Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 5

From the last chapter:

Kieran could feel his daddy's cock throb in his mouth, and saw his huge balls begin to draw up. Kieran sucked as hard as he could on his daddy's cock, and a few seconds later, Tom began to cum. Tom moaned loudly as his son swallowed as fast as he could, Kieran didn't want to waste any of his daddy's cum, but he still couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up. Some of Tom's cum came back out of his son's mouth, and flowed down over his cock and balls. As soon as his daddy's orgasm was over, Kieran began to hungrily lick the cum from his daddy's cock and balls. Kieran thought it was the best thing he had ever tasted, and wanted to eat every drop of his daddy's cum that he could. Once Tom had been cleaned off, he turned his son back over onto his back, and continued making love to his son's dick for the next half hour. Kieran's dick finally started to get sore, so he had his daddy come back up into his arms. Tom and Kieran began kissing again, and the taste of his cum in his son's mouth drove Tom wild with passion. Tom and Kieran kissed as deeply as they could, until Kieran fell asleep in his daddy's strong arms. Tom put Kieran's cream on his dick, then took his son back in his arms and drifted off to sleep.

Tom never realized what a sound sleeper he was, until he was awoken the next morning by an intense orgasm. Tom's eyes were wide with surprise, as he looked down to see Kieran hungrily swallowing his cum. Tom threw his head back and moaned loudly, until his orgasm began to fade. When he looked back down, Kieran was smiling at him brightly, with a string of Tom's cum hanging from his lips and chin.

"Good morning daddy, did you like how I woke you up?" asked Kieran cheerfully.

"Come up here son." smiled Tom.

Kieran excitedly climbed up Tom's body, keeping their bodies in contact the whole time. Once Kieran's face was level with his daddy's, Tom stuck his tongue out and cleaned his cum from Kieran's chin. Then he licked the area around Kieran's mouth completely clean.

Tom gazed lovingly into Kieran's eyes and said, "I love you so much son. I'm going to do everything I can to make you the happiest little boy in the whole world."

"Good daddy, you can start by giving me a good-morning kiss." giggled Kieran. "I love kissing you so much!"

Tom smiled as he pulled Kieran's lips to his. As the father and son shared a passionate morning kiss, Tom felt Kieran's tongue prod against his lips. Tom parted his lips to let Kieran's tongue in his mouth, then gently sucked on Kieran's tongue. As Tom sucked his squirming son's tongue, he felt Kieran's dick stiffen and poke him in the stomach.

Tom finally broke the kiss and asked, "You really do love kissing me, don't you? I can feel your beautiful little stiffy poking me in the stomach."

"Kissing you makes me feel so good daddy!" replied Kieran happily.

"I"m happy about that then Kieran." replied Tom with a smile. "You deserve to be as happy as I can make you. Now, let me see how your beautiful dick looks this morning."

Kieran giggled as he happily straddled Tom's neck and face. Tom smiled as he gently examined Kieran's beautiful little erection. He pulled Kieran's foreskin back about three quarters of the way past his glans, before it began offering too much resistance. Then he gently stroked Kieran's dick for a few minutes.

"I haven't seen any signs of infection for a few days now." said Tom, as he looked up at Kieran and fondled his stiff dick. "Today is the last doses you have of antibiotics, and I think you're through with that phase. Your foreskin also seems like it's coming along very well."

"It still doesn't go all the way back though." replied Kieran, as he looked down at Tom playing with his dick. "I want it to go all the way back."

"It will in time son." smiled Tom. "I don't want to do that to it now because it will be quite uncomfortable."

"Please daddy?" begged Kieran.

Tom looked up at the pleading look in Kieran's eyes, then said, "Okay son, but it might hurt a little bit. I don't think the skin will break or tear though. Just so you know, I may have to get a clamp from my office to squeeze your glans down enough to get the foreskin back over it when we're done. Go ahead and brace yourself for this."

Kieran held onto Tom tightly and clenched his teeth together as Tom firmly grasped his dick. Tom got to where the foreskin wanted to stop retracting, and increased the pressure slightly on Kieran's dick. Tom kept increasing the pressure slowly, until Kieran's foreskin began retracting further. He could tell that it was uncomfortable to Kieran, but the boy wanted to do this very badly. Fortunately they wouldn't have very far to go. Tom pulled just a little harder, and Kieran's foreskin popped back behind the rim of the head. Kieran let out a slight yelp when that happened. Tom looked at his dick very closely now. The foreskin was drawn very tightly around the shaft of Kieran's dick, and very solidly seated underneath the glans. The foreskin didn't show any signs of tearing though, which was very good as far as Tom was concerned.

"Well son, it looks okay so far, but we'll definitely need that clamp." said Tom. "Let me get you cleaned off first, while we have the foreskin back."

Tom set Kieran down on the bed, and reached over to get him his Billy Bear. Tom smiled as he got up and looked down at his son clutching his bear. Then Kieran smiled back up at Tom.

"Daddy, your cock is still a little messy from earlier." said Kieran. "Can I clean it off for you?"

"Sure son." smiled Tom, as he stood at the side of the bed.

Kieran scooted over to the side, then happily cleaned the remaining cum from Tom's now flaccid cock. Kieran made sure to pull Tom's foreskin back, and thoroughly cleaned the head of Tom's cock with his soft tongue. Once Kieran was satisfied with the job he had done, Tom smiled and rubbed the top of his head. As Tom got some soap and a pan of water to clean Kieran, Kieran hugged his Billy Bear and made him talk. Tom had gotten this bear for him twice out of love, and Kieran loved the stuffed toy very much. Tom came back and smiled brightly at his son and the bear, then lovingly cleaned and dried Kieran's dick. Once that was done, Tom leaned down and gently caressed Kieran's dick inside his mouth for a few minutes.

"Why do you love having my dick in your mouth daddy, even though I can't have an orgasm yet?" asked Kieran innocently.

Tom lifted off Kieran's dick and replied, "Because son, it is very beautiful. It makes me feel very good to have your dick in my mouth, so you can feel how much I love it. Not to mention that it tastes very nice. When you are finally able to have an orgasm, I will enjoy making love to your dick even more. I can't wait to taste your first orgasm. Now, let me go see if I can find the box my clamps were shipped in."

Tom gently kissed the head of Kieran's dick, then turned and walked naked downstairs to the shipments of equipment that had been piling up there. Tom looked over dozens of shipping labels, until he found one from the company he had ordered all his clamps from. In a few moments, Tom had found the clamp he was after. He went back upstairs to find Kieran tightly hugging his Billy Bear.

"Okay son, I found what we need." smiled Tom, as he sat down next to Kieran. "This clamp is going to be a bit different than the last one I used on you. I'm going to put it over your glans, and then it is going to squeeze it very tightly."

Kieran shivered a bit as the cold metal came in contact with the head of his dick, then he told Tom that he was ready. Tom squeezed gently but firmly on the clamp, and watched the head of Kieran's dick as it began to compress. Kieran's dick once again became stiff, as he felt it being squeezed very tightly. Then his foreskin finally popped back over the head of his dick. Tom released the clamp, and watched as the head of Kieran's dick disappeared back underneath the foreskin. The snout formed by the tip of Kieran's foreskin did look slightly larger now, but Tom knew that it was likely to draw back up a little bit. Then Tom lovingly kissed and licked at Kieran's dick.

"Can you please make love to it daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Only for a few minutes son." replied Tom. "Then we have to get ready and have breakfast. I have a lot of work to do today to start setting up my office."

As Tom began gently caressing Kieran's dick with his lips, Kieran cooed softly, "I love you daddy. I want to help you set up your office."

Kieran then moaned and giggled for the next few minutes, as Tom passionately made love to his beautiful little dick. Tom finally finished and said, "I would love for you to help me son. After you grow up and I send you to medical school, I'll want you to be my partner anyway. Would you like to be a doctor when you grow up Kieran?"

"I'll be proud to be just like you daddy!" beamed Kieran, as Tom rubbed Kieran's cream into his dick.

As Tom helped Kieran get dressed, he realized that Kieran didn't have a lot of clothes with him. The adorable Superman underwear looked a little soiled, and Kieran only had one more pair of Batman underwear with him. Of course they looked just as adorable on his beautiful little boy, and Tom finished dressing Kieran in what clean clothes he had.

As Tom dressed himself, he said, "We may not get as much done in my office as I thought son. I'm either going to have to take you to your parents house to get some of your things, or take you shopping."

"I don't have too much more at my parents house." replied Kieran, with a touch of sadness.

"Well then, we'll take care of that right after breakfast." said Tom, as he hugged Kieran close to him. "We'll pick up what little you have there, then go shopping. My beautiful boy should have a lot of adorable clothes, and anything else he wants!"

Tom then gave Kieran a brief kiss, and Kieran giggled as they went down to the kitchen for breakfast. After breakfast, it was off to Kieran's old home first. Tom called on the way there, to make sure at least one of Kieran's parents would be there. Kieran's mom answered the phone, but didn't sound very excited to hear from Tom. She did say she would be there when they arrived though. Kieran didn't look very enthused as they got closer to his parents house.

Once there, Tom and Kieran went to the door. When Kieran's mom answered, Tom said, "Good morning Mrs. Jones, how are you today?"

"I'm fine, but I have someplace I need to be in a little while, so if you don't mind..." replied Kieran's mom.

"That's okay, we don't want to take up too much of your time." said Tom. "I just wanted to stop by and pick up Kieran's stuff he had here."

"Hello mother." said Kieran as unemotionally as possible.

"Hello Kieran." replied his mom. "You have to remember something now Kieran, Tom is your parent now. You can call him dad, daddy, or father if he will let you, but that's it."

"Yes ma'am." replied Kieran softly.

Tom now wanted to finish his business and leave, and he almost wished they hadn't come by here. "I take it you received the compensation that was mentioned in our arrangement?" asked Tom.

"Yes, and we thank you very much for that." replied Kieran's mom. "I hope you don't mind, but we needed to clear out Kieran's room. His stuff is right over here in the corner."

Tom looked over and held his tongue as he saw three small garbage bags that had been hastily packed. "Thank you for having his stuff ready." said Tom civilly. "I'll take two bags Kieran, and you grab the other. We'll be leaving right away Mrs. Jones. I want to thank you and your husband for allowing me to take over Kieran's care."

Tom and Kieran grabbed the bags, then put them in the trunk of Tom's car. As soon as Tom had driven a few miles, he found a place to pull over. Tom then took Kieran into his arms as his son began to cry.

"Shh, my sweet little angel." comforted Tom. "It's over now. You now have a father who loves you very much. I'll do everything I can to be the only parent you will ever need again."

"Why do they hate me though?" sobbed Kieran. "I always tried to be a good boy. I never did anything bad on purpose."

"I know that Kieran." replied Tom, as he rubbed Kieran's back softly. "You are the sweetest and greatest son that anyone could ask for. I appreciate that, and I love you with all my heart son. Some people don't appreciate anything though son, and you're lucky that you don't have to go through that anymore. I'm your daddy now Kieran, and I love you with every ounce of my soul."

"I love you too daddy!" squeaked Kieran. "Daddy, did you buy me from them?"

"I did give them some money son, but I don't see it as buying you." replied Tom sincerely. "You are a wonderful young boy, and wonderful young boys can't be bought or sold. All I did was pay them to assure that you would be happy and loved from now on. I love you son, and I hope you can understand that."

"I do daddy." replied Kieran. "It was like insurance, wasn't it?"

"Yes son, that's exactly what it was." smiled Tom. "Now, let's go shopping so I can make my incredibly beautiful son even more beautiful and happy."

The trip to the mall was very exciting for Kieran, and he soon forgot his unhappy feelings from earlier. Although Kieran had been to the mall before, it had never been under the circumstances that he could have anything he wanted. Now that that was the case though, the mall seemed incredibly large to Kieran.

As Tom found a parking spot, Kieran said, "This place is so huge daddy! I'll never find anything in here!"

"It's a good thing we didn't go to the Mall of America then!" chuckled Tom.

"What's the Mall of America daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Do you mean that we only live four hours away from there, and you've never been there?" asked Tom.

"Four hours to go to a mall?!" exclaimed Kieran. "I was lucky to be able to come here every once in a while!"

"Well son, we'll fix that too." smiled Tom. "Now, let's go on in. Your daddy loves you, and he'll help you find whatever you want."

Kieran looked excited once again, and insisted on holding his daddy's hand as they went into the mall. Tom was afraid that someone might say something, but he couldn't refuse Kieran's request. To Tom's surprise, everyone seemed to think that he and Kieran were the perfect father and son couple. One lady even remarked that they looked so much alike, even though Tom's hair was a bit lighter than Kieran's, and Tom considered himself rather plain compared to his stunningly beautiful boy. Tom and Kieran had a great time together, shopping for Kieran. Tom found out that Kieran's only two pair of underwear he brought with him reflected his taste in underwear, as his parents always wanted him to stick with plain white briefs. Tom told Kieran to go ahead and find whatever underwear he wanted, and none of them should be plain white briefs. After visiting several stores, Kieran had found quite a few pair of rather fashionable briefs, none of which were white. There was one pair in particular that Kieran couldn't wait to model for his daddy tonight.

Kieran was able to buy all the clothes that he had ever wanted to buy before, but his parents would never let him. Then the pair passed by a swimwear shop, and Tom dragged Kieran on in.

"I have a pair of swimming trunks daddy." said Kieran. "Why do we need to get another?"

"What do they look like son?" asked Tom.

"Well, they're plain yellow, they have a drawstring at the top, they're kinda baggy except for the liner, and they hang down to my knees." replied Kieran.

"My God, did your parents get those for you?!" exclaimed Tom.

"Yeah daddy, how did you know?" asked Kieran.

"Because they sound absolutely hideous!" snickered Tom. "Now we're going to see if we can get you something more beautiful to swim in."

Tom had the store clerk take them directly to the Speedos.

"Isn't this kinda like wearing your underwear to go swimming?" asked Kieran.

"These are perfectly acceptable for swimming." laughed the clerk. "You see, there's no fly in the front for things to come flying out of. First though, I need to size your son sir. We don't allow these to be tried on first, as it's difficult to get a proper fit with underwear beneath them. I need your son to pull up his shirt a little, then pull his pants and briefs down just far enough so I can measure around the top of his hips."

Kieran did as he was instructed, and the clerk quickly measured him. Then Kieran readjusted his clothes, and they began looking at swimwear. After Tom and Kieran appeared lost for a few minutes, the clerk said, "With your son's proportions, I have a suit that might be perfect for him. It's cut up a little higher on the legs in the back, but it still covers an acceptable portion of his rump. Then in the front, it has a much better formed pouch than most other suits." Then the clerk used Kieran to demonstrate what he was talking about.

"Are you sure that it will be acceptable?" laughed Tom. "We don't want to cause anyone to have a heart attack when they see him in them!"

"Well sir, your son is a very good looking boy, so we can't guarantee anything there." smiled the clerk. "You'll just have to hope that everyone he runs across is in good health. I can guarantee that he will look absolutely great in them though."

"Okay, but let's get them in a conservative color." chuckled Tom. "We don't want to take any more risks than are necessary."

Tom and Kieran settled on a pair that was a very dark blue, but not quite navy. Once they made their selection, Tom asked if Kieran could go ahead and try them on now, just so they could see how they looked. The clerk showed Kieran to the changing room, then Kieran stripped down to his shoes and put on the swimsuit. After adjusting his dick so it fit into the pouch comfortably, Kieran came back out.

"Are you sure I can get away with wearing this in public?" Kieran asked the clerk.

It was a good thing he had asked the clerk, because Tom's mouth was now gaping open.

"This is perfectly acceptable swimwear." replied the clerk. "And just as I suspected, it looks absolutely fantastic on you. Just look at you father's reaction."

Tom was astounded by the way his son looked. The suit did come up a little further in the back, and although Kieran's butt was covered, you could tell exactly how nice it looked underneath. The pouch in the front accented his little boy parts very well, and gave the appearance that the wearer was proud of how their body looked. When Tom broke out of his trance, he could see people passing by in the mall looking into the store at Kieran. One man passing by even ran straight into a roof support column, nearly knocking himself down. That made Tom start laughing hysterically. Then Kieran and the clerk turned to see what had happened, and began laughing too.

"If I can get away with these, I want them!" exclaimed Kieran as he laughed.

Then Kieran strutted around the store for a few minutes, showing off his new swimwear. No boy who had ever come into that store got more appreciative stares from onlookers than Kieran did. Then after Tom had the clerk get another pair in dark maroon, in case Kieran ever got tired of blue, Kieran came running excitedly over to Tom and the clerk, and dragged them over to a display.

"I'm afraid with those, you could only wear them at your own private pool." said the clerk, as Kieran held out a thong that was nothing more than straps and a pouch.

"Then I'll have a contractor start on a pool right away." smiled Tom. "If that's your size son, we'll get those too."

By the time Kieran finally went back to the booth to change into his regular clothes, he had drawn more people into the shop than they had seen in quite a while. As the clerk rang Tom and Kieran up, he thanked them for increasing his sales numbers for the day, and probably the month as well. Then he welcomed Tom and Kieran to come back anytime.

After leaving the shop, Kieran said, "Daddy, that was the most fun I've ever had! Did you see all those people looking at me like I was the most beautiful boy in the world? They looked like they all wanted to look just like me!"

"That's because you ARE the most beautiful boy in the world!" replied Tom proudly. "And I'm so proud that you are MY beautiful boy now. I can't wait to take you to the beach or a water park now, so I can show off my beautiful son to everyone!"

Tom and Kieran had a great time at the mall for the rest of the day, until they had to go home to get ready for dinner with Patty and her cousin, who's name Tom had found out was Kenny. When Tom and Kieran got home, Kieran had bought so many clothes that he almost didn't even want to go through his stuff. Tom had him do it anyway while he prepared dinner, telling Kieran to only keep what he really wanted, and they would throw everything else away. Patty and Kenny arrived right on time, just as dinner had finished cooking.

Kieran was wearing an outfit that he had bought today, and Patty complimented him on how nice he looked. Then she introduced Tom and Kieran to Kenny. Kenny shook both their hands and looked at the two for a minute, then gave Tom a knowing glance. Everyone spent dinner getting to know each other as well as possible, with most of the conversation centering around Kenny's story. Kenny told Tom and Kieran that he could relate to Kieran's story, as it brought back a lot of memories of his early childhood. Then Kenny started talking about how lucky he had been that his lover Roger came along when he was nine, and saved his life. Kenny had absolutely no regrets, because he and Roger shared a very happy life together for almost thirty years. Kenny loved and cared for Roger right up until the day he passed away, and he was thankful to have had such a wonderful man in his life for so long. Kenny said that his only memories of Roger were all very happy, and that he wouldn't have wanted anything to be any different. By this time, Tom and Patty were both holding back a few tears.

"So, there are no other men in your life right now?" asked Kieran innocently.

Kenny smiled as he replied, "I'm not really looking for another man Kieran. I would however love to find a very special boy, who needs the same love and help that my Roger gave to me. I think that would make Roger very happy. Kind of like the way your daddy found you. You both are very lucky to have been brought together the way you have been."

"I swear Tom, I didn't say a word." said Patty.

"There was no need to say anything cousin." smiled Kenny. "Once a man knows what it means to find a special boy, he can spot that in others without them saying a word. I think what you're doing for Kieran is very beautiful Tom, and I hope to be as lucky as you someday soon."

Needless to say, Kenny approved of Patty's new boss very highly. He knew his cousin would be much happier working for Tom than she was at the hospital. The dinner was very successful at forging an important friendship between Tom, Patty, and Kenny, with Kieran being an important part of that as well. After dinner was over, Kieran wanted to model his new clothes for everyone. The living room was still piled high with boxes and crates for Tom's office, so Kieran had to do his fashion show in the dining room. Tom cleared the table, then he and Kenny moved it back to have more room. Kieran took it easy, and started off with street clothes. Everyone thought he looked very sweet and adorable as he modeled his clothes. Then Kieran smiled impishly as he put on his sandals and blue Speedo. Tom was prepared for this at some point, but Patty and Kenny was taken by surprise. They could both see that Kieran was proud of how he looked, and they knew he had every right to be. Kieran was already a beautiful boy, but he was even more so like this. Kieran posed for them from all sides for several minutes, before dashing back upstairs.

His next outfit even left Tom speechless though. Kieran came downstairs in nothing but a pair of briefs with a bulls-eye on the front. He had adjusted his dick so it rested in the center of the bulls-eye, and formed a bulge there. Kieran was very pleased by how Patty smiled, and Tom and Kenny both stared at him in wonder.

"You have a very sexy young boy there Tom." said Kenny, as Kieran was upstairs changing again. "I envy you very much. I just don't understand how you were able to keep from taking him in a kiss right there."

"It was very tough not doing that!" laughed Tom.

For his last performance, Kieran came downstairs dressed in his thong. As Kieran modeled this, the pouch held his boy parts very suggestively. Then he turned for another pose, showing off his smooth, soft, and perfectly rounded cheeks. Kieran finally turned to the side, showing off the silhouette of his beautiful rump, and the pouch that contained his now proudly erect boy parts. Tom and Kenny were both left erect, and with their mouths hanging open. Patty was simply amazed by the beauty of the nearly naked boy.

"Come here Kieran." said Patty. Patty kissed him on his face cheek, as her hand lightly caressed one butt cheek. "You are without a doubt a very beautiful and sexy boy Kieran." smiled Patty.

Then Kieran went to Kenny for his approval. Kenny softly stroked the entire length of Kieran's body once, then kissed him gently on the forehead before saying, "Tom is a very lucky man, and Patty is right. You are very beautiful and sexy."

Kieran then stood in front of Tom, as Tom caressed his entire body lovingly. Then Tom took Kieran into a warm embrace, and kissed him lovingly on the lips. Patty and Kenny were both smiling when Tom broke the kiss and said, "How could anyone not love you Kieran? You are the most beautiful person that God has ever graced this planet with. Anyone who ever treats you with anything other than love will surely incur God's wrath on themselves, and I would hate to be in their position. I am the luckiest man in the world that he has chosen to give you to me as my son."

Then Kieran sat in his daddy's lap and said, "Until I met daddy, I never knew that people were so filled with love and caring. My parents and their friends never showed those kinds of feelings. Now though, that's all I'm getting from daddy and everyone who knows him. I love all of you very much, and especially my loving and wonderful new daddy."

Kieran spent the rest of the evening in his final outfit, sharing his time with everyone in the comfort of their laps. Kieran would giggle when he felt Tom's and Kenny's erections poking against him, and Patty would laugh at their state of arousal. She understood it though, as she couldn't think of any man, woman, boy, or girl who wouldn't be aroused by Kieran right now. After Patty and Kenny had left, with both of them promising to return the next day to help with Tom's office, Tom carried Kieran up to their bedroom in his arms, covering Kieran's face and body with loving kisses.

Kieran definitely reminds me of the song, "How Do You Like Me Now?" I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say, we love you Kieran. Please send all comments to: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 6.