Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 21

From the last chapter:

"In that case, Terry can go with you." said Sandy. "That's if you don't mind, of course."

"Of course I don't mind Sandy." replied James. "I think it would be good for Terry to see his friend out there again. I'll take very good care of him. Besides, I want to try to be a foster parent myself, and there's no better chance than this for me to get use to taking care of kids."

"I think you'll do fine James." said Sandy. After the call was over, Sandy turned back to Terry and said, "I'm going to let you go with James. I want you to promise me to look out for yourself a little, and try not to put too much burden on James. I can tell he'll take care of you though."

Terry gave Sandy a huge hug, and Sandy could see a sparkle in Terry's eyes. She knew Terry would be taken good care of by James, and she suspected why. Sandy wanted to know more though before saying anything to either of them.

When the day of the trip came, Sandy gave Terry a hug, and sent him off to California with a man who she suspected was in love with the boy.

"Sir, we're about an hour from the airport." said the flight attendant. "Would you or your son like anything before we suspend drink service?"

"I'm sure my.., son.., would like another cola." smiled James. "I'm fine though."

Once the flight attendant was gone, Terry said quietly, "I can't believe he thought I was your son!"

"Why is that such a stretch?" asked James. "I thought it sounded kind of nice."

"You can't wait until people say that for real, can you?" asked Terry.

"You're right, I can't." replied James.

"Well then, I guess it wouldn't hurt to be your son, at least until we get to your place." smiled Terry.

"And I can't wait to get there." replied James as he winked, and discreetly squeezed Terry's thigh.

As soon as the plane landed, James and Terry got their luggage and went to the car rental counter. Terry soon realized that they were headed toward the ocean, so he got excited.

"Is your place near the beach James?" asked Terry.

"You could say that." replied James as he chuckled.

"Deke will love that then!" exclaimed Terry.

Terry couldn't believe it when James pulled into the driveway of a nice-looking but small beach house. Terry wanted to look all over, but James wanted to check the garage first. James led Terry into the darkened garage, then flipped on the light switch. James chuckled when Terry let out a loud gasp.

"I take it you like my babies." chuckled James.

"Those are so sweet James!" exclaimed Terry. "I love the T-bird!"

James looked affectionately at the classic blue and white car, as he replied, "Yeah, it's my favorite too, although the red Stingray isn't bad either. This was the only style T-bird they ever made right though, with the tail fins and two seater design. It's a shame they'll have to be garaged in the winter when I get them to my new home. You could drive them year round here."

"I don't blame you though." said Terry. "I wouldn't want road salt hitting either of those babies in the winter!"

"Maybe when you learn to drive, it'll be in one of these." said James. "Of course I would be in the seat beside you. How does that sound, my beautiful boy?"

"And we would make love before and after each lesson, right?" giggled Terry.

"I wouldn't have it any other way!" smiled James. "As a matter of fact. I'd love to make love to my boy right now."

"Let's go to your bedroom then James." smiled Terry. "I can't wait to feel your cock inside me!"

After making love, James and Terry sat naked on the sofa in each other's arms, looking out the window at the ocean. After a few minutes of that, Terry asked to use the phone to call Deke.

"Hi Mrs. O'Neal, is Deke there?" asked Terry, when Deke's mom answered the phone.

"Terry?!" exclaimed Deke's mom. "Is that really you?! We were so worried about you. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine ma'am." replied Terry.

"What happened to you?" asked Deke's mom. "First you disappeared, then your father, then just a few weeks ago, your mother was arrested by the FBI. What's going on?"

"It's a long story, but I guess you want to hear it before I talk to Deke." replied Terry. "After I ran away, I was taken in by some great people in my old hometown. My dad managed to track me down though. Then he hired someone to kidnap me, and he was going to kill me. The guy he hired though was really a nice guy, and turned on my dad. The guy got in touch with the FBI instead, and by the time it was over, they had enough on my dad to put him away forever. They probably have enough on my mom too, since she always supported everything he ever said. Anyway, neither of them will ever be able to touch me again, and everything is going great. As a matter of fact, everything is so great that I'm here in California now with a very good friend of my new family. If you let Deke come see me, I promise that you and Mr. O'Neal won't have anything to worry about anymore."

"We always cared about you Terry." said Deke's mom. "As long as your parents are out of the picture, I don't have any problem with Deke coming to see you. I'll go get him for you. My husband will be glad to hear that things have worked out well for you."

"Thanks Mrs. O'Neal." replied Terry happily.

"Terry?!" exclaimed Deke, when he came to the phone. "Is that really you?"

"Hey buddy!" replied Terry. "It's me, and I beat my old man, just like I said I would someday!"

"You don't know how glad I am to hear that dude!" replied Deke. "Him and your mom both gave me the creeps!"

"They gave me the creeps too, by the time it was over." laughed Terry. "I don't have to worry about either of them anymore though. I live with a great family back in my old hometown, and they support the fact that I'm gay."

"That's so great dude!" said Deke. "Mom said you were here in town though."

"I came out with a friend of my new family." replied Terry. "He had to come out here to take care of some business, and my new mom let me come with him, so I could see my best buddy out here again. You have to come see me Deke, he lives on the beach!"

"Awesome dude!" exclaimed Deke. "Which beach?"

"You know that really nice house we always use to point at, and wonder who lived there?" asked Terry.

"No way dude!" replied Deke.

"Way dude!" answered Terry. "He's a really cool guy too. How soon can you get here?"

"I'll grab my surfboard just in case, and be there in thirty minutes!" replied Deke.

"Cool dude, see you then!" said Terry.

That evening at Tom's house, Sandy was helping Tom with dinner. Her and Evan were there for dinner, but it was an excuse to talk to Tom.

"I have to talk to you about something Tom." said Sandy.

"What's that?" asked Tom.

"It's really serious, and I want to understand it." replied Sandy. "I'm hoping you can help. Why is it that a man can have a sexual interest in a boy?"

Tom understandably looked very scared at that question. So scared in fact, that he had forgotten to breathe. When Tom began to hyperventilate slightly, Sandy rushed over to him and grabbed a paper bag.

"Here Tom, breathe into this!" said Sandy, as she held the bag to Tom's face. "What's wrong Tom?"

When Tom finally caught his breath, he gasped, "How... how did you know Sandy?"

"Well, I thought I saw it in both of them when they were together." replied Sandy. "But why would that cause you to..."

Then the closeness between Tom and Kieran dawned on Sandy. "Did you think I was talking about you and Kieran, Tom?" asked Sandy.

"Oh no!" though Tom to himself, and then replied, "You were talking about Terry and James, weren't you?"

"Kieran seems very happy Tom, so I'm not going to judge you." said Sandy. "Can you explain to me why though, so I can understand the relationship between Terry and James?"

"I never thought I would fall for another guy." said Tom. "I was in denial about being gay myself, so being in love with another guy didn't seem likely to me, much less being in love with a boy. The moment I saw Kieran though, he melted my heart. I was honestly just trying to treat his condition, but he was so staved for love and affection that it became more than that. I couldn't fight it, because the more contact I had with him, the deeper I fell in love with him. Kieran quickly became a part of my life and my heart. I would never do anything to hurt him, and I made it my business to deal with his parents for the way they had hurt him. Everything that we've done is because he has wanted it, and it's been done with as much love and gentleness as possible. I love Kieran with every ounce of my soul Sandy."

"Was it that bad before you took him in?" asked Sandy.

"His parents hated him." replied Tom. "They saw him as an inconvenience and nuisance. They wouldn't even allow him to have proper medical care, and took away everything that seemed to make him happy. The first time he left the hospital, his mother threw away the medications I had prescribed to him. Now Kieran is healthy and happy though, the way he deserves to be."

"I'm glad he's with you then Tom." smiled Sandy. "Like I said, he seems happy. With what you've told me, I can't question the means behind that happiness. I guess Terry has had it rough too, which would explain his need for love and affection. I just really want to know that what he feels for James is really what he wants, and vice versa."

"Well, there's a difference between me and James Sandy, and I won't lie to you about it." said Tom. "I could never love anyone the way I love Kieran, and I will love him and want him with me for the rest of my life. The fact that he's a boy really means nothing to me. He could have been any age, and I'd still have the same feelings. James is looking for a deep loving relationship, but he can't seem to express those feelings for anyone other than boys. He is a boylover, and Terry knows that. I talked to Terry quite a bit about that. He knows that he will be too old for James to desire a sexual relationship at some point, but he wants that relationship anyway. He has told me that he can accept it when James's needs turn to someone younger than him. James has told Terry that the love will always be there though, and I believe him. It's just that it won't always be expressed sexually."

"But if they really love each other Tom..." started Sandy.

"I know what you're thinking Sandy, and I've had those thoughts too." replied Tom. "I'm not sure that James knows what to expect as Terry gets older. I think James just wanted to find love with a boy, but that love may grow as Terry does. If the love they have is as real as it seems to be, I think it will last longer than either of them seem to think."

"I'd like to think that you're right Tom." said Sandy. "I don't care if Terry does say he can accept becoming too old for James at some point, it will hurt for their relationship to change that much. I just don't want Terry to be hurt anymore. God only knows how much his parents have hurt him."

"I don't think it will change Sandy, but if it does, Terry will have all of us there for him too." replied Tom. "I mean, Terry and Evan use to love each other, then Terry left. Evan has done fine though, and now has Johnny. Terry met Deke after he left here, and that relationship ended. He still did fine though, and had Evan and Johnny to help him until James came along."

"So then, things will turn out how they're meant to, and we'll all move on and be fine?" asked Sandy. "I guess that makes sense Tom. I still want to have a talk with James about all of this when they get back though, but at least now I understand it a little better."

"I think James will treat Terry very good Sandy, and he may grow a little bit himself through this." said Tom.

"If that's true Tom, I'm willing to support them." said Sandy. "I already know that James has been very good to Terry though. Did you know that Terry's father came to that meeting with James with a gun, with the intention of killing Terry?"

"What?!" exclaimed Tom. "Why weren't we told that?"

"James and Terry said that was the FBI's decision." replied Sandy. "I did find out that James saved Terry's life though. I already suspect that James loves Terry enough so that he would sacrifice his own life for him."

"Well, this has certainly been an interesting dinner so far, and it's just now getting ready to set on the table!" chuckled Tom.

Meanwhile, out in California, James said, "I'm beginning to think that two large pizzas might not be enough for me and two teenagers!"

"Don't worry dude, it'll be fine!" laughed Deke. "I'm almost stuffed! Terry was right that you're pretty cool though."

"Well, Terry's pretty cool too." smiled James. "I'm just sorry that the waves weren't better today Deke."

"Well, you two are here for two weeks, so I'm sure I'll get a chance to ride something!" laughed Deke. "Anyway Terry, I hope James in taking good care of you in bed."

"What?!" exclaimed Terry. "What do you mean Deke?"

"Oh come on dude, we use to make love every chance we got!" laughed Deke. "It's not too hard for me to see that you two are in love with each other. It even looked like you did it just before I came over today."

"That doesn't upset you?" asked Terry.

"What we had was a blast Terry, but we both moved on." replied Deke. "I hated seeing you go, but I knew that you'd end up getting back out east, and have a life out there. I'm happy that everything is okay now dude, but I didn't expect you to never love someone again after you left here."

"So, you're doing okay then dude?" asked Terry.

"I'm between boyfriends right now, but I'm fine." smiled Deke. "Who knows, if your boyfriend doesn't mind, maybe the three of us can have some fun while you're here. I've always had a fantasy about being with an adult!"

"I don't know if I could handle two incredibly sexy boys at once!" chuckled James.

"You'll be fine dude." laughed Deke. "I mean, you don't have a bad ticker, do you?"

"Not that I know of Deke." smiled James. "What about it Terry? I'll leave it up to you. Would you like the three of us to have some fun?"

"Let's go to the bedroom!" replied Terry.

Both boys wanted James to undress them, and James had a blast doing it. Then it was Terry and Deke's turn to undress James. The boys worked together, and soon had James down to just his underwear. Terry told Deke to go ahead and lower them.

"Wow!" exclaimed Deke. "You're hung a lot nicer than either of us James. That's a totally awesome looking cock! Have you made love to him every way you can Terry?"

"I don't think there's anything left that me and James haven't done yet." replied Terry.

"You mean his big cock has been inside you?!" asked Deke, with a lustful look on his face.

"Oh God yes!" replied Terry. "That's probably the thing I enjoy the most! And James really loves how tight my butt is around his cock! Isn't that right babe?"

"Yeah my beautiful boy, my cock feels really good when it's inside you." smiled James. James's smile was quickly replaced with a gasp, as Deke leaned over and placed both lips against the head of James's cock.

"I think Deke likes your cock, my lover." snickered Terry.

When Terry leaned over to suck James's balls, Deke decided to take the head of James's cock into his mouth. That was all it took for James to grow to a full erection, as he looked down at the two boys pleasuring his cock and balls. James let out a soft moan as he gently rubbed the backs of Terry's and Deke's heads. Then Terry left James's balls, and Terry and Deke took turns going down on James's cock, then stroking the shaft with their lips. Terry and Deke smiled at each other as they passed James's cock back and forth, and occasionally shared a brief kiss.

"Oh God, you boys are putting me in heaven!" moaned James.

Then Deke smiled at Terry, and said, "Let's get his nips dude!"

Terry and Deke then moved their way up James's body, and each boy took one of his nipples into his mouth. As Terry and Deke began to suck and nibble at James's nipples, they each took James's hand from the back of their heads, and guided his hands down to their cocks. Now James had each hand full of a boys cock, and a boy working on each of his nipples.

"Oh God boys, I'm not going to last long like this!" moaned James.

The boys pleasured James for a few more moments, then Deke said, "Let see if we can get both our cocks in his mouth at the same time!"

James didn't know if it was possible, but he sure liked the thought. Deke had Terry kneel to one side of James's head, while he knelt to the other side. Both boys turned their hips a little bit, then leaned in toward each other until their cocks pressed together. James smiled at the site of Terry's and Deke's cocks pressed together, right in front of his face. Then James opened his mouth widely, and engulfed the head of both boys cocks. James loved the feel of running his tongue over the heads of two boys cocks at the same time, and his cock stayed rock hard. Terry and Deke began slowly moving together, and thrust their cocks in and out of James's mouth in perfect unison. James was now smiling as much as he could, with his mouth so loaded with Terry 's and Deke's cocks. The two boys giggled lightly as they enjoyed James pleasuring both of them at the same time, then they shared a warm kiss.

Deke finally broke the kiss, and said, "I don't know about you Terry, but James is going to make me cum soon like this! He's such a great lover!"

"I'm going to cum soon too Deke!" moaned Terry.

"I don't want to cum like this!" said Deke. "I want to do it with James's cock inside me, and my cock inside you!"

"What about my cock?" asked Terry.

"Once James and I have cummed, I'll kiss you while he sucks the cum out of your cock." replied Deke.

"Cool!" said Terry.

Deke then laid on his side next to James, and Terry laid with his back to Deke. James turned on his side, lubed his cock, and put it up to Deke's pucker. Once Deke had his cock lubed and placed at Terry's pucker, James and Deke both began to push in. Deke felt his cock slide into Terry, as he also felt the largest cock that had ever been inside him push into him. James's cock was now pinning Deke inside Terry, as Terry didn't move any. James did keep his cock still though, until he felt Deke get use to it. Everyone was feeling good now, but Deke was feeling the best. Not only was his cock thrusting in and out of Terry, but he had James's cock thrusting in and out of his rectum. Deke held it as long as he could, but could only hold his orgasm back for a few minutes. When Deke began cumming inside Terry, his rectum clenched around James's cock. James immediately began his orgasm into Deke. Deke and James held their cocks where they were until they began to soften, then pulled them out of the rectums they were in. Deke immediately rolled Terry onto his back, and began kissing his friend. As Deke kissed Terry, James's mouth engulfed Terry's cock. Then Deke sucked on Terry's tongue, as James sucked on Terry's cock. Terry did better than they had done, but still only lasted about five minutes. By the time Terry's orgasm was over, he was breathless.

While the trio laid in bed in each other's arms, Deke said, "You have the greatest lover in the world Terry, and I'm jealous. In two weeks you get to go back home with him, and I have to continue searching for a new boyfriend."

"Then we'll have to make it the best two weeks that any of us have ever had!" smiled James.

"Absolutely!" agreed Terry. "We'll make sure you cum more than you ever thought possible in two weeks!"

"This is going to be a fun two weeks!" snickered Deke.

After everyone had gotten cleaned up, it was time for Deke to go home. James wasn't going to let him ride his bicycle though, as it was starting to get dark. Instead, James pulled the T-bird out of the garage, and put the top down. Then he strapped Deke's bicycle into the trunk. Deke decided to leave the surfboard there for now, as James lived on his favorite beach.

"You do know that's only a two seater, right?" asked Deke.

"I didn't think one of you boys would mind riding in the other one's lap though." replied James as he winked.

As James got behind the wheel, Deke hopped into the other seat, and motioned for Terry to sit on his lap. Terry laughed as he hopped in on Deke's lap, and James laughed softly. The drive to Deke's house was great, and the three had quite a bit of fun. Then when James pulled into Deke's driveway, Terry had to hop out first to let Deke out. Deke got his bicycle out of the trunk, then came back up to Terry and gave him a kiss.

"I would kiss you again too James, but the rents are probably watching." said Deke. "It was fun though, and I hope it's okay to come back tomorrow."

"I hope you do Deke, and make it earlier." smiled James.

"I'll see you tomorrow buddy!" said Terry.

"I'll be there!" replied Deke.

When Deke got to the door, he was met by his father. "Who was that son?" asked Deke's father.

"It was Terry and the friend of his new family that brought him out here." replied Deke. "His name is James."

"I noticed the car was a two seater." said Deke's father.

"Yeah, and it was fun riding home with Terry in my lap!" laughed Deke.

"As long as you boys had fun." smiled Deke's father, as he rubbed Deke's head.

The next morning when Deke went back to James's house, the surf was up. The waves were breaking in at about five to six foot swells which Deke felt was perfect to him. Since Deke had brought another board with him for Terry to use, James decided to relax and watch the boys play in the ocean. James felt the two boys looked very nice as they surfed together. Deke was about five feet and seven inches tall, had blonde hair and blue eyes, and a muscular build with soft facial features. Deke's abs had just the perfect amount of definition to them. Terry on the other hand was two inches shorter, had brown hair and eyes, and a medium build with very boyish facial features. Since James owned the beach as well, the boys decided to surf nude. When they came up side by side to rest for a bit, James noticed that their cocks were nearly identical, and about half erect.

"That's about the most beautiful sight I've ever seen!" smiled James, as he reached into the cooler to get two colas for the boys.

"You're just saying that because you like boys, aren't you?" laughed Deke.

"Not entirely." smiled James. "You are two incredibly beautiful boys. Are you two having fun out there?"

"It's kinda hard getting the hang of surfing again, after being away for a while." replied Terry. "Deke's doing just as good of a job of teaching me as he did before though. This is the first time I've ever surfed nude though."

"You boys look good doing it though." said James. "I will have to ask you to put on a pair of Speedos if you're still at it at about two o'clock though. The real estate agent will be by about then, and we don't want him getting the wrong idea."

"Do you think you can sell it for what you want?" asked Terry.

"I can probably sell it for more than that!" laughed James. "This agent has been after me to list it almost from the day I bought it!"

"If you are so well off out here James, why did you take Tom's money?" asked Terry.

"Most of my assets are tied up in this house, the furnishings, and the two cars in the garage." replied James. "I do have enough in the bank here to live on pretty good, but I didn't have enough to start a new life back there in Wisconsin. When I saved you from your father's gun, and held you in my arms, nothing mattered more than to be with you as quickly as possible. I knew you were going to come to me Terry, and I was waiting for you. I loved you so much that I would have waited as long as it took."

"Wow, that sound so..., so..., wonderful!" said Deke. "I almost know that my friend is in good hands now. I do have one question though. How did you end up saving Terry from being killed by his father?"

"I want you to remember one thing Deke, I could have never gone through with what Terry's father wanted with anyone." replied James. "Especially not with Terry. I love him more than anyone I've ever known. I use to do odd jobs, mostly for the mob. That's what paid for all of this. When Terry's father came to me though, I was starting to get sick of this life. I was going to do this one last job, which was to kidnap Terry and return him to his father, then get out of the business. When I started to get the idea that Terry's father wanted more than that, I knew I couldn't complete the job. Terry was terrified of his father, and I couldn't stomach putting him through that hell. That's when I decided to go along with Terry's friend Tom, and call the FBI. I never expected things to go bad, but they did. I arranged a meeting with Terry's father for the FBI, using Terry to trap his father. Terry's father brought a gun to that meeting, and intended to kill Terry right there. I used all of my training to take the man out, before he could kill Terry or anyone else. Please remember that I love Terry, and I'm not the man I use to be anymore."

"You use to be a hit man?" asked Deke. "Damn, you sure didn't make love to us like a hit man last night!"

"That's because he's changed Deke." said Terry. "James doesn't have that in him anymore. All he has left in him now is love, which he hasn't gotten to show a lot of in his life. I have no problem trusting James with my life dude."

"I can tell!" snickered Deke. "So James, when you got the chance to show love for the first time in your life, you discovered that you like expressing it with boys huh?"

"I don't know for sure, but I know that I love Terry." replied James. "His best friend is pretty sexy too."

"Well, you seem cool to me, and last night was incredible." said Deke. "I like you a lot too James. As far as my parents go though, I think we should keep your past a secret from them. They might freak out."

"I think I can manage that Deke." snickered James.

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