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Dr. Mitchell's Exam Part Six

I was running behind to practice. I had to stay late in English to try and explain my missing paper to my teacher. I changed quickly in the empty locker room and ran out to the pitch where practice had already begun. I noticed that Sam wasn't out there and wondered where he might be. Tony, the assistant coach, blocked me as I was about to join the rest of the team.

"Hold it, Nick."

"Wassup, Tony?"

"Coach wants to see you. Now. In his office. Hustle."

I spun quickly and headed back to the locker room. Shit! What now? Was coach gonna give me another exam? He hadn't since that first time a couple of weeks ago. I paused for a second at coach's door. I couldn't very well take off now. I knocked once on the glass and waited.

"Come in," I heard coach say.

I walked in and coach was sittin' at his desk.

"Yes, coach?"

"You got some explaining to do, kid."

"Uh, about what? Did I do something wrong?"

"I dunno. I suppose that depends on whether you're a licensed physician or not?"


"I just wondered if you think you are somehow qualified to give a medical exam?"

Shit! My heart sank and I felt my knees go weak. Just then I heard someone sniffle and I turned to see Sam standing against the wall, his cheeks red and tears welling up in his eyes.

Fuck! I'm fucked, I thought. I looked back at coach and then down at my feet.

"You got anything to say for yourself?" he asked standing and walking towards me. He stood close and poked me in the chest. "You could have really hurt somebody here. Put Sam in a very dangerous position. Look at me when I'm talking to you!" he barked.

I looked him in the eye and saw anger flash in his eyes.

"Now, I've called Dr. Mitchell and made arrangements for the both of you to see him right now. Gonna drive you there myself to make sure you don't do anything else wrong. Don't bother changing, just get out to the lot. Now!"

I turned and walked out of the door and heard Sam follow close behind. When we got out of the locker room Sam grabbed my arm.

"Nick, I..."

"Don't Sam. Just don't"

He fell back behind me as I hurried out to the lot. It was 3:30 and the sun was hot as we stood silent on the scorching asphalt. Sam's sniffling was startin' to piss me off. He just got us in a shit-load of trouble.

Coach came up to the car and told us to get in the back seat. We got in quickly and we headed out of the parking lot. Sam and I sat in silence as coach drove.

"I'm not even gonna say anything until Dr. Mitchell is through with you. I'll deal with you two after."

We pulled up to the office and coach told us to get out and that he'd be waiting for us.

We went into the office and despite my anxiety, the smell of rubbing alcohol started to give me a stiffy. The receptionist sent us back to one of the examining rooms where Dr. Mitchell was looking at some charts. When he heard us come in he looked up at us and for the first time, I saw him looked truly angry.

"Close the door, boys."

Sam shut the door and we stood side by side in front of Dr. Mitchell, both of us looking at our feet. Dr. Mitchell crossed his arms over his broad chest and looked down at us.

"I'm very disappointed in you Nick. And Sam, Dr. Hayden is a colleague of mine. He knows your family very well. I'd hate to have to inform him of what happened."

Sam started sniffling again. I began to feel less angry at Sam for ratting and more guilty about gettin' us both in trouble.

"What you did was wrong, Nick. And you could have injured Sam. Both me and the coach have a lot of experience giving these type of exams. Now, I've told Nancy to clear my schedule for the afternoon and I'm going to tell her not to disturb us."

Dr. Mitchell walked out, closing the door behind him. Sam and I looked at each other and I felt bad for the kid. He looked like he was gonna start crying again.

"Look Sam, just cool it. I'm not mad. We just gotta do what coach and Dr. Mitchell say and hope we don't get into trouble or they tell our parents."

Sam nodded. "I'm sorry I told. Coach was really..." Sam shut up as Dr. Mitchell came back into the room.

"Alright boys, I've told Nancy we're not to be disturbed. Now I need to know exactly what happened."

Sam and I were silent.

"OK. Here's how this is going to go. You guys are going to tell me what happened and we are going to see whether or not we have to tell your parents."

"I, uh..." I started to speak, but I couldn't find the words.

"It's ok, Nick. It's just me."

The look on his face softened as he waited for me to continue.

"I, uh, well... After coach gave me an exam, Sam was waitin' for me and wanted to know why I had been in coach's office so long. I didn't want to tell him, but he kept after me. I told him that coach had to give me an exam and he wanted to know what kind. I was too embarrassed to say what had happened, so I told Sam I could show him. We went back to my house and I showed him what happened during our first exam."

"Everything?" coach asked.


Dr. Mitchell was silent as he looked from me to Sam and then back at me.

"What you did was wrong and could have injured Sam. I'm going to need to see exactly what you did to Sam to make sure you didn't injure him in any way."

Sam and I both gulped hearing his words.

"You mean...?"

"Yes, Nick. I want you to show me everything you did. Right here. Right now. Let's not waste any time.

So, what did you do first?"

"Well, I, uh, I asked him to strip down to his boxers."

Dr. Mitchell looked at me and shook his head. "Ok, Sam. Strip."

Sam hesitated, but then, slowly, stripped. He pulled off his soccer jersey, exposing his smooth, tight chest. Then he slid his umbros down over his cute, round ass until he was just standing in his socks and his jockstrap.

"Then I had him sit up on the bed and I showed him how you checked my glands and did my blood pressure and use the stethoscope."

"OK, Sam, get up on the table here. Take off your socks too. Now, Nick, I want you to show me exactly what you did to Sam."

Sam got up on the table and I looked at him, his thick thighs splayed for me and his dirty jockstrap packed with his big meat.

I walked up to Sam and showed the doctor what I had done, feeling Sam's smooth skin beneath my fingers. I started to bone up, and looking down at Sam's pouch, guessed he was too. Dr. Mitchell stood close by watching me intently.

"Then I had Sam lie down so I could check his abdomen."

Sam lay down obediently and I moved around the table so I could feel his stomach. I tried to do it exactly the way I had before. My fingers gently pressing Sam's smooth, taught belly. As I worked my way down his stomach, I could see Sam's thick cock stretching the thin mesh material of the jockstrap. I looked up at him and he had his eyes shut tight.

"You're sure that's how you did it?" Dr. Mitchell asked.

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure."

"Ok, what's next, Nick."

"Well, then, I, uh, I had to examine his testicles," I said looking down at my feet.

"Show me," Dr. Mitchell ordered.

"Ok, well, I had Sam stand up and take down his boxers."

"Alright Sam, hop up."

Sam stood at the foot of the table reluctantly and looked from me to Dr. Mitchell before slowly pushing his jock down. His cock sprang up hard, free from the confines of the mesh pouch. Sam looked down at his feet. I got a chair and sat in front of Sam. His nuts hung down low and heavy in his silky sack. I reached up and gently felt up one of his big nuts, rolling it gently in my hand. Sam sighed as I manipulated his big heavy nuts. Dr. Michell crouched down beside me to watch.

"Is this how he did it before, Sam?" Dr. Mitchell asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess," Sam croaked.

Dr. Mitchell reached up and pushed my hand away. He started to feel up Sam's nuts too, rolling the big orbs in his fingers.

"Did it feel like this, Sam?" the doctor asked.

"Yeah," Sam said. His thick cock bobbed and bounced as the doctor worked his nuts.

"What next?" Dr Mitchell asked.

"Well, I checked to make sure his foreskin slid all the way back, same as you did to me."

"Let me see how you did it, Nick."

I reached up and grabbed Sam's thick cock and slid his foreskin slowly back all the way, exposing his shiny head. Sam fell back against the table and steadied himself with his hands.

"Does that feel ok, Sam?" Dr. Mitchell asked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess."

"Not too tight?"


I skinned it back and forth a few more times and watched as a stream of pre-cum oozed outta his piss slit. I let go and Dr. Mitchell copied what I'd just been doin'. Sam watched intently as Dr. Mitchell's big hands manipulated his thick cock.

"Looks good, Sam. Everything seems to be in order here. So, Nick, what did you do next?"

"I...I, uh, well, I gave him a prostate exam and helped him get a sperm sample."

Dr. Mitchell raised an eyebrow and looked back to Sam.

"Well, get to it," he said.

Sam got back on the table without having to be asked. Dr. Mitchell helped me adjust the stirrups and put Sam's legs up on them. Dr. Mitchell gave me a tube of cream and I squeezed some on my fingers and sat back on the chair between Sam's splayed legs. I took a second to check out Sam's strong thighs and his cute round butt. It was quite a sight. God he looked hot! With one hand on his inner thigh I smeared the cream on his crack. I used my thumb to rub his tight little pucker. Sam spread his legs wider, opening up to me. I made circles on his hole, trying to loosen him up. Then, when I thought he was ready, I slowly slid my index finger in his tight, hot hole. I felt his sphincter clamp down on my finger as I slid it in him.

"Gently," Dr. Mitchell said.

I slowly started sliding my finger in further, probing Sam's ass, feelin' around for his prostate. When I finally felt it Sam squirmed.

"Is that ok, Sam? Is he hurting you?" Dr. Mitchell asked.

"No, it's ok."


I kept going pushin' on his button, tryin' to make him feel good.

I looked over to Dr. Mitchell who was watching what I was doing. "Then I told Sam that I had to get a semen sample and that it would be best to do it at the same time."

"Ok, let me examine Sam's prostate while you collect his semen sample. You can use one of those jars on the counter."

I got up off the chair and grabbed one of the jars. Dr. Mitchell stood in between Sam's legs and reached down and slid one of his thick fingers up Sam's tight ass.

"How does that feel Sam?" Dr. Mitchell asked.


"Feels good. It's real sensitive up there."

"Hmm. Nick go ahead and help Sam produce a sample."

God, this was turning out much better than I thought!


I stood beside Sam and grabbed his leaky pole. It was hot, and hard and so fucking thick. Sam instinctively bucked his hip up into my fist as I worked my hand up and down his pole.

"Good, Nick. Don't be too rough."

I continued to work Sam's cock as the doctor worked another finger up Sam's tight, hot chute. I could tell he was loving it as he squirmed and writhed on the table. He was breathing heavier now, his chest rising and falling as we worked him over. Kinda wished it was me on the table. I knew how good the doctor's fingers felt. Sam's eyes were shut tight and he bit his lower lip as I jacked him off. Dr. Mitchell was still watching me work on his bone. Sam started bucking his hips faster and I knew he was close.

"Oh, I'm gonna...I think I'm..."


"Go ahead, Sam, let it go," the doctor said. I saw the doctor slip a third finger up his ass, playing him like a finely tuned piano.

"Oh God, oh God, here it comes. Gonna shoot soon..."

I worked my hand faster on his slippery cock and I felt it jerk and throb as he started to cum.

"Aw, yeah. I'm cumming," Sam cried.

His cock grew thicker in my hand and jerked hard as his nuts drew up tight and the first jet of cum flew outta his cock. I moved fast to try and catch it with the jar, but I wasn't fast enough and it hit Sam in the neck. I managed to get the rest of his hot, thick jets of cum as they spurted out of his spasming cock. I kept jerking Sam and the doctor kept working his ass until finally Sam's orgasm slowed down and he stopped spurting. I kept squeezing and milking his cock as the cum kept oozing outta his piss slit. Finally he seemed to calm down just as the jar was nearly full. Dr. Mitchell pulled his fingers outta Sam's ass and he got a towel to help Sam clean up.

"Was that ok Sam? Was any of that too painful?"

Sam sat up on his elbows and smiled sheepishly. "No, doc. It's just that, well, you know my prostate feels real sensitive. Makes me cum real hard."

"That's normal Sam. We just want to keep an eye on it." Looking towards me the doctor asked, "So, Nick. What happened next?"

"Well, Sam said his prostate was real sensitive, so I told him I'd hafta examine him further."


"Show me how you did that, Nick."

"Ok. Sam, get off the table and bend over here."

Sam got up again and I noticed his cock was still half-hard. He bent himself over the table, his legs spread and rested his elbows on the edge of his table. Damn he was hot. What I really wanted to do was get down on my knees and eat out his hot ass. I grabbed the cream and spread some more on his little pucker, then sank my finger in all the way, feeling his tight, hot channel grip my finger. I thrust it in and out a few times reaching for his prostate. I sunk my finger in all the way feeling around his velvety tunnel. My cock was aching in my jock. It hadn't gone soft since we'd got there and I was leaking all over myself. I hoped we'd be able to take this all the way.

"Is this how he did it before, Sam?"

"Yeah," Sam croaked, wagging his ass as he fingered me.

I figured I could drop it here, but decided to go for broke.

"So then, I told Sam that he felt pretty sensitive and that I'd need to use a bigger instrument to examine him..."

Dr. Mitchell looked at me and for a moment I couldn't read his face. Then I saw a small smile creep over him.

"I think you should let me judge whether or not Sam needs any further examination. I am the doctor after all."

I took my fingers out and watched while Dr. Mitchell greased up his finger again. He slipped a thick finger easily up Sam's ass and he bucked against it.

"How does that feel there, Sam?"

"Oh, it's real sensitive, feels kinda good, though."

"Ok, Sam, I think you can proceed."

Dr Mitchell withdrew his fingers and looked me in the eye, challenging me to continue. I looked back at him and got my nerve. I slowly shoved my umbros down and kicked them out of the way. Still looking him in the eye, I pulled the pouch of my strap down and hooked it under my big nuts. My cock slapped up hard against my belly, smearing pre-cum on my jersey. I turned toward Sam's waiting ass and moved in. Dr. Mitchell said, "I should probably help you here to make sure you don't hurt Sam."

Dr. Mitchell grabbed the cream and expertly slicked up my cock. I could've cum just letting him slick me up.

"Ok, go ahead, slowly."

With his hand still on my throbbing cock, he led me closer to Sam's hole. He guided my cock, and I watched in amazement as my cock parted Sam's pliant, smooth cheeks. I held my breath in anticipation as the head of my fat, hot cock nudged Sam's tight hole. Doc put his other hand on my lower back and gently urged me to push in.

"Just relax, Sam," the doctor said.

I started to put some pressure and felt Sam begin to open up for me. I pushed a little harder and felt my big fat head slip in past his tight ring, the doctor's hand guiding me the whole way.

"Good, Nick. Nice and easy."

He took his hand away now that I was inside him. I felt Sam's tight, smooth ass clamp down hard on my fat head and I slid a bit more in. The doctor urged me on, telling me to push in till I felt his prostate. I did and soon I thought I felt it and Sam groaned, so I guess I had, then the doctor told me to use my instrument to rub back and forth across his prostate. I did and was amazed at how hot and tight Sam felt, he seemed to really get into it. I had my hands firmly on his narrow hips and the doctor was guiding me with his hands on my lower back. He told me to take it out all the way and I did, my rock-hard cock slapping back up against my belly. He then told me to put it back in. I lined it back up with Sam's waiting hole and slowly slid back into him. As I slid in the doctor pushed me from behind urging me all the way in. When I had all of my thick dick inside of him Sam groaned as my big nuts slapped up against his tight ass.

"Good, Nick. I think you know what to do now. I might as well examine you while you're doing Sam."

I looked up at him and he smirked at me as he walked behind me. He slid my strap all the way own and made quick work of lubing up his fingers and getting inside me. Sam lifted up his head and looked behind to see what the doctor was doing. He looked up to me and I winked at him.

The doctor had me even hotter now as he worked my prostate as I fucked Sam's tight little ass. The feeling of Sam's tight hot canal gripping my fat, stiff cock while the doctor massaged my prostate was almost more than I could take. I kept thrusting into Sam as the doctor worked another finger in me, loosening me up.

He took his fingers out and I heard the familiar sound of Dr. Mitchell undoing his pants. He slicked himself up and grabbed my shoulder with one hand as I felt him guide his thick cock to my ass. As I fucked into Sam I felt the doctor's fat, rubbery head part my ass cheeks. He made quick work of lining his cock up to my hole and I held still for a moment as his cock entered my tight hole. It stung for a moment but my hard cock up Sam's ass soon had me thinking of other things. I picked up the pace on Sam and felt the doctor feed me more and more of his thick cock, stretching my hole as I took him all the way. Soon he was all the way in and he kept fucking me in time with my thrusts. God it felt amazing. My cock buried deep up Sam's ass as the doctor drilled me from behind.

The doctor stopped thrusting and just let me do the work. Every time I'd thrust into Sam's tight hole the doctor's cock would come almost all the way outta my gripping ass and every time I pulled outta Sam I'd thrust my ass back on the doctor's huge pole. It was fucking outta this world. I was goin' crazy, fuckin' and getting' fucked. Sam was rolling his head from side to side as he beat his meat while I fucked him. I could hear the doctor's heavy breathing as I fucked myself on his throbbing pole.

I knew I wasn't gonna last too long. I was sweating and panting as I fucked. I couldn't tell which felt better, Sam's tight, hot ass or the doctor's huge pole.

"You going to give him an injection soon, Nick"

"Aw yeah, he's gonna get it soon."

"Oh, God, gonna cum again. Yeah, give me that injection, Nick."

"Aw it's cummin'. Gonna get it real soon, Sam"

"Oh fuck, here it comes, I'm cummin," Sam cried.

I felt his ass clamp down hard on my thrusting cock as he started to shoot his big load on the floor. He thrust his ass hard back against me as he came while I fucked him hard.

"Here it comes, Sam, take it."

My nuts drew up tight and I felt doc start to fuck me harder with longer strokes. I couldn't hold back anymore and I fell on top of Sam's sweaty back as his ass spasmed around my cock. "Fuck, fuck, fuck,"  I cried as I started to shoot my huge load up Sam's greedy ass.

"Gonna get your injection too, Nick," the doctor panted.

I felt him thrust hard as my ass clamped hard on his cock and my own dick unloaded deep up Sam's ass. I felt doc's dick throb deep inside me as he started to shoot deep up my ass.

"Here it comes, Nick."

He fucked me hard as he unloaded his seed up my ass as Sam's ass drained the last of my huge hot load outta my cock. I stopped thrusting and let the doctor pound his huge load up my ass. God it was so fucking hot. Finally he slowed as my own cock started to go soft still buried up Sam's ass. The doctor pulled out gently and quickly buttoned up. I stayed on top of Sam's sweaty back for a moment before I began to slowly withdraw. I gently popped out and stood up. Sam didn't move, he just lay there panting, a huge pool of jizz at his feet.

"Ok, boys, go ahead and get cleaned up. When you're done we'll have a little chat."

Doctor Mitchell went out of the room and I helped Sam get cleaned up. When we were both done I asked him, "Were you cool with that? I mean it was kinda wild."

"Hell, yeah. That was fucking hot! I almost didn't believe you when you told me the first time, but now I seen it for myself."

"Well, let's just hope we don't get in any more trouble."

Doctor Mitchell came back in the room. And sat down on the chair. Sam and I stood by the table.

"Now, you know what you boys did alone was wrong. You could have really hurt Sam. I'm glad I was ale to observe you and see that you didn't cause any harm to Sam. If you should ever give Sam another exam like that, you have to promise me that either coach or me is there to supervise. Promise?"

"Promise," we said in unison.