Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

Just a note before we start. After the first scene in this chapter, the story will focus more on everyone's relationship as friends and family. There will still be some sex, but it will come at a slower and more natural pace. This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations between males, some of different age groups (man/boy). If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: Thanks, and enjoy the story.

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

"This is so great!" replied Billy. "I love you Stevie, and I can't wait to taste your first load of cum in a few years!"

"Speaking of that, can I suck your dick again?" asked Stevie.

"Well, since we're boyfriends now, you should call it making love to my dick." replied Billy. "And since you love the taste of my cum so much, I'd love for you to make love to my dick again."

The other boys watched as Stevie rested his face in Billy's lap, and began making love to Billy's dick again. All of the boys took turns stroking the back of Stevie's head, as Stevie was once again transported to another world by making love to Billy. It only took Billy about five minutes to shoot a second load of cum into Stevie's loving mouth, and Stevie devoured it hungrily. When Billy's second orgasm was finished, he pulled Stevie up to him, and put their lips together. Billy kissed Stevie more passionately than he had ever kissed anyone else before.

When Billy broke the kiss, he moaned, "I love you more than anyone in the world Stevie." Then all of the boys took turns congratulating the two new lovers.

Phil finally came out back, and told the boys that supper would be done soon. Kieran, Stevie, and Tony then got ready to head home. Before they did though, Billy gave Stevie another kiss. Stevie was on cloud nine as the other boys led him back home.

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful supper, prepared by Helga. Patty and Kenny thanked the cook with a hug, then they and Tony headed home. That night, after everyone had retired to their rooms, Tom and Kieran stripped each other for bed.

"Daddy, I'm ready for you to make love to me." said Kieran. "I have to feel you inside me tonight."

"Are you sure son?" asked Tom. "I'll do anything you want, but remember that my penis is pretty large."

"I know daddy." smiled Kieran. "It's large and beautiful. I love your penis, and I know it won't hurt me too much."

"Okay baby, but I want to open you up first." said Tom. "You need to be ready to feel a man inside you for the first time."

Tom lubed two fingers thoroughly, then gently pushed them into Kieran. That was accompanied by a light grunt from Kieran, as he let his pucker open to take Tom's fingers. After a few moments, Tom added another finger, and Kieran worked hard to control the pressure he now felt on his pucker. When Tom spread his fingers apart slightly, he could hear a slight gasp from Kieran. After a few moments of stretching Kieran, Tom pulled his fingers out. Then he knelt between Kieran's legs, and lubed his cock thoroughly.

Tom lifted Kieran's ankles to his shoulder, put his cock up to Kieran's pucker, and asked, "Are you sure about this baby?"

"Please daddy!" pleaded Kieran. "I have to feel your penis inside me!"

Tom began to push at Kieran's still very tight pucker. It took quite a bit of pressure for the head of his cock to finally slide inside Kieran. Kieran winced very noticeably when that happened, and held his breath back. Tom could tell that Kieran was feeling some pain now.

"I can tell it hurts Kieran." said Tom. "I'm going to take it out, and we can try again some other time."

"No daddy!" Kieran almost cried out. "Please don't take it out of me! I knew it was going to hurt some, but I know that it'll go away, and having my daddy inside me will be the most incredible thing I've ever felt. Please daddy, just leave it there until it feels better."

"Okay baby, but if it doesn't feel better soon, I'm taking myself out of you." replied Tom. "I can't believe how tight your rectum feels around the head of my penis!"

Tom then reached down and began rubbing Kieran's face and chest. Kieran's chest heaved up and down for a few moments before he began to relax. Then Tom took one finger on each hand, and began to gently stroke the lobes of Kieran's ears.

After a few moments, Kieran said, "It's starting to feel good daddy. Please make love to me."

Tom slowly slid his cock into Kieran as far as he thought was safe, then took Kieran's ankles from his shoulders and leaned over. As soon as Tom's lips touched Kieran's, Kieran drew Tom's tongue into his mouth and began sucking on it. Tom had no choice but to go slowly, as Kieran's rectum was squeezing his cock very tightly.

After several minutes, Kieran finally let go of Tom's tongue and said, "I'm afraid when your penis comes out of me daddy, I'm going to poop quite a bit."

"In that case baby, I'm going to lay back onto my back." said Tom. "That way you can control how much of me is inside you, and how fast it goes. Also, if you do have an accident, it'll be on me and not on the bed."

As soon as Tom was on his back with Kieran on top of him, Kieran smiled brightly. Then Tom watched in awe as Kieran lowered himself all the way down on his cock. Kieran did grimace slightly, but he also had an intense look of pleasure on his face. Kieran was also going up and down on Tom's cock faster than Tom had been, and it was causing quite a bit of friction on Tom's cock.

After a few minutes, Tom moaned, "Oh God my baby! I can't hold it back!"

Kieran got a look of shock and wonder on his face, as he felt Tom's orgasm shoot into him forcefully. "That feels so good daddy!" moaned Kieran, as his dick twitched back and forth.

Then Kieran dropped all the way down on Tom's cock, as his body writhed uncontrollably. Tom grabbed Kieran's dick and stroked it, as Kieran had his dry orgasm. When Kieran was finally able to sit back up, he lifted himself carefully off of Tom's cock. Then Kieran's rectum emptied itself onto Tom's abdomen. Tom smiled as Kieran sat down in the mess he had made. Then Tom propped his knees up, so Kieran could lean back against his thighs.

Tom gave Kieran a while to recover, then said, "I think we need to go take a shower now baby."

"Okay daddy, but can you carry me?" squeaked Kieran.

Tom got up from the bed, scooping Kieran up into his arms at the same time. Then he carried Kieran to the bathroom, so they could clean Kieran's poop and his cum off themselves.

The next morning Tom realized that he and Kieran had been louder than they expected, as everyone smiled at Tom and Kieran at the breakfast table.

"Well son, your mother and I will be returning to Florida at the end of the week." said Erich. "We will be back though just as soon as we get the house sold, and I turn the practice there over to my partner."

"I hope it doesn't take long dad." replied Tom. "I've really gotten use to having you and mom around again, and the kids love both of you."

"And we love our grandchildren too son." smiled Helga. "That's why we'll be back as soon as we can. Hopefully no more than two weeks. I can't wait to be around my grandchildren all the time."

"That's good then." said Tom. "The contractor said that the rest of the remodeling of the second and third floor should only take about two weeks. I'll have him start next week, so it'll be done by the time you return. Then they can start on expanding the office to the entire first floor. I've decided to have a small ward down there in case anyone needs overnight care, but the parents don't want them admitted to a hospital. I'll have to think about taking on another nurse, as well as a receptionist."

"As long as you're not trying to open a hospital in your house son!" laughed Erich. "I think it's a great idea though. I know kids don't care much for hospitals."

The rest of the week went by much too quickly for everyone. By that time, Kieran, Johnny, and Stevie were calling Erich and Helga grandpa and grandma. Erich and Helga were delighted to have three delightful new grandchildren. On the day they left for Florida, all three boys lined up to give them a good-bye kiss on the cheek. The day after Erich and Helga left, Tom had made plans with Phil, his wife, Sandy, Patty, and Kenny to take all of the boys to Wisconsin Dells, a large resort area in the south central part of the state.

Everyone woke up that morning, and was excited about going. On the way there, Johnny asked Kieran, "You and Stevie are going to hang close to me, Evan, and Terry, aren't you?"

"Are you guys sure you want us little kids around?" asked Kieran.

"Of course we do." smiled Johnny. "You guys are my little brothers now. I've never had little brothers before, and I want everyone to know how proud I am to have two great little brothers!"

"Thanks Johnny, you're a great big brother!" smiled Kieran. "I've never had a big brother either, but I'm glad you are mine now."

Johnny leaned down and gave Kieran a kiss on the forehead, and said, "I love you little brother. Now, how did things go with Dad?"

"I didn't think it would fit at first, but it did." smiled Kieran. "I thought he was going to blow me up like a balloon when his cum started shooting inside me."

"So, he actually went ahead and did it, huh?" replied Johnny.

"Yeah, but I thought he would back out a few times." said Kieran. "I'm glad he didn't. It was so great, once I got use to it."

"Well, as good as you thought it was, it was probably even better for him." replied Johnny. "I'm glad you two finally did it."

It was a good thing that everyone decided on three cars, and Sandy rode with Patty and Kenny. Tom was the only adult who could hear them, and he still blushed slightly.

When everyone got to the resort area, the first place the boys had Tom stop was at a park with several wooden coasters. Kieran and Stevie just made the minimum height, But Tony was left out. Kenny took him over to the smaller go karts, while Tom accompanied the other boys. Johnny and Kieran were toward the back of the line, when a couple of older boys got in line behind them.

"I didn't know they let babies on this ride." laughed one of the boys.

"You do know that you're not going to be able to sit in your daddy's lap, right?" snickered the other boy.

"That's my brother, and he's not a baby!" snapped Johnny at the boys.

"Well, he still has his older brother sticking up for him." said the first boy.

"That's because you punks are afraid to take on someone your own size!" replied Johnny. "Even so, he could probably still kick your butts. If he couldn't, I know I could!"

Tom finally heard the commotion, so he went back and asked, "Is there a problem boys?"

The first boy didn't know that Johnny and Kieran had an adult so close by, so he stammered, "No sir, no problem."

"There better not be a problem!" said a security guard, as he came up behind the boys. "I saw that whole thing, and I know who started it." Then he pointed to the two boys who started the problem and said, "And if I see you two starting anything else, you won't be invited to stay. Now, I need you two to join the back of the line, and try to behave yourselves this time."

Once everything had settled down, Kieran turned to Johnny and said, "No other kid has ever stuck up for me before. I love having you as my brother Johnny."

"I love having you as my little brother too Kieran." smiled Johnny. "If anyone ever wants to mess with you, they have to go through me first."

Tom smiled as he could plainly see that the boys had bonded as brothers now. Kieran and Johnny stuck close together until they left that park for their next stop. The next stop was a water park, and once gain Tom brought his camera along. He loved having plenty of pictures of the boys, and he was sure he would get some good ones at the water park. The boys were as gorgeous as ever, and Tom got quite a few great pictures before too long.

After the water park, everyone wanted to go to another park that featured some very unusual miniature golf courses and go kart tracks. At least most of the adults could enjoy some of the activities there with the kids. First the kids had some fun with the go karts, with Tom and Kenny joining them for that. Johnny, Evan, and Terry joked that they would be able to pass the old folks with no problem. They were surprised however when Tom and Kenny showed that they wouldn't let them pass easily. They were even more shocked when Kieran, Tony, and Stevie began picking up some of Tom and Kenny's aggressive tactics on the track. Tom, Johnny, and Terry both picked up a race, but Kieran beamed with pride over winning two races.

After the go kart extravaganza, everyone headed out to the mini golf courses. The kids had fun with that, simply because they could share a great time with all of the adults. After a few rounds though, some of the boys seemed to have disappeared. Pretty soon, Davey, Mark, Johnny, Evan, Terry, Billy, and Stevie were nowhere to be found. At the back of one of the courses though, Tom had a good idea where they might have went. Tom ducked through a hole in the fence, then followed a path to a very isolated spot. That's where he found all the missing boys, having a little fun of their own.

Tom couldn't help but to stare, especially at Stevie and Billy. He could see some of the same feelings there that he shared for Kieran. Also, he couldn't help but to admire the scene between Johnny, Evan, and Terry. It was obvious that all three boys were very deeply in love with each other. As Tom admired the scene in front of him, he accidentally stepped on a stick. It snapped with enough noise to alert the boys to his presence.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Billy. "Someone else is here guys!"

Johnny looked up and smiled, as he said, "Don't worry guys, it's just dad. He's really cool when it comes to boys being in love with other boys."

"Thanks Johnny." smiled Tom. "I didn't mean to disturb you guys either. We were just a little worried about where you had all run off too. Then when I found you, you all looked so beautiful that I couldn't help but to watch."

"Well, I don't mind if you watch dad." replied Johnny happily. "Do any of you guys mind?"

"Heck no, he seems to think that we're pretty good at what we were doing!" laughed Billy.

"I have an idea dad." said Johnny. "As long as you're here, do you mind taking some pictures for all of us? It'll just be for us, and no one else will see them."

"I guess if it's just for you, and all of you boys don't mind." replied Tom. "Just make sure that you're the only ones who ever see them though. All of us adults are fostering at least one boy, and if these pictures ever got out, it could cause us all some problems."

"We promise dad." said Johnny. "I sure as heck wouldn't want to screw up becoming your real son someday soon."

The boys then went back to what they were doing, and Tom began taking the pictures for them. Tom managed to catch looks of love, passion, and pleasure on the faces of all of the boys. The best looks were on the face of Stevie, as Billy gave him as much pleasure as he could. Then one by one, the boys began to release their passion for each other. They decided to do it one at a time, so Tom could capture all of them on his camera. Tom thought he would cum in his pants as he shot Stevie in the midst of a dry orgasm. Finally though, the last of the boys had finished his orgasm.

As Tom put his camera away, the boys began getting dressed. Then everyone went back to join the rest of the group. Everyone wanted to know where the boys had gone, but all Tom would say was that it was private boy business. The rest of the adults smiled as they let it go at that.

The last stop before dinner and returning home was a park that had smaller rides, including some that Tony could ride too. He had felt left out when the other boys were riding coasters earlier. The boys still had fun though, betting on who would be the first to get sick on some of the faster spinning rides. No one did get sick, but the boys had a great time. They also felt better about being able to include Tony this time.

After that park, Tom found a nice place for all of them to share dinner at. There was one menu for the kids, and a different menu for the adults. Johnny, Evan, and Terry still ordered off the adult menu, so the younger boys would feel special. The only topic during dinner was what a great day everyone had had, even if it did start off a little roughly. The dinner made today a long day, and everyone got into their cars for the trip home. It may have been a long day, but everyone was happier than they had been in a while.

Once they got home, Sandy agreed to let Evan and Terry stay with Johnny at his home. Phil also let Billy stay at Tom's house, but only after Billy had told him about his feelings for Stevie. Billy was very relieved that Phil didn't seem to have any problems with him being in love with a nine year old boy. Everyone at Tom's house fell asleep in someone's arms that night.

The next morning, Davey and Mark showed up bright and early. Then the boys cornered Tom.

"Dad, can we see those pictures from yesterday now?" asked Johnny. "Then you can copy them onto a disc for each of us, before you erase them from the camera's memory."

"You boys are anxious to see them, aren't you?" chuckled Tom. "Well, after taking them, I can see why you would be. Just let me grab my camera bag, and meet me at the computer."

When Tom got to the computer with his camera bag, the boys were all waiting there anxiously. When Tom sat down and opened his camera bag, his face went very pale.

Johnny saw that and asked, "What's wrong dad?"

"Did any of you boys have my camera this morning?" asked Tom frantically. "Please tell me that you did, and forgot to put it back!" When the boys all said that they hadn't seen it, Tom called out, "Kieran, please come in here son!"

"What is it daddy?" asked Kieran, as he entered the room.

"Son, please tell me that you borrowed my camera this morning, and forgot to put it back." said Tom.

"I shouldn't lie though, should I?" asked Kieran.

"Of course not son, but I really hope you had it." said Tom. "It would make your daddy very happy."

"I'm sorry daddy, but I didn't have it." replied Kieran. "Is there any other way I can make you happy daddy?"

"Yes son, please give your daddy a hug." replied Tom.

Johnny could see Tom start to cry as Kieran hugged him, so he said, "Please don't tell us that the camera is gone dad."

"I'm afraid it is son." replied Tom, while he tried to keep control of himself.

"Oh shit dad!" exclaimed Johnny. "When was the last time you saw it?"

"When I put it back in the bag, after taking those pictures." replied Tom, as he futilely looked in the bag again.

"It had to have fallen out dad!" said Johnny, now becoming worried himself.

"It couldn't have son." replied Tom. "My camera bag has a clasp on it, and the clasp was still latched solidly. Someone must have taken it while no one was paying attention. I also keep my card in there in case I lose it, so it can be returned. The card is gone too."

"It can't be dad!" said Johnny, now genuinely afraid. "I don't want to be taken away from you dad!"

"If it comes up, I'll do everything I can to prevent it son." said Tom. "I should probably give my lawyer a call, and see what he thinks. Evan and Mark, I'm going to have to talk to Sandy and Phil about this. If someone took that camera, and tries to use it against me, it'll affect them too."

"What was on that camera daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Well little brother, daddy caught me having sex with Evan and Terry, Mark and Davey having sex, and Billy and Stevie having sex." said Johnny, as he put an arm around Kieran. "Then we talked daddy into taking pictures of all of us, so we could see what we look like with our boyfriends."

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Kieran. "You have to call the places we went yesterday daddy, and see if someone turned it in!"

Tom did call the miniature golf park, the small amusement park, and the restaurant, but no one had turned his camera in. Then Tom called his lawyer, and told him that his camera had been stolen, and what was on it.

"Okay Tom, calm down." said Jack. "Taking pictures like that while you were away from home wasn't a great idea, but what's done is done. I'll need you to get Phil and Sandy over there, so we can discuss this together. I take it that the person who stole your camera hasn't contacted you yet, has he?"

"Not yet Jack, but it's just a matter of time." replied Tom.

"We may be worrying about nothing then." said Jack.

"Do you really believe that Jack?" asked Tom. "I know I don't."

"Well, we can't do much until he does contact you anyway." said Jack. "Just have Phil and Sandy there when I get there. You might want to come up with a good apology to them too Tom."

As soon as Sandy, Phil, and Phil's wife were there, Tom said, "I don't know where to start apologizing to all of you."

"Why Tom, what's the matter?" replied Phil.

"When I found our boys yesterday, they had found a secluded spot for some love-making." said Tom. "Then I did something very stupid, and that I know I'm going to regret. The boys asked me to take pictures of them as they made love, and I agreed. I know I should have told them what a horrible idea it was, but I didn't."

"It was just them making love though, wasn't it?" asked Phil. "We've all given the boys our consent to have such a relationship together, and we accept their love for each other completely."

"He's right Tom." said Sandy. "Boys will be boys, and there are lots worse things they could do than be in love with someone. I'd rather have them be in love with another boy than to never feel any kind of love."

"I hope all of you still feel that way when I tell you what I'm about to." said Tom. "My camera was stolen at some point after taking those pictures yesterday. I don't know what the person who stole it has in mind, but he also took the card I keep in my camera bag to identify it as mine. I hope he erases the memory card without looking at it, and just tries to sell the camera. I can deal with replacing the camera. Since he took the card though, I'm thinking he will see if there's anything on it he can blackmail me with first. If that happens, I have to do everything I can to make him happy enough not to make the pictures in that camera public. It could hurt all of us if that happens."

Phil, his wife, and Sandy all looked shocked for a moment. They immediately realized what pictures like that could do to their families. Tom thought that all three of them would hate him, but he wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Sandy put her arm around Tom and said, "You had no idea that your camera would be stolen Tom. As for taking those pictures, I can imagine how the boys pleaded with you to do it. I'm not going to blame you or them either one for what happened. This is just an unfortunate set of circumstances, and we all have to stick together on this."

"She's right Tom." said Phil. "The power that boys can exert can be hypnotic. They didn't mean to do anything wrong, and you had no idea it would turn out like this. We'll all wait together for the thief who took your camera to call, then face this together. Our families are depending on us sticking together on this Tom."

"I don't know what I did to deserve friends like you!" croaked Tom, as he tried to hold back his tears. "I know I'm not going to let you down again though. When the thief calls, I'm going to do whatever I have to to make him happy, and get that camera back!"

Jack arrived shortly after that, and he and Tom set Tom's phone to run through the computer, so it could be recorded without being detected. Jack wanted to record everything the thief said in case they needed it. A few minutes later, Tom got the call he had been dreading.

"Hello, Thomas Bechtel here." said Tom, as he answered the phone.

"Can I call you Tom?" asked the strange man. "I have to tell you Tom, whoever those boys are that let you take their pictures, they made me as hard as a rock! You have really good taste in boys."

"I'm sure the boys thank you, mister?..." led Tom.

"That was a good try Tom, and I don't blame you!" laughed the man. "I'm starting to get the feeling that you know those boys personally, and don't want this to get out."

"I would rather it didn't get out." said Tom.

"The problem is, I'm sure I could make some dough off pictures like these." said the man. "There are still places in the world where you can run a site through, and make a killing off stuff like this."

"Do you have the know how to run your own site through a foreign country?" asked Tom. "And even if you did, do you think you could base a site off just what you have there?"

"You got me there Tommy!" laughed the man. "I'd end up selling the pictures, but I'm sure I can get top dollar for them."

"And I'm sure I can beat the crap out of any offer you could get." said Tom. "The really big problem on this end is that making those pictures public would ruin three families."

"Not to mention landing the photographer in jail, huh?" asked the man.

"I just don't want to see those boys' lives ruined." said Tom. "What would it take to keep that from happening?"

"Let me call you right back, in case you're trying to trace this call, and I'll tell you." said the man.

Before Tom could say another word, the line went dead. Tom hung up the phone and cried, as he waited for the man to call back. While they waited for the phone to ring again, Sandy gave Tom a comforting hug. A few moments later, the phone rang again.

"Okay Tom, I'm back." said the man.

"Please don't hang up again." said Tom. "I would be a fool to be tracing this call. I would go to prison too, and it's not worth it to me. I just want the camera and pictures back, and I'll do anything!"

"Anything???" asked the man, his interest obviously peaked.

I know everyone is going to hate me for stopping there, but my devious side just couldn't help it. lol. What will the man want? Who is the man? What will Tom do? I'll answer those questions in the next chapter. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 18.