Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

Near the end of supper, Sandy gave Evan the news about Terry. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Evan. "He'll try to get to our house, I know he will! We promised each other that if anything happened, we'd try to make it to where the other one was. We have to get home in case he shows up there!"

"In the meantime Evan, we're going to contact the media between his house and here, to get as many people as possible looking out for him." said Tom. "Sandy and I promise that we'll do everything we can to find him for you."

"Can I go with Evan dad?" asked Johnny. "He may need me."

"What about the painting on Monday?" asked Tom.

"I can come back on Monday morning to start on that, then go back to Evan's house that evening." replied Johnny. "Please dad?"

Tom could see that this was important to Johnny, so he had Johnny ask Sandy if it was okay. Sandy agreed too, so Evan helped Johnny pack a bag for a few days at his house. Once Sandy, Evan, and Johnny were gone, Tom said a silent prayer that Terry would be found okay.

Johnny tried every way that he could to keep Evan's hopes up, but Evan ended up crying himself to sleep that night in Johnny's arms. Johnny was a little concerned that there might still be feelings between Evan and Terry, so the boys talked about that the next morning.

"Are you jealous of Terry, Johnny?" asked Evan. "I think that's really sweet, but you don't need to be. Terry may have been my best friend from the time we were babies, but I really believe I was meant to be with you. That doesn't keep me from worrying about Terry though, because we were such close friends."

"I really didn't mean it to sound that way Evan." said Johnny. "It's just that I've always wanted someone just like you to share my love with, and I needed to know that you feel the same way."

Evan then put his arms around Johnny, and gave his boyfriend a very deep and long kiss. After about five minutes, Evan broke the kiss and asked, "Does that tell you how I feel?"

"Oh yes!" replied Johnny breathlessly.

Tom and Sandy spent most of that Sunday on the phone, while Johnny did everything he could to give Evan hope.

Meanwhile at a truck stop just outside of town, Terry jumped down out of the truck as quickly as he could and yelled, "And I hope your balls fall off too, you pervert!"

Terry ran from the truck as quickly as he could, and knew that the driver wouldn't be able to follow him when he made it over the fence along the back of the truck stop. It had been a long trip for Terry, and he couldn't believe he was finally back in his old hometown. He had begun hitching rides after leaving home last week. First he hitched up the coast, then he started hitching east. That way he would be sure to find someone going through his hometown. Most of the rides he found were really nice people, although he did bail out on a few after only a couple of miles. This last one picked him up just outside of Des Moines. As with all of the others, Terry told the driver that he was going to New York. That way no one would try anything right away, if that's what they were inclined to do.

This driver pulled into the truck stop outside Terry's old hometown, then told Terry he had a sweet enough ass to fuck. When Terry told the man that he didn't want to do that, the man told Terry that he was going to pay for his ride one way or the other. Then the man told Terry not to worry, that he'd love having his eight inch cock plowing his ass open. When the man grabbed Terry, Terry punched him in the face as hard as he could. Then Terry kicked the man in his testicles with all of his might, and jumped out of the truck. Now all Terry had to do was make it to Evan's house. He knew that everything would be okay then. By the time Terry came across a 7-11, it was staring to get dark. He took the last two quarters out of his pocket, and called for a taxi. Now Terry hoped that Evan's mom wouldn't be mad about having to pay a taxi bill.

As it got dark, Evan looked out the window again. He couldn't help but to wonder where his best friend was now, and if he was okay. Times like this was when Evan needed Johnny the most, and Johnny stood right next to Evan with his arm around his boyfriend's shoulder. Then Evan saw a taxi pull into the driveway, so he turned on the outside light.

When Evan saw Terry get out of the back of the taxi, he screamed out louder than he ever had in his life, "Mom!!! Mom!!! Terry's here!!!"

Evan flew out of the house so fast that Johnny didn't stand a chance of keeping up with him. As soon as Evan got to Terry, he wrapped his good arm around him, and tried to pick his best friend up off the ground.

"Thank you for bringing my friend to me God!" cried Evan. "I'll never ever ever doubt you!"

"Somehow I was hoping for a little more emotional welcome." laughed Terry.

As Johnny caught up to Evan, the taxi driver leaned out the window and said, "Hey kid, pay your fare."

"Mom, get out here with your purse!" yelled Evan.

Sandy finally caught up to the boys, and paid the taxi driver. Then she gave Terry a hug and said, "We're all so happy to see you Terry. When we heard that you ran away, we couldn't help but to fear the worst."

"I'm sorry if I worried anyone ma'am." replied Terry. "I'm sure that my parents weren't all that worried though."

"Well, you don't have to worry about that Terry." replied Sandy. "We'll make sure they can't hurt you again. I just wish that when you decided to run away, you had called here. I would have gotten you a plane ticket back out here, and even come to pick you up out in California if I'd had to."

"I don't know what to say ma'am." replied Terry. "I just wish my parents cared half as much as you do about me. Now, what did you do to your arm Evan?"

"I fell out of a tree and broke it." replied Evan.

"What are you doing climbing trees at your age?" laughed Terry.

"I had to get something very important out of the tree." said Evan, as he reached under his shirt and pulled out the pendant. "When I realized what you were telling me, and that I was too late to stop you from leaving, I got mad and threw it up in the tree. It took me a year to stop being mad enough at myself to climb up there and get it."

"Wow, now I feel kinda bad about having a boyfriend out in California." said Terry. "I kept him a secret from my parents for almost a year, but then they finally found out about it. I really am sorry that it didn't work out between us. I at least hope you found someone nice." As Terry said the last part, he glanced at Johnny.

"Yeah, this is Johnny." replied Evan. "I met him while I was getting my arm fixed. His dad is my doctor. I really missed you Terry, and I hope the three of us can be good friends."

"Does that mean you'll share?" snickered Terry.

"Sorry man, I'm all Evan's." laughed Johnny.

"That's too bad, you're really good looking." said Terry, which caused Johnny to blush.

"Well, I'm going inside boys." smiled Sandy. "Is Terry going to spend the night with you and Johnny, or do I have to get the spare room ready tonight? It'll be his from now on anyway."

"I think we'll all spend tonight together mom." replied Evan.

"Okay dear, just don't forget that Johnny has to start painting at his house tomorrow." said Sandy.

As soon as Sandy went back inside, she called Tom to let him know that Terry had shown up, and appeared to be okay. Tom was relieved to hear that, and offered to examine Terry the next day to make sure he was okay.

The three boys talked for several hours, with Terry telling Evan and Johnny about his adventures hitchhiking. Then Terry back-tracked, and told them about his parents catching him with a boy named Deke. Terry took to hanging out at the beach, because watching the waves made him not think about leaving Evan behind. Deke loved surfing, and his parents knew that he was gay. Deke caught Terry's eye right away, and the two boys struck up a friendship. It only took about a month for it to become more than that though.

Terry could remember the first time with Deke like it was yesterday. Deke's parents liked Terry, although they weren't sure about Terry's parents. When Terry's dad caught Deke and Terry, he called Deke's parents on a rant. Although they hated doing it, Terry's parents struck them as dangerous people, so they asked the two boys not to see each other for a little while. Then they called the state on Terry's parents, as they had made several threats. They thought it would help Terry, which was the only reason they did it. Terry's dad thought it was Terry though, and that only made a bad situation worse. Terry decided at that time that it was time to leave home, and head east.

Evan and Johnny both gave Terry a hug after hearing the story. After Evan caught Terry up on what had been happening around there, the three boys laid down together, and drifted off with Terry snuggled between Evan and Johnny.

The next morning, Sandy had the boys get ready to go to Johnny's house. She was going to have Tom examine Terry, and she also wanted Tom's social worker to meet them there. She didn't want to involve a lawyer unless she had to, but there was no way she would let Terry return to his parents after what he had been through. Evan was excited about helping Johnny paint, but Terry was less than excited about seeing a doctor.

"Don't worry Terry, my dad's a great doctor." said Johnny. "It won't be nearly as bad as going to any other doctor."

"Okay Johnny." replied Terry. "I just hate how doctors are always wanting to poke you with needles."

"Well, if anyone has to, my dad is the best at it." said Johnny. "He's so good that my little brother Kieran likes getting shots from him."

"I'd have to see that to believe it!" laughed Terry.

When Sandy got the boys to Tom's house, Johnny and Evan began getting ready to paint. Kieran and Tony would be helping too, but they still hoped to get quite a bit done anyway. Sandy took Terry on around to Tom's office.

"Hi Sandy, Michelle should be here in about thirty minutes." said Tom. "SInce I plan on giving Terry a thorough examination, she should be here before I'm finished. That will give you a chance to talk to her first."

"Thanks Tom, I just hope she can help keep Terry here." replied Sandy.

"We'll see what we can do about that." smiled Tom.

Tom had Patty take Terry to an exam room, and take his vital signs. Then Tom joined Terry a few minutes later. "Hi Terry, we're all glad you made it here okay." said Tom. "I'm going to give you a pretty thorough examination today, but I promise to make it as easy on you as I can."

Tom took his light and examined Terry's ears closely, then looked at his eyes and pupils. After Tom had a look at Terry's mouth and throat, he had Terry remove his shirt. As Tom listened to Terry's heart and lungs, he noticed a few old bruises that anyone else might have missed."

"Terry, did your parents ever strike you?" asked Tom. "I'm seeing a very slight discoloration of the skin on your ribs and abdomen. It's barely visible, but it looks like very old bruises."

"Well, let's just say that my dad wasn't thrilled that I was still gay, after he went to the trouble of moving us away from here a year ago." replied Terry.

"I'd actually like you to be more specific than that Terry." said Tom. "Whatever you tell me, I'll use it to make sure that he never does it again. Did he hit you Terry?"

"Yes, he hit me several times." replied Terry. "He was really pissed about having a gay son."

"Did it hurt for more than a week after he hit you?" asked Tom.

"Maybe for two weeks." replied Terry.

"He might not have broken any ribs then, but I would like to take a few x-rays to make sure." said Tom. "I assume that you are sexually active, and that's how he found out. Is that right?"

"Well, I was until he broke us up." replied Terry. "Deke was so nice too. I'll never forgive him for that. My dad even threatened Deke's parents."

"That might help us quite a bit Terry." said Tom. "You'll be talking to a friend of mine a little later. I want you to give her as much information about Deke's parents as you can. Was Deke your only sexual activity lately?"

"Well, some truck driver tried something, but I stopped him with a hard kick to his nuts." replied Terry. "I'll bet he's still talking in a higher pitched voice."

"Good for you Terry!" smiled Tom. "You should be okay, but I want to run a few tests just to make sure. Can I have you drop your pants first though?"

Terry lowered his pants and underwear, then sat back and let Tom examine his genitals. When Tom was satisfied that Terry was okay there, he had him turn over. Then Tom examined Terry's anus. He could tell that Terry had had anal sex with someone who had a smaller than adult penis. He figured that it was probably Deke.

"Did you and Deke ever have anal sex Terry?" asked Tom.

"Yeah, it was kinda fun." replied Terry.

"I imagine that it was more than kinda fun." laughed Tom. "Is he the only one who's ever had his penis in your butt?"

"Yeah, he was my first and only, so far." replied Terry.

"Okay then, I'm done except for drawing some blood, and getting those x-rays." said Tom. "You can pull your pants back up now."

As Tom got out the syringe and two vials, and Terry pulled his pants up, Tom could tell that Terry was anxious about having blood drawn from him. Tom took ahold of Terry's arm, and began gently rubbing it were he was going to draw the blood.

"I want you to relax for me Terry." said Tom. "I am going to be as gentle with this as I can possibly be. If you relax your arm for me, I promise it won't hurt too much, if it even hurts at all."

Tom continued rubbing Terry's arm with one hand, and massaged Terry's shoulders with the other. Soon Terry had closed his eyes, and began to relax. Tom slipped a rubber tube around Terry's upper arm to raise the veins, then rubbed Terry's arm some more. When he could see that Terry was very relaxed, Tom wiped the insertion area with an alcohol swab, then prepared to stick the needle into Terry's arm.

"Just keep your eyes closed and trust me Terry." said Tom, in a soothing voice. "I would never hurt you. I know you've already been hurt, and you're much too sweet of a boy to have to go through that."

Then Tom slipped the needle into Terry's arm as gently as he could, and went straight into a good vein. As he filled the two vials, Tom rubbed Terry's shoulders and said, "Sandy and I are going to do everything we can to keep you from ever being hurt again Terry. You can trust both of us. We only want you to be happy from now on."

"That would be so nice Doctor Tom." replied Terry, as he kept his eyes closed. "It's been so long since I've been able to be happy. Deke made me happy for a while, but my parents had to screw that up too."

When the second vial filled, Tom pulled the needle out and said, "If you let us help you, you'll never have to worry about that again. Now, the blood is drawn. How was that?"

"That wasn't bad at all Doctor Tom!" smiled Terry. "I guess you really ARE the best!"

"Thanks Terry." smiled Tom, as he rubbed Terry's head. "Now, let's get my x-ray tech Kenny to get those pictures for us."

Once the x-rays were done, Tom studied them carefully. There were no signs of broken ribs in the past, but there was evidence to show that they had been bruised pretty badly at one time.

When Tom and Terry went out to the waiting room, Sandy was talking to Michelle. "I understand that Terry's parents are out of your jurisdiction, but they use to live here, and this is where Terry came back to." said Sandy.

"I really would like to help, but like you pointed out, the parents are out of my jurisdiction." replied Michelle. "I'll look really hard for any laws that might help, but the only thing I can think of now is if a law has been broken, and we can verify that with some type of records."

"I think I might have what you need then Michelle." said Tom. "Do you mind if I let Michelle look at the report I wrote about you Terry?"

"I trust you Doctor Tom." replied Terry. "Go ahead."

Michelle looked over Tom's report, and her eyebrows raised several times. Then Michelle turned to Terry and asked, "Did your father hitting you cause the damage that Doctor Bechtel described Terry?"

"Yes ma'am." replied Terry. "He was very mad when he caught me and Deke."

"Don't be afraid to be honest with me about these next questions Terry." said Michelle. "Was your father mad because you and Deke were having a homosexual relationship?"

"Yes ma'am." replied Terry.

"Did your father touch or threaten Deke in any way?" asked Michelle.

"He did threaten Deke when he first caught us, but I think that was because he was mad." replied Terry. "Then he threatened Deke's parents in order to break us up. He sounded very serious about that."

"I'll need Deke's parents phone number out in California then Terry." said Michelle. "I think I might be able to help you after all Sandy. I'll get an emergency order making Terry a ward of this state, then give you temporary custody until we sort this whole thing out. If Terry's father thinks he might be facing prison time, and that's where he'd be if I had my way, it might make him more willing to cooperate."

"Thank you so much Michelle." replied Sandy. "I would hate to think of Terry going back to his parents. I think they have some real anger and hate issues to deal with."

"Don't worry Sandy." said Michelle. "With Tom's help, I'll do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen. Now Tom, is there any way you could fit a few kids in for me this week?"

"Of course I can Michelle." smiled Tom. "You don't even have to ask. Just get Patty to schedule them in before you leave."

Tom then went back to his patients, while Terry went to help the other boys, and Sandy and Michelle continued talking. Johnny and Evan were happy to hear that Terry would be able to stay, thanks to Tom. They didn't like hearing some of the things Terry went through though.

Tom and Sandy had lunch together, and Tom asked Sandy if she would like to use his lawyer to help convince Terry's parents to let him stay, if they needed convincing. Sandy liked the idea, but wanted to wait and see if it would be necessary first. They just didn't sound as concerned as they should have when she talked to them before. Tom finally talked her into at least laying the groundwork with the lawyer, so he would be ready if needed.

Kieran and Tony were actually quite a bit of help, and the first room was finished by noon. Terry did see Evan and Johnny kiss a few times, and tried not to let it bother him. After all, he had been with Deke out in California, and he really couldn't expect Evan not to have someone too. Evan and Johnny saw that though, and knew they had to help their friend. They just couldn't think of any gay boys their age, looking for a boyfriend right now.

When Sandy and Tom returned from lunch, Tom called his lawyer and gave him all of the details that he could. Then he went to inspect the boys work. What they had done so far looked very nice, and Tom complimented all of the boys. Then Tom noticed that Kieran was giving him a look like he wanted something.

"Kieran, would you like to help me with something downstairs for a few minutes?" asked Tom.

"Sure daddy!" replied Kieran. Once Tom and Kieran got downstairs, Kieran asked, "What do you want me to help you with daddy?"

"Nothing son, I just wanted to know if there was anything you wanted." replied Tom. "You were giving me a look like you wanted something."

As Tom softly stroked Kieran's crotch, Kieran smiled as he said, "Now that you mention it, I would like some cum."

Tom and Kieran went into their bedroom, and Tom stripped them both down. As soon as Kieran laid down on the bed with Tom, he took Tom's cock into his mouth. As Kieran lovingly worked on Tom's cock, Tom kissed and licked Kieran's stiffening penis. When Tom softly caressed Kieran's penis with his tongue, Kieran moaned around Tom's cock. Tom was now enjoying how Kieran was gently stroking his balls as he made love to him. After Tom and Kieran made love for about ten minutes, Tom backed off Kieran's adorable penis.

"I'm going to give you my cum now son!" moaned Tom.

Kieran sucked hungrily on Tom's cock, until he felt Tom's cum filling his mouth. Kieran eagerly swallowed every drop, not wanting to waste any of his daddy's cum. As Tom's orgasm was ending, he pulled the foreskin of Kieran's dick back, and lovingly kissed the head. Then Tom turned Kieran around after his orgasm was over, and placed his lips against Kieran's. After Tom and Kieran kissed passionately for several moments, Tom pulled back.

"I still love you as much now Kieran as that first day we met." said Tom softly. "You were the most beautiful boy in the world then, and you still are."

"I can't even describe how much I love you daddy." replied Kieran. "I know that I'll love you just like this forever though."

Tom gave Kieran another brief kiss, and began dressing both of them. Tom had to get back to his office now, and since Terry was new here, he didn't want him thinking anything was going on yet.

As soon as Tom and Kieran had left the boys, Terry asked, "Is there something going on between your dad and little brother Johnny?"

"What?!" replied Johnny. "What do you mean?"

"Oh come on man, Kieran just looked at Doctor Tom the same way we would look at another guy we want to do stuff with." said Terry. "I really didn't think Doctor Tom was like that."

"It's not what you think though Terry." replied Johnny. "Kieran is very deeply in love with our dad, and dad would never do anything to hurt him. Kieran asked me and Evan to watch them once, and their love-making was very cool and special. I know you have bad experiences with adults on the way back here, but dad isn't like those men at all."

"Wow, I wouldn't think a boy that young could be in love with a grown man." said Terry. "You know them though, so I'll take your word for it. I'm almost jealous because my dad didn't feel something like that about me, instead of the way he did feel."

"Well, the way your dad treated you was really fucked up." said Evan. "Fortunately though, not all men are like that. Tom and Kieran really do look like they belong together."

"He doesn't feel that way about other boys sometimes, does he?" asked Terry.

"Never." replied Johnny. "Kieran is the only one he feels that way about. I know he loves me like a son though, and he really likes all kids, just not the same way he loves Kieran."

"That's cool then, I guess." said Terry. "Don't worry either, I would never tell anyone about it. Doctor Tom is trying to help keep me from going back to my parents, so he's cool in my book."

"Thanks Terry, I appreciate that." replied Johnny. "I always wanted a decent dad like Tom. It would kill me if that ever got out, and they took me away from him."

Once Kieran returned, the boys got back to their painting. The way it was going, it looked like they could finish the third floor by Wednesday, then Tom could get started on remodeling the second floor as the main living area. Just before Sandy went to Tom's to pick up the boys, Michelle stopped by with the papers for Terry, giving Sandy temporary custody of him. Michelle still had no way of knowing how Terry's parents would react though, as she had been unable to get through to them so far.

Johnny wanted to go back to Sandy's house that night, so Sandy invited Tom and the boys over for supper after the office closed. The supper was very nice, and Tom agreed to let Johnny stay one more night.

When Terry showed back up in Evan's room near bedtime, Johnny said, "I haven't made love to my boyfriend in a couple nights now Terry, and that's what I was thinking Evan and I would do tonight."

"Don't worry Johnny, it won't bother me if you guys do that." replied Terry. "I'll just crash out on the roll away bed, and you guys can do what you want."

"Are you sure about that Terry?" asked Evan.

"I'm sure." smiled Terry, as he stripped down and laid on the small bed.

Terry watched as Johnny and Evan stripped each other naked, then laid down on Evan's bed. Johnny and Evan soon forgot that Terry was even there, as they kissed passionately and caressed each other's bodies.

After a few minutes, Evan softly moaned, "I have to feel you inside me Johnny."

As Terry watched Johnny lube his erect dick, then slide it slowly into Evan, his dick stiffened too. Then as Johnny slowly thrust in and out of Evan, Terry began stroking his own dick. Terry could see the look that he and Deke had when they made love in Johnny and Evan's faces. Terry almost shot his cum a few times in the ten minutes that Johnny made love to Evan. After Johnny finally did cum inside Evan, the two boys switched places. Terry was only able to take watching a few minutes of Evan making love to Johnny, before he shot his cum on his own chest and stomach. Johnny and Evan both watched Terry's orgasm, then Evan went back to thrusting his dick in and out of Johnny. About five minutes later, Evan began to moan as he shot his cum inside Johnny.

After Evan and Johnny finished making love, they surprised Terry by getting up, and both licking Terry's chest and stomach clean. Then Evan and Johnny took turns making sure Terry's dick was clean too.

"You guys didn't have to do that." moaned Terry.

"We know, but you're our friend and we wanted to." replied Evan.

"Now, do you want to sleep there, or with us again?" asked Johnny.

All three boys went back to Evan's bed, and laid down in a group hug. The boys ended up falling asleep with Evan on top of Johnny and Terry. The next morning, Johnny and Evan had already been talking when Terry woke up.

"Johnny and I have been talking about something Terry." said Evan. "When we make love, we want to include you until you find a new boyfriend."

"You guys REALLY don't have to do that." replied Terry as he smiled.

"We know, but we want to." replied Johnny. "Do you want to try it out this morning?"

"Sure!" replied Terry.

Evan arranged everyone in a triangle on the bed. Then Johnny took Evan's dick in his mouth, Evan took Terry's dick in his mouth, and Terry took Johnny's dick in his mouth. The three boys lovingly sucked each other, as they caressed each other's bodies. After five minutes, Terry felt Johnny's dick throbbing in his mouth so he got ready to swallow. Johnny was the first to shoot his cum into Terry's loving mouth. As soon as Terry began swallowing Johnny's cum, he began shooting into Evan's mouth. Evan eagerly sucked and swallowed the cum from Terry's dick, and as soon as Terry's orgasm began to fade, Evan began shooting into Johnny's mouth. Johnny hungrily sucked the cum from Evan's dick, as Terry gently cleaned Johnny's dick with his tongue. As soon as all the boys had cleaned each other's dicks, Johnny gave Terry a deep and loving kiss. The Evan gave Terry the same kiss, before kissing Johnny just as passionately. The three boys smiled at each other as they dressed to head out to breakfast.

When breakfast was over, Sandy got a call from Michelle. "Hi Sandy, I wanted to let you know what was going on this morning." said Michelle. "The authorities in California weren't getting a very positive response from Terry's parents until they heard that Terry was staying out here. Then they changed their tune, and said that they meant to report Terry missing, but wanted to see if he would come home first. My colleagues out there and I don't believe that garbage for a second, but they have filed to have Terry returned. Right now we have enough to keep Terry here, thanks to Tom, and they are going to be investigated for abuse. Deke's parents may be able to help with that. If they get a lawyer though, which it looks like they may have to do anyway, it could get ugly. We will do everything we can to keep Terry from being returned to his parents though."

"If I can get a lawyer to file for Terry to stay here permanently, would that help." asked Sandy.

"I hate to see you go to that expense Sandy, but I don't see how it would hurt." replied Michelle.

"Okay Michelle, thanks for letting me know what's going on." said Sandy. "Please do everything you can to keep Terry here for now."

"I will Sandy." replied Michelle.

Sandy then got the boys ready to go to Tom's house. While the boys went upstairs to paint, Sandy talked to Tom about his offer of getting his lawyer to help. Tom immediately called his lawyer, and had him come out to talk to Sandy about making sure Terry's parents got what they deserved.

Well, at least Terry made it safely back to Evan. Will it affect Evan and Johnny's relationship though? And will Terry be able to stay? Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 14.