Door to Door


The most amazing things can happen when you

open yourself to possibilities


A. Richard Hunter

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My days were usually pretty eventful, with a lot of deadlines, consequential stress, interruptions and general mayhem. Because of this, when I went home at night, I was generally quite reclusive and tried to ignore any intrusion on my quiet time by the constant barrage of telephone calls from those annoying salespeople who couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and the many ‘students’ who were selling one thing or another, door-to-door, to help them win that ‘scholarship.’ I’d heard all the stories for so long that I was immune to the pitch.

It was a Friday night and I was entirely exhausted from a long week and an especially horrendous day and looked forward to fixing a bite to eat, maybe taking a long hot shower to relax, and then sitting like a lump in front of the television for an evening of the Sci-Fi channel. As I pulled into the driveway of my apartment building, I saw a group of teenagers a little way up the street, climbing from one of those 9-passenger vans with an older man. I knew the signs. The man was obviously their sales manager, dropping them into a neighborhood to start making their rounds. I knew the signs because I had been one of those boys myself about twelve years earlier.

I quickly parked and headed into the enclosed building and up to my apartment, hurrying to get inside before anyone could see me and target me. I had found from experience that some of these kids could be extremely persistent if they knew you were at home and just not answering the door.

I unloaded my pockets on the top of the bedroom chest, kicked off my shoes and sat on the edge of the bed. I was debating whether to shower first or eat first. Weariness won out and I started to undress while running water in the bathroom to get it nice and hot. When I finally stepped under the spray, it felt so wonderful that I could almost feel the mental weight on my shoulders lifting and the tightness in my body beginning to relax. I spent twenty minutes just letting the water run over me, finally taking the time to soap up and actually cleanse myself before stepping out and toweling off. The shower had actually revived me and now I was hungry.

I pulled on my ankle length terry cloth robe and tied the sash around my waist and headed for the kitchen. I was already running over in my mind what I had in the refrigerator and trying to decide what to eat. When I pulled the refrigerator door open and saw the thick bacon-wrapped Angus steak that I had taken from the freezer the previous night to thaw, I knew immediately what dinner would entail.

It took twenty minutes in the oven to get the steak to my liking, while I fixed up some mashed potatoes and cobbed corn, and I had just seated myself at the dining table when the inevitable knock came at my door. It was gentle at first, then a bit more insistent. I ignored it and tore into my dinner and finally whoever was at the door went away to leave me in peace.

I finished an entirely enjoyable meal, washed the dishes and put them in the cupboard, and sat down to enjoy an evening of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, when the knock at the door returned. I muted the television to avoid encouraging the interruption but the annoyance continued. After about three minutes of insistent knocking, I decided to give this person a piece of my mind and got angrily to my feet and swung the front door open wildly. I was prepared to yell at this person to take the hint and get lost.

I couldn’t speak. My mouth hung open, halfway to the beginning of my intended tirade, and that’s where I froze. The boy standing in front of me was one of the most incredible teens I had ever laid eyes on in my life. I figured him for fifteen or sixteen - most likely sixteen - and my eyes roamed over him, devouring him like a ravenous beast.

At about five feet ten inches tall, slim built but looking sturdy and athletic, with small hips and coltish legs, he was a vision that only a boy-loving twenty-seven year old man can fully, and truly, appreciate. He had black hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes and high cheekbones - and a pale complexion that looked like it was devoid of any blemish, discoloration or even pores. He almost seemed to be made of porcelain, so fine was his complexion.

I noted one eyebrow arch up in the same way that Mr. Spock had done in each episode of the original Star Trek series many years before. He wasn’t saying anything. He just stood, returning my stare, probably caught off guard by the manner in which I had swung open the door. Or maybe it was because of the annoyed expression on my face that had suddenly changed to a blank expression accompanied by my gaping mouth and lustful stare. Whatever it was, he was as frozen as was I.

Finally, I found my voice. “Yes?” The boy jerked as though I had startled him when finally speaking.

“Oh. Good evening, sir. My name is Ryan and I’m in your neighborhood tonight to earn money that will enable me to go to summer camp, and.....” The boy, Ryan, stopped in mid sentence and I noticed his line of sight seemed to have dropped a bit. Following his gaze, I looked down to see that my robe had parted slightly and was giving the boy an ever so slight view of my manhood.

“Sorry,” I mumbled with embarrassment as I quickly pulled the robe tight and re-tied the sash about my waist. “Just got out of the shower a little bit ago.”

“No problem, sir.” He seemed to be smiling a bit wider now and I noticed his perfectly straight white teeth and the way his full, red lips stretched over his teeth, his upper lip curling up slightly, as he grinned. “ I was....well, as I started to say, I’m trying to earn money for summer camp and to do that you have to buy my.....I mean, I’m selling my.... do you want any magazine subscriptions?”

He was blushing now, which was very obvious on his pale skin, and his stammering somehow made him seem even cuter than he already was, if that was even possible. Meanwhile, my eyes scanned over his long, slender neck, his rounded shoulders displayed by the snug fit of his polo shirt. The three buttons at the throat were undone allowing me to see that the rest of his skin was as pale as his face. His arms were slender, completely free of hair or even the hint of hair, and equally pale. It was the kind of coloring that was captivating, intriguing, and made him appear almost angelic.

“Look, uh....Ryan, wasn’t it? Why don’t you come in and tell me about your program and show me the magazines that you’re selling and I can see if there’s anything I’m interested in.” I didn’t really care about the magazines, but I was certainly interested in having Ryan around for a few more minutes so I could enjoy just gazing into those blue pools and letting my eyes wash over his face. It had been such a long time since I had seen anyone that so completely captured my imagination and I wanted to enjoy it while I could and store it in my memory for those times when I needed a little imagery to help with my necessary ‘relief’ activities.

I closed the door behind him and motioned Ryan to the sofa, sitting beside him but not too close. I was careful to hold my robe so that it didn’t gape open again as I sat down, and I noticed his gaze followed my hands. It made me wonder if he had the same interests or if he was just a player - a tease that would pretend to show an interest in order to entice someone to buy his magazines. I wondered if he had used the approach on old Mrs. Rubenstein next door.

Ryan started naming some of the magazines that he could offer to me at substantial discounts off of the regular subscription price, but my mind was occupied with memorizing everything about him. I hadn’t noticed before, but he had the cutest dimples at the corners of his mouth when he smiled in a certain way, and his hands were extraordinarily delicate looking for a boy appearing to be so athletic, with long, slender fingers.

Looking past his fingers, I took a deep breath as I looked at the pronounced bulge that was showing at the top of his left thigh, and the way in which the center seam of his white denims clearly divided his balls and made them perfect round orbs on each side. There was no evidence of arousal, just the normal display of a teen who wears snug trousers and, probably, boxers or no underwear at all.

When I looked back up, it was obvious that his eyes were washing over me as well, and when our eyes met I could discern the knowing look that revealed he had me figured out and was aware of my interest in him. Yet, his look was sufficiently subtle that it did not reveal whether he had an interest in me. I realized that he might only be looking me over for some sign of arousal that would confirm his suspicions.

I tried to pay more attention to his sales spiel and began looking at the pictures of the magazines and other subscription-based periodicals that he offered. As he spread his folder out on the coffee table in front of us, he moved closer so that he could point out specific magazines without moving the folder away from me. Sitting so close together, I could smell him and it sent my olfactory senses into overload. He had the slight smell of perspiration from his trek around the neighborhood, a pleasant smell that only teenage boys are capable of exuding. There was a faint odor of a cologne that I thought might be Aramis, with its peppery-sweet fragrance. And, the slightest smell of soap could also be detected. The combination was powerful for a teen-lover like myself and I could feel the slight twitch between my legs that signaled the beginnings of arousal.

Ryan shifted slightly as he reached across to point out some newsmagazines, including The Advocate, moving against me so that our bodies were touching, announcing quite matter-of-factly that it was a newsmagazine for gay men and lesbians but was very popular also within many other circles of people who wanted or needed to stay abreast of trends and important events in the gay and lesbian communities. I saw his eyes flick up to my face as he spoke, obviously checking my reaction and I immediately thought this might be a good icebreaker and a signal to him that I was gay, if that was of interest to him.

“I’ve been planning to subscribe to The Advocate for some time but have never managed to get around to it. Why don’t you write up a subscription for that.”

The biggest smile spread across Ryan’s face as he pulled a book out of his shoulder bag and began writing, asking me my name, the address, my phone number and other pertinent information. He had relaxed back against the sofa as he wrote, his legs spread comfortably, and my eyes continued to wander over him slowly, taking in his exquisite beauty and perfect form. The bulge at the juncture of his thighs was now more pronounced and had lengthened slightly down his thigh. His polo shirt had pulled tighter across his chest in his sitting position and I could see the slight ridges of his muscles and the small peaks created behind the material where his nipples were apparently hard. When he finished writing, I panicked, wanting to keep him around for a little longer, and put my hand on top of his as he started to gather up his folder.

“Don’t stop, now. Show me the rest of what you’re selling.” It came out as a double entendre even though I had not intended it, and I blushed as I realized what I had said. Ryan merely smiled wide and spread the folder back out on the coffee table and began turning pages.

His voice a little choked, Ryan pointed to a magazine. “You may like this magazine. It’s called Freshman and has articles and materials of interest to gay men. It’s quite an interesting magazine. I have a subscription to it myself.”

There it was. I had vaguely announced my orientation to him by ordering The Advocate and now he was doing the same by claiming a subscription to Freshman. His pronouncement was even more clear than my own since this magazine featured nude, erotic photography of beautiful young men in their twenties in every issue.

“Yes. Put me down for that one, as well. I’ve picked it up at the book store before but I have so little time to get there any more.”

Again, Ryan grinned broadly and relaxed back against the sofa to write up the order. This time I noticed that Ryan’s condition appeared to have now advanced to a point in which he was at least half way to a full erection, the tubular shape extending further down his thigh and the ridge of the circumcised head beginning to be apparent. I felt a rise at my own center and worried about becoming obvious if my large penis became erect and started trying to escape from the confines of my robe. My mind relaxed, however, when I realized that it might just be the precipitous event that would allow me to undress this young adonis and see the tremendous beauty hidden under his clothes.

Ryan sat forward again and looked at me questioningly as if to determine if I wanted to look at more of the items in his folders. I nodded my head, indicating I wanted to continue and Ryan again began pointing at magazines and periodicals, telling me what they contained and what the subscription pricing was. As I watched his delicate hands moving across the pages, my mind wandered and I imagined those beautiful hands wrapped around my stiff pole, stroking gently, and I felt the sudden lurch between my legs as that pole did, indeed, become entirely stiff. I was afraid to look down and see if my robe was tenting for fear it would draw his attention so I just continued trying to focus on what he was saying and showing an interest.

At one point, Ryan raised up off the sofa to reach over the coffee table for another folder on the far side. As he sat back down, very close to me, his ass came down on the edge of my right thigh, dragging my robe down the side of my leg, and pulling it so that it was no longer overlapping in front where I had tied the sash. While I was not exposed, it was clear that the slightest movement could cause the robe to spread just enough that my entire groin would be on display. As it was, I noticed with embarrassment, a tent was now showing and could not be misinterpreted.

I assumed that Ryan noticed my predicament, also, as I glanced into his lap and saw that he was now fully erect. A respectable six and a half inches of boy sex stretched down his leg and I began to wonder how two such apparently shy guys, each loathe to make the first overt move, were ever going to get anything started. I guess Ryan had the same thought, as he rose slightly again to retrieve another folder - which had been within easy arms reach - and sat down in the same fashion, this time causing my robe to gap in front a full three inches. I was now entirely exposed from the navel downward. My neatly trimmed pubic hair, my pulsing erection and plump balls were on open display and I tried to discretely look at Ryan to see if he was noticing.

Ryan had not only noticed but was openly staring at my display of manhood while his left hand was squeezing at his own erection along his thigh. My mind raced, analyzing and weighing my options and trying to determine the best course of action. I really didn’t want to make the first move if he was only sixteen. I firmly believed that teen boys were more mature than they had been some twenty or thirty years ago and were capable of making their own sexual decisions at fourteen that in prior days would have required the maturity of a nineteen year old. But, still, my hesitation continued for legal as well as well as personal reasons.

Perhaps it was kismet that I looked up and deeply into Ryan’s eyes and saw the same lust, longing and hesitation as I was sure could be seen in mine, and we simultaneously seemed to lean toward each other. Our dual shyness made even this movement hesitant and uncertain. We moved a little, then blinked, moving back, then moved toward each other again, stopped, staring. Then moving toward each other again, this time pausing as our lips were less than an inch apart, and finally moving slowly across the remaining distance, pressing our lips together.

Ryan’s lips were so soft and full and moist and I pressed more firmly and parted my lips slightly to run my tongue over them. They even tasted sweet, although even I questioned whether the sugary taste was real or just my imagination in overdrive. Surprisingly, Ryan parted his lips as well and inserted his tongue into my mouth.

My mind was racing, enjoying this moment, yet trying to decide how to take it further. Ryan was ahead of me once again and, as I began to respond to his tongue in my mouth by opening my mouth wider and sucking at the invading tongue in welcome, I felt Ryan’s soft hand close around the shaft of my overheated erection and begin to stroke ever so slowly and gently. Reacting to the surprising and stimulating touch, I almost swallowed Ryan’s tongue.

We broke apart after a few minutes and just sat staring at one another, Ryan still maintaining his slow, easy stroke on my hard flesh. I was feeling warm and a bit fuzzy with the excitement but knew that the one thing I truly wanted was to get this beautiful boy naked. As soon as possible. I reached over and ran my hand up his leg until I encountered his own erection, and stroked the cloth over his concealed organ, squeezing it gently. I saw his eyes close and his expression turn to one of consummate pleasure and lust as I continued to run my fingers up and down the concealed shaft.

Ryan’s eyes shot open as my fingers began unbuckling his belt, undoing the button at the top of his fly and slowly lowering his zipper. I spread the flaps of his denims wide and my suspicions were confirmed. He wore no underwear. A neat nest of shiny black pubic hairs appeared at the opening of his fly and I ran my fingers down his smooth belly and stroked through his small bush as his breathing increased and his tongue hung loosely from his gaping mouth. I hadn’t yet touched his naked cock so it was somewhat surprising that he was so worked up already. Unless.......

“Ryan. Please stand up. You’re so beautiful that I just need to see all of you. Right this moment. Is that okay?”

Without verbal response, Ryan rose to his feet and I rose to stand in front of him. I started by lifting the tails of his polo shirt and sliding the shirt higher on his torso. Ryan raised his arms straight overhead and I quickly raised the shirt and slid it over his head and arms and tossed it aside. In his current position, I was able to glimpse the small line of black hair under each arm, no more than an inch and a half in length and less than half an inch in width. So far, this small amount of hair and that which I knew was down around his dick was all the hair this boy appeared to have on his body.

I just stood admiring Ryan’s body. It was a swimmer’s body with good shoulders, a chest that was lightly, yet clearly, defined around his pectorals. The shape of his body was like an inverted pyramid, getting smaller and your eyes descended from his chest to his stomach and abdomen. In fact, it was that way regardless of what angle you looked at him from; the front, the sides or the back. This was one spectacular body. And the beginnings of a six pack and the well formed lines of muscle that descended in a V-shape from his hips toward his groin, all made him the most desirable boy I had ever seen.

I shook off the reverie and grasped the waist of Ryan’s denims and slowly pushed them down, slowly revealing the small oval patch of hair at the base of his cock, allowing his cock to spring free from its confinement and wave enticingly, and finally two good sized balls, pulled up tightly in their smooth scrotum to the root of his very hard erection. His cock was a masterpiece in itself, straight, without veins or cords, fairly thick for a teenager without being too much so, and capped by a soft, spongy head that was a dark pink and stretched to a shiny, smooth texture.

I helped Ryan step out of his denims then stood up, slid my robe off my shoulders, leaving us standing completely naked before one another. We each seemed overwhelmed by what our eyes witnessed. Me, because Ryan was so totally, spectacularly beautiful and perfect,; Ryan, most likely because at his age and given his shyness, he had probably not had much experience with someone older than himself.

I took Ryan by the hand and led him to my bedroom. As I laid him back on my bed, he gazed at me with such longing, and such trust, that my heart was overflowing with feeling for this teen angel. I sat beside him and leaned over, scooping him up in my arms and pressing my mouth to his. I cannot ever remember a kiss that so completely possessed or excited me as that one kiss and, after about five minutes, I had to break away to get my breathing back under control and reduce the heightened sense of arousal that had me on the cusp of ejaculation.

I slowly traced my fingers over Ryan’s beautiful face, down his slender neck, then down the center of his chest and belly. He was truly a vision of beauty that, I suspect, one only encounters a single time in a lifetime. I placed my palm lightly on his chest and moved my hand around, feeling the smooth skin, the ridges of muscle, the tightness of his almost concave belly, and finally moving down toward the ultimate prize.

I took Ryan’s erection in my hand, marveling at the steely hardness that lay beneath the baby soft skin that moved so freely and easily up and down as I stroked. It was an experience of pure delight to look upon, to touch, to stroke such a magnificently beautiful boy. I looked at Ryan with tenderness and wanted to give him whatever pleasure his heart desired.

“What would you like me to do for you?”

“I dunno. Anything you want?”

“I want to do everything for you, but mostly I want to do what you want most and then we can do other things later.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve never done anything before.”

The earlier thought came crashing back into my head. “You’re a virgin.” I said it softly, not as a question or an accusation or even an exclamation. Merely as a gentle confirmation of what he was telling me. Ryan nodded his head in response, his cheeks reddening as if it was something to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

“Well, then I’ll start by giving you a blow job, since that seems to be what every teenaged boy thinks about twenty four hours a day.”

Ryan smiled and blushed again but the lust was burning hot in his eyes as I slowly lowered my head toward the center of his body. I sensed that I should get down to business because he was close and it would take very little to push him over the top. I did not want to waste his first experience as had happened with me, and left me feeling unfulfilled and disappointed for almost a full year after.

I opened my mouth as I neared the head of Ryan’s cock, stuck out my tongue and swiped it teasingly over the tip and around the edges, repeatedly bathing his cockhead. His body had tensed at the first touch and continued to stiffen, his six pack becoming so well defined from the manner in which his muscles were flexed as he struggled to hold back his impending release. I lowered my face and enclosed his entire cock in my mouth, savoring the wonderful sensation and taste of a teenage boy. It was a joy that had been absent from my life since I was nineteen and had gone off to college, leaving my seventeen year old neighbor and sometime boyfriend behind.

I moved my mouth rapidly up and down on Ryan’s hard flesh, swirling my tongue, tightening my lips as I withdrew, trying to deliver an intensity of pleasure that Ryan would not forget. I was stroking his smooth balls with my free hand and felt them draw up very tightly at the same time that his cock seemed to become impossibly hard and grow even larger in my mouth. I braced for what was coming, backing off until only the spongy glans remained in my mouth.

As Ryan’s cock began to pulse and twitch, I felt the shots of hot cream hit the back of my throat and I moved my tongue wildly over the head to further stimulate it and keep Ryan’s release going. I only released Ryan’s spent cock after it had begun to wilt and became so overly sensitive that Ryan could no longer stand the stimulation.

I lay alongside Ryan, on my side facing him, my head propped up on one hand, watching him closely for any signs of remorse or regret that so often overcame first-timers. As his breathing slowed and he regained his composure, all I saw was a smile of satisfaction. I continued to watch him until he rolled on his side toward me and looked me in the eyes.

“That was great. I never knew it could be so good. I always hoped my first time would be special and it sure was!”

I stroked his cheek tenderly. There was something about Ryan that was very special. An innate innocence that seemed to emanate from him and affect everything and everyone around him. Seeing his happiness made me happy. It made me feel special. It buoyed my spirits and re-energized me.

But, apparently things weren’t quite finished. I flinched as, once again, I felt Ryan’s soft hand close around my stiff flesh and slowly stroke. He pushed me over on my back and rolled on top of me, face to face, and I was surprised that he was completely hard again, already, after only about ten minutes. It was amazing how resilient teen boys were. I knew he was hard because I could feel his cock pressing against my own and plowing into my abdomen as he moved his hips in an undulating motion.

I put my arms around him and drew him to me, kissing him lightly before he rested his head on my shoulder, his cheek pressed against mine. I allowed my hands to roam down his back, over the firm mounds of his ass, and realized I had yet to experience the pleasure of seeing that part of him. I felt no hurry since, at the moment, my hands were carefully exploring that part of Ryan’s body and I was thoroughly enjoying it.

Ryan raised up and began kissing down the center of my chest and stomach until he came to my erection. He took it in his hand and looked at it with seeming fascination and then looked up at me.

“You’re huge. I’ve never seen one so big.”

“You’ll be bigger when you’re fully grown. It just looks big because I’m older and you’ve only seen the cocks of boys your own age and probably not seen them hard. I’m only a little bigger than what’s average for a grown man.”

“I still think it’s huge!”

“You don’t have to do anything, you know. Don’t think you owe me anything, okay?”

“I want to! I have to! I’ve waited for this day since I was thirteen. I knew I wanted to be with someone older, I just didn’t know how to make it happen. This has been the best day of my life.”

Teenagers had such a gift for exaggeration. Ryan was a very special boy and he would have many more fantastic days that would put this one to shame. That thought, however, was interrupted as I felt Ryan’s tongue tentatively swipe across the head of my cock, followed my the warm wetness of his mouth descending on my shaft. I lifted my head and watched with rapt attention as his beautiful face impaled itself on my erection. I could see from the light in his eyes and the way his cheeks puffed out that he was entirely enjoying himself.

It was a magnificent effort. I was impressed by Ryan’s ability for his first time, and lay back enjoying the moment. Just the thought of having made love to such a supremely beautiful teen, along with the knowledge and the vision of that beautiful boy now giving me the same pleasure, pushed me over the top and I tapped Ryan on the head.

“Watch out. I’m about to shoot!”

Ryan merely clamped his lips tighter and descended as far as he could manage. I began firing volleys, one after another, and I watched Ryan’s throat repeatedly swallowing as he accepted what I was giving. When I was finished, Ryan moved up even with me and we wrapped our arms around each other and snuggled together, face to face, our grins offsetting the declining light in the room as the sun was setting over the horizon.

“I never answer the door at night. For some reason tonight, I made an exception. Probably because you were so persistent.”

“I only knocked once, right before you jerked the door open.”

“But, I heard someone knocking for, like, five minutes or so before I got up and headed for the door.”

“There was no one else around that I could see. Just me. Really. I only knocked once.”


When Ryan left about thirty minutes later, with a sizeable order from me to justify the amount of time he had spent with me and keep his boss from becoming suspicious, I never expected to see him again. I was surprised and pleased when, the following Friday night, he called me and asked if he could come over.

“How did you get my number?”

“You gave it to me. On the magazine order form. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.”


“Yes, you can definitely come over. Do you need a ride?”

“No. I have my own car.”

“How old are you?” I was still thinking fifteen or sixteen so I didn’t think he would be driving just yet.

“I’ll be eighteen in a few weeks. Why?”

“You look younger.”

“Everyone says that. I’m glad, though.”

“Why’s that?”

“Maybe if I looked my age old perverts wouldn’t be so interested in me.”

“Whaa.....?!” I knew he was teasing but he caught me off guard nonetheless. But when I heard the soft tinkling giggle that he was struggling to suppress, I knew he was still the little angel I had first assumed him to be. “How soon can you be here?”

“How fast can you open your front door?”

Again I gasped and raced to the door to find him standing outside, grinning, his cell phone pressed to his ear. “Hi,” he breathed out and stepped inside.

Ryan became a regular Friday night attraction at my place for the next several months, and even added some Saturday’s as well when he could. When he decided to go to college, he chose UCLA because it was close to my apartment, and he moved in because it was more convenient than his parents house in Pasadena. Four years later, when he graduated with his Bachelors degree in Business Administration, he came to work for me and found numerous ways to improve efficiency and profitability, resulting in greater growth and profitability that I had ever expected to see from my small company.

That first night when I found Ryan was like a magical event. We have talked frequently about the persistent knocking at my door that motivated me to answer after Ryan knocked just the once but we have never been able to explain it. Perhaps it was as I originally thought. It was kismet. Fate.

Whatever it was, Ryan and I have been together for fifteen years last April. Ten years ago we solemnized our relationship with a commitment ceremony and I made Ryan heir to all that I have. He already owned my heart and by a simple legal document he became equal owner of everything else.

The magic is still there. We have not spent a night apart since Ryan first moved in with me and neither of us has any desire to do so. It’s as if we were meant solely for each other. Destined to be together. It’s a bright, happy future, indeed.

- Fini -