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I come around the corner and see the line. There's Mom talking to the big black lady again. This time I come up where she can see me coming and I can watch her. Geesh, she's shaking just like this morning. That usually doesn't happen in the afternoon. Anyway, she sees me and frowns and the then kinda smiles, so no smack; Yes!

"Paulie! You're late again!" but she's already talking to the lady again.

"Yeah, not hard, well you know, hard!" Mom laughs, "but easy like."

The black lady does one of those big laughs that jiggles everything, just like they say Santa does. Never seen Santa, 'cept the fake ones in stores and such. Wonder if he really does jiggle like jelly. Hey, maybe we'll get Jell-o tonight, haven't had that in a while. It's funny to watch it jiggle. I bet when she laughs it'd jiggle right off the table if you didn't have no plate.

"...them little ones what takes about five pokes is the best!" she's laughing. "Hate them ones what needs a half hour. Cuts into a girl's free time! Anyway, you get's me more samples?"

Mom starts poking in her purse, but stops and says, "Yeah, you get me more face powders?"

The black lady is jiggling and hooting, "Course girl! But you don't be needing it right now! We on the street and it best in the morning!"

Mom digs some kinda money out of her purse. Shit, it's not colored, but it's got one of them big old guys on the front. Didn't see what it said though. Must be a ten Mom got like me on a corner. Not going to tell her 'bout my twenty. That'll be a surprise for coffee when we get a place back!

"Please..." she's kinda whining to the lady.

"Nope girl, we fix up your face in the mo'ning!" but she takes the money from Mom now.

Hey, there is Jell-o tonight! Green Jell-O! With peaches inside and they even look kinda yellow through the green. "Tonight's meal is Beef Chili and Fruity Jell-O prepared by the Lakeland Missionary Tabernacle. Repent your sinning. You must purge the evil from among you. All Israel will hear of it and be afraid."

Chili sounded good. Can't think that Israel would hear about evil here, TV makes it seem there's enough evil around over there too!

Chili is good! Mom's just kinda poking around in hers and drinking coffee and talking with the women. I trade her my bowl for hers and eat that too. Gosh, I feel all funny, kinda like I'll jiggle and shake when the black lady laughs.

"...got's to al'ays ask they be police. They can't lie! And that save you lot's a hassle girl," and she is laughing and the table is shaking and sure enough, the Jell-O would be dancing right along! Geesh, I guess that Santa idea isn't too far fetched. Maybe I'll see him next year if we're in our new place.

"Paulie, go watch TV or something," Mom says.

"Yes, Mom," I take both trays to the window and skip up to the Family Room. Hey, Zenon! Cool! No little brats to want Teletubbies or some shit yet. I plop in my bean bag and zone out on the Zequel. What a funny name. Wonder if I could ever be on stage and get to sing like that.....

I wake up and its dark and I'm cold. Damn, fell asleep here in the bean bag and nobody woked me up! I tiptoe over to my bed and undress and slide inside. Brrrrr, sheet's cold! But listening I hear that music from El Chapultepec. That must be a sax playing now. Wow, that sounds real lonely like. There! There's the clapping again, right in the music and now I hear the drums and piano too. I have to remember to ask Manuel what that music is. Nice and toasty now, hehe, my dick's hard again. I kinda rub it against the sheet and drift back to sleep. "Hey Eric." rolls through my head just as I don't remember nothing else.

Eyes open and I hear clank and bang and rumble and whoosh and voices stirring and the TV on and me running to pee. I quick hop in the shower too, no undies and socks this time, that's for night time shower. This morning I just let the hot water run over my head and down my back. Oh God that feels so good. I turn and let the water hit my chest and stomach. I close my eyes and just pretend it's one of them waterfalls I seen on TV. Survivors or something, where they just sit and the beauty of the green green plants and white falling water into a deep blue pool. Seems so warm and so special. My dick is so hard and the water is hitting it and oh God, I never felt that! Like something's trying to push the skin off it, like it wants to burst, like its right inside my head somehow. One of the mom's pushes a couple of little boys in and says, "Paulie? You help the twins wash their hair?"

I quick cover my dick with my hands and sputter, "Sure!"

The little boys are about five, maybe six and the first thing they do is start a kind of water fight with each other, splashing from their shower at each other and then together at me. They are laughing and giggling and I reach up and make my water splash over on them. Soon we're all like laughing and dancing in and out of the water. I grab some shampoo from in the pusher thingie on the wall and suds up my head and then ask who's first? One of them comes right over and soon he's all bubbles and foam. I make his hair under the bubbles into like spikes and stuff and his brother is laughing and pointing and shouting, "Do ME! Do ME!"

So I turn to him and give him the same treatment. He's a little slippier and keeps bouncing around and up against me. Pretty soon he's all spiky too, but takes my hands and kind of hugs himself with them and pushes his back up against me. My dick's still rock hard, but he doesn't even seem to notice, hehe I look around and see their's are too, he just leans his back against my stomach and my dick naturally rubs against him. Oh God! That's like way better than the bean bag or the sheets! So warm against his warm soft body. So hard it almost hurts. Suddenly his brother is breaking my hands apart from his tummy and putting them around his back. Now both boys are hugging each other face to face with me kind of hugging around them all together. They start kind of bumping their dicks together and mine keeps rubbing on the first twin's back. We are kind of in a daze, but the bumping is kind of moving our feet and I feel us getting back in the water. I open my eyes and take a breath and a step and instantly we are together under that waterfall, the soap bubbles are swirling down our bodies. My whole body feels so alive I kind of shudder and something inside my head just kinds of expoldes. I let the boys go and just sink down and sit on the floor. They start laughing and playing with my hair and now I have spikes and curls and things all on my head without even any shampoo! They start pointing and squealing and running out to show their mom, she gets them drying off and laughs back into the shower, "Thank you Paulie! You're a gem!"

Boy, I feel like something, but I don't know what a gem is. I feel more like I just had the best ice cream cone on earth and now my whole body is tingling with how good it was.

I get up and find a towel and rub myself dry. My spiky hair is like all over the place now and I laugh at me in the mirror. I kind of hold the towel around me and tell Mom I'm going to see if the clothing lady has any new jeans. I race up to the clothing room still in my towel and the lady looks at me and scoops me into a hug, "Hey Handsome! Al spic and span and squeaky clean!" She does something with her fingers on my ear and damn! I do squeak!

"Got any new jeans or things?" I excitedly ask her. "My others is getting kinda worn out."

She laughs again and says, "Yes Love, I've been saving you a pair and some new underwear too! How about some Hulk underoos? Or do you just want white ones?"

"Hulk? You really got Hulk? Oh that is so cool!" I grab them from her and just drop my towel and put them on. A perfect fit! I race to the mirror, he is like so green! And so strong! I make a kind a strong arm pose and she's laughing and smiling!

"I declare Handsome, you look a hundred pounds stronger in those, but we better get some pants on you. How about these Levi's? They're kind of funny because they button instead of zip, but they're real nice."

I race over and pull them on hopping around the room on one foot and then the other. They are just a little too big in the waist, but I'm growing, right? I go to the mirror again and look. Way cool! I do my muscle pose again and the top of the underoos peeks out and you can just see one of Hulk's fists poking up from in my jeans!

"You'll grow into them real quick I bet." she says and tosses me a new pair of socks.

"Hey! They got green stripes to match the Hulk!!!" I say and pull down the Levi's to show her.

She's laughing again and then hooting when I plop down and almost seem to lay on my back poking my foot up at the ceiling pushing one sock and then the other on. I run over and hug her, she wants to know if I need a new shirt, I laugh and say NO! I'm keeping that Quiksilver shirt forever!

"Well bring me your old clothes and we'll wash them and see if someone else can use them," she tousled my spiky hair. I hugged her and grabbed the towel and raced to the family room grabbed the old jeans and things and raced back. Just as I left to go back and think about breakfast I remembered my twenty dollar bill! I streaked back in and grabbed the jeans and started poking in each pocket. The clothing lady laughed and said, "Good, don't want you to lose your lucky penny or whatever!"

I stashed the money in my new pants and hugged her again and headed down to find Mom.

She was just crawling out of bed. Shit she looked sick, shaking and not awake. She'd slept right in her clothes again. I got to get her not to do that, nobody will want her to work for them all wrinkly and smelly like. She saw me and immediately grabbed me and got her purse and put on her shoes. "Got to get to breakfast, find my friend!" she kind of groaned.

I got my tray and put a glass of milk on hers while I got her extra coffee. Just cereal and bananas this morning, seemed some church had forgot it was their day. Mom was looking all around and checking for the black lady, but she wasn't there. Mom was getting kind of nervous like and drinking the coffee like way faster than usual. I ate the cereal and both bananas and then Mom was up and I was scrambling to get the trays to the window and keep up with her as she headed out the door. On the street she was looking all around and grabbing me and making me look to find the black lady. When I didn't see her, Mom was like pushing me and slapping at my head and yelling that I had to find her!

I took off! Man I hated it when she got like crazy. The lady will be back tonight, probably had a job interview early or something. I headed for the bus stop. Mom would be better too tonight, these times always wore off when the coffee got in her. Just my twenty dollars this morning, well can't keep it forever, I went into the quick mart and bought a candy bar for later. That way I got correct change for the bus, too.

Maybe I'll ride out and see the mansions again. Boy they were big houses, like in Brady Bunch and that old black and white TV show, the weasel one; no, the Beaver, yeah that was it. Boy those people must have a lot of money.

That's okay, I got almost nineteen dollars and my Hulk underwear! I was a hundred pounds stronger! The clothing lady had told me!

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