Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

"You got me there Tommy!" laughed the man. "I'd end up selling the pictures, but I'm sure I can get top dollar for them."

"And I'm sure I can beat the crap out of any offer you could get." said Tom. "The really big problem on this end is that making those pictures public would ruin three families."

"Not to mention landing the photographer in jail, huh?" asked the man.

"I just don't want to see those boys' lives ruined." said Tom. "What would it take to keep that from happening?"

"Let me call you right back, in case you're trying to trace this call, and I'll tell you." said the man.

Before Tom could say another word, the line went dead. Tom hung up the phone and cried, as he waited for the man to call back. While they waited for the phone to ring again, Sandy gave Tom a comforting hug. A few moments later, the phone rang again.

"Okay Tom, I'm back." said the man.

"Please don't hang up again." said Tom. "I would be a fool to be tracing this call. I would go to prison too, and it's not worth it to me. I just want the camera and pictures back, and I'll do anything!"

"Anything???" asked the man, his interest obviously peaked.

"Yes, anything." replied Tom.

"Well then Tommy, it seems like you have a good thing going there." said the man. "Judging by these pictures, you are very friendly with these boys. I'll bet you've had fun with all of them. I want in on that too."

"It's really not like that." said Tom. "I'm in a monogamous relationship with one person. All of those boys only do things with the boys they were with in the pictures. I only took them because the boys wanted pictures of themselves. I didn't do it so their lives could be ruined."

"Then you should have been more careful Tommy!" laughed the man. "I take it you setting me up with a few of those boys is a no go then?"

"Dad, if it will help..." started Johnny.

"No son, it won't help." replied Tom, who then returned his attention to the man on the phone. "Sir, I can't set any of those boys up to have sex with a strange man. Is there anything else we can do?"

"Well, it would have been fun, but I guess it's not necessary for our transaction." said the man. "Let's get down to it Tommy. The man who hired me to steal your camera wants something in return for the camera. He wants you to bring me the boy named Terry."

"WHAT?!" exclaimed Tom.

"The man who hired me wants you to deliver Terry to me in return for the camera." said the man. "Then I will deliver the boy to the man who hired me. Like I said though, those pictures are definitely worth something to me too. For that reason, let's make it Terry, plus cash for me for those pictures."

"I have no control over Terry." replied Tom. "He is being cared for by someone else."

"Well, with the picture you have of his cock in another boy's mouth, and another boy's cock in his butt, I'd say you know him and his guardian very well." said the man. "Maybe I can get the man who wants him to agree that if Terry likes that, he'll love my cock ramming his butt open. I know his boy cock looks really delicious."

"Can you give me some time?" asked Tom.

"Sure Tommy!" replied the man. "I'll call back in ten minutes. Tell Terry that I can't wait to show him what sex with a man is like!"

Tom hung up the phone and turned to Jack. "That filthy bastard!" screamed Tom. "He belongs in prison, along with Terry's father! I know that's the man he's talking about who hired him!"

"I know Tom, but we have to think clearly here." replied Jack. "We can't exactly call the police here. I can however find enough people I trust to set a trap."

"And use Terry as bait?" replied Tom. "I don't think so Jack. What if he were to get away with Terry?"

"If letting him have sex with me will help my friends, I'll put up with it." said Terry.

"You couldn't possibly want to do that though." said Tom.

"No, I don't." replied Terry. "I don't want any of my friends hurt either though."

"It would be rape then Terry, and I'm not letting any man rape you." said Tom.

"We know that he has a weakness for boys now though Tom." said Jack. "If we want to catch him, we need to use that."

"I couldn't live with myself if I used a boy as bait though, and he were to somehow get away from us." said Tom. "There has to be something less valuable that we can use as bait, like money."

"I don't know though Tom." replied Jack. "These people who do these things often feel a sense of loyalty to the person who hired them."

"I'll bet we can overcome that though with enough money, and a promise of something even better than sex with Terry." said Tom. "Then we wouldn't even need an actual boy as bait."

"Okay Tom, we'll try that." said Jack. "You better be prepared to offer him quite a bit of money though. How much can you come up with?"

"My bank may ask a lot of questions, but I can come up with a million in cash." replied Tom. "That would strap me, but it would be worth it."

"I'll do everything I can to make sure he doesn't get away with it Tom." said Jack. "I'm going to go ahead and round up a group to help us catch him."

"What do we do with him when we catch him?" asked Tom.

"Once we destroy any evidence in that camera, he'll either sing against Terry's father, or go to prison for a very long time." smiled Jack.

"I just can't figure out how Terry's father would know about our trip." said Tom.

"Did you call everyone to tell them about the trip?" asked Jack.

"No, I sent everyone an IM about it." said Tom. "We all got together in a conference on the computer."

"Well, that would be about the easiest way to monitor you." said Jack.

Jack then set down at Tom's computer, and linked it to his office network. After a few minutes, Jack whistled loudly. "He had you hacked good Tom!" exclaimed Jack. "I"m going to remove all this crap from your computer before our friend calls back. That way Terry's father will be in the dark on what happens next."

"I guess I have to start being a whole lot more careful, huh?" said Tom.

"Don't feel too bad Tom." said Jack. "Most of this stuff came in through a worm or trojan horse, and you would have no idea who sent it or what it was. I'll copy my program to detect this stuff to your computer later though, so this doesn't happen again."

As soon as Jack had the offending files deleted from Tom's computer, the phone rang. Tom had everyone but Jack and Kieran leave the room before he picked it up.

"Hi Tommy, have you talked everything over with everyone?" asked the man.

"Yes." replied Tom. "I'm concerned that you didn't give anyone a chance to outbid your client though."

"Well, I didn't, and I gave him my word." replied the man. "It's too late now."

"It's never too late." said Tom. "I'm sure I could beat anything he's paying you, and anything you could get for those pictures. How much is your client paying you?"

"Fifty thousand dollars, plus I can get another fifty for those pictures." said the man. "Maybe not from any boy sites, but I'm sure they would be worth that to you. This isn't just about the money now though."

"Yes, you want to have sex with a boy." said Tom. "I can't blame you there, but I'm thinking Terry might be too old and experienced for you. My lover is only seven, and his tight little rectum squeezes my cock like you wouldn't believe when I make love to him. He's such an eager little boy to please me too. How would you like your cock inside a boy that young?"

"Are you offering to share Tommy?" asked the man. "I have to tell you, I'm almost ready to cum just thinking about that!"

"Well, maybe not share, but I work with lots of little boys." said Tom. "Some of them are brought in by the state, and have no real families. I can also tell by looking at some of them that they would be very eager to please a man. Heck, I could probably help you find a boy that you could keep with you, who would please you anytime you want."

"What about the money though?" asked the man.

Tom knew he had the man hooked now, so he decided to reel him in. "I can give you twice as much as you expect to get now." said Tom. "Would that be enough to buy out your other client's contract?"

"You're making it sound very tempting Tommy!" said the man.

"Maybe this will help then." said Tom. "I know very well that your client happens to be Terry's father. There is no way that man will pay you what he agreed to. How much did he give you up front?"

"Ten thousand." replied the man.

"I'd say he really had to scrape to get that much." said Tom. "There's no way he can come up with all of the money he agreed on. I can come up with two hundred thousand though."

"Two hundred thousand, and you'll find me a boy just like yours?" asked the man. "I would love to have a boy that young, who will willingly take my cock anytime."

"That shouldn't be too hard for my daddy." said Kieran.

"You sound like a beautiful little boy." said the man. "Who are you?"

"I'm Kieran." replied Kieran. "I'm the boyfriend that Tom was telling you about."

"And you're only seven?" asked the man.

"Yep." replied Kieran. "I'm seven years old, about forty four inches tall, and sixty pounds. I also love my daddy, and love it when his cock is inside me. I love to do everything I can to please my daddy. There are plenty of boys out there like me too, and I'm sure one of them would like you to be his daddy, so he can please you all the time."

"You sound like such a wonderful boy!" said the man. "Now I am jealous of you Tommy. I'd love to have what you have."

"Then do we have a deal?" asked Tom.

"Absolutely!" replied the man. "There's just one thing though. When we exchange the money for the camera and pictures, I want you to bring your boy along. I'm not going to try to have sex with him, but I've never done anything with a boy that age. I just want to be able to visualize it."

"As long as you don't try to put your cock in my son, or force him to do anything he doesn't want to do, I'll bring him." replied Tom. "Where do you want to do this?"

"It has to be private, but not at my hotel room." said the man. "I'll rent another room somewhere, then call you with the details. That will give you enough time to get the money together. I'll expect all two hundred thousand, and remember, no cops."

"Don't worry, I have just as much reason not to want the police involved, if not more." said Tom. "I'll bring all two hundred thousand, in cash. I assume you don't want any sequential bills, right?"

"You're good Tommy!" laughed the man. "It'll be a pleasure to do business with you. I'll call you back in one hour."

One hour was enough time for Tom to get the money together, and for Jack to find one dozen men he could trust, and who wouldn't ask any questions. As everything was put into place, the man called back with his instructions. He had rented a room at a less than reputable hotel in Milwaukee, and gave Tom directions there. Jack and his men went ahead and left first, so they could take up discreet positions all the way around the hotel and room. Before leaving, Jack fitted Tom with a small wireless camera and microphone, so he could see and record everything.

On the way to Milwaukee, Tom spoke to Kieran about what was going to happen. "Don't worry Kieran, Jack and I will make sure you're safe. I will be with you at all times. If he wants to do anything, it will have to be something he can do in the same room with me. He may ask you to handle his cock though, and he may want to handle your dick. I will not let him come close to putting his cock inside you though. Are you okay with that?"

"I can do it daddy, as long as you're the only one who will ever have sex with me." replied Kieran. "It might feel dirty to handle his cock, but I can do it if I have to."

"I love you son, and I wish we didn't have to do it this way." said Tom.

"I know you love me daddy, and I love you too." smiled Kieran. "It'll be okay."

Tom followed the directions to the hotel once he got to Milwaukee, and spotted Jack's van one block from the hotel just like was planned. Before getting out of the car at the hotel, Tom called Jack to make sure the camera and microphone were working. Once Jack said they were, Tom and Kieran got out of the car with the suitcase. Then they nervously went to the room number the man gave Tom, and knocked on the door.

"You must be Tom Bechtel, and the cute little boy there has to be Kieran, right?" asked the man.

"Yes, and you have to be our friend with my camera, right?" replied Tom.

"Yes, the one and only." replied the man.

"If I'm to help you get your own boy placed with you, I'll have to know your name eventually." said Tom. "I propose we try to be friends here."

"I guess you're right Tom." replied the man. "My real name is James Thurston. I go by a lot of different names though. In my line of work, you have to take precautions."

"Why not with me then?" asked Tom.

"I had a client a few years ago who wanted me to kidnap and hold a twelve year old boy." said James. "By the time the job was over, and the boy had been released, we'd got quite friendly. I found I loved sucking his cute little dick, and he seemed very happy with my cock. I never got it inside his butt, but he took as much of me in his mouth as he could. Ever since then I've dreamed of finding a boy who would call me daddy, and want us to both pleasure each other. I know it would mean giving up this line of work and settling down, but doing these things to people like you gets to be old anyway."

"If you weren't a bad man anymore, I'm sure some boy would love to call you daddy, and love you like I love my daddy." said Kieran.

"That's another reason your offer appeals to me Tom." said James. "Knowing that people feel that way about me hurts sometimes. I want you to know that I've never considered taking a contract to kill anyone though, and if that came up, the client knew I would release whoever it was I'd nabbed. I just couldn't do something like that."

"Then why get involved in things like this in the first place?" asked Tom.

"It was easy money, and I was good at it." replied James. "I just don't care how easy it was anymore though. I want to settle down, and what you've offered me sounds good. Talking about what you've offered, do you have the money?"

"Yep, it's all right here." said Tom, as he set the suitcase on the table and opened it. "Two hundred thousand, just like we agreed on. Would you like to count it?"

"I've never really trusted anyone before, but I trust you Tom." said James. "I just hope you can trust me." Then James pulled out Tom's camera and a large envelope and said, "Here's the camera Tom, just like we agreed. The only evidence of the pictures you took is in that camera, and the envelope. The more I looked at those boys, the more I knew that I couldn't hurt them. When you take the camera and envelope, you will have all of the evidence that those pictures ever existed."

"I may be crazy James, but I believe you." said Tom.

"Now, can I ask something before we close this deal?" asked James. "I have to make sure that this is what I want for the rest of my life, although I'm sure it is. I promise, I won't ask anything that should just be between you and your son."

"Okay James, go ahead." replied Tom.

"Kieran, will you take my cock out of my pants, and feel it really good for me?" asked James.

"Do I have to?" asked Kieran.

"I really would like you to." said James. "I promise I won't hurt you, or force you to do anything you shouldn't do with me. I need to feel what it will be like to have my own boy though."

"Okay, you are trying to act like a good person now." said Kieran.

Kieran stepped up to the man as Tom kept a close eye on them. Then Kieran unzipped James's pants, and pulled them and his briefs down. James's nine inch erection sprang loose, and up toward Kieran's face. Kieran reached out and put both hands around the man's cock, and stroked it very gently. Then he took one of his hands, and massaged James's balls.

"It feels very nice to have a boy your age do that to me Kieran." moaned James softly. "Now, could you stand up for me. I'm going to take your clothes off, just to see if the body of a boy your age would be suitable for me."

Kieran let go of James's cock and balls, and stood up. James began removing Kieran's clothes, as Tom looked on in concern. He wasn't going to stop them though unless James broke his deal, or Kieran asked him to. Once James had removed all of Kieran's clothes, he began running his hands over Kieran's body. Then James pulled back Kieran's foreskin, and put his lips to the head of Kieran's dick. James massaged and licked the head of Kieran's dick for a few seconds, then drew away from it and stared.

"You are a lucky man Tom." said James. "I'd love for you to find me a boy like Kieran. Kieran, I'm going to stand up, and put my cock against the side of your face. I just want you to nuzzle it for a few seconds. You don't have to, but if you would lick the head of it just once, that would be great. After that, we're finished."

James then stood up, and put his cock against the side of Kieran's face. Kieran nuzzled into it like he was asked, then stuck his tongue out and licked across the head of James's cock once.

As Kieran was standing up, James moaned, "Oh God, I'm going to cum!"

Kieran wrapped one hand around James's cock, and began stroking it as James shot his cum onto the floor of the hotel room. The last bit of James's cum flowed down over Kieran's hand, so Kieran held his hand up toward James's face. James longingly licked his cum from Kieran's hand.

"Please help me Tom." begged James. "I want to be a loving daddy to a boy like Kieran. I'd take such good care of him, I promise."

"I will help you James, no matter how this is going to look next." replied Tom.

At that point, Jack burst into the room with a few of his men. James immediately went to the window, with his pants still around his ankles. Four of Jack's men were standing guard there, after sneaking up on the room.

"I don't suppose it would do any good to sneak out the back window, would it?" asked James.

"The rest of my men have that covered." replied Jack.

"Are you the police?" asked James. "I really thought I could trust you Tom."

"They aren't the police." replied Tom, as Jack pulled out his notebook and set it up. "This is my lawyer, and a few of his most trusted friends. I want you to watch the video that my lawyer has filmed James."

Jack played back the video feed that had been recorded out in his van. James hung his head as he watched the video. He was pretty sure what was coming next.

"I know that looks kind of tame, but it can be edited." said Tom. "We can make that look like you made Kieran lick your cock to an orgasm. If you really want a loving relationship with a young boy, I'm sure that won't help. I can help you though James. All I want is for you to help us nail Terry's father. Then you can keep the money with my blessing, and I'll help you get what you say you want, as long as you live a clean life. Call me crazy, but I think there's hope for you. The part about putting Terry's father away though is not negotiable. Will you help us James? If Terry's father gets ahold of the boy, he'll kill Terry. We know that for a fact."

"You could put me away for good, but you want to help me?" asked James. "I guess I was right to trust you Tom. You have a deal."

"Mister James..." said Kieran. "If you really do want to be a loving daddy to a boy who wants that, some boy is going to be really lucky to get you." Then Kieran pulled James pants back up and fastened them for him, and patted his cock through his pants as he said, "You're going to give some lucky boy a lot of pleasure with that."

"Thanks Kieran, that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." replied James. "Like I said, Tom is a lucky man to have you."

Then Kieran looked at Tom, and Tom said, "Only if you really want to son."

Kieran had James lean down, then he placed his lips against James's. As James and Kieran shared a kiss, Kieran rubbed his tongue across James's lips. Then James stroked Kieran's lips with his tongue, as Kieran sucked lightly on the tip of it. When Kieran broke the kiss, he gently stroked the side of James's face.

"You're lucky to have found my daddy." smiled Kieran. "I know he can find you a son, and you and him will show each other a lot of love. Boys like me love to feel loved, and if you get a son like me, he'll do anything he can to show you his love."

James kissed Kieran on the tip of his nose, and said, "You are a beautiful and wonderful little boy Kieran. The love you and your daddy share with each other must be very special. I hope he finds me a son just like you."

"Okay then, let's get this cleared up, so you people can get on with your lives." smiled Jack. "James, you will come back with us to Tom's hometown. We will put you up there, and you will work with the authorities there to capture Terry's father. Once we have him, you will help the authorities take care of him once and for all. In return, we will not acknowledge our knowledge of your past. I will help you to keep that as quiet as we can. Once we take care of that, Tom apparently wants you to have the money you two have agreed upon. I suggest using it to do what you've said you want, a new quiet life, in a place where Tom can help you find the relationship you want. We will help you every way that we can if you help us to make sure Terry's father can never harm the boy, and Terry will continue to live with people who love him. Do we have a deal?"

"I'd be crazy to say no, wouldn't I?" replied James. "I promise that I won't let you people down if you help me start a new life, with a special boy to love and call my son."

"Okay then, let's get home and set a trap for Terry's father!" grinned Tom.

I hope that makes up for that nasty little cliffhanger in the last chapter. Will they catch Terry's dad, and make sure he gets what he deserves? Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 19.