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Dougie's Story
by: Kewl Dad

Tommy Boy and I were lovers for almost five years and our relationship was one of the most amazing I have ever experienced. His little sister Sarah and his little brother Dougie were always in and out of the new  house Tommy and I shared and we were sort of like a family. Of course it wasn't too long until I began to notice Dougie and how cute and sexy he was. I think Tommy noticed me noticing, but if he cared he never let on. We had a sort of casual and open relationship and so when he finally met someone his own age that he liked, I didn't stand in his way.

Marcus was a black Adonis with a 7.5 inch cock that begged for attention constantly and apparently Tommy made it his goal in life to see that it never went without that attention.

Tearfully he came to me one day after school and told me he had been seeing Marcus on the side for about a month and that he thought he was in love with him. He told me he was sorry and that he still loved me too and he would stop seeing Marcus if I told him to.

I kissed him gently and hugged him tight, "Baby, I would never do that to you. You know me better than that. If this is truly what you want then go for it. And if you still want to live here, that's fine too. We can fix up the guest room for you and you can ever bring him here if you want.

"Why..why are you being so.....nice," my Tommy Boy bawled, big tears rolling down his sweet face.

"Because I have loved boys all my life and I know how things are. When Billy went away to college I knew it was only a matter of time till he found someone else and moved on. It's just how the world works. It's sad, but I'll get over it. The most important thing to me is that you are happy. Do you believe me when I say that," I said tears now leaking from my eyes as well, "Have I not always made that clear?" 

He nodded and looked so forlorn I pulled him tight to me and just held him while he cried. He was trembling but I knew he would get over the initial pain much sooner than I would. I was strong outside but inside I was dying. Why, oh why, couldn't I find a boy who would love me forever. I never outgrew them, it was always the other way around.

"Hush baby, it will be okay. You have your whole life ahead of you. You will love many people in your life, but I hope you will remember me as the one who was willing to set you free when you needed it most."

" you so much," he sobbed, "I don't want to hurt you."

"'s okay, I'll be fine. Why don't you bring Marcus around sometime. I'd like to meet him. But if you like him, I'm sure he is wonderful."

He calmed a little then and wiped the tears from his eyes, "Maybe...maybe we could all three...." he began but there was no conviction in his voice. It was obvious he was in love with Marcus and didn't want to share him with an old lover, me.

"No, I think it's best we don't risk that. I want this to be about you, and not me. He can come visit and you two can have your fun, but not with me...not anymore." I said  wiping my own eyes. It was time to man up and move on and I knew it.

He studied me with graven eyes then nodded, "I love you." he said simply then he untangled himself from me and walked out the door.

I watched him go but he never looked back. I fell onto the couch and cried like a baby for about an hour and then got up and washed my face and started dinner. I didn't know if he'd be back that night or not, but I wanted to make sure he was well fed if he did come back. 

We usually ate around 6:30 and he showed up right on time  looking weary and a little sad. I smiled at him and gave him a big hug and sat him down at the table. I dished up the food and we talked about our day as if nothing had ever happened. It sometimes happens like that, one day you are lovers, the next day friends. We slept together that night but except for a little snuggling nothing happened. The next day we fixed up the guest bedroom and he moved in there.

I did meet Marcus a few days later but they didn't stay and play and that was the only time Marcus came to our house. A week later he moved in with Marcus and his parents and except for an occasional visit I didn't see much of him for the next year. 

Dougie comes to the rescue

Dougie knew something was wrong from the minute the entered the house that second day after Tommy's confession. He looked at us both and for a minute I thought he was going to cry. Then he came over and sat down beside me and put his small hand on my leg. He was almost 13 now and had grown into a sexy young boy. I knew he was going through puberty because I had occasion to do his laundry and had detected signs of cum in his undies. Okay, I sniffed them too, so sue

He was smaller than Tommie had been at that age and his features were more effeminate than Tommy's but not so much that you couldn't see he was a boy. His long blond hair swept to one side but was constantly falling into his eyes and I sometimes called him sheepdog. He was a good natured kid and a real sweetheart and when he took it upon himself to comfort me during mine and Tommy's breakup I didn't deny him.

Once he knew what was really going on he became angry at Tommy, but somewhere along the way his attitude changed and I think that was when he decided to take Tommy's place. I was still too hurt to see what was really going on but I did enjoy the closeness Dougie and I shared and I guess it was only a matter of time before things turned romantic.

Sarah hardly came around anymore and mostly it was just Dougie and me after Tommy moved out. He was almost always there in the evening and on weekends while Sarah hung out with her new friends from school. I missed Sarah a lot at first, then as time went on I realized that I treasured my time alone with Dougie and was glad she wasn't there as much.

I guess it must have been about a month after Tommy moved out that things moved to the next level. It was a Friday night and I had promised to take Dougie and Sarah to the movies, but at the last minute Sarah canceled saying she was going out with some friends from school.  That left just Dougie and me and he seemed excited to have me all to himself. 

He had been kind of clingy since Tommy left, but I figured he just missed his big brother and was turning to me for comfort. Little did I know that little Dougie was seducing me slowly, day by day.

"Oh boy," he said as we piled into my car. I still had the Mustang, but these days I mostly drove my new Honda Civic, "just us guys, no girls...yah!" he giggled.

"Oh, so you don't like girls?" I teased.

He frowned and shook his head looking as cute a puppy, "Girls have cooties, boys rule!"

I laughed, Was it possible he was still too young to have noticed girls or was he trying to tell me something else?

"Well it's boys' night out I guess, so what movie do you want to see?"

"I know, can we go to the drive in? We can get some snacks and sodas and just sit in the car and pig out."

There was one drive in theater left in town and it was just outside town and featured grassy parking and sound broadcast through the radio in your car. The first movie didn't start until dark, which was about 8:30 so we had plenty of time to grab our snacks so I easily agreed.

We grabbed the ice chest and filled it with soda and ice and bought candy bars, chips, and cookies and I stopped at KFC and got a bucket of chicken for good measure. We arrived at the drive in about a half hour early and grabbed a good spot on the back row behind the concession and projection building. It was cool outside and a perfect nice for the drive in. 

Families and young lovers had staked out their various locations and by the time the first movie began the place was almost full. There was the usual ten minutes of previews and commercials (is nothing sacred anymore) then the movie began. We ate chicken and drank sodas through most of it but when we got full we put the food aside and Dougie scooted over into the middle next to me. His leg was pressing against mine and it felt warm and soft, yet solid. He was a little brick house with every brick in place and I had seen his chest and it was as well defined as the rest of him. I hadn't seen his package up close, but had observed it through his underwear on frequent sleep overs and for a boy his age he looked well endowed.

All these thoughts were running through my mind that night and I wondered if it was because I hadn't had sex since Tommy's news or if I had been thinking them all along in the back of my mind. When his small soft hand came to rest on my leg I felt my cock go from limp to full attention. Although I had often wondered about Dougie's sexuality I had never really considered him as a possible partner until that moment.

Then as if I had been struck by lightening I realized I had been ignoring the signs all along. I thought back to things Dougie had said, the intimate touching he was always doing, and the many times he climbed into my lap and pulled my arms around him. The boy was coming on to me and I was too stupid to see it until now. 

Of course the fact that his older brother had gotten to me first might have put him off some, but now that Tommy was gone he realized he had an opportunity to make his move. Call me stupid, I know I should have seen it all along, but I was so in love with Tommy that I overlooked what his beautiful little brother was going through.

From my leg Dougie's hand migrated to within inches of my crotch and I was sweating bullets and breathing like an asthmatic. He stopped just short of the bulge in my shorts and just made little circles on my upper thigh driving me absolutely crazy. 

I couldn't concentrate on the movie for the amazing feeling Dougie was giving and when he at last touched my hard cock through my shorts I moaned lowly and threw my head back and came immediately. I was embarrassed at first, then horrified that I had let things get this far. No way did he not feel and see the wetness there as my balls unloaded a weeks worth of hot jizz but all he did was smile and say, "Cool, did I do that?"

It was all I could do to reply but shaking and stuttering I said, "Yeeesssss, I guess its been longer than I thought since I got some relief."

He giggled, "Dumb old Tommy, how could he leave you for that black dude?" He said sounding angry by the time he finished.

I sighed, "Tommy has a right to love who he wants and to be with who ever he wants."

"Do I?" Dougie asked simply.

"Of course, buddy. It should always be that way." I said, not really understanding exactly what he was getting at.

He smiled a sunny smile as he said, "Good, cause I choose you." Then his smiled faded and he looked sad and unsure of himself, "If...if you want me too." He finished tragically.

What could I say? No way was I going to reject this beautiful little angel that was offering his heart to me unconditionally.

"Oh Dougie, sweetie, are you sure it's really me you want? Do you know what it means to be with a man?"

He nodded, "I knew all along that you and Tommy were doing sex stuff. I'm not dumb," he said grinning, "I....don't know everything but I can learn."

"I would never make you do anything you didn't want to, all I want to do is make you happy," I said suddenly realizing that that was exactly what I wanted more than anything on earth. Call me fickle if you want, going from boy to boy, but I prefer to think I am just flexible. If I wasn't the first one that came along and broke my heart would have been the end of me.

A sunny smile lit up his face again and he got up on his knees and threw his arms around my neck, "You mean it, you wanna be my....uh, boyfriend?" he giggled.

I laughed too, "Yes, I do...more than anything," I said  hugging him back oblivious of anyone around us who might wonder what was going on in the front seat of my car.

"Oh boy, does that mean I can sleep with you now?"

"Oh, baby, yes. You will sleep with me every time you stay over. But we have to be careful, okay? We don't want Sarah to figure out we're more than just buddies okay?"

Dougie laughed, "Are you serious? Sarah is the one who told me what was going on with you and Tommy. And...don't get mad, okay...but she is the one who told me I should take his place."

I shook my head in disbelief, then I realized I had suspected all along that Sarah knew more than she let on. She was a bright little girl (well actually a sexy cute teenage girl now) and had always been so sweet to me that I guess I never picked up on those vibes. 

I laughed, "Am I the only one who was in the dark all this time?"

Dougie smiled, "We love you so it don't matter."

"I love you too, all of you, but now...most of all I love you sweet boy."

Dougie kissed my cheek then and sat back down beside me, "I love you we have to stay and watch the movie?"

", not if you don't want to," I said surprised at his willingness to give up our night out.

"Good, cause I wanna go back to your place and start learning stuff...tonight," he said grinning, "and I wanna learn it all."

"Well, maybe not all tonight, but we can put you on a crash course I guess," I chuckled.

"I already know some of it," he said coyly touching my still wet and sensitive cock. It had been soft but his touch brought it back to half hardness quickly.

"I see," I said shivering at his touch, "why don't we save that for later. I'd hate to wreck the car because of being distracted."

He giggled and removed his soft warm hand, "Okay, and maybe you can touch mine too."

My blood pressure went up a few points at the thought of finally seeing, feeling and tasting what I had subconsciously been lusting after all along. All those whiffs of his cum stained undies, and sniffing the seat to find his boyish ass smell and then beating off had seemed harmless at the time, but now I knew that I had wanted this boy all along.

Unable to control myself any longer as we pulled out of the drive in I placed my hand on the hardness in his shorts and he sighed happily. I looked over at him and his eyes were closed and a look of complete bliss filled his face. This was the way it was supposed to be, I realized, me loving him, him loving me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking, Maybe this will be the one who stays, who loves me forever and who I will love forever, but even if he wasn't I would cherish whatever time we had together.

I almost felt robbed that Dougie had been a part of my life for so long and I had only now come to realized just how much he meant to me. I guess my love for Tommy had clouded my eyes to this beautiful wonderful boy, but I vowed to make up for lost time and to make his life wonderful from now on.

Back at the house we unpacked the car and I sent Dougie off to shower and get ready for bed. He grinned as he headed to the master bath and turned back to say, "I'm not gonna put any clothes on okay, I wanna sleep nekkid," he giggled.

"That's fine buddy, maybe we could shower together if you'd like," I suggested. I thought it would be a good way to check each other out in non sexual circumstances.

"Really? Yeah, that would be cool. Come on then," he said impatiently.

I chuckled and dropped what I was doing and caught up with him at the door and put my hand on his shoulder and ushered him into my bath. From now on this would be his bathroom too, no more using the guest bath for my little lover.

I had a separate shower and tub in my master bath and as I started the water and adjusted the temp Dougie began to undress. Up until then I had never seen Dougie completely naked before. I had seen him many times in only his undies, but never naked and I was unprepared for how beautiful he was when those undies dropped to the floor and I finally got a look at his sweet body.

His cock was already rock hard (a condition that prevailed most of the time we were together) and about 5" long and fat as my thumb at the head and then thickening at the base. It was a beautiful cock perfect for sucking and for fucking and I couldn't wait to try it out in both ways. His little ball sac clung to his body but I could see his balls were huge for a boy his age and I licked my lips as I thought about what a tasty load they could produce. 

Except for a few wispy strands of hair just above his cock Dougie was hairless and smooth and if not for his huge cock and balls he could have been mistaken for a boy much younger. His legs were smooth and muscled and his feet...ah his feet, were small and beautiful and my mouth was watering at the thought of sucking those toes and licking his soft soles. 

He giggled and his eyes went to my crotch and I realized I was rock hard and pushing out against my shorts obscenely. He moved closer and grabbed my cock and squeezed it gently but this time I only moaned and didn't blow my load.

"Get nekkid," he giggled, "my turn to look," he said tilting his head in a cute way as his long hair spilled onto his face.

I quickly undressed and his eyes took in every inch of my body as he fingered his cock absent mindedly. When I was completely naked he sighed and did a little spin to show off his back side. I took in a deep breath as I saw for the first time his smooth naked bubble butt and my cock throbbed with anticipation. I might not ever be inside him but I could rim him and rub on those fabulous smooth buns and be almost as happy.

I finally managed to pull my eyes away from his body and ushered him into the shower. The shower was huge and could easily accommodate four adults so we had plenty of room to maneuver but Dougie stayed in close proximity the whole time occasionally bumping against me almost seductively. 

"Wash my back please," Dougie said handing me his washcloth. 

I slathered it with body wash as he turned to reveal that bubble butt and his back to me. I lathered his shoulders and upper back making slow lazy circles with the washcloth and causing him to sigh, but as my hand moved lower he began to moan lowly and when I finally reached his butt he was shivering with anticipation.

I smiled to myself, it was so wonderful to witness the discovery of sex through the eyes of a boy. I knew how new and exciting all this was to him and that made it new and exciting for me too. As I began to lather up those two perfect globes of flesh he instinctively spread his legs a little to allow me to wash his crack.

As I ran the wet soapy cloth up his crack and across his little boy button I felt him tremble as he whimpered lowly and threw his head back. I knew that most boys were very anal, despite what most people thought, and Dougie was no exception. Maybe he had even been experimenting back there, who knew. I remembered when I was his age I was sticking all kinds of things up there from carrots to broom handles and eventually the real thing.

He leaned his head back against me and sighed again, "Nice," he said softly.

I kissed the top of his head and finished cleaning his backside paying special attention to his tight little hole. If things went as I planned my tongue would be in there a bit later and I didn't want to taste any poop. I had no aspirations of going any further than that this early in our relationship, but I was looking forward to rimming that cute smooth ass all night long.

We finished our shower soon after that and I dried my new little lover off taking the opportunity to touch and explore every inch of his hot little body. He was putty in my hands, sighing and smiling as he watched me through half lidded eyes and when I finished I pulled him to me and kissed his face.

I patted his behind and told him to brush his teeth. Using the toothbrush I kept there for him, he watched me with interest as I finished drying off my own body. I was almost 36 years old but everyone told me I looked ten years younger and I took good care of my body. I think part of the reason I was so body conscious was that being with boys as I was I wanted to look as youthful as possible. I considered myself to be good looking and sexy and probably could have found a guy my age and had some kind of real relationship, but I chose to love boys and that was what I did best.

I sent him off to bed and shaved and brushed my teeth and went in to find him on the side of the bed where Tommy had slept up until that day he had broke my heart. There was a moment of sadness as I realized I missed Tommy and still loved him, but it was quickly replaced by my heart telling me to let go and to love again. I smiled at Dougie and he smiled back and I slowly walked over to the bed and crawled in beside him.

"Light on or off?" I said knowing that there would be no sleeping for a while.

"On, I wanna see you," he said understanding me completely.

I nodded, "Good, cause I definitely want to see you," I said smiling.

I rolled into him and kissed him, this time on the lips and was surprised when he kissed back with more passion than I thought possible from a boy his age. He was a damn good kisser, and his small soft tongue was like a little snake crawling in and out of my mouth. I sighed with contentment as my cock throbbed against this leg and his against mine. 

I broke the kiss and nuzzled his ear, "Baby, this is all about you now. I don't want you to do anything you don't want to and if I do something you don't like just tell me. I am going to make love to your sweet beautiful body and show you how wonderful being loved by a man can be. Any questions?"

He shook his head, "I want it all. I know I'm young and all, but I....know some of it. You can teach me the rest."

I took a deep breath, nodded and began. I started at those small soft beautiful feet, sucking and licking until he was squirming and pounding his hard little pud with purpose. I reached up and grabbed his hand and pushed it away form his cock causing him to whimper, "That's mine now. I will take care of that when I'm done. You just have to be patient."

"Okay, but it feels so makes me horny," he sighed.

"And is will be ten times better when you finally get off my little angel."

He giggled, "I aint no angel, more like a devil."

"Huh uh, you're my angel and don't forget it."

He didn't protest and when I went back to his feet he clawed at the covers but left his cock alone. I love boy feet so much I could have easily stayed there all night just worshiping his perfect pair but there were so many more things I wanted to do so soon after I gave them up and moved up to his legs.

He whimpered a little when I quit loving his feet as he raised up to see what was next. I started by placing little kisses all up and down his smooth perfect legs and he shivered as I moved up to his thighs. I placed more little kisses on the tops of his thighs nearing his cock and balls but never actually touching them. I was teasing him, building up the sexual tension until he was ready to explode and explode he would in my hungry mouth.

He moaned and took in a sharp breath as I finally nuzzled his balls and he threw his legs wide open for me. I licked his gooch and he groaned. Raising up I placed a wet sloppy kiss on the head of his penis and he shook as if he had been electrocuted and when I moved on up to his belly button he growled in frustration.

I love belly buttons almost as much as feet and Dougie's was an outie which is my favorite. His flat little belly was rock hard and as I tongued that hot little button I ran my hands over it and up to his chest stopping to pinch his erect nipples and causing him to moan lowly. 

I kissed and licked my way up his body to his chest and began nipping and licking his hard little nipples as he squirmed beneath me. This was the first time he had shown any ticklishness but I didn't let up and soon he settled down and seemed to be enjoying it. I spent a few minutes working his nipples then moved up and nuzzled his neck and bit at his ear lobes. He was breathing harder now and making little "uh" sounds between breaths. I kissed his lips once again and he kissed back aggressively, cramming his tongue down my throat and surprising me with his lust.

I broke the kiss and raised up so I could look into his eyes, "Roll over on your tummy now." I commanded.

There was no look of fear and no indecision in his eyes as he smiled and rolled over obediently. I took in a sharp breath as I caught sight of that beautiful ass again and as I bent low and began to nuzzle his neck my hard dripping cock rubbed against his crack causing him to push up instinctively against it. This is why I say boys are naturally anal, why else would a virginal boy push back against a man's huge hard penis?

I placed little kisses down the popple of his spine as he shivered beneath me and moaned softly. When I reached the swell of his ass  I placed kisses on each cheek and bit at them playfully causing him to giggle. With a hand on each ass cheek I opened him up and inhaled his fragrant boy odor and my dick throbbed as it rested against his leg. 

Running my tongue down the length of his crack he jumped when it came into contact with his tight little button and he cried out in ecstasy. I ran my tongue on down to his gooch and lapped at his balls then reversed my trip and licked my way back up to his hole. This time I stayed there and began to rim his perfect ass with my talented boy pleasing tongue.

He was making little animal noises now and pushing up to meet my onslaught as if he were trying to pull my tongue inside him. As he loosened up more of my tongue slipped into him as I sucked on his ass hole forming a vacuum and forcing it deeper and deeper. He was raised up off the bed now and his ass was completely open for me and I took full advantage of it assaulting it over and over with my hot talented tongue.

I must've spent at least fifteen minutes rimming my new little lover and when I finally came up for air he looked back at me as if to say, "Why did you stop?"

I rolled him over immediately and without further ado took all of his slender hard 5 inches into my hot greedy mouth. He moaned loudly and his hands went to my hair and he held on for dear life and I began to suck him for all I was worth. I paused occasionally to lick and suck his walnut sized balls, taking them into my mouth as he came unglued then went back to his cock and brought him to the edge over and over but never letting him orgasm.

He was moaning and whimpering and pushing his cock at me but I was determined that he would not come until I was ready for him to. I wanted what those huge boy nuts held, but I also knew that edging him would cause them to produce more cum and I wanted a mouthful. 

Ten minutes into the most amazing blow job of his life (I somehow knew this wasn't his first) he finally began to beg me to let him come.

"Please......I need," he whimpered, "I'm dying Ron...please."

"Oh, baby, you're not going to die. Let me show you how wonderful it can be to wait. And when you finally bust your nut it will be the best ever. Can you trust me baby?"

He nodded, but I knew it was hard for him and I patted him affectionately to show that I did love him and had his best interests at heart. I began again slowly sucking and licking and paying tribute to his balls that were working overtime to produce the tasty load I looked forward to tasting soon.

Twenty minutes into the blow job he thrust up and grabbed my head and began to force his cock down my throat, fucking my face with determination, but it didn't take much energy to pull free.

"No Dougie, not yet. when the time comes you can fuck my mouth all you want, but until then...I am in control."

He whined about how unfair and how mean I was and I just chuckled and patted him again and kissed his sweet boy balls and then began again. Thirty minutes had passed since I began and my mouth was tired and my neck ached but still I continued. I knew that when I finally decided to let him nut it would take only a few strokes and it would be done so there was no danger of me working too hard and not enjoying the end.

Forty minutes into the blow job I could stand it no longer and I gave him permission to let loose. He immediately began humping up, and grabbing my head he began to face fuck me as if his life depended on nutting in my mouth. As predicted it only took a half dozen thrusts before he cried out and began to erupt in my mouth. The first jet of hot tasty boy cum was so powerful it went down my throat without my tasting it but the next four or five landed on my tongue and I savored every drop of it before swallowing it.

When he fell back down on the bed, panting as loudly as if he had just ran a marathon, I sucked gently to make sure I had gotten all of his boy nectar then just held his throbbing cock in my mouth while he recovered. He never went soft the whole time and once again I marveled at the stamina of teen boys. I fondled his balls gently, knowing they might be a little tender after that gusher they had produced but he seemed to be enjoying it so I continued.

When I was sure he had cooled down a little I came up off his cock and planted a wet sloppy kiss on the head and crawled up beside him and kissed him letting him taste his own flavor on my lips. He smacked happily and smiled as he tasted his own taste perhaps for the first time and the look in his eyes and on his face was priceless. He was on the threshold of something new and exciting and wonderful and I envied him.

I would be the teacher and he my pupil and soon we would settle into a warm and comfortable relationship, knowing each other's likes and dislikes and learning to love each other with wild abandonment. We lay there for a while just spooning as I nuzzled his neck then he surprised me by lifting his legs to expose his boy hole. At first I thought he wanted to be rimmed again, and even though I was a little tired I was ready and willing to do so again, but that wasn't what he had in mind at all.

"Fuck me," he said in a small but lusty voice, "It's okay, I know about this part and I done it before."

"Are you sure baby?" Yes, his ass had opened up quite nicely for my tongue, but would it accept my hard 7" with equal ease?

"Yeah, it's okay...Tommy taught he how," he said sounding embarrassed.

"He did, huh?" I said trying to decide if I should be grateful or angry.

"Yeah, but he only did it to help me. That's all. He wasn't cheatin on ya."

I frowned, that made some sense but I still wasn't sure how I felt about it, but my hard cock really didn't care one way or the other and I guess that's who made the decision to take Dougie up on his offer. I did go down there and lick and suck his hole a little just to get it ready and the way my cock was leaking plus the spit in his hole I really didn't need any lube.

I knelt between his legs and placed my slick cock against his hole and pushed not expecting much, but when the head popped in easily I decided Tommy had broke his little brother in right. I waited a moment for him to adjust then pushed a bit farther. I could feel his sphincter tighten a little around my cock then relax and when it did I pushed another inch in. Inch by inch I crept in as he moaned softly and when my nuts finally rested against his smooth ass I stopped to let him adjust before continuing.

"You okay?" I asked gently studying his cute face. He had a goofy look on his face but he looked happy.

"Uh huh, feels nice. You can fuck he now. I'm ready."

I nodded and grabbing a cute foot in each hand I pushed his legs up and began moving in and out of him slowly. He began pushing back against me with each stroke and it was obvious he was enjoying my cock in his ass. I made sure to hit his little g-spot with each thrust and his cock was rock hard and oozing a little pre-cum.

I let him grab his joy stick this time, I knew I'd be too spent to do him justice once I came, and he was working it like he was mad at it. I saw pre-cum fly out of his piss slit and I hated to let it go to waste, but I was too caught up in my fucking to worry about it for long. 

I began to long stroke him making sure he was still comfortable with things and pushed his legs up higher so I could get deeper. I wondered what sort of mess I was plowing into, but I didn't care. If my dick came out coated in Dougie's poop I'd wash it off and bathe him and next time I'd make sure he was clean. 

I could feel my balls churning and I knew I was close, but I wanted it to last just a bit longer, so I suddenly stopped with my cock buried inside him causing him to whimper and push against me as if you force me to start again.

"Sorry baby, I just had to rest a minute. I'll make you feel good again in a minute."

When I started again he was ready and his ass was like a milking machine as he contracted and released his young hot ass muscles with each forward thrust. I was moaning and panting and cussing as I continued heading toward the most intense orgasm of my life and I knew nothing could stop me now. He was folded almost in half now but he never once complained as I slammed into him over and over taking from him what I wanted and needed to prove that he was mine.

I looked down and his cock was erupting suddenly and the first volley landed on his cute face and that was all it took to send me over the edge. I cried out as I shoved in deep and began to unload into his hot tight guts until I trembled and felt in danger of passing out. My nuts literally hurt as the last of my jizz left them and I was exhausted. I collapsed atop him and finding his mouth I kissed him roughly as I finished. 

He was still milking his cock even though the last of his cum was already drying on his chest and my stomach and as I pulled out I pushed his hand away and began to lick it clean. Unlike a lot of guys (or boys) Dougie's cock wasn't too sensitive to mess with  after orgasm and he allowed me to continue staying hard the whole time. When I had his cock cleaned off I proceeded to lick his chest and stomach clean and then shared his cum with him with a deep kiss.

Finally I fell down next to him and lay there exhausted as I came back to earth. He sighed contentedly and rolled into me and just lay there stroking my stomach and chest and kissing my neck and shoulder playfully. I looked down at my cock and finding it was fairly clean I decided that maybe Tommy had taught his little brother about that too.

"Wow!" I said at last, "That was amazing. I guess I should thank Tommy for teaching you right."

"Are you mad at me?"

"What? Why would I be mad at you? You are so sweet and sexy and so amazing. I love you Dougie and I am definitely not mad at you."

"Oh, well....I just meant because of Tommy teaching me that stuff. He said...don't get mad okay, that someday I might need to take his place."

I thought about that a moment and almost laughed out loud. Tommy was grooming his replacement. I wondered how long he had been grooming Dougie and how long he had been looking for someone else himself. But it certainly wasn't Dougie's fault. In fact it was actually sweet that he was willing to step in and take over, but that brought to mind a new question.

"I have to ask you a question, baby. Is this what you want, or did Tommy just convince you to do this so he would be off the hook?"

"Huh, what do you mean? I love you Ron...I have loved you for a long time and for so long I was jealous of Tommy and when I found out he was in love with Marcus I knew it was my time to show you how much I loved you," he said sounding hurt that I would doubt him.

I hugged him to me, "I'm glad because I have loved you forever and now we can be free to love each other in a different way."

"You mean sex?" he giggled, "I like rules!" he said enthusiastically.

"No, you rule," I said tickling him. 

He giggled and squirmed and after a few minutes I let him up and bending low I kissed him sweetly on the lips. He was the best kisser I had ever met and suddenly I wondered where he had learned that. Had Tommy taught him? Tommy was a good kisser but not as passionate or dedicated as Dougie was. Maybe he had learned the basics from Tommy, but the rest was definitely his own unique style.


"Uh huh, what is it baby?" I said dreamily as I lay there half in half out of sleep.

"Will you love me forever?"

"Oh, yes baby, forever...I swear."

"Good, cause I'm not ever gonna leave you like Billy and Tommy did," he said gently, no doubt convinced he was right.

"I hope you never do, but if you do I will still always love you."

"Do you still love them?" he asked making the last word sound like an abomination.

"Yes, but in a different way than I love you. There are all kinds of love you know. You love your sister and Tommy in a different way than you love me, right?"

"Yeah, I guess. So now you don't love Tommy like you used to. Good, but since I'm never going to leave you, you can love me this way forever," he said grinning and throwing himself on top of me.

Soon we were kissing and one thing led to another and I wound up sucking him off again. I was too tired to come again, or so I thought, but Dougie wouldn't rest until he returned the favor and for a someone his age who was new to gay sex he was amazing. 

I came hard in his hot little mouth and he swallowed all I had to offer and didn't loose a drop. I pulled him up to me and kissed him as we shared my load and then we fell asleep in each other's arms. This was a new beginning for us both and only time would tell what would happen. 


It's been over five years now and Dougie and I are still together. Tonight is his high school graduation and I am looking forward to watching him accept his diploma. Dougie's mom died three years ago and though it took some doing I managed to get Dougie emancipated and he moved in with me permanently. Sarah is married and Tommy moved to California shortly after he and Marcus broke up. I heard he is into the drug scene there and sleeping with any guy who will front him a fix. It's sad, but I try not to think about it too much. I have Dougie to care for and love and I still cling to that promise he made that he would never leave me. Some day we may go looking for Tommy and try to help him, but for now we are too busy with our own lives.

Dougie turned out to be the perfect lover, and our time together has been amazing. As time passed he became a bit more efeminate than I liked but I learned to live with that too. My Dougie is a total bottom boy and even though I convince him to fuck me occassionally, he is happiest when on his back, legs high, and my dick in his ass.  He cooks, he cleans and he takes care of me and I take care of him and we love each other more each day. I guess that is why I am so hopeful that he will be the one that stays, the one I can love forever. 

I guess I really subscribe to that old saying "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." but,  I have loved and lost enough for a lifetime and this time I want to just love. Of course as I said before only time will tell, but the future looks bright for us and I am hopeful this is the one. Dougie will be going to college right here in town so I don't have to worry about him moving far away like Billy did, and as far as I know he has never shown any interest toward any boys his age at school. Yes, life is wonderful and the future looks bright and with that, I bid you good day. One last thing: never be afraid to never know when that love may be the one that lasts forever.

The End

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