as you've already noticed, Deegan is extremely shy. So, what that means when he gets here, is that you have to be very gentle with him, don't push him into doing anything, okay. What I'd like you to do, especially for the first little while is to take Morgan and play with him in your room or something while I talk to Deegan, okay?”

“Okay daddy. I know, he's real shy, Morgan says he pees his pants a lot.”

“Oh, I hope he doesn't tell a lot of people that, that could be very mean.”

“No, he told me because I asked, and he's my friend, so he told me.”

“I'll have a talk with him too about not telling other people that, because it's not nice to tell secrets like that. So, come on, let's get going and pick up your friend.”

We got ready to go and drove over to the boys' house, even though it was only a block and a half away. I could not walk for that long before I had to have a rest, and I did not want for it to take an hour to get there and back. We arrived a few minutes later and we both got out of the car and went to the door.

“Hi Marie, are the boys ready to go?” I asked as soon as she answered the door.

“Yes, they are. Morgan's excited of course, but Deegan has been almost upset since we came home. He asked me if he should, and I said yes. He's been crying, saying he doesn't really want to, so I told him that he already said yes, so it would be impolite to back out now.”

“Technically he never said yes, I just told him that he should, and he really should. He needs to have some interaction with other people than you. If you can, can you tell me what happened to his father?”

“He was killed almost five years ago while working on an oil rig, in fact it was only just a little after Morgan was born. Thankfully between his life insurance and the workers compensation, we can afford to live here and I can stay home and teach Deegan. Although, I miss working, and I get so bored many days.”

“Sorry to hear that. Cayden's mom left not long after he was born, and I've never seen her since, and then when he was a year old, I had the accident that nearly killed me and wrecked my back, so with that, I too cannot work. If you really want to go back to work, I'd be willing to do Deegan's home schooling for you.”

“That's really kind, and I'll think about it. I might just take you up on that offer though come the new school year, I'd at least wait until then.”

“Makes sense, you may as well keep your summer free. So, where did the two brats end up, and where's Deegan?”

“Morgan probably dragged Cayden to his room to show him all his toys, and Deegan's in his room sulking. I'll send them all out, and here's my number in case you need it for any reason.” She said, giving me a card with her information.


Marie went and collected the boys right away, and they were all out a minute later. We piled into the car and headed for the quick journey back home.

“Why did we drive if you live so close?” Morgan asked curiously.

“Because I have a very bad back, and I can't walk that much without taking lots of rests, so I decided to drive today to save the pain in my back.” I answered honestly.

“What's wrong with your back?” Deegan asked softly.

“I had a very bad accident four years ago and broke a couple of my vertebrae and did some damage to other parts of my back. Remember how I told you before how my back is really bad and often hurts a great deal?”

“Yeah, that must suck.” Deegan said quietly.

“It does, but at least I'm alive, because I almost didn't make it, in fact I probably would have died if I hadn't been taken to the hospital so quickly.”

“Wow.” Both boys breathed.

“Yeah, but it's in the past. Cayden, why don't you take Morgan to your room and show him some of your toys, I'd like to talk to Deegan for a minute?”

“Okay daddy. Come on Morgan, you haveta see some of my toys.” Cayden said excitedly and started pulling him towards his room.

“As for you young man, why don't we go sit in the living room and talk for a bit.” I said softly.

“Um, okay. What do you want to talk to me about?”

“Let's go sit down first, okay. You take the couch, I have to sit in my recliner and turn on the heat and massage and lift my feet up a bit.” I offered. The chair had been a required purchase to help with my back, at least insurance paid for it.

“Okay.” He said almost fearfully and went and sat where I told him he should.

“First of all Deegan, there's nothing to be scared of here at all, you've known me for many months now, at least as much as you'll let yourself know anyone. You must know by now that I'm a very nice guy and I'd never do anything to hurt you.”

“I know, it's just that, well, people always make fun of me.”

“I know, but I wouldn't ever do that. I know how you feel about telling me this, because of the last time I asked you this, but I really would like to know what the kids at school teased you about. Please just trust me, I'll never make fun of you, and I might even be able to help.”

“I can't, okay.” Deegan said, already starting to cry.

“Hey there, no tears. Why don't you come hop up onto my lap, just be careful so that you don't hurt me, I'm a fair bit more fragile than most men are.” I said softly, beckoning him over.

It took a minute of gentle prodding for him to come over, but as soon as he was situated on my lap, I pulled him right to me and hugged him tenderly. He melted right into and cried more, for nearly ten minutes.

“Ssh, now what's the matter young man? What could those kids possibly have said to you to have caused this much hurt?”

“They call me baby girl, they call me gay, they call me pants pisser, they call me diaper Deegan, they call me all sorts of other things.” He said, breaking out into huge pitiful sobs now.

“I know that was hard for you to get out Deegan, but you had to do it. Now, I want to tell you a little bit about my childhood, okay. I don't want you to say anything until I'm finished though, okay, just listen?” I asked softly a few minutes later once he had calmed down some.


“Okay, here goes, and just so you know this, much of what I'm about to tell you is a complete secret, because no one knows what I'm about to say, so I would appreciate it if you did not tell anyone please? I'll start at the beginning. I wet my bed until the age of thirteen, but I refused to wear diapers, so my mom made me wash my own bedding. I had accidents in my pants all the time, probably once or twice a week, but again I refused to wear any sort of protection. I was bullied and teased endlessly, I was picked on and hit repeatedly, I would go for months just taking it, and then I would snap and I would lash out at anything and anyone who was near me at the time. I managed to send two boys bigger than I was to the hospital when I was ten, because I snapped like that. I was also thinking quite frequently about just ending it all, but I didn't know how and I was too scared to do it, and then all of a sudden, it stopped on its own, just after I turned thirteen. Of course, that didn't stop the teasing and the bullying, it was much too late for that.”

“So, you see, our childhoods were much the same, and I have a feeling that you feel as much of the anger as I felt, and I'm willing to bet there are times that you just snap. You however can make a better choice than I did. I learned far too late in life that not only babies needed diapers, and that wearing diapers to bed and wearing a protective pad in my underwear didn't make me a baby. Guess when I learned that? Actually, don't answer that yet. I still have more to tell you before we get to that. I've also learned in the past few years that bed wetting amongst bullied children is extremely common, and sometimes it's the bullying that causes it. Of course there are sometimes that it's the other way around, in which case there's nothing you can do about it. That was my case when I was a kid.”

“I actually went to see a number of doctors all throughout my youth to try and stop my wetting, but they all said the same thing, that my bladder wasn't growing fast enough, and that it would eventually work itself out, and it did. This may or may not be the case with you, but only going to the doctor will be able to figure that out.”

“Now, you said that some of the kids called you things like gay and girl and stuff like that. Well, so did they to me. But in my case, I kinda sorta knew they were right. I'm what you would call bisexual, I like both girls and boys, but they didn't care about that, they just centered on the fact that they thought that I was gay. Granted, I never said anything one way or the other. So, as you see, we're a lot alike, and I really want to help you out, okay.”

“Okay. When did you find out that not only babies needed diapers? You said you'd tell me later?” He asked very softly, seemingly enraptured by my tale.

“And I will. Stand up for a second please?”

As soon as Deegan was standing up, I too stood from my chair, and then proceeded to unbutton my pants and pull them down. I then unsnapped my diaper shirt and lifted it up. Deegan gasped at what he saw, and then I fixed myself back up and sat back down. I patted my lap, and Deegan climbed back on. As of yet, he still had not asked the burning question.

“You want to ask why I'm wearing a diaper, aren't you? But you don't know how to ask it without offending me.”


“It wouldn't offend me, just ask.”

“Okay, why do you wear diapers?”

“See, that wasn't so hard, was it?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Well, you remember when I said that other things were damaged inside me? My bladder was one of them, or more correctly the nerves running from my back to my bladder, so I don't ever feel the need to pee. I also don't feel a lot of other things in my stomach that you or other people might, including the need to eat or to stop eating. You could punch me in the stomach as hard as you wanted, and I probably wouldn't feel it at all. I have almost no feelings there at all.”

“Oh wow, I'm sorry.”

“There's no need for you to be sorry, I'm not. So I have to wear diapers, a small price to pay to still be alive if you ask me. So, I learned a few years ago that not only babies wore diapers, because I sure the heck weren't no baby. Sure I knew that other people needed diapers, but I'd never met anyone that did, I just thought people that were really mentally ill, really physically disabled, old people, and babies needed diapers, and I wasn't any of them. Sure technically I'm physically disabled, but not so bad as all that. Now, how about you? Do you have a need to wear diapers?”


“Really, do you care to rethink your answer. How often do you wet your bed?”

“Every night.”

“Okay. And how often do you wet your pants during the day?”

“Almost once a day, maybe twice.” He sighed sadly.

“Okay, care to answer that question again?”

“No, I don't want to wear diapers.”

“I didn't ask you if you wanted to wear them, I asked you if you had a need for them. There's a rather large difference. Admitting that you need something that you may not like, but need it to live a healthy full life is not admitting that you like it. Take a look at me, I wouldn't wear them if I didn't have to, at least not all day. Truth be told though, they are very comfortable and convenient. Now, tell me something, what would you give to wake up in the morning not soaking wet and cold?”


“And what would you give to stop wetting your pants?”


“Okay, what would you do to stop doing both?”


“Okay, then let's go get you into a diaper.”

“N-n-n-no, I can't, I don't want to wear diapers.”

“I realize you don't want to, but you admitted that you need them, and that you'd do anything to stop wetting your pants and your bed. Even now, you've wet yourself and gotten me as well, and you didn't even realize it, did you. I don't mind, so don't worry about it, what's a little pee between friends. And I probably am the closest thing that you have to a friend, aren't I?”

“Oh god, I peed on you.” He started crying, so I calmed him down. “Yes, you're my only friend.” He whispered once he calmed down some.

“Then come on, let's go get you into a diaper and get you all cleaned up.”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“I'm not doing this to you to be mean Deegan, I hope you realize that. What I'm trying to do for you is to help you out to help boost your confidence a bit.”

“How is wearing diapers like a baby going to do that?” He spat out. Possibly the most emotion I had ever heard from the little boy.

“Hey, am I a baby?” I asked softly.

“No, of course not.”

“Do I wear diapers, yes or no?”


“So, if you have to wear diapers because you need to makes you a baby, then that clearly makes me a baby too, doesn't it? What's good for one is good for another I think. If you're a baby, then so am I, but if I'm not a baby, then neither are you.”

“No no no no no no, I won't wear a diaper.” Deegan cried stubbornly.

“Deegan, please stop acting like a spoiled rotten child, because acting like that makes you sound like a baby, and I know for a fact that you're not. Now, once again, do you have a need to wear diapers like I do, yes or no?” I asked softly but firmly.

“Yes.” He whispered.

“And does wearing a diaper make you any more a baby than it makes me, yes or no?”

“No, I guess not.” He whispered again, more resignedly still, knowing he was signing his own death warrant with those two simple answers.

“Then come on, hop up and come with me upstairs so that we can get you cleaned up and into a diaper, okay.” I whispered right into his ear.

Deegan just nodded his head sadly, got up, and I could see his tears coming down. I led him to my bedroom and had him get situated on the bed. I pulled his shirt off, because it had gotten wet as well, then pulled his pants off. His underwear were soaked, and clearly stained from seeing more pee than soap, even I could see that through the wetness. I grabbed the container of baby wipes, the diaper rash cream, and a diaper. I could easily see that Deegan was a little red in the diaper area, so the cream would feel nice.

“How come you have diapers that would fit me?” Deegan asked fearfully, having not taken his eyes off the stuff I had in my hands as if they were torture devices.

“Because Cayden wets the bed every night as well, and he's almost as big as you are, so his diapers will fit you just fine. They're pampers size six, in case you wanted to know. Yes, he could wear pullups, but they don't hold enough for my little soaker.”

“Oh, Morgan sometimes wets the bed, but only about once or twice a month. I've never gone more than a day without wetting the bed. Actually, I only remember waking up twice to a dry bed.”

“You see, others do have the same problem as well, you're not alone in this. So, have you ever been to a doctor then?” I asked as I was gently cleaning Deegan up.


“And do you remember what he or she said?”

“Something about bad bladder, I don't know, I can't remember.”

“So, you see, it's not your fault.” I said gently as I finished cleaning his groin, stomach, and legs from the pee.

“I know, but how can I face anyone wearing diapers?”

“Easy, I do it all the time. Until I showed you, had you any idea that I wore diapers?”


“So, you see, if I can wear diapers and have you not even know, then you can do the same thing. As it just so happens, I have a couple diaper shirts here that will fit you. Cayden doesn't need them anymore, and they were too big for him when he needed them, so you can use them. With those, they'll help to conceal the fact that you're wearing a diaper quite well.” I said as I slipped the diaper underneath him and started creaming him up.

“Ugh.” Deegan grunted and sighed as I was putting the cream onto his young penis. It seems the sensations of my creaming him were making him feel good, because he got an erection from the sensations, and he blushed deeply.

“Don't worry about getting an erection, it happens to all boys, myself included when I diaper up.” I said softly, and then taped him up nice and snug.

“That felt good.” Deegan whispered.

“I'm sure it did, but it was not my intention to touch you in any way that would cause you to react like that, but it happens and it's perfectly natural. Now, how does the diaper feel?”

“Not too bad I guess.” Deegan whispered shyly.

“You see, not everything is so bad as it sometimes seems. Now, for the entire time that you're here, you're to wear diapers, okay. That way you can get used to them here, and then if by the end of the weekend you really truly do not wish to wear diapers anymore, then that will be your decision. I must say though that it would not be wise to do so, because wetting your pants and your bed is not very nice at all.”

“Okay, thanks I guess.”

“You're welcome. Now, let me go grab your bag of stuff and we'll get you redressed so that the boys won't even notice that you're diapered. I will however ask that you tell them what's happening, so that they know, but that won't be necessary until tomorrow at least. Your brother for instance needs to know that you're wearing them full time, and you have to explain to him how important that it is that he not tell others, because you find it embarrassing. I'll also make sure that he understands that it's a very private family matter and that others don't need to know about it. Same as Cayden knows that I wear diapers but would never tell, because it's no ones business but ours.”

“I don't think I could tell him. What if he makes fun of me?”

“He won't, I promise.”

“Okay, I don't have to tell him today though, right?”

“No, we'll wait until tomorrow or the next day.”

“Okay, can you be there with me when I do it?”

“Of course, what are friends for?” I smiled warmly, and he actually smiled back.

“You know Deegan, you have a beautiful smile, and you really should smile more.”

“Thanks.” He blushed and looked away shyly.

I just grinned and left the room to grab his bag of clothes. I was back no more than a minute later and picked out some new pants and a shirt. I then went to my closet and grabbed one of the two diaper shirts I had that would fit him, and then headed back to the bed. I slipped the shirt over his head and got it situated, and then got him into his shirt and pants.

“There you go. Now, go look at yourself in the mirror and see if even you yourself can tell that you're wearing a diaper.” I instructed softly.

He got up off the bed and did just that. For almost ten minutes he twisted and turned, looking at himself at all sorts of different angles to see if he could detect the diaper hidden beneath.

“I can't see it, but I can hear it, and others will too.”

“No, they won't. You hear it because it's so close and so new, but no one else would ever hear it unless they were right next to you in a perfectly quiet room. Even then, they wouldn't realize what it was anyways, so don't worry so much.”


“No buts, trust me. So, how does it feel then?”

“Not bad I guess, but I feel like a baby standing here in a diaper.” He said sullenly.

“But you're not, and nor am I. Just because we have to wear diapers does not make us babies.”

“But only babies wear diapers.”

“Oh really. I think we're gonna go out later, I want to show you something. For now though, let's go collect the brats and go get some food.” I said cryptically.

Deegan never said anything, he was still very uncertain as to what he was doing. He did follow me though, so closely in fact it felt like he was my shadow and not another person. Now I think I understood how his mother felt, and realized that she must get very frustrated at times. We went to Cayden's room and I opened the door to see what they were up to.

“Hey there boys, I think it's close enough to lunch time, so let's go get some lunch. I was thinking the McDonalds play place, is that okay with you?” I asked as soon as I opened the door.

“Okay.” Both boys said excitedly.

“Good. So, what were you two up to?”

“Just showing Morgan all my stuff.” Cayden said, just a bit too quickly.

“Hmm, I think you two were up to something more, but we'll talk later.” I said, noticing that Cayden's diapers were out in plain view and appeared to have been opened, whereas I knew they had not been before.

Cayden just shrugged and Morgan looked a bit panicked, but I just turned and walked off, all three boys following me. We got our shoes on and headed out to the car and drove the few minutes to get to the nearest McDonalds play place. I instructed the boys to go find a table after I got their orders, and told them that they were not allowed to go play yet, because they had to eat first. When I made it back to the table, I divvied out the food as per the boys' orders, and then we all ate. Morgan and Cayden both quickly and excitedly ate their lunch, wanting to get done fast so that they could go play, but I noticed that Deegan was barely picking at his food, almost as if he were stalling, of which I knew he was. As soon as the two younger boys were finished, they took off with my permission.

“Come on Deegan, eat up.”

“I'm not really hungry.”

“Do you honestly think that I believe that for a second?” I asked softly.

“Why wouldn't you?”

“Because, you're a growing boy, and your mom told me that you had not had breakfast, so I know you'll be very hungry. Do you care to tell me why you're not eating, or should I place a guess?”


“Okay, since you won't admit it, I know that you don't want to finish eating, because then you think I'll make you go play with the other boys, right?”

“Yeah.” He said shyly.

“Well, in five minutes, finished eating or not, you do have to go play with the boys. So, you may as well eat up.”

“But, I don't want to, there's other kids in there and they'll make fun of me.”

“Why would they make fun of you?” I asked softly.

“Because I'm....Well, you know.”

“No, I don't know what you're talking about.” I said softly, knowing of course, but he needed to admit it to himself.

“Because I'm, well wearing, you know what.”

“Sorry, wearing what?”

“A diaper, a diaper okay.” He hissed quietly, almost getting mad at me for making him say it.

“That's better. You have to admit that you need them, and then you'll be able to cope easier. Now, do you honestly think that any of those boys in there will even notice or care that you're wearing a diaper?” I asked in a closer to normal tone than he had, and he whipped his head around to check to make sure no one heard.

“Not so loud.” He hissed at me as soon as he turned to face me again, a huge blush on his cheeks.

“I wasn't loud, no one is near enough to us to hear us anyways, so don't worry about it. Now, answer my question Deegan, do you honestly think that any of the boys in there will notice or care?”

“Yes. Of course they will.”

“Hmm, did either Cayden or Morgan notice that you're wearing diapers?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Okay, and the rest of the boys in there, how old are they?”

“Two to three years old I guess.” He answered.

“And did you happen to notice that they're all wearing diapers as well?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“So, once again, do you think they'll notice or care?”

“Possibly.” He tried, trying desperately to cling to his fear.

“More than likely probably not. Now eat up, you have five minutes from now to finish eating and then you have to go play with the others, and you have to play a minimum of ten minutes.”

“Okay.” He said quietly, fearfully.

He was finished eating about six minutes later, but I let it slide. He slowly took his shoes off, but I told him his ten minutes started from the time he entered the play center and that he was not allowed to just go find a quiet corner in there somewhere and just sit, that I was to see him in there and moving around and playing. He looked defeated because I had instructed against just the very thing that he was going to try and do.

Deegan entered the play center and started crawling through it with the other kids, but not once did he attempt to talk to another of the kids there, other than his brother. He never even talked to Cayden, but then so far he had yet to do so. It was almost fifteen minutes later that Deegan came out and rejoined me at the table.

“Not bad Deegan, you lasted nearly fifteen minutes, but you should have at least tried to talk to the others in there as well. A few of the boys said hi to you I noticed, but you ignored them and turned away. That's not acceptable. I want you to learn how to talk to other kids again.”

“But they always make fun of me.”

“Do they now! Did every kid you ever met make fun of you for one thing or another?” I asked softly.

“Well, yeah.”

“I think that you're fears have clouded your actual vision. I'm willing to bet that at most maybe ten kids were teasing you, but in your fear, you assumed that all the kids were. No, not everyone teases others, only those that are too weak to admit their own faults tease others. Bullies are usually far weaker than you would give them credit for. Now, I want you to go back in there and play for another ten minutes before we have to go, but this time, I want you to try and interact with at least a couple of the others in there, okay.”

“Okay.” He said sullenly, and then got up silently and trudged to the play center.

He did a bit better this time, but still he hardly talked to the kids. He did at least say hi, but he did so so quietly and with his face pointing down, that most of the kids did not even hear him at all, but at least he tried I guess. I called the boys down as soon as it was time to go, and we headed out to the car.

“Okay boys, we're gonna head to the mall to look around for a bit now.”

“Okay.” The two younger boys said happily, thinking that they would get a chance to look at toys, but Deegan did not look all that pleased with this turn of events.

We were driving to the mall, it was about ten minutes away, when about five minutes into the ride, Deegan gasped out oh no, and started to cry.

“What's the matter Deegan?” I asked gently.

“I just peed my pants. I didn't even know I was full again, I just peed, and I wet my pants.” He sobbed out. With the outburst, both younger boys looked down to Deegan's crotch to see the mess, but they could not see it.

“Um, Deegan, you didn't pee your pants, you're not wet.” Morgan pointed out.

“Yeah, I did, I felt it.” He sobbed out even more yet. Had he have been thinking clearly, he would have realized that he had wet a diaper, not his pants, but I guess he was just too distraught.

“Deegan, I wet my pants sometimes too, and when I do, my pants get really wet, yours aren't wet. So, unless you're wearing a diaper, you didn't pee, and if you're wearing a diaper, then who cares.” Cayden pointed out smartly.

“Oh god.” Deegan said in shock.

“Are you wearing a diaper Deegan?” Morgan asked.

“N-n-n-no.” He stuttered out in shock.

“Then how come if you wet your pants we can't see it?” Cayden asked.

I decided I had better pull over into a nearby parking lot and try and get the situation under control.

“Boys, hold that thought for a moment please, we need to talk.”

The boys said nothing further, just let me park the car, and then I turned as best I could, so that I could see them all.

“Deegan, you lied, not only to the boys, but to yourself as well. I really have to tell you that I feel very strongly against lying, especially to ones self. Now, would you like to tell the truth, or would you like me to.” I asked softy but firmly.

“I will.” Deegan said, looking down and starting to cry more. “I'm wearing a diaper.”

“That's cool.” Morgan said.

“No it's not.” Deegan almost yelled at his brother, or at least it was nearly yelling for a person that barely ever spoke loud enough to be heard.

“Sure it is. You wet your pants all the time, so that's a good idea. Cayden told me when I found his diapers in his room that he has to wear diapers to bed all the time because he wets the bed every night, and he said that sometimes he has to wear during the day too, because he has accidents as well. He says they work great and no one ever notices, so it's good that you're wearing one, that way no one has to know.” Morgan said happily.

“He's got a very good point there Deegan. Now, do you two boys care to tell Deegan what you're wearing as well?” I asked them.

“What are you talking about daddy?” Cayden asked innocently, too innocently.

“When I entered your room earlier, I saw your pack of diapers out and opened, I also saw the band of a diaper above your pants Cayden, and I could see the bulge of a diaper beneath both your pants a couple times. Remember, I have expert eyes and know exactly what to look for. So, how come both of you are wearing a diaper during the day? I know you sometimes need to Cayden, but you haven't been having any troubles lately that I know of, and by all accounts Morgan, you don't wet your pants during the day, and only have the rare night time accident. Now, all of that on top of the fact that none of you had to go to the bathroom after drinking all that pop tells me that you've more than likely peed your diapers as well.”

“Oh. Well Morgan saw my diapers and asked me what it's like to have to wear them, so I told them they felt really nice and comfortable. I asked him if he wanted to try one on, and he said sure, so we diapered each other.” Cayden answered honestly.

“And that's okay boys, it's not bad to try things, but most people wouldn't accept the fact that two five year olds that do not need diapers are wearing them. You should have also told me, so that I could have made sure that your diapers did not show, I would have given you both a diaper shirt to wear. Although Morgan, you're more than likely too big for the diaper shirts, and I'm willing to bet that Cayden's diapers just barely wrap around you, you're quite a bit bigger than Cayden and Deegan are.”

“Really, you're not mad?” Morgan asked.

“No, of course not. I would be upset if you lied to me, but not that you were wearing a diaper. Now Deegan, how do you feel that your brother knows that you're wearing diapers, and how do you feel to know that so is he and Cayden?”

“I don't know, weird I guess. Why would you want to wear a diaper though?”

“They're really comfortable, especially now that it's wet.” Morgan grinned.

“I think you could agree with that Deegan.” I offered softly.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well, let's head to the mall boys and see what there is to see shall we?”

“Okay.” The boys all said, Deegan of course quietly.

We got to the mall, and parked and headed inside. I went to the customer service area so that I could see about renting one of their little powered carts that you sometimes see elderly people riding, I had rented them there before, but they only had two, so there was not always one there to be had. I was in luck, they had both of them there, so I rented one of them, hopped on, and we were off.

“Why did you rent a go cart?” Deegan asked softly.

“Well, it's not really a go cart, it's just a cart to help people that can't walk properly, and I can't walk properly for long periods of time, remember!”

“Oh yeah, I guess so.”

Cayden of course knew the reason without asking, and Morgan just had not seemed to care one way or the other. Both Cayden and Morgan were ahead of us looking at all sorts of different things, whereas Deegan stayed almost glued to my side the entire time we were there. We went into a number of stores and looked around, but as of yet, I still had not taken the boys to where I had intended to take Deegan, but that was coming up.

“Come on boys, let's head in there.” I said, pointing to one of those large department stores that every mall always has one or two of.

As soon as we made it there, I turned us so that we were heading straight for the baby section. I knew this store had a very large assortment of diapers, so Deegan would have to admit that he was not alone. As luck would have it too, the aisle was empty of anyone else, so that would make it easier. As we neared the diapers, I slowed down.

“Now Deegan, you needed to find out that not only you needed diapers, so that's why we're here. Look to your right and see all the diapers, look at the sizes of the diapers and tell me what that makes you believe? Don't be shy either, there's no one else here, and no one would make fun of you.” I urged softly.

The two younger boys had no problems with looking at the diapers, in fact Morgan was looking directly at the Pampers size seven, wondering if they would fit him better than the size six did. He smiled when he saw on the package that they likely would. Deegan did look, but he would only take small furtive glances at each of the packages. As we went further down the aisle, we came to the youth incontinent section, where they carried the diapers for the older children. These were your more normal plain white diapers, no babyish designs, pretty much what I wore, just smaller. As we left the aisle, I could tell that Deegan's shoulders were slumped just a bit more. I steered us out of the store and to a seating area that was not being used, I had not said anything yet.

“So, Deegan. What did you think of that?”

“There were so many, well you know whats in there for kids even bigger than me.”

“Sorry, what were they?” I asked softly.

He looked around, and then glanced back at me and almost glared. “Okay, diapers. You happy now?” He almost hissed

“Yes, much. You're much too angry about such a trivial thing though Deegan. Diapers aren't all that bad, even you have to admit that. The diaper that you're wearing held all your pee perfectly, no one can even tell that you're wearing it, and you clearly saw in the store that they carry diapers even for kids way bigger than you, so that clearly shows that there is a need for them. Trust me, no store would waste so much valuable space on a single product line if it wasn't necessary. So, as that demonstration very clearly showed you, you're not alone.”

“But it still feels so wrong.” Deegan said sadly.

“How can it feel wrong when they feel so nice?” Morgan asked curiously.

“Yeah, I love wearing diapers, it's so much easier.” Cayden offered happily as well.

“But why?”

“They're comfortable for one, second, they're convenient, and third, especially in yours and my cases, they're necessary.” I added.

“I guess so.” He said, sounding just a bit more defeated yet.

“Try not to sound so upset Deegan, it's not the end of the world. As for your liking to wear diapers Cayden, I've known for a while now that you did. I would however ask that you kept that private, not everyone understands that, and I don't want you to get teased or bullied because of it.”

“Oh, I know daddy, I'm not stupid.” Cayden said happily, probably because I knew and was not mad.

“That you most certainly are not.” I smiled to Cayden. “Well boys, I think I'm about ready to head home, we've spent enough time here I think. I would like for you to go ahead and head out to the car though, I need to go buy something, and none of you will want to be with me at that time.” I said cryptically.

Cayden took the keys to the car from me and all three of them headed out. I went back into the department store and picked out another bag of each Pampers sizes six and seven, as well as I went and grabbed a new bag mine as well, since I was starting to get low. In the beginning, this had been the most difficult for me, having to go in and buy my diapers, it was so embarrassing, but now it didn't bother me in the least. No one could tell that I was wearing diapers anyways, so for all they knew, they could be for someone else. I went and paid for my purchases, took the cart back to the customer service, and slowly made my way out to the car to meet the boys. I popped the trunk as soon as I made it there and stuffed the bags into the back. I then hopped in the car and we took off for home. I pulled into the garage and closed the door, and told the boys to grab the bags from the trunk.

“Okay, who here needs a diaper change?” I asked as soon as we and all the diapers were inside.

“Me.” Cayden and Morgan both said happily.

“How about you Deegan? I know that you've wet at least twice more since your first accident, so you're probably getting pretty soggy by now as well.”

“Yeah, I'm pretty wet.” He said, blushing fiercely.

“Okay. Morgan and Cayden, you can go ahead and go change each others diapers, the size seven are for you to use while you're here Morgan. The size six are for Deegan to use while he's here this weekend, and to take home with him if he so chooses to do so. Deegan, you're with me.” I said.

Cayden and Morgan smiled brightly, grabbed the pampers size seven, and headed up to Cayden's room to change each other. I grabbed the other two bags and beckoned Deegan to follow me, and he did, after a moments hesitation. By the time Deegan made it to my bedroom, I already had everything ready for him. I pointed to the bed and he got the hint. He laid down in diaper change position, and allowed me to change him. I removed his clothes, took off his soggy diaper, cleaned, creamed, and powdered him up, and then slipped a new diaper underneath him and taped him up. Deegan got just the tiniest hint of a grin, but then he forced it into a scowl.

“I saw that.” I said softly.

“Saw what?” He asked, hoping I hadn't seen what I thought I saw.

“Just that you grinned a very tiny grin as soon as you were back into a diaper. Come on, admit it, you like them, don't you?”

“No, I can't.”

“Be stubborn if you want to, but it'll only harm you in the end. Even your body reacted to the nice feelings, you were hard again, but this time you were hard before I even took your diaper off. I know that you're starting to appreciate them, and maybe even starting to like them already, that's okay. I do too now, so I understand fully. The two younger boys also like them, and they don't really even need them, they're just comfortable.” I said softly.

“But why would I want to like something that's so babyish?”

“It's not a matter of what you want though, is it! This is something that you need, and even if you didn't, just like the younger boys, there's no shame in liking something.”

“But it's bad.”

“How do you figure that out?”

“No one likes diapers.”

“Oh really. I hate to tell you this, but you're so very wrong there it's not even funny. There are huge groups of people on the internet that have professed their love of diapers, and most of them don't even need them. Go ahead and look it up, they're called diaper lovers, or DL's for short. There's also a lot of AB's and TB's out there, they're adult babies and teen babies. Those are the people that like to wear diapers, drink from bottles, wear baby clothes, and all sorts of other things. So, even if you did like diapers, you wouldn't be alone either.”

“Yeah right!” He said skeptically, not believing a word of it.

“Go ahead and check it out when you get home, I wouldn't steer you wrong. Now, you're all set, go ahead and go find the other two while I get my diaper changed as well.”

“I can't, I haven't got any clothes on!” He gasped out quite loud.

“Not true, you still have your shirt on, but you can take it off if you want to.” I said, pointing out the obvious.

“Can I have my pants please?” He whined.

“No, I don't think so. I'm just gonna wear a shirt and diaper, the younger two probably will as well, and Cayden definitely will once he sees that that's all I'm wearing. Also, I should warn you of how I feel about whining, I don't appreciate it, so please don't whine.”

“But-but-but, I can't go out in only a diaper.”

“Sure you can, if I can do it, so can you. It's not so bad. Come on, you've pretty much already admitted that you both need them and like them, even if you haven't really said it totally yet.” I urged softly.

“I can't” He whispered.

“Sure you can. Come on, out with you. Stand in the hall for a minute and wait for me of you're not ready to do it alone, or even go into the bathroom here so that you don't have to worry about being seen. Either way, scoot for a minute so that I can get changed too.”

“I could help you?” He offered shyly.

“No, that won't be necessary, but thanks for the offer, now scoot.” I smiled warmly to him.

Deegan decided to go into my bathroom and closed the door behind himself. I quickly got myself undressed and changed my diaper, and then called Deegan out. He came out and took one look at me and smiled brightly for a second, then it faded. He was so stubborn, it was amazing.

“It's okay to look, you know that right?” I said softly.

He did not say anything, he just looked down and blushed.

“You know, this shyness and stubbornness that you have going on is more than half your problem. If you would just stop acting so shy and stubborn about things, you'd be far happier than you are. Can you honestly tell me that you enjoy being so miserable all the time?”

“No, I guess not.”

“No, of course not. Misery is not the right way to live your life, you need to be happy, or you'll never really live. Now, come on, let's go find the boys.”

“No, I don't wanna.”

“That was whining again, please don't whine Deegan. If you continue to whine, I'll have to think of some horrible punishment for you.”

“Like what?”

“Not too sure, but I'll think of something, like maybe take away your diaper shirt, so that you don't even have that. Now, come on.”

I did not give him a chance to respond, I just opened the bedroom door and made my way to Cayden's room. I opened the door and entered to find both the boys just sitting on the bed, both in their fresh diapers and nothing else, facing each other and talking.

“Hey boys, what were you up to?”

“Nothing daddy, just talking.” Cayden said.

“Oh okay. Mind if Deegan comes and plays with you two for a bit?”

“No, of course not daddy. Come on Deegan, we were gonna play Lego's.”

Deegan had finally come up behind me, standing pretty much right in my shadow, hoping that the boys would not actually see him. Deegan looked shocked at my question, and absolutely frightened by Cayden's response. In turn, I just turned and walked from the room, leaving Deegan there by himself, just in his diaper and shirt.

I headed downstairs and to the kitchen to see about something for dinner, and when I finally decided on something, I started on cooking it. As soon as I had the sauce for our dinner simmering, I decided to sneak up the stairs to see how the boys were doing and if Deegan was in fact playing with the other two boys. I snuck up as quietly as I could, the bedroom door was partially closed, so I could not see directly inside, which was good, because then they would not be able to see me either. I crept closer still, until I could see inside, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Deegan was in fact playing with the boys. They were talking as I crept up, but I was unable to hear what they were saying until I got closer.

“Why do you two like to wear diapers?” Deegan asked softly.

“They're comfortable, like I said before. Don't you like wearing them?” Cayden asked.

“Well, I don't know. I guess they're comfortable, but, well, I just don't know.”

“He's afraid that other kids will pick on him more.” Morgan pointed out.

“I am not.” Deegan said softly.

“Yeah, right.” Morgan scoffed.

“Okay, I am. You wouldn't like to be picked on all the time either.” Deegan said almost hotly.

“I'd just ignore them, besides, I'm bigger than them, so I'd just beat them up.” Morgan grinned.

“Yeah, you're my little brother and you're bigger than I am, how's that fair. I can't defend myself, the other kids just call me all those horrible names.”

“Yeah, but you care, I don't.”

“Why not try it some day and see how it feels.”

“Don't get mad at me, I'm not the one that picks on you.” Morgan said sharply.

“I'm sorry.” Deegan said softly, lowering his head again.

I decided to stop spying on the boys then and headed back down to the kitchen. I was pleased that Deegan was at least talking and getting his feelings out in the open, even if it was with two younger boys, one of whom was his brother. He needed to be able to do that, be comfortable with someone else before he would be able to be comfortable with himself, and he was on the road to that. I let the boys play for the next couple hours while I went about doing a few things around the house, stirring the sauce every so often, and of course taking frequent breaks as I always needed to do. Once dinner was just about ready, I called the boys down so that they could wash up and set the table for me.

“So, how are you feeling now Deegan?”

“Better I guess.”

“That's good. Sitting around in nothing but a diaper and diaper shirt with two others who are just in diapers would have a tendency to make you feel better about your having to wear diapers. I see that all three of you are wet again, but you should all be good until after dinner. Deegan, were they accidents, or did you just not bother going to the bathroom?”

“You told me that I should just use my diaper, so I did, but one time was an accident, I didn't even notice I had to pee again.”

“Does that happen a lot, that you just pee without even realizing that you need to?”

“Almost every time I have an accident, that's the reason for it, so probably a time or two a day.”

“Hmm, I think that maybe we should be getting you into a see a specialist about that, because that's not good.”

“Do you think that a specialist could fix it?”

“Hard to say really, I guess it depends on what's wrong with your bladder, or if it's even in your bladder.”

“What else could it be other than my bladder, I don't have problems with anything else?” Deegan asked curiously.

“Actually, there are any number of things that could conceivably cause that sort of thing, up to and including your brain.”

“Are you saying I might have something wrong in my head?” Deegan asked fearfully.

“Yes, afraid I am, but again, who's to say. Just like me, the problem is not with my bladder, but the nerves controlling it were damaged, and that same thing could easily affect you, but maybe for a different reason. No one will ever know unless you do go to a doctor and get it looked into. For now, diapers is your best course of action, to at least contain it, but if there's something that can be done to fix it, and it's not overly risky, then it would be your choice.”

“What do you mean overly risky?”

“Exactly that really. For instance, if it were a problem in your brain, and could only be fixed by a dangerous procedure, personally, I'd just stick to wearing diapers for the rest of my life, because it's better that than what could happen. Of course if it's just a minor fix, maybe just in your bladder area somewhere, where the risks that you would die would be extremely small, then I would say sure, go for it. However, I would make sure that you and you alone were the one to make the decision, but we would get for you every ounce of information that we can get, so that you can make an informed decision with your moms help.”

“Wouldn't something like that be my moms decision?”

“No, not really. Are you old enough to say yes or say no, old enough to know what the risks are and what can happen, are you old enough to make a decision that ultimately affects almost only your life?”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“So, while in the end it has to be your moms decision, because you are not of age yet, there isn't a person alive that would ignore you completely if for instance you did not want to have an operation, and wanted to just wear diapers. If of course you wanted to go through with the operation, and your mom did not, then they would probably listen only to her, because she does technically have the control, and then you would just have to wait.”


“Well, dinner is ready boys, so dig in.” I said as I laid the large pot of pasta on the table, along with a plate of garlic toast to go with it.

Oh my god, Morgan out ate almost all three of us, no wonder the boy was as big as he was. I am not saying that he was fat, because he was far from it, he was a good sized build, but nowhere near fat. He was quite tall and a good husky build, almost like a good sleek football player should be.

“Wow, you're a great cook, way better than mommy is.” Morgan praised happily after letting out a rather large belch.

“Thanks. You sure ate enough, that's for sure. You nearly ate more than the other three of us did together.”

“Yeah, mommy says I'm gonna eat her out of house and home one of these days, and probably sooner rather than later.” He said proudly.

“I don't doubt that. Come on boys, you have clean up duty, my back's killing me, so I'm gonna go sit in my recliner for a few minutes. Just put the bigger dishes in the sink please, I'll wash them later.” I asked the boys.

As soon as I got agreement from all three of them, I went and sat down and relaxed in the heated and massaging chair. Not even twenty minutes later, I was disturbed from what would have turned into a nice little cat nap by someone crawling onto my lap. I opened my eyes to see Deegan cuddling up to me.

“Hey there handsome, whatcha up to?” I asked.

“Nothing much, I just wanted to come cuddle up to you again, I liked that earlier. Cayden and Morgan said they were going back up to Cayden's bedroom to play more.”

“Oh, okay then, I don't mind. Why not go up and play with them though?”

“Just don't feel like it, I wanted to cuddle more.” Deegan said softly, almost purring as he curled up more into my lap, resting his head on my chest.

“Okay. I'm proud of you, you know that right?” I asked softly.

“Huh, what for?”

“You're starting to open up more, you're sitting here in almost nothing more than a diaper, you've admitted that you need them, and have almost admitted that you like them. In just a few more days, you might actually be cured of almost all your shyness. Of course it'll take lots of time to undo the hurt that was caused to you, and to completely remove all the shyness, but soon enough I think we can do it.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“You're welcome. Would you like to watch a movie?”

“Sure, what movies have you got?”

“Why not go check them out for yourself, and then go ask the boys if they want to come down and watch it with us.” I answered, pointing to the movie stand I had, I had hundreds of movies in there, so he had a good selection.

Deegan took about five minutes to decide on a movie that he wanted to watch, and as soon as he did, he headed upstairs to ask the boys if they wanted to watch it as well. He was back down only a few minutes later.

“They said no thanks, that they were going to stay building.”

“That's okay. It gives us more time to just sit and cuddle together.” I smiled warmly, he smiled back.

“I'd like that.”

I took the movie from him and looked to see what it was, and then put it in the player and turned the system on. I went and sat back down, and then Deegan crawled back onto my lap once again to get comfortable. As soon as he was, we watched the movie. We watched the movie all the way through, and at the end, we got up and I shut off the system.

“Well kiddo, I think that it's just about bedtime for you and the other two, if they haven't already passed out.”

“Probably not. Morgan rarely ever gets to sleep before eight, I'm pretty tired though, I usually go to bed by about seven thirty, and that's now.”

“Oh, well Cayden is usually in bed by about seven.”

We headed upstairs and found the boys still playing with the Lego, building anything that they wanted. When we entered, they knew that it was time for bed.

“Time for bed boys. Let's get your diapers changed, and into your pajamas if you want to wear them. I figure all three of you can curl up on the floor and sleep together like that.”

“Okay, cool. I don't want to wear pajamas though.” Cayden said happily.

Morgan agreed instantly, and Deegan decided he may as well do what the other two were doing. I quickly changed all three boys' diapers, and while Morgan may have been physically larger than both Cayden and Deegan, he had a penis that was the same size as Cayden's, which was of course smaller than Deegan's. As soon as I had all three of them diapered and ready for bed, I grabbed some blankets and stuff from the linen closet and we created a bed in the middle of Cayden's bedroom floor for them, and I wished all three of them a good night.

They all went to sleep quickly, and I went to bed not much later myself, because it had been a long day for me too. I changed my diaper and crawled into bed, adjusted the bed so that it was most comfortable, I have one of those adjustable beds, similar to a hospital bed, just nicer, and then I fell asleep.

The next day, we did nothing much but play around, and Deegan and Morgan decided to go ahead and stay the night again. I think Marie was more than a bit surprised when I called her Saturday afternoon to say that the boys were going to stay another night. She said that she would come and pick them up the following afternoon some time, so I told her that that was no problem.

Sunday I took the boys to the park in the morning, and they had fun, even Deegan had some fun, that was until a few older boys showed up, and he refused to go anywhere near the playground again. It would take time, I knew that, but at least he had gone out and had some fun, so I guess that was half the battle. We headed back to the house a short while later, had lunch, and then watched a movie until Marie came to pick up the boys.

“Hi there, would you care to come in for a few minutes, I have something to talk to you about?” I asked Marie when I answered the door.

“Sure, why not.”

We went and sat in the living room, and I shooed the boys out of the room and up to Cayden's room to play for a few minutes, and Marie and I sat down in the living room.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“Deegan is wearing diapers, and I think that as long as we don't force him and reinforce that they are not bad and that he needs them, he will continue to do so. I bought him a pack of Pampers size six, and that's what he's been wearing.”

“Oh, that's a relief, the laundry was getting to be a killer. Why not pullups of some sort though, wouldn't they have been less babyish?”

“No, not really, and besides, the Pampers hold more and Cayden says they're more comfortable. I pretty much just made Deegan admit that he needed them, and he's even somewhat admitted that he likes them, which means that he prefers them to wetting his pants and his bed. Although, given a few years or less of wearing, and he may end up liking them as well. I do have a question for you, he said that he had been to a doctor and he said that he or she said something on the lines of a bad bladder. Can you elaborate on that?”

“No, that's pretty much it, he has a bad bladder, it's too small and too weak, and it has nothing to do with growing. He did say though that as Deegan got older, the likelihood of it getting worse rather than better was quite high.”

“Oh, is there nothing that can be done?”

“Sadly, not that he was aware of, and he was a pretty good specialist.”

“Oh, well I guess it's a good idea to get him used to diapers now then. Does he know all this?”

“Well, it was a year and a bit ago that we went to the specialist, so there's no telling what all he remembers. If all he said was bad bladder, then I guess that's about all he remembers.”

“Probably true, and for that age, I guess that's pretty good. So, how did you enjoy your weekend off from kids, especially one that seems to cling to you like a shadow?”

“It was quite nice actually, and that he does. It actually gets maddening at times, but there's nothing I can do about it.”

“Yeah, I had to be quite firm with him a few times to get him to go and play, and while he hardly even acknowledged other kids, he did at least play a bit. This morning though at the playground, there was nothing I could do at all to get him to go play once there were a couple older boys there. He's so shy and stubborn that he's his own worst enemy.”

“You're telling me this. I've tried everything within my power to break him of that, but nothing I do does any good at all. You actually got him to wear diapers, something I've been trying for at least a year, so maybe you're exactly what he needs. You also got him to at least play, that's something that I nearly have to threaten and or bribe him to do.”

“Thanks. Both boys are welcome to come spend the night any time they wish, but maybe this weekend they'd like to again.”

“I'm sure they'd both enjoy that. Come to think of it, so would I.” Marie grinned.

“I'm sure you would.” I laughed.

“Well, I should probably get my brats down here and head home.”

“Let me go up and grab them and Deegan's diapers.”

“Okay, sure.”

I headed upstairs to the bedroom, to find all three boys sitting on the bed talking. When I entered the room, all three of them turned to look at me.

“Come on boys, your mom wants to head home. Morgan, are you still wearing a diaper?”


“Then you should probably take it off, because you don't actually need it, remember.”

“I guess so.” He said. He stood up, dropped his pants and pulled off his soggy diaper and pulled his pants back up, he was not wearing any underwear, hopefully Marie would not notice and wonder about that.

“As for you Deegan, come to my room and collect your diapers to take home.”

“Do I haveta?”

“Do you think you need to?” I asked softly.

“Yes.” He said dejectedly again.

“Yes, you do, and there's no shame in it, now come on. Meet us downstairs boys, okay.”

I took Deegan to my bedroom and grabbed him his bag of diapers, put them into a bag that no one would be able to see through, and he took them as if I was passing him a very smelly dirty diaper instead. We went downstairs and he hugged his mom and passed her the bag, and Morgan and Cayden came down a minute later. Morgan also hugged his mom and passed her his bag of clothes and stuff. I wished them all a good day, and then they were off.

Chapter 2

School had ended for the boys a few weeks ago now, and while they were happy to be out of school for summer break, they were also missing their friends from there, because they could not see them all that often. It had been quite a few weeks since I had had the boys over for their first sleepover, and I had had them over almost every weekend since as well. When Marie called to ask if the boys could come spend the weekend this weekend again, she said that she had some things to talk over with me. I was admittedly wondering what she would want to talk about. We usually talked in great detail once it was time for the boys to go home, and while she was absolutely ecstatic about the changes that Deegan had already gone through, she was just as aware as I was that he would need a considerable amount more work yet.

“Hi Marie, how's it goin today?” I asked as soon as they made it to the door.

“Pretty good, and you?”

“Pretty good as well. So, you wanted to talk, so should I ask the boys to go upstairs?”

“Yes please.”

“Okay boys, you heard her, go on upstairs and play for a bit please, I'll come get you once it's time to go, we're going somewhere special.”

“Okay.” They all said happily.

“So, what's up, is everything okay, how's Deegan taking being in diapers at home?”

“Well, Deegan's doing just fine with his diapers, as you well know, he hasn't been out of them since you got him in them, which I for one am glad of. He hardly ever pees in the toilet anymore at all. It's almost as if he figures that since he's wearing diapers, he may as well not even bother. I'm torn as to whether that's a good or a bad thing, or if I should be worried at all. That however isn't the reason that I wanted to talk. Right after Deegan came here for the first time and started wearing diapers, I found out that he had been on the computer searching diaper lovers and such thing. I didn't confront him about that.”

“Actually, it was me that told him that he should search that one out, to show him that while he may need diapers, there were those that just liked diapers, so they couldn't be all that bad. I hope he hasn't gotten into anything that he shouldn't though, I figured that you'd have a good parental block on it.”

“Oh, that explains that. I sorta wondered about that, it's not a big deal really, I'm just happy that he's happier. Believe it or not though, that's not even the reason that I wanted to talk to you about. Deegan has always been a fair bit introverted, as I'm pretty sure you've noticed, he likes to read and write, he keeps mostly to himself, and he's pretty artistic as well. Well, a few weeks ago, I started noticing that he was trying to search out gay related information, stories, and pictures of other boys, teens, and men. Not too surprisingly though, he also started researching gay diaper lovers. As I already mentioned, he enjoys reading and writing, well, starting a few weeks ago, actually not long after he started coming here, he started writing little fictional stories involving you, diapers, and lots of pretty hot sex scenes I had no idea a seven year old could know, or actually eight now I guess.”

“Oh, I'd like to say I was surprised by any of that, but to tell you the truth, I'm not.”

“I wish I could say that I was surprised that that doesn't surprise you, but I had a feeling that you might already suspect, or maybe even know about some or all of this already.”

“I'm not surprised mostly because of the fact that since the very first day I knew him, that I was fairly certain he was gay. As we got to know each other even more, I became more and more certain of it.”

“Actually, even I've suspected for a year or so already that he might be gay. I suppose that given how he feels about you, that it also shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that he would be falling head over heals in love with you.”

“As flattered as I am to hear that, I'm not surprised either. I just hope that he realizes that things of that nature can only stay in his own head.”

“I don't think that he does, and that's really the reason I wanted to talk to you today. Look, I know you're gay as well, and if he really wants you to teach him, I'll allow it. I wouldn't trust just anyone with my sons heart, and I think that he gave it to you the very first day he came here. I know what you're about to say too, that you couldn't ever love a child like that, but I think you're wrong. I think you fell in love with him as well, maybe not quite the same way, but given more time, I think it very well could move in that direction. It seems that Deegan knows who and what he wants, and that someone happens to be you.”

“Yes, I am gay, but in all honesty, I've never even had those types of thoughts about Deegan. Sure, I've seen him hard every time I change his diaper, and although I have taught him how to do it himself, he still prefers that I do it. But seeing him hard, hell, accidentally making him hard more than a few times doesn't mean that I would do anything like that with a child. I don't think I could do that sort of thing with him, he's only just turned eight years old for crying out loud, that would be the ultimate betrayal of his trust in me, let alone yours. No, I won't allow it to happen.”

“You have a strong resolve, but soon, and I do mean soon, he's going to make his move, I think it's going to be soon, and you'll fall, I know you will. He loves you a great deal, possibly more than he even loves me. You're all he ever talks about, you're the only thing he has passion for. You should see some of the things that he's written for and about you, they're quite powerful, and more than a few of them brought tears to my eyes. He may be young, yes, but he does know what he wants, and he's gong to get it sooner rather than later.”

“He loves you a great deal, don't sell yourself short.” I attempted.

“Oh, I know he loves me a lot, but you, no, you he loves with all his heart and soul, hell, those were his exact words in one of the stories he wrote. He would do anything to be with you, he thinks the world of you. If you asked him to walk through the gates of hell for you, he'd do it. Trust me, no one else could have gotten him to wear diapers, no one else could have gotten him so used to being around other people, believe me, I've tried.”

“What do I do. I can't love him like that. It'll kill him if I reject him like that?” I asked, almost in a panic, I was not used to having to make this type of decision.

“The only thing you can do is to love him. Maybe you're not ready to move into what he surely will want soon, but he is, and he'll need a lot of guidance. You're who he's chosen to lead him down this dark and scary path, and no, I'm afraid you can't really refuse him, because everything you've done will unravel, possibly never to be done back up again.” She said very softly.

“Oh god. Do you at least think that I'll be able to hold him off?”

“Probably not, at least not for very long. You've seen how stubborn he can be, well, when he decides he wants something, there's little that you can do to change his mind. He may be a very shy and introverted young man, but believe you me, he is far smarter than most children his age. I've never told you, and I doubt that Deegan has either, but he should have just finished grade two and be moving into grade three, but he is well into his sixth grade work already, and will be ready for grade seven well before the end of the school year, possibly by Christmas.”

“No, he's never told me that. I've always known he was quite bright, but I had no idea of that. Has he ever been tested for anything, there are a number of cases just like his that suggest that he may not be alone?”

“He has no known issues, other than he is exceptionally bright.”

“Oh. I'm totally lost, aren't I?”

“Afraid you just might be. If you hadn't have been so nice to him and decided he needed to be saved, this might not have happened, but you are, and it is, and there's little else you can do about it. I just thought that I would at least warn you.”

“Well, thanks I guess. So, when are you going to start searching for a job then?”

“Are you sure that you still want to take Deegan on during the days knowing what you know now?”

“Sure, why not. I need the company, and from what you tell me, it's not a matter of if, it's more a matter of when, and when really isn't gonna matter much anyways, because he's here so much anyways. Well, seeing as how you've just told me one secret of one of your sons, I feel it's only fair that I tell you a secret of your other son.”

“If you're about to tell me that he likes to wear diapers, there's no need. I've caught him sneaking Deegan's more than a few times, as well as he somehow mysteriously happens to come home with one or two Pampers size seven after every weekend that he stays here.”

“I was wondering if he wasn't taking a couple home with him, they seemed to be running out too quickly.” I chuckled.

“Care to tell me how that came about?”

“Actually, it started the very first time the boys stayed the night here. I was talking to Deegan, and the boys were upstairs. I guess Morgan found Cayden's diapers and asked about them. Cayden ended up asking Morgan if he wanted to try one, so they put each other into a diaper, and he's been wearing ever since. I of course told the boys that there's nothing wrong with it, just that they should not do it all the time, and I obviously keep some size sevens in stock for Morgan, because he's too big to fit Cayden and Deegan's diapers properly, although they do work in a pinch.” I grinned.

“That's funny, here I was trying to get my one son who needed diapers into diapers, while the son who doesn't need diapers was trying to get into diapers.” She laughed at the absurdity of it.

“Yeah, I had thought it was kinda comical as well. Morgan and Deegan sure are nothing alike though, are they? Deegan is very antisocial, very smart, very small, whereas Morgan always likes to be the center of attention, he does well, but not great in school, and he's big, the biggest boy in his class. If the two of them didn't at least look a little like each other in some form, I'd think they weren't even related at all.”

“I know what you mean, and I've had more than a few people ask me if they were in fact biological brothers, because unless you look closely at them, you can't tell their similarities, can you? Morgan takes after me and my side of the family more. I'm six foot one and a good build, my dad was six five, my two brothers are six six, and my sister is an inch taller than I am. My husband however was very petite, tiny almost. How he ever made it on an oil rig was beyond me. Granted, he was a lot stronger than he looked, he was very well toned. He was barely five foot six inches, and weighed at best a hundred and sixty pounds, but most of that was muscle, because he never had an ounce of fat on him. About the only thing that Deegan got from me was his hair and eye color, everything else is almost the spitting image of his father.”

“It's amazing how that works sometimes, but I could always see that they were brothers, even without looking that closely.”

“Yeah. So, what have you got planned for the little urchins today?” She laughed.

“Nothing much, other than I was planning on taking them to the double feature matinée at the theatre this afternoon. They're playing two really good movies back to back, and it's a pretty good deal.”

“They'll love that. That's one place Deegan rarely ever had a problem going, because for the most part, no one could see him. Although he was really upset the once that he peed his pants there, but we just walked out as if nothing happened, and no one noticed at all.”

“Well, he certainly won't have to worry about that this time, now will he?” I smiled.

“That's for sure. Well, I should probably let you guys get on with your weekend, because I have other things I wanted to get done as well.”

“Yeah, and we had better get the boys into fresh diapers so that they make it through the movies without leaking.”

“Yeah, Deegan refused a change, saying he would get changed here, so he's probably good and ready for it.”

“More than likely.”

“Well, you have a good weekend, see you Sunday when I drop the boys off.”

“Okay, you too.” She said, and then called up to the boys that she was off and running. They just yelled down love you, they never came down for a kiss or hug, she just shook her head and left.

I headed upstairs to get the boys ready, only to find that Morgan and Cayden were already sitting on Cayden's bed in fresh clean diapers, and Deegan was holding one of his diapers and the wipes so that I could change him.

“Well, I see you two got comfortable already, and I see you want a fresh diaper on. That's good, because I was about to come up and do just this, so that we can head out right away. So you two had best get dressed, and don't forget your diaper shirts.” I told the boys. I had bought a few more shirts in all the boys' sizes, so that we had enough, and they had been greatly appreciated.

Deegan hopped up happily from the bed where he was sitting and followed me to my room right away. Morgan and Cayden got their diaper shirts out and helped each other into them, and then got redressed. I changed Deegan's diaper right away, and how he had not already started to leak was beyond me, he was that wet. I just smiled and teased him for being such a soggy baby, and he blushed. Little by little I had worked in the baby every now and then, just teasing him in good light humor, and he was starting to do the same thing back for me as well. He was starting to appreciate and like the diapers, and he had more and more admitted that he really did need them and how great a help that they had been so far. That was good.

“Okay buddy, go get dressed in the bathroom real quick while I get a change as well please?”

“No, I want to help you today. You always help me, but you never let me help you?”

“Not today, okay Deegan. You know my reasons for that, and I'm sorry, that's how it has to be, okay.” I said softly.

“I'm not moving then, so either change yourself, or let me change you, but I'm not moving.” He said in defiance, and I could see that look in his eyes that told me that it would be a fight to make him do anything differently.

“Fine, be like that, stay there, I'll go change in the bathroom then.”

“No, stay here please? I just want to help you out, like you help me out. Why is that so wrong?” He asked, almost starting to cry.

“Because, you're more than smart enough to know what some people would think of a boy your age helping me to change my diaper.”

“No one ever has to know, I'll never tell, and you'll never tell, so no one ever has to know.”

“But we'll know, and we know it's wrong.”

“It's only wrong because someone in the government thinks it's wrong. If it weren't illegal for some reason, would you have a problem with it?”

“No, I wouldn't, because then it wouldn't be illegal.” I pointed out gently.

“It's not illegal if no one knows you're doing it.”

“We'd know, and we know it's illegal, now don't we?”

“No, I don't know it's illegal, because I don't agree with it, and neither should you. Now, I know that no matter how much you want to go to the bathroom to change, that you can't, so you may as well just get changed.” Deegan said softly, almost angrily.

“Fine. You know though, your stubborn streak will either be the death of me or the death of you, and you really do need to learn to control it better.”

“I know, but, well, I, I just want to be here with you, okay.” He stammered, trying to come up with the words he wanted to say, without telling me he was in love with me. I knew it now, thanks to his mom. I had seen it before, but had not wanted to recognize the signs. I suppose, now that I looked back on it, he had been trying to give me hints almost since the very first time he spent the night.

I decided to just do it, despite my better judgment. I dropped my pants, opened and lifted my diaper shirt, laid on the bed and proceeded to change my diaper. As I was doing this, I was watching Deegan to see what his reaction to the whole thing would be. He was staring with intense wonder, longingly almost, he licked his lips a few times, and even had to adjust himself a couple times, all in the two minutes it took for me to change myself. Oh yeah, I was a goner for sure, I could see it so clearly now. I also knew the next diaper change there was probably going to be no way to say no to him, which meant that I was going to fall further into his trap. Oh well I guess, I do love the little bugger, and even his mom can see where this is heading. I'd still put up the good fight, but I knew with the stubborn streak that Deegan had, that he would win, it would only be a matter of time.

“Okay Deegan, you can wipe the drool off now, I'm done.” I said, because Deegan had yet to snap out of his little trance.

“Huh, what!” He stammered momentarily, shook a little, telling me that he had probably just had a spontaneous orgasm, something I had no idea a boy so young could have happen, and then looked up to my face and blushed very cutely.

“I take it you've never seen a man naked before?” I asked softly.

“No, never, why?”

“You were a little, well preoccupied let's just say.” I said gently, trying not to laugh at his previous composure, or lack thereof. I knew that to do so would be very bad on his already poor self esteem.

“Oh, um, sorry. I didn't mean to stare. It's......well.......I was just......”

“I know, curious. All boys are curious, all boys look, it's not bad, just try not to get caught staring quite so intensely next time, okay. I know, it's hard for you, because you don't have anyone at home to look at and see the things that are to come. Most boys at least get to see their dads naked, so the boys get to learn what their bodies are going to look like sooner or later, but they all still look whenever they get the chance, because everyone's different. You know how different you and your brother are in the penis area, yours is bigger, and that's how it should be, you're older, and even though physically, he's bigger, that doesn't necessarily mean that his penis will be as well.” I said gently as I was redressing myself.

“Thanks.” Deegan said, his blush receding nicely.

“You're welcome Deegan. Now remember, others would not appreciate the fact that you saw me naked, and although there was nothing technically wrong with that, it probably would not be the best of ideas to just tell others, okay.”

“Oh I know. Don't worry, I'd never tell anyone about anything that we did.”

“Except we've never done anything.” I said cautiously.

“I know.” He said, sounding almost downcast.

“Come on, let's go find the other two and head out, okay.”


We went and collected the other two boys and headed out to the car as soon as I had everything that we would need, namely a diaper bag of sorts, for just such an emergency.

“So Morgan, your mom told me an interesting story while she was at my place. Have you any idea what she may have been telling me?” I asked, wondering just how much he knew or suspected.

“I don't know.”

“It seems you've been sneaking diapers home and sneaking some of Deegan's as well, and she's noticed. She has no problems with it, so if you really want to wear diapers while at home as well, she may allow it, you would just have to ask.”

“Really, she knew and didn't get mad?” He asked almost too excitedly.


“Coooooool.” He said far too happily.

“I still don't know how you can like diapers so much.” Deegan said while shaking his head.

“What, you do too, you said so yourself last week.”

“You weren't supposed to tell anyone that Morgan.” Deegan said heatedly.

“Deegan, we all know already, and there's no shame in admitting that here. Morgan, that wasn't very nice of you though to spill a secret that Deegan told you private though. Now apologize please and promise to never do it again?”

“Sorry Deegan, I didn't think you'd care with Mike and Cayden, they already knew anyways.” He said sadly. He didn't like to or mean to hurt his brothers feelings.

“It's okay, and I guess so, you just like diapers way more than I do, you don't even have to wear them, I do.”

“I know, but they're so comfortable, and they're really great for playing as well, that way I don't ever have to get up to go to the bathroom when I'm having fun.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right about that, but you still don't really need them.”

“Who cares. I bet most boys would like to wear diapers if they knew how comfortable and nice they were, especially when playing.” Morgan said happily.

“You're probably right Morgan. A great deal of all the diaper lovers in the world are male, and many of them started loving diapers at your age or a little older, just for that reason.” I laughed.

“Really!” All three boys said as one.

“Yes, and with the research you've been doing about diaper love online Deegan, I'd think that you already knew that.”

“How do you know I've been doing research?” He asked cautiously.

“I told you that you should, and I knew you would too.” I said, only revealing half my secret.

“Oh yeah, right.” He said, not even suspecting that his mom knew.

“So, have you boys figured out where we're going yet?” I asked, to change the topic of conversation.

“No.” All three boys said.

“Good. You'll figure it out in a few minutes I think, unless you're really blind of course.” I chuckled.

We arrived to the theatre a few minutes later, and all three boys were happy to be going to see a movie, and were more so when they found out that we were there to see a double feature and which movies they were. I went and bought the tickets, and then got the popcorn and pop that was an absolute essential if you asked nearly any kid, and then we went and found some good seats to watch the movies. During the intermission, we went and refilled our pop and popcorn, and then after checking to make sure none of us needed a diaper change, we went back to our seats to resume the movie watching. Once that movie was over, we headed back home.

“So boys, did you enjoy the treat?”

“Yes.” They all said happily.

“Good. I'm glad that you all enjoyed. As soon as we get home, we all need to get our diapers changed, because I know for a fact that I'm nearing maximum capacity, and I can only imagine that all three of you are as well, if you haven't already sprung leaks.”

“I'm good.” All three of them said, one by one as they checked their diapers.

“I'm really full though, so I really need a change.” Deegan was the first to offer up, and the other two followed suit as well.

“I bet.”

As soon as we got home, we went straight upstairs to get changed. Once again Deegan came to my room for his change, and Cayden and Morgan went to Cayden's room to change each other. I grabbed all the supplies that we would need, and then had Deegan lay on the bed to change him. I took off all his clothes this time, diaper shirt included, stripped him of his very wet diaper to find that he was already painfully hard, and then cleaned him up. As I pulled back his foreskin to clean his penis head, he gasped and started squeaking and squealing so cutely in an immature dry orgasm, that it made me hard as well.

“Oops, sorry. I didn't realize you were that aroused.” I blushed as soon as Deegan was down enough to understand me.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Deegan gushed out.

“I bet. You feel better now?”


“Do you have any idea what just happened there?” I asked as I resumed cleaning him up and getting him ready for a clean diaper. I wanted to know just how much he knew.

“Yeah, I had an orgasm, or I came.” He said simply.

“Okay, so you do know and understand what an orgasm, or cumming is. How long have you been doing that for yourself, or jacking off as it's called?”

“I don't know, since I was five or so I guess.” Deegan shrugged while laying down. I was just applying a good thick coating of cream.

“Oh. Most boys play with themselves by that age, but they don't really know what they're doing, only that it feels nice. Very few ever go far enough to realize the joys of orgasm. When did you accidentally cause your first orgasm?”

“I had read about it, so I tried it, that's when I first started jacking off.” He said with just a tiny bit of blush.

“Your mom told me that you were smart, but at five were you really able to read well enough to be able to find that out?”

“I didn't go to kindergarten, because I was too smart. I went straight to grade one, but half way through, they sent me to grade two, because I was reading and writing better than anyone there. I could read at the age of four, and not just kids books. Mommy said my first book I actually read was the first Harry Potter book, and even now, it's my favorite.” He said, actually blushing more from admitting this than he did at jacking off.

“Oh. Wow, you really are smart then, aren't you.”

“No, not really. I don't know how to deal with other kids like you always tell me, so I'm not all that smart.” He said softly.

“You just don't seem to have the correct social skills necessary to deal with other kids, but we're gonna learn you real good on that, and soon too. You're getting better and better every day, and soon you'll be able to go and play with other kids, laugh and have fun like other kids, just like the young boy you are. You may be smarter than most kids your age, but that doesn't mean that you can't go out and play and do stupid things like other boys your age. Do you even ride a bike or anything?”

“No, I don't even know how to. Morgan can ride without training wheels, but I can't. I hardly ever go outside unless it's in our backyard where no one can even see me.”

“And that's truly sad. We're going to get your bike, take the training wheels off of it for you, and I'm going to teach you how to one of these days, okay.”

“Okay, I guess.”

I decided that I may as well just get changed with Deegan right there, and he made no move to move or to help, he just watched as I undressed and then changed my diaper. He could see that I was almost half hard, and could probably even see some of the precum that I had leaked out, but I just ignored that as best as possible and changed my diaper, adding a good coating of cream as well.

“Okay, we're about as ready as we need to be, so come on, let's go get some dinner started.” I smiled warmly to him.


We went and told the boys what we were doing, and they were good with that, so we headed to the kitchen. They followed us down a few minutes later and sat at the counter and watched Deegan and I cook dinner while they talked with us. As soon as dinner was done, we sat down to eat, and then went and watched TV for the evening, Deegan taking up his favorite position on my lap as we did so. Once bedtime came around, it was figured that all our diapers would hold up, so we went straight to bed. The boys were of course all on the floor in Cayden's room, as they always were, but that was not where Deegan ended up. Some time during the night he ended up crawling into bed with me. I woke the next morning to the feeling of him cuddling me tenderly, he was almost petting my chest, something that he did often as we sat and cuddled.

“Morning Deegan, how long have you been in here with me?”

“I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep, so I came in here and cuddled up to you and fell right to sleep. It's so nice to sleep with you. Can I tell you a secret?”

“Sure, you can tell me anything you want to Deegan, and I promise I'll never tell another person, okay.”

“Thanks. I love you. Whenever I'm with you, I feel good, but when I'm not with you, I feel sad. And my peepee gets really hard whenever you're near as well.” He said with only the tiniest hint of a blush.

“And I love you too Deegan. What it sounds as if you feel for me though might be more in line with a crush though. I love you like a son, but you're starting to have other than family love feelings for me, aren't you?”


“And that's not wrong Deegan, it's okay for you to have those feelings for me or for anyone, but to act upon them would not be right. You already know that no adult is allowed to share those types of feelings for a child, you're smart enough to know that, and as much as I love you, my feelings for you aren't the same way. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, and I know that as well, but I don't think you're right. I think you do love me like I love you, don't you?”

“No. Like I already said Deegan, I love you like a son, and even if I did love in any other way, we could never do anything about that love, not until you were considerably older, in which case I might just become interested. You're a very good looking young man, and I bet you'll turn into an even finer looking teenager and then man, but right now, those types of feelings are ones that I just don't share with you. Do you know and understand what a crush is?”

“Yes. But I don't have a crush on you, I love you, with everything I have. I've been looking on the computer for a while now, reading all sorts of things, and I know I'm gay. I know you're gay too, and I know you love me just as much as I love you. I see how you look at me, I feel how tenderly you touch me, I've even felt the love when you kiss me on the top of my head. I want to kiss you on the lips so bad, it hurts, but I knew you wouldn't like that, but I just had to tell you. I think you're afraid, afraid that someone would find out about us somehow, that we would be taken away from each other, but that won't happen. I know how you feel, because I feel the same way too.” He said, a few tears leaking out.

Before I could respond though, Deegan leaned in towards me and planted on me a kiss that sucked every ounce of willpower I had out of me. For a minute I was just a passive partner in the kiss, I let him do all the work, and for such a young boy, he sure had the knack for kissing. I ended up joining in on the kiss, not really knowing what I was doing, just flowing with the stream as it were I guess, and we wrapped ourselves into each other and kissed tenderly, passionately and lovingly. The kiss broke more than a few minutes later, and I started crying.

“Why are you crying?” Deegan asked, he had not wanted to hurt me.

“It's just that, well, I do love you, but I love you in a way that's not allowed, and the consequences of getting caught are just too great, and I couldn't handle that. It would kill me inside to have you taken away from me, they would abuse you horribly trying to make you think that I started the whole thing, and I would go to jail. Cayden would be put into foster care and I would never be allowed to see him again. No, the risks of what you want are too high.”

“But if no one ever tells, then how could anyone ever find out?”

“They probably never would, but what if they did?”

“Then I would make them believe, I wouldn't let them take you away from me.”

“But that's the problem. No one, and I mean no one but your mom would listen to you, they would all believe that you were horribly abused, that I made you think that it was what you wanted, they would put you through years and years of horrible abuse they call therapy to make you believe that you're not even gay, that you didn't want any of that. That would kill me more than almost anything, other than having Cayden taken away from me.”

“But why would they do that?”

“Because they believe that boys like you can't possibly know what love or sex is, and they firmly believe that you would certainly never want it, especially with a man. They believe it so firmly that they put children through years of horrible abuse that they call therapy, make them think things that they don't or didn't believe were true, many times the therapy itself causes poor children to just shut down. Some kill themselves, others just become mindless puppets. No, the consequences of what you're asking me to do are far too great, we can't do what you want. I will be here for you, I will be your father figure, your role model, your best friend in the world, but I'm sorry, I can't be that, I cannot, I must not be anything sexual for you, at least not yet.” I said so softly that had we not been nearly nose to nose, he would not have heard me. The tears were running down both our cheeks now.

“But I love you so much.”

“Yes, and I love you too, but I love you enough to not want to put you through what would surely happen should we ever be caught. Saying no to you is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my entire life. Even harder than going through all that boring time in the hospital, wondering if I was ever gonna walk or be normal again. You must understand Deegan, I am not saying no because I don't love you, I'm saying no because I love you so much. If I didn't love you so much and thought for a second that you wouldn't tell, sure I could use you right now, make us both very happy I'm sure, and that would be that. But I'm thinking of the future, what if something happens, what will happen then.”

“Yeah, but what if we never do get caught, what if we do make love and the absolute best thing there is and we never stop loving each other. What if we did that and we stayed together for the rest of our lives. I love you, I'll never stop loving you, but I want you to do all those things to me, and I for you that I've been dreaming about for so long now.”

“Your mom was right, you are a very passionate young man, very good with words. You're right, what if we never did get caught and we got to enjoy our love together for an eternity? Well, that would be heaven in my eyes. But I still can't shake the what if the worst happens.”

“Thanks. She knows about me and you, doesn't she?”

“Yes she does.” I sighed, and then relayed the entire conversation to him, everything that she had told me about him.

“I thought she was too smart to just let me have free access to the computer. I wondered if she had been reading my stuff, but oh well.” He smirked.

“You're not upset that she read your innermost thoughts?”

“No, not really.”

“Or that she told me?”

“Definitely not. I've been wanting to tell you how I feel for ages, but if she hadn't have told you, you would have said no instantly, now you're at least thinking of it.” He grinned.

“No, I am not. I'm sorry, we just can't go down that road. You know the reasons why not, there's no questions and no arguments there.”

“You do know that I'll wear you down one of these days, right?”

“Oh god, you really are gonna try, aren't you?” I sighed.

“Yep. Now, let me change your diaper and then you can change mine. I'm getting hungry and we should probably get up, I can hear Morgan and Cayden.”

“No, I can't allow you to change my diaper, especially not now after what you've told me this morning.”

“I promise I won't do anything, I just have to look at you.”

“How can I know that you'll keep that promise after hearing what you just said a minute ago?”

“You'll just have to take my word for it. Come on, let me, at least just this once?” He nearly begged.

I sighed and nodded my head. He grinned hugely and jumped out of bed and ran to get the supplies. I knew I was in for it, I knew he was going to toy with me endlessly until I either gave in or he just up and raped me, not that that would be all that bad either mind you. Deegan was back seconds later and I lowered the bed to the flat position and turned so that he could change my diaper. I had not been changed since I was in the hospital, and there it had been so clinical, and embarrassing, but Deegan was soft and tender, he wiped me so gently, put the cream on me so softly, there was only love and tenderness there. Amazingly enough, I did not get hard, and I had not even had to try and prevent it. He taped me up into a fresh diaper, and smiled warmly at me.

“Thanks, that was very nice.” I smiled back.

“You're welcome. See, I can do it and you can trust me.”

“Sure, for now, but how about in a couple weeks?”

“You'll just have to keep trusting me.”

“Not so sure I should.” I grinned.

“You probably shouldn't.” He grinned back, but wickedly.

“Oh god.” I knew I was toast.

I got up and he traded places with me. I removed his soggy diaper as well, and lo and behold, for the first time in a while, he was not even hard when I changed him. Not entirely sure why that was, but I was not going to complain. He sure looked small when soft though. I got him all cleaned up, creamed and rediapered though, and we smiled warmly to each other again.

“I love you.” Deegan said softly when I was finished, he sat up and wrapped me in a huge hug.

“I love you too baby. I hope you understand why we can't play around like you want to.”

“I understand, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.”

“No, me either to tell you the truth, but that's the way it is.” I said softly, pushing him gently away from me so that I could look in his eyes. We smiled warmly again, and Deegan pushed forward and gave me a kiss. It was just a nice kiss of friends, sort of like a father and son might give to each other, and it was nice. We smiled once again.

“Well, come on baby, let's go find out what the other two are up to, and then go get some breakfast.”

“You know, I'm not a baby right?”

“I know, but you're my little baby, in your cute little baby diapers, and don't even try and deny any more that you don't like them or the fact that I call you my baby, because I know better.”

“I know, I wasn't going to. I like it when you call me baby, it makes me feel all warm and tingly and loved.”

“Good, because you are loved.”

He just smiled warmly again, gave me another kiss, and then hopped off the bed and took my hand and dragged me to Cayden's room to find the boys. They were sitting playing Morgan's hand held game system that he had brought over, both just sitting on the bed wearing very wet diapers.

“Morning boys. How was your sleep last night?” I asked.

“Good morning daddy, it was good. How about you, and why did Deegan sleep with you last night?”

“Really good thanks, I'm glad you had a good sleep. Deegan couldn't sleep last night, so he came and crawled in with me and was able to go back to sleep. You two should get your diapers changed, and then come on down for breakfast, Deegan and I are gonna go get something started, okay.”

“Okay daddy, we will.”

Deegan and I left them at that point and headed downstairs to start making breakfast. Two freshly diapered boys joined us about ten minutes later, we were almost half way through making breakfast, so I asked them to set the table. As soon as breakfast was ready, we all sat down and ate.

“So, what would you boys like to do today?”

“Don't know, what should we do today?” Morgan asked.

“Don't know, why do you think I was asking you boys?” I grinned.

“I'd say we could go swimming, but I don't know if that's a good idea.” Deegan said.

“Why, because we're wearing diapers?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah.” Deegan said back shyly.

“No one would need to know. Only you and I would wear them there, because Cayden and Morgan have no need to, and they have private change rooms, so it wouldn't be a big deal. If for some reason you pee while there, no big deal. Would you like to go swimming, and how are you and Morgan at swimming?”

“Yeah, I guess you're right, as usual. I swim pretty good, I used to be in swim lessons, and Morgan swims pretty good as well, but not as good as me.”

“Can too.” Morgan said in defense.

“Can not.” Deegan countered.

“Boys, we're not going to start that sort of nonsense, or we'll just stay home. Morgan, you are younger, so that stands to reason that Deegan may just be better at some things than you are, get used to it. As you get older though, you being bigger and more built for certain sports, you will undoubtedly surpass your brother in certain areas, but you're still pretty young yet. Deegan, it's also not polite to point out other peoples faults unless you absolutely have to.”

“I wasn't though, you asked, so I told you what I know.” Deegan pouted slightly.

“Yes, I suppose I did, and you did tell the truth. Next time maybe add quite in there, so that it doesn't sound so harsh, so say something like not quite as good as I am, that way it doesn't sound as if you're gloating.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, who would like to go swimming then?” I asked again.

“Me.” All three boys said together.

“Okay. Morgan and Cayden, go to Cayden's room and get out of those diapers, save them for later, they're still dry, and don't bother to put underwear on. The shorts you're wearing Morgan will have to do, because even Cayden's largest shorts are unlikely to fit you. Deegan, you can just borrow a pair of Cayden's shorts. Go with the boys and pick out the pair you want, I'll go get a swim bag ready.”

“Okay.” All three boys said as one and went to do as they were told.

I went to the bathroom and grabbed the four towels that we would need, back to my room to grab the rest, including my shorts and fresh diapers for Deegan and I. It only took us a few minutes to get organized and ready to go, so as soon as we were ready, we headed out. The drive wasn't long, maybe ten minutes, and we were there. We headed in and paid the fees to use the pool, and then headed to the family change room that had the private change stalls. All four of us got undressed, although Morgan was fastest, all he had to do was take off his sandals and shirt and he was ready. The rest of us got all the way undressed and then got into our swim suits, and as soon as we were all dressed and ready to go, I put everything back into the bag and stuffed it into a locker. Deegan and my wet diapers were of course put into there as well.

We hit the shower to rinse off on our way into the pool, and then we all went swimming. Cayden was not a great swimmer, so he had to stay near me at all times, and Morgan was not much better, so he was instructed to stay very close as well. Deegan of course stayed close anyways, mostly because of his shyness. It was nice to see though that even though he was so shy, he did swim around a bit, but he still would not interact with the other kids there. We stayed in the main pool for about an hour just playing around and swimming before I was starting to get sore, so I was going to have to go sit down for a bit.

“Come on boys, I'm getting a bit tired and sore, so I need to go sit in the hot tub for a bit.”

“Okay.” All three boys said happily.

I led the way and they followed, and we all lowered ourselves into the nice hot water. I took us to the family hot tub, which was not quite as hot for the little kids, but it felt good none the less. I found a pair of jets and positioned them so that they were pounding on my lower back, and laid my head back and relaxed. Deegan of course came and sat right next to me, pressed up to me so closely that he was nearly touching me with his entire body. I was actually kind of surprised that he had not sat on my lap, but not five minutes after having that very thought, he crawled up onto my lap, facing me, and wrapped his arms around my shoulder and cuddled right in. I could have sworn I heard him purring. A few of the other parents in there looked and smiled warmly, probably wishing their brats would still hug and cuddle them like that. Cayden and Morgan though barely paid attention to us, they just continued playing in the water as if they were still in the pool, playing with the few other kids in there. They were all fine, so I just left them to their fun.

We went back to the pool after about half an hour, and played in there again for almost an hour, and then finished off with another half an hour in the hot tub. We headed back and got a stall in the family change room after gathering our belongings and got cleaned up and changed back into our clothes. Morgan would still be damp, but oh well. I must admit that it was also a fair bit tricky to teach someone how to change their own diaper in an upright position without any verbal commands, so that none of the other people in the change room would hear me trying to teach Deegan how to do so. I had to readjust his tapes slightly, but he had done a good job. As soon as we were all presentable again, we headed out and back towards home.

“So, what would you boys like for lunch?” I asked, because it was after lunch and I knew the boys would be starving.

“Pizza!” Cayden yelled.

“McDonalds!” Morgan called out at the same time.

“Well, I don't think I want McDonalds again, so pizza it is, unless you want something different Deegan, you didn't answer?”

“No, pizza sounds good to me. As long as I'm with you, I'm okay.” He smiled warmly to me.

“Well then, the all you can eat pizza lunch sounds great, so that's where we're heading.” Where would any smart man take three hungry boys who had just spent hours burning off huge amounts of energy but to an all you can eat place, and as luck would have it, one of the local pizza places did an all you can eat pizza lunch.

We got to the restaurant and were seated almost five minutes after arriving, and as soon as we were given the green light, the boys were off like a shot, although Deegan still stayed almost glued to my side. We all got a good lunch worth of pizza just in our first go round, but we all went back for more. Even I myself was enjoying it, so decided what the hell and went for seconds. That was a dangerous thing for me, because I could not feel myself getting full, and I knew I would be, but it did taste so good, and even though I knew I'd pay for it later with heartburn, sometimes it was worth it. The boys however out ate me by easily twice, Morgan probably three times. The boys even managed a couple pieces of the dessert pizza, but I figured I had better not, since I had probably overdone it as it was.

“Well boys, considering just how much you ate, I'd say that you enjoyed that.”

“Yeah, we did.” They all said with grins.

“Yeah, and I bet after all that all you can drink pop that there's a couple little boys who want to get home and get diapered, and probably another that may soon be needing a change.” I grinned.

“Yeah.” Cayden and Morgan both said unashamedly.

“No, I'm still good.” Deegan said softly after taking a quick glance around to make sure no one had heard me, of which I spoke much too softly for anyone to have heard anyways.

“I was teasing, I didn't think that you could have saturated yourself quite yet, even with as much pop as you drank. Also, there was no need to act so embarrassed, do you honestly think that I would say something of that nature with anyone nearby to hear us? Didn't you see me check to make sure there was no one near? Didn't you hear how quietly I asked anyways, just to make sure? That was only for us to hear, don't worry, I would never embarrass you.” I said softly and warmly to Deegan.

“I know, it's just that....”

“I know, you think everyone's out to make fun of you, but I hate to tell you this baby, not everyone teases other people, very few do in fact, and even those who do, you should just ignore, they're not smart enough to be worth your time. You're far too smart to fall for their stupid actions, you should just smile and wave and walk away.”

“I know, that's what mommy and my therapist always said, I just couldn't, they always hurt my feelings and made me cry.”

“I know, you're a very sensitive young man, too sensitive at times, but we'll see what we can do to help you out there.”

“Oh, okay.” Deegan said almost ashamedly.

“I know how hard it is Deegan, really I do, I was once in your shoes too remember, and I'll do everything in my power to help you out. Now boys, I say it's time we head home.”

The boys were all for that, Cayden and Morgan more than likely because they wanted to get home and get diapered again. I paid the bill then we headed home. As soon as we got in the house, Morgan and Cayden rushed up the stairs to Cayden's bedroom, to do what both Deegan and I knew they were going to do.

“I still don't understand how they can like diapers so much.” Deegan said softly as we settled ourselves into my chair.

“They may not have a true need to wear them, especially Morgan, but even you have to admit how comfortable they are, how nice they feel when wet and warm, and how convenient that they would be to active boys like them. I mean who wants to have to stop playing just to go pee, like not a chance. You've been doing a lot of research into diaper lovers, you have to know that by now.”

“Yeah, it's just kinda weird to me still, but I think I'm starting to understand more.”

“Really, nothing 's weird or bad if it doesn't harm others and it's not forced on them. I've heard more than a few times that each person has at least one odd desire or fantasy that they just can't explain where it came from. There's nothing wrong with it, but most people don't realize that sort of thing when confronted with someone else's odd desire, they think it's so weird, like how could anyone like such a thing, but they don't realize that their own desire might seem like that to others.”

“Can I ask you if you have one of those desires or fantasies?”

“Well, you can ask, but most people would certainly not answer, unless you spilled yours first and you both promised to never tell or laugh. Myself though, I guess now is diapers, I've grown quite attached to them, and I've fantasized about making love to another diaper wearing person through both our diapers, preferably very wet. Before I started liking diapers, I don't really recall if I had any. I probably did, but that was a long time ago now, and some of my long term memory is gone because of the accident.”

“I'd like to help you out with that.” Deegan turned and grinned to me.”

“I bet you would, but until you're much older, sorry, not gonna happen. How about you, you've been doing a lot of reading, writing, and research, what sort of fantasies have you got rolling around in that devious little mind of yours?”

“I don't really know, I just want to try it all, but I want only you to do it to me, I love only you.” Deegan smiled softly to me.

“I know, and I love you too baby. You know though that that's just gonna have to wait a while though, a few years at least.”

“I know. Can you tell me, I saw all the scars on your back really well today, what happened, you've never told me? I mean I've seen your scars before, but never really got a chance to really look at them, there's a lot.” Deegan asked curiously.

“I used to work construction, and I was working at the top of a three story building. I was harnessed off, as I was supposed to be, but that didn't help me any. I was set to only fall at most eight feet should something happen, but I fell and I hit some scaffolding on my way down. I probably would have been fine, other than just bruised and shaken up, had my harness line not snapped though, because as I fell, it hit the sharp edge of the metal roofing I was working on, and as I swung, it sliced, and then I fell, hitting the scaffolding and a few other things as I went down. I remember nothing of that day, it's a complete and total blank, in fact I think almost two weeks after that are almost totally blank, but one of my co workers saw the whole thing happen, in fact he was already on the line to 911 when my line snapped and I continued my fall. He said that was the scariest day of his life, yeah, I think I'd have to agree with him. I'm actually quite lucky though, because when I landed, the claw from my hammer ended up piercing right next to my spine, but had it went in not even a quarter of an inch to the right, I would be in a wheelchair permanently. That's the really big nasty scar on my lower back.”

“Wow, I can't believe you survived that at all.”

“Neither could any of my co workers, they all thought I was a goner for sure. I probably would have been too if the ambulance hadn't have gotten there when they did and got me to the hospital so soon. I had a hole in my head, my lungs both collapsed, I broke a lot of bones, and I was bruised from head to toe. Heck, the bruises were still on me when I finally came too, and that was quite some time. Boy was I in pain, even with all the pain medications I had going through me. Like I've told you before, the next little while was the hardest time of my life, not knowing if I was going to ever walk again or not. Having little feeling in my stomach and having to wear diapers, as well as getting tired and sore easily is really a small price to pay to still be able to walk, or live for that matter, because I'm sure it was touch and go there for quite a while.”

We stopped our conversation there, because Cayden and Morgan came down at that time and asked if we could watch a movie. I thought that was a good idea, so told the boys to pick one out. Both Deegan and I noticed, and chuckled about the fact that both boys were in only their diapers, and they both appeared to be quite wet already, and we both knew they had only just put them on. We sat back and watched the movie until it was over, and then watched TV for a bit until dinner time. The rest of that weekend went well and quickly, and Deegan came and curled up with me again to sleep, and we changed each others diapers a few more times, but as of yet, Deegan had not broken his promise, but I knew deep inside that it was only a matter of time, and I wondered how much strength I would have once he did make his move. Deeper down, I did know I would fall, and I felt that he knew it as well.

Chapter 3

Summer managed to go by far too quickly if you ask me, and I have no idea how, but before I knew it, school was starting in only a week. I took Cayden back to school shopping, and he was very excited to be going back to school to meet back up with his friends. Over the summer he had kept in contact with a few of the others, and Morgan and he had even gone and played at the park a few times with a couple of the other boys, but he was still happy to be going back. I hope he stays that happy to be going to school, and not have that killed like it was for Deegan and I.

I had asked Marie a couple weeks before if she had started looking for a job, and she had told me that she had had two interviews already, and one was very promising, so she was hoping to get that, because it was what she wanted to do. Three days before school started, she got the call to say she had the job, it was full time, eight am to four thirty pm every week day. It was easily, and happily agreed that I would watch Deegan throughout the days and get Morgan too and from school. She even tried to insult me by saying she would pay me for the trouble, I just laughed in her face until it hurt and point blank told her that not one penny would be accepted. She finally had to relent, because she knew I was not going to.

The first day of school Marie dropped the boys and Deegan's notebook computer off and told us to have a good day. I took Morgan and Cayden to school, I left Deegan home for the five minutes, he said he would be fine, and I felt he would be, and then came back to start Deegan's home classes. Deegan did not need any help at all though, and even though he had been on summer break as well, he had still done at least two hours of school work a day, because there was nothing better to do most of the time. Normally during the school year he did four hours though, and that was good. Marie also informed me that at least one hour a day had to be dedicated to physical fitness, so that he could even pass that course, and he had to document it as well.

That first day went quite well, and for the physical fitness part, we went for a walk, that was all that was needed. Deegan did not even ask any questions on that first day, just did all the work that he needed to do. He told me that he rarely ever had to ask for help when I asked him about it. The next few days went by in almost the exact same way, we were getting into a routine of sorts. Marie did mention that she did sort of miss staying home with Deegan all day like she had been used to, but that she was also very much enjoying her job. I had to admit that I was very much enjoying the company during the days, even though Deegan was working a good portion of it, we still talked a lot.

Friday afternoon came, and the boys had been upstairs playing, I had told Deegan that he had to go play with the boys and have some fun, when Marie arrived to take the boys home. I had told them both that they could come spend Saturday night, but that they did need to spend time with their mom as well. As it turned out though, Deegan had other plans, and had somehow planted in the boys minds that Cayden should spend the night with Morgan. The boys had just come down the stairs excitedly, and I knew something was up.

“Mommy, can Cayden come spend the night at my house tonight?” Morgan asked before even saying hi to his mom. He did give her a hug and a kiss though.

“Well hello to you too baby. Sure, why not.” She laughed.

“Can I still stay the night here?” Deegan asked, he had already been told by me that he was to go home tonight, but she had not known that.

“Sure, I don't see any reason why not.” Well, she may not have, but I sure as hell did. I could see my little boy virginity already disappearing.

“Thanks mommy.” Deegan smiled.

“Why don't you boys go on up then and get your stuff, and do you need anything from home Deegan?”

“No, I'm fine mommy.”

“Why don't you go and help the boys get the stuff they'll be needing please Deegan.” Marie asked.

“Oh, okay I guess.” Deegan said, clearly puzzled, but then realizing his mom wanted to talk to me, so took the younger boys upstairs so that we could have our adult time.

“Well, I don't really know how you managed to hold him off during the summer, but you do realize that he's been getting the itch even deeper, and that you may no longer be able to hold him off right?” Marie asked straight out.

“I just told him the facts, we cried a lot, we hugged a lot, and I made him understand. I also have no doubts as to who planted the idea of Cayden staying at your house in their minds, he's quite the devious little one when he wants to be.”

“You're telling me. Ha. That's funny, I've known for years. He's way too smart for his own good at times. How are you taking it though, the second he asked you knew what was going to happen, and I saw the look of panic on your face for a split second?”

“I'm still going to try and hold him off, but even I've been seeing the past couple weeks that he's been trying to figure out a way to get me, and I think he's found a way. There's going to be lots of tears once again, but this time I don't think it'll be Deegan. I don't know how I'll hold up, I mean my entire life I was told how bad it is to do what Deegan wants me to do to him, I know it's wrong, and he knows it's illegal, but for the life of me, I don't see any way to stop him any more.”

“No, I think you're out of room, he has you cornered, and he's going to get what he wants, what he needs. I think after this weekend he might just be cured, because he'll definitely do anything for you that you ask.” Marie laughed.

“I don't know how you can find any of this funny. Your eight year old son is going to practically rape a grown man this weekend. I don't even want to have sex with him, make love to him, I know the consequences, and so does he. Sure, I love him so much, even in a sexual way now that I really stop and look at the situation, but I would never do what he wants if he would just let it go.”

“I know him so well is the reason I can laugh. You're lucky you've lasted this long, because he fell in love with you that very first day he stayed here, hell, he already loved you before that. He's stubborn remember, and he always gets what he wants sooner or later, well your later has run out I'm afraid, just try not to cry too much and comfort him, because he's going to need it as well. I do have to warn you though that he will want it in his bum, he's been training for this weekend.”

“Huh, what do you mean, I can't do that to him, I'd tear him apart?”

“Not likely. Let's just say that I stopped replacing the Vaseline in the house and just slipped a large tube of KY jelly in the cupboard for him instead, and he's been going through them at a rate of about one every two weeks. I have no clue what all he's been using, I didn't really want to know, but I do know he's confident he can take you, I read as much, although I don't read into his stuff too much any more, I just check every so often. Last weekend he wrote in his journal that he was finally ready for you.”

“Oh god, I'm toast, aren't I?”

“Afraid so. You know he's been keeping a complete journal of absolutely everything that he's done with you, it's all date and time stamped by his computer, and I know for certain that he's done it to try and protect the two of you just in case anything happens, this way he can say you had nothing to do with it, and here's the absolute proof. We both know the lawyers would try and say stuff against it, but you have to give him credit, not even the best computer geeks could say that he wasn't the one to have done that, since it's his own personal computer that no one else supposedly has access to, but I know his passwords, and he's never changed them. Even I would testify to that, although to them I never knew his passwords.” She grinned.

“So, you're conspiring against me as well?” I had to grin.

“Hey, when it's the happiness of your child you're dealing with, you'll do almost anything. Sure, having your eight year old son want to make love to his best friend in the world, who just so happens to be a thirty some male, would normally be difficult for any parent, but I can see that it's truly what he wants and needs.”

“I'm still gonna try and hold him off, but I have a feeling that you're right, my time has run out.”

“Yes, it has, try not to cry too much, and enjoy, because I've read some of the things he has planned for you, and I think you're in for a very enjoyable weekend.” She smiled warmly to me. She then called up the stairs to the boys that she was ready to go.

The boys came crashing down a few seconds later, although Deegan was more slow and graceful about it, not sounding quite like the herd of elephants that the two younger boys sounded like. Cayden came and gave me hugs and kisses goodbye, I told him to have a good weekend and to behave himself. Deegan did the same for his mom, and before too long, they were gone.

“So, what should we do baby?” I asked as soon as Marie and the boys were gone.

“I'm kinda sore from the exercises that you had me do today, can we go and have a nice hot bath in your bathtub with the jets?”

“Sure, you can go have a bath.” I said, knowing he wanted both of us in there.

“No, I want you to join me please? I promise I won't start anything, and I'll even give you another nice back massage while we're in there.” He almost pleaded.

He had given me a couple nice back rubs over the past few days, and they did feel very nice, and I had worked him pretty hard today, so I was sure that he was sore. I had also worked as hard as I could along side him, and was regretting it a bit now, because I too was more than a little sore.

“No baby, changing each others diapers is one thing, being in a bath with me will definitely prove to be too much for you, and we both know it.”

“Hey, you can trust me.” He smiled at me, reminding me very much of a politician with that you can trust me smile.

“Yeah, I wouldn't trust that statement and smile from anyone, especially you, I know exactly what you want.” I Laughed.

“What, all I want is a bath and a massage.”

“Do you honestly think I believe that, heck, do you believe that?” I laughed again.

“Yes. Come on, let's go for a bath, please?” He said, sounding hurt.

“Look, Deegan. You know full well that what you want I can't give to you, and I don't like saying no to you, but I have to.”

“No you don't, you only think you do. All I want is a bath, nothing else.”

“Nothing else at all?” I asked cautiously.

“No, I promise.”

“Okay, I'm going to hold you to that, okay.”

“Okay.” He smiled warmly at me, and ran upstairs to get the bath started.

I knew I was being had, but be damned if I could truly do anything to stop it. I slowly got up and headed upstairs to find Deegan and see what he was up to. I entered the bathroom and could smell the peppermint oil that I kept for helping me relax, it smelled as if he had put a pretty good strong dose in the bath water, it smelled nice.

“Come to the bedroom so that I can get you undressed Mike.” Deegan called out.

I turned and went to the bedroom, and Deegan was there waiting for me, the towels and cloth were already ready and waiting. I went and stood in front of him and he undressed me. I was down to just my soggy diaper when he stopped and asked me to undress him as well. I undressed him until he too was standing there in only his soggy diaper, and then stopped. He then removed my diaper, and I his. He was hard, but that was not unusual, he was normally hard, but once again he looked disappointed to find that I was not. I had been very careful to never get hard in front of him while he changed my diaper, a difficult task at best I tell you, especially with how hard he tried sometimes. He grabbed the towels and the cloth and led the way to the bathroom, and I followed. The water was high enough, so Deegan shut it off.

“Climb in please?” Deegan asked me. I climbed in and gasped from how hot he had it, but I had to admit that it did feel nice as well.

As soon as I was in and seated, Deegan climbed in as well, gasping as the hot water hit him, and then sighing as I had as he sank down. He seated himself his back to my front, right in front of me, and put his head back so that it was resting on my chest. I reached over and activated the jets, and a second later the water came alive. I activated the bubbles as well, and the water started frothing, and it felt great. We sat back like that for quite a while, and as promised, Deegan started nothing.

After almost half an hour the water started to cool down too much, so I grabbed the loofah and the soap and had Deegan stand up and face me so that I could wash him. I washed him from head to toe, and not even he was hard any more, he must have really enjoyed the bath, but in a solely relaxing way. I almost admonished myself for thinking he would start something, but knew that he was still planning on, and knew that somehow he was just trying to lull me into a false sense of security, I certainly would not put it past him.

As soon as Deegan was finished, I started washing myself, but Deegan took the loofah from me and started washing me instead. I almost stopped him, but decided to trust him for the time being. Deegan realized what I was doing and smiled warmly at me. As soon as I was washed, Deegan pulled the plug and started the hand held shower so that we could rinse off. He rinsed himself off, and then rinsed me off, and we hopped out. As soon as we were both dry, he took my hand and led me to the bedroom. He laid himself on the bed first and pointed to the peppermint oil that he had set on the bedside table.

I grabbed the oil and started giving him a really nice back massage as he lay naked on the bed.. I knew that this was going to lead to something, but as I was massaging his soft and pliant body, I knew that I wanted it just as much as he did. I was still going to fight it, I knew that, but even I was wondering just how much longer I could hold out.

As soon as I was done, he urged me to lay down without even saying a word, and I traded places with him, laying naked on my stomach. Deegan sat right down on my ass, I could feel his hard little dick poke me in the back as he reached forward to grab the oil. I had to admit that it did feel nice. He poured a healthy dose of the oil onto my back, and then started massaging my back so tenderly, it felt so nice, I was like putty in his hands, and that was when I realized that the putty in his hands at the moment happened to be my ass. He had scooted down, was now sitting on my upper legs, and was actually massaging my ass, one cheek in each hand, and he was moving closer and closer to the center of my ass with each passing moment. I had been moaning and sighing up until then, but now I was starting to pant and groan as well.

I'm not sure how he did it, but all of a sudden, I found that I was now laying on my back, he was still sitting on my upper legs, but now I was face up, and my flag pole was at full mast. With oil slicked hands, he started massaging that muscle, and it felt amazing. It had been more years than I cared to admit since someone other than myself had done this, and it was making me so hot.

“No Deegan, we can't be doing this.” I gasped, attempting to dislodge his hands.

“Yes we can.” He whispered, easily dodging my hands.

“You promised you wouldn't try anything!”

“I promised I wouldn't try anything in the bath, you never said anything about afterwards. I kept my promise, now though I made no promises for, and you're mine. I've been dreaming of this day for so long, I have to have you.” Deegan whispered huskily.

“Oh, fuck me.” I gasped as Deegan moved down and slipped my erection into his mouth.

No one, and I do mean no one had ever sucked me before. It had been something that my wife had point blank refused to even attempt, but she sure did demand that I do it for her. What Deegan was doing to me though was pure bliss in my books. I do not know what a proper blowjob felt like, but if this was not proper, then it had to be better than that, because he was doing things to me that not even I had ever fantasized about.

“Deeg.......oh god Deegan, I'm gonna blow.” I started gasping. He was working me so well, and I was so hot. It had been weeks or more since the last time I had jacked off, I was beyond horny now.

Instead of pulling off though, Deegan moved so that only the head of my penis was still in his mouth and he started doing something with his tongue that sent me to another world. I tried to dislodge him one final time, but he swatted my hands away easily, sucked just a little harder, and flicked his tongue once more, and that was that, I was gone. I think I passed out, the sheer power of an orgasm that out performed and out lasted every orgasm I had ever experienced in my life was just too much to cope with. When I came to, it had to be at least ten minutes later, Deegan was laying in between my legs just tenderly licking and tickling my balls, with a huge grin on his face. He still had the remnants of my massive orgasm on his lips too, he looked very sexy right then and there, and be damned with the law, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was about to send Deegan to another world as well.

“Wow baby.” I gasped out.

“Did I do it right?” He asked almost shyly.

“I don't know for certain, because that was my first blowjob as well, but if that wasn't proper, it was better than proper, because oh wow, that was so incredible. Come up here and give me a kiss?” I asked tenderly, and his smile increased as I said what I did.

He crawled up my body, leaving my balls as he did, and moved so that our lips were poised to kiss tenderly. He leaned down and I leaned up, and our lips met tenderly at first. I was the first to enter my tongue into the battle, and I felt him smile and then extend his tongue as well. He collapsed onto me fully, and our kiss became even more intense and loving as well. I had never been kissed like this supposed little boy was kissing me now, there had never even been a fraction of the passion that I was currently feeling, no, this was a kiss of true lovers, I now felt that. As we kissed tenderly, I started stroking first Deegan's back, but slowly I moved down so that I was petting his very cute and soft little bum. He started moaning then, telling me with that just how much he was enjoying it.

I rolled Deegan over so that he was now on his back, not breaking the kiss yet, but keeping myself raised up so that I did not hurt my little baby. I kept up the kiss for at least another five minutes before I broke off and worked my way down his body. I had become accustomed to seeing Deegan hard, he was hard at nearly every diaper change, but I had never gotten as close to it as I now was. I studied it for forever, I poked, I petted, I bent it, all so that I could learn his every feature, and I paid the same treatment to his cute tight little balls too. I knew he would be much to young to have a proper wet orgasm, but I also knew that that would not stop him from having mind bending orgasms, and back to back at that as well. Deegan was panting now, moaning and sighing every time I touched his little dick or balls, whimpering even, but never once did he ever ask or me to take me into his mouth.

It was like he knew exactly what I was doing, he knew I was memorizing his every bit, and he was enjoying my intense gaze and touches as well. I am certain that every touch felt like an electric shock to him, so very sensitive was he, and when I pulled his foreskin back and did the same thing to his extremely sensitive penis head, he very nearly came right then and there I am sure. How he did not I was not all that certain of, but he held it off none the less. He looked so delicious, I just had to have him in my mouth, and now, so I did.

As I sunk down and opened my mouth, Deegan gasped even louder still, and then he started moaning something fierce as I started doing to him everything that I had ever read about giving oral to another guy, as well as I did to him a few things that I figured he would like, because I sure liked it when he did it to me. By the sounds that he was making though, I was positive I was doing things correctly. At most a minute elapsed from the time I started sucking Deegan to the time I knew that he was going to explode. I too pulled up so that just his hot little head was in my mouth, and assaulted it almost wholly with my tongue, only adding a small amount of suction as well to really cause him to explode.

“Oh, oh, oh, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh.” He almost wailed out in one continuous sound that sounded like a cross between a scream and a whine.

Deegan also passed out for a few minutes from the overly spectacular feelings, his breathing was fast and ragged, his eyes were still wide open, but I could see he was not actually there, his heart was thumping, I could feel it in his penis, which was still resting in my mouth, and amazingly enough, he was still stone hard. I moved so that I could suck and lick his cute little boy eggs, same as he had done for me, since I knew how good that felt. It took about three or four minutes before Deegan came back around again, and as soon as he did, he looked down, saw what I was doing, and smiled broadly.

“Did I do good?” I asked softly.

“Oh heck yeah.” He sighed.

“I'm glad.” I smiled warmly, and then crawled up and kissed him for a second again, before breaking off and laying down next to him and hugging him closely. “Now, baby, I know you know that what we did was illegal, but do you really understand what will happen to me and to you if we are ever found out?” I asked softly.

“Oh yes, we must never tell anyone, I know that already, it has to be a huge secret that no one can ever find out, because if they did, you would go to jail and be nearly tortured, and I would be put into therapy and they would try and tell me that you started everything, that you stole my innocence from me. I know all that, but I've done everything that I can to protect you if somehow we get caught.” He said softly, and kissed me again.

“What have you done baby?” I asked, wondering just what all he had done. I was certain that Marie probably did not know everything.

“Well, first, my mommy knows, I told her, and she's okay with it. But the most important thing was that I keep a log in my computer, a diary really, and I put into there everything that we've ever done, and everything that I've been wanting to do with and to you, and have you do to me. I made sure to set it up so that no one could deny that it was me that did it. I know mommy knows my password and I know she reads it, but no one can say that it wasn't exactly what I wanted. What mommy doesn't know though was that I have also done a few videos of just me, and I stated a lot of the same things, and even showed how I could take different things into my bum and how I couldn't wait until I could have your dick inside me instead, but that you were resisting me so much. It would be best though if ever asked that you know nothing of any of this, and I'll say the same thing, and even mommy can testify to that, that you've never even seen my personal computer. No one will ever find out though, I promise.”

“That's all very smart, and might even help, but you and I both know that every person that sees any of that would try and claim that I forced you to make those entries and videos. We both know just how ruthless they are in their supposed protection of the children they think they're protecting, they'll do anything, they'll plant any evidence they need to, they'll say anything they have to, they don't care about you or I, only about their image. I can't stop what we've started here, and truth be told, I'm not really sure I want to any more, you're an amazing little lover, you've done things to me that surpass even my best fantasies, and we've only just started. Now, I know that you want to move onto bigger and better things, but really, we have the rest of our lives, let's just move slow, we're in no rush to take each others virginity just yet.”

“I know all about what they would do and say, but I've done everything I can, and other than never telling another soul, that's all we can do. As for the rest, I wasn't wanting to make love, yet, maybe another day, I agree, we should move slowly. For now I want you to diaper me, and I'll diaper you, and then I want to go curl up and watch a movie with my man.” He smiled so warmly that he absolutely melted my heart, yet again.

“I'd like that too baby, I love you so very much, so much more than I can say or even show. I wish I could scream it from the rooftops, I wish I could tell every person I know how I feel for you and just what I would do for you, but sadly, I cannot.”

“And I love you that much and more.” He said simply and smiled again before kissing me tenderly once more.

About five minutes later we got up and diapered each other gently, and then went downstairs and watched a movie. That afternoon, we gave each other a hand, and then sucked each other once again before going to bed. It was so much more than I had ever dreamed it could ever be, but I was living it now, and dreams just did not do what Deegan and I shared justice.

Sunday afternoon Marie came to drop off Cayden and pick Deegan up, and she knew instantly that we had shared something special, she could see it in Deegan's and my face. We had spent the next several hours together, holding and touching each other, we used our hands and our mouths a few times each to bring each other intense pleasure before he had to go home. When Marie arrived, she asked Deegan to go ahead and wait out in the car, and I asked Cayden to go on up and get his stuff put away.

“So, how do you feel?” She asked as soon as we were free to talk.

“If I said I felt guilty, I'd be lying through my teeth. For the life of me I can't force myself to feel anything but the utmost love and contentment. He may be eight years old, but that little boy has so much passion and love rushing through him that it's simply amazing.”

“Tell me about it, I've read some of the stuff he's written. He loves you, of that there's simply no question. He'd go to the ends of the world for you, he'd help you commit any sin you wanted, all you'd have to do is ask and he'd be there, his heart and his soul belong to you, and only you. I'm glad that you let your barriers down for him and allowed yourself to be loved the way he knew you needed to be. You look even more calm and at peace than he does, and he looks so much more relaxed than he ever has in his entire life.”

“I know, I love him just as much and would do that and more for him. I'd gladly step in front of a bullet for him, I'd give my very life to save his.” I smiled warmly.

“And he would do the same for you. We'll be here at the normal time tomorrow as always, but I do have to get going, so have a good night.”

“Thanks, and you too. See you in the morning.” I said, and my baby was gone with that.

The following few weeks went by the same way. Deegan was over every day, and at least one night during the weekend, and we never moved past using our hands or mouths, we were happy with that. In this manner we were forever learning more and more about each other, we were exploring each other wholly, there was almost nothing that we did not know about each other, or our bodies, not one part was left untouched. We bared our bodies and our souls, and found that we became one in doing so.

“Come here baby.” I said after Deegan finished his work for the day.

He smiled brightly and came and joined me in my chair, facing me so that we could share a nice tender kiss. It was always that way, work first and then cuddles, because we both knew if we did it any other way, he would never get any work done. As soon as he was seated, he leaned in and our lips met tenderly, our tongues next, and we kissed like the lovers that we were. When we parted, we smiled warmly to each other.

“Take me up to our room, I want you to make love to me please?” Deegan asked softly.

“Are you sure you're ready for that?” I asked softly, knowing the answer to that of course, he had been ready for weeks, months maybe even.

“Yes, I'm so ready for you, I have been for so long, and today is the day.” He whispered back huskily.

I did not say anything, I just nodded and Deegan hopped up off my lap, extended his hand for me to take, of which I did, and we held hands all the way up to our bedroom. We were still dressed up until this point, so while we kissed, we undressed each other down to just our very wet diapers. I had not had a change yet, and it felt as if Deegan had not yet either. He knew my fantasy, so I wondered if this had not been his plan all along. This was to be him doing whatever he wanted, I would just enjoy the ride, and he knew it too, I had always told him that everything moved at his pace, and only his pace, nothing more, nothing less. I told him point blank pretty much right after our first time that I would never initiate anything, and that he would have to, because I would never do anything to hurt him.

“Lay down on the bed on your back please baby.” Deegan whispered tenderly.

I just smiled and nodded and crawled onto the bed and laid there on my back. Deegan though went to the bathroom and grabbed something, but I knew what it was that he was going to be grabbing. He knew that was where I had put the lube, because I told him that was where I was putting it. He came back out of the bathroom with a big grin on his face, holding the tube of lube.

Deegan climbed onto the bed and crawled on top of me, sliding up my body until once again our lips met in another tender kiss. I could feel Deegan doing something, and figured that he had poked a hole in the seat of his diaper and was currently preparing his tiny little hole for what he intended. I had seen that amazing little hole a number of times by now of course, and while I knew that he had been stretching and preparing himself for quite some time, I still wondered how he was going to take me inside, because I just did not think that he would be able to stretch that far. I had seen just a few telltale bruises around his little hole to tell me that he had been playing, and each time I noticed these, I commented and smiled, he just grinned and said something along the lines of, 'hey, what can I say, I like it.' Or something like that. I knew he liked it, I did as well.

Deegan kissed me for about five minutes or so before breaking off and sliding back down my body, until his face was nestled in the thick damp mass of my diaper. I was certain he could feel my pulsing hardness beneath, just like I could feel his pulsing hardness currently poking into my leg through his diaper. He moved his face around in the sodden mass for a few moments, doing this to me had always gotten me so incredibly hot, and he knew it, hence the reason he was doing it I am sure. Deegan raised his face, looked into my eyes, and worked a hole in the front of my diaper and pulled my hardness out, all while looking right into my eyes with all the love he possessed. I hope he could see all my love there for him as well. I was basking in the feelings he was creating, as well as knowing what was coming.

Deegan grabbed the lube once again and slathered a generous helping all over my erection. He grabbed the towel that he had also brought with him once I was all lubed up, and wiped his hands off. He then slid back up my body, being careful not to wipe any of the lube off my dick as he did so, and positioned himself so that he could sit down on me. We had talked a few times about how would be the best way for us to make love, because he was concerned about my back. I told him that on our sides or me on my back would be the only way I would be able to, because on top and thrusting would not work at all for me, as much as I would like to do that, I knew I would be unable to. Deegan did say that if he laid on his stomach or his back on the edge of the bed and I was standing, that I would probably still be able to do that, I had to agree. Deegan though had decided that for our first time that he would prefer it this way, so this was the way he was doing it.

Deegan had himself poised right above me, my erection in one hand, his other on my chest to steady himself, my head was just poking into the hole in his diaper, and then I could feel his ass touching it. He centered me to his hole, he moved around slightly to get into a more comfortable position, the rubbing to my very sensitive head on his hot little bum was sending me over the edge, but then the next part came, and I almost shot into orbit. Deegan had found the right spot, and started sinking down. So very slowly he went, sighing as he did so. I had been watching his face, and a look of pure bliss crossed his face, and then something better, I do not believe there are any words capable of describing the look that came on his face, or the feelings that coursed through my body as he slid all the way down on my girth for that very first time.

“Oh god, you feel so good inside me, way better than anything ever has before.” Deegan sighed out.

“Oh baby, Deegan, you feel so good wrapped around me. You don't hurt any at all do you?” I knew he did not, but I had to ask none the less.

“Oh no, not at all, this feels so good, so right, so beautiful.” He sighed out and leaned forward to kiss me. He was much too short for us to really kiss, but he reached as far forward as he could, and I reached down as far as I could, and we kissed for a second while I was buried inside his incredible heat.

I could not hold that position for long, and Deegan wanted to start, so we parted lips and he sat back down fully onto me, both of us sighing once again. Deegan started slowly raising up until only the very tip of my dick was still inside him, and then just as slowly he lowered himself. We moaned and sighed, and he did it all over again. We had had a couple very good orgasms a piece the day before, but I wondered how long I would be able to last under such an assault. Never before in my life had I felt anything to compare to his, Deegan was so hot, so tight, so soft, and so wet inside, it was exactly how heaven would feel to me. Deegan kept right on riding me like that, so very slowly, but I was rising rapidly. Deegan could tell that I was rising quickly, he was too, but he did nothing to stop this from happening.

“Oh god baby, I can't hold it any longer, I'm gonna cum, can I cum deep inside your hot little baby bum?” I gasped out.

“Oh yes, cum in my bum, make me your only baby boy.” Deegan panted out as well.

And with that, I exploded. The feelings must have been too much for Deegan as well, because not even a second after I started, so did he. His hot little squeaks and squeals that he made while cumming fueled my orgasms even further, and I had to have dumped at least two to three orgasms worth of cum so very deep inside my hot little baby boy. It took at least four or five minutes for our orgasms to cease, and at least that long again before either of us were with it again, but instead of pulling off once we were down, Deegan just started thrusting again.

“Oh god Deegan, what are you doing to me baby?” I panted out. I had still been mostly hard, but I had shot right back up to full mast as soon as he started riding me again.

“Too good, have to go again.” He panted out.

I think I had to agree with him, it just was that, too good, and I was enjoying it as well. I wondered just how long a ride he would take on me now though that he had me. I knew Deegan could enjoy multiple rapid fire orgasms, he had reveled in that fact a number of times, often having me suck or stroke him for an hour or more, enjoying his back to back to back orgasms, often having five or six before he was totally satisfied. I however had never been able to go for more than one before I had to ask Deegan to back off for at least an hour. I usually had one large orgasm, and then had to recharge for at least a bit before we could go again. This of course usually gave Deegan more than enough time to fire off a few rounds, blanks of course, and then he would suck or stroke yet another out of me. This time though, I had not gone totally soft as I more often than not did, and he was taking complete and total advantage of that, and at the moment, I was good with that. I did have to wonder though how I would feel later, because I could already feel my back burning.

Deegan kept riding me, going only just a little faster this time, and even I was thrusting lightly, just pumping up and into him slightly as he was coming down. This time though I also stuck my hand out and started mauling his hot hard little baby boner in the front of his soggy diaper. I stroked him at the same speed he was riding me, and the growl that emerged from deep within him told me that he liked that very much. He started pinching my nipples just lightly and I had to growl as well. We were both rising rapidly yet again towards just one more intense orgasm, and neither one of us wanted to stop it.

I grunted that I was cumming again, and Deegan grunted that he was too, and at the same time we came. The orgasm was shorter, and the recovery time longer, but as soon as we were down again, Deegan started all over again.

“Oh god no baby, no more, I can't take it any more.” I Gasped out.

“You're still hard, you feel so good inside me, I can't stop.” Deegan panted, starting to ride me even faster yet. I start bucking, he was sending me into serious overdrive. My whole body was burning now, I was seeing flashes of vivid colors in my eyes, I still felt like I was in an orgasm, but I also felt as if I were being beaten up with a baseball bat. If anything, my dick felt worse than my back did, the burning sensation there was beyond intense, never before had I felt anything quite so good and bad all at the same time. I wanted Deegan to stop, but I wanted him to keep on going. We were thrusting almost wildly now, the headboard was crashing into the wall, we were nearly wailing, we were almost there, and with one final scream, my agony ended, because with that final cum, I was gone, I passed out.

Deegan had not passed out, but he slumped down, gasping and panting for the breath that he needed, because like me, he had been holding his breath for the last nearly two minutes of the delicious agony, and he needed to regain his breath. Deegan felt me soften and slip right out of him a minute later, and he looked up to smile at me, only to find I was passed out cold. He laid there on top of me for at least ten minutes, waiting for me to come back around, but I did not. He figured that he had better get us both diapered, so on very shaky legs, he crawled out of bed and went to the closet and grabbed us two new diapers, the wipes, and the cream. He removed his totally ruined diaper before climbing back into bed, and then diapered himself. As soon as he was done, Deegan began the tough task of removing my diaper, cleaning me up, and the re diapering me. I was skinny, but Deegan was far from strong enough to easily maneuver me, but he managed to do it. I woke up half an hour later.

“Wow baby, what did you do to me, I still ache?” I asked softly when I came to, to find that Deegan was laying on his side, his head on my chest, and he was gently petting my tummy and chest.

“I made love to you, and it felt glorious.” Deegan smiled warmly.

“I'll say. I was burning up by the time that last orgasm came, and then it was all blank until I just woke up.”

“Yeah, you slept for half an hour.”

“Wow. My back really hurts now though, you shouldn't have ridden me quite so vigorously, especially that last time. Granted, we probably shouldn't have gone for a third time.”

“I know, and I'm sorry, it just felt too good to stop. If you turn over though I'll grab the peppermint oil and give you a nice massage.”

“I'd like that baby, and I could probably use one as well.”

Deegan smiled warmly and hopped out of bed and ran to grab the oil. By the time he made it back, I was laying on my stomach, ready and waiting for him.

“So baby, how did you get me diapered?”

“It was difficult, you're too heavy for me, especially when you're asleep, but I was able to roll you a bit, and I managed just fine.”

“Yeah, that's why I was wondering. Mmm, that feels nice.” I sighed as he started really working the oil into my broken, battered, and scarred back.

Deegan kept up the warm and loving massage for a good fifteen minutes before his hands became too sore, but I moaned and sighed the entire time, it just felt so nice.

“Thank you baby, that felt very nice, and my back feels better now too.” I whispered as I rolled and pulled Deegan up and into another tender kiss.

“You're welcome. Can I make love to you now?” He asked tenderly.

“As much as I'd love that baby, I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline for today, for two reasons. First is my back is going to be much too sore for the rest of the day now, and second, we have ten minutes to get ready and go pick up Cayden and Morgan from school.”

“Really.” He asked while whipping his head around to look at the clock. “Holy crap, I didn't think it was that late yet.”

“Yeah, it is, and it's a good thing I woke up when I did. We didn't even have lunch, we've been in here for almost three hours, and you said I'd only been sleeping about half an hour.”

“Yeah, I think so. I never looked at the clock, so I don't know for sure.”

I chuckled and then informed Deegan that we should get up and get dressed, so that we could go pick up the kids.

When Marie arrived, she took one look at me, saw the smile and how I was walking, and must have known what we did, because she smiled that smile, and ushered Deegan out to the car, while Cayden headed upstairs.

“I hope he wasn't too rough on you, he's been dreaming about doing that for so long, and I'm sure you're more worn out than you look?”

“Oh god, he made me pass out, my back aches so much right now it's hard to walk and I had to get him to get the kids from class. I won't tell you the dirty details, you can read them for yourself later, because I have no doubts that he's going to be writing more than just a few pages about what happened today.” I grinned.

“I almost can't wait to read it. Even he won't be able to do justice to what I'm sure he truly felt, not even he's that good a writer, but it should be good reading anyways.”

“I'd actually love to see what he writes, could you print a copy for me please?” I asked.

“Sure, I'm sure he won't mind.” Marie smiled, and with that she said her goodbyes and headed out. I waved to the boys, and Deegan smiled warmly at me as they drove off.

The next morning I was almost more excited to see Deegan than I had ever been before, because today was the day I was going to lose my virginity. I could tell that Deegan was excitedly awaiting that glorious time as well, because he rushed through his work even faster than he normally did.

“I'm done. Let's go upstairs now baby.” Deegan said, excitedly hopping up and grabbing my hand.

“As excited as I am to hear you say that, let's take it slow and easy. We should go eat lunch now, so that we have more energy.” I smiled warmly.

“I don't want to eat, but we're definitely going to be needing the energy, so we should.” Deegan grinned brightly.

Oh dear, was about all I could think. I knew I was in for it now, I would be lucky if we were finished in time to pick up the boys from school, and we had three hours until then, and I would probably be lucky to be awake, or even alive. We went and made ourselves a couple sandwiches, and I had to admonish Deegan to eat slowly so as not to make himself sick, he just grinned at me and gave me the who me look. He was still finished eating a good five minutes before I was, and I could tell he was impatiently awaiting me to finish, because he was sitting there, arms crossed, feet swinging back and forth while nearly staring at me.

As soon as I finished my last bite, he hopped up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up from my seated position, and almost dragged me all the way up to our bedroom. We had not even cleaned up the kitchen, but to be quite honest, I don't think either one of us were all that concerned by that. As fast as he had been moving up until now though, I thought I was going to very quickly and almost brutally lose my virginity, but that was not what was about to happen, for as soon as we arrived to the bedroom, he almost stopped, and became soft and sensual.

“Stand right there my big strong lover, I'll be right back.” Deegan whispered, and went to the bathroom.

I stayed standing exactly where I was told to stand, while Deegan went to the bathroom and did something. I was not entirely sure what he was doing, but he was gone for a couple minutes at least. We had been both still dressed when we entered the bedroom, that was a rule, he had to be dressed for school, just as if he were actually going to school. I admit that I was wondering what exactly it was that he was doing, but before I could really get to the point of actually asking, he emerged from the bathroom, not looking any different, nor was he carrying anything. I was confused, and it probably showed, because he just grinned at me.

He came over to me, pulled me down so that I was able to kiss him, and then he kissed me tenderly and deeply. We kissed each other for quite a few minutes before he broke the kiss. I was still reeling from the power of the kiss when he started undressing me. First it was my shirt, and then it was my pants, next were my socks, and then I was laid on the bed, still in my soggy diaper. I knew that there was no way that Deegan would be able to make love to me through my diaper, let alone both of ours, so I figured that he must have some sort of a plan. We had talked about this, he knew he would be unable to reciprocate in the same manner as the day before, but we were both okay with that.

I laid down on the center of the bed, and waited, because Deegan obviously had some sort of plan for how all this was to play out. He possibly had more fantasies in this area than I did. He hopped up onto the bed and stood so that his feet were right next to my hips, so I was between his legs. He then very slowly started removing his clothes, one piece at a time, so very slowly, and erotically. He would surely be able to see how excited I was, because I was pushing a pretty large lump in the front of my diaper. By the time he was down to only just his diaper as well, I could even see that he was excited, and very eagerly awaiting what was to come.

Squatting down so this his cute little diapered bum was sitting right on my diapered crotch, he leaned forward a bit, and restarted our passionate kisses again. As we kissed, he ground our diapered dicks together as best he could, and we both moaned lowly into each others mouths. All of a sudden though Deegan hopped up and ran back into the bathroom, I was mystified, and more than a bit horny, and having him break away like that just was not my idea of a good way to take care of it.

He came back out of the bathroom holding a towel with something in it, told me to roll over, and as soon as I did, he climbed back up onto the bed. He crawled up to and pretty much right onto my body again, and then reached under me and released the tapes holding my diaper on. He then worked to pull the diaper down in the back, but left it underneath me. Probably not such a bad idea, cum stains on dark blue sheets do not often come out. It was at this time that I realized what Deegan had done, because I felt a nozzle being pushed up into my ass, and then a very warm slick liquid was being squirted inside me. The little bugger had heated up the lube and was lubing me up far more generously than he really needed to do.

Little did I know though what all he had planned for me though, and the lube was going to be necessary. Deegan removed the bottle, set it and the towel aside, and then promptly stuck one of his slender fingers inside my ass. I moaned, of course, and he started wiggling and moving his finger, which of course just made me moan more. He kept this up for a good five minutes, just fingering me with one small finger. He then slid a second finger straight up inside me, and I moaned deeper still. For the next five minutes, he kept up this joyful act, of which I moaned and sighed the whole time as well. Five minutes later and he slid another finger in me. Once again, I moaned deeply, and he fingered me for five more minutes, before sticking another finger in me. I actually groaned from this, that was a bit bigger than I had ever had inside me before, so it was a bit uncomfortable at first, but Deegan seemed to be a professional at this and went slow and easy, until I was taking all four of his fingers with ease. I was now moaning and sighing almost non stop now, and wondered when Deegan was going to finally pull out, rip off his diaper and stick his hot little dick inside me.

“Come on baby, do it now, remove your diaper and slip that hot hard little boy dick of yours deep inside me and make love to me?” I whispered seductively to my baby.

“All in good time, don't worry, you're going to lose your virginity very soon.” Deegan said softly.

I wondered what more he was going to do, he already had almost his entire hand inside me, and then it dawned on me exactly what he had planned.

“No Deegan, not your whole hand please?”

“Too late.” He whispered as he had just rolled his thumb into his palm and slipped his whole hand inside my ass.

“Oh god, that feels so big.” I groaned out, but amazingly enough, it was not too bad.

“My hand is about as big in comparison to your bum as your dick is to mine, so I figured you'd be able to take this, and I wanted to make you feel really good.”

“No, I think your hand would be bigger, but yeah, it does feel good.” I moaned.

He started a slow pistoning motion with his hand, jacking it in and out of me, going a fair ways in before coming back out again. He never pulled his hand right out, but it threatened to a couple times. For at least five minutes he kept this up, and I was rising slowly towards what would be a monumental cum if he kept it up. I think he must have realized this, because just before I was to go over the edge, he pulled out and and stopped touching me. I groaned out my frustration, and he giggled.

“Why did you stop, I was about to cum?” I whined.

“Don't worry baby, all in good time. I didn't want you to cum yet, because then you wouldn't be awake for me to make love to you.” He grinned. “And stop whining, or I'll spank your bare bum.” He said sinisterly, and with a slight smack to my bare bum. It was not enough to hurt, but enough to get my attention.

He left me laying there for what felt like forever, but was probably only about five minutes before he even started touching me again. When he did though, he did not reintroduce his fingers or his hand to my ass, no, he started petting my cheeks with one hand. With his other he must have been removing his diaper, because I heard the unmistakable sound of the tapes being removed. I heard and felt his soggy diaper hit the bed, and then I felt him crawling up my back.

“Spread your legs please?” He whispered.

I spread my legs as far as I could, and he crawled right into the opening that I had created for him. I felt him change position, and then I felt his hot little boy dick searching for my entrance. He did it all hands free, but amazingly enough, with just touch, he was able to find my hole, and slip inside it. Of course he was not that big, and I was very well prepared, so he just slipped right in. Oh god, the feelings this brought out in me, they were indescribable, it was so incredible, and we both sighed very deeply. Deegan lay himself down fully on my back now, his dick buried as deep inside me as he could get.

“Oh, you feel so good inside me baby.” I whispered.

“And it feels so good to be inside you as well.” He whispered right back.

Slowly he started moving, just his hips, he was just grinding his hips, and it felt so incredibly good. His dick was hardly moving inside me, just moving almost in circles, touching me in places and in ways that I had no idea about. No, he may not be very big, but he sure knows what to do to make the best of it. What kind of research he had to have done to find out how to do this I have no idea, but I sure enjoyed it.

I was rising very rapidly towards an extreme orgasm, and I think Deegan was too, because his breathing was becoming ragged, his motions were becoming erratic, and his dick had become even harder, if that were a possibility. Suddenly I realized we were both holding our breath, we were both fighting, trying to keep it contained for just one more second. That lasted for only a few seconds though until it just became too much for both of us, and we both exploded.

Oh wow, what an orgasm, I thought to myself after a few minutes. It felt like it had gone on for minutes, maybe even hours, it felt like I pumped out a gallon of cum, my dick head burned so badly from ejecting that much that fast, but I would not give it up for the world. Deegan must have felt the same things, because not a second after I came back around, I heard his sigh that said he was there again and that he felt the same way. Instead of pulling off though, Deegan started grinding again. This time he started rising and lowering ever so slightly, actually thrusting into me now just a tiny bit.

“Oh god baby, not again.” I groaned out, I was not entirely certain I could survive another orgasm, let alone what he had done to me the day before.

“You'll be fine, don't worry.” He whispered, and just kept right on going.

We lasted at most ten minutes, rising slower this time to or peaks, before we came again. Once again it was a huge orgasm, just not quite so huge as the previous one, and as soon as we came back down again, Deegan started once more, hopefully for the last, because I was already aching something fierce, and most of it was not in my back, but in my dick. We lasted at most fifteen minutes for our final time, but this time, as soon as we both came, and came down again, Deegan rolled off of me and laid on his back. I rolled to my side so that I could see Deegan, and I had to laugh. The look on his face was one of pure orgasmic pleasure. He looked well ravished, and mighty hot laying there with that sexy grin on his face.

“Wow baby, that was amazing, you're amazing.”

“Thanks, so were you. You felt so good inside, I never imagined that anything could feel so good. I don't know which I prefer, making love to you, or having you make love to me, but they're both just so good.”

“I know how you feel, because I feel the same way too.” I whispered tenderly, and then reached in for a kiss, a kiss that Deegan gladly accepted.

“Well baby, we had better get up and get diapered, because we have to leave to pick up the boys soon. They wouldn't appreciate it much if we left them there.”

“Why not make them walk, we're only a block and a half away?” Deegan asked.

“No, not yet, they're not quite old enough for that responsibility. In another two years though they will be.”

“Oh. Well, we should probably get diapered, but I don't want to leave the bed.”

“Yes, we should get diapered, but then we have to leave, we only have half an hour until we have to go, but we can certainly lay back down and cuddle for a while.” I smiled warmly.

“Okay.” Deegan said brightly. He hopped up and was back seconds later with our diapers and the cream. He laid back down in the diaper changing position and submitted himself to being diapered.

“There you go baby, nice and thickly diapered, just the way you like it.” I smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I really think I do now.” Deegan blushed slightly.

“Hey, I can't blame you. Even if miraculously tomorrow I started being able to go to the bathroom properly, I wouldn't give up my diapers, not now, not after learning to love them. You've done the same thing. At first it was acceptance that you needed them, and that was difficult, and then there was the starting to feel attached to them, that happened pretty quickly, and that was hard on you. Next you started to love them, and that scared you for a couple days, until you realized that they weren't such a bad thing to love. We went through the exact same things, we're so much alike in that way. It's not wrong or bad to love diapers, and besides, you do look so very cute and sexy laying there in only a diaper and that sexy little grin of yours.” I smiled.

“I think that even I would stay wearing diapers now even if I didn't have to wear them.” Deegan mused while getting up to put me in my diaper. “I don't really understand it, but I really do love them now, and yeah, it was hard at first, but you helped me through it, and now I know I need and love them. You look really hot and sexy in just your diapers too though.” He grinned brightly.

“Thanks.” I said for both the compliment as well as the fact that he had just taped me up.

“You're welcome.” Deegan smiled, and curled up into me, facing away from me, so that I was spooned into him, so I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled deeply into him. He sighed and almost sounded as if he were purring.

We laid like that for about twenty minutes, I would just softly kiss his ear as we lay there and talked softly. It was very peaceful, loving, and relaxing, and even I had to admit that I did not want to get up to get the boys, but we had to. Wordlessly we got up, threw on the clothes we had stripped out of to make love to each other, and headed out to pick up the boys. Once again I sent Deegan in to get them, because my back was understandably sore.

“Now boys, one thing that you didn't know about was that you're staying the weekend. Your mom pulled me aside this morning and asked me to keep you, because she had to stay late tonight and then she was gonna go out with a couple friends, so I said sure.” I said and all three boys cheered.

“Glad that you're excited. Now, we should head home and I bet two boys will want to get nice and thickly diapered, but put clothes on, including your diaper shirts, because we're gonna head out right away again.” I said to the happy boys.

“What are we gonna do tonight daddy?” Cayden asked.

“Not too sure what all we're gonna get up to, but you don't need to know anyways, so no more questions. You two just go ahead and get changed, Deegan and I'll wait here for you. Here's the keys, try not to break the key off in the lock.” I grinned as I handed over the keys.

I was not exactly joking either, because Cayden had already done that once while unlocking the door. He always liked to help so often, but the one time he got too excited while unlocking the door that he actually broke the key off in the lock. It had taken me half an hour with a pair of tweezers to get the damn thing out, and it was a good thing I always keep a spare house key in the glove compartment, not to mention I had the automatic garage door opener, and the door leading from the garage to the house was never locked. The boys both laughed and Cayden took the keys and they ran into the house to go get changed.

“So, how come you never told me we were staying the weekend?” Deegan asked curiously after the boys headed into the house.

“Just wanted to surprise you all at the same time. Now, tonight you are to sleep with the boys as normal, they can't know we're together, okay?”

“I kinda knew that's what you'd say anyways, but not like they'd care.”

“No, probably not, but that's not the point.” I smiled.

“So, what are we gonna do tonight?”

“Same answer as I told Cayden.” I grinned evilly to him.

“You're mean.” He smiled while sticking his tongue out at me.

We waited for quite a few minutes for the boys to come out, and even I was starting to wonder what was taking them so long. Deegan was the first to voice his concern.

“What's taking them so long?”

“No idea. We both know they wouldn't have taken the time to pee in the toilet first, they would just go in and diaper each other, and then come out. Do you want to go in and check on them please?”

“Okay, sure.” Deegan said, and then hopped out of the car. He headed straight into the house, the door was still open, and he crept up the stairs. He came back down a couple minutes later, no more, and had a funny grin like smile on his face, and he was trying not to laugh.

“What's with that look, and what are the boys up to?” I asked curiously.

“Well, what they're up to, is really up, in fact it's much like we've done ourselves. They were sucking each others dicks.” He said, starting to laugh.

“Ah, I was wondering when they would start doing that, and how long they've been up to it.”

“You're not upset?”

“No, of course not. I've suspected that Cayden was gay for more than a year already, but even still, he's not actually gay, just playing around, but I'm certain he will turn out gay. Your brother though, I think he might turn out bi, but I feel that he's probably more straight. Right now they're just playing, because it feels good.”

“Oh. I sorta thought Cayden was gay as well, but I never thought that Morgan would get up to that.”

“Hey, he's a boy, all boys play if given half the chance. I have no doubts that it was Cayden that started the whole thing as well, and I wonder what all they've gotten up to. They've certainly had plenty of opportunities to play around, we give them plenty of freedom, and they change each others diapers, so they've undoubtedly seen each other hard lots. Well, boys with hard dicks like to play, it's just natural, so I'm sure Cayden made the offer and Morgan took him up on it.”

“Probably true.” Deegan smiled.

Just then the boys appeared at the door and Cayden relocked the door and headed to the car.

“So, what took you boys so long?” I asked as they hopped in the car, Cayden handed me the keys.

“Nothin, we just changed each other and got dressed.” Cayden said with a shrug, not looking at all embarrassed, although Morgan blushed.

“Oh really, then why is Morgan blushing?” I asked softly.

“Don't know.”

“Then what is it that Deegan saw when he went to see what was taking you so long?” I asked with a smile.

“Oh, well we like to do that sometimes, it just feels good.” Cayden answered honestly, knowing that they had been caught, so to say anything different would be to lie, which he knew would bring on a punishment that was far beyond what he cared to have.

“I know what you mean. I hope you boys understand that while it's not bad, that others could make fun of you if they found out, so don't be getting caught doing anything like that. So, which one of you started it and how long has it been going on?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, we know that already daddy. We started just using our hands to play with each other a long time ago, and we started sucking each other a couple weeks ago. I started it though, but Morgan sure liked it, and he likes doing it to me as well.”

“Morgan, there's no need to act so shy, it's just healthy fun and games between two close friends, and that's okay.” I said softly, because Morgan was blushing furiously and looked almost on the verge of crying.

“Really!” He whispered.

“Yes, of course it's okay. Many boys play around like you two were, it's perfectly natural and normal.”


I could tell he was relieved to hear that, and he smiled shyly. I did not bother saying anything further, there was no need to. I started the car and took off right away. I pointed towards a park that I new of that was always quite busy, so that the boys could play, and I wanted Deegan to try and get more comfortable around a larger group of kids. This was a simply massive playground in an even larger park, surrounding it were many apartment and townhouse complexes, so there were always lots of kids there. I parked the car, and the two younger boys were understandably excited, but I could see the look of apprehension on Deegan's face. I just smiled warmly to him, and he smiled back, understanding exactly what was about to happen, and he knew I would not allow him to hide behind me.

“Okay boys, time to go out and burn off all that excess energy so that we can all get some sleep tonight. Deegan, you are to go out there and play as well. Remember, no one can tell that you're wearing diapers, and you'll be just fine. Today I want you to try something entirely unheard of, I want you to start a conversation with another kid, someone you don't know, say hi, and go from there. I want you to go out and have fun and forget the fact that you're shy, okay.”

The two younger boys had already hopped out of the car, hell, it had barely stopped before they were out the door. Deegan just smiled sadly and nodded, but did get out of the car and head towards the playground. I got out as well and followed him, but veered towards the benches surrounding the park so that I could sit and watch the boys. Deegan actually did really well, within two minutes he actually said hi to a ten year old boy that was there, and they talked for at most a minute before they steered away from each other and continued playing. The other boy found Deegan again a while later, and they talked more again, this time for a bit longer, before heading off to play again. They talked a few more times throughout their play time, before the other boy must have said he had to go and headed off. Deegan had even talked to a couple other boys as well during this time, mostly just saying hi and stuff like that. He also got involved in a large game of tag with all the other kids there, and seemed to enjoy himself a great deal. I let the boys play for well over an hour before calling them to me and telling them that it was time to go.

“I'm proud of you Deegan. You did very well out there today, you talked to other kids and you even played with them. Did anyone at any time harass you or call you a baby?”

“No, but when we were playing tag, one of the older boys tagged me on my bum and he gave me a strange look, but then smiled and ran off before I could tag him back. I think he noticed, but why didn't he say anything?”

“Well, there's more than likely any number of reasons for it. First and foremost though is that most kids would not make fun of someone. He just thought it was odd, but left it at that. If you had have had a chance to get to know each other, he probably would have asked you, and then you would just tell him the truth. There is also the possibility that he secretly likes diapers and was trying to figure out if he had felt what he thought he felt. I saw it happen, I saw his look, and I also saw him looking at you a few times with a glazed over look in his eyes after you guys stopped playing tag, so I have a feeling that may actually be the case, or at least part of it.”

“Oh. I thought I caught him looking at me a couple times, but he had a dreamy look on his face. I think he was gay too, which might have had something to do with it. He was about twelve I guess.” Deegan sad softly.

“Are you gay?” Morgan asked, because Deegan said too.

“Yes, but I didn't mean it like that, that I was as well type thing, just that I thought he was gay too, as well as maybe liking diapers.” Deegan answered honestly.

“What's gay really mean?” Morgan asked, because he had heard of it, and knew what little school children his age knew, but nothing more. Cayden though was different, I had already given him a condensed sex talk, basically just telling him everything a boy his age would need to know, and I added more information every time he asked questions.

“Well, gay means that you like the same sex more than just as friends. What do you know about sex?”

“Nothing really, just what the older boys at school say.” He admitted.

“Well, what you and Cayden were doing earlier is part of what sex is, but there's more. People who are gay like the same sex, straight people like the opposite sex, and then there's bi people who like both. So boys who love boys, or girls who love girls are gay, so on and so forth. I can tell you more later if you'd like, but I really should get permission from your mom before I do that.”

“Oh, okay. Does this mean that Cayden and I are gay?” He asked, almost mortified, he had heard gay being spoken as if it were a truly bad thing.

“No, at least not yet at any rate. Right now you are just two young boys who are playing and having fun. It's not something that you want to spread around mind you, because you don't want to be called gay or anything like that, but no, at this time you are not gay.”


“I am though, I don't like or want girls at all. I hope you don't mind.” Deegan said unashamedly.

“No, of course not, you're my brother.”


“And obviously Morgan, that's a family secret, and your mom knows as well by the way, and it doesn't need to be spread around, same as the diapers thing, it's a secret.”

“Oh, okay, I understand. Does mommy know about you two?” He asked.

“About what?”

“That you two like to kiss and touch each other like Cayden and I do?”

“How long have you two known about that?” I asked curiously.

“While I guess.” Morgan shrugged and Cayden nodded his head in agreement.

“I wondered if you two knew or suspected anything. Yes, she does know, in fact she was the one to tell me that Deegan was gonna try something with me.” I chuckled.


“Daddy, do you two fuck each other?” Cayden asked.

“Cayden, you know how I feel about words like that. And no, we do not fuck each other, but we do make love to each other. There is a rather large difference, and please do not refer to love as that word ever again, it is not proper?” I asked softly.

“Sorry daddy. Does it hurt?”

“Why do you want to know?” I asked, wondering if he would have the courage to tell me, because I knew what was coming if he did.

“Well, because I want Morgan to do that to me.” He said unashamedly.

“I see. If it's done properly, no, it doesn't hurt. However, if not done properly, you will end up in the hospital. Granted, neither of you two are large enough to really hurt each other that much yet, but still, it could hurt.”

“How do you do it properly?”

“Remember when I told you about making love last year, I told you that the key is preparation, well, that's the biggest part of it. You just have to play with each other until you're nice and ready, and that means fingering each others little bum holes with lube coated fingers, and use lots of lube as well. There'll be a bottle in the bathroom for should you ever wish to try it. You both have to talk that out in private though to determine if that's what you really want. Now, hows about we head for some dinner?” I asked, changing the topic completely.

“Okay.” All three boys said excitedly, forgetting about the previous topic almost instantly, although all three boys were hard, granted, so was I.

I steered us towards the McDonalds play place once again, because I knew the boys would enjoy that, it was cheap, fast, and easy, and then afterwards they could burn off a bit more energy. As soon as we arrived, I sent the boys in to get a seat for all of us while I went and grabbed our meal. I joined the boys a few minutes later, and it was already busy in there, so it was lucky they found a seat at all, the last one by the looks of it. When I set down the tray, the boys attacked and grabbed what they wanted, and then started wolfing down the food. Even Deegan ate faster than normal and wanted to go play, I was happy about that. I wondered if any of the boys would need a change before too long, but none of them said anything. I was probably only at most an hour away from needing a change, and the boys usually pee more than I did. Oh well, if they were not worried about it, then I was not either. As soon as they finished eating, they all took off, even Deegan, without being prompted. Only half an hour later Deegan came down looking miserable. I could see the reason right away.

“Hey there buddy, sprung a leak I see!” I said softly.

“Yeah, and a couple of the kids in the play place saw it.”

“And did they make fun of you?” I asked softly.


“See, most kids won't make fun of others for things like that. Did they say anything at all?”

“One boys said it looked like I had had an accident and better go get changed.”

“And he was right too. You see, most boys, especially those right around your age won't make fun of you for something like that, because they have accidents as well. You just happen to have them all the time and can't control it any more so have to wear diapers for it, but that's besides the point. Let me call the boys down and we can head home, because I don't have anything for you to change into with us, other than a clean diaper, but at this point I think that's pointless.”

He just nodded and I called the two younger boys down. They came right away, and I could tell that they were wearing diapers and that they too were getting really full. Most people probably would not have paid any attention to that though, so they were safe, for now, but they would start leaking very soon. I informed the boys what was happening, and they were okay with heading home, because they admitted that they could really use a change as well and that they were getting tired. We headed out and Deegan just walked out normally, not attempting to hide, I was so proud of him. A few people noticed, but other than a soft smile to him, no one said anything.

“I was very proud of you in there Deegan, you did just fine. From coming out calmly and sitting down so that we could talk, and then walking out of there with your head held high, that's the mark of someone who's comfortable with themselves and their ordeals. No one made fun of you for having an accident, so, you survived. How do you feel?”

“Good, actually.” He smiled warmly to me.

“I'm glad. I think you're almost cured. I even saw you talking to a few of the kids in there a bit more normally, so that's good as well. A little more time and you'll be a new boy.” I smiled warmly to him.

“Thanks, I tried really hard, just for you, I love you.” He smiled warmly right back.

“But that's where you're wrong in your thinking. I'm glad you did it for me, but you should have been and should be doing it for yourself.”


“Well, because it's you that's had to deal with the torture that you let yourself live through, not me. One way or the other though, I'm glad that you're getting better, and I know your mom is as well.”

“Thanks to you.”

“You did the most amount of work, although I admit that it has been difficult at times. Let's go home and get my three babies all clean and dry again.” I smiled, and then started the car.

“I bet you're just as wet as we are.” Cayden said.

“I bet you're right too.” I grinned, and then took off. The boys giggled and talked merrily as we headed home.

When we got home, we all headed upstairs to get much needed diaper changes all around. Deegan and I went to our room, and Cayden and Morgan went to Cayden's room. We all came out of our rooms a few minutes later, in just our diapers, and then we headed downstairs to sit back and relax for the rest of the evening. We sat back and watched TV, I let the boys choose what we watched, and that's pretty much all we did for the rest of the evening.

When bedtime came, we all decided our diapers were good enough, so headed to bed. Deegan had informed the others that he was sleeping with me, and they said okay, so we all headed to bed. Deegan and I kissed and cuddled for a while, but not even he was alive enough to want to play around, so after some nice tender kisses, we fell fast asleep.

I was very proud of Deegan, he had grown so much in the little more than a year that I had known him. He had grown into a very fine and mature young man. His mom praised me repeatedly for what I did for him, and told me of course that she was very happy for me as well. I had known I was gay from a young age, but never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that I would fall so head over heals in love with a young boy, especially one so young. While Deegan was certainly young in body, he was far from young in mind though. By the time most kids were just finishing grade nine, he was finishing high school, and he even started taking a few courses at the university, mostly just courses he could do at home on his computer, but he did have to go into class a couple times a week for an hour or so.

Our love just kept growing and growing for each other as well. We made love to each other all the time, even when we were not touching, you could see it in our eyes that we were making love to each other. Although the physical act became even better. It came to the point that we had to be very careful when we went out in public, because if we were not, then others would notice, it was Cayden that pointed this out, and would give us nudges if we became too engrossed with each other.

Cayden and Morgan ended up staying as a couple as well, they loved each other a great deal, and while Morgan did grow up saying that he was bi and would like to some day try making love to a woman, to the best of my knowledge, he never did. Cayden though stated full out that there was about as much chance of him being with a girl as a pig flying of its own accord. Deegan said he felt the same way, and we all laughed. The funny thing was that Cayden and Morgan were found out when they were in grade eight, pretty much the entire school knew they were a couple, yet neither one was ever harassed in the least, in fact they did very well in school. Morgan ended up being almost polar opposites to his brother though in not just their size and looks, because he had a struggle in school, and only Cayden's help got him through, he far preferred the sports, but he did graduate. So did Cayden of course, only he passed with A honors. They both went to university as well, Cayden became a business major, while Morgan went for sports casting, he always wanted to be on TV, and he did too.

Deegan did three years of university at home before he had no choice but to go to class full time, he went and got his doctorate in child psychology, stayed for an extra few years and got his masters in business, as well as a couple other things, and then went and opened his own office to care for kids like him. All three boys stayed in diapers for the rest of their lives, Deegan never felt his bladder again, whereas the younger boys still wore only while at home until they were in grade ten, when both of them decided to hell with it, and started wearing all the time as well. As best we know, no one ever found out, because no one ever said a thing.

As for me, when Cayden and Morgan moved into their own place, just a few doors down in fact, I cannot say as I have cried so much in my life, but I knew that they had to leave the nest. Deegan had already moved in by then though, and Marie had cried that day as well, but she comes over often and we all laugh and talk about the old days and how shy Deegan once was. It is truly amazing though how shy he really was, but he got over that, and by the time we had been together for more than a year, there was next to no shyness left at all, I had continued to work him that much, and no, not only in that way, thank you very much. My back did get a bit better over the years as well, my doctor attributed it to the near constant bedroom activities I was getting in, although he had no idea the age of my partner, only that I was having sex. I never said anything, he only guessed it, because I was far happier, the first time actually came not long after Deegan and I had made love for our first time. He told me to keep it up, because strengthening the muscles in my back was the best way to keep me pain free, and it worked. It got to the point where Deegan and I could make love in almost any position for any length of time, and I hardly hurt, although I was usually burning by then, just not my back.

Deegan never did lose his insatiability, he was just as needy in bed as he had been that very first time, and when we had more than just a quickie, which usually lasted an hour, we could go on for two or three hours, and more often than not, I passed out.

Cayden and Morgan wanted kids, but other than Morgan going out and getting some girl pregnant, their only option was adoption. So they adopted six kids, they were all throw away boys, most of them with big problems, but Deegan helped them all out. Each of the boys was gay, they all ended up liking diapers just as much, and ended up being great grandchildren for me and Deegan, because we were both called grandpa. It was a wonderful full life to say the least, and I was as happy as I could have ever hoped to be. All that and more came because I did not like to see a boy hurting, and Deegan fell in love with me and pretty much made me make love to him, and we have been making love ever since.