Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

Kieran spent the rest of the evening in his final outfit, sharing his time with everyone in the comfort of their laps. Kieran would giggle when he felt Tom's and Kenny's erections poking against him, and Patty would laugh at their state of arousal. She understood it though, as she couldn't think of any man, woman, boy, or girl who wouldn't be aroused by Kieran right now. After Patty and Kenny had left, with both of them promising to return the next day to help with Tom's office, Tom carried Kieran up to their bedroom in his arms, covering Kieran's face and body with loving kisses.

Tom was once again awoken the next morning to the feeling of Kieran's soft and gentle lips wrapped around the end of his erect cock. This morning though he had woke up in time to enjoy his son's loving attention to his cock for a few minutes, before building to an orgasm. Tom smiled as he watched Kieran lovingly massage his cock. Then Tom began to gasp, as he watched Kieran prepare swallow his cum. Tom moaned softly as Kieran drank from his cock, acting as if Tom's cum was the most wonderful tasting thing he had ever drank. Once Tom's orgasm was over, Kieran eagerly crawled up Tom's body until they were face to face.

"Good morning daddy." said Kieran happily. "I love drinking from your cock. Can I have some more this afternoon?"

"You can have anything you want, anytime you want son." smiled Tom, as he gazed into Kieran's beautiful eyes. "You also enjoyed showing your beautiful little butt to Patty and Kenny last night, didn't you?"

"Yeah, that was fun." giggled Kieran. "They liked seeing my butt, didn't they?"

"They thought it was just as beautiful as I do." replied Tom. "They enjoyed every second of your bare butt in their laps."

"Is it really that beautiful daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Just lay down here beside me, and I'll show you." replied Tom.

Kieran laid on his stomach next to Tom, then Tom rolled over and began covering Kieran's butt with passionate kisses. Kieran smiled and giggled as Tom thoroughly kissed his smooth butt. Then Tom began to lick Kieran with his tongue, and soon spread Kieran's cheeks apart gently. Kieran moaned softly as Tom ran his tongue up and down his crack, and cooed when Tom's tongue stopped on his tight little pucker. Tom licked and prodded lovingly at the small hole, as he enjoyed Kieran's taste.

"Daddy, can you put your finger in my butt again?" asked Kieran. "I loved it the last time you did that."

"I'll do anything you ask Kieran." replied Tom softly. "I want you to turn over on your back first though."

Kieran rolled over and smiled at Tom, as Tom wet his finger, then gently slipped it into Kieran. Then Tom leaned down, and began lovingly sucking on Kieran's dick.

"Oh daddy!" moaned Kieran. "That feels really good!"

Tom continued to pleasure his boy for the next thirty minutes, until he saw that it was time to get out of bed and get ready for Patty and Kenny to arrive. Tom reluctantly pulled his finger out of Kieran, then licked it clean as he smiled at the very happy little boy.

"You like licking your finger after it's been inside me, don't you daddy?" giggled Kieran.

"I love that taste more than anything in the world son." smiled Tom. "Would you like to try sticking your finger in me and tasting it?"

"Maybe tonight daddy." giggled Kieran. "I don't want to ruin my breakfast!"

Tom smiled as he picked up his naked and giggling son, and took him to the shower with him. Tom lovingly washed himself and Kieran off, and when he got to Kieran's dick, he pulled the foreskin back gently, as far as he could. Then he thoroughly washed Kieran's little dick and balls. Once he was finished, Kieran insisted on washing his cock. Tom watched as Kieran gently massaged the soap into his cock and balls, and did such a good job that Tom became erect again. Kieran wanted to rinse Tom off and suck on it some more, but Tom knew that he needed more time to recover. He did let Kieran massage it more than was necessary to clean it though.

Then Tom took Kieran back to the bed, and finished cleaning out from underneath Kieran's foreskin. Kieran begged Tom to pull the foreskin all the way back again, so Tom firmly grasped Kieran's dick. Tom was surprised that the foreskin pulled all the way past the glans easier today, and it looked like he might not need the clamp to retract it.

"I think that pretty soon son, you may be able to pull the foreskin all the way back yourself." said Tom. "It looks much better today."

"That's because I have the greatest doctor in the world!" boasted Kieran proudly. "My daddy!"

Tom smiled as he finished cleaning Kieran's dick. When he was finished, Tom grasped Kieran's glans between his thumb and finger, then squeezed firmly. Sure enough, Kieran's foreskin slipped back over the head, and covered it over. Tom then gently applied Kieran's cream, and gave Kieran's dick a few loving caresses. Then Tom told a giggling Kieran to get dressed for breakfast, as he began to dress for the day. All Kieran wanted to wear was a pair of loose shorts and a pair of sandals, and that was fine with Tom.

When Tom and Kieran finished breakfast, they cuddled together for a few moments before the doorbell rang. Tom and Kieran went to the door together to greet Patty and Kenny. Patty gave Tom and Kieran both a light hug, followed by a little bit more of a hug from Kenny. Kenny also gave Kieran a kiss on his nose.

"I like you Kenny!" giggled Kieran. "Can I call you Uncle Kenny?"

"I like you too Kieran, and I'd be proud if you called me Uncle Kenny." replied Kenny with a smile.

"Okay folks, I guess we might as well get to it here." said Tom. "Kenny, I'd like you to help me with the heavy stuff today. I had the contractor build two examination rooms, and I have an exam table for each one. I figured since kids will be kids, I would also have him build an x-ray room, and there's quite a bit of heavy equipment there."

"You didn't tell me that this would be real work Patty!" laughed Kenny.

"Don't worry Kenny." chuckled Tom. "I'll make it up to you."

"If you want to make it up to me Tom, you wouldn't have anyone in mind for an x-ray technician yet, would you?" asked Kenny.

"Are you an x-ray tech, Kenny?" asked Tom.

"State certified and everything!" smiled Kenny. "I even have one of those certificate thingies around the house somewhere. Roger wanted me to have a nice career when I was younger, so he sent me on to college after high school. I figured becoming a doctor or lawyer would cost him too much, so I settled for studying to be an x-ray technician."

"Okay then Kenny, you have a job." smiled Tom. "I was going to handle it myself, but if our social worker makes good on her promise, I might be too busy. I guess you can handle receptionist duties when we are slow on x-rays. I was going to get Patty to be my nurse AND receptionist, but I don't want her to quit on me right away." Then Tom, Kenny, and Patty laughed.

"Okay Patty, I am going to assign you a very beautiful and giggly little helper for all the light stuff." said Tom. "Kieran, would you like to help Patty?"

"Sure daddy, I'd like that a lot!" chirped Kieran. "It sure sounds better than helping you with all of that heavy stuff!"

"And he's a smart little helper too!" laughed Patty, which got a giggle from Kieran.

While Kieran and Patty started on the lobby and reception area, Tom and Kenny started on the x-ray room. Once the darkroom was finished, Tom and Kenny hauled in the x-ray table. Then they began assembling and calibrating the imaging equipment.

"Wow Tom, you spared no expense!" remarked Kenny, as they tested the x-ray equipment. "This is all top of the line equipment! This is going to be a great job."

"Well, I want to be prepared to handle anything that comes in." replied Tom. "Besides, the last time I had a private practice, I was use to having the best equipment. Now, let's run the test x-ray through the processor, and see if we got it set up right. Then we'll go get Patty and Kieran for a lunch break."

The x-ray came out perfect, and Patty and Kieran were more than ready for a break, as they were almost finished with the reception area. Everyone decided that in order to get back to work as soon as possible, they would go to a nearby fast food place. Kieran was very pleased with that decision.

As they were finishing lunch, Tom said, "I was thinking about taking Kieran to the beach tomorrow, and seeing if my neighbor Phil and his family would like to go along. He and his wife have a foster son named Davey, and a birth son named Mark. Would you and Patty like to go too Kenny?"

"I'm definitely there!" replied Kenny enthusiastically. "How about you cousin Patty?"

"Sure, it sounds like fun." smiled Patty.

"Yahoo!" shouted Kieran. "We're going to the beach!"

The adults all chuckled at the very excited boy, as everyone finished their lunch. As soon as they got back to the office, Kieran whispered to Tom that he wanted one more thing for his lunch, and he could only get it from his daddy's cock. Kenny knew what Kieran was whispering, and laughed as he excused Tom so his son could make love to him. When Tom and Kieran returned, Kenny wanted to see how open and accepting Kieran was about loving Tom.

"Did you enjoy your daddy's orgasm Kieran?" asked Kenny as he smiled.

"I always enjoy that Uncle Kenny!" exclaimed Kieran happily. "It feels and tastes so good when daddy feeds me from his cock, and I love it that it makes daddy feel good too!"

Kenny rubbed the top of Kieran's head and said, "I hope when I find a little boy to be my son, he's just like you Kieran. Tom, you're a very lucky man to have a boy like Kieran who loves you the way he does."

"I know that's a fact!" replied Tom. "And I love you just as much Kieran."

Then Tom stooped down and gave Kieran a passionate kiss before sending him back out to Patty. Tom and Kenny finished both exam rooms, and Tom even had the chance to slip out to invite Phil and his family to the beach the next day. Phil was very happy to accept Tom's offer. By the time they finished the office that day, it looked almost ready to open. All Tom had to do now was put away supplies where he wanted them, and have the state inspect his medical equipment. Before Patty and Kenny left, Tom set an opening date for the office. Now he would take out an advertisement in the local paper, list his office with a couple of different group insurance plans, distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood, and he would be ready to go. That evening, he also called his and Kieran's social worker to let her know when his office would be open. He was surprised when she made two appointments for his opening day.

The next day began with Tom being woke up by his alarm clock named Kieran. This morning he was awoken just after Kieran started on his cock, so Tom turned his boy around and made love to Kieran's dick, as Kieran massaged his cock with his lips. Tom moaned passionately around Kieran's stiff little dick, as Kieran hungrily drank Tom's first orgasm of the day. After they rested in each other's arms for a few minutes, Tom and Kieran went for their morning shower together. As Tom massaged soap into Kieran's back and chest, he watched as Kieran grasped his dick firmly, and finally pulled the foreskin all the way back.

"I did it daddy, I did it!" exclaimed Kieran excitedly.

"You sure did!" praised Tom. "That was very good!"

Then Tom reached down and lovingly cleaned Kieran's dick and balls. After Tom finished cleaning him, it was obvious Kieran was having trouble getting his foreskin to slide back over the head of his dick.

"Let me show you again son." said Tom, as he grasped the glans between his thumb and forefinger. "You take the glans like this between your thumb and forefinger, and make sure that your thumb is all the way over on the opposite side, like this. Then you just gently squeeze the glans, and increase the pressure until the foreskin slides back over. Okay, go ahead and try again."

Kieran grasped his dick just like his daddy showed him, then made the most adorable face while he squeezed it. Finally, the foreskin slid back over the head of Kieran's dick. Kieran was so happy and excited, that Tom had to hold onto him to keep him from falling in the shower. As soon as Tom and Kieran finished their shower and breakfast, it was time to get ready to go to the beach. As Tom and Kieran finished getting ready, Patty and Kenny showed up. Then Tom went to see if Phil and his family were ready. Phil and his family piled into his car, and Patty, Kenny, Tom, and Kieran piled into Patty's. Kenny and Tom couldn't help but to chuckle over how excited Kieran was to go to the beach.

Even though it was still early, the beach was already starting to come to life. The adults staked out a good spot to keep an eye on their kids from, and Kenny plopped down on a blanket.

"You do know that if it gets busy today, I may not be able to move from this spot." whispered Kenny to Tom.

"Then try to enjoy the scenery." chuckled Tom quietly. "Besides, once you find someone special, I'm sure it won't be so much of a problem anymore."

Then Tom got out his camera to take a few pictures of his and Phil's boys. Tom planned on finally giving his camera a good work-out today. Kieran attracted quite a bit of attention with his Speedo, and the way it came up onto his cheeks. Mark's Speedo was a lighter blue with black stripes. The thing that stood out about it was how Mark was able to fill out the front of it at only age eleven.

"And to think that boy ain't even hit puberty yet!" said Phil, as Tom snapped Mark's picture. "I may need to get him in to see you as soon as you get your office open, to see if his hormones are TOO active! He'll definitely drive the girls crazy though, unless he turns out to be gay."

"Would you be upset by that Phil?" asked Tom.

"Hell no Tom!" replied Phil. "If he's straight he's straight, and if he's gay he's gay. I don't believe there's much anyone can do about that. He's still my son though, and I'll love him no matter what. I have caught him and Davey glancing at each other ocassionally though already. Davey's a sweet kid though, so if that's what happens, I'll support the boys as much as I can."

"It's really good to hear you say that Phil." said Tom. "In my line of work, you tend to see a lot of cases where parents don't love their kids as much as you, and it can break your heart if you let it."

"Well Tom, the only thing you'll see with my boys is the ordinary boyhood scrapes and sneezes." smiled Phil. "Me or my wife neither one could ever lay a finger on a child in a hurtful way."

Tom continued with his pictures after his chat with Phil. Davey had on a pair of dark trunks, which still looked very nice. Tom got one picture of him laying on his blanket, and lightly pinching his nipple. It was a very sexy picture of the twelve year old boy. Tom could begin to see that Davey might have some interest in Mark as more than just a playmate, but he knew that Phil would love and support the two boys as much as he could. When lunchtime rolled around, Tom and Phil went to one of the food stalls that were very common along the beach walk. Once everyone's order had been filled, they carried all the food and drinks back to the beach. Kenny would have went along to help, but due to the number of young boys on the beach, he was having a hard time moving around without being noticed. Tom laughed as he told Kenny not to worry about it.

When lunch was over, Tom and Phil told the boys to wait at least one hour before going back into the water. Then Tom went to take some more pictures. After getting a few good shots of Kieran, he realized that the adults had lost track of Davey and Mark. Tom had Kieran help him look for the two boys before Phil and his wife began to worry. As Tom and Kieran approached an old pier near the end of the public beach, they were about to turn around. No one had come down this far, and they didn't think the boys would have either. Then Tom saw a familiar looking leg sticking out from behind a pier support. Tom and Kieran approached quietly, and saw Davey and Mark laying in the sand out of view of anyone on the beach. The two boys were so wrapped up in sucking each other's dicks that they didn't hear Tom and Kieran until they were standing right next to them.

Davey noticed Tom and Kieran, and quickly raised up off of Mark's dick. Mark's erect circumcised dick stood up proudly at six inches, with Davey's saliva glistening off it.

"Please Tom, we weren't doing anything wrong!" said Davey fearfully.

Then Davey pulled his five inch circumcised erection from Mark's mouth, and Mark almost cried, "Please don't tell anyone Tom! We promise we won't do it again!"

"Please don't hit us or anything Tom!" cried Davey.

"Calm down boys." said Tom calmly, as he slowly sat down next to the two naked and scared boys. "I'm not going to do anything to either of you. You two looked like you were showing how much you love each other. There's never anything wrong with that, even if you are both boys."

"Yeah, I'm in love with a man, and I love to do what you guys were doing!" said Kieran, as he sat down in front of Tom.

"I certainly can't blame you boys for wanting to do that either." smiled Tom. "You are both very nice looking down there. Are you sure you're only eleven Mark?"

"Daddy and I both know how much fun it is to make another guy orgasm." said Kieran. "I love making the man I love orgasm in my mouth."

"Do you two boys love each other?" asked Tom.

"Yeah, I love Mark." replied Davey.

"My dick never got stiff before mom and dad brought Davey home." said Mark. "I didn't know what was wrong with it, but Davey told me why it did that. I love Davey."

"Then don't ever be ashamed of what you boys were just doing." said Tom. "If you love another boy, and you make him feel good by putting his dick in your mouth, that can be a really beautiful thing."

"Can we show them daddy?" asked Kieran.

"I guess so son." smiled Tom.

Davey and Mark watched in amazement as Kieran pulled Tom's shorts down, then wrapped his lips around Tom' cock. In just a moment, Kieran was hungrily caressing Tom's cock while Tom gently ran his fingers through Kieran's hair. Then Davey and Mark eagerly went back to what they were doing.

"Can either of you boys cum yet?" moaned Tom.

Davey let Mark's cock slip from his mouth just long enough to reply, "I can cum a little bit, but Mark only has dry orgasms."

Then Davey went back to passionately sucking on Mark's cock. Kieran really enjoyed that the other two boys could see him pleasuring his daddy's cock out of the corners of their eyes.

Kieran surprised Tom with his language when he backed off Tom's cock and moaned, "Feed me your cum out of your cock daddy. You know how much I love drinking it!"

Then Kieran's lips went back around Tom's cock, and Tom began to approach his orgasm. When Tom began cumming into Kieran's mouth, Davey began cumming for Mark. Tom's orgasm did last a bit longer than Davey's though. Then Tom and Kieran watched Davey suck Mark to a dry orgasm. Kieran reached in and gently stroked Mark's chest as his body writhed and shivered beneath Davey.

When the two boys were done, Tom said, "Kieran and I love each other very much. Because of the fact that I'm a man and he's a boy though, we could get in a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out what we do. I need to trust you boys never to say anything to anyone about this. It would kill Kieran and me both. Can this be just our secret?"

"I like you guys." replied Davey. "I would never tell anyone what you two just did."

"Neither would I." smiled Mark. "You guys let me know that it's okay to love Davey. I'm still afraid that my dad will find out though."

"Do you want to know something Mark?" asked Tom. "Your dad can already see how much you two boys love each other. He's happy that he brought Davey home to be your boyfriend, and he told me that he will always love and support both of you. He told me that the only thing that matters is that you two are happy with loving each other."

"You mean it's really okay for Davey to be my boyfriend?" asked Mark excitedly. "I love you Doctor Tom!"

"I can't believe this Doctor Tom!" said Davey. "My mom beat me up for just playing with my dick, but my new daddy says it's okay to be Mark's boyfriend? Why do people act so differently? Doesn't my real mommy love me?"

"I wish I knew the answer to that Davey." replied Tom. "It would make my job so much easier. I'm sure it's not that your real mommy doesn't love you, but she really needs help to learn how to feel about different things. You're lucky though Davey. Now you have a foster mommy and daddy who love you, and won't act like that over things that no one can control."

"Yeah Davey, you're lucky just like me." said Kieran. "My new daddy loves me so much that I don't even miss my old mommy and daddy now. They never loved me at all compared to my new daddy."

"Well boys, we need to get back to everyone before they call the police to look for us." said Tom. "Just trust me Davey and Mark, everything is going to be really good for you two, and you never have to worry about loving each other."

When Tom led the boys back up the beach, Phil was starting to get worried. Then he saw them with Tom and relaxed. Then when Tom got close enough, Phil pointed back and forth at Davey and Mark. Tom shook his head yes, then Phil smiled and nodded in reply.

"Come on over here and sit down for a second Mark and Davey." said Phil. When the boys were seated, Phil continued, "Your mom and I have both talked about this, and I want to make sure that you both know how we feel. If you two were to become boyfriends, the only thing that matters to either of us is that you are both happy, and that you love each other. We both love both of you boys, and if there's anything we can do to help, please come to us right away."

"In that case dad, can Davey move into my room when we get home?" asked Mark. "I'd like to have my boyfriend with me at night."

Phil kissed Mark on the forehead and replied, "You bet son. I love you both very much." Then Phil and his wife gave both boys a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

Mark and Davey smiled at each other, then Mark gave Davey a very brief kiss before they ran off to play with Kieran. As the adults watched the three boys play, they looked at the pictures Tom had taken. They decided that the best one of Mark was when he was laying on his blanket and pinching his nipple. The best one of Kieran was chosen as a shot of Kieran from behind, with his butt seductively covered by his Speedo, and a little bit of the cheeks showing. Finally, everyone decided that the best shot of Mark was one that was taken from the side, as the boy was walking. The rest of the visit to the beach went very well.

On the way back to Tom's, Kenny said, "One thing that today showed me is how much I need a boy. The problem today was all the boys there were happy, and I wouldn't want to mess that up for them. I want to find a boy who needs help, and needs me to make him happy."

"I'm sure that will happen for you someday Kenny." said Tom. "I will certainly keep my eyes open for you."

The next day was back to work, after Tom's now normal wake up call. Kieran helped Tom carry boxes from the living room to the office for Patty and Kenny to sort through, then he went to help Tom put up signs. There were several signs and posters needed in the treatment area, then several more in the lobby. Kieran seemed excited when they put up the sign outside the office door indicating the office hours. The he helped Tom put up signs for parking, and to direct patients to the office door.

While Tom and Kieran were in back, they saw Davey and Mark in the back yard. Davey and Mark shared a very deep kiss, then waved at Kieran. Kieran then waved back at his friends, and looked up at Tom.

"Do you want to go play with your friends Kieran?" asked Tom as he smiled.

"Yeah, but I also want to help the man I love." replied Kieran.

Since the only ones who could see them were Davey and Mark, Tom leaned down and kissed Kieran on the lips. "I love you so much Kieran." said Tom, after breaking the very nice kiss. "I think we're just about done here son. Why don't you go play with your friends for a little while?"

"Thanks daddy." replied Kieran. "I love you."

Tom smiled as he watched the three boys play, with Davey and Mark stopping ocassionally to share a kiss. The two boys were definitely deeply in love with each other. When Phil came home, he came back outside to talk to Tom. At about the same time, Kieran came back over.

"Is it okay to go swimming with Mark and Davey in their pool?" asked Kieran. "They couldn't swim before now because they have to wait for their daddy to come home before they can use the pool."

"I think that would be great Kieran." smiled Tom.

"Can I wear my special private swimsuit?" asked Kieran mischievously.

"Only if you think your friends can handle it." laughed Tom.

"Yippee!" yelled Kieran excitedly.

"Just wait until you see this Phil." laughed Tom.

A few minutes later, Kieran came back out in his thong. Tom and Phil both snickered quietly as they watched Kieran's bare butt wiggle across the back lot, and over to Phil's back yard. Then Tom and Phil heard a chorus of, "Cool suit!" from Davey and Mark. That was followed a few moments later by Kieran yelling out, "Hey! Who touched my butt?!", and then by Mark and Davey both laughing. By that time, Tom and Phil were both laughing too.

Tom's laughter was short lived though, when Kieran's social worker pulled up. "Hi Tom." said the social worker. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I have to ask you something involving a complaint we received. Did you buy Kieran from his parents?"

Although Tom had discussed this possibility with his lawyer and knew what to say, his smile still went away quickly. "That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!" said Tom. "Who would say such a thing?"

"The complaint came from Kieran's mother." replied the social worker. "She said that you paid them two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for their son."

"I can't believe she would say such a thing!" said Tom. "They came to me because they were under investigation by the police. I felt bad for Kieran, so I agreed to give them enough money to defend themselves against serious impending legal charges. Then when Kieran came back to the hospital with evidence that he had been assaulted by his father, I was about to withdraw my offer of legal aid. Then they admitted to me that what they did to Kieran was wrong, and they agreed to give me custody of the boy. Only after that did I agree to go ahead and help them with their impending legal problems."

"The problem is Tom, they haven't been charged with anything yet." said the social worker.

"And I'm shocked that the police have moved so slowly too!" replied Tom. "I have a copy of our agreement here, and it will show that the money I gave them was for exactly the purpose I stated."

"Could I see that then Tom?" asked the social worker. "Mrs. Jones was reluctant to find her copy for me when I asked to see it."

"It would be a pleasure." replied Tom. "I'll be right back."

As Tom was going inside, he discreetly took out his cell phone and dialed his lawyer. Once inside, the lawyer answered Tom's call. "Damn it!" said Tom. "Those assholes blabbed! I have a social worker at my house right now, accusing me of buying Kieran. The complaint was filed by his mother."

"Okay Tom, just take a deep breath." said the lawyer. "I have my staff calling the police right now, and Kieran's parents will be behind bars within the hour. Just get your copy of the agreement, and show the social worker the part that I pointed out to you. That will be all the evidence you need right now to prove that you didn't buy the boy. I'll take care of everything else on this end, and Kieran will never leave your custody. Are you okay with that?"

"Yes, but it really pisses me off that they would pull this shit!" replied Tom.

"Well Tom, you and I both knew that we weren't dealing with the most stable people in the world." said the lawyer. "I'm not surprised at all, but I was kind of hoping that they would have gotten in serious trouble with the money you gave them."

"I guess they're just functional enough to be complete assholes." replied Tom.

"Well Tom, let me take care of that." said the lawyer. "Now that they have breached our deal, I'll make sure they never cause you or Kieran any trouble again."

"Thanks man, I really owe you." said Tom, a little more calmly.

"You have no idea." laughed the lawyer. "Just wait until you get my bill!"

Tom got the agreement, then took it back out to the social worker. Then he pointed her to the section that dealt with financial arrangements. The social worker read the agreement carefully several times, then handed it back to Tom.

"You know Tom, it would have been much easier to just let them get in over their heads, and then take Kieran from them." said the social worker.

"I know, but I didn't want to see Kieran hurt anymore than he already had been." replied Tom.

"But to give these people money to get out of a mess that they were getting themselves into?" asked the social worker. "That's a lot more than anyone else would have been giving them. I personally probably would have been the first one calling the police if I had been in your position."

"I guess I just have too much faith in some people." replied Tom. "I know better than that now, and they'll not get another cent out of me."

"That's good to hear because to me it sounds like they had started going through what you gave them for legal expenses, then decided that was a mistake." said the social worker. "They were probably doing this as way to get into your pockets again, thinking you were an easy scam."

"I'm glad you came by then." said Tom. "Now I know to watch out for them."

"Okay Tom, I'm sorry I had to bother you." said the social worker. "Take good care of Kieran for me, and I'll see you next week when your office opens. Now I have to inform Mrs. Jones that I have seen a copy of the agreement, and I have serious doubts about her being allowed to run around free right now."

So, did anyone think Kieran's parents would make this easy? It's worth the fight for Tom though, because Kieran is happier now than he's ever been in his life. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in Chapter 7.