Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

James held himself back as much as he could, as he lovingly thrust his cock in and out of Terry. Terry was now moaning loudly in pleasure. He never dreamt that having such a large cock inside him could feel so pleasurable. James finally saw that Terry was approaching another orgasm, which was good because he had held his back as long as he could. Terry's rectum was already filled by James's cock, but it filled even more when he felt James's cum shooting into him. That was all that Terry could take, as his cock erupted for a second time. As James shot his cum into Terry, he watched Terry's cock shoot all over his own chest and stomach. James finally pulled his cock out of Terry, then laid down and pulled Terry up on top of him. Terry and James kissed as Terry's cum smeared between the two. Then they finally began to drift off in each other's arms.

The next morning when Terry saw James's eyes open, he asked, "How do you feel this morning?"

"I never dreamt it it would feel this good to wake up with a beautiful boy in my arms, after making love to him the night before!" smiled James.

"I'm glad you said that James." replied Terry. "I kind of want this to be more than just a one time thing."

"What about Evan and my nephew Johnny?" asked James, as he gently rubbed Terry's smooth chest.

"I hope they love me enough to understand." replied Terry. "I'm right that you only like boys, right?"

"It's the only way I've been able to be aroused since the first time I was with a boy." said James. "I've tried dating women, and even adult men, but nothing works. When I'm with a boy like you though, I get very aroused."

"Then in a few years, I'll grow too old for you." said Terry. "I know that, and I can accept that James. Right now though I feel a lot of love from you, and I like that a lot. It makes me feel really nice to make love to a man too. When I'm too old for you, and you find another younger boy, I hope that Evan and Johnny still love me enough so that we can pick things back up."

"How is Sandy going to take this?" asked James.

"She seems really cool with Evan and me both being gay." replied Terry. "I hope she can understand me being in love with a man, especially since I want this so much, and I approached you first. Can I be your boy James, at least until I get too old for you?"

"You're a beautiful boy Terry, and I'd love that." smiled James.

James then moved in closer, and gave Terry a kiss. Terry returned the kiss passionately, and the two caressed each other's bodies as they kissed. After a few minutes of kissing, Terry turned around and swallowed James's cock. James moaned loudly, then took Terry's cock into his mouth. James and Terry worked quickly on each other, and orgasmed in each other's mouths in about five minutes. Then James carried Terry to the shower with him, so they could both get cleaned up. Once they were cleaned, Terry had to go back to Johnny's room to get dressed. Tom and Kieran passed the naked boy in the hall, and smiled at him.

As Tom was finishing breakfast, he got a phone call. Tom let Kieran finish things for him as he watched, and took the phone call.

"Hi son." said Erich. "I just wanted to call and let you know what's happening here. Helga and I have a buyer for the house, so I want to make sure things will be ready there. We are closing two weeks from today, and my partner here is ready to assume the practice."

"I have a houseguest right now dad, but I'm sure things will be ready by then." replied Tom. "It's Johnny's uncle, and he's settling down here. He was going to go out and look for a house nearby, and I'm going to help him close the deal as quickly as he can. He's a good man, and I'm sure you'll like him. Besides, he wants me to continue raising Johnny, because I've done a better job of it than anyone else in Johnny's life has so far."

"That sounds good Tom, I'm sure I'll like him." replied Erich. "The movers will be here the morning after we close, and Helga and I will leave as soon as they do."

"Good dad, I can't wait to see you." said Tom. "And Kieran is looking forward to seeing his grandparents again too. Well dad, I have to go now. Kieran just finished breakfast for me, and the rest of the house should be down here soon. I'll see you in a little over two weeks."

"Okay son, I'll see you then." said Erich. "I love you, and I'm very proud of you son. And tell Kieran that me and his grandmother love him too, and we can't wait to get back there to spoil him."

"I'm sure that's a great part of what he's looking forward to!" laughed Tom. "I'll be sure to give the boys your love dad."

As soon as Tom ended the call, the boys began coming downstairs. First was Stevie, followed closely by Johnny, Evan, and Terry. When James came in and sat at the table, Terry sat very close to him, Then Terry pulled James to him for a brief kiss. Tom raised his eyebrows when he noticed that.

"I take it you've talked to Johnny and Evan about this?" asked James.

"Yep!" replied Terry. "They both love me and understand, and they'll be waiting for me when I become too old for you."

"Does this mean what I think it does?" asked Tom.

"Terry wants to be my boy for the next few years, and I think he's a beautiful boy." replied James.

"Terry, you do know that James is a true boylover, and that you'll eventually become too old for him, right?" asked Tom.

"Yeah, I know that." replied Terry. "It was so cool making love to him last night though. I need a man to love me right now, and I know that he'll need a younger boy at some point. I'm okay with that."

"Well then, congratulations James." said Tom. "I take it you don't need me to find you any boys right now, right?"

"I'd still like to raise a few boys Tom, if you can do that." replied James.

"Sure James, I can do that." smiled Tom. "You may want to start looking for a place between here and Sandy's house. I'll help you get a deal through as quickly as we can. It's not that I don't want you here James, it's just that my mother and father will be coming here in about two weeks, to stay until they get their own house around here."

"That's no problem Tom." said James. "That's what I wanted to do anyway. Terry seems to think Sandy might not mind too much about us. What do you think Tom?"

"Sandy is a terrific lady, but I don't think I'd spring this on her anytime soon." replied Tom. "Having a teenage boy in her care who has an adult lover might be a bit too much for her to digest."

"I think Doctor Bechtel is right." said Evan. "I was surprised to find out that my mom didn't mind me being gay. I'm glad she doesn't mind raising gay kids, but I wouldn't push our luck just yet."

"That might make things a little trickier for me and Terry." said James.

"We have to find a way to be lovers though!" said Terry, as he stroked James's cock through his pants, under the table.

James gave Terry a brief kiss as he squeezed Terry's butt, then replied, "You are my boy Terry. I didn't say impossible, just trickier. I would hate the thought of not making love to you as often as possible."

"That's good James." smiled Terry. "I never thought I would let a man make love to me, until I met you James. You may be bigger than most kids, but your cock is so beautiful to me. I knew I wanted it inside me the second I saw it last night."

By this time Kieran and Stevie were both giggling, and Evan and Johnny were trying to keep from snickering. "Now you know how I feel when daddy makes love to me." giggled Kieran.

"And you love it when dad has his cock in your butt, don't you little brother?" smiled Johnny.

"More than anything else in the world!" replied Kieran cheerily.

"I've never had a boy or man do that to me." said Stevie. "I think Billy might want to soon though. Should I let him?"

"That's up to you son." replied Tom. "If you love Billy, and you really want to let him do that, then go ahead. I'd want to talk to him first though, to make sure he's gentle with you. Billy is quite a bit larger than you."

"Okay dad, if Billy wants to put his cock in my butt, I'll send him to talk to you first." replied Stevie.

"I'm sure I'll hear from him soon then." chuckled Tom. "Now, let's drop the sex talk and eat. I don't know about you boys, but I'm hungry!"

After breakfast was over, and Tom had gone to the office, Terry and James went back to James's room. Terry wanted James to put his cock inside him again, but James wanted the same from Terry, and he wanted Terry to go first. Terry knelt between James's legs and lubed his already hard cock, then pulled James's balls up a little so he could guide his cock to James's pucker. James moaned in contentment as he felt Terry's hard five inches go all the way into him. After Terry got a rhythm going, he started thrusting in and out of James harder and quicker.

"I love how boys like to fuck!" moaned James. "You have so much energy to put into it, but I can still feel your love for me!"

"Your butt feels so good around my cock James!" moaned Terry.

Terry didn't last more than five minutes, and James knew that would be the case at the pace his boy was going. When Terry started to cum, James reached up and squeezed Terry's nipples. This made Terry cum even harder. When Terry stopped cumming, James had him leave his cock where it was for another minute. Then James lubed his now erect cock. Terry knew what his lover wanted, so he climbed up and squatted over James. James helped Terry line his cock up to Terry's pucker, then Terry began to lower himself down onto James's cock. Once Terry was most of the way down on James's cock, James had Terry lay over onto his chest. Then James began to thrust in and out of Terry, while they shared a kiss. James was in no hurry in making love to his boy, as he knew they were both enjoying it. After about fifteen minutes of moaning into each other's mouths, James began approaching his orgasm.

"Oh God Terry, I can't hold it back any longer!" moaned James.

"Then let me feel your cum shooting into me, my love." moaned Terry.

As James's cum began to flood Terry's rectum, they both began shouting out in ecstasy. By the time James's orgasm was over, Terry had cum again on his stomach.

"You got your cum all over us Terry." smiled James.

"I'll clean you off with my tongue if you clean me off." offered Terry.

"That would be a wonderful pleasure!" smiled James.

James enjoyed the feel of Terry's tongue licking through the hairs on his stomach almost as much as he enjoyed licking Terry's smooth stomach. Once they were cleaned, Terry rested the side of his head into James's chest hair, with a blissful smile on his face.

"I love how adult and manly you are James." cooed Terry. "You make it feel so good to make love to a man."

"And you are the perfect boy Terry." replied James, as he stroked the hair on Terry's head. "I love making love to your boy body."

Terry eventually joined the other boys, who were going next door to swim. James got ready to go out and find a nice house in the area between Tom's and Sandy's houses.

After swimming for a while, Billy swam alongside Stevie and asked, "Did you like the stuff we did the other day Stevie?"

"Yeah, it was fun." replied Stevie. "It also made me feel kinda warm inside, like I love you Billy."

"I love you too Stevie, and I was wondering if we could try something new." said Billy.

"What's that?" asked Stevie, his interest peaked.

"I want to put my dick in your butt." replied Billy. "The older kids like doing it, and I thought it might be fun."

"I'd love to do that with you Billy!" replied Stevie. "My dad wants to have a talk with you before we do it though."

"What?!" exclaimed Billy.

"Don't worry Billy, he doesn't mind if we want to have sex." said Stevie. "I think it's just a be careful type talk."

"Oh, okay then." replied Billy. "I guess I better go talk to him now then."

A little while later, Patty met Tom in the hallway and snickered, "Your next patient is waiting in room b."

Tom walked into room b, and said, "Hello there Billy. I knew I would be talking to you eventually, but I didn't think it would be this soon. I assume you want to have anal sex with Stevie now, right?"

"I really love him doc." replied Billy. "I want to feel what it's like inside him, and he wants to feel me inside him just as much. I would never do anything to hurt him though."

"I know that Billy." said Tom. "I can tell by the look on your face when you talk about him that you love him. I just want to make sure both of you boys enjoy doing this. Now, Stevie is a small child, and you are a teenage boy. When you put your penis into his rectum, it is going to stretch his anus more than its ever been stretched before. You will need to loosen him up a little bit first Billy. If you just put your penis into him quickly without preparing a little bit, it will hurt him so bad that he'll likely never want to do it again."

"I wouldn't want that." replied Billy. "What do I do?"

"I know you wouldn't want to hurt him son, that's why I want to help you boys enjoy this." said Tom. "First take one finger, and stick it into Stevie's rectum. It's going to feel pretty tight at first. I want you to move one finger around inside him until you can feel his anus relax. And don't worry son, you'll know when that happens. Once you feel his anus relax, I want you to put two fingers in him and repeat the process. When he's relaxed with two fingers, and you start to put your penis inside him, I want you to go very slowly. Let your penis work its way into him. Once just the head of your penis is inside him, stop and hold it there until he relaxes again. Then you can work the rest of your penis into him slowly. If you're very gentle with Stevie, he will love having your penis inside him, and want to do it again. Do you understand what I've told you Billy?"

"Yeah doc, I can remember that!" smiled Billy. "Thanks for telling me how to make love to him."

"It's no problem Billy." smiled Tom. "Now, you two boys go have some fun, and remember to be gentle with him. I'll examine his anus later, to make sure you boys did okay."

Billy took off like a shot, and left Tom laughing lightly. Then the boys next door laughed as Billy excitedly dragged Stevie from the pool, and the two boys ran for Billy's room. Stevie seemed to do okay with first one, then two of Billy's fingers. That was because Mark had managed to tell him where his and Davey's lube was before they left the pool area. When it came time for Billy to put his dick inside Stevie, Stevie gasped loudly.

"Oh my God!" gasped Stevie loudly. "I didn't realize how huge it was Billy!"

"I'm sorry Stevie." replied Billy. "Do you want me to take it out?"

"No Billy, just hold it still for a while." moaned Stevie, with the pain decreasing.

Soon, Billy felt Stevie relax again. Then Billy began very slowly pushing deeper into Stevie. When Billy was all the way inside Stevie, he began going in and out very slowly.

"Oh shit Stevie!" moaned Billy loudly. "I can't believe how tight you are around my cock. You're squeezing it tighter than anything has before!"

"I feel so full with your cock inside me Billy!" moaned Stevie. "Please make it last as long as you can!"

Billy tried to control his pace, but soon his instincts took over. Both boys moaned loudly as Billy thrust in and out of Stevie, and after ten minutes, Billy began feeling his orgasm coming. Both boys moaned in pleasure as Billy pumped Stevie full of his cum.

After resting a few moments, Stevie said, "Your cum feels so good inside my butt Billy. I'm afraid my legs are a little too weak to walk though."

"That's okay, my cute little boyfriend." smiled Billy. "I'll carry you back to the pool."

"I love being your boyfriend Billy." smiled Stevie.

That evening, after having dinner, James said, "I found a perfect little Cape Cod house about halfway between here and Sandy's house. The owners have already moved away, so I could close on it in a matter of two or three days. It has a master bedroom downstairs, two bedrooms upstairs, and a full basement. It's great for a small family."

"Do you need help closing the deal?" asked Tom.

"Not really." replied James. "I just checked my account, and your check has cleared. There's enough to buy and furnish the house, and still be comfortable for a little while. I just have to find the right job. I use to write a bit when I was younger, and there is a place looking for someone to write from home. I also want to write about my life as a mobster, but I'll have to use a pen name for that."

"That sounds like a great plan James." said Tom. "I hope you will still come around often after you move in."

"I will Tom." replied James. "You are doing a great job raising Johnny, and I don't want to change that, but I do want to be a part of his life in some way."

"And I want Johnny's favorite uncle to be a part of his life too." said Tom. "You are certainly welcome here anytime James, just like a part of the family."

"Thank you so much Tom." replied James. "It's great to be a part of such a wonderful family."

After James closed the sale on the house, he began to furnish it with Terry's help. For now, Terry was with the other boys as far as Sandy was concerned. Whenever James and Terry would have to go back to the house for a delivery, they would kiss while they waited for it. While they were kissing and waiting for the bed that James and Terry had picked out, Terry unzipped James's pants, reached in, and wrapped his hand around James's cock.

"You love my large adult cock, don't you Terry?" asked James, while Terry slowly caressed it inside James's pants.

"I use to be afraid of the sight of a larger than average adult cock." said Terry. "Something about yours doesn't scare me at all though. It's almost comforting to hold and look at, and exciting to have inside me."

"Why are boys like you attracted to men though?" asked James. "It's not that I mind, I'm just curious."

"Now that I'm your boy, I think it's because men have experienced quite a bit as far as love goes." replied Terry. "I want to feel love from someone who knows every way imaginable to make me feel it. You know more about sex and love than anyone my age could, and I want you to use that knowledge on me. Plus, it's kind of exciting to look at a man like you, and say you're my lover. You could have any man or boy, and you chose me."

"That's because I love you Terry." said James. "It might not always be a sexual attraction, but you are my first real young lover, and you'll always be special."

"I hope you know that I'm going to try to look like a boy for as long as I can." smiled Terry.

"I hope you do Terry." replied James. "I wish you could stay a boy forever."

With that, Terry finished taking James's cock out, and dropped to his knees in front of his adult lover. He barely finished swallowing James's cum when the delivery man arrived.

Once the house was furnished, James had to go back to California to get his belongings. Terry didn't want to be separated from him for that long, so he went to Sandy.

"Now that my dad is in jail, and my mom knows not to try to contact me, I'd like to see Deke one last time." said Terry.

"I can't just let you go off to California by yourself though Terry, and I can't afford to go right now." replied Sandy.

"I wasn't thinking of going by myself." said Terry. "James is going back there to get the rest of his stuff. I wanted to go with him, so I can see Deke. Deke and I did have something special for a while, and I'd like to see him one more time."

"I don't know about letting you go off with someone with James's background." replied Sandy. Sandy had suspicions about James, and now was a chance to find out. "I know James is settling down now, but he use to be a mobster. He came here to kidnap you, and I don't know if I trust him completely."

"He didn't kidnap me though." said Terry. "He helped put my dad away, so he couldn't hurt me anymore."

"I don't know if that's enough though Terry." replied Sandy.

"Is this enough then?" asked Terry. "My dad came to that meeting armed. The FBI didn't expect it, but James was ready for it. My dad was going to kill me right there, and James risked his life to save mine. James is a good guy, and if it weren't for him, my dad would have killed me. I trust him with my life, because he's already saved it once."

Sandy was in shock as she asked, "Why didn't the agents tell Tom and me about that?"

"Because they knew it would freak you out, and they wanted to keep from doing that as long as possible." replied Terry. "It was going to come out anyway though. I owe James my life mom, and I trust him with it."

"I need to talk to James about this." said Sandy.

Sandy then called James's cell phone number. When James answered, he said, "Hello, this is James. Can I help you?"

"Hi James, this is Sandy." said Sandy. "Terry has just asked me if he could go to California with you, so he can see his friend Deke."

"I knew he wanted to go, and I wouldn't mind, but I didn't know he was off asking you." said James.

"Just tell me one thing James." said Sandy. "Did Terry's father bring a gun to that meeting, with the intention of killing Terry?"

"Terry told you about that, huh?" replied James.

"I should have been told about that from the beginning." said Sandy.

"Well Sandy, that was a call from the agents at the scene." replied James. "I didn't agree with it at all, but they didn't want you to know until Terry's father goes on trial. I wish I had told you as soon as the agents left us alone though, and I promise I'll never hold anything like that back again."

"You really did save Terry's life, didn't you?" asked Sandy.

"It wouldn't have turned out well if I hadn't done something." replied James. "Terry deserves a chance. He deserves much better than that scumbag who calls himself Terry's father. I would put my life on the line for Terry again anytime."

"In that case, Terry can go with you." said Sandy. "That's if you don't mind, of course."

"Of course I don't mind Sandy." replied James. "I think it would be good for Terry to see his friend out there again. I'll take very good care of him. Besides, I want to try to be a foster parent myself, and there's no better chance than this for me to get use to taking care of kids."

"I think you'll do fine James." said Sandy. After the call was over, Sandy turned back to Terry and said, "I'm going to let you go with James. I want you to promise me to look out for yourself a little, and try not to put too much burden on James. I can tell he'll take care of you though."

Terry gave Sandy a huge hug, and Sandy could see a sparkle in Terry's eyes. She knew Terry would be taken good care of by James, and she suspected why. Sandy wanted to know more though before saying anything to either of them.

When the day of the trip came, Sandy gave Terry a hug, and sent him off to California with a man who she suspected was in love with the boy.

I know it seems like there was a lot of sex in this chapter, but I wanted to set up the depth of feeling between James and Terry. There will be more of Tom and his family in the next chapter, I promise. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 21.