Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

"If I can get a lawyer to file for Terry to stay here permanently, would that help?" asked Sandy.

"I hate to see you go to that expense Sandy, but I don't see how it would hurt." replied Michelle.

"Okay Michelle, thanks for letting me know what's going on." said Sandy. "Please do everything you can to keep Terry here for now."

"I will Sandy." replied Michelle.

Sandy then got the boys ready to go to Tom's house. While the boys went upstairs to paint, Sandy talked to Tom about his offer of getting his lawyer to help. Tom immediately called his lawyer, and had him come out to talk to Sandy about making sure Terry's parents got what they deserved.

Tom's lawyer listened to Sandy, and raised his brows a few times. Then he called Terry in to talk to him too. Terry told the lawyer as much as he could about his parents behavior when they found out he was still gay, and told him how he could contact Deke's parents.

"With Tom's reports, and what you two have told me, I think I can help you keep Terry here." said Tom's lawyer. "I'll have to talk to Deke's parents of course. If they can corroborate what you have told me, that will be the icing on the cake. We may even be able to get them charged with some type of crime. Don't worry Sandy, I won't let Terry leave you for one moment. Now Tom, I have something to discuss with you too."

"What would that be?" asked Tom.

"I think we should discuss this in private Tom." replied Tom's lawyer.

Tom excused himself, then he and his lawyer went someplace private to talk. "I've known you quite a few years Jack, and the way you're acting has me worried." said Tom. "This is about Kieran's parents, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." replied Jack. "I don't know how, but they made bail. With some of the things my investigator has learned though, I have my suspicions."

"How could they make bail with as much as we had on them?" asked Tom in disbelief.

"With the kind of drug money that comes from South America, anything is possible Tom." replied Jack. "I had no idea that they would be so heavily involved, but they are. That will work in our favor though. Now that they are out, they are pushing for a hearing about Kieran. I plan on making it look more like a criminal trial though, and I'm going to ask the court to decide on adoption at the end of the case."

"Is it that bad?" asked Tom.

"Let's just say that if I can take them down, it will be taking away a major link of drugs coming from South America." replied Jack.

"If they're that heavily connected, why did my quarter of a million seem so important to them?" asked Tom.

"They like to spend money." replied Jack. "It obviously wasn't on their son, but they still spent it like it was going out of style. They have always kept themselves so over-extended, that any money at all is important to them. I promise you though Tom, they are going down. There's one more thing that has me concerned Tom. Kieran's mother spoke with Michelle shortly after they made bail. I don't think Michelle is very sympathetic toward them, but I would feel better if you kept on your toes. Just call it a hunch."

"I'll certainly remember that Jack, and thanks for keeping this between us." replied Tom.

"That's no problem Tom." replied Jack. "They are pushing for a hearing in family court in about two weeks. We'll have to get Kieran ready for that. Also, be ready for Michelle to have him examined by another doctor. I'll call my friend in the DEA, and have him ready with a couple of Marshals. I promise, when I'm finished with them, they won't see the light of day for quite some time."

"Just remind me never to go up against you Jack!" chuckled Tom.

Michelle came by later that week with three boys and a girl for Tom to look at. The girl and one of the boys were being used as bait. Michelle hated doing it, but Kieran's mother had made some very disturbing accusations earlier that week. Michelle didn't believe much of what Nora Jones said, but her supervisor felt she had to see if there could be any truth to it. Tom had Johnny keep Kieran well away from the office that day.

Tom examined the first boy, then came to a boy named Scott. "Okay Scott, your ears and throat looks fine." said Tom. "I need you to lift your shirt so I can listen to your heart and lungs now."

After Tom did that, Scott asked, "Do you need me to take off my pants now, so you can look down there?"

"Well, Scott, your record doesn't indicate that would be necessary." replied Tom. "Do you have any pain, or unusual lumps down there?"

"No, but it would be nice if you looked there anyway." replied Scott.

"Scott, you should really be careful about that kind of behavior toward adults." said Tom. "I have treated a few kids that weren't, and it's usually not a good thing. You're safe with me, but there are adults that would take that kind of behavior as a sign that they could do things that would hurt you. Do you understand that?"

"Yes sir." replied Scott, in an embarrassed tone.

"I don't mean to embarrass you son, I just wouldn't want to see anything happen to you." said Tom. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, you're right." replied Scott. "What I said was way out of line, and I shouldn't say those things to an adult."

"That's exactly right Scott." smiled Tom, as he ruffled Scott's hair. "You seem to be perfectly healthy Scott, so I need to see my next patient now."

The next boy that Michelle had brought in was legitimate, and he had a mild ringworm infection. Other than that he was pretty healthy, so Tom prescribed an antibiotic ointment for the infection. Then came a girl named Sarah. Tom started to look at her, but she seemed to be taking the same route that Scott had. Tom had to tell her twice not to take off any clothing. Then Tom went to have a talk with Michelle.

"The kids you brought in seem to be in pretty good health." said Tom. "The first boy could use a good multi-vitamin for a while, and the third one had a mild ringworm infection, which I prescribed an antibiotic ointment for. Make sure that he bathes regularly, and doesn't re-wear the same clothes after bathing. The second boy and the girl may need counseling though. Either their behavior toward adults is grossly inappropriate, or someone put them up to trying to come on to me. I really hope that's not the case Michelle, as I would hope you would know me better than that. I wouldn't turn down any kid who needs medical care, but something like that might make me look at certain patients more skeptically."

"I'm sorry Tom, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to speak to me right now." replied Michelle shamefully.

"Then why did you do it Michelle?" asked Tom.

"I didn't want to, but my supervisor ordered me to." replied Michelle. "If I hadn't, she would have suspended me. If it's any consolation, I'm glad you acted as professionally about it as I thought you would."

"Tell your supervisor that she should try considering the source sometime." said Tom. "I already know that Nora Jones made bail this week, so I'm assuming that she had something to do with this."

"Damn Tom, you are good." replied Michelle.

"That's because I pay my lawyer well to stay on top of things." replied Tom. "He has one of the best private investigators there is too. Your supervisor should try doing some investigating, instead of trying to ruin happy lives. If she would, she would discover that Kieran should never be returned to those parents of his. Did you know that his father is heavily involved in the South American drug market?"

Michelle stood there with her mouth hanging open for several moments before she could say anything else. "I had no idea Tom!" replied Michelle in shock. "I'm so terribly sorry! I promise that I will be in yours and Kieran's corner from now on though. I don't care what my supervisor thinks."

"I don't think what your supervisor thinks will matter for much longer anyway Michelle." said Tom. "Not only did they mistreat and assault their own son, they are so involved with South American drug manufacturers that they will never see the outside of a prison cell by the time this is over. I'll make sure that it is never physically possible to return Kieran to them. You should really talk to my lawyer Michelle. I'm sure he would make a believer out of you. I also hope you will do what's best for Kieran too, and push for the court to approve my adoption of him. He has never known what a father should be like until he came to live with me. To take him away from the happiest life he has ever known would destroy him, and I hope you don't want to do that."

"I don't want Kieran to leave where he is right now either Tom." said Michelle. "Do you think your lawyer can help me to convince my supervisor that Kieran's parents belong in prison?"

"I'm sure he could." smiled Tom. "I'll call him for you. Now, I'm assuming you will have to have Kieran examined within the next two weeks."

"Yes, but don't worry Tom." replied Michelle. "I will have him examined by one of our low risk doctors, in spite of what my supervisor wants. I owe you that after today."

"What does she have against me caring for Kieran anyway?" asked Tom.

"I really don't know Tom, but I wish I did." replied Michelle. "I think she's one of those types who believes that a single working mother can care for a child fine, but not a single working father."

"Well, if she has any doubts about how I'm caring for Kieran, she should ask Kieran." said Tom.

Michelle did talk to Jack, and it was a real learning experience about the depths that drugs can drive some people to. Michelle's supervisor still didn't seem convinced though, as if she didn't believe the accusations made against Kieran's parents. By the end of the week, the third floor of Tom's house had been finished. Kieran didn't understand why Tom was hesitant about doing things now, until Tom explained what was going on. Then Tom had to prepare Kieran for going to another doctor, and going to court against his parents. Tom and Kieran were now both a bundle of nerves.

Things were going much better for Johnny, Evan, and Terry though. It was getting to the point where you never saw the three boys apart now. It also looked more and more every day that Terry would become a permanent member of Sandy's household.

The day of Kieran's examination arrived, and he was taken to the appointment by Michelle. Michelle was true to her word though, and the examination wasn't bad at all. That was a bit of a relief to Tom and Kieran. Now the only thing they had to worry about was their day in court. The night before the hearing, Tom held Kieran tightly in his arms.

"What if they take me away tomorrow daddy?" cried Kieran.

"I'll never let them do that son." replied Tom in a soothing voice. "Your parents have been involved in a lot more than even you know about, and I'll make sure they can never touch you. That judge is going to see tomorrow how happy you have been living here, and I'm sure he'll make me your daddy legally tomorrow. Please trust me son."

"I'll try daddy." replied Kieran, as he dried his tears.

Tom held and caressed Kieran gently, until Kieran was finally able to drift off to sleep. The next day, Tom and Kieran met Jack at the courthouse. Jack had three other men with him.

"Hi Tom." said Jack. "I wanted to introduce you to an old friend of mine. Tom, this is Gerald Stock. Gerald is an agent with the DEA, and these other two men are federal marshals. I promise you that you won't forget today for quite some time. We have the Joneses over a very deep barrel, and I'm going to dangle them until they drop into it."

"That will be a huge relief Jack." replied Tom. "It's nice to meet you Gerald."

"Same here Tom." replied Gerald. "I still find it hard to believe that we're involved in a child custody case though."

"That actually kind of sounds like Jack's style!" laughed Tom nervously.

As time for the case arrived, Tom and Kieran followed Jack to their table in the courtroom. Michelle was already there, and sitting behind Tom's table. Gerald and his men took a seat in the back of the courtroom. Michelle was disappointed when her supervisor arrived, and sat at Kieran's parents table. The court was then called to order, and the judge came in.

"I see this morning we have the custody and adoption case filed by Thomas Bechtel, to adopt Kieran Jones from his parents, Nora and Stan Jones." said the judge. "The counsel for Mister Bechtel may go ahead."

"Thank you, your honor." said Jack. "All that we would like to show the court is that Kieran Jones would be much better off, and better cared for if the court allowed Thomas Bechtel to adopt him. I would like to call my first witness, Thomas Bechtel."

As Tom went to the witness stand, he thought to himself, "Okay, this is it. This is for one of the boys I love."

As soon as Tom was sworn in, Jack said, "Okay Tom, you will most likely be giving medical testimony too. Before we start, could you share your history with the court?"

"I'd be glad too." replied Tom.

"I object, your honor." said Stan and Nora's lawyer. "No medical testimony has been given so far, and this is very premature."

"Mister Dupree, I am very well aware of your tactics." said the judge to Stan and Nora's lawyer. "I'm going to warn you right up front that this is family court, and not criminal court. Your constant objections in order to wear down witnesses will not be tolerated in my court. If Mister Bechtel's counsel intends to bring up medical testimony, I want to hear his credentials beforehand. You will have your chance to be heard during cross examination. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir." replied Mister Dupree, in a more subdued tone.

"You may continue Mister Bechtel." said the judge.

"Thank you, your honor." replied Tom. "I entered the state university right out of high school, and immediately majored in pre-med. After university and medical school, I entered the residency program at Midwest Medical Center. In my second year of residency, I began to specialize in pediatrics. At the completion of my residency, I had the opportunity to go into private practice. It was a general practice, but I dealt with less pediatric cases. My partner and I dealt mostly with older, wealthy adults. Two years ago, at thirty seven, I left the private practice to my partner, and returned to the hospital as a resident. I worked out of the clinic at the hospital, and in pediatrics inside the hospital when I wasn't at the clinic."

"Thank you Tom." said Jack. "Now, can you recall the first day you met Kieran Jones?"

"Yes, I remember that day very well." replied Tom. "Kieran came to the clinic as a patient, with a very badly infected penis. He also had a mild urinary tract infection, was slightly undernourished, and the foreskin of his penis was nearly closed off completely."

"What caused all of those conditions?" asked Jack.

"I object!" said Mister Dupree. "It calls for the witness to testify about conditions that he has not personally witnessed."

"Let me rephrase that then." said Jack. "How many conditions can cause a penis to become infected, and the foreskin to grow closed?"

"There is only one condition that can cause that." replied Tom. "It comes from lack of proper cleanliness."

"And what about being undernourished?" asked Jack.

"The only thing that can cause that is not eating a proper diet, or in Kieran's case, not being fed a proper diet." replied Tom.

"I object!" called out Mister Dupree.

"On what grounds?" asked the judge. "In your vast medical expertise, are there other causes of malnourishment that we don't know of? Or are you saying that it is a seven year old boy's responsibility to feed himself properly? Like I said earlier Mister Dupree, you will get your chance to cross examine the witness."

Tom was rather enjoying this for now. He knew that Mister Dupree would soon be cross examining him though, and he wasn't looking forward to that. During Tom's testimony, Michelle had seen the state director for the child welfare department enter the courtroom. Instead of coming to one of the tables though, the man sat in the back of the courtroom, near the DEA agent and his marshals. Michelle knew that her supervisor had not seen the director come in, and she kept it to herself.

Jack continued the testimony by asking, "Why was Kieran readmitted to the hospital, two days after being released?"

"Kieran was assaulted." replied Tom.

"I object!" shouted Mister Dupree.

"You can object if you want Mister Dupree, but I found the imprint of a human fist on Kieran's body when he came back to the emergency room!" shot back Tom.

"I am overruling the objection, and I really want to hear about this incident!" said the judge.

"I was called to the emergency room two days after Kieran was released, because he had been brought in by his mother in an unconscious state." said Tom. "I examined Kieran, and found an imprint of a human fist in one of his many bruises."

"I would like to submit that medical report as exhibit A." said Jack, who handed the report to the judge.

"When I asked Nora Jones what had happened to her son, she said that Kieran fell down a flight of stairs at home." said Tom. "When I visited their home later though, I discovered that they lived in a single story home, with no basement. Besides, when Kieran regained consciousness, he gave a statement that was witnessed by myself and several nurses, and notarized by my lawyer. In his statement, he said that he was assaulted by his father over a hospital bill."

"I object!" shouted Mister Dupree.

"Don't tell me, the assault is prejudicial to your client." said the judge. "Objection overruled!"

"I would like to submit that statement by Kieran Jones as exhibit B." said Jack, who then handed it to the judge.

"Are you trying to screw this case up?" Michelle's supervisor asked Mister Dupree. "We handle things much differently at child welfare sir. If you make me look like a fool, I'll make sure you regret it."

"You're making the judge hate us." said Nora. "Would you please try to do a better job?"

"I have no further questions at this time, your honor." smiled Jack.

"Mister Dupree, you've been aching to be heard since we started, so you may now cross examine the witness." said the judge.

"Mister Bechtel, did you buy Kieran from his parents for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars?" asked Mister Dupree.

"I did no such thing." replied Tom, as calmly as possible.

"Then you deny giving them that money, even though I have a bank statement from your account that proves it?" asked Mister Dupree.

"I did give them that money, but..." started Tom.

"That's good enough." interrupted Mister Dupree. "As for the statement from Kieran, does he have any reason to hate his father?"

"I object." said Jack. "That calls for the witness to speculate on someone else's emotions."

"Objection sustained." said the judge.

"Okay then, did Kieran ever tell you that he hated his father, Mister Bechtel?" asked Mister Dupree.

"Yes, but..." started Tom.

"That's all!" interrupted Mister Dupree. "I have no further questions."

"I wish to re-direct." said Jack.

"I object!" said Mister Dupree.

"Objection overruled." said the judge. "You may cross examine again after the re-direct Mister Dupree, if you wish to do so."

"Okay Tom, what was the money that you gave Stan and Nora Jones?" asked Jack.

"That was merely to help them clear up their legal situation, so they would be able to allow me to take over custody of Kieran." said Tom. "That's what they were suppose to use the money for according to the contract we signed. If they used it for something else, and claim that I paid for Kieran with that money, they violated our contract and lied about it."

"I object!" yelled Mister Dupree.

"And I wish to submit that contract as exhibit C, so you can see if my client is telling the truth." said Jack.

"I will hold the objection, and I want a fifteen minute recess to look over this contract." said the judge.

The group at Stan and Nora's table finally looked confident, as they left the courtroom for the recess. The child welfare director ducked down as they went by, so Michelle's supervisor still didn't see him. Tom, Jack, Kieran, and Michelle remained in the courtroom.

"I hope that contract doesn't end up hurting us Jack." said Tom.

"While it may not look the best in the world for us, it will look even worse for them." replied Jack. "Don't worry Tom, this will work out fine. I still have my main trick up my sleeve for when Stan Jones takes the stand."

The judge finally came back, and the courtroom was called to order. "Mister Bechtel, while this contract is not something I would have signed, it does show that the money paid to Stan and Nora Jones was to be used to clear their legal problems, and was not payment for Kieran. I am going to overrule the objection, and I would advise you to use more caution in the future Mister Bechtel. Does the counsel have any other questions for the re-direct?"

"Yes, I have one more question." said Jack. "Tom, if you had gone through the neglect and abuse that Kieran had, and had been called a mistake that should have been aborted, would you hate Stan Jones too?"

"I object!" screamed Mister Dupree. "Such a question is inflammatory, and calls for conjecture that has no bearing on this case!"

"I will have to sustain that objection, and I'm warning the counsel for Mister Bechtel to be more careful with his questions." said the judge.

"I apologize your honor." said Jack, as he held in a smile. "I have no further questions."

"Do you wish to cross examine, Mister Dupree?" asked the judge.

Mister Dupree realized that it would be in his client's best interest to get Tom off the stand now, so he replied, "I have no questions, your honor."

"I would like to call Michelle Thompson to the stand now." said Jack. After Michelle took the stand, and was sworn in, Jack asked, "Miss Thompson, are you the social worker assigned to Kieran Jones?"

"Yes, I am." replied Michelle.

"Do you feel that it is in Kieran's best interests to remain with Thomas Bechtel, and for the adoption to become final?" asked Jack.

"I object." said Mister Dupree. "I have been told that Miss Thompson is not authorized to speak for the state in this matter."

"What do you mean that she's not authorized to speak for the state?" asked the judge.

"I issued an order yesterday that I am the only one authorized to speak for the state today in this case." said Michelle's supervisor.

"Is Miss Thompson still assigned as Kieran's social worker?" asked the judge.

"Yes, but not for much longer." replied the supervisor.

"Even so, since she is currently his social worker, I want to hear what she has to say." said the judge. "I will note that she does not speak for the state. Objection overruled."

That completely erased the smile from the face of Michelle's supervisor, as Jack asked, "Could you answer that question now Michelle?"

"I would love to!" replied Michelle. "I have kept a close eye on Kieran in his current home. Right now he is provided with the type of love and guidance that a parent should provide to their child. He is in a very safe and happy environment. I have interviewed Stan and Nora Jones, and neither are fit to be a parent in my opinion. Any child in their care would be in terrible danger."

"I object!" said Mister Dupree. "Miss Thompson is not qualified to pass judgment on my clients!"

"May I establish her qualifications, your honor?" asked Jack.

"I wish you would, so Mister Dupree would shut up." replied the judge.

"Miss Thompson, what qualifies you to make that remark?" asked Jack.

"I graduated at the top of my class at the state university, and I have been a social worker for this department for all ten years since then." replied Michelle. "For the past five years, I have handled the toughest cases our office has handled. Stan and Nora Jones have broken several laws in the past, and I don't see that changing. This is the first time my qualifications have ever been questioned by my supervisor."

"I find Miss Thompson's qualifications to be sufficient." said the judge. "The objection from Mister Dupree is overruled."

"And what about Thomas Bechtel?" asked Jack.

"Thomas Bechtel seems to be a good and caring man." replied Michelle. "I think he is perfectly suited to be Kieran's father. Neither me nor the doctor who examined Kieran have found any reason to believe otherwise."

"I have no further questions your honor." said Jack.

Then Mister Dupree got up for his cross examination and asked, "Miss Thompson, did you also place a boy named Tony with a pair of cousins, one of which was accused of molesting a minor?"

"I object your honor." said Jack. "That minor was found to have been making up the accusation, in order to commit extortion against the person in question. That question is inappropriate, as well as having no bearing on this case."

"Objection sustained." said the judge. "Mister Dupree, if I have to warn you once more to stick to this case, I will find you in contempt!"

"I have no further questions." muttered Mister Dupree.

Jack knew that he almost had this case in the bag, so he said, "Your honor, we rest our case."

"I know that this usually the last thing done in a custody case, but it is nearly lunch time." said the judge. "I would like to speak with Kieran Jones in my chambers, then we will recess for lunch."

This was the part that Tom was most nervous about, as Jack told Kieran to go with the judge. Once the judge and Kieran were alone, the judge said, "Please don't be nervous Kieran. I just want to talk to you as a friend, and find out what would be best for you today. Mister Bechtel really wants to be your father now, doesn't he?"

"He is already, as far as I'm concerned." replied Kieran.

"Were your real parents that bad Kieran?" asked the judge.

"They never had time for me." replied Kieran. "They were always too busy getting high, or fighting over money to make time for me. I had to take care of myself most of the time. Then came the day my father hit me. I had just come home from the hospital, and he got mad over getting a bill from them. I tried to tell him that it wasn't my fault, but he hit me anyway. He kept hitting me really hard until I passed out. Doctor Bechtel would never hurt me in any way, and he makes time for me. He's my daddy now, and I love him like my daddy. Please don't make me leave him."

"I wouldn't dream of that Kieran." smiled the judge. "If I thought it were best for you, would you want Doctor Bechtel to be your daddy permanently?"

"Can you do that?" asked Kieran. "I would love that more than anything in the world!"

"I'm the judge." chuckled the judge. "I can do anything."

The judge and Kieran continued to talk for quite a few more minutes, and the judge was completely charmed by Kieran. By the time the talk was over, Kieran and the judge were smiling and laughing together. When they re-entered the courtroom still smiling, Tom breathed a huge sigh of relief. He knew that Kieran had shown the judge who he needed to be with.

After lunch, Mister Dupree was planning on calling Stan Jones first. He knew that Stan's character may come into question, so he wanted to make Stan look like an innocent victim.

"Mister Jones, are these allegations of you hitting your child true?" asked Mister Dupree.

"I love my son." said Stan, as emotionally as he could act. "I would never hurt him. I am not a violent man, as Mister Bechtel's lawyer would like everyone to think. All my wife and I want is to have our son back. We know that we will be cleared when we go to court on these ridiculous charges."

"What about the allegations of drug use?" asked Mister Dupree, in a concerned tone.

"My wife and I did have a problem at one time, long ago." replied Stan. "We got help though, and we no longer do those things. That is a false allegation too, and we will be cleared of that as well."

"Thank you mister Jones, I have no further questions." said Mister Dupree.

"I have a few questions though." said Jack, as he got up to begin the cross examination. "How do you explain your wife claiming that Kieran fell down a flight of stairs in a house that has no stairs? Also, how do you explain these so-called stairs leaving fist marks on Kieran?"

Last night I was thinking that this would be a good place to leave off. Then I had several dreams about being tracked down and pummeled by irate fans. With those dreams still fresh in my memory, I have decided to continue.

"Your honor, I object!" yelled Mister Dupree.

"You can object all you want, I'd like to hear his answer though." replied the judge. "Objection overruled. Please answer the question Mister Jones."

"My wife was in a panic when Kieran got hurt." replied Stan. "I'm sure she meant to say that Kieran fell off his bicycle."

"I object, your honor." Jack almost snickered. "How can he possibly know what his wife meant to say?"

"Objection sustained." replied the judge. "Mister Jones, please stick to what you said or felt."

"What about the fist marks Mister Jones?" asked Jack.

"I don't know what caused those." replied Stan. "He could have gotten into a fight or anything."

"Then why did he say that you assaulted him over a hospital bill?" asked Jack.

Stan Jones was now starting to sweat as he replied, "I don't know why my son would say that! Someone has turned him against me. I am not a violent person!"

"Are you really sure about that Mister Jones?" asked Jack, now enjoying his job.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Stan.

"Have you ever traveled to South America under the name of Harvey Sutton?" asked Jack.

"I object!" yelled Mister Dupree.

"Who is Harvey Sutton?" asked Stan nervously.

"According to the fingerprint files I obtained on you and Harvey Sutton, he's a man who has your exact same fingerprints." replied Jack.

"I object!" screamed Mister Dupree.

"Why do you object Mister Dupree?" asked the judge. "This is getting more interesting by the second! Objection overruled, and so is your next one!"

"Here Mister Jones, take a look at this security photo taken at a South American airport, and these fingerprint records." said Jack. "Can you explain these?"

"Um, I want to speak with my lawyer." said Stan.

"I don't blame you for that." said Jack. "The man in that picture is you, isn't it Mister Jones? You do know that perjury carries the same penalty in this court as it does in criminal court, right?"

"I... I... won that trip in a contest." stammered Stan.

At this point, Michelle's supervisor got up from the table, and took a seat back in the courtroom.

"Did you also win a trip to a coca farm in South America?" asked Jack. "You would HAVE to remember that. It was a farm that was attacked by a rival drug lord while you were there, and your friends gave you a rifle. How many people did you shoot and kill that day Stan?"

By this time, Mister Dupree had his head down on the table, in his arms. "It wasn't like that!" replied Stan.

"Oh yes, I forgot." said Jack. "You are not a violent man. How much cocaine did you bring back with you on that trip Stan? And please don't lie, I even have numbers on that too."

Stan knew that he was now trapped, so he replied, "I invoke my rights under the fifth amendment, and refuse to answer under the grounds that it may incriminate me."

"MIster Jones, or Sutton, or whatever the case may be, you are very lucky that I cannot send you to prison today." said the judge. "If it were up to me, that's where you would spend the rest of your life. The only thing I have jurisdiction over is the custody of Kieran Jones."

"Maybe I can help you with that, your honor." said Gerald, as he finally stood up. "My name is Gerald Stock, and I am an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency. I have heard enough today to ask for a warrant for Stan Jones. I would usually have to get that through a federal judge, but in cases of high risk of flight, I can have any judge sign the warrant."

"That would be a great honor for me, Agent Stock." replied the judge.

After the warrant was signed and served, and Gerald had Stan placed in custody by his marshals, the courtroom finally settled back down. The judge then called for a thirty minute recess, so everyone could gather their wits back. Outside the courtroom, Michelle was approached by her supervisor and the state director at the same time.

"I'm glad I caught both of you ladies together like this." said the director. He then turned to Michelle's supervisor and said, "You are fired, effective as of this very second." Then he turned back to Michelle and said, "Miss Thompson, I would like you to take over the office for this district. What do you say?"

"I'm very honored sir!" replied Michelle. "I don't know what to say, except yes!"

"Very good." smiled the director. "And please call me Ted."

"Yes sir, I mean Ted." replied Michelle. "I promise I will make this the best run office in the state!"

"I don't doubt that for a moment Miss Thompson." smiled Ted. "Good luck Michelle, and thanks for calling me with that anonymous tip."

By that time, the ex-supervisor was long gone. Michelle threw her arms around Tom and said, "I love you Tom! Thank you so much for today!"

Tom returned the hug as he replied, "I'm very happy for you Michelle. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person." Then Tom broke the hug, turned to Jack, and laughed as he said, "And remind me never to go up against you Jack!"

"All in a day's work!" laughed Jack. "Just wait until you get my bill before you thank me though."

"Whatever it is my friend, you earned every penny of it today!" smiled Tom.

"Does this mean that you're going to be my real daddy?" asked Kieran.

"That's up to the judge yet son, but it's safe to say that your old dad is out of the picture now." replied Tom, as he gave Kieran a warm hug.

After the recess was over, everyone went back into the courtroom. When the judge came in and took his seat, he said, "Mister Dupree, it looks like your first witness has been excused. Does your remaining client wish to add anything else to this case?"

"We rest our case, your honor." replied Mister Dupree, in a very subdued tone.

"In that case, I'm ready to render a verdict." said the judge. "In the case of Kieran Jones, I find it in his best interests to permanently revoke the parental rights of Stan and Nora Jones. After talking to Kieran earlier, and I might add that he is a very charming boy, I hereby grant the final adoption request of Thomas Bechtel. Would you like your name to reflect that Kieran?"

"Yes sir!" Kieran almost cried happily.

"Very well." replied the judge. "From this day on, Thomas Bechtel is now the legal parent of Kieran. Also, Kieran will now be legally named Kieran Bechtel. I envy you Tom, for having such a wonderful son. This case is adjourned."

Tom and Kieran immediately hugged each other tightly, and cried for joy in each other's arms.

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