Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 12

From the last chapter:

"Oh come on, what is it?" giggled Evan. "A strap on so you can put your dick up someone's butt?"

"How did you know?" asked Kieran in amazement.

"I didn't little guy." replied Evan. "I was really just kidding! It is so cool that your daddy loves you so much that he'd do that for you."

"I've got to see this!" laughed Johnny.

"I think daddy better be the one to open it guys." replied Kieran. "I don't think he would like us opening something addressed to him."

"Okay, but there's no way I'm leaving tonight!" giggled Evan. "I'm going to call mom and see if I can spend the night!"

Tom was wondering why the boys had become quieter, except for their occasional fits of giggles. After he closed the office, he quickly found out.

"Daddy, the delivery man left this package today." said Kieran, as he handed Tom the box.

"If this is what I think it is, we'll save this for when we're alone tonight my baby boy." replied Tom as he smiled.

"Um, the other guys kinda wanted to see what it looks like on me." said Kieran bashfully.

"Are you okay with that Kieran?" asked Tom.

"Sure!" smiled Kieran.

"Okay then son, call them in here." smiled Tom.

Kieran went ahead and called out to the other boys. When Tony told Kenny what was up, Kenny was right there with them. Patty laughed as she offered to go ahead and make supper for everyone, while the boys, including Kenny, had their fun. Tom went ahead and opened the box, and removed the eight inch dildo. Then he looked the harness over to make sure that it would fit Kieran. Evan's good hand was on Johnny's upper thigh as Tom told Kieran to go ahead and remove his shorts and underwear. Kieran grinned impishly as he slid his underwear down and off, and Evan began subconsciously stroking Johnny's dick through his shorts. Johnny smiled at Evan, as he slipped an arm behind his boyfriend, then slowly worked his hand down to Evan's butt.

Tom inserted the dildo into the harness, then had Kieran step into it. Then Tom gently took Kieran's dick, and placed it into the hollowed out middle of the dildo.

"I'm guessing your beautiful dick goes into there." smiled Tom, as he had Kieran hold the dildo to his crotch.

Tom finally began fastening the harness around Kieran's waist and hips. The harness was made of a high quality leather, and the instructions said to make sure it was tight around the wearer's waist. When Tom ran the last strap between Kieran's cheeks, and tightened it in place, the dildo was strapped solidly against Kieran's crotch. Tom looked down at his handiwork, and wrapped his hand around Kieran's fake cock. Tom gave Kieran a very erotic kiss in front of everyone.

"I can't wait for you to make love to me with that cock Kieran!" moaned Tom, as he broke the kiss.

Then Kieran went over to everyone else, and proudly showed them his new cock. Everyone took turns feeling and stroking it, which made Kieran even more proud.

"Your dad is so lucky Kieran!" said Evan. "I'll bet it will be incredible to have a seven year old boy put his eight inch cock inside him, even if it is a strap on."

"Where did you get that Tom?!" asked Kenny. "I have to get one for my little Tony now!"

"Only if you'll put your cock inside me daddy." said Tony.

"You have a deal son." replied Kenny. "But we're going to do it exactly as I say. I'm going to be very gentle, so we don't take any chance of re-injuring you."

"That's fine daddy, I love you." smiled Tony, as he snuggled into Kenny.

Kieran let everyone, including Tom, admire his eight inch cock until Patty almost had supper ready. Tom even took a few pictures of it, at such an angle that you couldn't see where it strapped on. Then he removed the harness and dildo to reveal Kieran's erection from wearing it, and had Kieran put his shorts and underwear back on. Then everyone walked hand in hand with their boyfriend to the supper table.

"All of you guys look so sweet like that!" giggled Patty. "I take it Kieran's fashion show went well."

"You should have seen it cousin!" smiled Kenny. "I'm sure Kieran wouldn't have minded."

"Why should I?" replied Kieran. "After all, Patty has bathed me naked before!"

"And it was a pleasure Kieran." replied Patty. "There are some things that are guy things though, and modeling a strap-on is one of those things."

After everyone enjoyed Patty's supper, it was time for Patty, Kenny, and Tony to leave. Tom did tell Kenny where he had bought Kieran's strap-on, and Kenny thanked him. When it got closer to bedtime, Tom and Kieran started up to their room with Kieran's new toy.

"Evan and I would give anything to see Kieran's first time putting his dick inside someone." said Johnny pleadingly.

"Boys, making love is suppose to be a very private thing between two people." replied Tom, as he looked into Johnny and Evan's begging faces. After a few moments, Tom said, "Okay boys, but only if Kieran doesn't mind."

"What about it little brother?" asked Johnny. "Can Evan and I watch you make love to daddy with your new cock?"

"Sure!" giggled Kieran.

All four guys then went into Tom and Kieran's room, and Tom and Kieran stripped down naked. Evan stared at Tom's cock, because this was the first time he had ever seen an adult cock like this before.

Tom handed Kieran a tube and said, "Make sure you put plenty of this on your dildo and my butt hole baby. I've never done this before, so we have to make this as comfortable as possible."

Then Tom laid face down on the bed, and Kieran knelt behind him. Kieran rubbed the lubricant generously onto his fake cock, and into his daddy's butt hole. Once Kieran was done, Tom said, "Okay baby, put the tip of the dildo right on my hole, and push it in carefully. Once it slides in, stop and give me some time to get use to it. Then you can push it slowly into me until it's in as far as you can get it."

"Okay daddy, I love you." replied Kieran.

Kieran pushed the head of the dildo into Tom, and felt it slip in. Tom winced slightly and gasped, as he was penetrated for the first time by anything.

"Are you okay daddy?" asked Kieran. "Does it hurt?"

"A little bit baby, but I'll get use to it, and then it won't be so bad." moaned Tom. "Just keep it still like I told you, until I tell you to keep going."

Kieran rubbed Tom's back as he tried to relax, and held the dildo perfectly still inside Tom. After a few minutes, Tom finally relaxed enough to continue. Kieran slowly thrust his hips in toward Tom's butt, sliding his fake cock deeper into Tom. It took a few minutes, but Kieran finally worked it all the way into his daddy.

"Oh God my baby boy, I've never felt anything like this!" moaned Tom. "Now Kieran, just slide it in and out slowly at first, and don't let it come all the way out of me."

The dildo now felt like an extension of Kieran's dick, as he slowly pulled it out, then pushed it back into Tom. Johnny and Evan were entranced as they watched Kieran make love to Tom with the strap-on.

"Okay baby, you can start speeding up if you want to." moaned Tom. "Just do it a little bit at a time though."

Kieran smiled as he began going in and out a little faster. The dildo was slightly rubbing against his dick too, making it feel very good. Kieran didn't know it, but he was hitting Tom's prostate on almost every thrust. All he knew was that Tom kept moaning louder and louder, and appeared to be in more and more pleasure. After a few minutes, Tom began breathing heavily, and moaning very loud. He was on the verge of an intense orgasm, and hadn't even touched himself. It was all because of what Kieran was doing to him now. Then Tom began shouting as he moaned.

"Damn little brother!" exclaimed Johnny. "You're making him cum just by making love to him! You must be really good at it!"

Kieran smiled as he kept going in and out, as Tom writhed and moaned beneath him. When Tom's orgasm was finally over, Kieran pulled the dildo completely out of Tom.

"Well guys, Evan and I have to go to my room now!" said Johnny urgently.

As both boys took off, Tom could see that they were both tenting the front of their shorts.

"I guess we gave them more of a show than they planned on." chuckled Tom weakly.

Then Tom rolled on his side, and Kieran sat his butt right in the puddle of cum that Tom had left in the bed. Tom reached underneath Kieran, and rubbed his cum all over Kieran's back side. Then Tom took his cum covered hand, and rubbed it gently into Kieran's chest.

"I love that I made you feel like that daddy." smiled Kieran. "I hope this becomes one of our favorite things to do."

"Me too, my beautiful little boy." replied Tom.

Then Tom wrapped Kieran in his arms, and the two kissed passionately for several minutes. After that, Tom took the harness and dildo off of Kieran, and sucked his boy's dick until Kieran was snoring softly. Then Tom wrapped Kieran in his arms again, and drifted off with his boy.

The next day as work continued on the third floor, another contractor showed up and began digging a hole in the back yard. The boys were excited, as that was the beginning of them having a new pool. Kieran couldn't wait to begin using his fishnet thong. Davey and Mark invited the boys over to their house to swim that afternoon when their dad came home early, so Kieran decided to go ahead and preview the swimsuit that he looked forward to wearing so much. Kieran wore one of his Speedos across the driveway and office lot, then pulled out the fishnet as soon as they were in Mark and Davey's back yard.

"Does anyone mind if I change suits?" grinned Kieran impishly.

"Nah, go right ahead little amigo." replied Mark.

Kieran quickly stripped off the Speedo, and pulled up the fishnet thong. Then he modeled his swimsuit for all of the boys. Phil was watching the boys at the pool, and his eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

"Um Kieran, everyone can plainly see your dick and balls in that." said Mark. "If you're going to wear that, you might as well be naked."

"Don't give him any ideas!" laughed Johnny. "I'll bet he already can't wait to try skinny dipping when our pool is finished."

"Okay." laughed Mark. "The suit is fine Kieran. Actually, you are pretty nice looking for your age."

"Do you think I have a cute dick then?" asked Kieran with an impish smile.

"You know that I ain't interested in anyone's dick except Davey's." laughed Mark. Then a look of fear crossed Mark's face as he realized that his dad had just heard that too. "Um, I didn't mean it like that dad! What I meant was,... um..."

"Mark, come here." said Phil. Phil then put an arm gently around Mark and said, "I figured out shortly after Davey came here that you two boys are gay, and in love with each other. I want you to know that I don't mind if you love Davey. As long as my sons are happy, that's all that matters. I hope you two love each other happily for a long time son. I love you and Davey both as much as I ever have. You two boys are my beautiful and wonderful sons, and nothing can change that. Don't ever be ashamed of loving Davey, okay?"

"I don't know what to say dad." replied Mark. "That means so much to me and Davey both. I hoped that when you did find out, that you would somehow be accepting about it. I never dreamed that you would be this accepting though. Thank you so much dad, I love you."

"And I love both of you boys." smiled Phil. "Now go have fun swimming. And you don't have to be afraid anymore if you feel like giving your boyfriend a kiss."

The boys had a great afternoon swimming together. Evan had to sit on the patio with Phil though, as he couldn't get his cast wet. Phil didn't even notice, as he couldn't help but to notice Kieran's apparent lack of inhibitions, as well as what wasn't concealed by his swimsuit. Before anyone realized it, Tom had closed the office, and he and Kenny joined everyone in Phil's back yard.

Tom saw Kieran in his thong and moaned, "Oh no! I thought he would wait until our pool was ready for that. I'm very sorry about that Phil."

"Don't worry about it Tom." replied Phil. "The other boys don't seem to mind, and no one else can see them back here. I would suggest that you keep a close eye on him in public though Tom. That boy could attract an awful lot of attention just by being himself, and some of it could be unwelcome attention. Hell, I'm a happily married straight man, and he almost made ME pop a boner!"

Then Tom and Phil shared a laugh at Phil's admission. Tom knew by the way Phil said that though that Phil now knew. Tom didn't want to talk about it, but he also had to make sure that Phil understood and was okay with it. Phil could tell that Tom was now struggling with trying to say something, so he thought he would help his neighbor out of his jam.

"After seeing him like this, I can tell why you two have such a special relationship now Tom." said Phil. "I know most people would be appalled, but Kieran seems to be very happy with what's going on. I know you would never hurt him. You're very lucky to have such a sweet and beautiful boy who obviously worships you."

"Oh God, thank you Phil!" exclaimed Tom. "I was trying to figure out how to talk about this, but I just couldn't come up with anything. He is a very sweet and loving boy."

"Well, with your influence, he's bound to be even more so." smiled Phil. "And I don't blame you for not knowing exactly how to approach this. I guess if I were in your position, I wouldn't know either. I do know that Kieran seems much better off now than before he came here, and I can see that you love him very much."

"He and Johnny are my life now, but Kieran is very special to me." said Tom. "Before Kieran came along, I always tried to deny that I was gay. I never even admitted it to myself. Now not only am I gay, I'm deeply in love with a very sweet little boy. I don't even know how I became a boylover Phil."

"Well Tom, I don't know much about the subject, but I'd bet you've always had those feelings in you somewhere, waiting for a boy like Kieran to bring them out." replied Phil. "What you're feeling now probably comes from hiding your feelings for so long. I'm glad that my boys will never have to go through that. I had a talk with Mark earlier about being gay, and I told him it was perfectly okay for him to be in love with Davey. They are kind of beautiful together."

"Yes, you've been blessed with two wonderful boys now, just like me." smiled Tom. Then Tom finally turned his attention to Evan and said, "You might be happy to know that I made arrangements to offer the latest plastic cast Evan. I should be ready to go with that in one week, and you can get it as wet as you want. Tell your mom that I'll refit you with the new cast at no charge."

"That's great Doctor Tom!" exclaimed Evan. "I can't wait to be able to join my boyfriend in the pool!"

"I guess I'm the only straight guy out here." laughed Phil. "Unless you are too Kenny. How about it?"

"I'm sorry Phil, I can't help you there." smiled Kenny.

"Is it you and Tony?" asked Phil. "With what he went through, and the fact that he doesn't hate himself because of it, I would figure that he has probably sought out a man that would be gentler than his father."

"Well, you seem so accepting of things like that that I guess it would be okay to tell you." replied Kenny. "Tony was eager to find a man who would properly show him love, and I fell in love with him at first sight. His father took his innocence away way too early, and I've been trying to slow him down. He is still a very affectionate boy though."

"Well, like I told Tom earlier, as long as he seems okay with what is happening and you two seem to love each other, I don't have a problem with it." replied Phil.

The three men and Evan continued watching the boys, until Kieran finally came out of the water and hopped in Tom's lap after drying himself. To Kieran's surprise, Tom leaned in and gave him a tender kiss on the lips in front of Phil.

"Does this mean that Phil knows daddy?" asked Kieran, after Tom broke the kiss.

"Yes my beautiful little boy, Phil knows now." replied Tom.

"Good then!" smiled Kieran. "Can you play with me while I sit in your lap daddy?"

Tom smiled at Kieran, then pulled his thong down and snuggled Kieran into his lap. Phil watched as Tom began to lovingly caress and play with Kieran's dick, and he could tell that Kieran was enjoying it. Tom continued playing with Kieran's dick as he talked to Phil and Kenny, until the other boys began coming out of the pool. Mark and Davey sat at the foot of Phil's lounger, and shared a very warm kiss. Before Tom put Kieran's dick away, he pulled the foreskin back, then leaned down and gently kissed the head. Then Tom and Kenny said good-bye to Phil, and took their boys next door. After Patty, Kenny, and Tony left, Johnny asked if he could go to Evan's house for the night. Tom said yes, so Johnny packed a bag for overnight, and the two boys took off. That left the house to Tom and Kieran for the night.

After Tom and Kieran shared supper together, they decided to cuddle together in front of the TV and watch a movie together. About five minutes into the movie, Kieran suggested that they both get naked to cuddle. Tom smiled as he gently undressed Kieran, removing every bit of his clothes. Then Kieran returned the favor to Tom. Tom felt a warm glow inside as Kieran removed all of his clothes. Then Tom and Kieran shared a gentle kiss, and settled in to cuddle and watch the movie. Tom could tell that his hand against Kieran's bare skin made the boy feel very good.

"You like being naked, don't you son?" asked Tom.

"Yes I do daddy, especially when I'm with you." replied Kieran. "I like how other people look at me when I'm naked though, like when I had my thong on at the pool."

"They were looking at you in appreciation of your beauty, and in awe of your perfect little boy body." smiled Tom. "You are one of those fortunate people who everyone has to admire, whether they want to or not."

"Is there anything wrong with that daddy?" asked Kieran, as he rubbed the side of his face into Tom's chest.

"Not as long as you don't become narcissistic because of it." replied Tom.

"What's that daddy?" asked Kieran.

"That's when you begin to admire and love yourself more than you do anyone else." replied Tom. "I know you could never be that way though. You are the sweetest boy I have ever known. I could be biased though, because I'm so in love with you."

"No, you're right." smiled Kieran. "Would it be okay to be naked around the house more often now daddy?"

"I'll tell you what son, I"ll agree to that, but there has to be rules about you going naked." replied Tom. "It can only be inside the house, and in the back yard when the pool is finished. You can also only be naked around our closest friends. That doesn't include my lawyer, your social worker, or the contractors. When those people are here, or coming here, you have to put on some clothes. Does that sound okay son?"

"That sounds great daddy!" exclaimed Kieran, who then squirmed his butt into Tom's cock. "I love you so much daddy. Can we go make love as soon as this movie is over?"

"That sounds great son." smiled Tom.

Tom started off that night by gently sucking Kieran's dick for the first thirty minutes. The Tom strapped the dildo onto Kieran, and lubed it for him. Kieran slowly pushed the dildo into Tom until it was all the way in, then began to slowly thrust in and out of Tom.

"I can't wait until the adoption is final daddy." said Kieran, as he thrust his fake cock in and out of Tom. "I really want you to do this to me too. I can't wait to feel your dick inside my butt someday, even if it does hurt a little at first."

"When that day comes, I'll make sure it hurts as little as possible." panted Tom, as Kieran's dildo rammed into his prostate repeatedly. "You're making me feel very good, and I want you to feel just as good when that time comes."

"Can you let me know when you're going to cum daddy?" asked Kieran. "I want to get it in my mouth this time, instead of it getting all over the bed. I love how your cum tastes."

"Okay my baby boy, I'll make sure to tell you." panted Tom.

Tom held back as long as he could, so he could enjoy Kieran's fake cock inside him. Tom longed for the day when his son could make love to him without the dildo. Kieran was enjoying himself too, as he loved looking down to see his cock slide in and out of his daddy, even though it wasn't real. It made him feel good to know that he could make love to his daddy like a much older boy would be able to. Tom finally warned kieran that he was getting ready to cum, so Kieran pulled the dildo out of Tom. As Kieran took as much of Tom's cock into his mouth as he could, Tom lovingly cleaned Kieran's dildo off. As Tom was finishing that, he began to cum. Kieran swallowed hungrily, not missing a single drop of Tom's cum. Once Kieran had drained Tom, he turned around into his daddy's tight embrace. Tom played with Kieran's dick gently as he kissed him, and continued to play with it until Kieran drifted of to sleep. Then Tom joined Kieran in sleep, with his hand wrapped gently around Kieran's dick.

The next day, the plumber and electrician both informed Tom that they would be finished with the third floor by the end of the week. When Johnny brought Evan home with him, Tom told the boys that they could start cleaning the third floor again on Saturday, then paint it next week. Johnny asked Tom if he could have the canopy on his bed replaced, as it had begun falling apart over the years. Tom smiled as he agreed to have that taken care of on Saturday. Johnny and Evan had already cleaned and polished the wood frame, and had that part looking as good as new, so now the bed would be perfect.

Friday afternoon, after the office had closed, Tom went to the third floor to inspect what had been done. The antique electrical fixtures looked very nice, and the electrician had assured Tom that he had fixed everything up so that it met modern building codes. The bathrooms were what impressed Tom most though. The plumber decided that he wanted to stick with the theme being set by the electrician, so he searched all over for antique bathroom fixtures. The antique tubs, sinks, and shower fixtures that he installed were very beautiful, and helped make the third floor look like it was right out of a museum.

Then Tom stopped by to take a look at the bed that Johnny had fallen so in love with. He didn't remember much about it, except that he wasn't that impressed with it the last time he had seen it. That was after he had first bought the house, and the work that Johnny and Evan had put into it took Tom's breath away. The canopy bed was now the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, except being in need of a new canopy.

"I'm glad the interior decorator will be here tomorrow Johnny." said Tom. "You and Evan have done an incredible job making this bed look like new, and it deserves a new canopy."

Johnny had Evan and Kieran cleaning like mad on Saturday, while the decorator made a new canopy for the bed. He was interested in buying the antique bed, but Johnny wouldn't part with it for any amount of money now. Johnny was anxious to get the third floor cleaned Saturday, so they could begin painting on Monday, and move in up there as soon as possible. Once the decorator left, Kieran wasted no time in shedding his clothes. Johnny and Evan giggled as they soon followed suit. Tom was treated to an afternoon of the three boys going about their cleaning chores as naked as the day they were born.

When Johnny and Evan finally took a break to have a little fun, Tom stepped in and made Kieran feel good too. Johnny and Evan thought it was really cool to see Tom sucking Kieran's dick as they worked on each other. When Johnny and Evan both had their orgasms, Kieran turned around underneath Tom and began sucking his cock. Johnny and Evan watched in interest as Kieran sucked Tom to an orgasm, and swallowed all of his cum. After that, Tom left his clothes off and helped the naked boys clean the third floor.

As they worked, Johnny asked, "So Kieran, is dad going to be the first one to make you cum when you get older?"

"Daddy is going to be the only one to ever make me cum!" smiled Kieran, as he playfully grabbed Tom's naked butt. "It will be so nice when daddy can make me cum, then put his dick in my butt and make love to me until he cums too."

"Well little brother, I'm glad you have a guy who you love that much." said Johnny. "And since he's our dad, I know he'll take very good care of you. You're very lucky to have our dad as your lover."

A little later, Sandy called to tell Tom that she wanted to join them and her son for dinner. She had something to tell Evan, and she wanted Tom there when she did. Tom had the boys go ahead and put their clothes back on when it was time for him to start making supper. As supper was finishing, Sandy came to the door. She did greet Tom with a warm hug, even though she had a look of concern on her face.

"Hi Sandy, is anything wrong?" asked Tom.

"It's about a promise that I made to Evan." replied Sandy. "I told him that I would try to find Terry, and keep up with him so Evan would know that he's okay."

"Oh no, please tell me that he's okay." said Tom, as he too looked concerned.

"That's the thing Tom, I don't know." replied Sandy. "I did track Terry down, but he ran away last week, and his parents don't seem too concerned."

"Do you think he might try to make it back here?" asked Tom.

"I guess that's possible, but it would be a long way back here." replied Sandy. "It would be closer for him to try to make it to San Francisco or Los Angeles, and from what I know, a lot of runaways try to go there. I don't know what to tell Evan, Tom. This will worry him to death."

"Since they were such close friends, Evan deserves to know what's happening." said Tom. "It would be good to give him some kind of hope too though. We could try to contact as much of the media between his home and here as possible, as well as in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I'm personally going to be praying that he makes it here, and he makes it okay."

"Me too Tom." replied Sandy. "I guess that's all we can do right now. Can you help me explain your plan to Evan?"

"I'd be happy to help in any way that I can Sandy." replied Tom.

Near the end of supper, Sandy gave Evan the news about Terry. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Evan. "He'll try to get to our house, I know he will! We promised each other that if anything happened, we'd try to make it to where the other one was. We have to get home in case he shows up there!"

"In the meantime Evan, we're going to try to contact the media between his house and here, to get as many people as possible to be looking out for him." said Tom. "Sandy and I promise that we'll do everything we can to find him for you."

"Can I go with Evan dad?" asked Johnny. "He may need me."

"What about the painting on Monday?" asked Tom.

"I can come back Monday morning to start on that, then go back to Evan's house that evening." replied Johnny. "Please dad?"

Tom could see that this was important to Johnny, so he had Johnny ask Sandy if it was okay. Sandy agreed too, so Evan helped Johnny pack a bag for a few days at his house. Once Sandy, Evan, and Johnny were gone, Tom said a silent prayer that Terry would be found okay.

If they do find Terry, what will that do to the relationship between Evan and Johnny? Join me in Chapter 13 to see if we answer that question. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 13.