Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

James kissed Kieran on the tip of his nose, and said, "You are a beautiful and wonderful little boy Kieran. The love you and your daddy share with each other must be very special. I hope he finds me a son just like you."

"Okay then, let's get this cleared up, so you people can get on with your lives." smiled Jack. "James, you will come back with us to Tom's hometown. We will put you up there, and you will work with the authorities there to capture Terry's father. Once we have him, you will help the authorities take care of him once and for all. In return, we will not acknowledge our knowledge of your past. I will help you to keep that as quiet as we can. Once we take care of that, Tom apparently wants you to have the money you two have agreed upon. I suggest using it to do what you've said you want, a new quiet life, in a place where Tom can help you find the relationship you want. We will help you every way that we can if you help us to make sure Terry's father can never harm the boy, and Terry will continue to live with people who love him. Do we have a deal?"

"I'd be crazy to say no, wouldn't I?" replied James. "I promise that I won't let you people down if you help me start a new life, with a special boy to love and call my son."

"Okay then, let's get home and set a trap for Terry's father!" grinned Tom.

The only place to put James up at was Tom's house, so that's where Tom, Kieran, James, and Jack went. As they walked in, Johnny was coming down the stairs.

"Uncle James???" asked Johnny. "What are you doing here Uncle James? Is it about my parents? If it is, I don't want to know. I'm really happy here!"

"Uncle James?" repeated Tom in shock. "What does Johnny mean by Uncle James?"

"I'm Johnny's uncle." said James. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about recognizing him in the pictures Tom, but I didn't want you think there was something going on when there wasn't. If you're caring for him now, I don't want to interfere with that. As for your parents Johnny, I haven't heard from them in even longer than you."

"Well, I missed you Uncle James." said Johnny. "When I was younger, Uncle James use to set me on his knee, then rub my legs and stomach. Every once in a while, he would get carried away, and rub my dick too. I always liked that."

"Well, you might be a bit big for that now Johnny." chucked James. "And when I rubbed your dick, it was on purpose. I never got carried away. If I had, your parents might have discovered it."

"Okay, let's figure out what we're going to tell the police." smiled Tom.

"Well, we should stick as close to the truth as possible." said James.

"I agree with that." replied Jack. "We can start with Terry's father wanting to hire you to kidnap Terry, because he mistakenly thought you would do something like that."

"How is he suppose to make a mistake like that though?" asked Tom.

"Well, we can say that he was looking for a former associate of mine, and thought I was him." replied James.

"That's pretty good James." said Jack. "It takes no proof to establish."

"Thanks Jack." replied James.

"Okay then, so James is hired by Terry's father." said Tom. "Of course James wouldn't do something like that, but he did want to come out here and warn us."

"Then we realized that Terry's safety may be in danger from his father." said James.

"And that's when I advised you men to contact the authorities." finished Jack.

"It sounds good to me, and it should get them to want to nail Terry's father." said Tom.

"I just hope they buy the part about him confusing me for a former associate of mine." said James.

"We'll make sure to sell that part!" smiled Tom.

The men then worked out the details of their story, then Tom called the police. The detective listened to the story, skeptically in places, then looked all three men over.

"Well, I guess if you were really going to go through with it, you wouldn't be talking to me now." said the detective. "Besides, Tom is a respected doctor, and Jack is a very respected attorney. I just can't understand why you would come out here James, instead of calling the police back where you lived."

"Well, I use to have family here, and one of the kids Terry's father described as his son's friends sounded a lot like a lost nephew of mine." replied James. "I'm glad I did come out, because I found my nephew Johnny here."

"Okay, I can buy that." said the detective. "Besides, I did look up some background on Terry's case with child welfare, and his father could very well be violent against his own son. Since Terry's father is waiting in California for word that you have Terry, we're going to have to call the FBI on this one. They will more than likely have you contact Terry's father under the guise that you have Terry now, and have you arrange for him to come here to them."

"If it's to protect a boy like Terry, I'd be happy to cooperate." replied James.

The detective called the FBI, and they were at Tom's house right away. The agent in charge listened as the three men told the story once again, then said, "You men did the right thing by coming forward. Terry's father does sound dangerous. He also sounds like he is willing to cross state lines in the commission of a felony. We're going to use that to take him off the streets, so he can't harm his son."

This part involved Sandy and Terry, so Tom called them over. Sandy was very nervous about the plan involving Terry, so the agent said, "I can understand you being nervous ma'am, but trust me, if we don't get this man off the streets, Terry will be in even more danger. I assure you that we'll have agents covering him so well that there's no way anything could happen to him. We just need his father to see him, so he'll try to complete the transaction he started with the man he thought would do the job for him. Then he'll never be able to harm Terry again."

After Sandy finally agreed, the agent had James call Terry's father. "Okay Bill, I have Terry now." said James.

"You certainly do work quick!" replied Terry's father Bill. "I'm glad I found you to get my son back."

"Well, I did what you told me too, and it worked like a charm." said James. "Besides, that's what you're paying me for. Speaking of paying me, have you come up with the rest of the money. It's another forty thousand for delivery."

"Piece of cake!" replied Bill. "I'll catch the first plane out tomorrow, and we'll make the exchange as soon as I get there. I want Terry out of there as quickly as possible."

"Okay Bill." said James. "I'm going to want to do this in a public place, but not too public."

"Don't you trust me?" asked Bill.

"It's not you that I'm worried about." said James. "No one would ever think of us making the switch in a public place. There is a park on Oakdale Avenue in your old hometown. The east end of the park is not too busy, but public enough to suit us. Bring the forty thousand with you tomorrow at five o'clock, and I'll bring the boy."

"Okay, but there's one more little thing I want you to do." said Bill. "Since you'll have him overnight, I want you to fuck him. My kid thinks he's gay, and it's time he learned a lesson. You may want to gag him, because I want you to fuck him so hard it hurts him. That'll get him ready for what I have planned next."

"What makes you think I want to fuck a boy?" asked James.

"I don't care if you do or not, it's a part of the job!" replied Bill. "Just pretend his ass is a really hot woman's extra tight pussy. I expect him to cry to me about how bad you hurt him when you fucked him too. Do you understand?"

"Yes, you want me to fuck Terry hard." replied James. "Is that all?"

"Yeah, I'll take care of the rest of his lesson!" laughed Bill.

When James hung up the phone and turned around, Sandy was in a state of shock. Terry looked like he was about to cry.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that Terry." said James. "You don't have to worry about me. Your dad is a sick animal though, and I can't wait to help take that bastard off the streets for you. I would never dream of hurting you, or any other child."

"Just don't let that monster even touch Terry." said Tom. "I hope you get him taken care of good!"

That night while Terry's father Bill thought James would be hurting the boy, Terry slept comfortably between Johnny and Evan. Johnny and Evan knew that the next day would be tense and possibly dangerous for Terry, even though the agents promised he would be okay.

The next day, the agents had to assure Sandy once again that they wouldn't let anything happen to Terry. Tom and Sandy still wanted to be close by when they trapped Terry's father though, so the agents found a place close by where they could wait, without being seen. Once all the agents were in place, and the time for the switch had arrived, the agent in charge sent James and Terry into the park.

"Okay Terry, please trust me and stick as close to me as you can." said James quietly to Terry.

"Okay, but don't let my dad get too close to me." replied Terry.

"Don't worry son." smiled James. "I could never let anything bad happen to one of my nephew's boyfriends."

James and Terry waited at the meeting place, and finally they both saw Bill approaching. "Remember to act like I hurt you last night, like your father told me to do." said James quietly.

"Dad, the man you sent after me hurt me really bad!" Terry said, acting as though he had been hurt.

"I'm sorry son." said Bill. "Did he fuck you really hard last night?"

"It was horrible dad!" Terry cried out, really getting into putting on an act. "His cock was so large, and he didn't even use anything to lube it! It still hurts so much dad!"

"Good, you little faggot!" snarled Bill. "It'll teach you right! If you think last night was bad, I'll teach you a lesson if I have to kill you to do it! I'll also teach you better than to try to get me and your mother in trouble out in California!"

"I'm sorry dad!" cried out Terry.

"Let's just get this over Bill, so I can wash my hands of this deal." said James. "As you can see, I have the boy. You were right too, he was a very good fuck. Now, where's the money we agreed on?"

"It's right here in this briefcase." said Bill, as he held up a large and plain looking briefcase. "I'm going to toss this over there to the side. You send my boy to me, and then you can go pick it up."

"What, I can't count it first?" asked James.

"Don't you trust me?" asked Bill. "And here I thought you would after I let you fuck my boy. I hope you don't make me do this the hard way."

Bill then tossed the case over to the side, and pulled out a gun. Terry now genuinely was scared, and James went into defense mode. He just hoped the agents could hold back for a few minutes, because it seemed like Bill had the draw on them. If they tried to rush in now, Bill would likely kill someone before they could get to him.

"I want my boy to walk toward me as you pick up your payment!" ordered Bill.

"Walk very slowly Terry, and trust me." whispered James.

Terry began inching his way toward his dad, as James went to pick up the briefcase. Then James saw the moment he was waiting for, as Bill began paying more attention to Terry than anything else. About halfway to the briefcase, James rushed at Bill. As Bill began to turn toward James, James was able to grab the hand that the gun was being held with. James forced the hand away from everyone else, and he and Bill began to struggle. The agents knew this was their time to act, so they ran in quickly and grabbed Terry and the briefcase. At the same time, James finally knocked the gun from Bill's hand. Bill then took a swing at James, knocking the man off him. Then Bill started to scramble for the gun again.

"Freeze right there!" ordered an agent, as he lowered his weapon at Bill's head. "If you move one more fraction of an inch, it'll be your last move!"

Bill then froze, and the agents rushed in to cuff him. Terry went over to where James was picking himself up from the ground, and threw his arms around the man.

"You saved my life James!" cried Terry, as he hugged the man. "I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you did! I love you, and I'm glad you're Johnny's uncle!"

"Sir, what you did took real guts." said the agent in charge. "This could have turned out a lot worse than we expected, but you turned it back in our favor. I'm going to make sure we recognize you for your help today. Thanks to you, we took down a very dangerous man."

"I would offer you a handshake, but it seems like I have my arms full of a very relieved boy." laughed James.

"It's understandable sir." smiled the agent.

Tom and Sandy were let in after Bill was safely in custody, so they hadn't seen exactly what happened. James was kind of relieved about that. He knew the struggle with Bill over the gun would have freaked both of them out. After all, it kind of freaked him out too. He knew Bill was a little off, but he never expected the man to draw a gun on him and his own son. James was now glad he had decided to give up this kind of life, and he was very serious about settling down now. He was getting to old to go through this kind of scene anymore.

"We can't thank you enough for helping take Terry's father into custody." said Tom, as he shook James's hand after Sandy pried Terry away from him. "I'm so glad I was right about you James, and I'll help you any way that I can now."

"It was a real relief for the last thing I do like this to turn out well Tom." replied James. "Now I can sleep well at night, knowing that I finally learned to do the right thing."

Meanwhile, Sandy was now hugging Terry close to her as she said, "I'm so glad this is over, and it worked out like we wanted."

"Now we can just be a happy family mom." replied Terry, as he held onto Sandy tightly.

"Do you really want to think of me as your mother, son?" asked Sandy, as she smiled widely.

"I would love that so much!" replied Terry. "Is that okay?"

"It's perfect!" said Sandy. "I would love to have you think of me as your mother, and for you to be my son."

The agent in charge went up to James, and said, "I thought you might like to see how Bill intended to pay you sir."

Tom and James went over to look at the briefcase. The bills on the very top layer were all real fives and tens, and amounted to about two hundred dollars. Everything else in the case was cut up newspaper though.

"Well Tom, you told me that might be the case." laughed James, as they walked away. "I'm glad I trusted you as my friend, and believed you."

"Me too James." smiled Tom, as he patted James on the back. "Now, let's get Sandy and Terry, and go home to have a nice little celebration between friends."

That night, after Tom and Kieran made love, and Kieran had snuggled into Tom's chest as he stroked it gently, Kieran asked, "Is Johnny still going to be my big brother daddy, or is he going to live with his uncle James now?"

"I'm sure he'll spend time with James, but James says he wants Johnny to continue staying here, just like he is now." replied Tom, as he gently rubbed Kieran's back.

"That's good daddy." said Kieran. "I really want him to be my big brother. When is grandmom and granddad coming back?"

"I talked to dad earlier today, and he says he might have a buyer for their house in Florida." replied Tom. "They could be back really soon if they do. You love your grandmother and grandfather, don't you son?"

"Yes, I love them very much." replied Kieran. "I can tell they love me too."

"That's because they do son." smiled Tom. "They're very proud to have you as their newest grandson."

"I also love feeling your cum squish around inside my butt daddy!" giggled Kieran.

"And I loved putting it there, my adorable little son." smiled Tom, as he kissed Kieran on the nose. "I'm just glad that it doesn't hurt you to do it."

"Are you kidding daddy?" replied Kieran. "It's really starting to feel good when you put your cock inside me. Just knowing that it's my daddy that makes me feel good like that, makes me look forward to it now!"

"Then I'll look forward to making love to you whenever you want, my adorable baby boy." said Tom, as he hugged Kieran gently against him.

Meanwhile in Johnny's room, Johnny, Evan, and Terry were laying naked on the bed as Terry said, "I love you guys so much, but I wanted to do something, and I hope you understand."

"What's that Terry?" asked Evan.

"Would you and Johnny be satisfied with making love with just the two of you tonight?" asked Terry. "I want to go to James's room, and see if he's be interested in having some fun with me tonight."

"You want to have sex with my uncle?" asked Johnny. "Are you falling in love with him?"

"Maybe, but it's not the same way I love you guys." replied Terry. "After what happened today though, I'd really like to do it with him once. Besides, I can tell he likes boys, and my dad did tell him to do stuff with me. I know James wouldn't have done it the way my dad wanted, but I'd like to give him the chance to do it in a much nicer way."

"I guess it would be okay tonight then." said Evan.

"Besides, I'm sure Uncle James would really like it!" giggled Johnny.

Terry went ahead and walked naked down the hall to James's room, then knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" replied James, as he put on a pair of shorts to answer the door.

"It's me James." replied Terry. "I wanted to spend some time with you, just me and you."

"Isn't it kinda late son?" asked James, as he opened the door to reveal Terry standing there naked.

"Well, I was kinda hoping you'd let me spend the night in your room anyway." smiled Terry.

James took a deep gulp as he gazed at the naked boy, and asked, "Are you sure about this Terry?"

"I felt a little something today when we hugged." said Terry. "It might not have been the same thing I feel with Johnny and Evan, but it still felt very nice and warm. I want us to at least have one time together James, because I believe you when you said that you'd never hurt a boy. Besides, dad kinda promised you to me, and I'd be happy to honor that, as long as it's in a much nicer way than he intended. Can we have sex tonight, as if you were making love to me?"

James ran his hand down Terry's bare back, all the way to his cheeks, as he pulled the boy in gently and said, "I'd love to do that with a beautiful boy like you Terry." At the same time, James's cock stiffened, and poked out of the fly in his shorts.

Terry leaned down quickly as he let himself be pulled into James's room, and kissed the head of James's cock. "I'm glad you want this as much as I do James." said Terry, as he licked the taste of James's cock from his lips. "I know how you feel about boys, and I want you to do everything you've ever dreamed of with me tonight. I'll make love to you as well as I can James."

When they got to James's bed, Terry pulled James's shorts back off him and gazed in awe at James's adult cock.

"It looks much different than a boy's cock, doesn't it?" asked James as he smiled, and reached down to fondle Terry's cock. "It's okay Terry, I look at boy's cocks with almost the same awe and wonder. Take yours, for example. You have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen Terry. I can't wait for you to use that to show me how much love a boy can give to a guy like me. Your beautiful cock looks like it has a lot of love to show me."

"And yours is the most incredible cock I've ever seen!" replied Terry. "I want to make love to you so bad James!"

James laid back down on his bed, and invited Terry to join him. When Terry laid down too, James took him gently into his arms. James loved it that Terry wanted to kiss first. As James's lips were caressing Terry's lips, James reached down and began caressing Terry's hard little cock.

After a few minutes of kissing, James said, "I have to have your beautiful little cock in my mouth Terry. I want to worship your cock with my lips."

Terry smiled at James, then rolled both of them onto their sides. Then Terry turned around so his cock was in James's face, and James's cock was in his face.

James put one arm over Terry's hips and drew the boy to him, as he said, "That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen Terry."

James started off by putting his lips against the head of Terry's cock, and kissing it gently. Then James took his tongue, and ran it softly around the head of Terry's young cock. Terry moaned deeply, then took an adult cock into his mouth for the first time. It was much larger than any cock Terry had ever had in his mouth, but it felt good. James had caressed Terry's cock with his lips a few times, and was now gently massaging Terry's balls with his tongue. James loved how Terry was making his cock feel too.

Terry finally let James's cock slip from his mouth, and said, "I want you to make me cum James, then I want you to put your cock inside me. I've never wanted to let an adult do that before, but I trust you. I don't want you to do it hard enough to hurt me like my dad wanted you to. I want you to do it so lovingly that you make me feel good."

James continued making love to Terry's cock as it began throbbing in his mouth. A few moments later, James felt Terry's cum shooting into his mouth. It was the most delicious thing James had ever tasted, so he gently sucked every drop that he could from Terry's balls. When Terry finished cumming, he turned onto his back, and had James kneel between his legs. Then Terry put his ankles up onto James's shoulders.

"Are you sure you want this Terry?" asked James.

"I'm absolutely sure James." replied Terry. "I really want to feel your cock inside me."

James lubed his cock with a tube of lube that Terry had brought with him, then placed the head against Terry's pucker. James knew this was going to be tight, so he pushed into Terry as gently as he could. James finally felt the head of his cock slide into Terry.

"Are you okay Terry?" asked James.

"It's huge!" replied Terry, as he clenched his teeth. "Just let me have a chance to open up and get use to it before you go all the way into me James."

"I'll give you all the time you need Terry." said James, as he massaged Terry's chest and stomach.

After a few moments, Terry began to relax, and the smile returned to his face. "I must be getting use to it James." smiled Terry. "It's starting to feel really good! Please make love to me now."

James smiled at Terry, then began to push his cock into the eager boy. James looked at Terry's flaccid cock as he began pushing. Terry's cock began to harden again when James began to push, and the further James's cock went into Terry, the harder Terry's cock got. By the time James's cock was all the way into Terry, Terry's cock was fully erect again. Then James began to thrust gently in and out of Terry, and Terry's cock began to bob up and down in time with James's thrusts. James couldn't believe how tightly Terry's rectum was squeezing his cock now.

"Oh God son, I don't know how long I'm going to hold out like this!" moaned James, as he thrust in and out of Terry.

"Please try James!" gasped Terry. "I think I might cum again without touching myself!"

"I'd love to watch your cock shoot while I cum inside you Terry!" moaned James.

James held himself back as much as he could, as he lovingly thrust his cock in and out of Terry. Terry was now moaning loudly in pleasure. He never dreamt that having such a large cock inside him could feel so pleasurable. James finally saw that Terry was approaching another orgasm, which was good because he had held his back as long as he could. Terry's rectum was already filled by James's cock, but it filled even more when he felt James's cum shooting into him. That was all that Terry could take, as his cock erupted for a second time. As James shot his cum into Terry, he watched Terry's cock shoot all over his own chest and stomach. James finally pulled his cock out of Terry, then laid down and pulled Terry up on top of him. Terry and James kissed as Terry's cum smeared between the two. Then they finally began to drift off in each other's arms.

The next morning when Terry saw James's eyes open, he asked, "How do you feel this morning?"

"I never dreamed it would feel this good to wake up with a beautiful boy in my arms, after making love to him the night before!" smiled James.

That should teach Terry's dad a lesson. I know it taught James one. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 20.