Doctor Bechtel

by tim the story guy

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Doctor Bechtel

by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

Kenny was happy that he was making his boy feel good, so he settled into lovingly sucking Tony's beautiful dick. Tony moaned and cooed adorably until his dick began to get tender. Then Kenny pulled his finger out of Tony, wiped it off good, and crawled back up to give his son a passionate kiss. When the kiss was over, Tony gazed into Kenny's eyes with a look that captured Kenny's heart forever.

"I love you so much daddy." said Tony softly. "I always want to be with you, and for us to love each other like this."

"I love you very much too son." replied Kenny, who knew that Roger was now happy for him. "I will do anything to make sure that you are happy, and you feel nothing but pleasure for the rest of your life."

Tom, Kieran, and Johnny had fun at the mall that evening. Johnny was never use to having the nicest stuff he could get. His parents would mostly buy him things on sale at the cheapest discount stores. Tom only wanted to get the best for Johnny though, since he would most likely be his boy for a while now. Naturally the first place Kieran wanted to take his new brother was the store where he bought his swimsuits. Since Tom could see a trip to the water park for his boys in the not too distant future, he agreed with Kieran that it would be a good idea. The clerk immediately greeted Tom and the boys when they came in.

"I really do hope you're here for swimsuits again." said the clerk. "My commission check for that week was my largest ever! I can't begin to thank you enough."

"Well, we are looking for a swimsuit for the older boy now." replied Tom. "His name is Johnny, and he just came to live with me and Kieran today."

"Hello Johnny." said the clerk, as he took out his tape measure. "You are a very fine looking boy, and I'm sure we should be able to fix you up nicely. I need you to hold your shirt up, and pull the waistband of your pants and underwear to just below your hips." Once the clerk had Johnny's measurements, he took Johnny over to the large display of swimwear and said, "I know that some of this looks a little skimpy, but any of these would be perfectly appropriate at the public beach or water park. Have you seen your brother in his speedo yet?"

"No, not yet." replied Johnny.

"Well, his runs right up between his legs and genitals in the front, and has a nicely formed pouch to kind of show off his assets just a little." said the clerk. "Then in the back, the leg openings run just up onto his buttocks slightly. He got the most compliments of anyone who has ever bought a swimsuit here, and his is perfectly acceptable in public. In other words, if you see something on the display here, it will be fine for you to wear in public."

Johnny looked through the swimsuits for a while, then began to smile impishly. "What about this one?" asked Johnny.

The clerk looked at the swimsuit, then at Johnny, and asked, "Will you mind that this one is form fitted to each cheek of your buttocks? It will feel like it's trying to ride into the crack between cheeks slightly."

"I won't mind if no one else will!" snickered Johnny.

"How is your package?" asked the clerk. "Is it average, below average, or over average?"

"I'd definitely say over, but it's not huge." replied Johnny.

"Then I would have to say that this one would look incredibly sexy on you." smiled the clerk.

"Dad, can I get this one?" asked Johnny across the store.

"Sure son." replied Tom as he waved.

"I'm getting this one then." said Johnny to the clerk. "Can I try it on here to see if my dad and brother like it?"

"I really wish you would!" the clerk almost drooled.

Johnny giggled as he slipped into a changing booth. A few moments later, Johnny emerged from the booth, to the appreciative oogling of the clerk. Johnny smiled as he strutted proudly around the store in his new speedo. A commotion could be heard outside the store, when a man stumbled over the bags he was carrying. Johnny almost laughed as he turned to go to where Tom and Kieran were discussing the positive aspects of more thongs. Kieran had come across an incredible thong, made of fishnet material.

"Hi dad, how do you like my swimsuit?" asked Johnny.

Tom turned to look, and his eyes practically jumped out of their sockets. Then Johnny turned slowly, to show Tom and Kieran the suit from all angles. "Wow!" exclaimed Tom. "I would be tempted to cover you over son, but it would be such a shame to cover that!"

"I assure you that it does cover everything that legally needs to be covered." smiled the clerk, as he approached the group.

"I'll be happy to take your word for it , if you say so!" chuckled Tom.

Kieran immediately picked out one of the fishnet thongs in Johnny's size, and tossed it to Johnny as he giggled, "Here! Try this on!"

The clerk laughed as he said, "It certainly isn't my rule, but the thongs cannot be tried on in the store."

"Well, we'll still get it, and he can use it when I have that pool built." laughed Tom.

Once again, the store began filling up. Kieran was use to it, because it happened the last time he was here. It took some getting use to for Johnny though. When Johnny had had his fill of people staring at his body, he went back to the changing booth and donned his street clothes. Then Tom paid for Johnny's and Kieran's purchases, and they left the clerk to another good sales night. Tom got Johnny quite a few nice clothes, and some toys for older boys to keep Johnny occupied.

That night was to be Tony's first night in his new home, and he had already decided on sleeping with his new daddy. Kenny finally agreed, although Tony didn't exactly have to twist his arm either. Kenny had Tony keep his clothes on until he had undressed himself. Once Kenny had Tony laying on the bed, he slowly undressed his boy, while covering his little body with kisses. Kenny finally laid down next to the naked and smiling boy, and wrapped his arms around Tony. Then Kenny pressed his lips against Tony's, and began kissing the boy passionately. When Tony felt Kenny's tongue pressing against his lips, Tony opened his mouth. Kenny lovingly caressed the inside of Tony's mouth with his tongue, and this was the first time Tony had ever had another person's tongue in his mouth. Then Tony playfully began sucking on Kenny's tongue.

When they broke the kiss, Tony said, "My old daddy only let me kiss him like that once. He said it was something a fag would do, and he never let me kiss him again. I loved kissing you like that daddy Kenny. I don't care if it does make me a fag, whatever that is, but I want to kiss you like that as much as possible."

"We need to talk about that Tony." said Kenny. "When your old daddy called you a fag, it was a very hateful way of calling you gay. That means you like other boys or men enough to make them feel good, like we've been doing. It also means that you don't want to kiss girls like we kiss, or make them feel good like we make each other feel."

"It would be kinda yucky doing these things with a girl daddy!" snickered Tony. "I don't hate girls, but it seems like boys should do these things with other boys, or men."

"Well, there's nothing wrong with being gay Tony." smiled Kenny. "I'm gay, and I'm proud of it. Other people don't feel that way though. That's why they use hateful words like fag. They don't understand boys loving other boys or men, and they hate them."

"Is that why when I wanted to put my old daddy's dick in my mouth, he said that I couldn't because that was something a fag would do, and I was his bitch and not his fag?"

"Well, that was an awful thing for him to say, and there was probably a few reasons he said it." replied Kenny. "Your old daddy sounds like a very hateful man, and it sounds like he directed a lot of that hate at you. You never have to worry about that again though son, because I love you very much. I would rather hurt myself than you, and I'll never use any hateful words to you."

"Then I won't say them anymore either daddy." said Tony sincerely. "Now, since my old daddy wouldn't let me put his dick in my mouth, even though I really wanted to then, can I do that to you daddy?"

"If you really want to son, I'd love it." replied Kenny as he smiled.

"Oh goody!" exclaimed Tony excitedly. "I really want to daddy! I'm glad my old daddy didn't let me now, cause you're the only one I want to do this with!"

Tony excitedly crawled down to Kenny's stiffening cock, and looked at it like he had just won a prize. "Okay son, I'm going to help you with this." said Kenny. "First, make sure you cover your teeth with your lips, so you don't scrape your daddy's dick with your teeth." Once Tony had done that, he started moving his mouth toward Kenny's cock, and Kenny said, "When you put my dick in your mouth, try not to let it go in too far. If my dick hits the back of your throat, it could make you gag. Just put it in your mouth as far as you can without gagging, then rub your lips back and forth on it."

Tony did almost gag himself once, but backed off quickly. Kenny only had to remind him to keep his teeth covered twice, and Tony soon fell into a gentle rhythm on Kenny's cock.

"Oh son, you're making your daddy's dick feel really good now!" moaned Kenny. "It feels just like how I made your dick feel earlier."

Tony hummed contentedly around Kenny's cock, and began to look like he was enjoying it a lot. Kenny had never seen a boy look as happy as Tony looked, making love to his daddy's cock.

"I love you so much son." moaned Kenny softly, as he lightly stroked the back of Tony's head. After over five minutes of the most wonderful feelings Kenny had ever felt, he moaned softly, "My dick is going to cum in your mouth baby. Get ready for it."

Tony thought he was ready, but when Kenny began to cum, he couldn't keep up. Tony swallowed as much of his daddy's cum as he could, but still ended up with some on his face. When Kenny's orgasm was over, Tony kissed the end of his cock softly and climbed up face to face with Kenny.

"I tried to swallow it all daddy, but I got some on my face." said Tony.

"There's nothing wrong with a little cum on your face son." smiled Kenny.

Then Kenny rubbed their faces together, smearing his cum on both their faces while Tony giggled. Then Kenny and Tony took turns licking each other's faces clean. Finally, Kenny gave Tony a very loving and passionate kiss. When Kenny broke the kiss, they both smiled as they stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you so much son." said Kenny. "I hope you are my son forever, and we always love each other."

"I love you too daddy, and I'll never love anyone like I love you." replied Tony. Tony and Kenny wrapped their arms around each other, and fell asleep in a tight and warm embrace.

After Johnny finished trying on clothes, and he and Kieran finished playing with the PlayStation Tom had bought him, Tom came by to tuck Johnny into bed. Johnny stripped down naked, and climbed under the covers. After Tom made sure he was comfortably tucked in, he leaned down and gave Johnny a very nice kiss on the forehead. Then Kieran gave his new big brother a nice good-night hug.

"I'm glad you're here Johnny." said Kieran. "I've always wanted a nice big brother to play with."

"You're an awesome little brother Kieran." replied Johnny as he smiled. "I love you and my new dad so much. I've wanted a family that loves me like you guys do for a long time now."

"We love you too Johnny, and we love being your new family." smiled Tom. "You are the most wonderful twelve year old boy I've ever met, and you deserve to be happy and loved."

"Loved huh?" giggled Johnny. "In that case, see if you can help me find a cute twelve year old boyfriend. I'd prefer a boy who doesn't have much experience yet, so I can have fun teaching him."

Tom laughed as he ruffled Johnny's hair, and said, "We'll see what we can do to help you son."

Then Kieran and Tom went to their room to make love before going to sleep. Tom had now gotten use to the position of leaning over and lovingly sucking Kieran's beautiful dick as Kieran sucked him to an orgasm. Once Tom had satisfied his lover with his cum, Kieran turned around and crawled into his daddy's arms, and looked into Tom's face lovingly. The Kieran let out the cutest little belch.

"In Japan that would be telling you how much I enjoyed your cum daddy." giggled Kieran.

"In America it shows what an adorable little son you are though." smiled Tom. "I love you so much Kieran."

"I love you too daddy." replied Kieran. Tom then gave Kieran a passionate kiss, and the two drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

After Kieran woke Tom in the usual manner the next morning, Tom and his two sons had breakfast. The they were off to the office to let Patty and Kenny in with Tony.

"Hey Tony, come play with me and Kieran!" said Johnny. "My new dad got me some really nice stuff to play with last night!"

As the three boys ran off happily to play, Tom said, "It's going to work out really well to have an older brother around for Kieran. Johnny is a wonderful boy, and he can help keep an eye on the kids while the office is open. Besides, Kieran already loves his new brother very much."

"Does he know about the relationship between you and Kieran?" asked Kenny.

"We had a nice talk about that last night, and Johnny understands it completely." replied Tom. "He even thinks Kieran and I make very cute lovers. So, how did your first night with Tony go?"

"Tony's a little angel Tom." replied Patty. "It's a shame that his father took his innocence away at such a young age. I'm glad he has Kenny now though, to show him what love should be."

"Does that mean what I think it does Kenny?" asked Tom as he smiled.

"Yeah Tom, he's the boy Roger would have wanted me to find." smiled Kenny. "I do want to talk to you, and possibly your lawyer, about his father though when we can talk alone. I'm afraid if we talked in front of Patty, she would want to kill the man. I wouldn't blame her, but I want to come up with something a little more fitting."

"Okay Kenny, let's go back to the x-ray room while Patty gets our first patients checked in." replied Tom. "Can you do that for us Patty?"

"I guess, but I really would like to know what my cousin has to say." replied Patty.

"I'll fill you in after I work out something with Tom." said Kenny. "I know you feel kind of like Tony's mother now, and I'm sure you'll want to know what we come up with."

"Once Tom and Kenny were alone, Kenny asked Tom, "You've seen how badly Tony's father hurt him physically, right?"

"Yes, and I've never seen a boy that young abused so badly." replied Tom.

"That isn't even the half of it Tom." said Kenny. "What that monster did to Tony's head is even worse. It'll take a lot of love and work to help him recover. His father treated the boy like nothing more than his own personal fuck toy Tom. Whenever Tony would want any affection at all from his father as he was being abused, his father would tell the boy that he was his bitch, and not his faggot. He never gave his boy one ounce of love Tom. To him, Tony was just a tight hole he could force his cock into, regardless of how much it hurt the boy. I'm starting to teach Tony what real love is, and how wrong his father was, but it's going to take a lot of work."

"That bastard!" replied Tom. "I can see why you would think Patty would want to kill him. It doesn't sound like a bad idea to me either!"

"I was hoping to come up with something more fitting Tom." said Kenny. "Your lawyer has handled a lot of criminal cases, hasn't he?"

"Those are his favorite cases." replied Tom. "Why?"

"I figured that maybe he might be able to help then." replied Kenny. "Tony's father deserves to know exactly what he did to his son. I was hoping that your lawyer might know someone who is grateful to him, and who might know someone behind bars right now that can help us out. Someone needs to show that man what it feels like to be someone's bitch, and the larger his cock is, the better! He had no right to treat such a young and beautiful boy that way."

"I'll call him and see if he can help Kenny, but he might want to talk to you first." replied Tom. "I think he would want to make sure that you are treating Tony properly before he does anything."

"That'll be fine Tom." replied Kenny.

Tom went ahead and called his lawyer really quickly, and the lawyer said he would stop by before noon, as he had to be in court that afternoon. By this time, Patty had Tom's first patients checked in, and ready to go. Tom had a great morning, as the boys stopped by the office often, and most of his young patients would immediately proclaim Tom as their favorite doctor. The social worker also stopped by to get the letters that Tom had written for Patty and Kenny, and she also talked briefly with the boys. She had never seen three boys so happy, and she thanked Tom, Patty, and Kenny for everything they were doing. As Tom was finishing his last patient before lunch, his lawyer stopped by. Tom and Kenny spoke to the man, and told him all about Tony's story.

"Well Tom, as a simple matter of fact, most people like that end up getting what they deserve once they're behind bars." said the lawyer. "All it takes is for the other inmates to know why they're there. That's true for anyone that is locked up for doing anything to a child though. We may be talking about criminals here, but they do have a strong code of ethics. That's why you two need to be very careful until your adoptions are final. I already know that Tom would never do anything harmful to Kieran, and he loves his son very much, but what about you Kenny? Tony has been through quite a bit with his father. Are you keeping that in consideration?"

"Yes, and I would never do anything even the slightest bit uncomfortable with him." replied Kenny. "The most important thing is to show Tony love, and that doesn't mean sex. Then he should know that sex is only done out of love, and that it should never hurt either person. Tony's father only treated him like an object, to fuck whenever he wanted regardless how it hurt the boy. I love Tony very much, and I would hurt myself long before I would do anything to cause him any discomfort, or hurt him emotionally."

"Then if you guys want me to, I'll look into adoption for Tony as well." replied Tom's lawyer. "In the meantime, I had a client that I got off on some pretty serious charges on an ability to pay basis. It was because I knew he didn't do everything he was being accused of, and he was being screwed over pretty badly. He has a cousin though that is awaiting trial on some pretty serious charges, and this is his third strike. He's pretty sure that he'll be put away, and not see the outside world for some time. My client always bragged that his cousin was about the largest hung man he had ever seen, and would go on and on about his cousin's thick twelve inch cock. I think my client might be willing to talk to his cousin, if I promise my client that I'll help his cousin not spend any more time than necessary being locked up."

"Thanks for everything." said Kenny. "I don't normally condone violent acts, but that man needs to know exactly what he did to Tony."

Tom's lawyer called his client on the way to court that day, and told him all about Tony. The man had two young sons himself, and was shocked beyond belief at what had happened to Tony at the hands of his father. He immediately paid a visit to his cousin in jail.

The afternoon was pretty light at Tom's office, and their last patient was scheduled at three thirty. Tom knew his schedule wouldn't stay that light for long, but it gave Kenny and Patty a chance to go shopping for their boy. Tom smiled as he told his friends to wait until he locked up the office and the house, so he and his sons could go with them. After everything was locked up, everyone piled into their cars and took off for the mall.

The first stop was Kieran's favorite store, so his friend Tony would have some swimwear to swim in. Tom noticed right away that Patty and Kenny was paying attention to prices, so after being greeted by the friendliest sales clerk he knew, Tom went up to his friends and put a hand on each of their shoulders.

"Did I ever tell you two about the bonus I planned on giving both of you, for helping so much with opening my office?" asked Tom with a smile. "I know it's not payday yet, but I would love to advance you your bonuses right now."

"You really don't have to do that Tom." smiled Patty.

"I know I don't have to, but I had planned on it all along." replied Tom. "I could have had the contractors do all that work, but they would have charged me at least another five to six grand. I figure it's quite a bargain to give both of you a fifteen hundred dollar bonus for all of your help. Now, just go ahead and get whatever your boy needs or wants. I'll put it on my card, and just take it out of the bonus."

"I know you're gay Tom, but I'm sorry, I have to do this!" replied Patty.

Patty then grabbed ahold of Tom, and gave him a very nice and warm kiss on the lips. That was accompanied by a chorus of giggles from all three boys.

"The same goes for me Tom." said Kenny as he smiled.

Then Kenny grabbed Tom, and gave him the exact same kiss that Patty had. The boys giggled even louder at that.

Tom smiled at his friends, and said, "I'm going to have to give you two bonuses much more often!" Then the adults joined the kids in laughing.

After picking out the perfect swimsuit for Tony, and picking up yet another swimsuit for Kieran and Johnny, all three boys went to the changing booth to try on their new swimsuits. The clerk knew that he was likely to have his best sales day yet. When the boys came back out, all the adults stared in appreciation, even the clerk. Then the boys went around the store posing for each other as the adults chuckled. When they got to the front of the store, people began pouring in from outside. Soon the store was more packed than the clerk had ever seen it. Tom and Kenny kept a close eye on their boys as they showed off for everyone, and the clerk came up to them.

"That's it, I'm submitting my idea." laughed the clerk. "I'm telling our manager that we need to hire some nice looking boys like yours for the summer months, as swimsuit models. This may turn out to be our best sales day yet!"

Tom and Kenny let the boys have as much fun as they wanted, while the sales clerk busily went about helping as many customers as he could. By the time Tom paid for the suits, and they slipped out of the store after the boys had changed, the crowd in the store was elbow to elbow. Between stops at clothing stores, Kieran looked into the window of the toy store.

Tom saw that and said, "This toy store looks like a nice place to stop everyone. Let's go on in!"

That got smiles from all of the boys, as the group headed on into the toy store. All three boys looked around eagerly, and Tom chuckled as he thought he might have to raise Patty's and Kenny's bonuses. The reason for that was kind of sad though, as the only recreational activity that Tony's father thought he needed was the sex he had forced onto his son.

A large bronze skinned man and two of his friends walked into Tony's father's cell, and the larger man asked, "Yo man, do you have a son named Tony?"

"Whatever he's said, I didn't do it!" lied Tony's dad.

"Well, that's not how I heard it man, and my people on the outside wouldn't lie to me." said the man. "They told me that you like to fuck little boys, and make them bleed and cry. Like I said, they wouldn't lie to me, but I'm not so sure about you."

Tony's dad was now scared, as he said, "You people get out of my cell, or I'll make so much noise that every guard here will come running."

"Amigo, you don't know the guards here very well, do you?" laughed the man. "You ain't got nothing to worry about though. It's not like I'm going to hurt you permanently. You're going to be my bitch now, for as long as I need one!"

Then the man lowered his jump suit, as Tony's dad gasped as the size of his cock. "Please, don't do this." said Tony's dad.

"It looks pretty impressive, doesn't it?" asked the man. "It doesn't look nearly as impressive as it's going to feel when I make you my bitch though. You're looking at twelve inches of the horniest meat you've ever seen, and it's as thick as a man's wrist! You guys, bring my new bitch over here to the corner. And find a pair of his dirty underwear to put in his mouth. I don't want my bitch making too much noise when I break him in!"

Tony's dad was now terrified, as the other two men grabbed him and stuffed a pair of soiled and smelly underwear into his mouth. The large man had taken a tube of lube out of his pocket, and was greasing up his cock.

"I gotta put something on it bitch." laughed the man. "It'll never go into your tight hole dry! Don't worry man, as my bitch, you'll get use to this very soon. I intend to keep you as my bitch until they let me out of here, which fortunately for you could be a very long time."

Tony's dad was already beginning to cry lightly, as the other two men bent him over for their large friend. Then Tony's dad felt them pull his cheeks apart, followed by feeling the other man's impossibly huge cock rest against his pucker.

When Tom and everyone else was done in the toy store, they went to one of the nicer full service restaurants at the mall. They had several bags from the toy store, stuffed full. Kieran had found a bear that looked a lot like his Billy Bear, but it said different things, and brought it over to Tony. Tony immediately fell in love with the bear. They bought him quite a few other things too, to make up for his rough start in life. After a great dinner, it was time to go back to shopping. Kenny was going to make sure that his beautiful little Tony always looked spectacular. The trip to the mall turned out to be the best time Tony had ever had.

"Thanks for the best time I've ever had bitch!" said the man, as he pulled his now drained and deflating cock out of Tony's dad's butt. "Oh man, you got your shit on my cock bitch! I guess we'll have to take the underwear out of your mouth so you can lick me clean."

After the man removed the underwear from Tony's dad's mouth, he shoved his dirty cock into his face. "What are you waiting for bitch, clean it!" ordered the man. "It's almost time for count. Don't make me show you what happens to my bitch when he doesn't do what I tell him! And don't get any ideas of biting my beautiful cock either! No one bites my beautiful cock."

The man laughed as he watched Tony's dad obediently lick the shit and cum from his cock. He wouldn't let Tony's dad stop until he was satisfied with how clean his cock was.

"Do you see that hose over there that you hook up to the sink, to hose down your floor and toilet?" asked the man. "I would suggest sticking that in you and flushing yourself out before this time every evening, unless you like the taste of your shit. But hey man, if you do, I don't mind my bitch cleaning my cock like this either."

Then the man and his friends left, and Tony's dad laid down on his bunk to cry. He now knew what he had done to his son, and he was riddled with shame. Even though the man's cock had hurt more than anything he had ever felt, Tony's dad knew that he deserved having to be this man's bitch now. Nothing would make up for what he had already done though.

Kieran giggled as he rubbed Tom's cum into his daddy's chest and tummy loving, and Tom gently masturbated him. Kieran loved how it felt when Tom masturbated his stiff little dick, especially now that his foreskin slid back and forth over the head like it was suppose to. Kieran then licked his hand clean of his daddy's cum, before also licking his daddy's chest and tummy clean. Kieran finally sucked Tom's cock clean of cum, making sure to lick out from underneath his foreskin.

As Tom continued stroking Kieran's dick, Kieran looked up at his face and said, "I love cleaning you like that while you masturbate me daddy."

"Does my cum feel just as good in your tummy like that?" asked Tom as he smiled.

"Yep!" replied Kieran happily. "I love you masturbating me daddy, but you've been doing that for a half hour now. Would you like to taste my dick before we go to sleep?"

"I would love to taste your beautiful dick anytime son." replied Tom.

Kieran then climbed up in the bed, and straddled Tom's face. Tom lovingly sucked on his dick for about five minutes, then Kieran laid down into his arms and kissed his daddy passionately.

Kenny and Tony laid in each other's arms, after making love very gently. Tony smiled into Kenny's eyes and said, "I'm glad you showed me what making love is daddy. My other daddy just had sex with me. It hurt, and it was wrong. You make me feel so loved that I never want to stop doing what we're doing now. I love you more than anyone I've ever loved before daddy."

"And I'm the happiest daddy in the world because I love you too son." replied Kenny. "I'll love you forever Tony." Kenny and Tony eventually fell asleep in each other's arms, kissing each other softly on the lips.

The next day at the office was pretty uneventful until afternoon came along. A mother and her boy came in without an appointment, which was okay because although his office wasn't an emergency room, Tom wanted people to know that they could turn to him when they had nowhere to go. The boy was crying pretty hard, and his mother was helping him hold his arm up.

"Hi, my name is Sandy." said the mother. "I live about three blocks over from here. My twelve year old son Evan was climbing in a tree after I told him not to, and he fell out. I think his arm is broken pretty badly, and the clinic and emergency room are both backed up for hours. Is there anything that the doctor can do for us?"

"Let me check with Doctor Tom." said Patty. "Please wait right here."

Tom had heard the boy crying from the treatment room he was in with a very cute freckle-faced patient, so he wasn't surprised to see Patty come in. When she explained the situation to Tom, Tom told her and Kenny to take the boy back to the x-ray room, and get him started.

"The doctor will fit Evan in between patients Sandy." said Patty. "If you'll follow me to the x-ray room, the x-ray tech and I will get started on him while we wait for Tom."

Patty took Evan back to Kenny, and while Kenny made the boy a little more comfortable and lined up the camera, Patty took his vital signs.

"Hi Evan, I'm Kenny." said Kenny, as he tried to calm the boy. "What did you do to your arm there?"

"I was climbing in a tree that I wasn't suppose to, and I fell out." cried Evan. "My arm hurts really bad Kenny!"

"We'll fix your arm up for you Evan, and it won't hurt for too much longer, okay?" replied Kenny. "Just hang in there a little longer, while I take a picture of inside your arm so we know what needs to be done."

Patty showed Sandy back out to the waiting room, then went to help Tom as much as she could, while Kenny took an x-ray of Evan's arm. Tom came in at the same time as the x-ray was coming out of the processor. Tom looked at the x-ray, and told Kenny to take Evan to exam room number one, and set up a cast tray while he spoke with Evan's mom.

"Hi Sandy, I'm Tom Bechtel." said Tom. "Is Evan allergic to any medications at all, or to fiberglass?"

"He got into the insulation in our attic once, and broke out pretty severely." replied Sandy. "He's not allergic to any medications so far though."

"Okay then, I guess we'll go with plaster to be safe." said Tom. "Evan has a pretty bad fracture of one of the bones in his right forearm. Fortunately it didn't break all the way in two, so we shouldn't have to pin it back together. I will have to put his arm in a cast though for the next six to eight weeks. It will be a full forearm cast because we have to keep his arm completely immobilized while it heals, so it will have to be in a sling during the day too. I'll have him fixed up for you as soon as possible."

"Thank you so much Doctor Bechtel." said Sandy. "Like I told your nurse, the clinic and emergency room were both backed up for hours. It's such a relief to have someplace we can turn to in the neighborhood."

"I'm getting the feeling that most people around here feel that way." smiled Tom. "I'll take good care of your son for you. We should be done in about an hour. The cast will need time to set properly, and plaster takes a little longer than fiberglass."

Tom went back to Kenny and Evan, then asked, "How does your arm feel Evan?"

"It really hurts doctor!" cried Evan.

"Okay Evan, I'll fix that for you." replied Tom. "Kenny, help me roll Evan onto his side so I can give him an injection."

Kenny and Tom rolled the crying boy onto his side, then Tom went to get an injection to give Evan for the pain. Tom came back in, and pulled Evan's shorts and underwear up in the back to expose one of his cheeks. Tom massaged the cheek for a moment until it loosened up, then slipped the needle into Evan.

Once the shot was done, Tom said, "There Evan, that will be the only shot you'll need. Your arm should start to feel better soon. Now son, what were you doing in a tree? You don't look much like a cat or a monkey."

"I had to get something out of the tree." replied Evan, as his crying let up a little.

"It must have been important then, if you felt like you had to climb into the tree to get it." said Tom. "What was it?"

"I can't tell you sir." replied Evan. "You'll tell my mom if I tell you."

"I promise I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to Evan." replied Tom. "Neither will Kenny. You can trust us too Evan, because if we do tell anyone, you can sue us for lots and lots of money."

"Okay then, I'll trust you doctor." said Evan. "I had a best friend named Terry. One day about a year ago, we decided to play with each other's dicks. We didn't really even know what we were doing, it just felt nice. Terry's mother caught us doing it though, and got really mad. I was afraid she was going to tell my mom, and my mom would be mad too, but she didn't. Instead, she told Terry that he couldn't see me any more. Terry snuck out about a week later, and gave me a small chain to wear around my neck. Then he told me he loved me, but he had to go because his parents were getting ready to leave for California, and they wouldn't be coming back. After Terry left, I got so mad that I threw the chain up into the tree, and it got stuck there. Just the other day, I figured out what it was that Terry and I had been doing that day, and what he meant when he said he loved me. When I figured it out, I missed him so much that I had to climb into the tree to get the chain he gave me."

Kenny almost had tears in his eyes, and Tom asked, "Did you get the chain Evan?"

"Yeah, but when I put it in my pocket, I started to slip." replied Evan. "That's when I fell out of the tree and broke my arm. I wished I had known all of this before he left. We could have run away or something, until his parents stopped being so mean to us."

"Everything happens for a reason Evan." said Tom, as he rolled the cast tray over to the table, and turned Evan over to set his arm on the tray. "You might not know what that reason is right now, but I'm sure you will someday. It is important that you keep that chain though, and remember your friend. Now, I'm going to have to set your arm slightly before we start. I apologize Evan, but this might hurt a little bit."

Evan clenched his teeth, and grunted and groaned a lot, but made it through having his arm set okay. Then Tom put Evan's arm in a cast, and told Evan not to move his arm until the plaster had set. Then he had Kenny give Evan instructions about the cast while he went to look at other patients. While Tom was in the other exam room, Johnny came into the room Evan was in to look for his dad. The other kids were playing with patients out in the waiting room.

"Your dad is in the other exam room right now Johnny." said Kenny. "I wouldn't disturb him in there though. He'll be back in here with Evan and me in just a minute though, if you want to wait here. We're done with Evan, except for giving his cast a few more minutes to set."

"Okay Uncle Kenny, I'll wait here." said Johnny, who then looked at Evan. "Hi Evan, my name is Johnny. Did my dad fix your broken arm for you?"

"Yeah, he fixed it okay." replied Evan. "It doesn't even hurt too much anymore. I like your dad Johnny, he's a nice doctor."

"Yep, that's why he's my doctor!" smiled Johnny. "Well, plus the fact that he's my dad now too."

"You remind me a little bit of my old best friend Johnny." said Evan. "His name was Terry. Would you like to be friends Johnny? I only live three blocks from here."

"Sure Evan, you look pretty nice." replied Johnny.

Kenny was now smiling while he held his breath, hoping that he was watching two boys fall in love. He could already easily tell that both boys were gay. Kenny kept watching the boys, as they became friendlier and friendlier. Then Tom finally came back in with a child's sling.

"Okay Evan, the cast should be set now, so you can go ahead and sit up for me." said Tom, who then noticed his son. "Oh, hi son. What did you want?"

"The other kids wanted to know if we could go to Davey and Mark's house to swim when their dad gets home." replied Johnny, as Tom put Evan's arm in the sling.

"I guess that would be fine, but you might want to ask Kenny too, seeing as how Tony is his son now." replied Tom.

Kenny smiled and said, "That'll be fine Johnny. I might even come over and join you boys when the office closes, if your dad has a pair of trunks I can borrow."

"I think we can come up with something Kenny." smiled Tom. "There Evan, how is that?"

"That's okay I guess, doctor." replied Evan. "What do I do if I have to pee though? I think I really need to soon."

"Well Evan, you will need to get use to doing it one handed for the next six to eight weeks." replied Tom. "It'll be much easier if you keep wearing pants or shorts like those."

"Yeah, you will have to get use to it Evan." said Johnny. "I could help you this time though, if you don't mind."

"Sure Johnny, thanks!" replied Evan.

Tom and Kenny chuckled as Johnny led Evan to the bathroom back by the x-ray room. Once the boys were in the bathroom, Evan stood in front of the toilet. Johnny smiled as he grasped Evan's shorts and pulled them down with one hand, and took ahold of Evan's dick with the other hand. Evan smiled at his new friend as he began to pee, and Johnny held his dick for him. Then Johnny giggled as he moved Evan's dick around, making his pee swirl around in the toilet. As soon as Evan stopped peeing, his dick began to stiffen in Johnny's fingers. Johnny then stroked it back and forth softly a few times.

"You like this as much as I do, don't you Evan?" asked Johnny, as he stroked Evan's dick a little faster.

"Uh-huh." replied Evan. "I think I'll like being your friend Johnny."

"Cool!" exclaimed Johnny. "I can ask my dad if I can visit you at your house, if you don't think your mother will mind."

"I don't think she will, as long as she doesn't catch us doing this." replied Evan.

"Just wait until I come over then!" giggled Johnny. "I'll bet I can come up with a few more things she shouldn't catch us doing!" That made both boys laugh, as Johnny put Evan's dick back in his shorts for him.

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