Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 1


Between the ages of four and eight, I had who I considered the best doctor in the world. My mom would always wonder why I seemed to get sick more often than my brothers, as I played off sick at least once a month just to see my doctor. The reason was that he would always seem to take better care of me than anyone else, and it made me feel very special. First he would have me completely strip, then lay face down on the table so he could take my temperature using a rectal thermometer. He always used that thermometer with me because he said it was more accurate, even though he never used the rectal thermometer with my brothers. Then he would spend the next five to ten minutes thoroughly examining my penis. I would always be smiling madly because he was so gentle, and made sure that it felt very nice to me. My doctor knew how much I liked these special examinations, and that I would never say anything about them to anyone because I enjoyed them so much. He would smile when he speculated to me that I was never really sick, and that I just wanted to be examined by him, and I would smile right back as I proudly offered my body for his examination.

As I got closer to the age of eight, his examinations would be more and more intimate, and he would offer himself for me to examine, which I did several times. When I was eight, my doctor moved off to the city because he was offered residency in a large hospital there. I was devastated to lose such a great doctor, who I later found out had offered to adopt me from my parents before leaving. After he left, it was five years before I went to another doctor, and that was due to the rupture of my appendix. This story is not about myself and my doctor, but what a person like that can mean to a boy who needs him. I hope you enjoy it.

The story:

Doctor Thomas Bechtel had made himself quite a fortune over the years, taking care of rich elderly patients in private practice. It was never very rewarding to him, but he made a good living, and had amassed quite a bit of wealth. At only 39 though, he was nowhere near ready to retire. Instead, when he left his private practice to his promising younger partner, he decided to accept a residence position at a large hospital, working mostly out of the outpatient clinic there. This was where Thomas got to practice the medical profession he had always trained for, and that was more rewarding to him than the money that private practice brought him. He got to see a wide variety of patients, with a wide variety of problems. That was fine with Tom, as he liked to be called, as he was tired of writing an endless string of prescriptions for sugar pills to treat imaginary illnesses.

Today was to be one of those days that Tom would never forget though. His last patient before lunch was a seven year old boy named Kieran. Tom went into the examination room, and found the young boy fidgeting as he sat on the table. The boy also looked to be in quite a bit of discomfort.

"Hello Kieran, there's nothing to be nervous about." said Tom, as he gave the boy a reassuring smile. "I'm going to do whatever I can to make you feel better, not worse. What seems to be the problem?"

"Umm,.. Uh,.. Umm." stuttered Kieran, as he looked down at his crotch.

Tom noticed that, and said, "I'm a doctor Kieran, and I've seen just about everything. Whatever is wrong, you can tell me. Does it have anything to do with your genitals Kieran?"

"My what?" asked Kieran nervously.

"Your genitals." replied Tom. "You know, your little boys parts down there where you're looking."

"Umm, my thingy really hurts doctor." replied Kieran bashfully.

"Now we're getting somewhere Kieran." replied Tom. "Usually in these cases, it's nothing more than a slight surface infection or rash. I will need to look at your penis to see which one it is, then I can get you the right medicine to make you feel better."

"My penis?" asked Kieran.

"Yes, your penis." replied Tom, as he almost chuckled. "You know, your thingy."

"Oh, okay." replied Kieran. "I guess you would have to see it to know what's wrong, huh?"

Kieran hopped down off the table, then lowered his pants and underwear around his ankles. With his pants around his ankles though, Kieran was having problems hopping back up on the table. Tom put one arm under Kieran's arms, and supported Kieran's bare butt with his other hand. Then Tom gently lifted the boy back up on the table. Kieran's uncut boy dick was about three inches long, with about a half inch of foreskin forming a very tight snout past the head underneath. His entire dick looked inflamed, with the area of the head looking more swollen than it should have. Tom took the little dick in his fingers carefully, and noticed that the opening of the foreskin was very tight, and could not retract back past the head underneath.

"I need to take your temperature Kieran." said Tom. "This seems to be more than a slight infection, and you seem to have several other problems as well."

Kieran now looked very nervous, and a little scared as Tom took his temperature. Tom was starting to become concerned when he saw that Kieran was running a fever of one hundred and one point five degrees. Kieran's look didn't improve when Tom turned back to him holding two swabs, each enclosed in a small tube.

"I don't want you to be scared Kieran." said Tom, trying to ease the boy's fears. "You do have a little more than a slight infection, and I need to take a couple of specimens. I'm going to place this one swab between that skin at the end of your penis and the part underneath it. Then I have to place this smaller swab just inside the slit where your pee comes out. It might be a little uncomfortable, but I'll be as gentle as I can, okay?"

"O-o-okay." replied Kieran nervously.

Tom carefully took ahold of Kieran's badly infected dick, and gently inserted the first swab. The swab barely passed through the opening of Kieran's foreskin, and Tom knew that it would be very difficult and painful to retract the boy's foreskin, to properly clean beneath it. First he collected the specimens he needed though. Kieran squirmed uncomfortably during the first specimen, and almost let out a slight yelp for the second.

"I'm very sorry Kieran, but I needed to do that." said Tom, as he gently rubbed the base of Kieran's inflamed dick to soothe it. "I'm trying as hard as I can not to hurt you, but your penis is badly infected right now. Also, the foreskin is much tighter than it should be. You should be able to easily retract it back past the glans underneath, but yours is so tight that it looks like it would be nearly impossible to do that. I would normally retract the foreskin right now to clean the infected area beneath, but that would really hurt you to do it. I'm going to have to clean you off a bit differently for now."

"What do you mean by retract my foreskin back past the glans?" asked Kieran.

Tom stopped rubbing the base of Kieran's dick, and grasped it near the head. The he tried to pull back on it slightly and said, "This skin at the end of your penis is called foreskin. The part underneath that looks kind of like the top of a mushroom is called the glans. Some people leave the foreskin of their boys' penis intact when they're born, to help protect the glans underneath, as it can be kind of sensitive. If your foreskin is left on at birth though, you have to clean out from under it whenever you bathe. That keeps it stretched enough to function properly, and it keeps your penis from becoming infected. Have your parents ever showed you how to clean your penis properly Kieran?"

"They've never told me anything about cleaning myself, except to make sure I clean behind my ears." replied Kieran.

"Well, that is important, but it's just as important to clean your penis well too." replied Tom. "If you don't, you end up seeing me because it hurts. I'm going to have to do several things now Kieran, and it might be a little painful. I need you to be a strong little guy for me, okay?"

"Okay Doctor Tom." replied Kieran. "Before you do anything though, could you rub the base of my penis like you were doing before? That made it feel better."

"I'd love to do that while I explain what we're going to do Kieran." replied Tom with a smile. You have a very nice little penis, and I'm going to make it feel as good as new for you soon. First of all, I'm going to have to give you an injection of penicillin. Then when I get the results from the specimens I took, we may have to add another antibiotic to that. Then I'm going to have to clean out from underneath your foreskin. We can't retract it right now, so I'm going to have to take a syringe and flush it out with hydrogen peroxide. Then I'll rinse it out with sterile water. Finally, we either have to loosen your foreskin somehow, or I may have to circumcise you. That means that I would have to cut off your foreskin. I don't want to do that though because as I said, you have a very nice penis and I don't want to ruin it. Also, I happen to think that the foreskin can be very useful if taken care of."

By the time Tom stopped rubbing Kieran's penis again, the boy was starting to smile slightly.

"I take it you like having your penis rubbed like that, huh?" asked Tom as he smiled.

"It feels really nice when you do that Doctor Tom." replied Kieran. "It makes me feel like you care about me."

"Well Kieran, I care about all of my patients." replied Tom. "Especially special little boys like you. There is one more thing before I have you turn over, so I can give you a shot in your butt. This infection is bad enough that I'm going to admit you to the hospital, at least for a few days until we get this situation under control. There's nothing to be frightened about though Kieran. Your parents can be with you most of the day, and I'll check in on you often. Plus we have nurses who will take care of anything you need."

"I don't want to be in the hospital though." replied Kieran, once again in a scared tone.

"I know Kieran, no one does." replied Tom. "I need to have you someplace where we can keep a close eye on this infection for the next few days though. Like I said, I really don't want to have to circumcise your nice little penis. Remember how I asked you to be strong for me Kieran?"

"Yes." replied Kieran softly.

"Well, this is one of those times when I need you to be strong." replied Tom. "I will make sure that you are very well taken care of. Now, I need you to turn over and point your butt up in the air. I'll do this as gently as I can."

Once Kieran had turned over, Tom got a sterile injection syringe and filled it with the proper dose of penicillin. Then he stepped back over to the table and rubbed Kieran's butt gently where he was going to give him the injection. Once Tom felt Kieran's butt relax beneath his fingers, and Kieran let out a comfortable sigh, Tom stuck the needle into Kieran's butt and injected the medicine.

"Are you okay Kieran?" asked Tom, as he removed the needle from Kieran's butt.

"It hurt a little, but you're better at giving shots than anyone I've been to." replied Kieran. "It usually hurts a lot worse."

"Well, I did promise to take good care of you." smiled Tom. "Just lay there and relax for me for a few minutes now Kieran. I'm going to let your mother know what's going on, and that we're going to have to keep you here in the hospital for a few days. Then I'll be right back to clean you up."

Tom went out and informed Kieran's mother about his infection, and told her that the boy would have to be in the hospital for a few days. Tom didn't know how Kieran's home life was, but he thought that his mother didn't quite look as concerned as he thought she would be. Tom then had his nurse go over the admission forms with Kieran's mother, while he returned to treating the boy. When Tom went back in, Kieran was laying face up on the table, and beginning to snore softly. Before Tom woke Kieran, he took a moment to look the boy over. Kieran was about forty six inches tall, and seemed to weigh about fifty to fifty five pounds. His hair was milk chocolate brown, and when his eyes had been open earlier, they matched his hair perfectly. The boy had a medium tan complexion all over, and not one blemish on his body except for his now inflamed penis.

When Tom felt his own penis shift in his pants while looking at the boy, it startled him. Although he had had similar feelings toward other men before, he never acted on those feelings. He had examined plenty of young boys before though, and had never had a reaction like that. He decided that it would be best to wake Kieran quickly, and take care of what needed to be done.

"Kieran, I need you awake for this." said Tom gently, as he shook Kieran lightly. "You can take a nap when we take you to your room."

"Sorry Doctor Tom." yawned Kieran preciously. "I guess I must be kinda tired."

"That's okay Kieran." smiled Tom. "Now, let's get your penis cleaned so we can get you upstairs to a room. You'll be in the children's ward, but with your condition I'm putting you in a private room there. You don't need the other kids watching you get your penis taken care of."

Tom got everything he needed, and filled the flushing syringe with hydrogen peroxide. Tom pumped as much under Kieran's foreskin as he could, then held Kieran's foreskin closed for a few seconds. When he let Kieran's penis drain into a collection bowl, quite a bit of smegma and puss washed out. Tom had to repeat that process on Kieran's penis several times before the discharge began to clear. The last flush was going to have to be as much as Tom could get in. As he pushed the plunger, he watched Kieran's foreskin distend. Tom stopped when he knew that Kieran had about as much in his penis as he could stand, then he held the foreskin closed for about a minute. Kieran sounded relieved when Tom finally let his penis drain into the bowl. Then Tom gently flushed out the tiny shaft of flesh several times with sterile water.

"Are you okay Kieran?" asked Tom after he had finished. "You were a very brave little boy for me there."

"My penis kinda hurts again." replied Kieran.

"I'm sorry Kieran." said Tom, as he gently rubbed the base of Kieran's penis. "I'll try to keep it from hurting as much as I can, but there will be a little more to go through later."

Tom stood next to the table and rubbed Kieran's penis for a few minutes, until the boy started smiling again. Tom was glad that Kieran couldn't see his crotch, as he now had a little bit of a bulge from soothing Kieran's inflamed penis. "Does that feel better now Kieran?" Tom finally asked.

"Yeah, that feels really nice." smiled Kieran. "Will you come by my room later, and do that some more?"

"I'll look forward to it Kieran." smiled Tom back at the sweet little boy.

Tom had Kieran remove his shirt, socks, and shoes, then put all of Kieran's clothes in a bag. Kieran giggled as he laid completely naked on the table. Tom smiled at the giggling naked boy, as he handed him a gown and a pair of slippers. Then Tom had Kieran dress in what he had given him. By the time Kieran had put on the gown and slippers, a nurse had come from the children's ward with a wheelchair to get Kieran. Tom filled the nurse in on Kieran's condition, and she wondered aloud how a boy's parents could let their son get in that condition. Tom replied that he didn't know, but it may bear some looking into.

Tom had a lot to think about as he went to lunch. How could a respected doctor such as himself let himself get aroused by a young boy the way he had. He didn't want to remove himself from Kieran's case because he felt that the boy had bonded with him, and he didn't want to upset Kieran's recovery. There had to be a way to control these feelings he'd had though. He knew that it would come to him before his last patient at the clinic, when he would then have to go see Kieran again. Nothing came to him though that afternoon, except for Kieran's lab results. Kieran did have a very serious infection of his penis, and a slight infection of the urinary tract. Tom knew he could treat the boy, but couldn't help to hope he could leave Kieran's penis intact.

Kieran had been really scared when his mom had talked him into going to the doctor earlier. Now as he laid in his hospital bed, he was glad that she did. He was a little upset that she had only visited fifteen minutes with him after he was admitted, but he had come to expect that. He did get to meet Doctor Tom though, and that made it worth it. Sure the doctor said that he cared about all of his patients, but he seemed like he cared more about him than anyone else ever had. Besides, it felt really nice when Doctor Tom touched him the way he did, and he was looking forward to more of that. Now if his thingy, or penis as Doctor Tom had called it, would stop hurting and look like it normally did, he would be a happy boy.

Tom finally finished his last patient, and headed up to the children's wing in the hospital. The nurse immediately saw him.

"Are we glad to see you, Doctor Bechtel!" said the nurse. "We got your patient to take the pills you prescribed him, but he won't let any of us near him with a needle. He said no one had ever given him a shot as well as you did earlier, and now you're the only one he'll let do it. Are you trying to put us out of business?"

"Not at all." laughed Tom. "Kieran is just having a rough time of it right now. I'll have a talk with him though."

"Yeah, I could see that when I helped him bathe earlier." replied the nurse. "Will he lose any of his penis?"

"I'm going to try my best to prevent that." replied Tom. "I don't even want to circumcise him if I don't have to, even though most doctors probably would in this case. I'm hoping that he'll leave the hospital with everything he came in with. Did you get the tray ready that I called for?"

"Yes, but I doubt he'll like it." replied the nurse.

"I'm sure he won't, but this has to be done." said Tom. "It's either this, or circumcision. I'm kind of upset with his parents though, for not teaching the boy how to care for himself. By the way, are they here?"

"His mother was here for fifteen minutes, but she said she had to be somewhere." replied the nurse.

"What do you mean, she had to be somewhere?!" asked Tom. "Her son is in the hospital with a serious infection. What would be more important than that?!"

"If it were my son, I'd be here." replied the nurse. "I don't know what's going on with his parents though."

"Well, I guess I better get to this." said Tom. "Kieran could probably use some company right now, even if it might be painful."

Tom picked up the tray and the penicillin, then headed to Kieran's room. When he opened the door, Kieran looked at him and smiled brightly.

"How's the greatest doctor in the world?" asked Kieran.

"I don't know." replied Tom. "When I see him, I'll make sure to ask him."

"Okay, that'll work." snickered Kieran.

"I'm glad to see you're in a decent mood Kieran." smiled Tom. "We have a few things to take care of that may dampen your mood. First, there's this business about taking your shots. I'll give it to you now, but there are times when I'll be busy with patients downstairs, and I won't be able to do it. You have to let the nurses here do it for you Kieran. I'll tell them to be extra gentle with you, I promise."

"Okay, I'll try it." replied Kieran. "If they hurt me more than you though, you're giving it to me from then on. Now, do you want to see my butt?"

"Sure Kieran." laughed Tom. "Let me go ahead and poke you in that cute little butt."

Kieran smiled as he pulled his gown up under his arms, then turned over on his stomach. Tom smiled as he walked over to the bed, then began to gently rub Kieran's butt. Tom gently worked his fingers into the flesh in Kieran's cheeks, working the tightness out of his muscles. Once again, Tom massaged Kieran's butt until it began to relax and the boy let out a soft sigh, but this time he kept going. Tom knew that he shouldn't get too involved, but what he was doing felt nice. Tom slipped one finger down between Kieran's cheeks, and lightly grazed his rosebud.

Kieran felt that nothing had ever felt as good as what Doctor Tom was doing to him now. His hands felt so soft and gentle as they massaged his butt. Kieran couldn't help but to let out a contented sigh as he felt his body relax. Then he felt Tom's finger slip down into the crack in his butt. When he felt Tom's finger pass lightly over his hole, it made Kieran's body shiver from feeling so nice.

Tom felt Kieran shiver when he grazed the boy's pucker, and that brought him out of it. Tom gently stuck the needle into Kieran, and gave him the medicine he needed.

"I'm sorry that I got carried away Kieran." said Tom, as he pulled the needle out of Kieran's butt.

"I don't understand why you're sorry, or why you stopped." replied Kieran, a little confused. "Don't you like making me feel better?"

"You know that I do Kieran." replied Tom.

"Well, I like it too, so I don't see what the problem is." said Kieran.

"The problem is that you're seven Kieran." said Tom. "A man isn't suppose to have those feelings about a seven year old boy."

"What feelings?" asked Kieran. "Why can't you rub me and make me feel better? No one has ever acted like they care enough to make me feel better until I met you today. What's wrong with that?"

"Because, there's more to it than that Kieran." said Tom. "I like doing those things to you, and I think I might like to do even more. It's making me feel ways that I should only feel about other adults."

"Do you mean like the way my mom and dad feel when they're not fighting or stoned?" asked Kieran. "Do you love me Doctor Tom?"

"Yes." replied Tom softly.

"That's good then, because I love you too." said Kieran as he smiled. "Please don't stop loving me Doctor Tom. No one has ever felt that way about me before."

"I'm sure you're parents love you Kieran." said Tom. "Besides, there are different kinds of love. I've had these feelings about other men before, but I've always convinced myself that they weren't real. I've treated hundreds of boys without feeling what you made me feel today."

"What did I make you feel today?" asked Kieran.

"Do you really want to see what you made me feel Kieran?" asked Tom. "Maybe then you will understand what I'm talking about."

"Sure!" exclaimed Kieran as he smiled.

"Okay then Kieran, turn over on your back." said Tom. "When I start rubbing you, I want you to watch my penis."

As Kieran turned over, Tom pulled down his pants and briefs. Then he took ahold of Kieran's dick, and began rubbing it gently at it's base. Kieran watched Tom's cock in amazement, as it began to lengthen and stiffen. Kieran was now feeling things he had never felt before in his life.

"Can I feel it Doctor Tom?" asked Kieran softly.

"Only for a second or two Kieran." replied Tom.

Tom gasped when he felt Kieran's little hand touch his cock. Kieran was shocked by the feel of Tom's penis. He couldn't even wrap his hand around it, it was so big. After a few seconds, Kieran obediently let go of Tom's erect cock, as Tom continued to softly rub Kieran's dick.

"For most men, only women affect them like that." said Tom, as he rubbed Kieran's dick. "I've always told myself that I couldn't possibly be gay, that I couldn't have those feelings for other guys. Now I'm having them for you Kieran. That's why what I'm doing to you right now is wrong."

"It's not wrong if we both like it Doctor Tom." said Kieran. "I don't know about that other stuff you talked about, but I know I really like how you're making me feel right now. If you like it too, then we shouldn't worry about it and just enjoy it."

"But you don't know what it really means to enjoy something like that Kieran." said Tom.

"You're talking about love again, aren't you?" asked Kieran. "If liking you making me feel good means I love you, then I guess I do love you. I want us to keep doing what we're doing. As for my parents, I know they don't love me. My dad has never liked me because he said my mom went out drunk one night and got pregnant with me. He tells me that I'm a mistake that should have been aborted. My mom tells me that too when she gets mad at me. She says that I remind her of something she shouldn't have done." By this time, Kieran began crying lightly.

Tom let go of Kieran's dick and pulled his pants up, then said, "Oh my God Kieran! I'm so sorry!"

Tom leaned down and took Kieran in a hug, and kissed the boy softly on his cheek. Tom hugged and kissed Kieran, and rubbed his head until the boy stopped crying.

"It took me seven years to find someone that cares about me Doctor Tom." said Kieran. "It's even better that you say you love me. Please don't say that you don't now."

"I promise I'll never do that Kieran." said Tom, as he leaned up and looked compassionately at the boy. Then he leaned back down and kissed Kieran on his nose. "Now, let's finish taking care of your nice little dick."

"What's a dick?" asked Kieran.

"It's another word for penis or thingy." chuckled Tom.

When Tom brought out a shiny silver instrument, Kieran asked, "What's that?"

"It's a special type of clamp." replied Tom. "Instead of clamping things together though, it spreads things apart. I'm going to insert this in your foreskin, and we're going to try to stretch it to where it should be. Your foreskin really needs to be able to be pulled back past your glans. If we can't get it to stretch, I'm going to have to circumcise you."

"You mean cut the skin off the end of my dick?!" asked Kieran, as his eyes grew wide.

"Yes, but I want to do everything I can to leave your nice little dick intact first." replied Tom. "I don't want to cut anything off it unless there's no other choice."

"Okay then Doctor Tom, do whatever you have to." said Kieran.

"Okay Kieran, first I'm going to spray your dick with a little spray." said Tom. "It's going to sting at first, because the flesh down there is very tender, but it will keep what I'm doing from hurting too much."

Tom sprayed Kieran's dick with the spray, then opened the foreskin as much as he could, and sprayed inside it. He could tell that it was uncomfortable to Kieran, but he knew how much the next job would hurt if he didn't. Tom slipped the clamp inside Kieran's foreskin, and began to open it. When Tom began opening the clamp, it hurt like hell as far as Kieran was concerned.

"Don't worry Kieran, I'm not going to stretch it too far." said Tom. "And when I'm done, I'll rub it for you until it feels better."

Tom opened the clamp a little further until the end of Kieran's foreskin had been stretched to twice it's earlier size, and Kieran let out a little yelp. "Ouch Tom!" said Kieran. "That really hurts!"

"Okay Kieran, that's as far as we'll stretch it for now." said Tom. "I'll check it again before my shift at the clinic tomorrow. This clamp will have to stay in until we're finished stretching your foreskin to where it needs to be. Now, let me flush you out good, and I'll rub your dick for as long as you want."

Tom flushed Kieran's dick out as well as he could, then sat down on the edge of Kieran's bed. Tom took ahold of Kieran's dick at the base, and began rubbing it very gently. Tom didn't care anymore that his cock was getting hard, as this boy needed his love and attention. Tom rubbed Kieran's dick for the next half hour, as he and Kieran both smiled.

"You don't have to rub my dick anymore right now if you don't want to." Kieran finally said.

"How much longer can I rub it if I want to?" asked Tom.

"Just keep going until you want to stop!" smiled Kieran.

As Tom continued rubbing Kieran's dick, he said, "Just wait until it's better Kieran. If you like me rubbing it, I want to show you something that you'll like even more."

"I can't wait!" replied Kieran dreamily.

"So, do your parents ever hit you Kieran?" asked Tom, as he continued softly rubbing Kieran's dick.

"Nah, they're afraid I'd call child welfare on them." replied Kieran.

"So, they're just verbally abusive then?" asked Tom.

"That, and I have to take care of myself a lot." replied Kieran, as he enjoyed Tom rubbing his dick. "They're always high on something they smoke that smells really bad. I think they call it crack. When they're high, I'm pretty much on my own."

"Are they greedy people too Kieran?" asked Tom, as he started to get an idea.

"I guess they are." replied Kieran. "They're always talking about how they never have enough money. You're so gentle when you rub my dick Doctor Tom. If I turn on my side, could you rub my dick and my butt both?"

"I'll do anything you ask me to Kieran." replied Tom.

Tom continued to rub Kieran's dick and butt for the next half hour. Then Tom had an orgasm without even touching himself, so he figured it was time to stop. Even with the clamp inserted in his foreskin, Kieran was smiling brightly by the time Tom finally stopped. Kieran put his gown down just before the nurse came by to see if everything was okay. Tom thanked her for stopping by to ask, and told her that everything seemed fine except that Kieran was terribly lonely. He told the nurse that he would probably stay until the boy wanted to get some rest.

Kieran had had a very long day, so he became tired soon after the nurse left. Tom went ahead and tucked Kieran into the bed, then gave him a gentle kiss on the lips with his lips closed.

"Good night Kieran, sleep well." said Tom. "I'll be by first thing in the morning to check the clamp, flush you out, and give you a shot."

"Sounds like a fun way to start the day." giggled Kieran. "Good night Doctor Tom, I love you."

"I love you too, you sweet little angel." replied Tom.

As Tom drove home, the confusion he had felt earlier had been replaced by an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. He knew he should have mixed feelings about coming face to face with his sexuality for the first time, but right now he had more important things to worry about. A very sweet little boy was depending on him to someday lead a normal life.

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