Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

"I guess I just have too much faith in some people." replied Tom. "I know better than that now, and they'll not get another cent out of me."

"That's good to hear because to me it sounds like they had started going through what you gave them for legal expenses, then decided that was a mistake." said the social worker. "They were probably doing this as a way to get into your pockets again, thinking you were an easy scam."

"I'm glad you came by then." said Tom. "Now I know to watch out for them."

"Okay Tom, I'm sorry I had to bother you." said the social worker. "Take good care of Kieran for me, and I'll see you next week when your office opens. Now I have to inform Mrs. Jones that I have seen a copy of the agreement, and I have serious doubts about her being allowed to run around free right now."

"Wow Tom, I didn't know you were dealing with such low people as Kieran's parents are." said Phil, after the social worker had left. "They must have made that poor little boy's life a living hell."

"I have to admit Phil, when Kieran came back to the hospital, and I found out what had happened, my first thought was to make him an orphan." replied Tom. "I'm glad I did calm down before talking to them though. Now Kieran is with me, and I know for a fact he's much happier than he's ever been in his life. I do wish I hadn't agreed to give them money to help with their legal troubles though. Everyone would be better off if they spent a good long time in jail."

Then Tom and Phil went next door to watch the boys play in the pool. Tom and Phil both chuckled as Phil's boys kept grabbing ahold of Kieran's bare cheeks. Patty and Kenny finally finished in the office, and followed Tom and Kieran next door.

"Well, you're pretty much ready to open now Tom." said Patty. "And Kenny and I are ready whenever you are, right Kenny?"

"Huh? What?" replied Kenny, as he blushed and turned away from the pool.

"Nothing Kenny, I just volunteered you to help hand out flyers tomorrow." snickered Patty. "I think we better be going now Tom. We'll both help with flyers tomorrow. I told my supervisor that I had to help my new boss set up, so she gave me the next few days off anyway."

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then." snickered Tom.

Phil apparently didn't catch Kenny staring at the pool, or if he did, he didn't say anything about it. The boys finally saw Kenny and Patty getting ready to leave, so Kieran came out to say good-bye, followed by Davey and Mark. Then Kieran jumped up into Kenny, forcing Kenny to catch his bare butt.

"Bye Uncle Kenny." said Kieran, as he gave Kenny a hug, then pointed to his forehead.

Kenny gave Kieran a kiss to the forehead and said, "Bye you little angel. I'll see you and your daddy tomorrow."

"Dad, we want a pair of thongs like Kieran's." said Mark.

"Please." added Davey.

"Oh great!" laughed Phil. "Kieran has my boys wanting to show off their butts now!"

"We could do that without the thong." replied Mark, with an impish grin. Then Mark and Davey both turned away from the adults, and mooned them.

"Geez Phil, those butts are so cute that maybe you should get them thongs!" laughed Patty.

"Okay boys, thank Patty." laughed Phil. "She talked me into getting thongs for your cute butts."

"Cool!" exclaimed Mark. "If you guys don't mind seeing them, we don't mind showing them!"

That made Kieran giggle, as he wiggled his butt in Kenny's arms. Then Patty leaned over, and kissed Kieran on the forehead.

"Bye Kieran, we'll see you and your daddy tomorrow." said Patty.

"Bye Aunt Patty." replied Kieran.

Then Kenny handed Kieran to Tom, and Tom said, "Well, son, it's about time to go home for supper. Good-bye Phil, we'll see you again soon, I'm sure."

"Okay Tom, and good luck with your,... problem." replied Phil.

"Thanks Phil." replied Tom.

As Tom was fixing supper, with Kieran's help, his cell phone went off. "Hi Tom, this is your friendly neighborhood social worker." said the social worker when Tom answered.

"Hi, what can I do for you?" asked Tom.

"I just wanted to let you know, the strangest thing happened." replied the social worker. "As I pulled up at Kieran's parents house, the cops were bringing Kieran's mom out in cuffs. I guess the wheels of justice finally caught up to them. They're looking for his dad to pick him up as well."

"Well, the wheels of justice may move slow, but at least they move." replied Tom.

"I take it you're not as concerned about their legal problems anymore." said the social worker.

"Not after what happened today." replied Tom.

Kieran wanted to know what that was about, but Tom asked him to wait until after dinner. Just before they could sit down to dinner though, Tom's cell phone went off again.

"Hi there Tom, I don't want to take up too much of your time." said Tom's lawyer. "I just wanted to let you know that both suspects are now in custody. Tomorrow, I will plant the idea at family services that Kieran's parents parental rights should be permanently terminated. Then we'll go ahead and file for adoption."

"That would make me very happy, and Kieran as well I'm sure." replied Tom.

After dinner, Tom went ahead and explained what had happened that day. Kieran didn't look too shocked, almost like he expected his parents to pull something. Then when Tom got to the part about filing for adoption, he suddenly had an armful of very happy boy.

"This is so great daddy!" squealed Kieran. "Soon we'll be together forever and ever! Can we go upstairs and make love now?"

Tom placed his lips against Kieran's, and gave his boy a deep and loving kiss. "We can make love anytime you want son." smiled Tom, as he gazed into Kieran's eyes.

Once they got ot their bedroom, Tom undressed Kieran first. Then he laid his beautiful naked boy face down on the bed. Once Tom was naked, he climbed onto the bed over top of Kieran.

"What are you going to do daddy?" asked Kieran as he giggled.

"First, I'm going to kiss and lick that beautiful butt that you've been showing off so much today, until you tell me to stop." replied Tom.

Tom lowered himself down, and began gently kissing Kieran's butt. Once he had covered Kieran's butt with tender and loving kisses, Tom began licking both cheeks longingly.

"Mmmm." moaned Kieran softly, when he felt Tom's tongue go down into his crack. "I love you so much daddy. I'm so glad that you will be my daddy forever now."

Tom was lost in the beautiful valley between Kieran's cheeks, as he licked and sucked at Kieran's little pucker for the next thirty minutes. "Do you love my butt daddy?" asked Kieran.

"I love your beautiful little butt more than any words could describe son." replied Tom.

"I love it when you love my butt too daddy." said Kieran. "I need to make your cock feel good now though. I need some of your delicious cum in my tummy."

Tom let Kieran roll him over, then Kieran scooted down. Tom watched and smiled as his beautiful son gently wrapped his lips around his daddy's cock. Kieran was now getting so good at giving pleasure, that Tom couldn't remember ever feeling so good.

"Son, you are making my cock feel so good right now!" moaned Tom. "I love you so much!"

Kieran smiled around Tom's cock, as he continued massaging it lovingly with his lips. Tom wanted this to last as long as possible, but Kieran was very hungry and insistent. Kieran couldn't wait to drink his daddy's cum, and Tom knew it. After holding his orgasm back for about ten minutes, Tom finally began to cum into Kieran's mouth. Kieran swallowed every drop hungrily, as Tom made as much cum as he could for his boy. As soon as Kieran was satisfied that he had gotten all his daddy had to offer him, he crawled up his daddy's body, and smiled as he gazed into his daddy's eyes.

"I love how your cum tastes daddy." said Kieran. "Not all little boys know how good their daddy's cum tastes, do they?"

"No son, just very special little boys know that." replied Tom as he smiled too. Then Tom laid Kieran on his back and said, "Now your daddy is going suck your beautiful little dick for you until you fall asleep. Then I'll clean it and put your cream on while you sleep."

Tom then gently placed his lips around his very happy little boy's dick, and began to lovingly caress it. Kieran giggled softly, as he felt his dick begin to stiffen. Tom concentrated on the feel of the beautifully hard little dick in his mouth, dreaming of the day when he would take Kieran's first load of cum from him, which he knew would be about five to six years. Tom fell into a gentle and soothing rhythm, and sucked his little boy's dick for the next half hour. Then Tom finally heard Kieran snoring softly. Tom got carefully got up, then bathed and cared for his son's dick. Then Tom laid back down facing the still sleeping boy, and kissed him softly on the lips. Finally, Tom wrapped Kieran in his arms, and joined the boy in slumber.

Kieran's dreams use to be filled with frightening visions. Monsters hiding around every corner, waiting to bite chunks out of him as he screamed in terror. Obstacles blocking every step, designed to kill and maim him. And through it all, hideous caricatures of his parents, laughing demonically while they kicked, hit, and spat on him. Some nights Kieran would wake up, thinking he was going insane. Other nights he would wake up, just wanting it to be over. His dreams changed forever though, on the day his new daddy told him that he would be living with him from now on. Now Kieran's dreams were bright and happy. Nothing hurt in his dreams now. The ground was as soft as the softest mattress. The creatures were all friendly and fluffy. The trees were as soft as foam rubber, and so much fun to climb. And even if he did fall, his daddy was always there to catch him, and give him plenty of hugs and kisses. His daddy only looked different in the fact that he always had a very comforting glow around him, as if he were a saint that was sent to love and protect him. Kieran loved his dreams now, but he loved his new daddy most of all.

The next morning, Tom was awoken by an intense orgasm that was eagerly drank by his beautiful son.

"How is my beautiful little alarm clock this morning?" moaned Tom softly as he smiled.

Kieran looked up angelically and chirped, "Good morning daddy, I love you."

"You love filling your adorable little tummy with my cum too, don't you?" asked Tom, as he smiled.

"Only as much as I can daddy!" giggled Kieran.

"Then you can do that anytime you want son." smiled Tom. "Now, let me see how your adorable little dick looks this morning."

Kieran quickly climbed up in the bed, and presented his dick for his daddy to examine. Tom rolled the beautiful shaft of flesh between his fingers until it began to stiffen. Then Tom pulled back on the foreskin, which only gave moderate resistance this morning, before slipping back past the glans. Finally, Tom pushed forward on the shaft, until he finally pushed the foreskin over the glans without compressing it.

"Well Kieran, your dick is looking better every day." said Tom. "As beautiful as it was before, I would have found that hard to believe. It is also responding great to the cream. We may even discontinue that in another week or so." Then Tom looked into Kieran's face and said, "You are a very beautiful and special boy."

"No, I'm YOUR beautiful and special boy!" giggled Kieran.

Tom leaned down and kissed the giggling boy, then said, "Let's go take our shower together now son."

After the shower, getting dressed, and having breakfast, Tom and Kieran sat on the sofa waiting for Patty and Kenny. Kieran smiled and giggled as he sat in Tom's lap, and Tom gently rubbed the crotch of his shorts. Once Patty and Kenny arrived, the four went out to hand out flyers. Kieran and Tom covered one area together, while Patty and Kenny each took a different area. Everyone got back together at Tom's house for lunch.

"I was thinking about taking Kieran shopping tomorrow." said Tom. "He's never been to the Mall of America, and I was thinking that tomorrow would be a nice day for that. Would you two like to go along?"

"You can count me in Tom." replied Kenny right away. "How about you Patty?"

"Sure, it sounds like fun." replied Patty. "Besides, going someplace like that, someone will need to keep an eye on Kenny." Then Patty laughed lightly, soon followed by Tom and Kenny.

After all the flyers had been handed out, Patty fixed supper for everyone at Tom's house. Tom wanted to help, but Patty ran him out of the kitchen. After a very nice supper, everyone sat in Tom's living room, which was now devoid of boxes and crates. As Kieran sat in Tom's lap, he leaned up and whispered into Tom's ear.

"Let me check with Patty and Kenny then son." replied Tom. Tom turned back to Patty and Kenny and asked, "Kieran has said that he wants to sit in his daddy's lap naked, and wants to know if you would mind?"

"I think that would be very sweet." smiled Patty.

"Do you think I would turn down a chance to see you naked Kieran?" asked Kenny as he laughed. "I always thought you would look even more adorable that way!"

Kieran smiled as he began to strip. Once he was completely naked, he hopped back up into Tom's lap and put one arm around his daddy. Patty smiled at the affection between Kieran and Tom, and Kenny gazed at the beautiful naked boy.

"I was right Kieran, you are very beautiful that way." said Kenny as he smiled. "I hope when I have a boy to love and care for, he's every bit as beautiful as you. Were Kieran's parents from Europe Tom?"

"No, why do you ask?" replied Tom.

"It's just that you don't see too many lovely little uncut dicks on American boys." replied Kenny. "I thought maybe his parents came from Europe, where circumcision was never very popular."

"They were just too cheap to have it done." replied Kieran, as he took Tom's hand and placed it on his dick. "Daddy almost had to do it anyway, but he did everything he could to keep from doing it. He said that he didn't want to cut on my pretty little dick."

"I don't blame him for that Kieran." replied Kenny. "It is beautiful just the way it is. I kind of hope that my boy will be intact too, as I never had that choice as a baby."

After Tom, Patty, and Kenny had talked for a while longer again, Kieran once again whispered in his daddy's ear, "Can I go sit on Uncle Kenny's lap daddy? I don't want him to do anything with me, but he looks like he could use some contact with me."

"I think that would be very sweet son." replied Tom as he smiled. "I think your Uncle Kenny would enjoy that quite a bit."

Kieran then hopped down off Tom's lap on the sofa, and went to the chair Kenny was sitting in. Kenny was very pleasantly surprised when the naked boy climbed into his lap and snuggled against him.

"I hope you don't mind if I sit with you like this Uncle Kenny." said Kieran, as he guided Kenny's hand to his genitals.

"Mind?!" chucked Kenny. "It feels like I've died and gone to Heaven Kieran."

As the adults continued to talk, Kenny gently massaged Kieran's dick and balls. Kieran smiled and relaxed completely, as he let his dick stiffen between Kenny's gentle fingers. After a while, Kenny subconsciously pulled back on Kieran's foreskin, and noticed some resistance as it neared the rim of the head.

"I'm sorry Kieran, I hope that didn't hurt." said Kenny.

"Nah, it didn't hurt anything like it use to." replied Kieran. "Daddy has been treating it to loosen it up, and it's almost back to normal now. You can go ahead and pull my foreskin all the way back if you want to Uncle Kenny."

"Yes Kenny, go ahead and pull it all the way back." said Tom. "Kieran's foreskin can use as much exercise as it can get right now."

Kenny kissed Kieran on the forehead and said, "Okay you lovely little angel, I'd love to help stretch your foreskin back to normal."

As the adults continued talking about the trip tomorrow, Kenny pulled back on Kieran's foreskin again. This time however, he continued pulling until the foreskin slid back past the head. As Kenny talked to Tom and Patty, he placed his index finger against the head of Kieran's dick. Then Kenny pulled Kieran's foreskin back over his index finger. The foreskin wrapped very tightly around Kenny's index finger.

"That doesn't hurt, does it Kieran?" asked Kenny.

"I can feel it stretching, but it really doesn't hurt." replied Kieran. "I think you might have come up with a good way to stretch it out a little bit Uncle Kenny."

Kieran then smiled as he snuggled even closer into Kenny's lap. Tom and Patty smiled as they watched Kenny, who had now become wrapped up in giving Kieran's dick affectionate and loving contact. Kenny was now watching Kieran's dick, as he slid the foreskin back and forth over his index finger several times. Kieran smiled and giggled, as he could now feel Kenny's erection poking into his butt cheeks through his pants. Kenny also smiled as he felt Kieran gently rub his back.

"You're a very beautiful little boy Kieran." said Kenny softly, as he gently stroked and caressed Kieran's dick. "Your daddy is a very lucky man, and I hope that I'm as lucky as he is someday."

"It makes me feel so good to see how much love Kenny has to give to a boy who needs it." said Patty.

"Yes, we have to do everything we can to help him find his special boy." replied Tom.

Then Kenny began to gasp and jerk slightly. This continued for several moments, as Kieran smiled into Kenny's face. When it was over, Kieran asked, "Did you just cum in your pants Uncle Kenny?"

"Yes Kieran, I'm sorry about that." replied Kenny shamefully.

"Don't be sorry Uncle Kenny." said Kieran. "It's very special that you like me enough to feel that way, and I'm very glad that you could feel good because of me. I may not love you the same way I love my daddy, but I still love you Uncle Kenny." Then Kieran reached up and gave Kenny a gentle kiss on his lips.

"I love you too Kieran." replied Kenny. "You've given me hope that I'll find a special little boy, just like your daddy has done. You also gave me a small taste of what the love will be like when I find him."

"I hope that your boy and I become good friends too." replied Kieran. "Then we can talk about how much we love our daddies."

"I'll make sure that he knows that you will be a great friend to him." smiled Kenny. "Now, I think your daddy needs his little boy's love."

Kieran hopped down as Kenny gave his butt as gentle squeeze. Kieran giggled at that, then went over and hopped up into his daddy's lap, where he stayed until long after Patty and Kenny had left for the evening.

The next day began early, as it was a four hour drive to the mall. Patty and Kenny showed up at six that morning, as Tom and Kieran were finishing breakfast. Everyone piled into Tom's car, and they were off for a day of fun and shopping. If Kieran had thought their local mall was huge, he didn't know what to think of this one. It was the largest building that Kieran had ever seen in his life.

"Are you sure that's a mall daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Yes son." chuckled Tom. "Just wait until we get inside. You won't be able to believe this place."

The first thing Kieran noticed was the small amusement park on the main floor of the mall. It was right in the middle of a very large open area. Tom, Patty, and Kenny all chuckled, as they knew that would be the first place Kieran wanted to stop. As everyone waited in line for the small rollercoaster, Tom found out that he would be taking his son on his very first coaster ride. Kieran screamed at the top of his lungs at first, then began laughing madly by the time it was over. Tom had the time of his life sitting next to Kieran, and had no problem with taking the excited boy right back on. After that, and a few different rides, it was time for some shopping before lunch.

After hitting about a dozen stores, and finding Kieran a few nice things, Tom and the group made their way to the nearest food court. Toward the end of lunch, Kenny excused himself to go to the bathroom. Tom and Kieran had just returned from the bathroom, and Tom had noticed that someone seemed to be taking their time in one of the stalls. Tom had kept a very close eye on Kieran while in the bathroom, and warned Kenny to be on his guard. Kenny noticed the person Tom had warned him about, so he quickly took care of his business and left. A few moments after Kenny returned to the table, the group was approached by security.

"Excuse me folks." said the officer. "I have a report that a member of your group was reported peeping in the bathrooms around the corner." Then the officer pointed at Kenny and said, "I need you to come with me sir."

"What?!" exclaimed Kenny. "Are you people crazy?!"

"Sir, my friend has been with this group for the entire day so far!" said Tom. "The only exception was the three minutes he was gone to the bathroom, and that isn't nearly enough time to do what you are suggesting."

"I'm trying to do you people a favor by keeping this as quiet as possible sir, but if you insist." replied the officer. "We have a report from a seventeen year old boy that your "friend" went into the stall next to him, and masturbated for five minutes while making lewd noises. Then your "friend" stared at the boy over the top of the stall for another five minutes, while continuing to masturbate."

"That story is completely absurd!" replied Tom, who knew that Kenny would never have any interest in a boy that age. "All of us can tell you that our friend was gone no longer than three minutes. If you insist on making a terrible error in judgment, my friend is certainly not going anywhere alone with you!"

Then Tom got up and insisted that the officer take them to whoever had filed the complaint. The officer led Tom and the group back toward the bathroom. As they approached, Tom noticed a rather arrogant and nasty looking young man standing with another officer.

"That's him!" said the boy, as he looked at Kenny's shoes and pointed at him. "That's the pervert who was looking at me!"

Tom now figured that Kenny's shoes were the only thing the boy had seen. "I want your supervisor or the police down here right now!" demanded Tom. "I want to find out why this young man is making false accusations against my friend!"

"Stay out of this mister!" said the boy. "That perv is going to pay!"

Kenny was now looking very hurt and upset, so Tom put an arm around him as Kieran hugged his Uncle Kenny closely.

"Don't worry about anything Kenny." said Tom softly and quietly. "The fact that he identified you by looking at your shoes shows that he's lying. So does the fact that he's a very unattractive young man. I'll handle this for you."

"Well sir, you'll get your wish." said the officer. "My supervisor is on his way right now with a pair of police officers."

"I'll call my lawyer if I need to Kenny." said Tom, loud enough for security to hear. "He will tear such a ridiculous lie to shreds in a matter of minutes!" Then Tom turned back to the officer and said, "When your supervisor gets here, you all better make sure you look at the surveillance tapes before you do anything dumb."

"We do not tape inside public restrooms here sir." said the officer.

"I would hope not, but there's a camera right up there on the ceiling, pointed at the door!" said Tom. "I can already tell you exactly what you will see!" The boy now looked a little nervous, as Tom continued, "You will see me and my son entering the bathroom, then coming back out a few moments later. The young man who filed the complaint was already hiding in the far stall at that time. We came back out, and upon rejoining our group, I warned my friend to be careful. Then you will see him enter, and come back out in less than two minutes after using a urinal. If this young man is trying to extort money from my friend, he is playing a very serious and dangerous game!"

"Is this true, young man?" asked the police officer who had come up behind Tom's group, while Tom was talking.

The young man immediately took off running, and the police officers chased after him. Then the supervisor held his hand out toward his officer.

"You know better than to make any accusations without checking for evidence to support it." said the supervisor. "Now you can hand me your badge and ID." Then the supervisor turned to Tom's group and said, "I am very sorry sir. I know that doesn't make up for the embarrassment and inconvenience this has caused, but I give you my word that proper disciplinary action will be taken."

"It's just a shame that a day that was suppose to be filled with happiness and shopping had to be ruined by some preppy mall rat, and an officer that should have known better." replied Tom. "I think we'll be leaving now."

"Would you please consider giving us a chance to make this incident up to you?" asked the supervisor. "The management would hate to let one careless employee ruin what should have been an enjoyable day for any of our customers."

Then one of the police officers came back up to Tom and said, "I would like to thank you sir. We finally caught the young man, and discovered that we have a file on him throughout the area. He has done this on thirteen different occasions, including today. He normally settles on dropping his charges, in exchange for financial compensation. There are two men though who are now serving time in jail because of his scam. We will have to immediately go to the judges in their cases, and have them released. It's hard to say how many more lives he would have ruined if you had not noticed the camera and spooked him."

"Why would he try to do this to people though?" asked Kenny, who still looked upset.

"He probably just thought of it as a way to make easy money." replied the officer. "He probably had no way of knowing whether you were gay or straight, and didn't even know if you would fall for this scam. Several people haven't, which is why we've started keeping a file on him. Thanks to you though, he won't be trying this one again."

"What happened with the men you said were in jail?" asked Tom.

"It's sad to say, but they probably didn't do as well as you in spooking the kid." replied the officer. "Then when they wouldn't go along with his attempts of a cash settlement, we would press charges against them. His age worked for him there, and the courts were more likely to believe him. Now, we're going to have a little talk with his parents."

"Do you think they would have put their own son up to do this?" asked Tom.

"It's hard to say whether or not they put him up to it, but they did help him." replied the officer. "At his age, he would not have been able to receive cash settlements like that without his parents help, and they were with him on the cases that went to court."

"If you do learn that they put him up to it, could you go easier on him as long as he's sorry for what he's done?" asked Kenny.

"That would be up to the prosecutor, and I'm sure he'll want to hear all of the victim's thoughts on that." replied the officer. "I'll make sure to let him know how you feel about it though. I must say, if that had been done to me, I don't know if I could be so forgiving."

"When a child is led astray like that by his parents though, they should be the ones to pay." replied Kenny. "If they did put him up to it, I wouldn't mind seeing them put away for a long time."

The officer went ahead and got Tom's, Patty's, and Kenny's names and addresses, then thanked them again for their help.

"You and daddy are heroes Uncle Kenny!" said Kieran. "If it hadn't been for you, he could have went on to hurt even more people!"

"Your boy is right." said the mall supervisor to Tom. "You two men are heroes. That young man has probably done that before to our customers, and got away with it up until now. I just got off the radio with mall management, and they would like to have the opportunity to apologize for what happened, and thank you for what you did today. Please let us make this up to you sir."

"I guess it wasn't your fault, except for that one officer." replied Tom. "I'm willing to put this behind us. What about you, Patty and Kenny?"

"I guess we can try to enjoy the rest of the day." replied Kenny.

Tom and his group followed the supervisor to the mall office. The mall manager was very sincere in his apology about the incident. To show Tom and his group his appreciation for catching a con artist in their mall, the manager gave them enough certificates for any store or attraction in the mall to make sure they would enjoy the rest of their day. Everyone ended up spending most of them on Kieran, as that made the trip very fun for them. By the time they emptied the bin that the mall had provided for them, they had so much stuff that they needed to borrow a cart to get everything to the car. Even after packing the trunk as tightly as he could, there was still so much left over that Tom had to use half of the back seat. Then Kieran came up with the idea that Patty could ride up front with his daddy, and he could sit in the back on Uncle Kenny's lap.

Once the trip home got underway, Kieran smiled into Kenny's face and Kenny smiled back at him. Then Kieran took ahold of Kenny's hand and kissed it lovingly, before placing it on his genitals. Kieran didn't want to make love to his Uncle Kenny or anything, but he did enjoy the intimate contact with him. Kenny was more than happy to make Kieran happy, as he stroked the boy's dick very softly through his shorts. Kieran's shorts only lasted a few miles after that, and soon Kenny's hand was in direct contact with Kieran's dick. Then Kenny softly rubbed Kieran's chest, as he gently rubbed and played with Kieran's dick. That lasted almost the entire trip home, and Kieran and Kenny both had smiles on their faces. As they got close to Tom and Kieran's house, Kieran looked up at Kenny and puckered his lips. Kenny leaned down and gave Kieran a brief and gentle his on his lips.

"Before we pull your shorts up Kieran, I'm going to show you something you can have your daddy do for you." whispered Kenny. "I think you'll like this."

Kenny then took Kieran's dick between his thumb, and his middle and index finger. Then Kenny began rubbing Kieran's dick back and forth between his fingers. Kenny saw that Kieran liked that, so he masturbated the boy a little faster.

"I like this Uncle Kenny." whispered Kieran. "What's it called?"

"This is called masturbation." whispered Kenny. "You can do this to yourself, but it feels much better when someone else does it to you. We have to pull your shorts up now, but later tonight, ask your daddy to masturbate you."

"Okay Uncle Kenny." smiled Kieran. "Thanks for showing me that."

Tom hadn't heard what happened in the back seat on the way home, so he was surprised after Kieran made love to him and drank his cum, then asked, "Daddy, would you masturbate me?"

"Do you know what masturbation is Kieran?" asked Tom.

"Yeah, Uncle Kenny told me about it on the way home." replied Kieran. "He said it would be really fun for both of us."

"I'll have to thank him for that later." smiled Tom. "But for now, my son wants to be masturbated, and I'd love to do that for him."

Tom took ahold of Kieran's dick, and began stroking it back and forth. When Kieran seemed to like that, Tom began going a little faster. Tom laid down next to Kieran while he continued to masturbate the happy little boy, and pressed his lips to Kieran's. A few moments later, Tom pressed his tongue against Kieran's lips, and Kieran let his daddy's tongue into his mouth. Tom and Kieran shared an extremely passionate kiss for a little over five minutes.

Then Tom backed away and asked, "Do you like me masturbating you Kieran?"

"I love it daddy!" replied Kieran. "You're making my dick feel better than it ever has before!"

"Then we've found something else we can enjoy together." said Tom as he smiled. "I really am going to have to thank Kenny for this"

Tom continued to masturbate Kieran until the boy finally fell asleep with the most beautiful smile on his face. Then Tom cleaned and treated Kieran's dick, and gently took his son in his arms. Within a few minutes, Tom and Kieran were snoring and smiling together.

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