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Spiders crossing in and out and back and forth, humming songs of weaving.

Warp and woof and over, under, round about. To and fro and back again.

Happy songs of weaving.

Wonder why I'd never heard the spiders hum before?

The craft lady at the shelter once had taught us kids to make pot holders. In and out the little loom. Stretchy fabric, old t shirts. Over, under, back and forth. She didn't know the song....

Peapods swaying as they grew. Rustle, hiss and tiny pops. Tendrils matching spider's silk, running in and out between the empty spaces. I heard them softly rustle. Seemed like the spiders called them out to grow. Grow up and towards the warming sun. Up and round the strings the gardener had lain out; up and round in giant's play, like shoestrings in my sneakers. Over, under, in and out. Up and down and side to side. All the while the humming teasing flies and ants and other bugs to come on out and play. Day was breaking, sun was shining, morning birds were chirping. Come on out and play. The humming called me too.

Called me sleepy headed from beneath the brilliant flowers. I looked up and saw the sun. Brilliant shinning blinding me, but not really blind, just making what was close the easiest thing to see. Spider's web. Shining in the sun. Spider's web. Shimmering in a little breeze. Spider's web. Above me like a blanket of the softest fabric, gentlest fabric, almost nothing there.

Come on out and play.

A fly was tempted by the song. Buzzed at my ear, buzzed at my nose. Buzzed as he lifted slowly up to feel the warmth of sun. Buzzed as he neared the blanket. Then buzzing stopped and humming stopped and madly frantic beating of a single wing spread panic down the wires. He was caught. Caught by beauty in the web. Caught by spider dashing forward, grabbing him and soon all motion stopped.

Still and quiet. Still and transformed in death.

I smelled it then.

The humming left my brain.

I smelled it and my nose screamed run. Smelled it and my feet were frozen to the ground. Smelled it and my eyes began a frantic search around me.

Blazing sun still made it hard to see. My nose said never mind, run, run, rruunn, R U N! The smell of unwashed man. The smell of danger in the shelter. The smell of hate and hurt and hunger. Hunger not like the wolf feels, but like the rabbit knows when wolf is close. Hunger like I'd smelled on men before. Hunger like kept Jimmy in the toilet.

Then out of the sun the peapod's ripped, the web is swept away and I am grabbed and pulled up from the flowers.

"What we gots here? Oh yeah, little Blondie boy! Thought I see'd you sneaking round the line last night. Hungry now? Ready for Ol' Jake ta take care of you? Yeah, Blondie, I take care of you real good....."

I know he's lying, I can smell it in the air. His stench is overpowering. He had me up against his chest, one big hand around me. Like the spider and the fly, one of my arms is flapping but the other's caught inside his arm. He's all around me. One arm pinned and his big hand holding me off the ground, I'm squirming like the fly.

He grabs my flapping hand in his and hisses at my head. I can taste the venom on his breath. He'll kill me sure and eat me. He pushes my hand behind me and I feel his dick beneath his pants against my fingers. He's hard inside his pants like I get sometimes, but his is huge. I feel how big it is.

I think maybe if I squeeze he'll let me go now. He don't want me touching there, he'll toss me aside. Nobody wants to be touched there, so maybe if I move my fingers some he'll get me away from him.

"Oh shit," I hear him hiss at my ear. "Oh yeah, Blondie, you take care of me; I take good care of you."

I think it's working, he let's my hand go, but I just kind of hold it there. He doesn't let up with his arm around me, but maybe if I squeeze again.

The hand he held mine with is fumbling now behind me. I feel his knuckles press against my back and feel them moving round. Why doesn't he let me go? Why doesn't he get me away from his private place?

"Oh you gonna be a good boy. I can tell, you already like it don't cha? Squeezing me fine and ready. Yes.... Here boy, do me right and I take good care of you."

Now his hand grabs mine again and I think I'm ready to run if he lets me loose. But his hand just grabs my wrist and twists my hand around. Oh god that hurts. I cry out, "Please don't hurt me!"

"No Blondie, I ain't gonna hurt cha, least not yet....." he kind of chuckles. "You do me right and I won't hurt you none at all. Least wise not on the outside."

His hand is forcing mine around and suddenly my fingers are in hair.

I think how gross he must look if he's got hair all over his body and then my fingers are against his dick and I really panic. Not against his pants or even his underwear, he's got my hand down inside his pants and he's rubbing his dick against my fingers.

"That's right Blondie, squeeze Ol' Jake again like you did before. I know's you wants him. Squeeze him and run yo' fingers through his hair."

Oh God, this is what Jimmy said. This is what he meant when he said it hurts more to tell them no. He'll kill me if I say no. I'll die if is say yes. Oh God, I don't know what to do.

His arm around me loosens a bit, but his grip on my hand and body are still so strong. He turns me so my back isn't against him any more. I see my hand down inside his pants. His underwear is almost brown it's so dirty. I see my fingers underneath it and I see his dick between them. He's using my hand to rub him there and his dick is huge. I can't get my hand all the way around it even when he tries to make me.

He's grunting now and kind of panting in my face. I think I'll puke his breath stinks so bad. Then he's pushing me down and I'm on my knees. His hand on my shoulder's digging into me and I'm crying some.

"Oh yeah, Blondie. Put them sweet lips out. Give Ol' Jake a kiss."

"I can't," I cry. "You're too far away. Why are you making me do this?"

"Too far away," he laughs. "Yeah, you right boy. Let's get some closer together."

He uses my hand to pull his dick out of his pants and with his other hand he forces my shoulders and head closer to it. I can see it's right in front of my face and I suddenly know what he wants me to kiss.

"NO!" I wail.

"Yes!" he hisses and pushes me closer and closer.

The smell is terrible. It's like old shit and piss and I want to gag. He pushes closer and closer and I'm like the fly. I see it coming and there's nothing I can do. I struggle some, but his big hands have me pinned. He uses my hand on his dick to rub it some more and some stuff starts dribbling out of it. It's like when you get a bad cut and it doesn't heal and then the pus starts coming out. He pushes it against my cheek and I struggle to turn my head. He lets my shoulder go but before I can do anything he has me by the hair and he's aiming my head right for his dick again.

I see a trail of spider's silk running from my cheek across to his dick head. It glitters in the sun.

"Kiss it boy. Open up and lick it. It like a lollipop for you Blondie. Ol' Jake he giving you a treat of the mo'ning. Lick it real good and you see it don't hurt when you open up yo' mouth."

He pressed the leaking pus covered end against my lips. I tried to scream, but that just let him push it into my mouth. He shoved my head against it and pushed my other hand down against his balls. It filled my mouth. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think. His gross and dripping cock was stuffing my mouth fuller than I had ever had it even when I was way hungry. I looked up at him with pleading in my eyes.

He laughed and said, "Oh yeah Blondie, take good care of me...."

I saw the sun blazing up above him like it had been earlier. I couldn't really see his face. I saw the spider walking on his neck. I thought I was going to choke to death. I watched the spider lift its front legs and seem to search against his skin. I knew the slimy gooey mess his dick was spreading on my tongue was going to poison me. I watched the spider slowly lower itself and reach out once. I saw the hairs on his neck stand up. I saw the fangs kind of unfold from under the spider. I saw them gently touch his skin.

He pulled my head back and away and I gulped a huge breath just when I thought I was gone. Then he shoved his dick back in and deep deep down inside me. I gagged and it didn't matter. He was stuck inside my throat. He was so deep I thought my eyes were going to pop out. I squirmed and struggled against him and he just laughed. I tried to puke, but there was no way nothing could get out. I was plugged up completely with his dick. My eyes begged him to let me go.

I saw the spider push the fangs in just like he had pushed his dick. Fast, hard and all the way. He jumped and screamed and let me go with both his hands. I fell backwards gasping for air. He screamed and pounded at his neck trying to get the spider. His pants fell down and tripped him. He fell into the flower bed breaking the rest of the peapods and the gardener's twine.

I gulped a great big breath and suddenly my feet were working again. My brain was screaming RUN. I ran.

I ran down the alley away from him, from the stench of him, from his slimy dick. I ran as fast as I could.

I didn't know how long I ran, I don't know where I went, I don't know what is happening. Suddenly I hit a wall. A wall that scooped me up, that grabbed me as tight as he had. A wall that stopped me just as fast as I had been running.

A wall that held me and touched my head and hair and whispered, "Aye Paulito! Que Pasa, little one? What makes you run like from Diablo?"

I smelled the smells of burritos and beans, fajitas and guacamole.

I smelled the smell of safety in Manuel's arms.

I started crying great big heaving sobs.

He caressed me and told me he'd take care of me.

I knew it was the truth.

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