By: Max the Cat


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Part 2: Secrets!

At 3:15 Miller was parked by the school. A teacher who had never seen him there before approached as inquired to his presence at the school. “I'll here to pick up Billy Ware, his mom is at a job interview, please ask him if this isn't so?” The teacher gave him a mean look and said “I will verify this, can't be too safe you know?” Miller shrugged.

While Miller waited for Billy, Lisa was standing naked in front of Vic Spinnetti the club manger. “Nice bod Lisa, very nice indeed. His hands ran over her ample tits and down here very shapely belly and hips. “The hours are from 4 to midnight, Tuesday thru Sunday. He handed her a gold rope to tie around here midsection “your outfit.” he chuckled. You know its topless and bottomless, right? Lisa swallowed hard “yes” she replied meekly.

Vic asked here to turn slowly. “You'll be on stage for ten minutes per hour, then you mingle and take drink and food orders, you can do lap dances in one of the rooms along the side or the back, anything you and the customer want to do extra I don't want to know about it, last week Tina took five in there and blew them all, she turned out to be 15, she had used her older sisters ID's, two bitches looked identical, but I almost got shut down. Lisa nodded as he ran a finger up between her pussy lips “fuck I would have never know you had a kid, fuck you really good take care of yourself girl.” Vic was sweating.

The teacher came out with Billy “he verified what you said, again we can't be too careful, some perv might be here to steal one of our students. She gave Miller a smile and Billy got in the passenger side. “Glad your here it's sprinkling outside.” Miller drove off “yes, I see it's starting to come down again, I guess it waits until you get out of school to downpour.” He said jokingly. Billy looked out at the traffic going by.

They pulled up and entered Millers house. He put a fresh log in the fireplace. “Want something warm Billy, hot chocolate?” Billy gave him a warm smile “please.” Miller hollered from the kitchen “you hungry Billy?” The boi yelled back 'not really.” Miller returned and stopped Billy had stripped and put his clothing neatly in a chair and lay naked in-front of the fire, Miller was quickly aroused.

He handed the hot chocolate to Billy. “May I please take a few pictures of you Billy, you're beautiful?” Billy smiled 'if you want?” Miller replied “I want!” He returned in his robe, he had stripped and had his camera in his hand. Billy looked back and up with his big green eyes. The boi half turned and smiled. His dime sized nipples were hard and pointed. Miller had to adjust himself, his aroused cock kept poking out the split in the front.

Miller started to take pictures of the naked boi when the phone rang. “Fuck” he mumbled under his breath. He answered it. “Mr. Brewster, this is Lisa Ware I got the job and I have to start tonight, I hate to be a bother, but is it alright if Billy stays with you tonight, I won't be home until after one?” Miller grinned from ear to ear. “Sure Lisa, he's not bother, I don't mind at all.” Miller's cock stuck out the slit in front of his robe!

Miller readjusted himself and walked in. Bully was bending over and had split his butt cheeks, he was giggling. Miller quickly snapped a few pics. Billy looked under and between his split legs, his four inches was erect and pointing straight down, it made a beautiful picture, Miller had them!

Miller explained his mom wanted him to stay here tonight. “Great, can I sleep with you Mr. Brewster?” Miller smiled slyly. “I wouldn't want it any other way, can you pull your butt cheeks apart Billy?” The boi without question did so, his pink love hole opened just a bit. Miller took more pics, he was in his element. Miller was tempted to drop the camera and take his cock and plug the pink love hole.

Miller said “lets take a break.” he was sweating and again his cock was peaking out of his robe and Billy eyed it. He had a crooked grin on his face and walked up to Miller, reached in and took hold of the hard cock. “good god Billy your gonna drive me crazy.” Billy looked up 'how's that Miller, how could I drive you crazy.” he quickly placed his red lips on the tip of Miller's pulsing cock.” that's how Billy, that's how!”

With one arm Miller dropped his robe. He still held the camera with the other and as Billy took more cock into his mouth Miller snapped more pictures. His cock surrounded by the pursed red lips was so exciting, the bois tongue scrapped the underside and he took in more and more of the throbbing length. The bois green eyes looked up dreamily, Billy liked the pleasure he was giving.

Miller didn't want to cum yet, he decided to try to push this to something else. He put down the camera and place fingers in-between the butt cheek crease. He found the boi's rosebud and played with it, Billy actually spread his legs and sucked harder, the finger entered the warn channel and the finger slid to the end, the boi seemed to rock side to side with the finger wiggling in him.

Miller now place two fingers at the boi's anus and pushed both in. Billy sucked and took in more cock, saliva coated his cleft chin and ran down his naked chest, both his brown nipples where now a glossy brown. Billy's mouth took more and more cock to the throat entrance, he gagged, tears ran down his cheeks, but he kept sucking and licking, he was going to make Miller cum, if it was the last thing he did.

Billy ran his tongue up the underside, grabbed hold of the stalk at the base close to the balls and scrapped his tongue over and over the tip. He felt Miller shiver up his spine and clamped his mouth right behind the purple mushroom just in time to catch the first blast of Miller's semen. “Oooohhhh Billy catch it all, swallow it all please, swallow it all?” the twelve year old swallowed each and all of the creamy cum blasts. Miller's knees got weak, Billy drank all of the hot cum Miller had in his body. The boi licked his lips and looked up with his green eyes, each had a sparkle!

Miller regained his composure and stepped back. Billy was still on his knees, his boi-cock stuck straight out, Miller licked his lips. “I think I better do something about yours Billy.” Billy grinned from ear to ear and fell backwards holding his in his small fist. Miller knelt in front of the ready and willing boi and sucked in the hard boi-cock.

Billy pushed his hips up trying to push his whole body in to Miller's mouth. Miller's fingers returned to their internal probe of Billy's love hole, this time two fingers were inserted and worked at stretching Billy's to prepare him for his first of many fuckings Miller had planned for the youngster, he moved and worked the hole, Billy just let him have his way and moaned, a finger had found something and Billy liked it.

Oooohhhh Miller, Mr. Brewster I-I-I-I feel something and it's making my “thingie feel so,so tingly in the tip, besides your tongue, your finger in me, is that what fucking is like, I-I-I-I ooohhh so good, I feel like i'm gonna cum and I-I-I-I, please don't stop, please?” Billy was humping on the two fingers while he pushed his boi-cock into the man's sucking mouth.

Miller sucked and licked harder while he fingered the boi harder and sucked harder, he wanted Billy to desire more and more and Miller pushed faster and harder, his fingers rubbed the boi's insides and he was making Billy crazy with hot lust. Billy's blond head rolled from side to side, his green eyes were glazed and his mouth clenched tight “ooohhh I-I-I'm cuming!” His boi-honey erupted from the slit atop his penis, Miller's tongue licked it up, Billy's hands had hold of the man's hair.

Slowly Miller's released the boi-cock. His tongue inched down to the reamed hole and Miller's tongue tickled the rosebud, Billy again was lurching up and down, this was something he loved and seemed to want more and more, if Miller wanted him to do anything he wanted him to do, Billy would do it, at least right now! Billy's green eyes focused between Miller's legs, a purple flared mushroom shaped head looked back at him, it wanted him, now!

Gee, Mr. Brewster your “thingie” is really big, you came already, but it's really big again?” Miller smiled “it wants into you, do you know what I mean Billy?” The twelve year old realized the time had come, he nodded “I think your gonna fuck me, right?” Miller took a hold of his throbbing prick and aimed at at the boi's now lubed love hole, he rubbed the hot cock across the boi's pussy, “Can I Billy, can I fuck you?”

To Miller's surprise Billy replaced Miller's hand with his slim fingered one and placed the hard man meat at his ready anus “it's ok, I want it, I can't wait, will it hurt?” Miller's lips found the young boi's “it will be somewhat uncomfortable, it's your first time and you're a virgin, it has to happens some time, Billy!” He pushed in and the tight lubed ring held fast at first, but a harder and more determined push popped past the ring and another sent four of the seven inches into the lubed channel. He heard Billy gasp and Miller wasn't to be stopped and pushed in harder, the cock drove into the boi, his pubes covered the boi's nut sac, Miller stopped for some rest, he was in all the way!

Billy's mouth was wide open, yet nothing came out, he was in shock, he was being stretched to fit Miller's cock. Miller began to move inside of Billy's tight channel. Finally Billy moaned and said “I-I-I, ooohhh it's so big, I didn't know it was going to be that big, I-I-I.....” then he just went with the fucking, his thin legs were splayed wide, Miller's hips worked back and forth, his cock probed inside of the warm hole, and finally the hard flesh found the special place that seemed to make everything warm and fuzzy in Billy's mind, he wrapped his arms around Miller and held on tightly.

Miller's mouth found Billy's, his tongue searched the inside as he reamed Billy. Billy's tongue returned the probe and his tongue tip met Miller's, then he sucked the man's tongue and pushed back with his hips to meet the inward thrusts he was receiving. He tried to use his inner muscles and clamp onto the fleshy invader, but he was somewhat tired. Miller's tongue left Billy's mouth and trailed to the small right ear and tongue fucked the entrance, while his hard cock did the same to Billy's boi-pussy!

Miller felt the boi's hard cock poking him in the belly, he was getting the desired response from the boi and fucked even harder and faster, he was also about to cum and wanted to prolong it for as long as humanly possible, but to no avail, his cock swelled, the single eye opened wide and hot creamy sperm belched from the pulsing mushroom head into Billy. The boi felt the cock recoil inside of him and clamped down on it, that made it even better for Miller.

Miller finally fell onto the side of Billy's blond head. He drained his cock of his sperm deep inside of the boi. Billy's glazed green eyes were wide and in a dreamy state. “So that is being fucked, wow, I could feel you shoot your cum inside of me, it was so kewl, it hurt a bit, but it was kewl, I'm hard and tingly all over Miller, er Mr. Brewster!”

Miller's cock deflated and slid from the boi's pulsing anus, Miller's cum leaked out and pooled on the carpet, still Billy's thin legs stayed splayed, his boi-cock stuck up and pointed at the boi's cleft chin. Miller smiled and his mouth caught the hardness and licked up the length, Billy almost at once shot off as Miller's mouth engulfed his boi-cock. Miller's tongue scraped up the underside and that dis the trick, Billy tightened, Miller quickly wrapped his lips around the throbbing member and caught all the creamy boi-honey then the two rested for some time, showered together. Billy dressed and did his homework while Miller made dinner.

Each day for the next two weeks Billy came home from school and stayed at Miller's. One day he walked home and walked in at Miller's. Another man was sitting on the couch sipping a cold beer and watching Billy on the television, Billy was very photogenic and very naked. “There's the beauty, Miller right in front of me, in the flesh!” Miller walked out from the kitchen with sandwiches. “Billy this is an old friend of mine, Raul Martin, he's from Mexico and owns an big hacienda on the beach, right Raul?” Raul nodded as his eyes feasted upon the youngster in front of him. “Miller he almost as lovely clothed, but I would much like to see him naked, will he, for me, por favor?”

Billy wasn't sure what was going on, and looked at Miller with a perplexed look. “Billy when I go to Mexico on vacation Raul always had bois for me, I was hoping you'd do the same for him, he has a very nice uncut cock?” Billy smiled 'for you Miller, anything.” The boi put down his back pack and began a slow strip for the two men. His shirt slowly unbuttoned down the front, and then fell from his shoulders, he wore no undershirt and his brown nipples stuck out with small points.

Miller sat and adjusted his blood filling cock, Raul had to adjust over and over again. Next Billy sat down and untied each shoe, then pulled off each sock. He was now having fun with the two men who were showing sweat on their brows. Now he spun around and facing away unsnapped his pants, the click was loud and both men had to lick their lips, the pants fell down past the bubble butt that the twelve year old pushed back toward them. Billy had watched his mother practice in front of her mirror, to perfect moves for work.

The tan pants fell to the floor and Billy again turned to face the two men, his white Jockeys stuck out in front, a straight point, He played with the elastic band, snapping back and forth on his olive skin. Slowly Billy peeled the white fabric over his hips and off his backside, the last thing to show was his penis, the hard flesh snapped back against his whiter skinned sparse haired front. The two men clapped at the wonderful performance Billy had presented to the two men.

Raul looked at Miller. “my good friend you must bring him with you when you come down for Easter vacation, he's a true prize, he will be most popular at my parties, I must have him before B.T.W. finds out he's around and snatches him up for one of their Pleasure facilities, I just know they will. Billy continues to prance around naked for their entertainment.

Billy knelt before Miller and started to unbuckle his belt, but Miller stopped him. “Billy our guests come first, please Raul first.” Billy smiled and got up, knelt before Raul and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and grabbed the pants at the hips and yanked down. He quickly untied Raul's shoes and removed then, the socks nest, followed by the pants. Billy smiled up at the Latin man and hooked his thumbs into the man's under-shorts and pulled them down and off his body.

Billy knelt up and looked at the man's cock, it was covered by a hood. “Look Miller a Cobra and I know it spits?” The boy put it in question form. The two men chuckled. Billy's interest had been perked, the gently took hold of Raul's brown skinned penis and slowly peeled back the foreskin to show the pink/purple mushroom shaped penis head. He started to say something, but Miller answered for him “his cock isn't circumscribed Billy, the foreskin is still there, ours were removed before we could say anything about it, his country doesn't remove it.”

Billy examined the cock and jacked it some, a creamy bead formed at the tip and Billy licked it clean only to have another appear, that he licked then sucked in the head and half of the brown stalk. Raul moaned in pleasure, he ruffled Billy's blond head of hair, Billy too it to the root, his lips now covered by the coarse black pubic hair, Billy was becoming a very good cocksucker, Raul moaned his approval!

Billy ran his red tongue tip from the tip to the bottom of Raul's ball sac. He looked up with his green eyes, then sucked in one of the brown sac encased balls. He sloshed it around in the recessed of his war, wet mouth coating it with his slippery saliva, then he proceeded to the other and repeated the act. “Does he eat ass Miller?” Raul asked in a horse voice. Miller who was video taping the two shrugged “you know I never had him do it to me?”

Billy looked at both men funny, he had never thought of it and wasn't sure he could do it. His mouth released the slippery ball “I guess I could try, if you really want me to do it?” Raul looked down with glazed black eyes “please Billy, I love when a hot boi eats my ass, please, for me, please?” Billy licked down the crease to the man's pucker and quickly licked.

Getting more courage, Billy licked the asshole harder, then harder. Raul was groaning and squirming, Billy smiled at the effect he was having on the Latin man, he pushed his tongue tip at the hole and dug in, Raul jumped and Billy dug in harder and deeper, Raul squirmed and moaned all the louder “ooohhh mother of god Billy eat my ass more please you sweet boi? Billy licked, kissed and dug more.

Finally Raul moaned 'suck me more, suck my cock Billy, porfavor? Billy inched back up the length of the brown skinned cock until he reached the tip, then plunged his pursed lips back over and down the hard brown length of Mexican meat, again his lips were buried in the black pubes. Raul grabbed the boys head and his cock blasted off, Billy's eyes widened with his cheeks as the filled with sperm. Billy was swallowing at light-speed.

Slowly Raul's spent cock slipped from Billy's red lips, cumy residue coated them. Licking his lips Billy moved to Miller and unbuckled his belt, untied his shoes and removed his trousers. Miller handed the camera to Raul and lifted his butt so his Jockey's were slid off. Billy grabbed the erection and sucked on the frenulumn. Miller moaned and a wide eyed Raul filmed.

Billy picked up the bottle of lube and coated Miller's cock. The twelve year old then swung around facing Raul and smiled. Holding the slippery cock against his ready pucker Billy pushed down and felt the cock slide into his ready boi-pussy. He nestled in the man's pubes and splayed his thin legs wider. “Raul you have a good view, right?” Raul just nodded, then said “Miller you just have to bring him with you, please?”

Miller was involved in a hot fuck and didn't answer, he just moved up and down pushing his cock into the very hot and willing boi-slut. Billy bit his lower lip and he took all of Miller's cock. Billy was mumbling to himself 'fuck me, fuck me harder, I love cock and fucking, fuck me harder, please fuck me harder.” Raul had many a boi-slut, but Billy was the only boi who demanded more and more cock, and begged for it. Raul was on his knees getting close ups of Miller's cock driving into Billy, the sound picked up the grunts, groans and moans.

Miller was succumbing to the tightness of the boi's very tight channel, Billy was clamping with his muscles and milking Miller's cock, it felt wonderful, but his cum was boiling and trying to exit from his cock and into the wanting boi. Raul was licking his lips as he tape the hot fuck “twirl his nipples Miller, twirl them hard?” Miller took each one between two fingers. Billy moaned loud.

Oooohhhh my, my I'm gonna cum Miller, ooohhhh I'm cumming!” Billy's throbbing boi cock began to shoot hot, creamy boi-honey.' “That's it, that's the way to cum Billy, let it fly you beautiful slut you>” Raul was hard again, his cock had precum leaking from the tip, but it was Billy who was shooting his creamy juices into the air and Raul had captured it all, they would be-able to sell this one, it was hotter than hell.

Part 3: The Trip!

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