Dreams Do Come True

****This is just a quick story that starts off as a dream that I myself had this morning. The first two paragraphs in fact are the exact dream that I had, the rest just stems from there. As always, my stories involve gay sex between males of different ages, involves diapers and diaper use, and of course love. If this is not okay with you, then please feel free to leave now. If you are still with me, then I hope that you enjoy. As always, I would love to hear from you, so you may feel free to comment on my story at erich5748@yahoo.com. If you would like to see other stories written by me, and bya few other authors that involve this sort of thing, then please feel free to join my group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gayboydiaperstories. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read.****

All of a sudden, there was a cute sandy haired boy in front of me, in my very own living room. I knew I must be dreaming, but he was so damned beautiful. He was standing there in nothing but a dark blue button down diaper shirt looking thing, just bigger to fit his size, and a soggy diaper beneath. He gave me a cheeky grin, crooked his finger at me, and then took off for my bedroom. It took me a few seconds, but I followed him, and by the time I made it to my room, he was kneeling on my bed, face down, ass up, diaper shirt unsnapped and pulled up, and the back of his diaper pulled down to expose the cutest little boy bum I had ever seen.

He said nothing, but I knew what he wanted, so I dove in face first, and ate his ass out intensely. All I could hear were his moans, he never once said a thing, but his moans told me that he was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing to him. I had my own hand tucked deep inside my diaper, slowly jacking my own dick, and I was getting seriously close to exploding.

Just as I exploded, I woke up. I groaned in frustration. This was the third time this week that I had had the same dream, it was the same boy each time. He had sandy blond hair, pretty lush full lips, cute little button nose, small shapely ears even, and the greenest of green eyes that I ever remember seeing. I would say that he was a late eight, maybe early nine years old, probably a little on the small size for his age, but very well proportioned. It's not so much that the dreams were frustrating, it's just that I wanted that boy so bad it made me hurt. What is weird though is the fact that up until this past week, I do not recall ever waking up and remembering a dream, I had never had a wet dream in my life, in fact, I don't recall ever having any kind of dream. And then to start having a dream that was so lifelike, so powerful, and exactly the same three times in a row like that, it actually kind of worried me a bit.

Sure, I knew I was a boy lover, I knew from the time I was fourteen that I liked, no loved boys younger than me. From the age of seven, all the way up to the age of fourteen were in my age range, I adored them, every chance I had, I would watch their boundless enthusiasm for life, their beauty, their energy, their everything. I had never had a boy though, I cherished them far too much for that, to ever harm one in such a way as to have sex with them, but I dreamed, and I fantasized, oh how I fantasized. I am also a diaper lover, I love to wear and wet them, and I love to see boys wear and wet them. Odd, perhaps yes, but everyone has their quirks as the doctors say.

It was however a very rare treat for me to see boys at all. I went into town maybe once every couple weeks, I lived quite a ways from town, worked from home for the most part, so I made the best of the few boys I saw. Their images were often burned into my memory to recall later for some intense fantasizing, if only it could be real, but alas, to do so would be to harm a child, and that was one thing I could never do.

My name is James, but most call me Jim, I am thirty five now, almost six feet tall, almost two hundred pounds, and almost good looking. I think of myself as plain looking, but at least I'm not an ugly person, and I don't mean in looks. Most that meet me say they love my personality, I'm easy to get along with, and can be quite funny. I'm not so sure about that, but whatever. I have short brown hair and brown eyes, very plain, but that's me.

I bought my little piece of heaven on earth when I was twenty one, it took many years to pay it off, but I worked hard and did just that. Granted, it was so far from anywhere that I did get it for nearly nothing. It had electricity and gas, there was a small log cabin already built on the property, and I had added on a little over the years as well. I built my shop, which in overall size was actually larger than my house, but that was how I wanted it. My land was a little more than thirty acres large, had a nice stream running through it, on the side of a gently sloping hill, and I had an incredible view of the valley below. Like I said, it really was a little piece of heaven on earth. I did not need a lot, in fact I lived with very little, I always had what I needed, but not always what I wanted.

What I wanted was of course a boy to share it all with, but knew that that was next to impossible. I wanted family, but the family I had kicked me out when I was eighteen, because I was gay, they never knew about any of the rest. They were rich, very rich in fact, but I escaped with my bank account intact amazingly enough, because my parents would have drained that if they had have been able to, they told me so, they said I didn't deserve anything they gave me. I had not had much, enough to pay almost half my property off and live for a bit until I found something to do. It took a few years to find my new home and to figure my life out, it had been a struggle to say the least. In all those passing years though, I never heard from or saw any of my family again. I didn't hide, I lived hundreds of kilometers away, but I was not hiding from them, but I also never tried to contact them either, they had hurt me too bad for that.

No, I knew that what I wanted I could not have, so I settled for what I did have, and that was my wood shop out back. Like I said, I worked mostly from home, I did woodworking in my shop and every couple weeks I took a load of furniture into town and put it up for sale at a place there that would sell it for me. I did not make just furniture though, I made lots of other things, and they too were sold.

Anyways, enough of the boring stuff, I had just waken up, frustrated once again at having a dream as erotic and satisfying as that, only to wake up and find that it was not real, could never be real. I crawled my soggy butt out of bed, took off my diaper and looked at the large mess I had made in the front of it, bundled it up and headed to the shower to clean up. After a very long hot shower, I went and got dressed for the day. I put on my dry diaper, some work jean overalls with no shirt, just the very top band of my diaper showed, and put on my socks. I headed to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast.

A knock at the door startled me. No one, and I do mean no one had ever knocked on my door. I've never had a visitor to my house, and no one that I know of even knows where I live. My nearest neighbor is a ten minute drive away, and the next nearest nearly fifteen, so it was not a neighbor more than likely. Ignoring the fact that my diaper showed, mostly because I cared very little, I got up and headed to the door. I had my mug of green tea with me, because I was sipping on it, and I prefer to drink it when it is nice and hot. I opened the door and gasped, I was so in shock at who I saw standing at my door, that my mug of tea slipped from my hand and smashed on the ground at my feet.

“Oh my god.” I gasped as my eyes took in the full spectrum of who was standing at my door.

“Did I do something wrong?” A young boy asked me.

“Oh god no, you did nothing wrong at all.” I managed to say nearly a minute later.

For there in the door, staring at me, was the boy from the dreams that had been plaguing me for the past few nights. He was there, beautiful curly sandy colored hair, deep green eyes, lush full lips, every pretty ounce of him was standing there in front of me. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not still dreaming. The boy got an odd look on his face when he saw me do this.

“Um, are you okay?” He asked shyly.

“I don't think so.”

“What did I do?”

“It's not so much what you did, it's that you're standing here, but I can't really tell you why, or you'd really think I was weird. So, anyways, sorry about all that, how can I help you?” I asked, shaking off some of my shock.

“Here, this'll explain everything.” He said, handing me an envelope.

“Um, okay.” I said, taking the envelope.

I opened the envelope to find a letter inside with writing that I would recognize from anywhere, it was from my sister, and the signature on the bottom confirmed that. I started reading it right away, and as I did, tears filled my eyes.


The boy currently standing in front of you is your nephew, his name is Colton. You are to take care of him for us now, he too has been banished from the family for the same disease that you have, and we cannot be brought down from such a shame. He is nine years old as of two weeks ago, he still wets the bed at night so requires diapers, he does decent in school, but needs to be constantly goaded into doing his homework, yet another shame. Against my better wishes, his father demanded that we at least send him with some money to help you out, seeing as how he is a minor and all, you will find all the cash we had on hand inside his bags. He has all his clothing with him, the last of his diapers, as well as all his school and medical records. There is also a legal document putting you in full legal care of Colton until he is eighteen, if for some reason you cannot or do not wish to do so, you are to put him up for adoption, however, our names are not to be brought up, or you will be punished further. He has been informed as to what is happening and why, and he understands the reasons for it, but please remind him that he no longer belongs to this family, and as such, we will not appreciate contact.


My blood was boiling. I knew that my sister was a cold hearted bitch, I had hated her more than any single person my entire life. She was five years older than me, and not only did she think that she was far better than me, she thought that she was better than everyone else as well. She used her looks to reel in any guy she wanted, and used her cunning to drain them of everything that they had until they were nothing. By the time I was kicked out at the age of eighteen, she had already been married twice, to two very rich guys, and she had drained them of everything that they had. All throughout school, she did the same things to the boys, I just thought she was a dirty useless slut. Turns out she had not changed. I looked once again into the boys eyes as he stood before me, and I smiled warmly to him.

“So, you're Colton huh? My name's James, but call me Uncle Jim or Uncle Jimmy, whichever you prefer.”

“Uncle Jimmy.”

“Good. So, for some reason your mom thinks that you're gay and sent you into exile with me because of it. I'm glad to hear that their ways haven't changed any at all and that they're still the above everyone sort of bitches and bastards that they always were. So, why does your mom think you're gay?”

“I wouldn't have put it so kindly to tell you the truth, I hate that bitch more than you can imagine. She doesn't think I'm gay, she knows I am, and so do I. Then again, I got caught nearly raping my baby sitter, I had him tied to the bed and I was riding him. They came home earlier than I had thought they would, and I don't regret it in the least.” Colton nearly spat out.

“Believe you me, I understand completely, but please Colton, no swearing, okay. I understand though, your mom was probably worse to me than she was to you. So, you pretty much raped your baby sitter?” I grinned.

“Well, yeah. I told him that I was in scouts and learning new knots, and asked if he'd be willing to be tied up so that I could practice before my next meet. I tied him to my bed, and then started doing things to him. He didn't really complain all that much, other than to say how wrong this was, but felt so good. I'd known he was gay since the day he started baby sitting me, and the first night he put me into my diaper for bed, he came in his pants, so I knew he wanted me as well, so I took him. He was so ashamed though when we got caught, but I told my parents that he had nothing to do with it, I tied him down and raped him. He was so thankful, but was scared so bad, because my parents forced him to sign a document stating that he would never breath a word of what had happened, and if he did, they would sue his entire family until they were broke and broken. Even I know they can't do that to a minor, but they would find a way to do it, I know they would.”

“That's funny, I got my first boy the same way.” I laughed.

“Yeah, my mom said you and I were a lot alike.”

“Probably not. You know what, why not come in, there's no need to stand out here, where's your stuff?”

“Just these two garbage bags, that's it.”

“Oh. Who drove you here?”

“The family driver was instructed to drive me here and drop me off at the road and leave. He told me he didn't want to do it, but of course would be fired instantly for disobeying, so had to do it. Are you wearing a diaper?”

“Yes, I understand, I know how well they treat their servants and staff. As for your question, yes I am. I may as well tell you, I'm a diaper lover and wear diapers all the time, and I don't worry about walking around in only diapers either, because it's just me out here, in fact, you're the first person to ever knock on my door.”

“Wicked. Can I wear diapers all the time too?” He asked brightly as we each grabbed a bag and headed into the living room.

“Sure, why not. If you like to wear diapers, who am I to say no, that would be highly hypocritical.” I smiled, liking the fact that my gay diaper loving nine year old nephew was coming to live with me.

“Awesome, thanks Uncle Jimmy.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around me tightly and hugged me for quite a few minutes. I could hear him crying, so I let him cry out his pain. I knew that pain well, and was glad that I would be able to help him cope with it, hopefully better than I had.

“Feel better now?” I asked gently as he pulled away, wiping a few tears from his eyes.

“Sorry about that. I know a, no, I'm not a Smythe any more, a person of my caliber should never show such weakness as tears.”

“Hey, we're both Smythe's, if they don't want us, then so be it, but they can't take away our family name. As for showing weakness, tears don't show weakness, that shows that you're human and you have feelings. We're not like those heartless bitches and bastards that kicked us out, we're human. I'm glad that I can at least be here for you and help you to get through all this, I had no one to help me. I knew from the time that I was eight that I was gay, and I also knew what the family would think about that, so I did a lot of hiding from them, so that they would never truly see me. I imagine that you've done the same, because you've known for a while too huh?”

“That's right, we're human, they're not. Yeah, I've known for about a year now that I was gay, so I had to start hiding from them as well. How did you get found out?”

“I was eighteen, I was entertaining a sixteen year old boy, and they caught us. We hadn't even gotten to the good stuff yet, we were just sucking each other, and my dad burst in the room, and that was that. Much the same thing that happened to you happened to me. I was stripped of my family, told to never come back or inform anyone who I was, or really had been, and denied anything else as well. Luckily I had some money, not a huge amount, my parents weren't exactly giving, but it was enough.”

“Gee, I wonder what that's like, having parents who weren't giving. My dad I think at least loved me a bit, but my mom was so cold hearted, she never smiled, she never said she loved me, she popped me out, and then it was a nanny for me. She constantly complained that I ruined her perfect figure, she complained that I didn't do well enough in school, she complained that I was a bed wetter, like what a shame. She complained about everything. To tell you the truth though, I haven't actually wet the bed since I was probably five. I wanted to spite her, I wanted my diapers, I hated her, and I hate her more now.”

“I know how you feel, I was the same, I hadn't actually wet my bed since I was six or seven, but I wore diapers to bed every night anyways. It was the least I could do for a family that hated me.”

“Yep.” Colton smiled.

“Now, as much as I will love having you here with me, because it gets pretty lonesome here sometimes, it does bring up a small problem. As you may have already noticed, this is only a small cabin, meant really for only me, and as such, I have only one bedroom, and one bed. I can add on another bedroom, or we can just put another bed in my room for you, but both will take some time.”

“No, I don't want you to go out of your way for me. You don't owe me anything at all, I can just sleep on the couch, or maybe even with you.”

“Well, the couch will have to do, but you're mine now, and I'll take care of you, that's final. We'll build you a bed first and you can just sleep on it in my room, but we'll build you another bedroom of your own shortly, so that you have your own space as well.”

“You don't have to do any of that. I don't need much.”

“And you won't get much either. I live a pretty simple life out here, just the way I like it, but there are certain things that you do need, and space of your own is non negotiable.”

“Oh, okay, I guess.”

“I'll also have to get you a dresser, but I already have one of those built out in the shop, it just needs to be finished, and then we can put all your things away. If you want to go put a diaper on, my bedroom is up in the loft, so you're welcome to go and get changed. Then if you want, you can come out to the shop with me and help me to choose the color for your new dresser.”

“You do woodworking?”

“Sure do. I love to woodwork, in fact, what gay guy doesn't like playing with wood?” I grinned cheekily.

“Oh I certainly do.” He grinned right back.

“I bet you do. You're so much like me it's scary. I bet you didn't hear this near enough, so I'm going to tell you. You're very beautiful, do you know that?”

“Thanks. Some of the boys at school said that I looked like a girl, that I was too pretty to be a boy, I sorta agreed, but no, no one tells me nice things, so thanks.” He smiled shyly. It would take him some time to get used to compliments, but I would shower him with them to help him heal.

“I got the same thing quite often at school as well. Some of the names they called me behind my back were quite cruel, but most of them were afraid of the family, so they didn't say too much, for fear of something very bad happening to their family.”

“Same here. Glad to hear that hasn't changed.”

“It probably never will either. One of these days I'd love to expose the lot of them, but it's just not worth my time or effort.”

“Same. I've already forgotten all of them.”

“Yeah, but you can't totally forget where you came from. Now, head on up and get changed, but make sure to keep pants on, and you should wear a shirt as well, because we'll be in the workshop.”

“Okay, thanks.” Colton said happily, and dug through one of the bags until he found his package of diapers.

I groaned when he pulled out a pack of Pampers size seven, thinking how cute he would look in them. He heard me and grinned when he turned around. He scampered up the stairs, and disappeared out of site. He was back no more than five minutes later, a slight diaper bulge easily seen under his cute designer jeans. He smiled brightly to me as soon as he saw me looking, and he came down the stairs.

“I really like your bedroom. Did you make all the furniture in there?”

“Thanks, and yes I did.”

“Wow, it's really nice. I like the color as well, so can we do my dresser in the same color?”

“Sure. I always have that color stain in stock, it's my favorite, and seems to be the most popular as well.”

“Cool. So, you sell your furniture then?”

“Sure do. It's how I afford all this.”

“Neat. I bet it sells really well.”

“Pretty well. I just realized, I hadn't even eaten breakfast yet, I was just having my morning tea, which by the way is smashed on the floor still. Did you even have breakfast yet?”

“Yeah, the driver stopped and got us both something to eat, even though he had been instructed to make no stops and to just drop me off. That was a few hours ago though, we left at four this morning.”

“Oh, when did your parents catch you?”

“Last night. They wanted to get rid of their shame as fast as possible, but had to have all the proper documents sent right away. How they manged to get them all during the middle of the night is beyond me, but I guess money can buy anything, can't it.”

“Nope, it can't. It can't buy happiness, it can't buy decency, and it can't buy me.”

“Same here.” Colton grinned.

“Come on, let's go have some breakfast, and then we'll head out to the shop.”

“Okay.” Colton said happily, and we headed to the kitchen.

The kitchen had been one of the many upgrades to the cabin I had done. I had bumped out the wall to make it three times larger, did all the cabinets myself, bought the best of appliances, and made myself a great kitchen. Colton really loved it as well, and was amazed that I had done it all. We grabbed some cereal and toast and then sat down to eat. Once we were done, we cleaned up, and I went and cleaned up my spilled tea as well, and then we headed out to the shop.

“Wow, big shop. It's gotta be larger than the house, why?”

“Thanks. I built the thing from the ground up, and it's big because I have a lot of stuff. I don't need nearly as big a house as I do a shop, so that's why it's so large.”

“Neat. I don't know if you ever saw my parents house or not, but it was huge, fourteen bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, restaurant sized kitchen and dining room, it was huge, but it was only the three of us living there. I never really understood that, I mean we could have had a heck of a lot smaller house, but they wanted the big house. Of course, they never had to clean it.”

“Because the same with everyone else, they wanted to show off and say, hey look at me, see how big and rich I am, because I'm way better than you are.” I spat out, I remember the house well, even though I had never seen her house, it would be the same as my parents had been, huge, gaudy, and sterile.

“Yep, that sounds about right.”

“Yeah. I have three dressers in here at the moment, all just need to be stained and finished, so you get to pick out the one you want.”

“Just that one there. I don't need the two bigger ones, because I don't have a lot of clothes or need a lot of clothes, so it'll be plenty big enough.”

“Good choice. Let's pull it into the finishing bay then and you can help out. Do you know anything about woodworking or finishing?”

“Nope, nothing at all, but I'm a fast learner and it looks like you can teach me a lot.” Colton smiled brightly.

“Yes I can, and I will as well. We're gonna have to get you registered for homeschooling as well, so that you can finish school, but we'll do it at home, because the nearest school is half an hour away, and I'm not driving you.”

“I wouldn't want to go anyways, I want to wear diapers all the time, and they'll just tease me for that and for being pretty. I'd rather just stay right here with you.”

“Thanks. Well come on, let's do this.” I smiled warmly, and the two of us went about staining the new dresser.

For the next couple hours I taught Colton everything that he would need to know about how to professionally finish furniture, and he soaked it up. I had had to do a lot of reading and research to learn how to do this, because other than high school woodworking, I had had next to no knowledge at all, but I had learned a great deal over the years, and now my furniture sold quite well. We put three coats of stain on it to give it a really deep rich color, and then we sprayed it with the first coat of clear coat once we were able to.

“That's not so hard, is it?” Colton asked.

“Actually, it's a great deal harder than it seems. If you don't do it just right, it won't look right, and I taught you the easiest way to get a perfect finish every time.”

“Oh. Well, then you're a really good teacher.”

“Thanks, you're a really good student. So, tell me, did you really do poorly in school, or were you just faking it?”

“Well, some stuff was difficult, but most of the time I just slept in class, I didn't care.”

“Well, we'll have none of that from now on, okay. I'll help you out whenever you need help, but you need to learn all that you can, okay.”

“Okay, I'll do anything for you.” Colton smiled warmly.

“Thanks, but you shouldn't do it for me, you should do it for yourself.”

“Oh, okay.” Colton said after a moments thought.

“Come on, let's head into the house now and relax for a bit.”

“Okay. What do you have to do around here?”

“We don't have a lot, but we have all this nature all around us, we have satellite TV and internet, we have games, and lots and lots of books.” I told him, making him see that it was no longer I, but was now we, and that he was included in everything.

“Oh, I love to read, what kind of books do you have?”

“We have an entire library full of them. I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, but we have a few others in there as well. The library is also where we keep the computer, and it's very comfortable for sitting and reading. Then there is the media room, where we have a nice TV setup for watching movies, and we have lots of those as well.”

“Wicked. I think I'll like it here.”

“I think I'll like having you here as well.” I smiled warmly.

“So, what would you like to do, we have a couple hours to kill before we can spray the next clear coat?”

“How about a movie?”

“Sure, sounds good. Media room is through that way, you'll see the movies right away. Go ahead and pick out one that you'll like, I'm going to make us popcorn and drinks and I'll meet you in there, okay.”

“Sure, that sounds great.” Colton smiled and took off.

I went and made the popcorn and then made a large pitcher of orange juice. On a whim, I decided to put our drinks in a couple bottles I had kicking around for when I felt like being a little more babyish. Somehow I felt that Colton would be all for it as well. By the time I made it to the media room, Colton had already picked out a movie, put it in the player, turned on the TV, and had the movie ready to start. As soon as I walked in, he turned to look at me, and got a huge grin on his face, I'm pretty sure it was because of the bottles.

“Ah, good, you have everything all ready to go. I hope you don't mind, but I thought bottles would be a nice treat right about now?”

“No way, I love it. I haven't gotten a bottle in like forever.” His grin nearly split his face now.

“I had a feeling that you'd appreciate it.” I smiled warmly.

I went and sat down on the couch that Colton was on, set the popcorn on my lap, and handed Colton his bottle. I turned the movie on and we both sat and watched and enjoyed it and the treats. As the movie went, Colton kept sneaking closer and closer to me, until he was pressed right up into me. Once the popcorn was finished, I set the bowl on the coffee table, refilled our bottles, sat back into a comfortable position, and pulled Colton until he was cuddled right into me. I felt him crying again, and I just let him take the time he needed, I knew how he felt, he felt that he would never feel love from a caring adult, and now he was, and he cried.

It took almost ten minutes for Colton to calm back down, and as soon as he did, I reached down and kissed the top of his head, to show that it would be alright, that he would be alright. He just looked up and me and smiled softly, showing me that he understood. There were no words necessary, none could be said to make the moment better anyways, so we left it at that and continued watching the movie until it ended.

“Well kiddo, I hope you liked the movie and the treats.”

“Yeah, I love that movie, I've seen it probably a dozen times or more, the treats were awesome, especially the bottle, but I love you, more than I've loved anyone before.”

“And I love you too Colton. Come on, let's go finish up your dresser shall we? How's your diaper holding up, do you need to go get changed yet?”

“My diaper is good for now, I prefer them nice and soggy, it'll hold up for a while yet, so let's go.” He grinned.

“Same here.” I grinned back, and we headed back out to the shop.

I showed Colton how to sand it very lightly and then clean it back off, and then I had him spray the second coat, and he did very well. That took not even an hour, and we would have to wait about twice that long again before we could redo the same thing all over again.

“I think I better go in and get a change now.” Colton said almost sadly.

“Yeah, me too. Let me just clean this up real quick, and then I'll be right in as well so that we can have lunch.” I smiled back.

Colton took off for the house right away, while I cleaned out the gun and got the stuff put away. I was no more than five minutes behind Colton, but as soon as I walked in, I knew something was about to happen.

In front of me, was Colton, standing there in only his diaper and the same blue diaper shirt as I had seen him in in my dreams. He gave me a shy smile, crooked his finger at me, gesturing for me to come to him. He turned and headed towards my bedroom, and just like in my dreams, I was dumbfounded and took a few seconds to comprehend what was happening. I climbed the stairs slowly, heading towards something that both excited and scared me, but I knew I was going to do whatever Colton wanted or needed for me to do.

When I reached my bedroom door, I was only mildly surprised to see Colton laying face down, ass up on my bed, his soggy diaper pulled down in the back. His diaper shirt had been unsnapped and pulled up, exposing most of his shapely back. I popped the snaps on my overalls and let them fall to the ground as I stepped forward. With no words at all, I crawled onto the bed and headed face first for what Colton wanted. As soon as I made it there, I grabbed a very hot little bum cheek in each hand, spread them wide open, stared longingly at the tiny winking hole before me, and then eagerly licked his little hole. I tongue bathed him like that for nearly ten minutes, before I finally jabbed my tongue into the hole.

Colton had been moaning and sighing all throughout the pleasant torture, but as soon as I jabbed my tongue in, he started making noises that reminded me of animals having sex. I was so hard in my diaper that it was getting beyond painful. I reached my hand down and started stroking myself from the outside first, but then quickly reached inside and started jacking my dick off at the same speed I was tongue fucking Colton. Colton's sex noises were getting louder and higher pitched, and I had a feeling that he too was getting very close to cumming. I was burning up by now from trying to hold back something that I was sure was going to cause me to pass out.

With a scream from Colton, a very loud gasp from me, we both came, at the exact same time. His ass contracted on my tongue so much during his orgasm, that I thought my tongue may actually be permanently lost inside him, but I would never complain. The power of our orgasms was staggering at the very least, but somehow we both stayed awake. Neither one of us said or did anything but breath very hard for at least ten minutes though.

“Wow, I never knew sex with someone you loved could be so good, and I never knew getting your ass licked could cause that much pleasure.” Colton gasped out finally.

“God, same here. I've never done that before, but man oh man was it great. You do know though that what we did here was highly illegal for me, and I could very quickly and easily go to jail for the rest of my life right?”

“I know, and I think it's bullshit, but we live all the way out here, no one will ever find out, and I'd certainly never tell. This also won't be the last time either, will it?”

“Oh god no, for as long as you want and need it, I'm powerless to stop it. I have to tell you though, the reason I dropped my mug when you came this morning was because I dreamed this exact same scene. From the time I came in and saw you dressed so sexily, to you beckoning me to come up to my room, and finding you propped just like you were, and finally to the ass licking I gave you, it was all a dream that I've had the past three nights. I've never had a wet dream, I've never waken up remembering a dream in my life, and while I know I must dream, it feels like I never have before, not until a few nights ago.”

“Cool, so what you're telling me then is that I'm your dream boy?” Colton grinned cheekily.

“Pretty much yes. Let's face it, you're gorgeous, you're gay, and you're a diaper lover. Those are all extremely high up on my list, but you're far more than I ever imagined as well.”

“Thanks. I've never been someone's dream boy before.”

“With your looks, I'm sure you're wrong, I'm sure you've turned more than a few heads by now.”

“I'm not that good looking, you just think so because you love me.” Colton said shyly.

“No, even if I never met you before and you passed me on the street, you're beauty would captivate me. I know you're not used to hearing this, but you truly are beautiful, and not just in my eyes. Granted, now that I know the real you, your beauty is not just skin deep, you truly are a beautiful person inside and out. Mind you, I've known you only just a few short hours, but I can tell.”

“Thanks, but you're beautiful as well.”

“I appreciate that, but I am far from beautiful. I've had a few people say I'm good looking, but most call me plain and boring.”

“Well, I think you're beautiful.”

“Thanks Colton, that means a lot to me.”

“No more than you mean to me. Now, Lay down on your back please, I want to do a few things to you?”

“I don't want you putting my dick in your ass yet please, I'm too big for you and it'll hurt you too much.”

“Don't you worry about what's about to happen, I want you to lay back and relax. Also, don't worry about what my bum can take, because I doubt that you're bigger than a few of the things I've played with.” Colton said seriously, and I believed him too.

“What have you played with?” I asked as I laid down on my back.

“I started out with just my fingers, as most boys who play with their bums do, but I quickly hit four fingers, and wanted something a fair bit bigger. The first thing I had that wasn't attached to my own body was a carrot, it was nice and long and fat, and it felt great. I washed it off and ate it afterwards. The nanny even commented to my mom how I was craving carrots by the dozen, and she couldn't keep them stocked. I was going through an average of two a day for more than a month, and I asked for nice big carrots, I preferred the taste of them as compared to the smaller ones I said, yeah, it was definitely the taste. Then I worked my way up to bananas, and she couldn't keep them stocked either, because I was going through at least one a day, and still a carrot every now and then. And then one day she bought a zucchini and I used that. It wasn't a huge one or anything, but I hate the taste of the stuff, so I washed it and put it back in the fridge for my parents to eat, it was truly funny how they enjoyed that that night, I almost couldn't keep a straight face.”

“Good grief boy, you're way worse than I ever was. It's amazing you never got caught.”

“There were a few close calls, that's for sure, but I never did get caught. Now, it's time to lay back and enjoy.” Colton said softly, and then all talking ceased.

Colton started by reaching up and pressing his soft pink lips to mine and kissed me tenderly. He entered his tongue into my mouth after only about a minute, and gave me the best kiss I had ever had in my life. I was nearly swooning from the sheer power of it. What felt like hours later, but was only minutes, Colton pulled away and worked his way down my body, kissing, licking, and nibbling all the way down to my bulging diaper. For quite a few minutes longer, Colton just mashed his face into my diaper, smelling, kissing, and massaging my dick through it, and I was getting very close once again to exploding.

Colton must have recognized the signs, because he pulled away, and then pulled down the front of my diaper and as soon as I popped out, he sucked me down right to the root. I growled from so deep within myself that the power of it surprised even me. I knew then that Colton had not just been using those fruits and vegetables in his hot little bum for practice, because you cannot just deep throat like that without some practice.

It just so happened that I was too close, and the feel of Colton sucking me like he was, was just too much for my tortured mind and body to cope with, because not even three strokes later, I exploded. Colton must have felt the explosion coming on, because he pulled up to the top and held there, waiting for the onslaught of gushing cream to fill his mouth. And boy did I fill it as well. Colton swallowed everything down as I offered it, and I could see his smile, even as his lips were still wrapped firmly around my cock. When Colton pulled off, there was a string of cum and or spit attached from my dick to his mouth, and it was possibly the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life.

“Wow.” I gasped out a few minutes later.

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Colton grinned, showing that he still had some cum in his mouth, he was savoring it.

“Oh god, that was massively intense.”

“I'm glad you liked it. Now, where do you keep your lube?”

“In the bedside table drawer.”

Colton smiled and reached into the drawer and grabbed the lube. I knew it was pointless to say anything, because I knew he knew what he was doing, and I knew he wanted it just as much as, if not possibly more than I did. He was doing all the work, and I was more than up for it, so I would let him do anything that he wanted or needed to do. Colton got some lube on his fingers, not very much, that's for sure, and reached into his diaper and started probing his hole. He sighed deeply as I saw him working his hole. A few seconds later he seemed satisfied that he was well enough prepared, and he poked a hole in his diaper right where it counted. He then pulled my diaper back up into position, poked a hole in the front of it, and then quite painfully worked my rock hard erection out of said hole. Once I was ready, Colton was ready to take his favorite type of ride.

I looked right into Colton's eyes, telling him with just the one look that he did not have to do this if he did not want to, but the look he gave me told me that he wanted this even more than I did, and I wanted it a lot. Still looking into each others eyes, Colton positioned himself and lowered himself onto my rod, and sank down all the way until he was fully impaled. We both moaned lowly from this, both of us loving the feeling.

After reaching bottom, Colton had to stop for a minute, because I could see it in his eyes that he was close, and the entrance had nearly sent him over the edge, but he did not want to, yet. I knew though that there was no way that he was going to be able to last all that long, he was too close. I wanted to feel his hot young meat, so I reached down and started stroking the front of his very soggy, slightly tented diaper. Colton moaned deeply again and started riding me quite rapidly for a few seconds, and then screeched, and I knew he was cumming. I could feel his small erection pulsing in his diaper, and it felt amazing, almost as amazing as his ass felt contracting around my dick.

“Oh wow.” Colton gasped a few minutes later. “That was incredible.”

“I'm glad you liked it.”

“Oh, I liked that so much more than any mere words could ever say.”

“Same here. If you're ready to hop off, I'd like to try something to you now?”

“Oh no, not yet, not until you cum in my bum at least once.”

“Oh, okay.” I sighed happily, because Colton started slowly bouncing on me, hardly moving any at all, but it felt really good to both of us none the less.

Barely moving any at all, more just grinding his hips, and raising and lowering ever so slightly, Colton really made love to me, riding me so nicely. Sure I had had sex, quite a few times in fact, when I was a younger teen, I was a real slut, but for many years I had had next to no sex at all, except with myself. What Colton was doing to me now though was about a million times better than anything I had ever experienced in my life. He knew just how to move to give both of us the most amount of pleasure, but he was doing so in such a way that neither one of us were rising too fast this time. I knew he wanted it to last, and I did too.

Once again I started lightly petting his little diaper monster, enjoying feeling his small hardness underneath his soggy diaper. I wanted, yet did not want to expose his young erection yet, I wanted to see what he looked like bare, but I was enjoying feeling him in this way too. I wanted to keep him covered for the time being, so that once I started worshiping his young body, it would be a surprise, but it was so very difficult to hold back. I decided to just leave it as it was for the time being, and enjoy the ride, oh and enjoy I was certainly doing.

We were both moaning and sighing up a storm, we were panting and gasping, it was beyond incredible what Colton was doing. Other than our sex sounds, there was no speaking at all, words would have only ruined the perfect thing we had going, and neither one of us wanted that. As we made love to each other, we looked deeply into each others eyes, reading everything that there was to know about each other as we made tender love.

Even though it had to be nearly ten minutes that Colton rode me like this, it still came far too soon that we both exploded in yet another fantastic orgasm. Other than the three wet dreams over the past few nights, I had had no release in more than a couple weeks, so I had more than enough to offer, and of course Colton would be much too young to wet cum yet, so he would be happily able to have multiple strong orgasms, oh how I missed those days myself. With the loudest sounds yet, we both exploded, and Colton collapsed on top of me, both of us breathing very hard now.

“Oh god baby, you were incredible. You did things to me that not even my finest dreams could have conjured up.” I sighed out quite a few minutes later.

“Thanks. You felt way better inside me than anything ever has before. And I loved feeling you cum in my bum like that, you shot way more than Sean did yesterday, and it was stronger too, I really felt it shooting into me.”

“I'm glad that you enjoyed. So, was yesterday your first time having real sex with another boy?”

“Yep, and won't be my last either.” He grinned cheekily.

“Definitely not. Now, as much as I'd love for you to continue riding me all day, I'm afraid that I don't have too much left, until at least tonight.”

“I'd stay riding you all day too if I could, but we'll both need some rest real soon.”

“And I'd let you if I could. Now, before we get up and take a break, pull off and roll over onto your back, I have to see what you're hiding inside your diaper and suck it?” I asked huskily.

Colton just smiled and did not respond verbally. He just pulled up and off, a slight sucking pop was all that could be heard as I was ejected from his very fine young bum. He laid right down on the bed on his back, put his arms up and behind his head, thus propping his head up a bit so that he could watch what I was doing to him. I rolled over slightly, and reintroduced my tongue to his mouth and kissed him passionately for quite a few minutes before breaking off.

I crawled down Colton's amazingly perfect little body, kissing, licking, and nibbling just the same way he did to me, until I was nuzzling his soggy tented diaper as well. I spent a few minutes doing just that as well, and we were both really enjoying it. I decided that given his size, pulling his diaper down to expose his young erection was probably not going to work all that well, and besides, his diaper was all but ruined now anyways, so I just untaped it and pulled it down. I left it laying under his hot little bum though, and then looked to truly admire his full naked splendor. He was no bigger or smaller than any other nine year old probably was, but what he had was pulsing and granite hard. He was uncircumcised, but his penis was so hard that his foreskin was pulled taught and just the very tip of his bright red penis head was shining through. His tiny little nuts were pulled up even tighter to his body. All in all, he looked good enough to eat, and I was a very hungry man.

I dove in and sucked his entire package, balls and all into my mouth and started giving him the absolute best blowjob I could manage. The deep groan that escaped Colton's lips as I sucked him in was the most animalistic sound I ever heard in my life, and it turned me on even more, and made me want to give him even more pleasure. I used just enough suction to give immense pleasure, lots of tongue action to really torture him, and I was humming, just because I knew it would feel even better yet. Colton was holding my head by my hair, he had his fingers entwined in my hair, and he was bucking his little hips up and down as I sucked him to glory.

“Oh holy fuck, I'm cumming.” He screeched out shrilly, and very loud.

It surprised me that he would scream out so loud, and the power of his orgasm surprised me even more yet. Had he have ejaculated anything, he may very well have drowned me, it was that intense. I counted twelve good strong pulses, followed by another six at dwindling strength. It was by far the strongest orgasm I had ever felt in anyone before.

“Oh wow, that was incredible. You suck real good.” Colton panted out another few minutes later. I was just laying there licking his cute little nuts as he was coming down.

“I'm very happy that you liked that. I have one more surprise for you though before we stop for now.”


“I think you'll like it.” I grinned.

I pulled off my ruined diaper, grabbed the lube and fingered my hole for a minute with a couple lubed fingers. Colton realized instantly what was about to happen, and his smile grew exponentially. Once I was ready, I crawled up and sank down onto his still pulsing hard erection. He was not very big, but he was more than large enough for me to feel and enjoy. I decided to use the same grinding motion that Colton had used on me, and the results were instantaneous. Colton started growling and moaning, thus telling me that he really liked.

I was rising quite quickly towards my peak, because Colton was very lightly rubbing my erection, and I knew that Colton was even closer than I was, because he was holding his breath after only about five minutes. Not even a minute later and he was squeaking and squealing in yet another orgasm. I stopped so that I did not send him into overload, and as soon as his orgasm finished, I scooted up and aimed my erection right at Colton's very pretty face, gave myself just two strokes, and painted his face with quite the impressive load, considering just how many times I had cum already.

Colton knew what was about to happen, his smile grew and his eyes closed. As I started shooting, he opened his mouth, so that some of my cream could land in there as well, but I aimed so that most of it did not. As soon as I finished shooting, and was down far enough, I scooted back down so that I could lick the mess from his beautiful face and I fed it to him in a series of kisses.

“I really liked that, getting to fuck your bum, and then you cumming on my face to finish was almost as good.” Colton gushed out.

“I'm glad that you liked that. I've dreamed of getting to do that for so long, it's not even funny. You know, I fell in love with you the very second I saw you standing at my front door, I knew instantly that we were meant to be together, and as illegal as having a relationship like this with you might be, I couldn't stop doing it, no matter what. Just know one thing though, you never have to feel obligated to have sex with me, if you ever want to stop, you tell me, and that'll be it. Okay!”

“Oh trust me, I wanted that every bit as much as you did, and I couldn't stop doing it any more than you could.” Colton smiled warmly.

“You have no idea how good that makes me feel. Well come on baby, let's get you diapered up, and then I think we'll go spray your dresser once more and then I'll show you around the house and yard a bit, seeing as how you're going to be here for quite some time.”

“Goody. Can I diaper you as well?”


“Wicked, I always wanted to diaper someone. Do you have baby lotion and diaper rash cream and that sort of thing?”

“Of course, what kind of diaper lover would I be if I didn't?” I teased.

“Not a very good one, that's for sure.” Colton grinned right back.

I hopped up and grabbed everything that we would need, his bag from earlier was still downstairs, so I had to run downstairs to grab one of his cute little Pampers, granted they were not all that little. I took everything back to the bed and Colton scooted around a bit so that he was in prime diaper changing position. I slipped the diaper underneath him, and then gave him a baby lotion massage to most of his exposed parts, and then rubbed a very generous helping of diaper rash cream into his diaper area. I pulled his diaper up and taped him closed, and he sighed.

I then laid down so that Colton could diaper me as well, and he hopped up and did the exact same thing for me. He massaged me with the baby lotion, put on a huge amount of diaper rash cream, and then did a very good job of taping me up into my diaper.

“Do we have to get dressed if we're just spraying?” Colton asked.

“Well, we probably should, and we do have to give it a very light sanding, same as last time, but you know what, just our sandals will be enough.” I smiled warmly.

Colton grinned and skipped all the way downstairs to the door, where his shoes were put, he found his sandals and slipped them on, and by the time I made it there, he was ready to go. I slipped my sandals on as well and then we headed out to the shop. It took only a little more than an hour for us to sand, clean, and then respray the dresser.

“There we go, another coat in about two hours and then it'll be done.”

“Why so many coats?”

“Not only does it help to protect the wood, but with every coat, we deepen the finish, which makes it look even nicer. It helps to really bring out the natural grain and beauty of the wood, and that's the key. Sure, you could make just a simple plywood dresser that would serve its purpose, and it might even look good, but if done right, it can look like art.”

“Wow, you really like wood, don't you?”

“Like I said earlier, what gay guy doesn't like playing with wood!” I grinned.

“I certainly like it, but I prefer your wood to tree wood.”

“And I think I prefer yours as well, but this is certainly good enough when I can't have yours.” I smiled warmly back after patting the front of his very cute diaper.


“Come on, you've seen the shop, and we're pretty much already outside, so let me show you the yard area.” I said and we left the shop and looked around.

“What's that?” Colton asked almost as soon as we were out of the shop, we went to the side of the shop he would not have seen from the house.

“That's my wood mill. I made it a number of years ago now to save money and time. I actually take my truck out and find logs that have fallen down either in the forest or in the river about twenty minutes that way,” I said pointing to the north, “and I bring them back here and cut them into the wood that I use for woodworking.”

“Wicked, so you only use wood that fell naturally then?”

“Yep, I'm a responsible woodworker. There's so much natural woods around here, it's almost all crown land in this area, so there's lots to choose from. Even the wood that I won't use for woodworking I bring back here and cut up for firewood, because during the winter, my main source of heat is the wood stove in the living room and in the shop. Of course all scrap wood that can no longer be used also gets burned, so I use everything that I can. All the bark and a lot of the branches I even use, they get chipped up and get used in my gardens.”

“That's really cool. How did you make your own mill though?”

“You'd be surprised at what plans you can find on the internet, this was a simple thing to make, easy to use, and it works really well. Hell, I'm not even a metal worker or anything and I was able to make it.”

“Actually, I probably wouldn't be surprised at what you can find on the internet, because I've found all sorts of cool things. Granted, most of it was sexual.” Colton grinned.

“I don't doubt it. I once saw a video of a couple kids singing some song about how the internet was for porn, and it's more than likely true, considering I think probably seventy five percent of the stuff on the web is porn or porn related.” I laughed.

“It's true, and if it's gay, I've probably seen half of it.” Colton giggled.

“Somehow I doubt that, you've only been looking at that stuff for about a year you said, well I've been looking since before you were born, and I probably haven't even scratched the surface.”

“More than likely true.” Colton said after a moments thought.

“Come on, let's go see the creek and the rest of the yard.”

“You have a creek running through your yard?”

“No, we have a creek running through our yard.”

“Oh right. It'll take me some time to get used to.”

“Don't worry about it. You'll soon learn. The cool thing about our creek, is that a few years ago I rented a tractor and dug out a huge pond, so we can go swimming in it during the summer. It's more than warm enough to enjoy, even now, but we won't go swimming today, because we just put fresh diapers on.”

“That's so cool. I love to swim, but I don't have any shorts that fit me any more, I outgrew them, and my parents hadn't bought me new ones yet.”

“That's okay, that pool has never seen the likes of shorts, it'd probably kick you out, it wouldn't understand.” I teased.

“You're weird. You swim naked then?”

“Thanks, and sure, why not. No one else will ever know, so why not. I think that given that we've had sex, and I've changed your diaper, that you'll have no problem with it either. I would ask though that you don't come out here on your own until I can trust that you can swim well enough. It's not a huge creek, but it can flow pretty well at times, and the pond has a fair current to it.”

“Cool. I've always wanted to try swimming naked. Don't worry about me coming out here alone though, I'd never do that, not when I have someone I love to go swimming with. It wouldn't be near as fun to swim by yourself.”

“Good. Well, here it is, what do you think?”

“Wow, it is huge. How long did it take to fill up once you dug out all the dirt?”

“It took me two days to dig it all out, and it kept filling as I dug it out, and then I left it for a couple weeks to clean itself out. Even if I had had some way to dig the pond and not let the water fill it, and then allowed the water to fill it, it would have only taken an hour or so to fill up. There's a fair bit of water moving there.”


“Yeah, it is. And over here is possibly one of the nicest views in the known world.” I said while leading him to a small clearing that had a beautiful view of the valley below.

“Wow, this is pretty. Not even all our families money could buy a view like this in that horrid city.”

“And that my dear little baby boy is why I'm all the way out here.” I smiled warmly.

“And I'm glad that I get to be with you as well.”

“And I'm glad that I get you here to share it with me. Let's head back to the house and I'll show you the rest of the house, since you've not seen it all yet, even if it isn't exactly huge.”

“No, that's for sure. A few of your rooms would easily fit in one of the bedrooms at my old house, and I hated it.”

“I did too, that's why I fell in love with this place, it was small and cozy. Sure I added on and made it a bit larger, but there are certain things that I wasn't going to let go, like my library and my media room, but most especially my kitchen. That room alone was almost tripled in size and cost as much to do as it cost me to buy the whole place. Granted, it's not hard to spend twenty thousand on a kitchen upgrade like I did, even if I did make all the cabinets.”

“I can't wait to see it all.” Colton said happily.

We headed back into the house and I showed him everything, and he loved it all. As soon as we were finished the tour, we went and made some lunch. Once it was all done, we sat down to eat, and we inhaled our lunch, we were both very hungry. We probably should have had lunch after our bedroom aerobics, but we never thought of it.

“Wow, I love this place, it's just so nice, nothing like my old house was, and I love you so much. Can I call you daddy?”

“Sure, as long as I get to call you my baby son?” I asked softly, a tear coming to my eyes.

“I'd really like that daddy.” He smiled warmly, a couple tears coming out as well.

“So, what would you like to do now baby?”

“I don't know, what would you like to do?”

“I don't know. Want to curl up on the couch and just talk for a bit, learn all there is to know about each other?”

“Sure.” Colton smiled brightly.

For a little more than an hour we cuddled up on the couch and just talked. He told me a lot about himself, and I told him a lot about me. It was actually quite nice. After that, we decided to go do the final sanding and spraying of his dresser, so that it would be ready in the morning, so we went out and did that.

“So, what should we do now daddy?” Colton asked once we were all finished.

“Well, how about we go throw on some pants and shoes and go for a drive and see if we can find any good trees to buck up to get more lumber or firewood, or we can go and tend to the gardens, they need to be weeded as well?”

“What all do you grow here?”

“All the fruits and vegetables that I like that I can grow here, as well as all sorts of flowers, just because they're nice.”

“Neat. Let's go find some wood I guess. How long will that take?”

“Depends on what we find.”

“And how do we do it?”

“Well, I take my chain saw with us, and when we find something that we can use, we cut it into manageable chunks and then use the winch in the back of the truck to drag them there and in. I have a ramp that the logs can slide up, so it's pretty easy to do.”

“Cool. Let's do that, and then we can do the gardens tomorrow.”

“Great, that's what I was hoping you'd say. I'd like to get a nice hardwood, maybe a good maple or something like that.”

“How do you know what to look for?”

“Lots of research. I had to read up on lots of different trees and how to tell the difference between the different species.”

“Can you teach me that?”

“Sure can. Come on, let's go.”

We headed upstairs right away and we got dressed into some good work clothes, although Colton had only nice clothes, we chose the oldest of what he had, they were too small, and his diaper showed quite cutely underneath, but neither of us cared a bit about that. As soon as we were ready to go, we headed out on our trek. I headed towards the river and an area that I had never been to before, and as we went, I showed Colton all the different trees and how to tell them apart. He was soaking it up like a bloody sponge. I think he just loved that an adult was talking to him like a person.

“Wow, this is nice here.” Colton said once we parked and he could see the river.

“Yeah, it is, and our creek runs into this river about a kilometer or so downstream, once they both hit the valley in fact.”

“Cool. How come there are almost no trees around here?”

“Well, further up was logged many years ago, but closer to the river is because about ten or fifteen years ago the river flooded in this area and the water was rushing so fast that it took out a lot of the trees here. There are new ones coming in now, and it'll only be a few more years before this becomes a nice forest again.”

“Then why are we here if there's like no trees?”

“Well, I didn't realize that there were next to no trees here, this is my first time here as well. Each time I go out, I go to a different area, and I just search around that area until I find something good. Now, just because we can't see any trees though, doesn't meant that there aren't any. The grasses and small trees are tall, and they'll hide some real treasures, and then sometimes the water itself can hide real beauties.”

“Cool, I'll check the water if you want to check the grasses.”

“Okay, that sounds good to me, but don't get too close to the water, it's pretty deep and fast in most areas around here, especially downstream a little ways.”

“Okay, thanks daddy.”

We split up, and I went and searched, but I found nothing but a few rotting logs that would be of no real use to me. I walked for about half an hour, checking out anything that I found, and found nothing. Colton walked along the river for the same amount of time, but he was having far better luck than I was. I decided that I was finding nothing, so went in search of Colton, to see how he was doing.

“How's it goin baby?”

“Good daddy, there's lots of logs in the river right over there, and I think I recognized one of the leaves you told me about, but most of them had no leaves left on them.”

“That means that the tree that had leaves on it only just ended up in there, while the rest could have been in there for years and years.”

“Cool. How do we get them out though if you like them?”

“That's the tough part, and usually means I get a little wet.”

“Oh, well I'll help however I can. So, how do you tell what kind of tree they are if they're in the water?”

“Depends, sometimes you can tell from the bark, sometimes I have to actually pull it out and look at the wood itself. Let's go pull the truck closer and get it attached to a tree, and then we can pull a couple out.”


It took about five minutes to do that, and then I got the winch ready, stripped out of my clothes and diaper, and Colton did the same, and we jumped in the water to try and get a tree out.

“Holy crap it's cold.” Colton screeched.

“Yep, you see the top of that mountain right there?” I asked, pointing up river to the mountain behind us.


“It's a glacial mountain, which means it's a bloody big ice cube that's feeding this river, so it would understandably be cold.” I grinned, already having been used to this before now.

“Yikes, had I known that before, I might not have jumped in. How can you do this and not even seem cold?”

“I just got used to it, and I hate to tell you this, but even though warmer by a considerable amount, our little pond will also be quite cold. Now, pass me the winch line please and I'll try and wrap it around one of these tree trunks?”

“Okay.” Colton said, and handed me the winch line that he had been holding. He had been instructed by me to not let go of it, so even though he handed me the hook, he was still holding the line as I pulled it. I wanted him to stay safe, and I was thinking that I should probably get him a life jacket for doing this, to keep him even safer yet.

It ended up taking me three diving attempts to get the chain properly secured around the base of a tree I was fairly certain was a really nice walnut tree, but as soon as I did, we hopped out of the water and headed back up to the truck, poor Colton was shivering.

“I know you're cold, just stand in the sun and you'll warm up quickly. You also have to stay well out of the way of the winch line, because if it snaps, it can cause grievous bodily harm, up to and including instant death, so watch out, okay.”

“Oh, okay.” Colton said, moving off to the side a ways and into the sun, so that he was safe and warm.

I got the winch started on puling the tree out of the river, and it took almost every ounce of power the poor thing had in it to do its job, but it was able to pull the tree out. It did take a good fifteen minutes though before it came fully out of the water, because it was really quite large. As soon as it was fully out of the water, I stopped the winch and shut the truck off again, and headed down to check out our find.

“Wow, this tree is huge.” Colton said, coming up with me.

“It's quite large yes, and about as large as my winch can do, or might have been a tad big for it. But I think I was right, I think it's a beautiful walnut tree, and if the looks of the tree tell me anything, I'd say it's been in the water for about ten years or so, that'll mean it's really dense as well.”

“Is walnut a good tree, and why would it be more dense?”

“Yes, walnut is a great wood for woodworkers, it's very hard, but looks really nice when done properly. As for why it would be dense, well, it has it's roots still mostly intact, and I bet it's kept growing a bit, but because it's in water, it won't have actually done any real growing, just gotten harder and harder. Unless I'm mistaken though, there's at least two more of these in there, because three of them looked the exact same, so now I want to get them out as well.”

“Okay. You don't mind though if I don't go back in the water, I just got warm again, and I don't think I can go back in so soon?”

“Of course not baby.” I smiled warmly and hopped back in the water as soon as I had the chain unhooked from the other tree.

We repeated the same process twice more and pulled the other two trees out that I suspected were also walnut, and I was correct, for when they came out, they were in fact walnut as well. They all looked about the same age, so the flood probably took out a small walnut grove. The other two trees were a bit smaller, but not that much. I knew that there was no way on earth that I was going to be able to fit it all into my truck, so we would have to come back again over the next couple days to get it all, and my wood storage would be maxed out drying all this walnut.

“So, what now?” Colton asked curiously once the last tree was pulled up onto the beach.

“Now we cut them up into eight foot long chunks and pull them into the back of the truck. I think though that the base of that big beast is gonna max out my poor chainsaw, but it'll work.”

It took more than an hour just to cut them all up, and then an hour more to load into the truck all that we could fit, which was only two large and one small chunk.

“Wow, that's a lot, and there's still more.” Colton said in awe.

“Yep, it'll take a few trips to get it all, but that's fine. Tonight we'll get started on milling some of this, then in the morning we'll do our gardens, and then we'll come back and get a couple loads more. After that, we'll just do whatever.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” Colton smiled.

We headed home, got the truck unloaded and the first log into the mill, and Colton watched in fascination as the large machine made quick work of slicing the log into two and a half inch slabs. I hardly had to do anything, except move the slabs once they were done, of which I muscled into the storage pile, putting spacers between each board so that they could dry evenly. Although easy to do, it was not fast though, because by the time it was done, we were starving, so we decided to head in for dinner.

“Okay, I think we're just gonna call it a night, it's been a long day already as it is, we're tired, hungry, and we need to rest.” I instructed after shutting the machine down and storing the final piece.

“You won't get any arguments from me, I'm starving.”

“Why didn't you say something, we could have gone in at any time and ate?”

“No point, I knew we'd go in soon enough anyways, and I'd prefer to stay here with you.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it. Come on, let's go get you all fed up.”

Colton smiled warmly and we headed into the house. We stripped off our dirty clothes in the laundry room, revealing our very soggy diapers, which we both decided to just leave until bedtime, figuring that they would hold up until then. After dinner was done and cleaned up from, we went and sat down and watched TV for a bit, and Colton sat right on my lap, cuddled up to me, and relaxed while we watched TV. It was only an hour later that I heard Colton snoring softly, signaling me that he had fallen asleep.

“Come on baby, let's get you up to bed and get you in a clean dry diaper, so that you can get a proper sleep.” I whispered softly while gently shaking my beautiful baby boy.

“Okay, but before we go to bed, I'd love another ride, through both our nice soggy diapers?” He yawned.

“No, not tonight baby, you fell asleep while watching TV, you're too tired for that. We have all the time in the world for that, so don't worry.” I whispered gently right into his ear.

“I know, but the only reason I fell asleep at all was because you had me so relaxed while you were petting my chest like that, and it was so cozy and loving laying on you like that. I've never felt anything like that before, and it just caused me to go to sleep, but believe you me, I'm more than awake enough to have at least three or four more orgasms.” Colton whispered back with a grin.

“I don't doubt any of that, but while you might be awake enough, I don't think that I am.”

“Maybe enough for just one more ride tonight, please daddy?” He asked hopefully.

“Oh alright baby, but just once more.” I chuckled, laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation. Here he was, the one who should not even know anything about sex, begging for me to do it just once more.

“Goody.” Colton yipped and hopped out of my lap and skipped up the stairs.

I followed a few seconds later after shutting everything down for the night, and found Colton laying on the bed on his back. From the door I could clearly see how excited he was, because I could see a small pulsing protrusion in his diaper, and it turned me on a great deal. I smiled brightly, he smiled brighter still, and I went to the bed. I laid down in the center of the bed, right next to Colton, put my hands behind my head, and nodded to Colton. He understood fully that this was what he wanted, so he got to do everything.

He grabbed the lube from the bedside table, poked a hole in the front of my diaper, pulled me out, a painful extraction I might add, and then proceeded to liberally lube me. Once I was ready, he poked a hole in the seat of his diaper, and then went about fingering his very hot little bum for just a few seconds. Once he felt that he was ready to go, he got himself into position, and sat down on me fully. He grunted slightly, and then sighed as he sank all the way down. I sighed as well, and I'm not sure which one of us was louder, but it was probably a tie. I have to admit that I needed this every bit as much as Colton seemed to. I mean, I was not exactly a virgin before, but it had been more than a few years since I had had any action.

Colton made no pretense about what he wanted either. He started raising and lowering himself at an almost astonishing speed, really fucking himself on me, riding me for his every bit of worth, and I found that my body was instinctively bucking as well. I had not actually realized I was doing it at first, but why would I wish to stop it either.

We were both growling an almost non stop string of obscenities to match the rutting that we were partaking in. It was raw, it was lustful, it was pure sex, and it was awesome. Given the amount that we had both drained ourselves earlier, it was no surprise that we lasted longer than earlier, but what was surprising was that we did not last all that much longer, and when we did both slip into our orgasms, at the same time, they were just as intense as they had been then as well.

“Wow, I'm not sure what you just did to me, but I know I liked it, a lot.” I panted out a minute later.

“Yeah, that was awesome.” Colton panted out as well.

“Now, before you even think of asking for another go round, not a chance, I'm about to pass out, and I need a new diaper, real quick.”

“I wasn't going to ask, I'm almost passing out as well. Have you ever double diapered yourself, and if so, do you want to tonight? We can poke some more holes in these diapers and just put another one right over top of them and really wet ourselves.” Colton said with a tired grin.

“Sure, I've done that a few times, so why not. I'll grab the stuff.” I grinned, I knew I liked Colton for a good reason, he was so much like me it was almost scary.

I grabbed a pair of diapers, one for each, I grabbed the tape I kept in my closet for just this sort of thing, and I grabbed the fork from my bedside table, once again, just for this purpose. I carefully poked a couple dozen more holes in Colton's very wet diaper, and then added more tape to hold it on, and then added his second diaper, and then taped it on as well, to make sure it held well. Colton just grinned brightly when I finished, and then hopped up and did the exact same thing for me.

“There we go, now that's perfect.” Colton grinned.

“Yep. I had a feeling that you'd enjoy doing this as well. How many diapers was the most you ever put on at once?” I asked curiously.

“Four. I found one of my diapers from when I was younger, used that as a doubler, and then added two more over the course of two days. My parents were on a business trip, and I no longer had a nanny, that was only a few months ago. How about you?”

“Five. Also over the course of two days, I wanted to see how long I could go before it became uncomfortable. Now, are you trying to tell me that at the age of nine your parents no longer had a nanny for you and left you home alone while they went out of town on a business trip?”

“Yep, you should know your sister, she's not exactly what you'd call smart, and my dad just did whatever she wanted, but it wasn't like he really cared too much one way or the other about me anyways.” Colton said coldly.

“Yes, sadly I know her mentality well, or lack thereof. Well baby, let's get to sleep, because I'm very tired. I love you very much, see you in the morning.” I said, and gave him a deep and tender kiss, of which he returned with enthusiasm.

It was only a few minutes later that we both passed out for the night. Colton stayed living with me there for the rest of our natural lives, we stayed enjoying sex and diapers, diapers and sex with each other for the rest of our lives as well. Colton did homeschooling and finished up high school, but had no real desire to further his education, and I saw no need for him to either, we were happy doing what we had always done.

Colton drank up every ounce of knowledge that I had about woodworking, and became a very fine woodworker himself, in fact he was even better than I was in many aspects, but I was still better than him in other areas as well. We were able to work perfectly together in that way, both working to our strengths. Colton turned out to be very artistic, so he did a lot of carving as well. Every few weeks we went into town to stock up on supplies or sell our stuff, and not once did Colton ever act embarrassed about buying diapers for himself, once again, he was a lot like myself, he just did not care what others thought of him.

Neither one of us ever heard a single word from our family either, and that was okay with us. When we heard that one or another of them died, we never shed a single tear for the family that disowned us and kicked us out, why should we have, we were hated for who and what we were, so we did not care for them either. No, we were happy there with each other for the rest of our lives as father and son, as lovers.