Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

Sounds of pleasure filled Tom's house that night. Erich and Helga made love for a second night in a row. Then there was Johnny, Evan, and Terry. The boys started by all three of them taking turns sharing passionate kisses. Then Terry laid on his back, while Evan knelt between his legs and put his cock inside Terry. Then Johnny straddled Terry's head, and Terry made love to his cock while Johnny kissed Evan. Terry loved how Johnny's balls rested across his nose while his cock filled his mouth, and Evan's cock filled his rectum at the same time. Then Terry let Johnny's cock slip from his mouth, and he sucked hard on Johnny's balls. That made Johnny moan deeply into Evan's mouth. Then Terry went back to making love to Johnny's cock. As Johnny began approaching his orgasm, he began sucking on Evan's tongue. This made Evan thrust in and out of Terry harder, as he too was now approaching his orgasm. As Evan began cumming inside Terry's rectum, Johnny began cumming in Terry's mouth. Once both boys had finished cumming, they took turns making love to Terry's cock. Terry had his orgasm while Johnny was making love to him, and as soon as it was over, Johnny pressed his lips against Evan's. Then both boys shared Terry's cum. All three boys finally drifted off to sleep in a three way embrace after proclaiming their love for each other.

Tom once again worked on preparing Kieran. Tonight was still only one finger, and Kieran was beginning to enjoy it. Kieran enjoyed it so much that after Tom had stopped stretching him for the night, he had another dry orgasm as they made love. As Tom kissed Kieran to sleep, he promised to use two fingers the next night.

Helga prepared a wonderful breakfast the next morning, and had four boys at the table who acted famished. As much as Helga was enjoying Tom's kitchen though, Erich enjoyed being at his son's office even more. That was where Erich went with Tom that morning, as soon as breakfast was over. It turned out to be a good thing though, as Tom was busier than usual that morning. A bus crash that morning had turned the area emergency rooms into madhouses. Other patients that showed up were having to wait very long times to be seen. Tom was already booked solid for the day, when a few people began calling for emergencies with their kids. One of those happened to be Michelle, with two kids that she had placed in foster homes.

Erich saw that Tom looked perplexed, when the calls began coming in, so he said, "Don't worry son, I'm here with you. There's no reason to turn any children away, to have them wait for hours in an emergency room."

"Dad, you're the greatest!" replied Tom.

As soon as patients began arriving, Patty set them up in an exam room, so that either Tom or Erich could get to them. Things started off slowly, but by the time Michelle got there, the office began getting busy. One of the kids Michelle brought in was a twelve year old boy who had broken his arm. Michelle thought the story the foster parents told sounded a little fishy though. Tom took that boy, while Erich looked at another boy Michelle brought in. This boy was nine, and not feeling very well. He was nauseous and weak.

Tom and Erich came out of the exam rooms at the same time to talk to Michelle. "You need to call the authorities Michelle." said Tom.

"I second that!" said Erich. "How do these people think they can get away with taking money from the state to raise a child, then not even spend enough of it to feed him properly?! This boy is in need of medical care until he recovers from malnourishment!"

"He should stay here then, and eat mom's cooking." smiled Tom. "He'd never have to worry about malnourishment again. Seriously though, I'd say the foster dad twisting my patient's arm behind his back until it snaps in two counts as assault."

"That's all I need." replied Michelle. "Our foster care system is already at capacity. Now I need to shut down two homes."

"Is it that bad out there?" asked Tom.

"Let's just say we could use all of the foster homes we can get." replied Michelle.

"Well in that case, let me and dad get back to our patients, then I'll call Phil over from next door." said Tom. "I'm sure he could care for at least one of the boys. I'll take care of the other then. Should we keep your patient with us dad?"

"I'd feel better that way son." replied Erich.

"Dad?!" exclaimed Michelle. "Son?!"

"I'm sorry Michelle, I completely forgot to introduce you to my father." said Tom. "He's going to be joining my practice after he sells his house in Florida. Would you like to come by this evening for a more formal introduction to him and my mother?"

"I'd love too!" smiled Michelle. "I guess I better let you two get back to our patients for now though."

By the time Tom had finished setting the arm of the twelve year old, who's name was Billy, Phil had arrived at the office. By this time, Erich had finished with the malnourished nine year old, who's name was Stevie, and had had Helga come out to get the boy and feed him. Now he had moved on to other patients.

"Hi Phil." said Tom, as he held out his hand. "The state seems to be short on foster homes in the area, and I have a boy here that really needs somewhere to go. His foster father broke his arm deliberately, and Michelle here is going to have to shut that home down."

"You have to be kidding me Tom!" exclaimed Phil. "How can any man break a boy's arm on purpose?"

"Well Billy, that's the boy's name, said that his foster father got upset because the lawn didn't get watered last night." said Tom. "After the man twisted his arm behind his back until he heard it snap, he got scared. Then he remembered it wasn't even Billy's chore last night."

"Why doesn't the asshole just get an automatic sprinkler with a timer?" replied Phil. "Even if it had been Billy's chore, that's no reason to break his arm. I'd say that man needs some serious anger management therapy!"

"Well, the state may insist." said Michelle. "Billy is only twelve, and he really needs to be someplace safe. What do you say Phil?"

"I'd have to be heartless to say no." replied Phil.

"Great!" exclaimed Michelle. "Billy, come on out here." As soon as a boy with a cast on his arm joined them, Michelle said, "Phil, this is Billy. Billy, this is Phil. Him and his wife have a son that's theirs, and a foster son. You'll get along great with Davey and Mark, and Phil and his wife will take really good care of you. Will that be okay Billy?"

"Yes ma'am." replied Billy.

"Great, I know you'll love it at Phil's house." said Michelle. "He lives right next door here to Doctor Bechtel. Thanks again Phil. I'll stop by in a few hours to do all the paperwork with you and your wife."

"Okay then Billy, let's get you settled in at your new home." smiled Phil. "It's good that Tom one of those newer casts on your arm. I'm sure you'll love playing in the pool with Mark and Davey."

With that, Michelle left, and Tom got back to his patients. With his father's help that day, Tom was able to see everyone who needed to see him. Then Tom and Erich closed the office, so Tom could spend some time with his newest foster son. Stevie and Kieran had already gotten acquainted, and the two boys were playing together and giggling.

"Hi Stevie, how are you doing here so far?" asked Tom.

"Fine sir." replied Stevie. "I think I'll like it here."

"I'll bet you like it a whole lot better if you don't call me sir." smiled Tom. "We're pretty close here, and sir sounds too formal. You can call me Doctor Tom, or if you're comfortable enough, dad would be fine."

"Really?!" exclaimed Stevie. "I can call you daddy?"

"If that's what you want, I wish you would Stevie." replied Tom. "Besides, I have a habit of wanting to adopt kids who like it here."

That brought a very cute smile to an already cute face. Stevie was forty eight inches tall, about sixty pounds due to being malnourished, had light brown hair, and exotically brown eyes. He also had three freckles on his right cheek.

After Tom and Stevie talked for the first time, Helga called everyone to the dining room for dinner. By that time, Michelle had arrived, and Tom introduced her to everyone properly. Then Michelle joined them at the table. Tom had Stevie's place set next to him, with Kieran on the other side of him. Then Tom watched as Stevie put a small amount of food on his plate.

"You can have more if you want Stevie." said Tom. "My mother made plenty, and she loves seeing sweet little boys eating her food."

"Are you sure daddy?" asked Stevie. "At my last home we were always told not to eat too much, and make pigs of ourselves. I was always punished for eating more than this."

"Well, this isn't your last home son." said Tom, as he put an arm around Stevie. "What you've put on your plate would barely be enough nourishment for a four year old boy. That's probably why you felt sick and weak. I want to see you eat all that you want. Don't stop until you want to, and that's doctor's orders. Besides, my mother would take it as a compliment to see you eat a good meal."

"I already love it here daddy." said Stevie. "Could you really adopt me?"

"I promise I will son." said Tom, who then gave Stevie a kiss on the forehead.

"Oh good, another grandson!" exclaimed Helga happily. "I'm so happy that we decided to come here to be with our son!"

Tom laughed as he helped Stevie fill his plate. Then everyone dug into a terrific meal. By the time it was over, Stevie was stuffed. He did however make a little more room when he saw the dessert that Helga had prepared.

Once that was over, Stevie let out a cute little belch, and said, "I love you so much, Grandma Bechtel."

Then the adults sat around talking, while the kids played upstairs. "I've never seen anyone treat children with more warmth and compassion than you Tom." said Michelle. "And to see that Stevie has already expressed an interest in being adopted by you is amazing."

"Well, I did have great examples of how to raise kids as I grew up." smiled Tom at his parents.

"I think it's great that your parents will be close now too." said Michelle. "I won't have any problem with you filing for adoption of Stevie."

"I'm sure that will make him very happy." replied Tom. "Stevie is a very wonderful boy so far. I think he needs a better shot at life than what he's had so far."

"Kieran, Johnny, and Stevie are all a joy to be around, if you ask me." said Helga. "And I'm not just saying that because I love children, although that helps."

"Yes, any child would have a good environment around here." said Michelle. "How do you feel about that Erich?"

"Tom has made me very proud." replied Erich. "He has grown up to be a fine man, and he would be a great father to any child who comes here. I am so happy to see what I'm seeing now."

"Well, it's easy to see where he gets it from." smiled Michelle. "I think I'm going to speed things up as much as I can for Johnny's and Stevie's adoptions. Well, as soon as you file for adoption of Stevie, of course."

"I'll do that as soon as I can get the chance." replied Tom.

"And I think it's great that there will be two Doctor Bechtels now." said Michelle. "I may have to bring all my kids to you two from now on."

"As long as you don't expect me to take all of them in." laughed Tom.

That evening had gone better than Tom could have hoped for, and he knew he had an ally in Michelle now. That night was about to go even better though.

"Okay Kieran, we're going to go slowly tonight." said Tom, as he held his naked boy in his arms. "You are really going to feel this, but I'll be as gentle as I can. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes daddy, if it means feeling you inside me." replied Kieran.

"Okay then baby, I need you to turn onto your tummy." said Tom.

As soon as Kieran had done that, Tom started to massage his cheeks gently. As Tom rubbed Kieran's soft butt, Kieran let out a contented hum. Then Tom leaned down, and began to lick Kieran's smooth butt. Kieran quickly began moaning very softly. After a few minutes, Tom began working his tongue into Kieran's crack. As soon as Tom's tongue found Kieran's pucker, the boy cooed in delight. Tom pleasured Kieran for the next five minutes, then began working on Kieran's pucker. Tom lubed one finger, and gently pushed it in. Kieran was fine with that, as it was starting to feel really good to him. After a few moments, Tom pulled that finger out, and lubed two fingers. The first finger went back in effortlessly, but Tom had to put some pressure behind the second finger. Then, the second finger pushed into Kieran.

"Ohh!" exclaimed Kieran.

"Did that hurt too much baby?" asked Tom, with concern in his voice.

"Only a little." replied Kieran breathlessly.

"Do you want me to stop and take it out?" asked Tom.

"No daddy!" replied Kieran. "Please don't stop! I think I just need to get use to it."

"Okay baby, but I'll hold it still right where it's at." said Tom. "Let yourself get so use to it that it doesn't hurt before you tell me to go on."

"Okay daddy." replied Kieran.

Tom held his fingers still inside Kieran for several minutes, before he finally felt Kieran's sphincter begin to relax. Then Kieran began to smile again, as he told Tom to continue. Tom slowly and gently pushed both fingers into Kieran. Once they were all the way in, Tom gently began to work them around inside Kieran. Kieran moaned and groaned in pleasure the entire time that Tom was working on stretching his rectum. After about fifteen minutes of stretching, Tom decided that Kieran was as loose as he was going to get tonight. Tom finally slowly slid his fingers out of Kieran, then cleaned Kieran's pucker with a wet washcloth. After Tom dried Kieran's butt, he turned his boy over onto his back. Kieran had the hardest erection he had ever had, and was smiling madly.

"I take it my baby boy liked what we did tonight." smiled Tom.

"You made me feel so good daddy." squeaked Kieran.

"Good, now we can both make each other feel even better." replied Tom.

Tom and Kieran then shared a very passionate sixty nine. After Tom cummed into Kieran's mouth, Kieran began to have an intense dry orgasm. Tom held his boy, and sucked lovingly on his small erection, until Kieran's dick finally stopped twitching, and Kieran stopped writhing on the bed. Then the two drifted off in each other's arms. As Kieran drifted off, he smiled with the taste of Tom's cum in his mouth.

The next morning, Tom was awoken to an intense orgasm. He looked down while gasping, to see Kieran hungrily swallowing the cum from his cock. As his orgasm faded, Tom moaned as he rubbed the back of Kieran's head.

Kieran finally let Tom's cock slip from his mouth, and said, "Good morning daddy. I wanted to give you a nice wake up call this morning."

"You are the most wonderful alarm clock in the world, my sweet little baby boy." replied Tom breathlessly.

Then Tom pulled Kieran up to his face, and gave Kieran a passionate kiss. After the kiss, Tom picked Kieran up as he got out of the bed, and carried his boy to the shower so they could both get cleaned up together. Then Tom and Kieran headed downstairs to breakfast together.

"You two look so beautiful together like that." smiled Erich, as Kieran and Tom sat down at the table.

"Thanks dad, and Kieran thanks you too." smiled Tom.

A few seconds later, Erich, Tom, and Kieran were joined by the other boys. As soon as Johnny, Evan, and Terry had breakfast this morning, they were all going over to Evan's house. That would leave Kieran and Stevie for Helga to spoil all day. The two younger boys were looking forward to it. After breakfast was over, Tom and Erich got ready to go open the office. Kieran gave his daddy a warm and loving kiss before the two men went to the office.

As soon as Patty and Kenny got there, they sent Tony off to find Kieran. Since Tony hadn't been over in a few days, Kieran would get to introduce him to Stevie. The office was not too busy today, and Tom filled Kenny in on what he had missed on the two days he took off. Then everyone settled in for a nice slow day.

After lunch, Mark came over to see if Johnny, Evan, and Terry were there. The three boys had promised Sandy they would spend the next few days with her though, so Mark ended up asking Kieran, Stevie, and Tony if they would like to come over and play in the pool. Helga could see that the boys were anxious to go play, so she told them to go put some swimsuits on. Kieran did have a few extras to share with Tony and Stevie, but that meant that he would have to wear his mesh thong. Kieran was happy about that, as all the boys giggled after he put it on. When Helga saw the three boys getting ready to go next door, she suggested that Kieran at least wear a pair of shorts until they got to the pool.

When the boys got next door, Mark said, "Hey Davey and Billy, the other boys weren't there. I did bring Kieran, Tony, and Stevie with me though."

"Cool, let's hit the pool and have some fun!" replied Davey.

As everyone got ready to go into the pool, Billy looked at the three younger boys and smiled. Mark could tell by watching Billy that his new foster brother was interested in younger boys. Billy really smiled when Kieran stripped off his shorts, and was wearing nothing but his thong. Once the boys were in the pool, Mark swam over to Billy.

"Hey Billy, you may want to know that Kieran and Tony are both spoken for by older men." said Mark.

"What are you talking about man?" replied Billy.

"Oh come on!" laughed Mark. "You already know that Davey and I are lovers. I can tell by watching you look at the other boys that you like younger boys. It's really okay though, as long as you don't force a younger boy to do things he doesn't want to. Kieran and Tony won't, because they have older guys that they love. Stevie is kinds cute though, if he's interested."

"It's really okay?" asked Billy.

"It's more than okay bro." replied Mark. "Now, try to have some fun!"

All six boys then began having fun, especially now that Billy's secret was out, and his foster brothers seemed to be okay with it. Billy thought it was a shame Kieran was spoken for, as he envied the man who was lucky enough to have him. Mark was right though, that Stevie was also very cute. Billy smiled at Stevie every time he was near the boy, and Stevie beamed right back at him. Billy finally thought he would take a chance, and see if Stevie might be interested in him. Billy swam up to where Stevie was resting at the side of the pool, and reached under the water with his good hand. Stevie's eyes went wide as he felt Billy's hand stroke his dick through the swimsuit he had borrowed from Kieran.

"Wow, that felt nice!" exclaimed Stevie.

"Yeah, it also feels nice feeling a cute boy's dick." smiled Billy.

"Really?" asked Stevie.

"Yeah, why don't you see for yourself?" replied Billy.

Stevie smiled as he reached down, and ran his hand over the front of Billy's suit. Billy was now hard, as he felt Stevie's hand stroke his erection.

"You're right, that does feel cool." smiled Stevie. "Your dick feels a lot bigger than mine."

"That's because I'm three years older." laughed Billy. "It felt really good for you to feel it like that. Would you like to get out of the pool and find someplace where we can look at each other's dicks?"

"Is that fun too?" asked Stevie.

"Yeah, dicks are really cool to look at." replied Billy. "Maybe we can even play with each other's dicks."

"That does sound fun!" giggled Stevie.

The two boys jumped out of the pool, and Stevie followed Billy to a spot where they couldn't be seen from the house, but could still be seen from the pool.

"I guess this will have to do." said Billy.

"But the guys in the pool can see us." replied Stevie. "Won't they say something?"

"Nah, they like playing with other boys like this too." smiled Billy.

Billy went ahead and removed his swimsuit, followed quickly by Stevie. "You have a really nice looking dick." said Billy, as he took ahold of Stevie's dick.

"Yours is too." replied Stevie, as he took Billy's dick in his hand. "I like how it's so much bigger than mine."

"I'm glad you like it." said Billy, as he put an arm around Stevie.

As the two boys stood there and played with each other's dicks, Mark and Davey spotted them and smiled. Then they decided to get out of the pool, and go to where Billy and Stevie were. Mark and Davey went over next to where the two boys were fondling each other, and stripped off their shorts. Then Mark and Davey laid on the ground, and began sucking on each other.

"They really like playing with each other's dicks, don't they?" asked Stevie, entranced by the two boys making love.

"Yeah, you could say that." laughed Billy. "Would you like to try what they're doing?"

"I don't know." replied Stevie. "How does it feel to do that?"

"It feels great!" replied Billy.

"Okay then, let's do it." chirped Stevie.

The two boys laid down beside Mark and Davey, and Stevie's eyes almost bugged out of his head when he felt his dick go into Billy's mouth. Then Stevie took ahold of Billy's dick and looked at it. He thought it looked really cool, so he stuck his tongue out and rubbed it across the head of Billy's dick. It didn't taste bad either, so Stevie opened his mouth and took Billy's dick into it. Stevie couldn't believe how Billy's dick felt in his mouth, so he began sucking on it furiously. Billy could tell that Stevie liked sucking him, so he made Stevie feel as good as he could.

Stevie never knew these feelings existed. Now that he had Billy's dick in his mouth though, the only thing he could think about was making it and himself feel good. Stevie loved doing this, and if Billy would let him, Stevie wanted to do this as often as he could. Stevie thought about nothing but Billy's dick rubbing against the inside of his mouth, and he couldn't explain the joy it was making him feel.

When Mark and Davey finished making love, they joined Kieran and Tony in watching Billy and Stevie. "Shit Billy, that little guy loves making love to your dick!" exclaimed Mark. "It looks like you might have yourself a very cute little lover there."

"He's right." said Davey. "Stevie looks like he's never loved anything more than making love to you. I think he really wants what's going to happen next."

Billy could do nothing except moan in reply. He never expected this nine year old boy to make him feel as good as he was. Stevie looked so totally engrossed in sucking his dick though, that it looked like the boy didn't realize he was approaching a dry orgasm. Billy could tell that's what was happening though. Stevie's dick was twitching wildly in his mouth, and his tight little balls were beginning to draw up. Billy concentrated on how his dick felt now, wanting to cum just before Stevie had his dry orgasm.

Stevie didn't want to ever do anything else again, except suck Billy's dick. This had just become his favorite thing to do, and he wanted to do it a lot. It was especially great how Billy's dick now seemed to be throbbing in his mouth. Stevie sucked Billy's dick like he had a hunger which only doing this could fulfill. Then Stevie got two of the biggest shocks of his life. First, something began coming out of Billy's dick. It was shooting into Stevie's mouth forcefully. Stevie could tell that it wasn't pee, as it seemed a little thick and creamy. It also tasted nice as far as Stevie was concerned, so he began swallowing as fast as he could. When the creamy fluid began tapering off, Stevie sucked hard on Billy's dick, trying to get more of it. Then, Stevie's body was wracked by uncontrollable spasms. Stevie had no idea what was happening to him, but it seemed to be centered around his dick, which was still in Billy's mouth. He could tell that he was trying to writhe out from Billy's grasp, but Billy was holding him tightly. He could feel Billy sucking his dick, until his body gave out and went limp.

After five minutes of Billy holding Stevie in his arms, and caressing the boy lightly, Stevie began coming around. "What?.. What was that?" asked Stevie weakly.

"You had what was apparently your first dry orgasm." smiled Billy, as he stroked Stevie's forehead. "Did you like it?"

"I loved everything about what we just did!" replied Stevie.

"Even when I cummed in your mouth?" asked Billy.

"I especially liked that!" smiled Stevie. "When can you do that in my mouth again?"

"Well, give it about five more minutes, and I might be able to do it again before supper time." smiled Billy. "It might not be as much as the last time though. Would you be my boyfriend Stevie?"

At that point, Stevie realized that all the other boys were sitting around looking at he and Billy, as they all smiled. "Do it Stevie!" cheered Kieran.

"Does that mean we get to do what we just did a lot more?" asked Stevie impishly.

"What we did was make love, and we can make love anytime you want!" smiled Billy.

"Then I'd love to be your boyfriend." said Stevie.

"This is so great!" replied Billy. "I love you Stevie, and I can't wait to taste your first load of cum in a few years!"

"Speaking of that, can I suck your dick again?" asked Stevie.

"Well, since we're boyfriends now, you should call it making love to my dick." replied Billy. "And since you love the taste of my cum so much, I'd love for you to make love to my dick again."

The other boys watched as Stevie rested his face in Billy's lap, and began making love to Billy's dick again. All of the boys took turns stroking the back of Stevie's head, as Stevie was once again transported to another world by making love to Billy. It only took Billy about five minutes to shoot a second load of cum into Stevie's loving mouth, and Stevie devoured it hungrily. When Billy's second orgasm was finished, he pulled Stevie up to him, and put their lips together. Billy kissed Stevie more passionately than he had ever kissed anyone else before.

When Billy broke the kiss, he moaned, "I love you more than anyone in the world Stevie." Then all of the boys took turns congratulating the two new lovers.

Phil finally came out back, and told the boys that supper would be done soon. Kieran, Stevie, and Tony then got ready to head home. Before they did though, Billy gave Stevie another kiss. Stevie was on cloud nine as the other boys led him back home.

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