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by: Kewl Dad

Recently after being away for over ten years I had to take the driving tests and get a new license. If you have ever been to the DMV, no matter where you live they are all the same. Endless lines and hoops to jump through, as you boredly wait for your number to be called. But on this occasion luck was smiling down on me.

I took my number and went over to one of the waiting areas and sat down, 510 it read. The electronic board now read 498 so I knew I was in for quite a long wait. I amused myself by scanning the other people there and was pleased to see several new drivers, fresh cut teenage boys with that swagger that is so sexy, and a few younger ones probably there for support or because it being a non-school day they just got dragged along. One boy in particular caught my eye. He was standing with a woman  who I assumed was his mother by the exit door but they didn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The boy was maybe 13 or 14 in that awkward puppy dog stage that is so endearing and though not fashion model cute he had that home spun boy next door quality that made him more beautiful than the highest paid model. He had dimples and a spattering of freckles across his cute nose and short shaggy black hair that looked like he'd combed it with an egg beater. He wore long shorts that bagged at the hips but not obscenely like some boys do, but I did catch a glimpse of his blue boxers bunching at the waist. 

I'm a foot freak so my eyes traveled down his sturdy smooth legs to his feet and was pleased to find they were small and he wore no socks beneath his Vans. He was probably a skater boy wanna be, I chuckled to myself, but certainly not an Emo because there were no piercings or black nails. He was just a regular boy, the best kind and I was enjoying just watching him. 

You are probably wondering how I get away with staring at boys in public places. Well, I don't. I have learned how to covertly glance in their direction and gather my  information a piece at a time. Now that is not to say that occasionally the boy may make eye contact but often he will just smile and perhaps blush. No screaming or yelling "what the fuck are you looking at" just a shy grin usually or a ballsy smirk. I have a theory about this. As a life long boy lover and watcher I have come to the conclusion that boys pick up on our interest the way gay guys picks up on other gays. I call it it BL radar? If you are a disbeliever of this phenomenon you have not doubt never connected with a boy on any level other than perhaps physically...if even that.

At any rate this one did catch me and he did smile shyly but he also seemed to be watching me as closely as I was now watching him. Fortunately mom had wandered off to talk to a lady near the desk and junior was all alone. I wished I knew his name, he looked liked a Cody or a Trevor or some such exotic name but he could have been a Billy or a Danny for all I knew. All I knew was that looking at him was making the wait a whole lot more pleasant. Of course I had no designs on anything physical or even intellectually happening between us, I was just watching, but you never know what can happen till it does.

About a half hour into my wait the boy gave me one last shy look and trotted off toward the bathroom. Now you are probably thinking, only a fool would follow a boy into a public restroom in a crowded place with his mom just lingering nearby, but I had to pee and there was no harm in being in the same restroom with him as long as I respected his boundaries..Now was there?

The restroom was toward the back and rather large. The place had been a car dealership before the DMV took it over and everything was nice including the necessary room. The dividers were granite as was the sink tops and there were three urinals side by side with just a small partition between each one. The boy was at the first one and when I came in he turned to look over his shoulder and meeting my eyes he smiled coyly. Yes, I said coyly. If I was a suspicious person I'd have thought I was just led into a trap, but over the years I have come to understand boys so well that I have never once been misled by one. This one knew exactly what he was doing and the only question was, was I bold enough to give it to him?

I nodded at him and moved up to the next urinal and hauled out my junk and began peeing. The partition was a joke. As tall as I was I could easily see over and the kid wasn't bothering to hide anything. He had unzipped his shorts and pushed them and his boxers down and all of is boy junk was on display. He was neatly cut with two hairless nuts just below the most beautiful dick I had ever seen on a  boy. It was pink and healthy and the stream of piss coming out of it was clear as water. The boy was as healthy a specimen of male as I had ever seen. 

He finally looked over at me, but being a bit shorter he really couldn't see my junk as well and I could see that bothered  him so after I finished peeing I stepped back to stow the junk. He didn't miss a beat. He backed away from the urinal with his junk still in his hand and gave mine the once over. If he was embarrassed he didn't show it at that moment as his lovely brown eyes took in all my glory. I began to get hard just knowing he was looking and when I reached my full 6.5 inches he laughed nervously and squeezed his own junk, now also hard and I knew it was now or never.

Without a word I headed toward the back stall not even bothering to glance back. If he came he would cum, if he didn't I would cum He hesitated only a second and by the time I was inside the stall he was at the door. He looked at me nervously and I smiled and nodded.

"It's okay, it's your show. You tell me what happens."

He nodded, "I...I'm sorry..I don't...."

"'s okay, we can just look if that's what you want."

"Well....I wanna," he looked away then and I could see his face was burning red.

I dared to touch him gently on the arm and he looked into my eyes. I saw hurt and uncertainty in those lovely brown eyes and I had him figured out in an instant. He was battling with his own sexuality. Probably gay or bi and afraid to be different but unable to change who he was. He needed someone to reassure him, someone to love him and to guide him. I might not be able to do that on a daily basis but I felt I had to try to do something for him in the short time we had together.

"It's okay, I understand. I was that way too and it took me a long time to understand and accept it but now it's fine....better than fine, it's wonderful." I said smiling and rubbing up and down his arm. 

"I've never...." he stuttered, "but I've wanted to forever...I just..."

"It's okay, what do you want me to do? I can make you feel good and then you can go if you like. You don't have to do anything back."

"But...that's what I want...want to do," he said as his lip quivered.

"Have you ever been with another boy or man before?"

He shook his head, "Not till now," he laughed nervously.

"Then let's make it special, okay?"

He nodded and I moved up against him. I didn't expect what came next but when his soft face brushed mine and seconds later his lips met mine it was like I had been electrocuted. If you have never kissed a boy you have not lived. There is something so special about the innocence of a boy combined with his natural lust that makes it truly a unique experience. We didn't kiss long, we didn't have much time and I could sense his urgency in getting his first time over. I was determined that it would be memorable and something to compare all future encounters to.

I tugged at his shorts, they were still open and they fell halfway to his knees of their own accord. His cock was so hard now that it looked angry and for a boy his apparent age it was above average in size. I guessed it to be at 6 maybe 6.5 inches long and was plump but not obscenely so. It looked delicious and as a boy wiener connoisseur I couldn't wait to try it. 

I sat down on the toilet and pulled him to me holding onto his soft slender waist and he offered no resistance. I kissed his flat smooth boy tummy and he let out a little sigh and then I moved down and nuzzled the few pubes he had just above that magnificent boy cock. His balls were pulled up tight against his body as if they were hiding but I found them and gave them a good licking. He gasped and reached down to pull his cock up so I could have better access and I really went to town on them. I could feel him trembling and I smiled at the effect I was having on him. I gave his balls a few more licks then went for the prize.

I licked the end of his cock and tasted his musky boy flavor mixed with the last few drops of his delicious boy piss and I felt drunk with desire. I had to have him in my mouth and now. I leaned in and took all of him into my hot greedy mouth and he took in a breath and shuddered as if he were freezing. I let him recover a moment before starting to move up and down his sweet sweet cock and he reached down and entwined his fingers in my hair. He was gentle with me, unlike some boys I'd fired up with my cock worship, and I realized just what a little sweetheart this boy must be. When he finally found a boy (or man) to love they would be very lucky and I hoped they would be worthy of him. 

I knew we didn't have much time but I was determined to make the best of the situation and  since I expected no reciprocation, I would use all that precious time on him. After a few minutes as he became comfortable with me I began to rub his back side slowly and lovingly. Now some boys tense up when you touch their butt, but not my little sweety. In fact he seemed to welcome my touch and I became more daring, letting my fingers slip into his crack but now quite reaching his boy button. I had no intention of queering the deal by pushing things too far, that was best left to the next person who had more time and hopefully a better place than a bathroom stall to perform in.

His cock was amazing, the taste, the feel, the smell of it drove me to new heights of excitement never before experienced. I know, you probably think I say that about every boy I meet and, but I swear this one was something very special. His soft hands were touching my face as he sighed and began to move ever so slightly against me as if he were embarrassed to be too aggressive. I wanted him to be aggressive however  but I didn't know how to communicate that without scaring him or messing up his rhythm so I just let him do it his way.

I was suddenly aware of little mewling sounds coming from him and he threw his head back and began to move a little faster. I encouraged him by pulling him against me and pushing him away and he got the message at last. He began to face fuck me with gusto and I was in Heaven. His hard hot cock was pounding my throat and his pubes tickled my face with each forward thrust as his nuts slapped my chin.

I knew the moment he began to come because he cried out and thrust against me so hard I almost lost my balance on the throne. I recovered quickly and began to enjoy the tasty treat my sweet boy was sharing with me. To say he tasted sweet was an understatement. Did he eat nothing but sugar and candy? I wondered. Most boys taste a little bit salty even with the sweet, but this boy's cum was pure sugar. I gobbled it down greedily and kept on sucking till I was sure I had it all. I knew he was getting sensitive so I stopped moving and just held his cock in my mouth as he stood there with his hands on my shoulders and recovered.

When I finally pulled off I looked up a him and smiled and he smiled back shyly. I patted his little behind and kissed his tummy and he giggled nervously.

"Better get your shorts up and get back out there before someone misses you," I said and he looked at me with confusion.

"But, what about...uh...about you?"

"I'm fine. I just like pleasing sweet boys like you. I'm Rick by the way," I said helping  him get his shorts up. 

"I wish...I wish we know, more time.....would you wouldn't want to meet me again. Would you?" he stuttered.

I smiled, as much as I wanted that to happen it seemed neither wise or safe to do so, so then why did I accept the scrap of paper he handed me next?

He exited before I could recover and as I unfolded the piece of paper I realized I was happier than I had been in a long time. Scrawled across that piece of paper in a typical boy's handwriting was his name and cell phone number. I read the name again and I smiled, I had know many boys in my life, but one name kept coming back over and over. Cody, it said and I smiled again. This would be my fourth Cody and all before him had been just as special and just as sweet and so I knew I was in for a wonderful experience. 

When I returned to the lobby Cody and his mom and a girl who looked to his older sister were just exiting the side door. For a moment our eyes met and I saw a shy smile and I winked. We were in our own little world for that moment and it was as if the world and everyone in that crowded DMV stood still.  Then the world resumed and Cody disappeared from view. I stood for a  moment watching the door as if I expected him to return then I looked up at the electronic board, 509....I was next.

The End

Okay, I know it's a lot like hair salon boy, but damn it these things just keep happening to me. I go someplace and I see a boy or boys and my imagination goes wild and I have to write a fantasy story about it. Of course it's all fantasy, and I even changed up the boy a little but he was no less cute and I bet he was sweet too. Like ships that pass in the night...yadda If you enjoyed it let me know, but please don't ask for more. It's a short story and it's over. If there is more you will just have to use your imagination.

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