Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

As soon as Johnny returned, Tom took everyone out to a nice dinner to celebrate their first week in business. During dinner, Tom got a call from his lawyer. Tony's father had gotten in touch with the court, and wanted them to let Tony and whoever was caring for him to know that he was truly sorry for the horror he inflicted on his son. He didn't expect to be forgiven though, as he admitted that he didn't deserve that. The lawyer also told Tom that it looked as though Kieran's parents would be charged with so many criminal charges, that they would not be able to make any kind of contest to Kieran's adoption now. Tom was very happy with both those pieces of news.

Both boys were excited the next morning, and Tom soon realized that it may be very hard to get anyone to spend more than a few minutes at the water park today. Johnny already knew he wouldn't be spending any time there, as his boyfriend couldn't get his cast wet.

As Johnny called Evan to make sure he and his mother were getting ready, Tom laughed as he said, "I may have to set my office up to handle plastic casts if I expect to get you boys to use your swimsuits very much."

"Don't worry dad, they won't have as many rides that I can ride over in the park." said Kieran. "I'll be happy to let you look at me in my swimsuit as much as you want."

"That's so sweet of you son." smiled Tom. "You're the one I most like seeing in your swimsuit." Then Tom picked Kieran up in his arms, and gave him a very passionate kiss. After Kieran finished sucking gently on Tom's tongue, Tom added, "I spoke to a contractor this week too. They'll start on the pool after next week, so that means that you'll get to wear the thong or the fishnet suit a lot more. I think you're incredibly sexy in the fishnet suit!"

"Are you sure you won't mind me wearing that one where other people can see my dick through it?" asked Kieran.

"Well, our pool will only be for friends and family, so I don't mind at all if you don't." replied Tom.

"Good, I can't wait for Davey and Mark to see me in that one!" giggled Kieran. "Can you play with my dick a little more this morning while we wait for everyone to show up daddy?"

"Of course son, I love your beautiful dick." smiled Tom.

Tom sat down in a chair with Kieran in his lap, while Johnny was still on the phone. Then Tom pulled down the front of Kieran's shorts, and began gently fondling Kieran's dick while Kieran smiled.

"Does that feel nice son?" asked Tom.

"It always feels nice when you do anything with my dick daddy." replied Kieran. "I can tell how much you love me just by the way you touch it."

"That's because I do love you very much son." replied Tom. "I only want you to feel good and happy, and I know how happy you are when I play with your dick like this."

By this time Johnny had finished talking to Evan, and said, "You have about fifteen more minutes to play with Kieran's dick dad. That's how long it will take Evan and his mom to finish getting ready and get here." Then Johnny sat down where he could watch and continued, "I think it looks really cool how you make Kieran feel so good. Are you about to get hard little brother?"

"I may be." replied Kieran. "Do you want me hard daddy?"

"Your dick is very adorable when it gets hard Kieran, so I'd love that." replied Tom, as he began to gently stroke Kieran's dick.

A few seconds later, Kieran's dick began to stiffen. "It's been doing that more and more daddy." said Kieran. "I'm getting to the point where it gets hard whenever we make love, and it doesn't take as long as it use to."

"That's because your penis is getting to the point where it is very use to stimulation now, and it seems to like it." replied Tom, as he continued to masturbate Kieran.

"Do you want me to stand in your lap daddy, so you can suck on it for a few minutes?" asked Kieran softly.

"I don't know if that would be proper with Johnny sitting there watching us son." replied Tom.

"If I was going to mind dad, I would have said something while you were masturbating him!" laughed Johnny. "If my little brother wants you to make him feel good, I don't mind that."

"I guess you have a point son." chuckled Tom.

With that Kieran jumped up happily, and put his dick in front of Tom's face. Tom licked it lovingly for a few seconds, then took it into his mouth. Johnny watched on as his dad softly sucked on his little brother's dick. He didn't realize it, but Tom and Kieran had him breathing a little heavier. After watching them for almost ten minutes, Johnny head a car door open and close.

"Fun time is over you guys!" said Johnny. "Someone is here!"

Tom got Kieran's dick back in his shorts, and made sure Kieran looked presentable as Johnny went to the door. Johnny said hi to Patty, Kenny, and Tony as he let them in. Then he spotted Sandy and Evan walking up the sidewalk toward their house.

"Here comes Evan and his mom everyone." said Johnny. "I think we're about ready to go."

As soon as Evan came in, he asked, "Are you going to wear that shirt with that big stain on the back of it?"

Johnny pulled the back of the shirt around and smiled impishly as he replied, "I wonder how I grabbed ahold of that one! I have to change shirts everyone. We'll be ready to go soon. Do you want to come with me Evan?"

"This must be one of those big decisions that require a friend's input!" laughed Sandy. "You boys don't be too long picking out the right shirt."

As the boys took off to Johnny's room, Sandy gave Tom a light hug and said, "I'm glad Evan met your son Johnny, Tom. I can tell they like each other quite a bit, and he needs that after what happened with Terry. I'm still so furious at Terry's parents after I figured out what happened."

"Has Evan talked to you about it Sandy?" asked Tom.

"Unfortunately he doesn't feel comfortable with talking to me about it, but I could see how devastated he was." replied Sandy. "I know that only happens when two people have certain feelings toward each other. I don't know if Evan is gay like Terry is, but I know he cared a great deal about his best friend."

"Would it bother you if you eventually found out that he is?" asked Tom.

"Of course not Tom." smiled Sandy. "He's my son, and I'll always love him no matter what. I'm going to assume by that question that you've already seen something."

"I just know that they already seem to care about each other as much as two wonderful young boys can." smiled Tom. "Maybe it would be good to have a talk with him while some of us are at the water park today. I'm sure he'd love to know that nothing can change your love for him, whether he's gay or not."

"Okay Tom, I will." smiled Patty. "I'm assuming that you're okay with Johnny's involvement with Evan, whatever it turns out to be."

"I want nothing other than for Johnny to be as happy as possible." replied Tom. "If another boy makes him happy, then I'm happy for both of them."

As soon as Johnny got his shirt off, he put his arms around Evan and gave his friend a passionate kiss. Evan put his good arm around Johnny and kissed back deeply. As Johnny kissed Evan, he slipped his hand down and rubbed the front of Evan's shorts. Then as soon as he felt Evan's dick begin to stiffen, he stopped rubbing it. After a few more moments, the boys broke the kiss smiling madly.

"Now I can put on the shirt that I meant to wear today!" giggled Johnny.

"So, the dirty shirt was just a ploy to kiss me?" asked Evan as he smiled.

"And a darn good one too!" laughed Johnny.

Both boys laughed as Johnny put on a clean shirt. They they shared another brief kiss, and headed back downstairs.

"Okay, now that all wardrobe malfunctions are cleared up, let's go." smiled Tom when the boys rejoined them.

Sandy and Evan rode with Tom and his boys, and Patty followed with Kenny and Tony. Kenny was happy with that, as it meant he could sit Tony on his lap and lightly caress his boy's genitals through his shorts. That made Tony smile widely, as he told Kenny that he loved him several times on the trip. Kenny did have to watch the fondling when a truck would go by, but he even got two brief occasions to kiss Tony. In Tom's car, It was Tom and Sandy up front, with three giggling boys stuffed in the back seat. Tom and Sandy both liked the sound of it.

When they got to where they were going, the group decided to head into the theme park section together first. Then after Kieran and Tony had been on a few rides, Tom, Patty, and Kenny would guide them over to the water park. That would leave Sandy to keep up with Evan and Johnny. Then they would meet back up that afternoon in the theme park to finish out the day. Once the groups had split up, and Evan's sling was secured tightly to his body, Johnny and Evan set out in search of a few more intense rides that Evan could ride. The boys did find several good rides before lunchtime, and were having a great time so far. Then Sandy found a nice place where they could sit down outside and eat. Both boys had burgers and cheese fries, and ended up laughing at each other's cheese mustaches. It was enough to make Sandy smile too.

As the boys were finishing, Sandy finally summoned up her courage and said, "I wanted to talk to you boys while it was just the three of us together. Johnny, I am so glad that Evan met you. He hasn't been this happy since before Terry left. I wanted you two to know that however you feel about each other, I'm happy that you're both happy."

"What are you talking about mom?" asked Evan, a little defensively.

"Oh come on sweetie, I could tell Terry was gay from the way he looked at you." replied Sandy. "I just never said anything to you or his parents because I figured you boys needed to figure out how you felt. Terry's parents decided that they would interfere though, and we all know how that turned out. When I figured out how deep the feelings were between you boys, I was so mad at his parents. I still am a bit, because they really hurt two very wonderful boys, one of which was my son."

"Why did they hate us because we loved each other mom?" asked Evan.

"That's all some people know how to do son." replied Sandy. "Someday though Terry will make them pay for that. They'll realize that changing locations will never change him, and that they've made him resent the way they've treated him. You still miss your friend, don't you?"

"So much that it hurt before Johnny came along." replied Evan emotionally.

"Well then, I guess it's a good thing you broke your arm, isn't it sweetie?" Sandy half-laughed. "What in the world were you doing in that tree anyway?"

"I had to get this." said Evan, as he pulled the chain from under his shirt to show his mom. "Terry gave me this on the day his parents took him away. When I realized what it meant, and how I felt, I got so mad that I threw it in the tree."

"So, Terry is still looking out for you even though his parents moved him away huh?" replied Sandy. "I'll bet that the same kinds of things are happening with him, even though you two aren't together. I'll tell you what son, if you want me to I'll see if I can keep up with him for you, to make sure he is doing okay."

"Even though I really love Johnny, I'd love to know that he's okay." replied Evan. "We were best friends for the longest time."

"Okay baby, I'll do that then." replied Sandy. "And Johnny, if you really are in love with my son, all I ask is that you treat him good and make him happy. If Evan is gay, I will love any boy that he loves. You are gay, aren't you son?"

"Yes mom, I am." replied Evan. Then he hugged his mom as he continued, "Thanks for understanding, and still loving me. After the way Terry's parents reacted, I really didn't know how you would take it if you ever found out."

"Then I haven't done my job in showing you how much I love you." replied Sandy. "I'll make sure though that you know that there's nothing you can't come to me to talk about. Thanks for being there for Evan, Johnny."

"You don't have to thank me ma'am." replied Johnny as he smiled. "I'm just as glad we met as you are."

Then the three laughed, as Evan gave Johnny a discreet hug. After lunch, the two boys had a great time with Evan's mom. They even talked her into getting onto a few rides.

The other group was having fun at the water park too, even though Kieran and Tony realized that there were still a few slides that they couldn't ride yet. Tom and Kenny had fun watching the two boys though. Kieran did enjoy his daddy looking at him with as much love as Tom felt for him, so that made up for the high minimum height requirement on some of the slides.

At about three o'clock, it was finally time to change and go meet Sandy and the other boys by four. Tom didn't know why, but Johnny and Evan both looked very happy when everyone got back together. Then Johnny told Kieran that he found one of the larger coasters there that he might be able to ride. Kieran had Johnny lead the group to the ride, and excitedly went up to the height sign.

Tom bent down and looked, and proclaimed, "You made this one with about an inch to spare Kieran."

Kieran was ecstatic that he made it. With Kieran making it by as much as he did, Kenny had Tony stand next to the sign. Tom bent down, and made sure that Tony was standing as straight up as possible without cheating. Tony ended up being about one quarter of an inch over the mark on the sign, and both of the younger boys were happy. The entire group went ahead and got into the queue, and Tom and Kenny had to chuckle at how excited the two younger boys were. When they finally got to the platform, the attendant quickly checked Kieran and waved him through. Then Tom stayed behind to make sure that Tony remembered how to stand as tall as possible without being on his tiptoes. The attendant looked at Tony for a few seconds longer than he had Kieran, then waved him on through too.

This ride was one where two riders rode on the same seat, with one rider in the other's lap. Evan and Johnny took one seat, then Kieran and Tony lined up to ride in their daddies laps, which left Patty and Sandy riding together. Kieran and Tony had so much fun that their daddies asked if they wanted to ride again, and the entire group got back in line. The second time around, Tom asked the attendant if there were any other larger rides with the same minimum height. After getting a list of a few more rides from the attendant, Tom knew that Kieran and Tony would be very happy by the time they left.

As they were standing in line for one of the other rides that the attendant had told Tom about, Johnny got in line right behind Tom and said, "Evan's mom knows about us, and she's okay with Evan and me being boyfriends. She even sounds like she'll help us be together if she ever has to."

"That's great son!" smiled Tom. "This will really help yours and Evan's relationship, now that you know both parents understand and approve. I couldn't be happier for you two boys."

"In that case dad, can I spend the night with Evan tonight when we get home?" asked Johnny impishly.

"You two boys have fun tonight, as long as Sandy says it's okay for you to spend the night there." chuckled Tom.

"Thanks daddy, I love you!" replied Johnny.

"Just remember that Evan is also welcome to spend the night at our house anytime too." said Tom. "I'm sure Sandy will agree that it would be fair for you two to take turns staying at each other's house when you spend the night together."

The rest of the day was happy for everyone, especially Evan and Johnny. Sandy had agreed easily to let Johnny spend the night, and now the two boys couldn't wait. The ride home was much different than the ride there, in that Johnny and Evan were now able to kiss in the back seat on the way home. Kieran did giggle at them kissing, but he liked seeing the two older boys so in love with each other.

Once they got home, and Sandy and Evan were ready to go home, Johnny said, "Good night dad, I love you. I'll see you in the morning."

Sandy smiled as she walked behind the two boys as they ocassionally held hands. Once bedtime came, Sandy said, "You two boys have fun, and try to keep it down a little back there. I'll be listening to my headphones for the next hour or so, but I still shouldn't be able to hear you over those."

Sandy laughed when the two boys blushed slightly. Then they went back to Evan's room, and Johnny began undressing his boyfriend. As Johnny was undressing himself, Evan said, "It's so cool that mom doesn't seem to mind if we make love in here. This might take some getting use to."

As Johnny removed the last of his clothes, he replied, "I'll help you get use to it as much as I can. I love seeing you like this, with both of us naked."

"It is nice." replied Evan. "You have such a nice looking body Johnny."

"Yours is turning me on too!" said Johnny. "Let's go ahead and lay down on your bed."

The two boys laid down, and Johnny pressed his lips against Evan's as he began caressing Evan's body. Evan only had one arm he could use, but he made the most of it. The two boys never knew that they could kiss as passionately as they did that night, knowing that it was okay with their parents.

After about five minutes, Johnny backed off and asked, "Do you want to try something new tonight Evan?"

"What's that?" asked Evan.

"I want to put my dick inside your butt." replied Johnny. "Then I'll slide it back and forth inside you until I cum inside you."

Evan thought about it for a few seconds, and said, "That sounds really fun Johnny. Let's do it."

"Okay Evan, do you have anything for me to make my dick slippery?" asked Johnny. "It'll feel better that way."

"There's some baby oil in the bathroom." replied Evan. "Will that work?"

"That will be perfect!" smiled Johnny.

Evan got up and went to the door naked, then peeked out to make sure the coast was clear. Evan quickly crossed the hallway to the bathroom and got the oil, then snuck back into his room. Johnny took the bottle from Evan, then had his boyfriend lay down on his back. Then Johnny knelt between Evan's legs, and rubbed the oil into his dick. Once his dick was hard and slippery, Johnny rubbed some of the oil into Evan's hole. When Johnny stuck a finger into Evan, Evan's eyes widened slightly as he smiled.

"That felt sweet Johnny!" exclaimed Evan.

"That was just my finger." replied Johnny, as he lined his dick up with Evan's pucker. "You're going to like this!"

As Johnny slowly pushed the head of his dick into Evan, Evan's eyes widened a bit more.

"Ooh!" exclaimed Evan softly.

"Did it hurt babe?" asked Johnny, as he held his dick still.

"It didn't really hurt, but it felt really different!" replied Evan. "I think I'll like this!"

Johnny smiled as he slowly pushed the rest of his dick into Evan. Evan smiled just as much, as he was really enjoying the feeling of Johnny's dick inside him now. As Johnny held Evan's legs up, he began thrusting his dick in and out of Evan.

"Oh God Johnny!" moaned Evan. "I didn't know I would like this so much! This feels better than almost anything I've ever done!"

"I'm glad you love it, because I do too!" panted Johnny, as his dick slid in and out of Evan.

Johnny was now thrusting his dick passionately in and out of Evan, and Evan's dick was harder than it had ever been before. The two boys moaned in pleasure for the next ten minutes, and Johnny had to hold his orgasm back a few times. Then Johnny began moaning loudly as he released his cum inside Evan. Once Johnny stopped cumming, he leaned down and kissed Evan lovingly.

Then Johnny raised up slightly and asked, "Can you do that for me now babe? I really need to feel your dick in my butt!"

"Okay, but I won't last nearly as long as you." smiled Evan. "You almost made me cum without touching myself!"

Johnny giggled as he pulled his dick out of Evan's butt, then switched places with his friend. Johnny held his own legs up and apart for Evan, as Evan only had one arm to balance with. Once Evan had his dick and Johnny's butt oiled, he smiled and began to push it into Johnny.

"Oh God, that feels so perfect babe!" moaned Johnny. "I'll always love you Evan!"

Evan smiled as he pushed his dick all the way into Johnny, then began thrusting it in and out. Evan's dick was now so hard that it almost hurt, as he made love to Johnny passionately. After only a few minutes, Evan began to grunt and moan loudly. Then he felt his dick shooting it's cum into Johnny as Johnny smiled. Evan's dick slipped out of Johnny right away when his orgasm was over, and Evan lowered himself down onto Johnny. Johnny embraced Evan lovingly, and the two boys kissed deeply until they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, Sandy peeked into the room to wake the boys, not knowing what she would see. She immediately started to duck back out and knock instead, but couldn't resist taking one last look and smiling before she closed the door. Both boys were completely naked and tangled together in an embrace, with Evan's cast draped carefully over Johnny. Their lips were still pressed lightly together as they snored softly.

When Sandy closed the door, she thought to herself, "How could Terry's parents treat him like that for feeling that way about anyone?" Then Sandy knocked on the door and called out, "Wake up boys! It's time to get cleaned up for breakfast!" Then Sandy smiled all the way back to the kitchen.

Johnny's eyes fluttered open, and were looking directly into Evan's closed eyelids. Johnny shook Evan lightly as he gave him a soft good morning kiss. Evan's eyes fluttered open as Johnny kissed him.

Then Johnny broke the kiss and asked, "How's my boyfriend?"

"I'll never forget last night Johnny!" said Evan softly. "It was the most wonderful thing I've ever felt!"

"If you think that was nice, let's go to the bathroom so I can clean you off!" giggled Johnny softly.

The boys but on a pair of shorts, of which Johnny borrowed from Evan because he had forgotten to bring clean clothes. Then they both grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom together. Evan took a morning poop and pee while Johnny showered. When Johnny opened the shower curtain after he finished, Evan was still sitting there on the toilet.

"Mmm, that looks clean enough to eat." giggled Evan.

Johnny pointed his crotch toward Evan and said, "It's yours anytime you want it boyfriend."

Evan leaned down and eagerly took Johnny's dick into his mouth. As Johnny dried himself off, Evan made love to his dick. Then Johnny draped the towel around his neck, and held on to Evan and the wall of the shower. Johnny smiled warmly as he watched his dick go in and out of one of the cutest faces he had ever seen.

After about five more minutes, Johnny gasped, "Here it comes Evan!"

Evan swallowed hungrily as Johnny cummed in his mouth. Once Johnny had finished cumming, he carefully stepped out of the shower. Johnny then had Evan stand up and bend over, and hold one of his cheeks apart with his good hand. Johnny got some toilet paper, then held Evan's other cheek apart as he thoroughly wiped Evan's butt clean. After tossing the paper in the toilet and flushing it, Johnny took a washcloth and bar of soap, and began cleaning his boyfriend off. Johnny washed and dried Evan as he worked his way from Evan's face down. By the time Johnny got to Evan's dick, he was kneeling in front of his boyfriend. Once Evan's dick and balls were clean, Johnny took Evan's dick into his mouth. Evan rubbed Johnny's back with his good hand as Johnny made love to him. After another five minutes, Johnny was rewarded with the wonderful taste of Evan's cum. Johnny finished draining Evan's orgasm from him, then continued the cleaning. Once Evan was clean, Johnny stood back up and gave him a passionate kiss. After only a moment though, they heard Evan's mom asking what was taking so long.

The boys broke the kiss, and Evan replied, "We had to get cleaned up mom! We'll be right there!"

The boys giggled as they got dressed, then went and shared breakfast with Evan's mom. Both boys noticed that she seemed to be in an incredibly good mood that morning. As breakfast was wrapping up, Evan finally had to ask why.

"Why are you in such a good mood this morning mom?" asked Evan. "I hope it was something I did."

"It was sweetie." replied Sandy. "It's because I have the most wonderful son that any mother could want. I also think that you and Johnny look very nice together, and I hope you two are boyfriends for the rest of your lives."

"Wow, I never thought I would hear my mom approve of my boyfriend at this age!" laughed Evan. "I'm glad that you accept that I'm gay though, and you understand how much I love Johnny."

"As far as I'm concerned ma'am, Evan has THE best mother in the universe." smiled Johnny.

"Thank you very much young man." replied Sandy. "It's no wonder I approve so highly of Evan's choice in boyfriends. Your mother wasn't that bad though, was she?"

"My parents moved away, and took everything but me." replied Johnny. "I have no feelings at all for them anymore. I wish I'd had a mother like you though. I guess it's just as well that I didn't. If I'd actually had good parents, I would have never ended up living at Tom's house and meeting Evan. I guess everything was suppose to happen this way."

"Yes, it's just like the old movie It's A Wonderful Life." replied Sandy. "Everything that has happened has lead to this moment, and it happened for a reason. I hate to think about what you went through before now, but I'm happy that things have turned out like they have. I'm sure that you two boys were meant to be together."

"I'm so glad that my boyfriend has such a cool mom!" smiled Johnny.

"I'm glad too mom." said Evan. "I love you so much that I don't know how to describe it."

"Well sweetie, I love you too, and your beautiful boyfriend." smiled Sandy.

The two boys played at Evan's house for a little while after breakfast, then went to Johnny's house to play. Johnny was going to give Evan's clothes back to him, but Evan stopped him.

"I like you wearing something of mine Johnny." said Evan. "It make us seem even closer. If you don't mind, I'd like you to keep that outfit, and wear it when we're together every once in a while."

"I'll do that if you pick out something of mine and wear it." smiled Johnny.

The boys giggled as they went ahead and picked out an outfit from Johnny's clothes for Evan to wear. The boys spent the rest of the day playing, and pitching tents from wearing each other's clothes.

Also that day, Kenny took Tony to the jail to see his father. Tony wanted to know that he was okay, even though he did love having Kenny as a dad now. Kenny just wanted to see the man say he was sorry for what he had done to Tony, and really mean it. He thought that might help Tony some. As Kenny and Tony sat on the visiting side of the glass, Tony's father came in and sat down.

"Hello sir, my name is Kenny." said Kenny into the speaker. "Me and my cousin Patty are caring for Tony now, and we hope to adopt him. Tony has been a very sweet boy while he has been with us, and we care about him very much."

"I'm glad he has someone who does care about him now." replied Tony's father. "I know that I hurt him so much that he deserves to be loved and taken care of now. You seem like a good man Kenny. I'll help with the adoption any way that I can. I know that I'll be in here for quite a while now, and even if I'm not, I don't deserve to have a son like Tony anymore."

"Then why did you do it father?" asked Tony. "I loved you, and all I wanted was for you to love me."

"I'm so sorry son." replied Tony's father emotionally. "You should have been the most important thing in the world to me after your mother left, but all I could think about was myself. I didn't even see that I was causing you incredible pain by forcing myself into you, but I know that I was now. I'm so ashamed of what I did son. I don't deserve to be forgiven, but I do want you to know that I'm really sorry. I hope Kenny and Patty take very good care of you now, and give you the love and care that I should have."

"I can accept your apology father, but Kenny and Patty are my daddy and mommy now." replied Tony.

"Thank you son." replied Tony's father. "I hope that you can get over the pain I put you through, and have a happy life growing up in your new home. The court is going to have me seeing a psychologist this week Kenny, but I'm serious about wanting you to be Tony's dad from now on. This will be the last time I ask to see him, unless he wants to see me again someday."

"I wish you luck with the psychologist then." replied Kenny. "I promise that I'll always love Tony, and take very good care of him."

"Thanks Kenny." said Tony's father. "You be good for your new daddy, okay son."

"Okay, I will." replied Tony.

The visit had gone better than Kenny expected, and it didn't upset Tony as much as Kenny feared that it could have. Kenny was glad that Tony's father admitted what he had done, and his apology seemed very sincere. Now he could see Tom's lawyer about beginning the adoption process.

The next day, the plumber and electrician showed up to begin work on the third floor of the house. Tom had Johnny run to the basement to get the old electrical fixtures, and the electrician thought he could make do just fine with them. Then the boys watched as the plumber inspected the pipes quickly.

"Oh no!" exclaimed the plumber.

"What's wrong?" asked Kieran.

"It seems as though your daddy is right young man." replied the plumber. "These are all lead pipes, and they have to go. I'm going to need you boys to stay down on the first and second floors until I get all of the pipes stripped from this floor. Lead is a very nasty thing to deal with, and I don't want you boys exposed to it. It can cause brain damage if it gets into your system."

The plumber put on a pair of leather gloves and a mask, and spent the rest of the day removing every last inch of lead pipe from the third floor. Also that day, the parcel delivery service dropped off a package for Tom. Kieran looked at the address it came from, and had a good idea what it was.

"What is it Kieran?" asked Johnny, with Evan holding his hand.

"I can't say." replied Kieran. "It's really personal."

"Oh come on, what is it?" giggled Evan. "A strap on, so you can put your dick up someone's butt?"

"How did you know?" asked Kieran in amazement.

"I didn't little guy." replied Evan. "I was really just kidding! It is so cool that your daddy loves you so much that he'd do that for you."

"I've got to see this!" laughed Johnny.

"I think daddy better be the one to open it guys." replied Kieran. "I don't think he would like us opening something addressed to him."

"Okay, but there's no way I'm leaving tonight!" giggled Evan. "I'm going to call mom and see if I can spend the night!"

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