Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

"You like this as much as I do, don't you Evan?" asked Johnny, as he stroked Evan's dick a little faster.

"Uh-huh." replied Evan. "I think I'll like being your friend Johnny."

"Cool!" exclaimed Johnny. "I can ask my dad if I can visit you at your house, if you don't think your mother will mind."

"I don't think she will, as long as she doesn't catch us doing this." replied Evan.

"Just wait until I come over then!" giggled Johnny. "I'll bet I can come up with a few more things she shouldn't catch us doing!" That made both boys laugh, as Johnny put Evan's dick back in his shorts for him.

Both boys came out of the bathroom, and Johnny asked Tom, "As soon as Uncle Kenny gets to the pool, can I go over to Evan's house?"

"Did you guys have that much fun while Evan was peeing?" chuckled Tom.

"I just want to be Evan's friend, honest!" smiled Johnny impishly. "Besides, Evan is a really cute guy, and he has a nice dick."

"Your son already knows the most important qualities to look for Tom!" laughed Kenny.

"I guess that would be fine son, as long as you two ask Evan's mother first." smiled Tom.

The two boys did ask Evan's mother, who seemed glad that Evan was making a new friend. Her son had seemed a little depressed since his best friend suddenly moved away. Johnny thanked Evan's mother very politely, and told them that he would see them as soon as the office closed.

Even though Johnny did enjoy swimming with Kieran, Tony, Mark, and Davey, he was glad to see Kenny come out to the pool. Johnny ran to his room, and quickly threw on some clothes, then said bye to Tom as he headed toward Evan's house. Evan's mom met Johnny at the door with a smile, and told him Evan was in his room. When Johnny got to Evan's room, his new friend looked a little down. Evan smiled immediately though upon seeing Johnny.

Evan held out several fine tip markers in different colors, and said, "Pick out a color. I want my new best friend to be the first one to sign my cast."

"I will if you'll do something." replied Johnny, as he smiled and puckered his lips.

"Are you serious?" asked Evan with a smile.

"I'm always serious about that." replied Johnny.

Evan then moved his face in closer to Johnny's, and lightly touched their lips together. Johnny put both arms gently around Evan, and pressed their lips together a little more tightly. Johnny loved kissing boys, and his new friend was very cute. When Johnny began giving Evan a very warm and loving kiss, Evan put his good arm around Johnny. The two boys shared a very tender and heartfelt kiss for several minutes.

When Johnny broke the kiss, Evan said, "You made my dick hard by kissing me Johnny."

"Good, mine is too." smiled Johnny, as he reached down and rubbed Evan's dick through his shorts. "That means we like each other as special friends. Your dick feels very nice Evan."

Then Evan slowly reached down with his good hand, and rubbed Johnny's dick as he replied, "Thanks Johnny, yours does too. I liked how you touched me earlier. Can I touch you that way?"

Johnny kissed Evan quickly on the nose and replied, "I'd love to let you touch my dick."

Johnny pulled his shorts and underwear down, and Evan grinned as he took Johnny's dick into his hand and began to gently stroke it. Johnny moaned softly, then pressed his lips back against Evan's. As Evan kissed Johnny again, he played with Johnny's dick erotically.

This time when they broke the kiss, Evan said, "I've never really thought about how guys dicks look before, but I kinda like them now. Yours looks really nice Johnny, better than any I've ever seen."

"I've liked dicks for a while now." replied Johnny. "I've tried to touch every guy's dick that I've known. When I really like someone though, I like to do something besides touch their dick. I like you a lot Evan, can I show you?"

"Okay Johnny, what do I do?" replied Evan.

"When I pull your shorts down, just lay back on the bed." said Johnny. "I'll take care of everything else."

Johnny pulled Evan's shorts down, and Evan laid back on the bed. Then he looked down to where his dick was standing straight up. Evan couldn't believe it when he saw Johnny's face getting closer to his dick. It looked like Johnny was going to put his mouth around his dick, and that's exactly what Johnny did. Evan's dick looked very beautiful to Johnny, and he couldn't wait to make love to his new friend. Johnny began caressing Evan's dick very softly with his lips.

"I can't believe how nice that feels!" moaned Evan softly.

Johnny didn't reply, as he was busy making gentle love to Evan. Evan's dick throbbed when Johnny caressed the head of it with his tongue. After a little over five minutes, Evan began to feel a strange feeling in his balls and dick.

"I think I'm going to pee Johnny." said Evan softly.

Johnny pulled off Evan's dick just long enough to reply, "Nah, you're going to cum."

Johnny went right back to making love to Evan, anticipating the taste of his friend's cum. Evan had to work on controlling the noise he made, not wanting his mother to hear it. When Evan began to writhe wildly, Johnny sucked on his dick as hard as he could. Johnny could tell this was Evan's first cum because there wasn't a great deal of it, and it was a little thin. It still tasted very good to Johnny though, and he enjoyed every drop of it. When Evan's orgasm was over, Johnny pulled his shorts back up and laid down beside his friend.

"Was that the first time you ever cummed Evan." asked Johnny.

"If that's what it was, yeah." panted Evan breathlessly.

"It was cum alright, I know that taste anywhere." smiled Johnny. "Yours tastes really good too. I'm gonna want to drink your cum for you quite a bit, is that okay with you?"

"You can do what you just did for me anytime Johnny!" replied Evan, as he continued to rest.

"Would you like to do that for me after you rest a minute?" asked Johnny.

"What does it feel like to have a guy's dick in your mouth?" asked Evan.

"It's the most incredible feeling in the world!" replied Johnny. "I know you will love it."

"I guess I can try it then." replied Evan, as he smiled.

"Evan, I like you a lot, and I want you to be my boyfriend." said Johnny. "I've known that I'm gay for about a year now, and I'm hoping that you are too, and you'll be my boyfriend."

"You're my first boyfriend Johnny." said Evan. "There was another guy named Terry who wanted that, but I didn't realize it until his parents moved him away from me."

"Well, I'm not going anywhere boyfriend." smiled Johnny. "I love you Evan. Now, let me sign my boyfriend's cast."

Once Johnny had signed Evan's cast, Evan asked him to take his shorts down and lay on the bed. Johnny happily obeyed Evan, then Evan perched himself over Johnny's dick. Evan had never had anyone's dick in his mouth before, but now he was looking at Johnny's dick as though it were very appealing.

"Do you like how it looks?" asked Johnny. "I've always loved looking at them up close like that."

"It looks so cool." replied Evan.

"Then I'm sure you'll love how it feels in your mouth." said Johnny. "I think guys were meant to have sex with other guys. Why else would a dick fit so perfectly and feel so good in a guy's mouth?"

"I don't know, but I need to find out now!" replied Evan.

Johnny smiled as he watched his dick go into Evan's mouth. As soon as Evan felt Johnny's dick touch the inside of his mouth, he was hooked. Evan began to eagerly stroke Johnny's dick with his lips, enjoying the taste of his best friend's dick more than anything he'd ever enjoyed.

"I knew you would love sucking my dick as much as I love sucking yours." moaned Johnny softly. "We were meant to get together and become boyfriends. I love you, and I'd love for us to make love like this all the time."

Johnny and Evan both enjoyed what Evan was doing. Evan could no longer think of anything he would rather do than make love to Johnny's beautiful dick. After about five minutes, Johnny felt his orgasm coming on.

"I love how much you love sucking my dick." moaned Johnny. "I'm going to cum soon, and I want you to swallow my cum so it will swim around in your tummy. It's going to feel weird at first, but it tastes really good. I know you will love my cum."

Evan continued sucking, and soon felt Johnny's dick shooting something into his mouth. Evan didn't know what to do at first, but then he rolled the thick liquid around his tongue. Evan loved the taste, so he began to swallow hungrily. Johnny moaned lightly and whimpered, as he felt Evan's mouth drain the cum from his dick and balls. When Johnny's orgasm ended, Evan laid down on the bed with Johnny. Johnny took his boyfriend into an embrace, and pressed their lips together.

When Johnny tried to break the kiss, Evan said, "I love you too Johnny."

Then Evan pulled their lips back together. The two boys continued to kiss until Evan heard his mother calling down the hallway. Johnny quickly pulled his shorts back up, and the two boys sat up on the bed.

"What was that mom?" asked Evan.

"I asked, does your friend Johnny want to stay for dinner?" replied Sandy.

Evan looked at Johnny, who said, "I'd love to, but I have to call home and ask first.

"He has to call home and see if he can mom!" replied Evan.

"Well then son, bring him out here and show him where the phone is." replied Sandy.

Tom said okay to dinner, but he didn't want Johnny staying too late. The boys went back to Evan's room to wait for dinner. As they played with Evan's X-Box, they also gently fondled each other's dicks. Of course Johnny also had to kiss his boyfriend ocassionally.

Later that evening, the big man the other inmates had called Jorge last night came into Tony's father's cell. "How's my bitch tonight?" asked Jorge. "Did you flush yourself out with the hose after dinner?"

"Yes, I did." replied Tony father meekly.

"Will I need my friends to help tonight bitch?" asked Jorge.

"Even though it hurt more than anything anyone has ever done to me, I deserve to have to be your bitch after what I did to my son." replied Tony's father. "You won't need help anymore. I deserve whatever you do to me."

"Very good." replied Jorge. "You are going to make a fine bitch. Do you want me to gag you so the other guys don't hear you scream?"

"That would probably be best for now." replied Tony's father.

Jorge looked around for a pair of soiled underwear, and picked up the most pungent pair he could find. Then he came around in front of Tony's father and said, "Okay bitch, open your mouth."

Jorge then stuffed the underwear as tightly into Tony's father's mouth as possible without cutting off his air. "Okay bitch, you can drop your jumpsuit and bend over while I lube my cock."

Once Jorge's cock was lubed, and Tony's father was bent over, Jorge smiled as he put his cock up to the other man's hole. Then Jorge rammed his cock into the man as hard and fast as he could, getting a muffled scream from Tony's father. Then Jorge fucked Tony's father as hard as he could for a few moments. Jorge reached down and felt the tears of the man he was fucking.

"I just want you to know something bitch." said Jorge. "You accepting what you did to your boy, and accepting having to be my bitch to make up for it, gives me hope for you. I'm still going to fuck you as hard as I can tonight to pay you back for what you did to your boy, but I'll let up on you a little when I fuck you tomorrow night. You'll still be my bitch until I leave because you deserve that, but I won't be so rough on you from now on. Do you understand why I'm going to fuck you so hard tonight bitch?"

When Tony's father nodded his head yes, Jorge resumed fucking him as hard as he could. After Jorge filled his bitch with cum, he pulled his cock out of Tony's father, and yanked the underwear out of his mouth.

"Go ahead and sit on your bunk while I clean my cock with your underwear bitch." said Jorge. When he was done cleaning his cock, he stepped in front of Tony's father and said, "My contacts on the street also tell me that you told your boy that he was your bitch, and not your faggot. That was a horrible thing to say to a little boy, especially when you were busting a nut in his little ass so often. In order to make up for that, you are going to be my bitch AND my faggot. I want you to suck my cock like you love it, even though I did already cum in you."

Jorge enjoyed watching his bitch suck his huge cock. When Jorge's cock got too tender to continue, he pulled it from Tony's father's mouth and said, "That's good for now bitch. Now I need to teach you that it didn't have to be this way with us, and it didn't have to be the way it was between you and your son. I could have made you my bitch, and actually made it feel good for you, if you hadn't hurt your son so badly. You're going to be as gay as I am before I leave this place bitch."

Jorge sat down on the bunk and pulled Tony's father to him. When Tony's father resisted, Jorge asked, "Do I have to go get my friends again bitch? You WILL kiss me and like it. This isn't a request, you're going to be my faggot now, and I want to kiss my faggot."

Jorge pulled the man back to him again, and this time the resistance was gone. Jorge kissed Tony's father forcefully at first, but soon it turned much more passionate. Jorge continued to kiss Tony's father until he felt the man kiss him back. The Jorge pushed him back onto the bunk roughly.

"Now I'm going to show you how nice this can be bitch." said Jorge.

Jorge leaned down and took Tony's father's cock into his mouth, and began sucking it as passionately as he could. Once Tony's father's cock was nice and stiff, Jorge raised up and asked, "You like being my faggot too, don't you bitch?" After a few seconds of silence, Jorge said, "I expected an answer to my question bitch! Do you like us having sex as faggot lovers?"

"Yes, I like being your bitch and faggot." replied Tony's father.

"Good answer bitch." said Jorge. "Now I'm going to make you cum because I haven't had any in a while. I want you to moan loud enough for all the guys in the block to know how much you like me draining your cock. That will mark you as my bitch, and they will know not to fuck with you until I leave, so make your orgasm as loud as you can."

Jorge went back to sucking Tony's father's cock. Jorge sucked with as much passion as a man could give to another man's cock. When Tony's father began to approach his orgasm, he began to moan very loudly. By the time he was shooting his cum into Jorge's mouth, he was practically shouting how much he liked Jorge draining his cock. After Jorge had drained as much cum as he could from Tony's father's cock, he scooted up in the bunk and gave Tony's father a very loving kiss. Then Jorge smiled, as he looked gently into Tony's father's eyes.

"That was very good bitch." said Jorge softly. "I'm sure that everyone in the block knows that you belong to me now. Before I go, I want you to know that I have always loved my bitches. From now on I'm going to be much more gentle with you. I think you know what you did was wrong, and this is your amends for that. I almost wish you could get off easy, and get out when I do. I'd love for you to be with me on the outside. I doubt you will get off so easy though. Don't worry though, I take good care of my bitches. I'm going to work with you until you can defend yourself against any of these guys in here, except me of course. We'll start with weight training in the rec yard tomorrow. Sleep well bitch, I love you. Now is when my bitch would say, I love you too Jorge."

"I love you too Jorge." replied Tony's father. "Thanks for showing me what a monster I was."

By Thursday Tom began to realize that his practice was going to be very popular. The people in the neighborhood had begun spreading the word that Tom was a great pediatrician, and that his office would take them in in an emergency when no one else could. He also seemed to pick up another boy, as Evan had gotten permission from his mom to spend the day with Johnny and the two younger kids. Kieran and Tony liked Evan, so they didn't mind. When Johnny and Evan took a few breaks that day to make love, Kieran and Tony would either watch the two boys, or find something to play with to keep themselves occupied.

When the office was ready to close that day, Johnny gave Evan a passionate kiss before he returned home to supper. Then Tom, Patty, and Kenny sat down for a talk after smiling at the two boys.

"I didn't realize that the office would do so well so soon." said Tom. "I don't want to start turning anyone away though, and I can't move it."

"What kind of shape is the third floor of the house in Tom?" asked Kenny.

"I actually haven't been up there in years." laughed Tom.

"It has some cobwebs and is a little dusty, but it's kinda cool up there." said Johnny. "Evan and I went up there to make love earlier today."

"What kind of rooms do you have up there?" asked Patty.

"There are three bedrooms, and two bathrooms up there." replied Tom. "I think the house was used as a boarding house in the mid and late eighteen hundreds."

"Could the first floor be separated from the other two floors?" asked Patty.

"That's a great idea Patty!" said Kenny. "If you separated the first and second floors, and had separate entrances for each, you could move your bedrooms to the third floor, and set up the second floor as the main floor of your living quarters. You would have to do quite a bit of remodeling of the second floor to make a kitchen, living room, and so on, but it would free up the entire first floor to expand the office."

"Then all I would have to do is find the right partner, and hire a receptionist so Patty could concentrate on being our nurse." said Tom. "That might be the greatest idea I've ever heard."

"Then you wouldn't have to turn anyone away, and the neighborhood would love you even more." smiled Patty.

Tom then turned to the boys and said, "Kenny, Patty, and I were going to take you boys to the waterpark on Saturday. How would you boys like to earn a little spending money?"

"What do we have to do?" asked Kieran.

"Just spend the day tomorrow cleaning up the third floor of the house." replied Tom. "Get rid of all of the dust and cobwebs, and open up the windows to air it out up there. Try to make it look like it's ready to be lived in up there, and then we'll call the plumber and electrician in. Then when it's ready, we can move our bedrooms up there."

"Evan wouldn't be able to go to a waterpark with a plaster cast, would he?" asked Johnny.

"Well, he would be able to go, but he couldn't do anything that would get it wet." replied Tom. "You're pretty seriously in love with him, aren't you son?"

"I know I've only known him two days, but I hate not being with him now." replied Johnny.

"Then I'll tell you what son, we'll switch what waterpark we go to if Evan and his mom want to go too." said Tom. "There's another huge one just north of Chicago, so it isn't too far away, and they also have a big theme park there. I could fit him with a sling that will completely immobilize his arm tomorrow, so he could ride some of the less extreme stuff with you. How does that sound?"

"Can I call him now and ask?" asked Johnny excitedly.

"That would be great son." smiled Tom.

It took quite a bit of convincing by Evan and Johnny, but Sandy finally agreed. She would bring Evan by in the morning to have him fitted for another sling, then he could help the other boys as much as he could.

Evan was Tom's first patient the next morning, as he wanted to squeeze him in before his actual first appointment. "Okay Evan, this sling is going to be a little different than your other one." said Tom, as he rubbed Evan's head. "When you're on the rides tomorrow, we'll want to hold your arm against your body, so it doesn't hit something and re-injure it, or injure someone else. You'll also have to ask whatever adult is with you if there is any danger of your arm impacting anything on the ride. This should hold your arm up well enough so that most rides will be okay, but anything with a shoulder harness will be out. You might not be tall enough for those anyway." Then Tom finished securing the sling and said, "There, that's exactly how this one should fit. You may have to help your mother get it adjusted if you have to remove it tomorrow, so remember what that feels like. Now, we'll put your regular sling back on, and you can go find Johnny and the boys. They should be up on the third floor by now."

Evan thanked Doctor Tom, went out to talk to his mom for a minute, then went in search of the other boys. Once Evan tracked them down on the third floor, Kieran and Tony began giggling about how long it would be before the two boys began kissing.

Both of you guys have kissed other guys before, so don't laugh too loud!" chuckled Johnny.

"Do you mean they already like guys like that at their age?" asked Evan.

"Johnny!" scolded Kieran.

"Oops!" replied Johnny. "Evan, you have to promise never to talk about that to anyone, okay? I wasn't suppose to do that, but it slipped."

"Sure, we're boyfriends." smiled Evan. "I promise to never say anything to anyone about it. I think it's kinda cute that they kiss other guys at their age. Are they,... you know."

"Nah, they're not boyfriends." replied Johnny.

"We both have really nice ones though, but we can't talk about them." said Kieran. "Neither can Johnny."

"I said that I promise not to say anything to anyone." replied Evan.

"You have to promise that you won't think what we do is wrong, no matter how you feel about it." said Kieran. "No one else can ever know about this, cause it would end everything if they did, including our friendship."

"What, you guys aren't in love with your dads are you?" giggled Evan. When Kieran and Tony didn't giggle, Evan said, "You are, aren't you? You mean you and that really cool doctor Kieran? And Tony and the really cute x-ray guy? Damn, you guys are so lucky!"

"Really?" smiled Kieran.

"Heck yeah, little buddy!" replied Evan. "Most gay boys want their boyfriends to grow up to be doctors or lawyers, but yours already are! That's really cool! I promise I'll never ever say anything about it to anyone too, okay?"

"Thanks Evan, I'm glad Johnny found you as a boyfriend." replied Kieran happily.

The boys went back to work on cleaning then. By lunchtime, the third floor was looking very nice. Most of the electrical and plumbing fixtures were very old, but the boys thought they looked cool. After lunch, the boys went back to work on making the third floor spotless, and ready to live in. They knew which room would be the master bedroom, but one of the other bedrooms had a very nice antique canopy bed, which was beautiful when Johnny got it all cleaned off.

"Do you think it would be nice for us to make love on this bed Evan?" asked Johnny.

"I think it would be great to make love to you on any bed, but let's make sure!" replied Evan as he smiled.

"Oh-oh, here they go!" giggled Tony.

"Yeah, we might as well pull up a chair and watch!" giggled Kieran.

When Johnny and Evan had finished making love, and put their clothes back on after having stripped naked, it was their turn to giggle. Kieran and Tony both had little bulges in their shorts, and looked a little flushed.

"That's what you get for watching two boys make love!" laughed Evan.

When all the work was done, Evan had to get on home. Johnny walked him home, while Kieran and Tony waited around for the office to close. Once the office was closed, Tom, Patty, and Kenny went up to the third floor to inspect everything.

"It looks incredibly nice up here all cleaned up!" said Tom. "You boys did a fantastic job!"

"Thanks daddy." smiled Kieran.

"You will want to replace the pipes in the bathrooms up here though." said Kenny. "They look very old, and could be lead pipes."

"Yes, I did have the first and second floors redone as soon as I bought the house, but didn't think I would need the third floor." replied Tom. "The pipes aren't even connected to the plumbing system right now."

"You also need to add more electrical outlets, although I wouldn't replace these original fixtures." said Patty. "They are very ornate and beautiful. You just don't see work like this anymore. It will be impossible to match these."

"I guess it's a good thing I kept the original fixtures when I had the first two floors rewired then." smiled Tom. "They're in a box in the basement."

"This will be really beautiful up here then." replied Patty.

"Well then, I guess our plan is a go." said Tom. "I'll call the plumber and electrician on Monday. Then as soon as we move the bedrooms up here, I'll have a contractor remodel the second floor to make it the primary residence floor. When that's done, we'll turn the entire first floor into a large multi-doctor office. I hope it doesn't take more than two months. We might be swamped by then."

"We might be swamped by next week!" laughed Patty.

As soon as Johnny returned, Tom took everyone out to a nice dinner to celebrate their first week in business. During dinner, Tom got a call from his lawyer. Tony's father had gotten in touch with the court, and wanted them to let Tony and whoever was caring for him know that he was truly sorry for the horror he inflicted on his son. He didn't expect to be forgiven though, as he admitted that he didn't deserve that. The lawyer also told Tom that it looked as though Kieran's parents would be charged with so many criminal charges, that they would not be able to make any kind of contest to Kieran's adoption now. Tom was very happy with both of those pieces of news.

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