Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 22

From the last chapter:

"You use to be a hit man?" asked Deke. "Damn, you sure didn't make love to us like a hit man last night!"

"That's because he's changed Deke." said Terry. "James doesn't have that in him anymore. All he has left in him now is love, which he hasn't gotten to show a lot of in his life. I have no problem trusting James with my life dude."

"I can tell!" snickered Deke. "So James, when you got the chance to show love for the first time in your life, you discovered that you like expressing it with boys huh?"

"I don't know for sure, but I know that I love Terry." replied James. "His best friend is pretty sexy too."

"Well, you seem cool to me, and last night was incredible." said Deke. "I like you a lot too James. As far as my parents go though, I think we should keep your past a secret from them. They might freak out."

"I think I can manage that Deke." snickered James.

As Tom saw his patients that day, Kieran and the other boys began getting the spare room ready for Tom's parents. They would be closing the deal on their house the next day, then would leave the following day as soon as the movers left. Johnny, Evan, Stevie, and Billy helped too, and thought it was cute how Kieran was taking charge. All Kieran knew was that he couldn't wait to see his grandparents again.

As the room started looking in good shape, Johnny and Evan were the first two to be distracted by other things. When Billy saw the two boys kissing passionately, he smiled and motioned for Stevie to come to him. Stevie smiled as he went to Billy, and Billy wrapped his arms around the boy. Billy pushed his tongue against Stevie's lips, and Stevie let him right in.

"That's no fair!" exclaimed Kieran. "I can't have any fun until daddy closes his office!"

"I'm sorry little bro, but our hormones have taken over." snickered Johnny. "Maybe if you go down and hurry him up, dad can close the office sooner."

"Okay!" chirped Kieran.

As soon as Kieran had left, the other boys began to undress each other. Then Stevie asked, "Billy, can you put your dick inside me? I love feeling it in my butt now!"

"I love putting it in your cute butt too, boyfriend!" smiled Billy.

"I love it when you call me boyfriend, even though you're a lot older than me!" giggled Stevie.

"I hope I never call anyone else boyfriend besides you Stevie." replied Billy, as he laid Stevie back on the bed.

Evan and Johnny watched as Billy knelt between Stevie's legs, and put his cock inside the boy. Stevie moaned from the pleasure of Billy's cock filling his rectum. Then Evan and Johnny laid next to them, and started a very passionate sixty nine.

"Hi daddy, are you almost done for the day?" asked Kieran, as he met Tom in the hallway of his office.

"I just have one more patient son." replied Tom, as he rubbed the top of Kieran's head. "Kenny just took some x-rays, and I have to take a look at them. I'm kind of glad you're here though. Why don't you come with me to the x-ray room son?"

"Okay daddy!" replied Kieran happily.

"I might need your help with this boy." said Tom, as he and Kieran walked down the hall. "His mom is out in the waiting room, and she brought him in with what I suspect is a dislocated shoulder. She said that he fell off his bike and hurt himself, but he's almost afraid to say anything about it."

"Daddy, that sounds like a load of crap!" replied Kieran, as they entered the x-ray room. "Do you know how many times I supposedly fell off my bike when I was with my parents? I never actually fell off my bike bad enough to get anything more than a scraped knee or elbow."

"I know son, it's the oldest excuse in the book for abusive parents." said Tom. "They came up with that one five minutes after the bicycle was invented. Before that, kids were constantly falling off horses."

"And before that they fell off their pet dinosaurs!" giggled Kieran.

"Yes, that's a good one son." chuckled Tom, as he turned on the x-ray viewer. "Yep, it's just as I suspected. Little Ben's shoulder is separated. The ball is about halfway out of the socket there."

"Ouch daddy, that has to hurt!" exclaimed Kieran, as he saw the image. "How old is he?"

"He's the same age as you son, which is why I'm glad you're here." replied Tom. "No boy should have to go through that type of pain. I highly suspect that his father did this, and his mother is trying to cover it up. He won't say much to me though, and unless he talks, I have to let him go home with his mother. The best I can do is call child welfare, and let them start an investigation."

"If you do that though, and his daddy did that to him, his daddy might get mad enough to hurt him even worse!" said Kieran.

"I know son." replied Tom. "I was hoping maybe you could talk to him, and see if you can get him to open up to us. Tell him what happened to you, and how much better off you are now. It's the only way that anything could be done today."

"Where will he go though daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Well, James wants to be a foster parent." replied Tom. "Maybe Ben could stay with us until James gets back, then James can be his new daddy."

"I know he'd be much better off that way daddy!" said Kieran. "Let's go talk to him!"

"Okay son, but first I have to talk to his mother, so she doesn't begin to suspect anything." replied Tom.

Tom then went out to the waiting room, where Ben's mother was waiting. With a sincere face, he explained to Mrs. Drake that Ben had dislocated his shoulder when he fell off the bike. Then he said that he could put the shoulder back in place there, but it was likely to be extremely painful. Ben would have to be sedated first, and the process would take a while. When Ben's mother looked like she needed to pick up Ben's father, Tom smiled as he told her to go ahead, and bring the man back by there with her to pick up Ben.

Once Tom was out of the lobby, he took out his cell phone and called Michelle. Tom was sure that Kieran could get through to Ben, and that Michelle could do something that evening. Then Tom met Kieran in the hallway, and they both went into the exam room to talk to Ben.

"Hi Ben, I wanted you to meet my son Kieran." said Tom. "Kieran is the same age as you are Ben."

"Hi Ben, I'm Kieran." said Kieran, as he held his hand out to the boy.

"Hi Kieran, it's nice to meet you." replied Ben. "Are you going to make my shoulder feel better Doctor Tom?"

"Yes Ben, but I want to tell you what's happening first." replied Tom. "Your shoulder is dislocated. That means that the ball on the end of your arm bone is coming out of its socket in the shoulder. It takes a lot of pressure to get it to do that, and it's going to take a lot of pressure to get it back in. I have to get it back in for you though Ben, and immobilize your arm, or it will never stop hurting. Before I put your arm back in its socket, I'm going to sedate you. That way it won't hurt as much. Now, in order for you to fall off your bike hard enough to dislocate your shoulder, you would have had to fall off hard enough to do more than that too. I don't see any signs at all that you fell off your bike Ben. If you tell me what really happened, I promise that I'll help you."

"I did fall off my bike Doctor Tom!" exclaimed Ben. "You have to believe me!"

"I promise that I won't let your bike hurt you again if you tell me what really happened Ben." said Tom. "Did you do something to make your bike mad at you? Was it something your bike didn't approve of?"

"I can't!" cried Ben.

"Ben, I wish you would trust my daddy." said Kieran. "He could never lie to you. I use to fall off my bike a lot too, except that I never fell off my bike that much. It was what my parents would say after they hurt me. Daddy found out about it though, and he made sure my real parents couldn't hurt me again. They didn't love me, or they wouldn't have hurt me the way they did. My new daddy does love me though, and getting me away from them was the best thing he's ever done for me. My daddy can help you too, if you'll trust him."

"Why does my daddy hate me?" cried Ben. "All me and my friend were doing was peeing!"

Tom hugged Ben carefully, so as not to hurt his injured shoulder, and said, "Please tell me everything that happened son. He won't hurt you again, I promise."

"It all started a year ago when my daddy caught me feeling my dick." replied Ben, trying to dry his eyes. "I figured that it was mine, and it wouldn't hurt anyone if I felt it. It felt nice when I felt it. Daddy caught me though, and started calling me a bunch of names that I didn't understand. Then he hit me. That was the first time I fell off my bike. I had a black eye, swollen lip, and a bruise on my chest. After that, I only felt myself when he couldn't see me. Last night I had a friend stay overnight. This morning as daddy was leaving for work, he caught me and my friend peeing. He was holding my dick, I was holding his, and all we were doing was peeing. Daddy looked like he was going to hit me really hard, until he grabbed my arm, twisted it behind me, and heard it pop really loud. When I screamed in pain, he let me go. Then he looked down at me because I fell to the floor, shook his head, and took off for work. Please don't let him hurt me again Doctor Tom."

Tom wanted to find Ben's father, snap the man's arm in two like a twig, then laugh at his suffering. Tom did calm down though before he spoke, then replied, "I promise that I'll never let him hurt you like that again Ben. I have a friend who is looking for a boy who needs a daddy who loves him. Your parents aren't capable of showing you the love you deserve from them Ben. Would you like to live with someone who can?"

"I'd miss my mommy and daddy though." replied Ben.

"Are you sure that you would miss them, or is it that you're afraid things would be different?" asked Tom. "It takes a lot of anger to dislocate someone's arm Ben. How do your parents show you that they love you that would make up for that?"

"They make sure that I have food to eat, and that I go to the doctor when I'm sick." replied Ben.

"Do they hug you?" asked Tom. "Do they hold you and comfort you when you're scared? Do they tell you that they love you?"

"No." replied Ben.

"Making sure you have food and medical care is providing the necessities of life Ben." said Tom. "They are required by law to do that. The things I mentioned are what someone does when they love you. Do you like how I've been holding you?"

"Yeah, it feels really nice." replied Ben. "It makes me feel really good inside, and makes things not so scary."

"Would you like to have a daddy who can do things like this for you, or a daddy and mommy who hurt you, and can't even tell you that they love you?" asked Tom.

"I'd like to have a daddy who can love me." replied Ben.

"Then let me help you Ben." said Tom. "Your parents need a lot of help before they can be able to be good parents, if that ever happens at all. The friend I was talking about though will love you the way a daddy should love his son. I know you would love him like a real daddy too. Would you like that?"

"Yeah, I would Doctor Tom." replied Ben. "Please help me."

"Okay Ben, I have a friend on the way here right now." said Tom. "She's a very nice lady who works with the state. If you tell her what you told me, she'll make sure your daddy can never hurt you again, and that you can live with someone who will love you the way you deserve. She might also have you tell some really nice police officers as well."

"Will my daddy go to jail for making my arm hurt like this?" asked Ben.

"Probably son." replied Tom. "But they will also make sure he gets the help he needs. He's never suppose to do what he did to you."

"Well, he deserves it for making my arm hurt like this!" said Ben.

"I'm going to give you something to help the pain now Ben." said Tom. "When it wears off, your arm will be fixed and it won't hurt as much. I promise. Then you can talk to my friend who works for the state."

Tom went ahead and sedated Ben, and Kieran stayed to help his dad. Actually, Kenny did most of the heavy help. Kieran did stay with Ben though, to make sure Ben was as comfortable as possible. When Tom and Kenny finally got the position and force they needed to pop Ben's arm back into its socket, it did hurt some. Kieran talked Ben through it though, and Tom was soon immobilizing the damaged arm.

When Tom went back out to the lobby, Michelle was there, as were both of Ben's parents. "Michelle, could you wait back by exam room a so I can talk to you about your patient?" asked Tom.

"Doctor Bechtel, how is our son?" asked Ben's mother.

"I have the arm repaired, and he's resting in exam room b." replied Tom. "He had to be sedated, so we have to wait until the effects of that wear off before I can release him. He's already promised to be much more careful from now on though."

"Is he okay?" asked Ben's father. "He isn't acting or talking strangely is he?"

"Not at all Mr. Drake, the procedure went just fine." replied Tom. "He should be ready to go home in about fifteen to twenty minutes."

Once Tom was back outside exam room a, Michelle asked, "There's no one in exam room a, is there Tom?"

"Good guess Michelle!" smiled Tom. "I really need you to speak with the boy who's parents were out there in the lobby. He's in room b." When Tom and Michelle went in, Tom said, "Hi Ben, I have that friend with me that I was talking about earlier. Do you feel well enough from the sedation to talk to her?"

"Sedation?!" exclaimed Michelle. "Was it THAT bad Tom?"

"I'm afraid so Michelle." replied Tom.

"I guess I can talk now Doctor Tom." said Ben.

"Okay then Ben, this is Michelle." said Tom. "She is a very nice lady who works with the state's child welfare department. Michelle, this is Ben. He's seven years old, and I just had to reset his dislocated shoulder."

"Oh my goodness!" exclaimed Michelle. "Are you okay Ben?"

"Doctor Tom says I'll be fine now ma'am." replied Ben. "He also says I don't have to be afraid of getting hurt again. Is that true?"

"Yes it is Ben." replied Michelle, as she sat next to the boy. "Why don't you tell me how you got hurt Ben?"

Ben went ahead and told his story to Michelle. He was a little shy when he got to the parts about what made his dad so angry, but Michelle was very comforting, and coaxed it out of him. Michelle was having a hard time of it, but she managed to maintain her professional composure. Once Ben was finished, Michelle made a quick call to the police. Then she turned to Tom.

"You are really to be congratulated Tom!" said Michelle. "You have a very wonderful son right here the same age as Ben. I'll never know how you resisted the urge to go out there and snap that man's arm like a twig, to demonstrate the pain he just put his son through."

"Trust me Michelle, it was my very first thought." smiled Tom. "Violence isn't the answer now though. Ben needs us to help him. I would just like to know what made Ben's mother cover for the man who did this."

"I'll see if I can find out, just as soon as the police are outside." replied Michelle, with a gleam in her eye.

Once the police called Michelle to let her know they were outside Tom's office, Michelle and Tom went back out to the lobby. Then Tom said, "Mrs. Drake, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine named Michelle. She's with the state's child welfare department."

"Hi Mrs. Drake." said Michelle as she smiled pleasantly. "Tom and I were wondering, why did you say Ben fell off his bike when you know that's not what happened?"

"Don't say a word honey!" said Mr. Drake. "I didn't hit Ben, and there's no way they can prove I did!"

"Thank you Mr. Drake." said Michelle. "I was actually going to play this out and say Ben said he fell down the stairs, but if you want to confess now, that's fine with me."

Tom had a hard time not laughing out loud when Michelle said that. Then Michelle had Tom go to the door to let the officers in. When Mr. Drake saw the police, he shouted, "Why can't you people understand?! I didn't lay a... I didn't hit him, and that's the honest truth!"

"I never said you hit him Mr. Drake." replied Michelle. "How much pressure does it take to dislocate the shoulder of a little seven year old boy? Are you proud that you can do that to little boys?"

"I want a lawyer!" shouted Mr. Drake.

"That's not a bad idea sir, you may need one." said the officer, as he came up to arrest Ben's father. Then the officer went ahead and read the man his rights.

"Why didn't you say something Mrs. Drake?" asked Tom. "Are you afraid of him? Don't you love your son? Or is it that you love your husband more than you do your son?" When Ben's mother didn't reply, Tom asked, "That's it, isn't it? When it comes down to it, you'd choose your husband over your son's safety, wouldn't you?"

"You don't understand, he's not a bad man!" cried Mrs. Drake. "He can't help it that he looses his temper sometimes!"

"Besides, you didn't see what that little freak was doing!" yelled Mr. Drake.

"Mr. Drake, that officer gave you the right to remain silent!" replied Tom. "I wish to God you'd stop acting like an asshole in my office, and use your right to remain silent!"

"Good one Tom!" snickered Michelle.

"Thanks Michelle." replied Tom. "And as long as we're on the subject Mr. Drake, that seven year old boy you called a freak is YOUR son! To him, he was doing nothing more than playing with a toy! I sure hope your future cell mates are impressed with how you can dislocate a seven year old boy's shoulder!"

"Mrs. Drake, I have no choice but to immediately remove Ben from yours and your husband's custody." said Michelle. "No seven year old boy should have to go through what you're putting that sweet little boy through. He didn't even know what those names were that your husband called him before, but now he does thanks to you two. The police may not have cause to arrest you along with your husband yet, but don't leave town. A policewoman and I will follow you back to your house, and get what Ben is going to need for an indefinite period."

"I'll want to talk to Ben first too, Michelle." said the police woman.

"Yes, of course Victoria." smiled Michelle. "Tom, can you be a dear, and take this officer back to talk to Ben?"

"Um... of course, Michelle." replied Tom, having noticed something odd. "I wanted to talk to you too about what to do about Ben's future."

Tom went ahead and took Victoria back to talk to Ben as the second pair of officers removed Ben's father to their squad car. Michelle and Victoria's partner remained with Ben's mother, until Tom returned and asked Michelle to speak with him in his office.

"Michelle, I have a friend who wants to be a foster parent." said Tom. "He is single however, but he plans on working from home now. I know that he would be a great foster dad, and I'd like you to consider placing Ben with him when he returns from California."

"Well, being single isn't going to prohibit him from being a foster parent with me Tom." replied Michelle. "Why is he in California right now?"

"He use to live there, and is closing his residence out there to live here." replied Tom. "Sandy also let him take Terry with him, so Terry could say good-bye to his friend Deke."

"Wait, are you talking about the man who helped nab Terry's father?" asked Michelle. "If I remember right, he was a mobster. He came out here to kidnap the boy."

"He really did change though Michelle." replied Tom. "Trust me, people can change. The James who came out here isn't the same one who wants to be given another chance. The James who originally came out here doesn't exist anymore."

"I don't know Tom." said Michelle. "I mean, I am impressed that you would think so highly of him. I'll have to talk to him myself before I can give you an answer on this one. In the meantime, can Ben stay here? If I send him to another home, he may have to stay there."

"I was prepared for that Michelle, and I'd love to have Ben in my home until James gets back." replied Tom. "Just promise me that you'll listen to James, and keep an open mind. I know you can do that Michelle, unless I'm mistaken."

"Okay Tom, I promise." smiled Michelle.

"You and Victoria are pretty good friends, aren't you?" asked Tom.

"Yeah, Vicky and I go way back." replied Michelle. "We're just good friends though, I swear."

"I didn't say you were anything else." smiled Tom.

Once Victoria had finished talking to Ben, her, her partner, and Michelle followed Ben's mother home to get Ben's things. As soon as they were gone, Tom went in to talk to Ben.

"My dad was pretty mad, wasn't he?" asked Ben. "I could hear him back here."

"Your father was upset to be placed under arrest, but he had it coming to him." replied Tom. "Just remember that the things he said aren't true. You are a very sweet little boy, and he should be proud to have a son like you. Instead, he wants to rant at you based on his hatred and intolerance. You didn't do anything wrong though Ben."

"What happens now Doctor Tom?" asked Ben.

"For now you will stay with my family Ben." replied Tom. "Then when my friend James comes back, we'll see about him being your foster dad. I know you'll like James, and he'll love you the way you deserve."

Out in California, the real estate agent had finally left. The boys continued surfing while he was there, but did so with shorts on. The boys saw James come back out to the beach, and decided to take a break.

"What did the agent say?" asked Terry, as he opened a soda James handed to him.

"He says that he knows someone looking for a house on the beach, and he thinks he can get me ten percent more than what I paid for it." smiled James. "He'll call me by the end of the day tomorrow, to let me know one way or the other. So, how does dinner at a nice little restaurant sound?"

"Cool dude, I'm starved!" replied Deke.

"Yeah, I'm hungry too." laughed Terry.

The boys showered and got dressed, then James took them out to dinner. During dinner, Deke decided to spring his surprise on James.

"Hey dudes, my mom and dad said that if it's okay with James, I can stay over here till you guys go home!" said Deke. "Isn't that great?!"

"Do you mean that I now have two gorgeous and horny teenage boys on my hands?" asked James, with a hint of a smile on his face.

"Your hands, your mouth, anything you want on us dude!" snickered Deke.

James was glad they were back in a fairly private corner of the restaurant. Not only was Deke trying to make him blush, but the boy was also trying to give him an embarrassing bulge in his pants. The dinner was quite stimulating though, in more ways than one. Deke said that after dinner, they could stop back by his place a get a few things for him while he was staying at James's house.

Once they got back to James's house, everyone went straight to the bedroom. James smiled as he let the two boys eagerly undress him, both taking turns caressing his cock in the process. Then James helped each boy undress the other. Once everyone was naked, they all laid down on the bed together and began kissing each other in rotation. Whereas Terry was a very gentle and passionate kisser, Deke tended to be more physical and lustful. James loved the way both boys kissed though. After about five minutes, Deke laid back on his back.

"James, I want you to make love to my cock with your mouth." said Deke. "Make sure you lay face down, so Terry can put himself inside you at the same time."

James loved the idea of a boy in his mouth and in his butt at the same time, so he rolled over face down over Deke's cock. Terry then stuffed a pillow under James's hips to elevate his butt a little, and eagerly lubed his stiffening cock. A few seconds after James swallowed Deke's erection, he felt Terry push his cock into him. Both boys were soon moaning passionately from the pleasure James's body was giving each of them.

"Mmmm James, I love how you can make a boy feel that you love sucking his cock!" moaned Deke, as he caressed the back of James's head.

James hummed lightly in response, as he lovingly pleasured Deke's cock. At the same time, Terry was passionately thrusting in and out of James. As far as James was concerned, he was in heaven now. Two boys cocks filling both ends of him was the greatest pleasure he had ever felt.

After a few more minutes, Terry moaned, "Oh God James, I love how your rectum is clenching around my cock! It feels like your insides are trying to stroke me while I make love to you!" Another minute later, Terry moaned out loudly, "I'm going to cum in you my love!"

Terry began to thrust hard and deep, as his cum began shooting into James. James then began sucking hard and passionately on Deke's cock. A few seconds later, Deke laced his fingers through James's hair, and James tasted Deke's cum shooting into his mouth. James savored the taste of Deke's cum as he swallowed. Deke and Terry tasted very similar, with Deke being a slight bit sweeter.

Once Terry's orgasm was over, he rested all of his weight on James's back, with his cock still deeply buried inside James. Terry wrapped his arms around James, and said, "I love you so much James!"

As Deke's orgasm ended, and James swallowed his cock completely, Deke moaned. "I love you too James!"

After a few minutes of resting, both boys pulled their now flaccid cocks out of James. Then Deke rolled James onto his back, revealing that James was still fully erect.

"You have a very beautiful large adult cock James." said Deke lovingly.

"It's the most perfect cock in the world for boys like us." added Terry.

Then Deke and Terry took turns lovingly sucking on James's cock. Both boys wanted just as much to please their man, as James caressed the backs of both of their heads.

"Terry and Deke, I love you both very much!" moaned James, as the two boys made love to him.

The two boys continued taking turns, passionately making love to James. A few minutes later, Terry took the first few shots of James's orgasm into his mouth. Then the boys quickly switched, as Deke took the next few shots. Deke and Terry switched back and forth like that, as James had a huge orgasm. Once it was finally over, Terry and Deke climbed up in the bed, and smiled sweetly into James's face. Then the two boys took turns kissing James, letting him taste his cum on their lips. All three of them fell asleep a short while later, tangled together in a massive hug.

Back at Tom's house, it was decided that Ben would room with Stevie for now. Ben had wanted to room with Kieran, but Tom didn't know how much the boy should know for the moment. Kieran saved the day though, and told Ben that due to medical reasons, he had to sleep with his daddy.

Ben didn't know what the names were that his dad had called him that morning, but over the next few days, he would figure it out.

Well, Tom has found James his first son, if Michelle will buy it. The next chapter will see James return home, and have his fate as a dad decided. We'll also see the return of Tom's parents to the story, and I'll see if I can throw in a surprise. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at:, and my message board at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 23.