By: Max the Cat


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Part 1: Forgotten!

Twelve year old Billy Ware sat at his window seat and watched the rain come down in buckets. He hoped him unreliable mom would remember to pick him up at the end of school today. Lisa Ware wasn't the most dependable mother, things would interrupt her train of thought, especially men. She left to pick up Billy, but she had an hour to kill so she decided to get a drink to warm her up, one wouldn't be bad?

She parked her car and walked into the Rusty Nail. She ordered a Vodka Collins and this dreamboat said “let me get that for you beautiful?” She looked at him and got wet. She was beautiful at 26. She had Billy at fourteen and took extra care of herself. Blond, green eyes and a body to die for, then her complexion, always a tanned olive complexion, Billy had the same which made him lovely to look at also!

As she drank the current dreamboat nuzzled her and whispered things into her ear. Lisa forgot everything and was soon at the Blue Clouds motel on her back and the dreamboat between her lovely legs which were tightly locked around the dreamboat's middle as he rammed his cock into her for all he was worth. Billy would have to walk home in the rain.

The 3:15 bell rang and Billy looked left and right, then up and down the street. He zipped up his jacket, pulled up the collar and began his long walk home. He walked in the downpour and quickly was drenched to the skin, still the pretty boi trudged up Main street. Under his breath he called his mother names. He looked down and walked home.

Miller Brewster lived next door to Billy and Lisa. Right now he was was in the local hardware store picking up a pound of nails. Miller was also into young bois. He spend quite a bit of time on the internet watching Channel 6969 and it's collection of nubile bois who entertained the men who subscribed to the web site. Every once in a while Miller was able to find a willing boi who would come to his place and provide hot sex for the man willing to pay for the use of the boi's body. Miller would take pictures or make videos, but it had been a few months since he had a boi.

Miller had been eying young Billy from next door, yet afraid to approach the boi. The recent passing of the Boi Lover Protection Act had made it legal to have sex with a willing boi, but Billy never showed the least proclivity or interest in Miller outside of a wave or “hi Mr. Brewster. Billy kept to himself, he didn't have may friends, the ones he had were at school. The boi came home and stayed in the house.

Billy would come home and study. What people didn't know was that Billy was logged on to Channel 6969 also and would enter chat rooms. He kept his web cam off so men couldn't see him, but he would talk to the men and jack off to the nasty talk the men said to him, he had been tempted many times to turn on the web cam, but was afraid he would be found out.

Billy trudged home. He never looked up and walked straight into Miller Brewster as the man hurried to his pick up. “Gee sir I'm so sorry I ran into you, it's the rain.” Billy excused himself. Miller looked at the soaked boi “Billy is that you?” Miller asked. Billy looked up “Oh hi Mr. Brewster I'm so sorry?” Miller quickly asked “you want a ride, gee your really soaked.” Miller held the door open and Billy quickly scrambled into the passenger side.

I'm sorry I ran into you.” Billy apologized once again. “Billy where's your mother, didn't she come to pick you up?” Miller was getting a bit upset, he knew the boi's mother was a flake, she couldn't keep a job and seemed to fly from man to man, Billy was the one who was hurt by it all. “I guess she forgot, I think she went for a job interview this afternoon, but she said she'd pick me up? Billy was shaking from the wet and cold.

Miller was already picturing the woman lying under some man, but kept it to himself. He drove home quickly. He drove up and her beat up ford was not in the driveway. “I see she's not there Billy, come on in and I'll put your clothes in my dryer. Billy didn't say anything, he followed the man quickly into his home. “Take off your clothes Billy, I'll get you a towel and a blanket. Miller put a couple Presto Logs in the fire place and lit them with some newspaper.

Billy quickly took off all his wet clothing and stood naked in the living room. Miller looked at the naked boi and had to readjust his blood filling cock. He quickly got the boi a towel, took the pile of clothing and wet tennis shoes and put them into his dryer and turned the machine on. He returned to the living room and took the towel from Billy and began to rub the bois wet naked body. Miller was in his glory as he rubbed the boy.

He noticed as he rubbed Billy that the boy had a erection. He took the towel and rubbed the standing boi-cock. He took it in the towel and made sure it got dried. Billy had his eyes closed and was enjoying the attention, he was breathing harder and rocking back and forth. Miller was sweating. He decided he had better quit before he got really carried away.

He got a Afghan and wrapped Billy in the garment and sat him in front of the fire. “I'll make you some hot chocolate, ok Billy?” the boi looked at him with his big green eyes “I sure would like that Mr. Brewster, but I don't want to put you out, you've done so much already?” Miller smiled “Billy don't be silly, just sit here and keep warm, it will take close to an hour to dry your clothes and those wet shoes of yours.

Miller first took off his clothes and put on his robe over his naked body, then returned with a cup of hot chocolate with a couple of marshmallows bobbing on top. He sat behind the Afghan draped boy and slowly massaged the boi's shoulders. That feels nice Mr. Brewster almost as nice as when you toweled off my body and especially my “thingie” you made it so hard and it tingled.” Billy looked at the man with those big green eyes. Miller got harder, his cock poked out of his robe and he had to quickly cover it.

You liked that Billy?” Billy blushed “I always like when I pull on it and shoot my stuff, don't you?” Miller too was blushing “I love it, I also love other tings that are done to it, and I shoot my stuff, too.” Billy looked at him”you mean things that bois do for men on the computer, like Channel 6969 shows, have your ever seen that site on the computer?” Miller almost shot his load right there!

You watch Channel 6969?” Miller asked sort of dumbfounded. “Sure, I like to imagine I'm one of those bois, or I go to the chat rooms and talk to the men there, nothing ever happens, 'cause I don't go to meet anyone, I'm just to shy, but I'm not when they really don't know who I really am, and I never put on my web cam. Billy giggled. Miller whispered 'if you did you'd be the most popular boi on the site!”

Billy let the Afghan drop exposing his nakedness “you think so?” Miller took a nipple between both fingers “I know so, you'd be hot, I guarantee it, If I had naked pictures of you I'd have them up, the men would be jacking off by the gallons of creamy cum!” For some reason Billy pulled the covering away to expose all his naked charms “you really think I'd be a hot one?” Miller took the nipple between his lips and licked it, an electric shock ran through Billy and came out the tip of his boi cock.

Without covering up Billy laid back down “that felt good Mr. Brewster. Miller was being tempted and didn't want to screw this up, but the boi was so delectable. He bent and again took the boi's nipple between his lips and let the tip of his tongue scrape the tip, he got the desired effect. “Oooohhhh my “thingie” the tip it feels so, so, so funny-good?” Miller pulled back “I can make it feel real good if you want me to?”

Holding it in two fingers Billy said one word. “Please?” Miller ran his tongue down from the nipple to the belly button to the area right above the “thingie” then his mouth encompassed the whole thing and let his tongue scrape the sensitive boi-flesh from the ball sac to the tip and back again and again. Miller sucked and licked the hard penis while Billy moaned and squirmed, his fingers running through the older man's hair, the electric shocks made the Boi grab handfuls of the older man's hair.

Billy got that feeling he had made on himself as he wanked in his bedroom, now his balls tightened, he got stiff all over and his sperm shot from the flared tip and coated Miller's licking tongue. “Oooohhhh, oooohhhh Mr. Br-e-e-s-s-t-t-e-e-r-r I'm shooting my stuff, oooohhhh my god your swallowing it, it feels so good, I love this so much!” Miller refused to release the boi-cock and Billy was going crazy, and Miller used a finger to massage the rose bud between the boi's butt cheeks. The green eyes went wide with surprise, the finger ventured in and Billy's hips lurched forward.

Miller probed with his finger deeper and wiggled in deeper, Billy squirmed and moaned, he propped himself on his elbows “Mr' Brewster what are you doing, it-it-it makes me feel so funny, so hot and horny.” Billy fell back and raided his butt only to drive the finger in to the knuckle. Miller laid on his back, he was sweating profusely!

The finger was removed and Billy sat up again “Mr. Brewster that drove me crazy.” He looked down and saw Miller's cock sticking up from the now open robe. The boy grinned and his smaller hand grabbed hold of the hot cock and examined it from top to the hairy nut sac. He pulled it back and forth . He looked back at the closed eyed Miller and grinned, his then moved to the vermillion mushroom.

Billy could feel the cock beat as thought it had a heart inside. He jacked it a few more times and found a creamy bead appear from the slit at the top. He pursed his lips and placed the on the fleshy crown. He pushed his lips down, over and then around the pulsing stalk. Billy now reciprocated the act Miller did on him. The tangy flavor he got from the creamy bead made his saliva bathe the hard cock. He sucked in and found more cock into his mouth. He pulled back and forth.

Dear lord Billy that feels so good, please watch your teeth, but don't stop, ooohhh your tongue scrapes it, suck-suck-suck, don't stop sucking my cock, I-I-I-I-I love it.” Billy began to feel comfortable with a throbbing cock in his mouth and moved his head back and forth faster, his lips held tighter and Miller was in heaven. Miller was almost struck dumb with the way Billy was sucking his cock, it was as thought the boi had been sucking cock for years other than the first time.

Billy took it out and began to run his tongue down the underside until he found Miller's testicles. Billy looked back and grinned then sucked in one and then the other. He picked up the tighten scrotum and nibbled on the neither area, Miller jumped in response and Billy giggled more. He began his sucking trek up the underside until he reached the tip and again sucked in as much as he could without gagging. Miller was getting ready, he was tensing up.

Billy sensed that something different was about to happen, he sucked harder and scrapped his tongue over the hard heard “oooohhhh I'm almost there, please swallow my cum Billy, p-l-e-a-s-eeeee?” His cock swelled in Billy's mouth, the slit opened and cum erupted into the boy's sucking mouth, he quickly swallowed only to have his mouth refill, a white ring formed all around his lips, he swallowed again and again. Finally the cock's spew reduced to a dribble and Billy licked it of all the leaked out.

Billy licked his lips clean and smacked them, he wasn't sure if he liked the taste, it was different, salty and kind of bleachy. He giggled like a boi who had got caught with his hand in the cooking jar. “Was that good Miller, er' Mr. Brewster?” The man was trying to return his breathing to normal, but said “Billy that was marvelous, just marvelous, my balls are singing along with Mr. Peter!
Billy gave him a funny look “Mr. Peter, who is Mr. Peter?” Miller now giggled himself, that is what I call my cock, Mr. Peter!” Billy shrugged and said “oh!”

They laid there for thirty minutes, Billy again licked Mr. Peter. Finally Miller got the boi's clothing and had him dress, he did also. Still no Lisa. He made them a quick dinner and still no Lisa. Billy completed his homework and at eight ten she drove up. Billy went to the porch and said “mom I'm over here you forgot to put the key under the mat again.

Lisa walked to Miller's home. She was tired, the man had fucked here three times and then there were the drinks. “Sorry sweetie I was at a job interview. Thank you sir for taking my son in.” Miller answered “it was raining and he was drenched, I put his clothing in the dryer and then he did his homework and I fed him.” he was rather gruff with her, but he didn't rag on it.

Billy thanked Miller for his kindness. Lisa said “I hate to be a bother, but tomorrow I have to go for a second interview, could he possible stay here until I get home?” Miller said he's pick him up at school as rain was again in the forecast and he was afraid Billy might catch a cold if he got drenched again. Lisa thanked him and she and Billy went home.

Lisa quizzed Billy on what they did. “Not much mom, he dried my clothes and gave me a towel to dry with and a blanket to wrap myself with and let me watch television for awhile and then I finished my homework and he made us dinner, hot dogs, corn and mac & cheese, not much else. Billy never mentioned the other activities they did, that was his and Miller's secret.

Part 2: Secret's

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