Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

Then Tom backed away and asked, "Do you like me masturbating you Kieran?"

"I love it daddy!" replied Kieran. "You're making my dick feel better than it ever has before!"

"Then we've found something else we can enjoy together." said Tom as he smiled. "I really am going to have to thank Kenny for this."

Tom continued to masturbate Kieran until the boy finally fell asleep with the most beautiful smile on his face. Then Tom cleaned and treated Kieran's dick, and gently took his son in his arms. Within a few minutes, Tom and Kieran were snoring and smiling together.

The next morning while Kieran looked through all of his gifts, Tom wanted to check online for information how to safely and gently express his love to Kieran. He had never even thought of masturbating Kieran, and he wondered if there was anything else they were missing that his son might enjoy. Tom thought he had been led to a site that might tell him that, but instead of the information he was looking for, it turned out to be a well disguised porn site of men having sex with boys. Tom didn't see how some of the boys could be enjoying some of what was happening, and he knew that this was not the type of activity he was looking for for him and his son.

Then Tom had to answer a call from his lawyer. He thought he closed the site, so he could take the call in the next room. When Tom came back though, Kieran was clicking through the pictures on the site with a look of excitement on his angelic face. Then Kieran realized that Tom had returned.

"Daddy, that boy is about the same size as me, isn't he?" asked Kieran.

"Yes son, he seems to be." replied Tom, who knew a discussion would be coming up soon.

"His daddy's cock seems to be stretching his butt hole open quite a bit!" said Kieran. "It doesn't even look like it should fit, but it does. Do you think the boy likes having his daddy's cock in his butt?"

"I don't know Kieran." replied Tom. "From what I've heard though, that type of sex can be painful the first time, even for an adult. It probably hurt the boy quite a bit the first time that was done to him."

"Then why would he do it?" asked Kieran.

"The daddy probably sold those pictures for money son." replied Tom. "That is the wrong reason for doing something like that though. That should only be done out of love."

"How can you tell the boy had done that before?" asked Kieran.

"Because son, as I said that can be painful the first time, even for an adult." replied Tom. "That boy is much smaller than an adult though. The first time his daddy tried to do that, the boy probably cried."

"But it gets to the point where it doesn't hurt anymore, doesn't it?" asked Kieran.

"Sometimes it does." replied Tom. "Human flesh is flexible, and can be stretched to become use to being larger. It's like how we've stretched your foreskin so it isn't too tight."

"Can we do that daddy?" asked Kieran.

That was the question that Tom had been dreading, but he wanted to be honest with Kieran. "When two males have sex like that, it leaves ways to tell that they have done that." replied Tom. "The butt hole of a person who has never had a man's cock inside it is very smooth, and looks like the flesh around it. The first few times that someone has a cock inside their butt, it stretches and bruises the flesh around the butt hole. By the time a person's butt has been stretched enough to become use to that type of sex, the flesh in that area is rougher and becomes discolored. If we were to do that, and your social worker had you examined, they would be able to tell that I had that kind of sex with you. Then they would take you away from me, and lock me up for having sex with you."

"Can they have me examined there anytime they want daddy?" asked Kieran.

"Until the adoption becomes final, they can have you examined anytime and any way they want Kieran." replied Tom. "That's why we have to be careful about how we make love. We can't do anything that would make them able to tell that we make love to each other. They will have you examined at least once Kieran, and probably more than that. The doctors they take you to might also try to trick you into telling them that we make love. You can never tell anyone about that Kieran, unless it's someone that we know really well like Patty and Kenny. And you'll have to be really careful about them trying to trick you too."

"I'll try daddy." replied Kieran. "I love you, and I never want to live anywhere but with you. I promise that I won't let them trick me."

"I know son, and I love you too." smiled Tom. "Whenever you have to be examined for the social worker, I'll remind you about this before we go too. Then once the adoption is final, we can do what that daddy and son were doing, if you still want to. If we do that though, it might take some time to prepare you. I wouldn't be able to stand the thought of hurting you. Is that okay son?"

"That will be great daddy!" exclaimed Kieran. "I can wait until the adoption is final for you to put your cock in my butt and make love to me."

"Okay son." smiled Tom. "Now, let's go ahead and close this site."

"Can I please see a few more pictures daddy?" asked Kieran, with his irresistible puppy dog eyes. "Please???"

"Okay son, a few more." chuckled Tom. "If you look at things like this though son, I should be with you, in case something comes up that you shouldn't see."

Most of the pictures Kieran saw was pretty normal for that type of site. There were a few that got a chuckle out of Kieran though. One was a boy wearing a strap-on dildo, so he could put it in the man and make love to him. The other was a series of a man cumming on the boy's face, then licking it off. Kieran was very persistent about begging his daddy to do those two things.

"Although I've never had a cock in my butt, or swallowed cum, I would love to do those things for you Kieran." said Tom. "If those things would make you happy, that's all that matters to me."

Tom would have to order a strap on dildo that would fit Kieran, but they tried the other thing that night. Kieran giggled softly as Tom had him lay on his back. Then Tom straddled Kieran's face so Kieran could make love to his cock. Kieran sucked hungrily on Tom's cock, as he looked up lovingly at his daddy. When Tom's orgasm was ready to begin, he took his cock out of Kieran's mouth, and covered his son's face with a massive orgasm. Then Tom lovingly licked his cum from Kieran's face, and swallowed it down while Kieran giggled some more. Tom left the last bit of his cum in his mouth, and pressed his lips against Kieran's. Kieran hungrily sucked Tom's cum off his tongue, and licked as much as he could from inside Tom's mouth. Then Tom gently sucked on Kieran's dick until his son drifted off to sleep.

The day finally arrived for the grand opening of Tom's office. By this time, Tom had a pretty good schedule of patients lined up. Patty and Kenny showed up bright and early. They had made the lobby so fun that it was soon filled with happy young voices. One of them was Kieran's, as he spent most of the day around his daddy's office. Kieran's social worker arrived just before eleven, and had two very nice looking boys with her.

"Hi Tom, I have the two patients I was telling you about." said the social worker. "The older boy is Johnny. We found him living on the streets. Apparently his parents had disappeared, and Johnny didn't know what else to do. I've tried to get him into the clinic, but he seems to be quite disruptive there. Since I'm placing him in a group home, I need a thorough examination to make sure he's in good health. I'm hoping you can fare better with him than the doctors at the clinic. The other boy is a really bad case. His name is Tony, and he's six years old. When the police broke into his home, his father was holding the boy down, and forcing his penis into the boy's rectum. Tony's father's penis was about ten inches long according to the police reports, and Tony was bleeding badly from his rectum. We had the boy in the hospital for several weeks to heal his torn rectum, and we need a corroborative examination. I feel so bad for the boy. Apparently his father began sexually abusing him at age four. None of our fosters will even consider a boy that young with sexual issues, but I feel he's way too young to be in a group home for kids with sexual issues. He's been staying with me, but I have a very small apartment and three cats. Needless to say, it's a madhouse right now."

"I can't believe a man would force himself on a boy that age and size!" replied Tom. "I'll make sure I check him carefully."

"Could I trouble you to have a talk with him too?" asked the social worker. "Since he has been abused from age four, that has left him much more sexually aware than he should be. That's one of the reasons that none of our fosters will accept him. I've caught him attempting to masturbate himself on quite a few occasions, and there has been a few times that I have caught him inserting objects into his rectum. I'm afraid that he's going to end up hurting himself seriously."

"I will definitely talk to him then." replied Tom. "Since you say that none of your fosters will take him, I would be happy to help. I had to get a foster license when Kieran came to live with me anyway."

"I'm sorry Tom, I always assumed you were just interested in caring for Kieran." replied the social worker. "If I had known you might be interested in helping with this, I would have already called you."

"The boy does need someone to care for him properly." said Tom. "How could anyone who claims to be a good hearted person, with plenty of room for such a boy, turn him down. Even Patty and Kenny might be interested in fostering a boy like Tony, and I know they're good people, or they wouldn't be working for me."

"Either way Tom, it would be great for Tony." replied the social worker. "If they are interested, I'll interview them while I'm here."

"Let me find out then." said Tom.

Patty and Kenny had heard most of the conversation already, and as soon as Tom approached them, Patty said, "Kenny has made it very clear that we would love to take the boy in Tom."

"In that case, I'll give you both letters of recommendation if the social worker needs them." replied Tom as he smiled. Then Tom went back to the social worker and said, "My nurse and her cousin have made it very clear that they want to care for Tony. They're afraid that I will insist on taking him in myself, which I would, but I know that this would be very good for them. I'm sure that they could also help Tony with his problems."

"That's wonderful Tom!" replied the social worker. "I will begin interviewing Patty first right now."

While the social worker interviewed Patty, Tom had Kenny take Tony's vital signs while he started on Johnny.

"So Johnny, I hear you've been making quite a fuss at the clinic." said Tom, as he smiled at the boy on the exam table.

"Yeah, I'm sure they don't really care that much anyway." replied Johnny.

"Is that what you really think?" asked Tom, as he took Johnny's temperature.

"Well, my parents didn't care, and THEY'RE my parents." replied Johnny. "Why should anyone else care?"

"Could you lift your shirt Johnny?" asked Tom, as he prepared to listen to Johnny's heart and lungs. "There are people who care Johnny, even if they aren't your parents. You've been living on the streets for a few months from what I hear, and we want to make sure you're in good health. Doesn't that show that we care?"

"If everyone cares so much, why are they just sticking me in a group home?" asked Johnny emotionally. "Don't I deserve a family who won't run out on me?"

"Is that what this is about Johnny?" asked Tom, as he checked Johnny's scalp for lice. "If it is, I can fix that easily for you."

"What do you mean sir?" asked Johnny.

"I was prepared to foster the other boy who came in with you, but my nurse and assistant insist on caring for him." replied Tom. "Can I get you to drop your pants and shorts? I need to check your genitals for parasites or other problems." As Tom examined Johnny's penis and balls carefully, he continued, "I still have plenty of room in my home Johnny. If you want a family, my son and I would love for you to give us a chance. I need you to turn around, so I can check between your buttocks Johnny."

"You would really do that for me sir?" asked Johnny, as he bent over and held his cheeks apart.

"Everyone deserves love and care Johnny, especially you." replied Tom. "I need you to sit back up on the table, and let me see your feet."

Johnny hopped back up on the table without pulling his pants back up, and held his feet out for Tom to examine. "If my parents ran off, why do you care so much?" asked Johnny.

"Maybe I'm just a more caring person than they are Johnny." replied Tom, as he examined Johnny's feet.

"You need to learn to give yourself more credit doc." smiled Johnny for the first time all day. "Gangues Khan was a more caring person than they were!"

Tom got a blood collection syringe off his counter, then put a rubber tube around Johnny's arm. "I need you to make a fist and hold it Johnny. Don't worry, I'm told I'm very good at doing this without it hurting."

Tom rubbed the bend in Johnny's elbow gently until Johnny relaxed. Then Tom had Johnny look him in the eyes, as he smiled at Johnny until Johnny smiled back. Then Tom gently slid the needle into Johnny's arm, and found his vein right away. "I have to ask this Johnny." said Tom. "Since you lived on the street for several months, did you ever sell sexual favors to survive?"

"Yeah, but if they wanted anything more than for me to jack them off while they played with me or sucked me, I ran." replied Johnny. "I didn't want to take any chances of catching anything."

"I'm still going to get two more small vials of blood, and run an STD series." said Tom. "The risks are very low, but if you masturbated an infected person and got their semen on your hand, then ate without washing your hands, you could be at risk. Don't worry though, you are most likely okay."

"Okay doc, I'll trust you." said Johnny. "You told me the truth about being good with needles, at least."

"Yes, my son had to have penicillin injections not too long ago." laughed Tom. "He actually enjoyed me sticking the needle into his butt. So Johnny, would you like to live with me and my son? It would just be us three guys."

"If you could arrange that with my social worker, that would be really nice." replied Johnny. "I was wondering something though. How come you haven't said anything yet about me not pulling my pants back up, and showing you my dick all this time? Most people would have either told me to pull my pants back up because they weren't into boys dicks, or they would have been playing with it by now."

"I'm going to be honest with you Johnny." replied Tom. "I have a very special guy who I love very much. You are an attractive boy though, and I haven't minded seeing your very nice dick. I just thought I would let you pull your pants back up when you were ready."

"I think I'll like living with you and your son doc." smiled Johnny.

Since Tom was busy with Johnny, Kenny thought he would have the talk with Tony that the social worker wanted Tom to have. "So Tony, your social worker says that you are quite a bit more sexually aware than other boys your age." said Kenny.

"Huh?" asked Tony.

"She said that she has caught you playing with your dick quite often, and has caught you sticking objects into your butt." said Kenny. "That is quite unusual for a boy who's only six."

"It feels good when I play with my dick though." replied Tony. "That was one of the few things my daddy did to me that I liked. He said my dick was cute when he made it stiff."

"Your dick gets stiff already?" asked Kenny.

"Yep, and it's a whole two inches long when it gets stiff!" boasted Tony proudly. "It doesn't get stiff every time it's played with though."

"Well, I can see playing with it if it feels good Tony, but that kind of thing shouldn't be done where just anyone could catch you." said Kenny. "You should do that in bed at night, or in the bathroom, or with someone you really like where no one else can see you."

"I guess you're right sir." replied Tony.

"Please call me Kenny, not sir. Okay Tony?" asked Kenny.

"Okay Kenny." smiled Tony.

"Now, the thing that concerns your social worker the most is when she caught you putting things in your butt." said Kenny. "You were told that your daddy messed your butt up really bad, right?"

"Yeah, I was in the hospital for a while because of what he did to my butt." replied Tony. "His dick was really big though, and he kept wanting to put it in my butt. When I screamed or cried, or begged him to stop, or when he made me bleed, it only made him do it more."

"Well, that was very wrong of him." said Kenny. "A man should never put his dick in someone's butt unless they want him to do it, especially someone with a dick as big as your daddy's dick."

"Are all men that big?" asked Tony.

"Oh goodness no son!" chuckled Kenny. "Your daddy is well over average. Mine is seven inches, which is not even close to being as big as your daddy's, but it's still a little over average. The point that I'm getting at though is that we're afraid if you stick things in your butt, you might hurt yourself because of where your daddy hurt you before."

"But when my butt healed, it felt like I needed to put something in it." replied Tony. "I found out that if I put things in it that were smaller than daddy's dick, it didn't make me bleed. It also felt kinda nice."

"What kind of things are we talking about Tony?" asked Kenny.

"Well, once I used the handle of a toilet plunger, but I only put it in about four inches." replied Tony.

"You see though Tony, that kind of object is very hard, and it could injure you where your daddy injured you before." said Kenny.

"I guess you're right Kenny." replied Tony. "There was another time I used a carrot. I carved the tip of it so it was nice and rounded."

"That's a food item though son." said Kenny. "What if someone had eaten it after you did that?"

"I did, and it tasted kinda good." giggled Tony.

"Okay, I'm sure it did." replied Kenny, as he smiled and shook his head. "You have to be careful about anything going into your butt though Tony. You could very easily hurt yourself, and it could even make you very sick."

"But I need something in my butt sometimes!" pleaded Tony. "If I go too long without something in my butt, it feels really strange, and kinda bad."

"Then you should find someone you can trust, who can help you." said Kenny. "You shouldn't stick hard objects into your butt right now. Maybe if you had a friend or something who could stick their finger in there, that might not be so likely to hurt you. Do you understand that Tony?"

"I think so Kenny." replied Tony. "Could you put your finger in my butt Kenny?"

"I would love to Tony, but I can't right now." replied Kenny.

"Why not?" asked Tony.

"Because your doctor could come in here any moment now." replied Kenny. "Besides, my cousin and I are trying to become your foster parents. If they let us do that, I can put my finger in you tonight. Would that be okay?"

"That would be great!" replied Tony excitedly. "I hope I get to stay with you and your cousin Kenny, I really like you!"

"I like you too, you cute little boy." smiled Kenny.

"How are you two getting along in here?" asked Tom, as he came through the door.

"We're getting along great!" exclaimed Tony happily.

"While you were busy with Johnny, I had a talk with Tony about the problems his social worker mentioned." said Kenny.

"Is that true Tony?" asked Tom.

"Yes doctor, I'll only play with myself when no one can see me, and I won't stick things in my butt again." replied Tony. "Is it true that Kenny may be my foster daddy soon?"

"He could be." replied Tom. "That reminds me Kenny, the social worker wants to see you now."

"Oh God Tom, I'm nervous!" said Kenny. "What if I mess up the interview?"

"If you relax and be yourself, you won't mess it up." smiled Tom.

When Tom finished examining Tony, he brought the boy back out front. "I've filled out the report you gave me for Tony." said Tom to the social worker. "It should be more than enough for you to properly deal with his father. Other than that, Tony seems healthy. I ran some blood work on Johnny, and I should have the results later this week. He looks as though he is recovering from a malnourished condition. He also has a fungal infection of the feet, but that is not surprising. I did get to the bottom of his problem with the clinic though. It stems from his placement in a group home. It has left him with feelings that he no longer deserves to have a family who will always be there for him and love him."

"I would love to place Johnny in a regular foster setting, but it's hard to place boys who have lived on the streets, especially when they have reached Johnny's age." replied the social worker. "I really tried, but the group home was the best I could find."

"What about my home?" asked Tom.

"Would you really be willing to take him into your home Tom?" asked the social worker.

"I would feel awful letting him go to that group home, feeling the way he does." replied Tom. "He seems like a nice and well-mannered boy once you get to know him, and I would love to have him in my home."

"Do you want to stay with Tom instead of going to the group home Johnny?" asked the social worker.

"I'd love to stay with Tom and his son!" replied Johnny.

"Okay then, no more group home." said the social worker as she smiled. "You can just stay here, and I will bring your things by later. Also Tom, I am going to approve Patty and Kenny right now, but I do need a letter of recommendation from you for each one of them. You can get it to me tomorrow. I'll go ahead and leave Tony now though. I'll stop by with your things later too Tony."

"Thank you ma'am!" exclaimed both boys, as they hugged their social worker.

The adults also thanked her, but in a bit more reserved manner. After the social worker had left, Kieran went through the office. "Hey son." said Tom. "I want you to meet a couple of kids. The oldest one here is your new foster brother Johnny, and the little guy next to him is Patty and Kenny's foster son Tony."

"Hi guys, I'm Kieran." said Kieran. "Is this going to change anything daddy?"

"No way son." replied Tom. "We'll all talk about it tonight though, okay?"

"Okay daddy!" chirped Kieran. "Do you guys want to play?"

"Sure!" replied Johnny and Tony together.

The adults smiled as the boys trotted off happily together. The social worker stopped by again before Tom's office closed for the day, and dropped off what little belongings the two boys had. She was happy to hear that Johnny and Tony were having fun playing with Kieran. Once the social worker had left again, Tom finished up his last few patients. His first day had been a fairly easy day, and he got to see a lot of happy young faces. As far as Tom was concerned, this was the way he wanted to practice medicine.

As soon as Patty, Kenny, and Tony had a nice supper with Tom's family, they left to let Tom's family talk. Kenny also wanted to have some private time with Tony. As soon as Patty and the others had left, Tom had the boys sit with him in the living room. Kieran automatically climbed up into Tom's lap.

"Kieran and I want you to be a part of this family for a long time Johnny." said Tom. "We both like you quite a bit, and think you deserve to be around people who like you. There are some things you will have to know and understand here though. First, I want you to know that everything that happens in this house is done out of mutual love and consent. Do you remember when I told you that I had a very special guy in my life already?"

Johnny looked at Tom and Kieran, then smiled brightly as he replied, "It's your son Kieran, isn't it?"

"Yes Johnny, Kieran and I love each other much more than just a father and son." said Tom. "Kieran is my beautiful little lover. We don't do anything together though that he doesn't want to do."

"Daddy is very gentle with me when we make love." said Kieran happily. "I hope you understand that Johnny, because I love having you as my brother now." Then Kieran pointed his head upward, and gave his daddy a very nice kiss.

"I know this relationship wouldn't seem normal to most people Johnny, but to Kieran and I, it is very beautiful." said Tom, after the kiss with Kieran.

"Well, I've lived on the streets, and I've seen how some men love boys." said Johnny. "I've come to understand and accept it. There have been men who have been a real pleasure for me to make feel good. I can tell that you are one of the better men who love boys Tom, and Kieran is a very lucky little boy. You don't have to worry about me, but as for me, I want to find a cute boy around my own age. I think you guys would look very sweet making love."

"Thank you so much Johnny." said Tom. "I knew you would understand about Kieran and me. Now, since Johnny didn't have much for the social worker to bring to him, how about we all go out to the mall tonight?"

"Cool!" shouted both boys together.

Patty knew that Kenny wouldn't think of doing anything that might hurt Tony, since he had been hurt so much before, but she could also tell that Kenny was quickly falling in love with the boy. That was fine with her, as long as they were both happy with it. Kenny took Tony up to his bedroom, so they could have a private talk.

"Tony, I think you are a very beautiful boy." said Kenny. "When I heard your story today, it made me hurt to think of you going through something like that. I can tell you though that your father didn't love you. If he did, he wouldn't have been able to stand the way he made you scream and cry. He wouldn't have been able to do what he did, with you begging him to stop. I love you Tony, and I will never be able to hurt you or cause you pain. If you will allow me to show you what love really is, your happiness and pleasure will be the most important thing in the world to me. I got the feeling when we talked in the office, that you might be interested in that."

"You've been very nice to me today Kenny." said Tony. "You're the nicest person I've ever met. I know my dad did some bad things to me, but I also know you would never do those things. I think I love you too Kenny, and I'd love to do things with you. My dad never gave me that choice, he just took what he wanted. You asked me though, and that shows how much you love me. Can I have a hug daddy?"

Kenny smiled, and nearly cried for joy as he wrapped Tony gently in his arms. Then Kenny laid back on the bed, holding a madly smiling Tony on top of him. Kenny and Tony gazed into each other's eyes, and Tony giggled lightly. Then Kenny pulled Tony's beautiful face toward his, and placed their lips together gently. Kenny kissed the boy with as much love and warmth as he could, and Tony was soon returning the kiss affectionately. Kenny and Tony kissed for several minutes before they finally broke the kiss.

"I always wanted my daddy to kiss me like that, but he never would." said Tony softly. "All he ever wanted to do was put his dick inside me and hurt me. I'm glad he wouldn't kiss me now though, because it made what we just did seem very special."

"It was very special Tony, and so are you." replied Kenny. "That kiss was how much I love you, and I hope that you love me just as much. I want to always make you feel that special and good son."

"Then can you put your finger inside me now daddy?" smiled Tony.

"I would love to son." smiled Kenny. "I want you to take all your clothes off for me though, so I can see all of your beautiful little body first."

"If I have to get naked, you do too daddy." giggled Tony.

Kenny smiled as he started removing his clothes as he watched Tony. Tony's little body was very smooth and unblemished, and looked perfect as far as Kenny was concerned. He wasn't so skinny that his ribs showed underneath his beautifully unblemished skin, but he wasn't overweight either. He was a work of art that had never been appreciated before, and Kenny made sure to tell him how beautiful he was. Then Tony removed his underwear for his now naked daddy. Kenny gasped in awe when he saw Tony's lovely little uncut dick.

"Your dick is uncut." smiled Kenny. "I've prayed that my son would be just like that."

"Huh?" asked Tony.

"You still have the skin on the end of your dick." replied Kenny.

"Oh, that." replied Tony. "I was too sick when I was born for them to remove it. I was kinda that sick until I was two. Then by that time, my parents didn't see any need in having the skin cut off. That was one thing that my daddy didn't like much about my dick though."

"Well, I love it Tony." replied Kenny. "I'm glad that was never done to your beautiful little dick. As you can see, I never had that choice about mine."

"You still have a very nice dick though daddy." replied Tony as he smiled. "My real daddy's dick was so big that it was ugly, but yours looks much nicer. Can I play with it while you put your finger in my butt?"

"You can do whatever you want with it, anytime you want son." smiled Kenny.

Kenny then scooted up close to Tony, and lubed his finger. As Kenny gently rubbed Tony's pucker, Tony wrapped his hand around Kenny's dick. Kenny smiled as he slowly and gently pushed his finger into Tony.

"That feels very nice daddy." cooed Tony. "It's not quite as big as the carrot I used, but it's very warm and soft."

"I'm glad that you like it son, and that it makes you feel good." replied Kenny.

As Kenny felt Tony's warm most rectum engulf his finger, his cock stiffened in Tony's soft hand. Kenny smiled as he reached down with his other hand, and gently played with Tony's dick. Pretty soon, Kenny had two hard inches of pure joy between his fingers.

"My dick got stiff for you daddy!" giggled Tony. "That means that it really likes what you're doing for me. I love you daddy."

"Just wait until I suck that beautiful little dick for you son." moaned Kenny. "You'll really love that!"

After about ten minutes, Kenny began to moan louder, as he moaned out, "You've played with my dick so well that I'm going to cum son!"

"Cool!" replied Tony. "My dad's dick was always inside me when he cummed, so I never got to see a dick cum before!"

Tony caressed Kenny's cock in fascination as Kenny moaned louder, and began cumming. Most of Kenny's cum landed on Tony's crotch and leg because of how Tony was aiming Kenny's cock. At the end of Kenny's orgasm, his cum ran down Tony's hand. Tony giggled as he licked his hand clean.

"Your cum tastes very nice daddy." smiled Tony. "I always wanted to taste my real daddy's cum, but he would never let me. He said that I was his bitch, not his queer, and his cum belonged inside my butt."

"I'll teach that monster a lesson for you if you want me to son." gasped Kenny, as he recovered. "A man like that should be given an example of the hate he inflicted on you."

"You wouldn't kill him would you daddy?" asked Tony fearfully. "I wouldn't want that!"

"Oh heavens no son!" replied Kenny soothingly. "I'm not nearly the monster he is, I could never kill anyone. He should know exactly what he did to you though son."

"I guess that would be okay then." replied Tony. "Now, what are we going to do about your cum on me?"

"I've got that covered son." smiled Kenny.

With his finger still gently stroking Tony's rectum, and Tony's hard dick still in his other hand, Kenny leaned down and began licking his cum off Tony. Tony giggled madly at the feel of his daddy's tongue licking his body. Kenny then let go of Tony's dick and licked the cum off his hand. Tony gasped when Kenny began licking the cum off his dick and balls. Once his boy was clean, Kenny took Tony's beautiful dick gently between his lips, and stroked it lovingly.

"Oh daddy!" exclaimed Tony. "That feels so good!"

Kenny was happy that he was making his boy feel good, so he settled into lovingly sucking Tony's beautiful dick. Tony moaned and cooed adorably until his dick began to get tender. Then Kenny pulled his finger out of Tony, wiped it off good, and crawled back up to give his son a passionate kiss. When the kiss was over, Tony gazed into Kenny's eyes with a look that captured Kenny's heart forever.

"I love you so much daddy." said Tony softly. "I always want to be with you, and for us to love each other like this."

"I love you very much too son." replied Kenny, who knew that Roger was now happy for him. "I will do anything to make sure that you are happy, and you feel nothing but pleasure for the rest of your life."

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