Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

Tom's lawyer had quite a few papers for Kieran's parents to sign. He intended to cover his client very well though. By the time it was over, Kieran's parents were wringing their hands from signing so many papers.

"Congratulations everyone." said Tom's lawyer. "Tom, you are now Kieran's legal guardian. I will file for adoption of Kieran right away. Mister and Mrs. Jones, you are not to disclose the arrangements made here today. If you are called for an adoption hearing for Kieran, you will cooperate fully. If you fail to meet either of these conditions, as well as others outlined in the papers you signed, you will be in forfeit of our arrangement, and criminal charges will be filed. You will be delivered two hundred and fifty thousand dollars within two hours, as compensation for signing this arrangement. You are both free to go, and try to stay out of jail please."

Tom's lawyer walked with him as Tom went back to the ER, and asked, "Why did you offer that scumbag a quarter million when he said that he'd take one hundred thousand?"

"I wanted to overwhelm him with greed to the point where him and his wife wouldn't even think about whether or not to sign." replied Tom, who smiled as he continued. "Besides, who knows what will happen with that kind of money. We may never hear from them again!"

When Tom got back to Kieran, he looked over the images of Kieran's head. Tom looked very closely at every image, and saw no damage. He determined that Kieran's loss of consciousness was most likely due to a concussion.

"Do you see anything Doctor Tom?" asked Kieran, as Tom turned away from the images.

"I'm sorry Kieran, we took quite a few pictures inside your head, and I can't find anything." snickered Tom.

"Is that any way to talk to a sick kid?" asked Kieran.

"I'm sorry Kieran, I couldn't help it." laughed Tom. "That's an old head injury joke. You might like this better though. My son shows no signs of damage inside his head, and as soon as his other injuries have healed, he can come home with me where he belongs."

"Are you serious Doctor Tom?!" exclaimed Kieran excitedly. "I'm really your son now? I'm going home with you when I leave this time?"

"Let's just say that you might want to get use to calling me dad or daddy, instead of Doctor Tom." smiled Tom. "And yes, you're going home with me this time, to OUR home."

Kieran wanted to jump off the treatment bed and yell for joy, so Tom had to remind him where he was. Tom did get Kieran calmed back down as the nurses who overheard Tom began coming by to congratulate him.

"Okay Kieran, I'm going to have these nice people here fix you up while I finish up at the clinic." said Tom. "Then they'll take you up to your old room, and I'll be there to check you a little more as soon as I'm done at the clinic. I love you son."

"I love you too Doctor To,... I mean daddy." giggled Kieran.

"I like how that sounds Kieran." smiled Tom.

Tom went back to the clinic to find that his caseload had almost been cleared. All Tom had to do was see a few more patients, then he was on his way upstairs to see Kieran.

"Hi daddy!" said Kieran happily when Tom walked in.

"Hi son." replied Tom with a smile, as he walked over to Kieran's bed.

"Are you going to rub my dick now?" asked Kieran hopefully. "It hasn't been rubbed since the last time you did it."

"Well, I was going to check your tummy to make sure you weren't hurt, but I guess I can do that at the same time." replied Tom. As Tom took Kieran's dick in one hand, he said, "Okay son, tell me if this hurts."

After Tom prodded Kieran's belly a few times, Kieran said, "Ow! That hurts!"

"Your tummy?" asked Tom.

"No, my dick." replied Kieran.

Tom then looked at Kieran's penis a little closer and asked, "Have you been taking your pills and using the cream?"

"My mom threw those away on the way home." replied Kieran.

Tom could feel his blood pressure rising by the second as he asked, "What about your bear?"

Kieran began to sniffle and cry as he replied, "She got ahold of that when I went to sleep that night. I told her that I loved my bear, and she just said that I didn't need it!"

Tom put Kieran's gown down and gave the boy a hug. "Don't worry Kieran, it'll be okay." said Tom softly. "I promise. Can you excuse me for just a minute. I'm going to go out and get your medicines replaced."

"What about my bear?" asked Kieran. "I loved him."

"I'll find him for you if it takes me all night son." smiled Tom. "Now, let me get that medicine and I'll be right back."

Tom stepped out into the hallway, and headed toward the nurses station. Just before getting there, he turned and punched the wall as he yelled out, "That bitch!"

"Are you okay, Doctor Bechtel?" asked the nurse.

"I think my hand is going to be sore in the morning." grimaced Tom.

"Don't tell me, let me guess." said the nurse. "Kieran's mother?"

"That bitch threw away his medicines, and his bear!" said Tom, trying to control his temper. "I need the medicines he left here with, and I should probably give him a dose of penicillin. His infection seems to be coming back."

"I'll get that, and an ice pack for your hand doc." replied the nurse. "I think you might need a hand with Kieran under the circumstances."

"You might be right." said Tom, upset with himself for losing control.

Tom and the nurse went back into Kieran's room, and Tom said, "The nurse is going to have to help me with you son. I seem to have had a little accident."

"Are you okay daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Yeah son." smiled Tom. "The longer I have custody of you, the more okay I'll be."

"I'm glad to hear that Tom." said the nurse as she smiled.

"Okay, first I need that ice pack for my hand." said Tom. "While I examine Kieran's abdomen, I need you to clean his penis for me, and put some of his cream on it. Do a thorough job but be careful, it's kind of tender. Now son, let's get back to our game of, Does This Hurt?"

Tom examined Kieran's abdomen carefully, looking for any signs of internal injuries, as the nurse cleaned Kieran's penis carefully. The nurse and Tom finished about the same time, and Tom lowered Kieran's gown.

"I don't see any signs of internal injuries Kieran." said Tom. "I want to check your next urine and stool though, just to be safe. Nurse, I completely forgot that Kieran is going to at least need a glass of milk for his pill."

"Would you rather have a nice chocolate milk shake instead Kieran?" asked the nurse.

"You bet I would!" exclaimed Kieran.

"I'll call down to the cafeteria then, and be right back." smiled the nurse.

"Okay son, since I only have one hand right now, do you want me to give you a shot, or wait for the nurse to come back?" asked Tom.

"I believe in you daddy." smiled Kieran. "I know you can do it."

Kieran rolled over carefully and pulled his gown up. Tom gently rubbed his smooth butt with one hand for a few moments, then prepared the shot. Tom slipped the needle into Kieran's butt as gently as he could.

"That still felt nice daddy." cooed Kieran.

"I love you so much son." replied Tom, as he pushed the plunger on the syringe.

By the time Tom finished giving Kieran his shot and lowered his gown, the nurse returned with Kieran's chocolate shake. Kieran took his pill, then chased it down with the shake.

"Thanks ma'am, this is a really good shake." said Kieran.

"You're welcome young man." replied the nurse. "It was my pleasure. Now, if Doctor Tom is through taking care of you, I have patients to look at. I'll just let you and your daddy have a nice visit Kieran."

When the nurse had left, Kieran asked, "So daddy, what happened to your hand? Did you get mad at my mom and punch a wall?"

"How on Earth would you know that son?!" asked Tom with a surprised tone.

"She seems to have that effect on people." smiled Kieran.

"Well, she won't any more." replied Tom.

Tom had a nice long visit with Kieran, and finally got around to rubbing his dick quite a bit. That made Kieran a very happy little boy. That made Tom happy too, as he loved making Kieran's beautiful little dick feel good. Before Tom went home for the night, he checked in on Davey. Davey looked okay, but Tom wanted to keep him in the hospital for a while longer, to give his ribs a chance to heal more. On the way home, Tom had a decision to make. He had to be at home now to care for Kieran, so he knew that he would have to give his notice at the clinic in the morning. He still loved being a doctor though. By the time he arrived home, he decided he would reopen his private practice from his home. He was sure that it was plenty large enough for that.

The next morning, Tom stopped at the store where he had gotten Kieran's bear, and picked up an identical toy. He removed the packaging and tags, the scruffed the bear a little bit with his hands. After checking Davey first, Tom took the bear to Kieran's room.

"Look what I found son!" said Tom.

"Billy Bear!" exclaimed Kieran. "How did you find him daddy?"

Kieran knew that it wasn't the same bear, but his daddy wanted him to believe it was, and that was good enough for Kieran.

"I'll never let you leave me again Billy Bear!" said Kieran, as he hugged the bear and made it talk. "Thank you so much for finding my Billy Bear daddy. I love you!"

"I love you too son." smiled Tom.

The nurse who was in the room to take Kieran's breakfast tray away couldn't help but to let a tear escape from the corner of her eye. "I am so happy the two of you are together now Doctor Bechtel." said the nurse emotionally. "That boy needs you so badly, and if I'm not mistaken, you need him too."

"Thanks." replied Tom. "You're right too. I always knew that my life wasn't complete somehow, and I never could figure out why until Kieran came into it."

"You're going to make a fine daddy." smiled the nurse, as she took the tray away.

Once the nurse was gone. Tom had Kieran take his medicine, which he had picked up on the way to Kieran's room. Then he gently cleaned Kieran's dick, giving it a soft kiss before putting the cream back on it. Tom decided that Kieran would need another shot today, so he went out and got that. When he came back, Kieran eagerly rolled over and exposed his butt to Tom. Tom massaged the smooth butt for a few moments, then gently slid the needle into Kieran as Kieran sighed almost from pleasure. Tom had never seen a little boy who enjoyed shots as much as Kieran did.

Once the shot was over, Tom wrote his instructions on Kieran's chart, telling the nurse not to give Kieran any more shots unless his penis still looked inflamed when they came in to clean it. Then Tom leaned down and placed his lips against Kieran's. Tom and Kieran shared a very loving kiss before Tom had to go to the clinic.

Tom's boss was not happy when Tom gave his notice, but he understood that Tom now had a boy to raise, and needed to be at home. Everyone at the clinic wished Tom luck with his private practice, and told him that he would be missed after he had left the clinic. Tom's boss began shifting the caseloads around, making sure to give Tom plenty of time to set up his new practice. Tom had a relatively light day that day, except for one young boy who was terribly afraid of doctors. Tom was extra gentle with the boy, and told him quite a few silly jokes. By the time he was done, the boy liked visiting Doctor Tom. The boy's mother was amazed, telling Tom that she never dreamed of hearing her son say that he liked seeing a doctor. With this and everything that had happened lately, Tom decided by the end of the day that his practice would specialize in pediatrics. He definitely didn't want to go back to prescribing placebos for wealthy older people.

When Tom went back up to see Kieran after checking Davey, Kieran's dick was looking much better again. Tom praised his son for such a fine looking dick, as he rubbed it gently. After Kieran's dinner and pill, Tom cleaned, kissed, and treated Kieran's dick.

"It feels so nice when you kiss my dick daddy." cooed Kieran softly. "It makes me feel how much you love me. Can I kiss your cock now?"

"Okay son, but only for a few seconds." replied Tom as he smiled. "I want us to be in our home before we do too much more this time."

Tom went to the head of Kieran's bed, and lowered his pants just enough for Kieran to get to his cock. Kieran smiled as he took Tom's cock in both hands, and began to kiss it lovingly. Tom smiled as he looked down and watched Kieran kiss his cock affectionately. When Kieran was done, Tom leaned down and gave him a kiss.

"I can't wait for us to make love for the first time in our home son." said Tom softly.

"It sounds like it will be really fun daddy." giggled Kieran.

Tom's boss had given him the next day off, so he could begin setting up his new office. Before going to the hospital to check his son, Tom called a contractor to come out that afternoon to see what changes would need to be made to separate his home from his office. Tom told Kieran all about his plans that morning, and Kieran was very excited. After Tom had Kieran taken care of, he had to go get ready for the contractor. Tom had to clear out about half of the rooms downstairs, on the side of the house that he felt would be easiest to separate. When the contractor got there, Tom told him that he would need a reception area, office, and two treatment rooms, and they would need to be separated from the rest of the house. As the contractor went over the inside of the house, Tom went out to take a look at his driveway, to see what changes needed to be made there.

"Hi Tom, what going on over there?" asked Tom's neighbor Phil, as he trimmed his hedges.

"I'm just getting everything ready to set up a private practice here." replied Tom. "I have custody of a seven year old boy now, and I need to be at home."

"Well, it's very nice that you're doing that for a young boy who needs it." replied Phil. "It'll also be nice to have a doctor's office in the neighborhood. What kind of practice will it be Tom?"

"Well, I'm not going to turn away anyone, but it will specialize in pediatrics." replied Tom.

"Well then, that will be nice if my wife and I are ever approved for foster care." said Phil

"You're trying to get approved to be foster parents?" asked Tom.

"Yeah, my wife and I only have the one eleven year old son now." replied Phil. "We wanted more, but that's all we can have. We figure that the next best thing would be to care for children who need it."

"I'll have to talk to the social worker then, and see if I can't help push it through for you." said Tom. "I have a twelve year old patient that could really use a good home right now."

"Really Tom, that would be great if you could help us." replied Phil. "I don't know why our application seems to be stalled. Now, tell me about this patient of yours."

"Like I said, he's twelve." said Tom. "His name is Davey, and I have him at the hospital right now. His mother assaulted him and fractured three of his ribs, so I had her put in jail. The state has taken him away from his mother for now, so I'd like to see him go somewhere where I know he would be safe."

"Why would she assault her son that badly?" asked Phil.

"She caught him talking on his computer and masturbating." replied Tom.

"Heck Tom, I played with myself all the time when I was that age!" laughed Phil. "Doesn't she know that it's perfectly natural for boys that age to do that?"

"Apparently not." replied Tom. "I guess she'll have time to think about it now though. I just hope this whole thing doesn't mess up Davey's head about what he did. I tried to explain things to him as best as I could."

"Would it be possible to meet the boy Tom?" asked Phil.

""I'll tell you what Phil, why don't you and your wife meet me at the hospital when I go in to check on my boy this afternoon." said Tom. "I'll introduce you to him, and see if I can have his social worker meet us their. Then I'll see if she can get your application unstalled."

"We would be grateful if you could do that Tom." replied Phil. "Thank you so much."

"It'll be my pleasure to get Davey somewhere where he'll be taken good care of." replied Tom.

After talking to Phil, Tom got a good idea of how the driveway needed to be set up. He would extend it to the backyard, where there would be plenty of room for patient parking, then add a few sidewalks. As the contractor was finishing up, Tom began looking at equipment he would need. The contractor finally showed Tom a preliminary plan, and Tom liked it very much. After signing a contract to have the remodeling done, Tom called Davey's social worker. Then he told Phil and his wife that he was ready to go to the hospital, and the social worker would meet them there.

Tom introduced Phil and his wife to Davey's social worker as soon as everyone got there. The lady had quite a long talk with Tom's neighbors, then called her office to find out why their application had been stalled. As it turned out, the application had been missfiled. After checking her interview with the application that had finally been found, the social worker went ahead and approved it. Then everyone went in to talk to Davey. Once Tom told Davey who Phil was, and about Phil's son, Davey seemed excited that they wanted to take care of him. The social worker said that she would be happy to place Davey with Phil and his wife, and she would bring them the papers to sign in the morning. Tom agreed to go ahead and release Davey at that time, and would prepare instructions for Phil and his wife regarding Davey's care. Phil and his wife both gave Tom a warm hug.

As the social worker left Davey's room with Tom, so Phil and his wife could get to know their new foster son, she said, "I have some news for you as well Tom. Even though you have signed an arrangement to take over custody of Kieran with his parents, he still needs to be assigned a social worker. Fortunately, I've been assigned his case. I already think that you are very good with handling children, so this should work out in your favor. A lot of my co-workers would have a problem with you being a single man, but I've seen you handling children firsthand. I have no problem with you wanting to provide Kieran a better home, as I was quite disturbed by some of the things we've learned about his parents. Even if you hadn't come along, we most likely would have removed him from his home at some point. All I really need to do is talk to both of you, and I did bring a few papers for you to sign."

Kieran knew right away who the woman was that came in with Tom, even though they hadn't been introduced. He immediately went on his best behavior. The social worker found Kieran to be very charming, and he seemed very happy that Tom would be his new daddy. Even though she knew a little bit about Kieran's home life before Tom came along, she had to hear it from Kieran too. Tom could actually see the social worker's blood pressure rise as Kieran told her what it was like to live with his real parents.

"I have never tried to be angry with anyone before, so I could stay objective about my cases, but I think I'm about to make an exception this time." said the social worker.

"Don't worry, Kieran's parents have that effect on everyone from what I'm told!" chuckled Tom.

Once Tom told the social worker about his plans to open a private practice from his home, and that he would specialize in pediatrics, the social worker seemed even more impressed. She had Tom sign a few papers for the state, then told Tom to let her know when his practice was open. She told Tom that she would like to send a few of her cases his way, so she would be sure they had proper medical care. Tom thanked her, and gave her a warm handshake before she left.

Once the social worker was gone, Kieran asked, "Did I do good daddy?"

"You were a perfect little angel son, just like always." smiled Tom, who then leaned down and gave Kieran a very nice kiss on his lips. Tom felt Kieran's little tongue prod against his lips, so he parted his lips and gently sucked on Kieran's tongue for a moment.

When Tom and Kieran's lips finally parted, Kieran breathlessly said, "I love you daddy. You make me feel very nice when we kiss."

"I love you too son, and I can't wait to make you feel even better." replied Tom, as he gazed into Kieran's eyes.

"I want you to make love to me as soon as you take me home daddy." said Kieran softly.

"That's a promise son." smiled Tom.

The rest of Tom's visit was more like a father and son visit. Phil, his wife, and Davey did stop by to thank Tom for helping get them together. Davey and Kieran were excited that they would be neighbors, as they had become friends at the hospital. Tom gave Kieran another very passionate kiss before leaving the hospital that night.

The contractor began working on remodeling Tom's house the next day, and Tom began to order equipment for his office during breaks at the clinic. Now Tom would also have to hire a nurse for his office. He had a very good idea of who he would ask though. Tom could see in Kieran's evening nurse's eyes that she knew that he and Kieran were in love with each other. He could also see understanding and acceptance there. He felt that he had shown her that he would never hurt Kieran, without actually talking about it. Tonight he would have her come to Kieran's room, and ask her to be his nurse.

Kieran's nurse answered the call to Kieran's room, and when she entered the room, she asked, "What can I do for my favorite patient and his great new daddy?"

"Well, his great new daddy was wondering if you would like to come work at his office." replied Tom.

"Are you sure that you want me, Doctor Bechtel?" asked the nurse, who's name was Patty.

"Yes Patty, and please call me Tom." replied Tom.

"You may change your mind when I tell you that I know you and Kieran have feelings for each other." said Patty. "I can see it in both of you, but especially in Kieran. I can tell that the boy longs to have sexual contact with you."

"I know that you know that Patty." replied Tom. "You really clinched it the night you made sure that Kieran and I weren't disturbed, when I bathed him. I can also tell that you understand and accept it too. Since most people wouldn't, I'd like to know why."

Patty pulled up another chair to sit with Tom and Kieran, then she said, "Once I had three cousins who were the children of an uncle who none of us really trusted. He had been in and out of psychiatric treatment a few times, and had a history of disappearing for weeks at a time. We never could tell that he was violent toward his wife, two sons, and his daughter, but we knew that he was. I was pretty close with his three children, and his youngest son was just a bit older than Kieran. He was nine. I knew my cousin was having a sexual relationship with a much older man, and I almost said something about it several times, especially when the man took my nine year old cousin and hid him from his family. The only reason I didn't say anything was because I could tell that they loved each other. It turned out to be a good thing that I didn't turn them in. A few weeks after my cousin disappeared with his adult lover, my uncle snapped and killed his entire family. From what I know, he's still in prison to this day for murdering his family. If I had turned my cousin in, he'd be dead too, and it would have been my fault. As it is though, I've kept in close contact with him since then. He and his lover were very happy together for a very long time, until his lover died a few years ago at seventy eight years old. I always treated my cousin's older lover like family though, because I was grateful to him for saving my cousin's life. There are things that are much more important sometimes than someone's misinformed idea of right and wrong. I know for a fact that Kieran will be much better off with you than he would be with his parents, and I won't let anything interfere with the love you two have for each other."

"That's exactly why I don't want anyone else but you as my nurse Patty." said Tom, as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "You have to help me with this, there's no one else that I could trust like you. I'll pay you twenty percent more than what the hospital does, and you'll still be around children all day."

"I'll do it Tom." replied Patty. "My cousin will probably want to come over for dinner sometime after Kieran is released though. We still kinda look out for each other."

"It would be a pleasure to have you and your cousin over for dinner." replied Tom. "We'll do it on the day Kieran is released from the hospital."

"Thanks for understanding about me and my daddy Nurse Patty." said Kieran. "When daddy leaves tonight, can you give me my bath?"

"I'd be happy to Kieran." smiled Patty. "Who knows, I might be able to answer a few of your questions. If you have questions about loving Tom though, you might should ask him. There's no reason to be embarrassed, and I'm sure he would be completely honest with you."

Kieran did ask Patty several questions about his body that night as she bathed him, and Patty answered as many as she could without embarrassing either of them. Kieran was happy that Nurse Patty was able to get his foreskin back about three quarters of the way before it hurt too much. Once Patty had Kieran cleaned there, she smiled as she rubbed his dick softly one time and commented that Tom was a very lucky man to have such a beautiful son and lover.

Tom was amazed at the amount of work the contractor finished that first week. Even though Kieran wouldn't require being in the hospital longer than that, Tom had to have him kept there until after his final day at the clinic. Everyone who he worked with there was sad to see him leaving, but they wished him the best with his son and private practice. After leaving the clinic for the final time, Tom went directly to Kieran's room. He was going to keep Kieran there until morning, but now that he no longer worked at the clinic, he didn't want his son there any longer than necessary.

"How would my son like to go home right now?" asked Tom, as Patty finished clearing his dinner tray.

"Let's go daddy!" exclaimed Kieran excitedly. "I can't wait to get to our home!"

"Don't you like us anymore Kieran?" laughed Patty lightly.

"It's nothing personal Nurse Patty." replied Kieran. "Would you want to spend another night here if you didn't have to though?"

"I guess I can't argue with that Kieran." smiled Patty.

"So, can I expect you and your cousin for dinner tomorrow Patty?" asked Tom.

"Well, since I'm on my final week here now, I guess I can switch my schedule around." replied Patty. "Count on us tomorrow evening."

Tom got Kieran's discharge ready, as Patty prepared her favorite patient to go home again. Kieran was so excited that he couldn't stop giggling, as Patty wheeled him down to Tom's car. Patty helped Kieran into the car, then leaned in and kissed him on the forehead.

"You take care of yourself Kieran, and have fun tonight." smiled Patty. "I'll see you and your daddy at dinner tomorrow."

As Tom drove the excited boy home, Kieran clutched Billy Bear tightly. He was very excited about what would happen tonight, but a little nervous as well. Tonight would be the first time that he and Tom actually made love, and he hoped he would make his daddy happy. As Tom pulled into his driveway, Kieran looked up at him with a face full of emotions.

"I love you daddy." squeaked Kieran.

"I love you too son." replied Tom softly, as he placed his hand on Kieran's thigh. "Now, let's go into our home and show how much we love each other."

Tom got out and went to Kieran's door, then took his son's hand and led him to the house. Tom and Kieran went directly up to their bedroom, then Tom gently removed all of Kieran's clothes. Tom thought that the Superman briefs were exceptionally cute, as he took them off Kieran. Once Kieran was naked, Tom picked him up and laid him softly on the bed. Then Tom cleaned Kieran's dick so they could make love. Kieran breathed heavily as he watched Tom undress. This was the first time that he would see his daddy completely naked, and he was very excited about it. Kieran had a look of wonder on his face, and his mouth was stuck slightly open, as Tom laid down naked on the bed next to Kieran.

When Tom put his lips against Kieran's, Kieran's soft little hands began caressing every inch of his daddy's body. Kieran's hands felt better than anything Tom had felt before, as he slid his tongue into Kieran's mouth. Tom's tongue sought out Kieran's tongue, then massaged it softly. As Tom and Kieran kissed passionately, Kieran pressed his smooth body against his daddy's body. Tom hadn't even touched his son's little dick yet, but it was now as stiff as it could be. Tom finally broke the kiss, and began covering his son's body with kisses. When Tom worked down to his son's stiff dick, he engulfed it hungrily with his mouth. Kieran now moaned in pleasure as his daddy caressed his dick with his lips and tongue. Tom rolled onto his back, pulling his son over on top of him. Tom turned Kieran around the opposite way of himself, then leaned forward a bit. Now Tom was making love to his son's stiff dick, and Kieran could now get to his daddy's cock. Kieran immediately wrapped his lips around his daddy's cock, and pulled his foreskin back all the way. Tom was now very stiff as Kieran sucked on the spongy head of his daddy's cock like a lollipop, and ran his tongue over and over it. Kieran and Tom were now both making love to each other as passionately as they could.

Kieran could feel his daddy's cock throb in his mouth, and saw his huge balls begin to draw up. Kieran sucked as hard as he could on his daddy's cock, and a few seconds later, Tom began to cum. Tom moaned loudly as his son swallowed as fast as he could. Kieran didn't want to waste any of his daddy's cum, but he still couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up. Some of Tom's cum came back out of his son's mouth, and flowed down over his cock and balls. As soon as his daddy's orgasm was over, Kieran began to hungrily lick the cum from his daddy's cock and balls. Kieran thought it was the best thing he ever tasted, and he wanted to eat every drop of his daddy's cum that he could. Once Tom had been cleaned off, he turned his son back over onto his back, and continued making love to his son's dick for the next half hour. Kieran's dick finally started to get sore, so he had his daddy come back up into his arms. Tom and Kieran began kissing again, and the taste of his cum in his son's mouth drove Tom wild with passion. Tom and Kieran kissed as deeply as they could, until Kieran fell asleep in his daddy's strong arms. Tom put Kieran's cream on his dick, then took his son back in his arms and drifted off to sleep.

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