Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

"Good night Kieran, sleep well." said Tom. "I'll be by first thing in the morning to check the clamp, flush you out, and give you a shot."

"Sounds like a fun way to start the day." giggled Kieran. "Good night Doctor Tom, I love you."

"I love you too, you sweet little angel." replied Tom.

As Tom drove home, the confusion he had felt earlier had been replaced by an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. He knew he should have mixed feelings about coming face to face with his sexuality for the first time, but right now he had more important things to worry about. A very sweet little boy was depending on him to someday lead a normal life.

Tom got started early the next morning. He wanted to stop by a twenty four hour department store, and pick up a little something for Kieran. Tom found a very cuddly talking teddy bear, that played fifty different phrases when you pressed its belly. Tom thought that would be perfect for the sweet little boy. Tom got to the hospital, and stopped by the nurse's desk first.

"Hello, do you have Kieran's medications ready for him yet?" asked Tom.

"Yes we do, and we're glad to see you Doctor Bechtel." replied the nurse.

"There's nothing to worry about." laughed Tom. "I had a talk with Kieran yesterday, and he'll let you go ahead and try giving him his shots from now on. Just make sure you're very gentle with him this afternoon. I'll go ahead and give him his morning shot though."

Tom got Kieran's medications, and headed to the boy's room. When he went on in, Kieran was sitting up in bed, and waiting for his doctor.

"Hi Doctor Tom!" said Kieran happily. "Did you bring me something?!"

"Yes, I did Kieran." smiled Tom, as he went to Kieran's bed. "I brought you your morning shot. Oh, I also thought you might like this bear I found."

Tom handed Kieran the bear, then lifted Kieran's gown up and examined his penis. "Your penis looks a little better this morning Kieran." said Tom, as he began to gently rub it.

"It still hurts a little though, so I'm glad you're making it feel better this morning." replied Kieran.

"It's a pleasure for me to make your beautiful little dick feel better Kieran." smiled Tom. "I'm going to go ahead and flush you out first, but I'm not too sure about adjusting the clamp anymore right now."

"What is that thing you put in my dick anyway, Doctor Tom?" asked Kieran inquisitively. "It looks and feels kinda strange. Don't worry though, I just looked at it a little. I didn't mess with it."

"Well Kieran, it's called a Nelaton Dilator, but clamp sounds more like something people can understand." replied Tom. "It looks as though it may be stressing your foreskin more than I might want it to, and I don't want to adjust it further if it's still causing you any discomfort."

"That's okay with me if you don't adjust it Doctor Tom." replied Kieran.

Tom chuckled as he got out a flushing syringe, and began cleaning Kieran's dick thoroughly. With the clamp in place, Tom had to stick the syringe a little further under Kieran's foreskin, and use a little more pressure on the plunger to thoroughly clean under the foreskin. He was happy that what came back out looked clearer this morning though. After Tom flushed and rinsed Kieran's penis, he began to gently rub it again. Kieran sighed contentedly and smiled at Tom, enjoying the attention Tom was paying to his dick.

"Like I said Kieran, you have a beautiful little penis, and I think the infection will clear up completely." said Tom, as he continued to rub Kieran's dick. "Even with the problems you're having right now, I'm glad your parents left your foreskin intact when you were born. It is uncommon though."

"I noticed you had that skin on your dick last night too." said Kieran, as he continued to enjoy the feelings from his dick at the moment.

"Yes, I am uncircumcised too, which is why I don't believe in doing that unless there's no other choice." replied Tom. "My grandfather came to this country from Switzerland back around the turn of the twentieth century. Circumcision is not a widely held belief in Europe, and my grandfather passed those beliefs to my father, who passed them to me. Not one male in my family has been circumcised. I don't know why your parents left your foreskin on, but I'm very glad they did."

"Do hospitals charge to circumcise baby boys?" asked Kieran.

"I've never known a hospital to do anything without charging someone for it." laughed Tom.

"Then knowing my parents, they were probably just too cheap to let them circumcise me." replied Kieran.

"Are they really that bad Kieran?" asked Tom.

"The only reason that they haven't said anything about me having a private room is because they probably intend to stiff the hospital on what the state doesn't cover." replied Kieran. "Then they'll make sure I hear about that every time they throw away a hospital bill."

"Well Kieran, don't worry about that." said Tom. "I'll make sure they never receive more than one bill from the hospital. If they don't pay it, it'll be taken care of. Now, about this clamp. Would you object to losing it?"

"Heck no!" exclaimed Kieran. "I wouldn't mind that at all!"

"Okay then, like I said, I think it might be stressing your foreskin too much." said Tom. "I wanted to try it first though, before I added any other medications to your treatment. I think I'm going to go ahead and add a Betamethasone steroid cream though, and remove that clamp later today if it looks like you are okay with the cream. The nurse will probably do that for you when she gives you your afternoon medications. How does that sound?"

"Well, I'd prefer to have you handling my dick than the nurse." replied Kieran impishly. "If it means getting that clamp out of my dick though, I'll let her do it."

"Okay son, let me give you your shot first, then I'll go get the cream." chuckled Tom.

Tom let go of Kieran's dick, then leaned over and gave it a light kiss. Kieran gasped when he felt Tom's lips lightly touch his dick, and it sent a shiver of pleasure through his body.

As Tom had Kieran roll over, Kieran said, "I liked it when you kissed my dick Doctor Tom. Why did you do that though?"

"Because it looked like it needed that." replied Tom. "You are a very beautiful boy, and you have a very beautiful dick. I had an overwhelming desire to kiss it for you."

Tom then lightly massaged Kieran's butt, and when he felt it relax, he gently slid the needle into it. After Tom injected the medicine into Kieran and slid the needle out of him, he leaned over again and lightly kissed Kieran's soft butt cheek.

"Please kiss it again." moaned Kieran softly.

Tom repeatedly kissed both of Kieran's butt cheeks. Kissing Kieran's soft butt was the most wonderful thing Tom had ever felt, and he wanted to do something very special for the boy. Tom gently spread the two cheeks apart, and ran his tongue back and forth through the crack. Kieran gasped in pleasure when he felt Tom's tongue lick at his hole. Tom finally leaned back up and turned Kieran over, to find the boy grinning widely.

"I take it you liked that." smiled Tom.

"I loved it!" gasped Kieran. "It was the most incredible thing I've ever felt!"

Tom leaned back down and kissed Kieran gently on the lips, then said, "I love you Kieran. I want you to feel so much pleasure like that, that you never feel any pain again."

"I love you too Doctor Tom." replied Kieran softly. "I wish you had been my daddy."

"Take your pills for me Kieran, and I'll be right back with that cream." smiled Tom.

That was it as far as Tom was concerned. He was going to contact his lawyer to investigate some of the things Kieran had told him. He knew the boy deserved so much more than what he was getting at home now. Tom went ahead and got the cream and a swab, and instructed the nurse to keep a close eye on Kieran and his penis. If everything looked okay by the time he had his afternoon medications, he wanted the nurse to remove the clamp and reapply the cream. When Tom got back to Kieran's room, the boy was holding his bear closely, and making it talk over and over. It was so sweet that Tom almost wanted to cry.

"Okay Kieran, let's get this cream on your penis." said Tom, after he regained his composure. "The nurse is going to come in a few times today to look at your penis, and if it looks okay when she brings your afternoon medications, she'll take the clamp out for you."

"Sweet!" exclaimed Kieran.

Tom applied the cream liberally with the swab underneath Kieran's foreskin, and then put a coating of the cream on the outside as well and rubbed it into Kieran's skin. Then Tom gently rubbed the base of Kieran's dick for him as the boy smiled at him.

Tom finally said, "I have to get down to the clinic now, although I wish I could spend all day with you. I love you Kieran, and I'm going to make everything all better for you, I promise."

"I love you too, Doctor Tom." replied Kieran dreamily.

Tom gave the boy another gentle kiss on his lips, then said good-bye and promised to come back as soon as he was done at the clinic. On the way downstairs, Tom got out his cell phone and called his lawyer. The lawyer agreed to meet with him at the clinic, during his lunch break today. The morning seemed to last all day for Tom, but he gave all of his patients his complete attention. Then his lunch break finally came, and his lawyer appeared in the lobby, almost as if on cue. Tom and his lawyer went to the cafeteria to talk.

"Now Tom, what can I do for you?" said the lawyer. "I know it can't be malpractice. You're the last person I would expect that from."

"I appreciate your confidence in me." smiled Tom. "Actually, I was wondering if we could put your investigators to work. Yesterday I saw a seven year old boy with a badly infected penis. His parents had never properly explained the need to clean himself there, and it was in pretty bad shape by the time I treated him. It was so bad that I had to admit the boy to the hospital for treatment. His parents have hardly been by the hospital at all to see him. His mother spent fifteen minutes with him yesterday after he was admitted, and his father hasn't been by at all. Several statements the boy has made to me and the hospital staff leads me to believe that he is being verbally and emotionally mistreated by them. I also believe that his parents have a severe drug abuse problem."

"You do know that this is a case for child welfare, don't you Tom?" asked the lawyer.

"I know that, and by law I should have contacted them by now." replied Tom. "The boy has already been through quite a bit emotionally though, and I hate to think of him being placed in the foster care system."

"That's what it's there for though Tom." said the lawyer. "Besides, isn't there some rule about getting too emotionally involved with your patients?"

"It's an unwritten rule, and this is a special case." replied Tom. "The boy needs to know that someone sincerely cares about him right now. I know that some people in the foster care system try to do a good job, but the boy needs more than that. I want to get enough on his parents to convince them to sign the boy over to me. I want to take over raising him properly. I've never felt more convinced that anything would be right than this would be."

"Why don't you apply to be his foster care provider then?" asked the lawyer.

"Because I'm being realistic here." replied Tom. "I'm a single man who's never had any kind of relationship before. Do you think that anyone will believe the truth, and that I've just never had any desire for that? And then they'll see this single man taking a sudden interest in a young boy. They won't care that I feel an overwhelming need to care for the boy, and that I want what's best for him. They won't care that I just want to see him lead a happy and normal childhood. I'll be lucky if they let me care for him if we get his parents to sign the boy over to me, and I'll probably have to rearrange my life to do that."

"Is there something else going on here Tom?" asked the lawyer.

"That's exactly what child welfare will ask." replied Tom. "I'm going to tell you the truth though. I have formed a bond with the boy. He is so filled with love that he's never had the chance to express before, and now he loves me. I love him too, and I want to take care of him for the rest of his life. I will never do anything to hurt the boy in any way, and I hope you know that."

"I do know that Tom." replied the lawyer. "I'm going to need to get some information from you, and maybe the boy. If his parents are as bad as you say they are, I'm sure it will be no problem to dig up enough dirt on them to get them to agree to anything. Then we'll tackle child welfare when we cross that bridge. I'm saying this as a very concerned friend though Tom, do not do anything to mark the boy. If you leave any kind of evidence of improper conduct, child welfare will know, and then I'll have to defend you on criminal charges. I don't want to have to do that Tom, you're a good man."

"I would never dream of doing that." replied Tom. "Thank you so much for doing this. If you come by when I'm done here at five, I'll take you up to see Kieran today. He is such a sweet little boy that you'll fall in love with him instantly."

"Don't thank me until you get my bill!" laughed the lawyer. "I'll come by at five o'clock sharp. Be careful Tom, and take good care of the boy and yourself."

The rest of the day went much quicker for Tom, and nothing seemed to phase him. Even when he had to report a suspicious case of a young boy falling off a bicycle, and there was no evidence that the boy had been on a bicycle that day, Tom completed his duties cheerfully. Tom finished up his last case right at five, and the lawyer once again showed up right on cue. Then Tom happily led his lawyer up to the children's wing of the hospital, and stopped at the nurses desk.

"Hi Doctor Bechtel, the clamp has been removed from Kieran's penis, and he seems to be doing very well." said the nurse. "He did fidget quite a bit while we worked with his penis though."

"I can imagine that!" laughed Tom. "Are his parents here now?"

"His mother was here earlier, but she had to leave again." replied the nurse. "I can't stand that bitch! She was making a fuss about the bear you gave him, so we had to tell her that we all chipped in and got it for him, and that it wasn't unusual for us to do things like that. I don't see why she even cared though. It's not like she seems to care about how her son is doing."

"Then you'll be happy to know that this is my lawyer." smiled Tom. "We're going to have a little talk with Kieran, then he's going to investigate his parents. We'll see if we can't get to the bottom of what's going on here, and get Kieran under my care."

"That's great Doctor Bechtel!" replied the nurse. "I'm sure you would make a fine father to any child."

"Thanks." replied Tom. "I'll come back to get his medications after we talk to him first."

Tom then took his lawyer to Kieran's room. Kieran's face lit up immediately when he saw Tom. When he saw Tom had a visitor though, he held himself back.

"Who do you have with you, Doctor Tom?" asked Kieran.

"This is a very nice man who wants to help me help you Kieran." replied Tom. "We just want to talk to you for a few minutes, so we can figure out what might be the best thing to do for you. I need you to be completely honest about anything he asks you, and listen to anything he tells you. Okay Kieran?"

"Cool, you brought your lawyer, huh?" replied Kieran with a mischievous smile.

"You're a very bright little boy Kieran." smiled the lawyer. "First, I want to know exactly how you feel about your doctor."

"Doctor Tom is the greatest!" replied Kieran. "He takes really good care of me, and he wants to make me even better than I was before. Whenever I hurt, he makes me stop hurting. Everything he does for me is really nice, and he makes me feel really good. I love Doctor Tom, and I know that he loves me too."

"You said that he makes you stop hurting." said the lawyer. "You came in with an infected penis though. How does he make that stop hurting?"

"He rubs it really gently until it doesn't hurt anymore." replied Kieran.

"Is that the only thing he does?" asked the lawyer.

"Well, he did kinda kiss it really lightly once." replied Kieran shyly.

"Tom, does it ever sexually stimulate you to rub Kieran's penis?" asked the lawyer. "Do you ever attempt to masturbate Kieran?"

"It does stimulate me sometimes when I rub his penis." replied Tom. "I haven't tried to masturbate him yet. If he wants me to do that when his penis heals though, I might. I'll do anything he asks, if I feel it won't hurt him."

"Kieran, do you ever want Tom to touch, rub, or kiss your penis?" asked the lawyer.

"I'd want him to right now if you weren't here." replied Kieran. "Doctor Tom makes my penis feel very nice, and I always want him to touch it. I went to sleep last night wanting him to rub my penis. He can kiss it anytime he wants to too. That really felt nice."

"Okay, I need both of you to listen to me for a few minutes." said the lawyer. "I don't think Tom is doing anything to hurt you Kieran, and I don't think he ever will. I think you really want the sexual contact Tom has with you Kieran. Any sexual contact between a man and a boy is illegal though, and it could put Tom in prison for a very long time. I don't think that's right in this case, but the law was written to protect children from being harmed by adults, and it is enforced in every case, without taking into consideration the fact that you both want it. What you two do anytime either of you touches each other, or when you kiss each other, should never be talked about to anyone. I do mean anyone too. Kieran, you and Tom have to keep what you do to each other to yourselves at all times. If you don't, Tom will be arrested, and the state would never let you two see each other again. Do you understand that?"

"Yes sir, but I already told you." said Kieran, a little scared now.

"Please don't be scared that you told me Kieran." said the lawyer. "I am Tom's lawyer, and I am bound by law not to discuss anything you two talk to me about. If I break that law, I would lose my license and go to prison too. But you can never talk to anyone besides me about what you and Tom do, okay?"

"Okay." replied Kieran in relief.

"Now, I need to know whatever you two can tell me about your parents Kieran." said the lawyer. "I'm going to have my investigators check them out, and see if there's any way we can get you two together permanently. Would you like that Kieran?"

"I would love to live with Doctor Tom!" replied Kieran excitedly. "He could be my daddy and everything!"

The lawyer talked to Kieran and Tom for quite a while, and got as much information on Kieran's parents as he could. The lawyer couldn't believe some of the things Kieran was saying, but after listening to Tom and the nurse earlier, he had no reason to doubt the boy.

"Okay, I think I have everything I need." said the lawyer, after they had finished talking. "This will not happen right away, if it does happen. Kieran will most likely be released from the hospital to his parents care, but I will work on this as quickly as I can. I don't know yet how we'll approach convincing them to sign Kieran over to you Tom, but I do have a few ideas. When we do this, it would be best to have them on your turf Tom. You can schedule Kieran for a series of follow up visits or something. When we're ready though, both parents will have to be there. We'll have to think about how to pull that off, but it has to be done that way. We'll have to have them both together, and overwhelm them to the point of signing Kieran over to you. Then we have to worry about that holding up to the scrutiny of the courts. I will do everything I can for both of you Tom, and you'll be paying me very well to do just that. I'll get back in touch with you immediately as soon as we learn anything, or come up with any ideas."

When the lawyer had left, Tom went back out to get Kieran's medications. As he was having Kieran turn over for his shot, Tom asked, "How did the nurse do today?"

"She wasn't as good as you, but she did okay." replied Kieran. "I guess I don't mind getting my shot from her. My mom was here though, so it was kinda embarrassing. She watched the nurse give me a shot, then take the clamp out of my dick and clean it. I think my mom just enjoyed watching me squirm. The nurse was really gentle about handling my dick though. It didn't feel as good as when you handle it, but it was nice."

"Do you want me to thank her for handling your dick so gently?" asked Tom, as he rubbed Kieran's butt.

"Sure!" replied Kieran. "That might be funny!" Kieran giggled, as he only felt a slight poke on his butt. "Was that the shot?"

"That was it." replied Tom, as he rubbed Kieran's butt again. "How did I do?"

"Can you give me another shot now?" smiled Kieran. "That one kinda felt nice!"

"I'd love to poke needles in your cute little butt all night if you like it, but I can't give you too much penicillin." chuckled Tom. "Besides, you enjoying my shots too much is causing me to get stiff."

"Really?!" exclaimed Kieran. "Can I see?"

Tom thought about it for a few seconds, then replied, "I guess so, if you really want to see my ugly old penis."

"I don't think it's ugly at all Doctor Tom." replied Kieran. "I think it looks really cool!"

Tom went ahead and lowered his pants and briefs a little, and Kieran stared intently at his eight inch erect cock. Then Kieran reached out and put both hands around Tom's cock, and pulled the foreskin back past Tom's head. Tom could see Kieran breathing heavier now, so he let the boy have his fun. As Kieran gently handled Tom's cock, Tom began cleaning Kieran's dick. As Tom was busy cleaning and rubbing Kieran's dick, he could see the boy lean forward out of the corner of his eye. Then Tom gasped when he felt Kieran's lips kiss the head of his cock.

Tom caught his breath and asked, "Why did you kiss my cock Kieran?"

"What's a cock?" asked Kieran, as he leaned back and gently rubbed Tom's cock.

"A cock is what you call a dick or penis when a boy reaches puberty, and it starts to get bigger." replied Tom.

"I kissed it because you kissed mine, and it felt nice." replied Kieran. "I wanted you to feel nice too, and I wanted to know what it felt like to kiss your penis."

"Did you like it?" asked Tom.

"I loved feeling it against my lips!" replied Kieran enthusiastically. "Can I kiss it again?"

"Not right now Kieran." replied Tom. "I don't want it to get too excited by you yet. We have to talk about some things first, like the differences between a man's cock and a boy's dick."

"Okay, but I still loved it." smiled Kieran. "By the way, what's puberty?"

"We'll talk about that too, as soon as I have you taken care of." replied Tom as he smiled. "Does your dick still hurt?"

"No Doctor Tom, you made it feel really good again." replied Kieran.

"Great Kieran." replied Tom. "Now, go ahead and take your pills, and then we'll talk."

As soon as Kieran had taken his pills, Tom sat on the side of his bed and said, "I'm going to explain everything to you as clearly as I can Kieran. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. The penis is made up of a really spongy type of flesh. Normally the penis is nothing but spongy flesh, so it's limp and normal sized. When the penis gets stimulated though, tiny blood vessels open up, and fill the penis with blood. Then it gets stiff, and when you get older, it will get larger when it's stimulated too. Has your penis ever gotten stiff before Kieran?"

"Yeah, a few times." replied Kieran, who was hanging on Tom's every word. "I thought there was something wrong with it though. No one has ever told me this stuff before."

"Well Kieran, if we continue with what we're doing, you need to know this stuff." smiled Tom. "Anyway, right now you're a young boy, so all that will happen is that your penis will get stiff when it's stimulated. As you get closer to the period of life that's called puberty, things will start happening to your penis. First you will notice it getting larger when it gets stiff. Then your testicles, which are the little balls in the sac below your penis, will start to become active. When that happens, and your penis is stimulated long enough, you'll have what's known as a dry orgasm."

"What's an orgasm?" asked Kieran.

"An orgasm is when your testicles and a gland called the prostate gland combine to make semen." said Tom. "When that happens, the semen comes spurting out of your penis. It will be a creamy looking white colored fluid that comes out of your penis, so you'll know what it is when it happens. Anyway, a dry orgasm is when those two things aren't working together yet, but your testicles are. It will feel like you have to pee really bad, then your penis will start to spasm, but nothing will come out of it. After a dry orgasm, the sperm will seep out slowly, usually while you're at rest, like when you sleep. The sperm is the part of your semen that your testicles make. It's also the part of a man's semen that makes a woman have a baby."

"How does a woman have a baby?" asked Kieran

"Oh boy, now I've done it!" chuckled Tom. "A woman doesn't have a penis like a man does. Instead, she has an opening down there called a vagina. When a man sticks his penis into the woman's vagina and stimulates it by pushing his penis back and forth, he will have an orgasm inside the woman's vagina. Then the man's sperm will make it's way up into the woman, to an organ inside her that contains eggs."

Kieran then began laughing hysterically, and Tom knew what the boy was thinking.

"Okay Kieran, it's not the same kind of egg as a chicken egg." smiled Tom.

"I'm glad you told me that Doctor Tom, or I'd never be able to eat another egg again!" giggled Kieran.

"A chicken's egg has a hard shell, because the baby chicken has to develop outside it's mother's body." said Tom. "A human egg is very thin and flexible, and it allows cells to pass through it. The man's sperm cells are then able to get inside the egg to fertilize it. Then a little baby boy or girl begins to develop inside the egg, and the mother keeps the egg inside her until the baby is ready to be born. Do you understand that?"

"Yeah, it kinda makes sense." replied Kieran, who had calmed down enough to pay attention again. "That's why men and women have sex, isn't it?"

"Well, that's one reason, so they can have a baby." replied Tom. "They also have sex because it's pleasurable to them though. If they do it for that reason though, they can still have a baby by accident."

"That's what I am, isn't it?" asked Kieran. "I'm an accident."

"I don't ever want to hear you say that you're an accident Kieran." said Tom, as he hugged Kieran. "You are a very wonderful little boy, and there is a very good reason why you were born. It may not involve your parents for much longer, but you were meant to bring joy and love into someone's life Kieran."

"I hope I was meant to bring joy and love into your life then Doctor Tom." said Kieran softly.

"It certainly would be a joy for me to have you in my life Kieran." said Tom. "The love that I feel from you makes me feel better than I've ever felt in my life. You're not an accident Kieran. You were meant to be my boy, and I'm going to do whatever I have to to make it happen. Now, let's get back to approaching puberty."

Kieran smiled as Tom kissed him on the forehead, then rubbed his head and continued. "Okay, the boy has started having dry orgasms as he approaches puberty." said Tom. "Puberty is the point where a little boy like you begins to transform into a young man. Your dick will begin to grow into a cock, and you will start growing hair around it, and on other places on your body. Your testicles and prostate gland will start working together, and your dry orgasms will become real orgasms, complete with semen spurting from your cock. That usually starts to happen between the age of twelve and fourteen. We've already covered why men and women have sex, but it's also possible for two men to have sex."

"Cool!" exclaimed Kieran. "Here comes the good part!"

"Are you already curious about homosexual activity Kieran?" asked Tom.

"What's homosexual?" asked Kieran.

"Homosexual is when a male is only attracted to other males sexually." replied Tom. "The stimulation of sex with other males is so strong in homosexuals that they only want to have any sexual activity with other males."

"I might be homosexual then Doctor Tom." replied Kieran. "All of my friends so far has been other boys. I've thought a few times about what it would be like to kiss another boy the way my mommy and daddy kiss before they try to have sex. I like what we've done so far, but I'm sure I wouldn't want to do those things with a girl."

"Well Kieran, you're still kind of young to decide whether or not you're homosexual, which is also called gay when it's a homosexual man." said Tom.

"Do you mean women can be homosexual too?!" asked Kieran.

"Yes, women can be sexually attracted to other women." replied Tom. "Instead of being gay though, they're called lesbian."

"Are you gay Doctor Tom?" asked Kieran.

"I've spent my whole life trying not to say whether I'm gay or not until you came along Kieran." replied Tom. "The only sexual feelings I've ever had though has been toward other men. I guess I never wanted to admit that though. I admitted that to myself last night though Kieran. The things we've done have been very stimulating to me, and I'm very attracted to you. You've made me realize that I am gay Kieran."

"Do you mean that I could make you have an orgasm?" asked Kieran, as he smiled.

"You very nearly did when you kissed my cock." said Tom. "After a few more of your sweet kisses to my cock, we would have been cleaning my semen off your face. That's why we needed to talk Kieran. You aren't capable of doing some of these things yet because you're a boy. I am a fully sexually functioning man though, and you are very stimulating to me. It would be best for both of us to stick to what we've been doing so far, until we've both thought about what doing anything else will mean."

"So, you'll continue to rub and kiss my dick?" asked Kieran.

Tom raised Kieran's gown, and took his little dick gently between his fingers. As Tom softly rubbed Kieran's dick, he said, "Doing this for you brings me more pleasure than I've ever imagined Kieran. Holding your beautiful little dick between my fingers, or feeling it's softness against my lips, and knowing that it makes you feel good is the most enjoyable thing I have ever done."

"So, can I kiss and rub yours too?" asked Kieran.

"Only for a few seconds at a time Kieran." replied Tom. "I don't want to have an orgasm for you until you've thought about whether or not you want me to. If we do that, you'll be having sex with a gay man, which will bring you one step closer to being gay yourself. You need to think about what it will mean to you to accept that you're gay."

"Okay Doctor Tom, I'll think about it." said Kieran. "Could you do something for me though?"

"What's that Kieran?" asked Tom as he smiled.

"Help me answer that question I had about what it would be like to kiss a guy the way my mommy and daddy kiss." replied Kieran.

Tom turned around so he could lean down to Kieran's face. Tom lowered his face until their lips touched. Tom kept one hand on Kieran's dick, and wrapped the other one underneath the boy. Kieran put both of his arms around Tom in a warm hug. Then Tom and Kieran began to kiss deeply. Tom pushed his tongue against Kieran's lips until Kieran got the idea, and parted his lips for Tom. Tom's tongue drove deeply into Kieran's mouth, and Tom kissed the young boy with as much passion as he could. Kieran joyfully sucked on Tom's tongue for a few minutes, then Tom felt Kieran's little tongue enter his mouth. Tom drew his tongue back, and massaged Kieran's tongue with it in his mouth. As Tom gently sucked on Kieran's tongue, the young boy moaned and rubbed Tom's back. After a few more minutes of Tom and Kieran taking turns sucking each other's tongues, Tom finally broke the kiss. Kieran was gasping for air, but he had a smile on his face that could never be matched.

Kieran finally caught his breath enough to say, "You made my little dick stiff Doctor Tom!"

"So I did!" replied Tom as he smiled. "I think it looks even more beautiful like that too."

"I already know that you're the only person that I'll ever let do that to me." said Kieran softly.

"And it will be a joy to make your dick stiff anytime you want." said Tom, as Kieran laid his hand on Tom's cock, through his pants. "If you still want to tomorrow Kieran, we'll talk about letting you make me orgasm."

"I can't wait until tomorrow then!" replied Kieran.

Tom let Kieran rub and kiss his cock once more, then stayed with the boy until he became tired. Tom tucked Kieran into the bed snugly, then kissed Kieran lightly on the lips. The only thing Tom could think about on the way home that night was the beautiful little boy who had stolen his heart.

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