Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

"In that case, I'm ready to render a verdict." said the judge. "In the case of Kieran Jones, I find it in his best interests to permanently revoke the parental rights of Stan and Nora Jones. After talking to Kieran earlier, and I might add that he is a very charming boy, I hereby grant the final adoption request of Thomas Bechtel. Would you like your name to reflect that Kieran?"

"Yes sir!" Kieran almost cried happily.

"Very well." replied the judge. "From this day on, Thomas Bechtel is now the legal parent of Kieran. Also, Kieran will now be legally named Kieran Bechtel. I envy you Tom, for having such a wonderful son. This case is adjourned."

Tom and Kieran immediately hugged each other tightly, and cried for joy in each other's arms.

Before they could leave the courthouse, Jack called Sandy, who was waiting back at Tom's house. He told Sandy how court had went, and told her to have the party ready. Sandy also had her own surprise ready for Tom when he got home. When Tom, Kieran, and Jack pulled up at Tom's house, nothing looked out of the ordinary. Tom and Kieran went in ahead of Jack, and the lights in the living room were off. Tom reached over to the light switch, and as soon as he turned the lights on, a room full of people yelled out, "Surprise!"

A banner had been placed across the room that read, "Welcome home Kieran Bechtel." Johnny, Evan, Terry, Tony, Mark, and Davey were all there to congratulate Kieran. All the boys gave Kieran a hug, as they all laughed together. At the same time, Sandy, Patty, Kenny, and Phil and his wife congratulated Tom. Then Sandy revealed her surprise.

"Mom?! Dad?!" exclaimed Tom.

"Hello son." said Tom's father. "When your nice friend Sandy told us that you might become a father, Helga and I had to be here for you."

"Yes son, Erich and I wouldn't have missed this for anything." said Tom's mother Helga.

"I'm so glad that you came here from Florida for me!" said Tom, as he hugged his parents.

"What else would we have done?" smiled Erich. "Now, why haven't you introduced us to our grandson yet?"

"Kieran, come here!" said Tom. When Kieran had joined him, Tom said, "Kieran, I want you to meet your new grandmother and grandfather. This is my father, Erich Bechtel, and this is my mother, Helga Bechtel. Mom and dad, this is your new grandson, Kieran."

Kieran talked to his daddy's parents for quite a while, with Erich and Helga giving him several hugs. They also told their son that he had a very nice looking and charming son. Tom's parents had also managed to bring their new grandson presents that he loved. Tom then talked his parents into spending the week they were there in his home. Tom wasn't worried about that, as one of the bedrooms on the second floor was still intact.

After meeting his new grandparents, Kieran went back to the other boys. Once he and Johnny were alone together, Kieran said, "Now that daddy is my real daddy, he can make love to me any way that we want."

"Are you going to get him to put his cock inside you now?" smiled Johnny.

"We HAVE to do that now." replied Kieran. "Will it really hurt that much at first?"

"Well little brother, your butt is only use to having stuff come out of it right now." replied Johnny. "Besides, dad's cock is larger than any turd you've ever pooped. I'm sure dad will take a lot of time to prepare you first though, so it won't hurt any more than it has to. Then after you get use to it, you'll probably like it a lot."

"That's the part I'm looking forward to." giggled Kieran.

Later that evening, after Tom had asked his parents to stay at the house, he looked around and saw Kieran sitting in his dad's lap. Kieran was snuggling into the older man, and Erich had his arms wrapped lightly around the boy. Kieran was smiling as his grandfather lightly ran his hand over him, in a non-sexual way.

"Hi dad." smiled Tom, as he sat down next to his father. "I see you and Kieran are hitting it off well."

"You have a very sweet and lovable son, son." replied Erich, as his hand rested on Kieran's stomach. "I have never seen a boy who can make you fall for him so quickly. Your grandmother and I are very proud of our new grandson."

"Yeah, grandma gave me a really nice kiss on the cheek a few minutes ago." squeaked Kieran. "It felt really good."

"It's just that we don't get a chance to see our other grandchildren much." said Erich. "You can probably expect us to spoil you terribly while we're here Kieran."

"Daddy, I love my new grandparents!" giggled Kieran.

"I love them too son." laughed Tom. "So dad, how is my sister Gabriella, and her kids?"

"We don't get to see them too much, since her and her husband moved off to Alaska." replied Erich. "My practice in Florida hardly ever allows me to get away like that, and I wanted to spend this time with my son and new grandson."

"I thought you were retiring when you went down there." laughed Tom.

"I thought so too, but they needed doctors where we moved to, and I missed practicing too much." replied Erich. "I think it's in our genes son. I'll probably be practicing medicine when I'm one hundred."

"In that case dad, please practice with me." said Tom. "Every since you sent me to medical school, I've always dreamed of sharing an office with my dad. Now, that I'm expanding my office, I'll need a partner. I know you'll love caring for young boys and girls too. It's such a joy to care for those patients. All of my young patients love me, and I know they would love you just as much."

"You make it almost impossible for someone to say no, don't you son?" laughed Erich. "Well, since I didn't end up retiring like I thought I would, you have a deal son. I know your mother would love to be back here with you and her new grandson. Besides, I've always wanted to practice pediatrics."

Tom put his arms around his dad, squeezing Kieran between them as he said, "Thank you so much dad. This is a dream come true for me."

"And having an adorable grandson with you as his father is a dream come true for Helga and me too." replied Erich. "I'll call a broker for our house tomorrow, and tell my part time partner that he has to take the office full time now. Now son, I hope you are being gentle and careful with our new grandson."

"What do you mean by that dad?" asked Tom.

"Oh come now son." replied Erich. "Neither me nor your mother are blind yet. We raised you from a baby, and we know you better than you know yourself sometimes. We could always see that you had no interest in females as a partner. If you did, you'd be all over that friend Sandy of yours. I've always noticed though that you did have an eye for other males, especially when they tended to be younger. I also see how Kieran looks at you like you're some kind of God. I'm actually pleased that you both seem to have genuine feelings for each other. I'd hate to think that you'd end up talking boys into sharing those feelings. If you two love each other that much though, and it's something that Kieran truly wants, your mother and I will wish you two all of the love in the world. From what I've heard of Kieran's past, I'm glad he found you."

"I've never been able to get anything by you, have I father?" asked Tom. Then Tom leaned down and gave Kieran a gentle and brief kiss, and said, "My little angel has been through more pain so far than any boy should have to go through. I've promised him that I shall show him nothing but love, and never add to the pain he's already felt. Kieran is the most important person in my life now."

"I'm glad to hear that." said Erich. "I've always known that you are that gentle and loving though, so it's no surprise to hear you say that. Your mother and I can't wait to return home. We actually talked about it on the way up here, even without the offer of me sharing your practice. We just want to be near our wonderful son and grandson."

"I can't wait to share my practice, my life, and my wonderful son with you and mom." smiled Tom. "So, when I open the office back up tomorrow, would you like to be with me, and meet some of my patients?"

"It would be a pleasure son." replied Erich. "I love you and my grandson very much. Besides, that will give Helga a chance to properly spoil both of your boys. By the way, when are you going to be adopting Johnny too?"

"It's in the works, but these things take way too much time." replied Tom. "Now that I am officially Kieran's father though, that may help speed things up."

"Good, he looks like he needs a good and loving father too." smiled Erich. "What's the story with him and those other two boys? Are they all in a relationship together?"

"I've never seen anything like it, but all three of them seem to love each other equally now." replied Tom. "I hope it works out, because all three of them look so perfect together."

"I'll bet it must be some sight when all three of them share their love together!" laughed Erich lightly.

"Father, are you...?" started Tom.

"No son, I'm hopelessly taken by Helga, even after all of these years." replied Erich. "Boys are still very wonderful people though. I was always so proud to have such a beautiful son as you. I always took great joy and pride in bathing you and taking care of you when you were young. My son was and is beautiful, and I wanted the whole world to see that. And now he has a son who is every bit as beautiful."

"Grandpa, could you bathe me tonight?" asked Kieran.

"If your father doesn't mind, I would love to." smiled Erich. "I think it's sweet that your father still bathes you at your age."

"Of course I don't mind." smiled Tom. "You should have a chance to get to bond with your grandson like that. I know that it won't be anything other than a grandfather caring for his grandson. Besides, I'll probably be bathing Kieran like that until the day he goes off to college."

"What do you mean by going off to college?" replied Kieran. "I'm going to the local university, and staying here with the father I love. You'll be bathing me for the rest of your life daddy."

"Or at least until I get to the age where you start having to bathe me instead!" laughed Tom. That got all three of them laughing.

That evening, the party moved to the best restaurant in town, which Sandy had booked for the occasion. Once supper was over, it was time to call it an evening. When they got back to Tom's house, Patty, Kenny, and Tony said their good-byes first, then Phil and his family went to their home next door. When Sandy was ready to leave with her two boys, Johnny begged to stay the night with Evan and Terry. Tom smiled as he agreed.

Tom sat in the living room and talked to his mother, as Erich took his grandson upstairs for his bath. As Erich ran the bath water, Kieran eagerly stripped his clothes off. Then Erich turned and looked at the naked boy, and said, "You are a very beautiful boy Kieran. I can't blame your father one bit for falling so in love with you. Now, let's get you ready for bed with him."

Kieran completely relaxed as his grandfather began cleaning him meticulously. Erich started at kieran's head, and slowly worked his way down Kieran's body. Kieran cooed softly as Erich gently worked the soap into Kieran's chest, then rinsed it off. Erich finally got to Kieran's penis, and rolled the foreskin back carefully.

"Did you have a problem with your foreskin at one time?" asked Erich.

"Yeah, it was almost completely closed off, and my dick was infected pretty badly when I met daddy." replied Kieran.

"Well then, your father did a very good job of caring for it, and leaving your pretty little penis intact." said Erich.

As Erich gently cleaned Kieran's genitals, Kieran let go and let his penis stiffen in his grandfather's hands. Erich marveled at Kieran's beautiful little erection, as he did a thorough job of cleaning it.

"I'll bet your father adores your beautiful penis, especially when you let it get erect like that." said Erich.

"He makes it feel so wonderful when he makes love to me." replied Kieran. "I love how it feels when we both make each other feel good."

Erich finally worked his way down Kieran's legs, then had Kieran stand in the tub so he could rinse him thoroughly. Then Kieran climbed out of the tub, and Erich dried him gently with the towel. As Erich dried Kieran's genitals, Kieran reached out and gently caressed Erich.

"I think you got stiff too there grandpa!" giggled Kieran.

Erich leaned down and kissed Kieran's nose, then said, "Yes Kieran. You are a very beautiful boy, and it did have an effect on me. I'm afraid that Helga will be the only one who can take care of that for me tonight though. It's been a while since we've made love like that, so she'll probably appreciate it so much that she'll want us to adopt a boy as cute as you. Now, get dressed and let's take you down to your daddy."

As Erich put his cock inside Helga that night, and made love to his wife, Tom and Kieran were laying naked in each other's arms.

"I want you to get me ready to put your cock inside me daddy." said Kieran. "You are my daddy for good now, and no one can take me away from you. I have to feel that kind of love now."

"Okay son." smiled Tom. "It's going to take some time to prepare you right though. I want to make sure that I don't cause you any more pain than is necessary. It will take some time to safely stretch your sphincter, so that I don't hurt you."

Then Tom kissed Kieran deeply, and had him roll onto his stomach, so they could begin. Tom knew this was coming, so he had gotten the best lube that he could for preparing Kieran. Tom got out the large tube and a towel, then knelt over Kieran's upturned butt. Tom leaned down, and began covering Kieran's butt with kisses, as he massaged it gently. When Kieran relaxed, Tom pulled his cheeks apart and leaned in closer. Kieran moaned softly as he felt Tom's tongue bathe the crack of his butt, and massage his pucker. Tom lovingly rubbed his tongue over Kieran's pucker, as he noticed how small and tight it was.

"I'm probably only going to be able to work one finger into you tonight baby, just like we did before." said Tom. "I want to make sure this is done right."

Tom put a drop of lube directly on Kieran's pucker, then covered his finger. Then Tom pushed firmly, and his finger finally slid into Kieran. That made Kieran let out a slight gasp.

"Are you okay son?" asked Tom.

"Yeah daddy." replied Kieran. "It hurts a little at first, but your finger is staring to feel okay now. It's making my dick really hard though."

"Well, I'll make love to your beautiful little erection after we finish this for tonight." smiled Tom.

Tom began to work his finger slowly into Kieran, giving him enough time to get use to it as they went. As before, Tom stopped after his finger was halfway inside Kieran, as he was getting too much resistance now. Then Tom slowly worked half of his finger in and out of Kieran, trying to stretch his pucker slightly as he worked. After about fifteen minutes, Tom finally felt the resistance from earlier fade away, so he slowly worked the rest of his finger into Kieran.

Once it was all the way in, Tom asked, "Are you okay, my baby boy?"

"I'm more than okay daddy, although my butt feels really full, like I have to poop badly." replied Kieran.

"You probably will as soon as I take my finger out." chuckled Tom. "That's okay though. I'll catch it all in my hand if you do, so we don't make a mess. This is why we have to take our time preparing you though. My cock will feel like a telephone pole compared to my finger, and I'm sure that would hurt you quite a bit more than I could bear to think of."

"It's okay daddy, we can take all the time we need to get me ready for this." replied Kieran. "When you make love to me like this, I want it to feel like love."

"That's how I want it to feel too son." smiled Tom, as he gently slid his finger in and out of Kieran.

After a half hour of gently stretching Kieran's sphincter, Tom finally removed his finger. Tom could feel Kieran's poop following his finger out, so he was ready to catch it. Kieran relaxed himself, and let his body empty itself into Tom's loving hands. As soon as the last of Kieran's poop came out, Tom got up and took it to the bathroom. After dropping it in the toilet and flushing, Tom washed his hands and grabbed some wet wipes. Tom lovingly cleaned Kieran's butt, then dried it with the towel. Then Kieran finally rolled over, to reveal his erection proudly sticking up into the air. When Tom laid down, Kieran quickly climbed on top of him. Then Kieran situated his dick over Tom's mouth so that he could still reach Tom's cock with his mouth. As Tom pulled Kieran's dick into his mouth, he could feel Kieran's lips wrap hungrily around his cock. The two made love passionately until Tom felt his cum ready to shoot into Kieran's mouth. As Kieran began swallowing Tom's orgasm, his body began to tremble. Tom sucked Kieran even more passionately, until the boy began having a dry orgasm. When it was over, Kieran could barely speak.

"What?!... What?!" panted Kieran breathlessly.

"I can't believe it son, but you just had a dry orgasm!" replied Tom. "You shouldn't be able to do that for at least another year or two! Are you okay?"

"That was incredible!" gasped Kieran breathlessly.

Tom then took Kieran tightly into his arms, and the two kissed until they fell asleep that way.

The next morning, as Tom and his father were preparing to open the office, they were talking about the night before. "You are right son, seven is very young to be having a dry orgasm." said Erich. "Have you been having anal intercourse with him?"

"He has been wanting to, but I had to make him wait until after the adoption." replied Tom. "We did begin preparing for it last night though. I'm not just going to put an adult penis inside him. That could hurt him, and I'd never do that."

"So then, I assume you just used a finger on him?" asked Erich.

"Yes, I spent about a half hour loosening his rectum and sphincter with one finger." replied Tom. "I still can't believe I'm discussing this with you dad."

"That's understandable." laughed Erich. "The only thing that I can think of is that you stimulated his prostate so much, that it was forced into starting up a bit on the early side. I wouldn't worry about it unless you notice his penis beginning to grow at an abnormal rate. That might signify an over active hormone condition. Just make sure you have that sweet little boy completely ready before you do anything with him, to make it as less traumatic as possible. How large are you anyway?"

"About eight at a full erection." replied Tom, a little red faced.

"Definitely make sure he's ready then." smiled Erich.

Soon after the office was opened, the waiting room began filling up. Erich could easily see why his son needed help now, and all of his patients were so adorable. Most of the cases that day were scrapes and sniffles. There were several cases of suspected fractures, which kept Kenny occupied. Tom was now using the latest casting material, and Erich looked on in interest. Tom was also having Evan come in, to replace his cast. One boy came in, running a fever and complaining that it hurt to pee. Tom went ahead and took his vital signs, after explaining why his father was watching. Tom did see that the six year old boy was indeed running a fever.

"Okay Jimmy, I need to take a look at your penis, to see what we might be dealing with." said Tom.

Jimmy lowered his pants and cartoon briefs, then sat back down on the table. Tom gently took the two and a half inch shaft between his fingers, and looked it over good. Jimmy's penis did seem to be a little reddened.

"What do you think dad, just an infection?" Tom asked Erich.

Erich reached down, and lightly squeezed the circumcised head of Jimmy's penis. There were no excess emissions, but it did indeed look inflamed. "Does that hurt Jimmy?" asked Erich.

"Yeah, a little." replied Jimmy.

"Do you clean it well when you bathe?" asked Erich.

"Oh yes sir!" replied Jimmy. "I like making sure it's nice and clean!"

"That's good son." chuckled Erich. "When you play with your penis, do you do anything other than handle it with your fingers?"

"Who said that I play with it?" asked Jimmy.

"All boys do." smiled Erich. "I played with mine when I was a little boy, and my son played with his too. All little boys like playing with their penis, and there's nothing wrong with that."

"Okay then, I just rub it between my fingers sometimes." replied Jimmy. "It makes it feel nice."

"It looks like something has infected the tube inside your penis that the pee comes out of." said Erich. "You've never done anything that could do that?"

"No sir." replied Jimmy.

"It could have started in his bladder, and spread to his urinary tract." said Tom. "Has anyone else in your family been sick like this Jimmy?"

"No, just me." replied Jimmy.

"Do you swim?" asked Tom.

"Yeah." replied Jimmy.

"Very good son, I think you may be getting somewhere." said Erich.

"Thanks dad." smiled Tom. "Do you ever accidentally swallow water out of the pool?"

"Yeah, sometimes." replied Jimmy.

"Okay then, I have an idea what might have happened." said Tom. "The water you swam in had a bacteria in it, and you might have ingested that. I think the bacteria has infected your bladder, and spread to your penis. I need you to fill a little cup with your pee, and I'll also have to put a swab just inside your penis. Then we can find out for sure where the infection is."

"Will you be treating him while we wait for the results from the lab?" asked Erich.

"I actually have a small lab here, and I can test the specimens in about five minutes." replied Tom.

"That is very good thinking son." said Erich.

Jimmy went ahead, and forced a little pee out for Tom, then held still as Tom inserted a swab just inside his penis.

"Thanks Jimmy, you were a real trooper for me there." smiled Tom. Tom ran the tests on the specimens, and the results were just as he expected. Then Tom went back to Erich and Jimmy, and said, "Okay Jimmy, you do have a bladder infection, and a slight infection in your penis. I'm going to prescribe some pills for you to take, and they should clear this up. In the future though, you should be careful not to swallow water when you swim, especially at a public pool."

The rest of the day went well, and Erich loved spending the day at Tom's office. He now knew that he needed to be here with his son. Meanwhile, Helga had spent the day with Kieran, Johnny, Evan, Terry, and Sandy. They went out shopping for a while, and she spoiled her two grandsons terribly. Before coming home, the group also stopped at the grocery store, so Helga could get some things to cook over the next week. When Tom and Erich joined them, Kieran went on and on about what his grandmother had bought him that day. Then he climbed up into Helga's lap, and snuggled into her.

"Son, I can't thank you enough for giving me such a wonderful grandson to spoil." smiled Helga, as she enjoyed her lapful of boy. "This is everything I've ever dreamed of."

"I think Kieran has quickly grown to love his new grandparents too." smiled Tom.

"Well, hopefully it will not take long to sell our Florida house, and get back here." said Erich. "We love our new grandson very much, and hope that Johnny joins Kieran as our grandson before too much longer."

After that, Helga got up to prepare a wonderful supper for everyone. That included a very good dessert, which she knew Kieran would love. Supper that evening included Johnny, Evan, and Terry, and was more delicious than anything that any of them had eaten in a while.

"I can't believe how much I miss your cooking mom." said Tom, after supper was over.

"You're the best cook in the world!" proclaimed Kieran. "That dessert was so yummy too!"

"I guess your cooking has picked up a new fan mom." laughed Tom.

"Make that four new fans." giggled Johnny. "It was great!"

"That's why I love to cook for young boys!" laughed Helga. "Not to mention that they are really cute when they appreciate good cooking."

"You may never get her out of your kitchen now son." laughed Erich.

"I don't know dear, there are other things I enjoy too." replied Helga. "Like maybe a repeat of last night."

"You got it, my beautiful wife!" smiled Erich.

Sounds of pleasure filled Tom's house that night. Erich and Helga made love for a second night in a row. Then there was Johnny, Evan, and Terry. The boys started by all three of them taking turns sharing passionate kisses. Then Terry laid on his back, while Evan knelt between his legs and put his cock inside Terry. Then Johnny straddled Terry's head, and Terry made love to his cock while Johnny kissed Evan. Terry loved how Johnny's balls rested across his nose while his cock filled his mouth, and Evan's cock filled his rectum at the same time. Then Terry let Johnny's cock slip from his mouth, and he sucked hard on Johnny's balls. That made Johnny moan deeply into Evan's mouth. Then Terry went back to making love to Johnny's cock. As Johnny began approaching his orgasm, he began sucking on Evan's tongue. This made Evan thrust in and out of Terry harder, as he too was now approaching his orgasm. As Evan began cumming inside Terry's rectum, Johnny began cumming in Terry's mouth. Once both boys had finished cumming, they took turns making love to Terry's cock. Terry had his orgasm while Johnny was making love to him, and as soon as it was over, Johnny pressed his lips against Evan's. Then both boys shared Terry's cum. All three boys finally drifted off to sleep in a three way embrace after proclaiming their love for each other.

Tom once again worked on preparing Kieran. Tonight was still only one finger, and Kieran was beginning to enjoy it. Kieran enjoyed it so much that after Tom had stopped stretching him for the night, he had another dry orgasm as they made love. As Tom kissed Kieran to sleep, he promised to use two fingers the next night.

Things are really picking up between Tom and Kieran now, and Tom wants to do it right. Everyone also seems happy to have Tom's parents in the house, and Erich and Helga love all of the boys. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 16.