By: Max the Cat


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Part 3: The Trip!

Miller knocked on Lisa and Billy's door. Billy was in school and Lisa was getting ready for work. “Hi Miller what can I do for you?” Lisa said as she applied her make-up. “I came here to let you know I'm going to Mexico for two weeks vacation. A friend has invited me. Lisa sat upright and turned with a scared look on her face. “What will I do with Billy, I-I-I don't have a sitter?” Miller grinned inside,

Gee Lisa I don't know what to tell you, I guess he could go with me, he will be on spring break, but you'll have to get him a passport, you know about the new law, that is all I can do. Raul has a big place and I know it would be alright with him, he lives on a beach on the Caribbean side?” Lisa looked at him with an imploring look. :Gee Miller, you sure it would be alright, would Billy even want to go?” Miller shrugged “I guess you'll have to ask him?”

Miller picked Billy up from school. “”I laid the ground work for the Mexico trip with your mom, she's going to ask if you want to go with me, I already got the passport paperwork, even downloaded a pic of you, clothed of course, so tell her you would love to go, ok?” Billy moved over on the bench seat right next to Miller and unzipped his pants, pulled out his already rampantly hard cock and began to circle the head with his tongue, the sucked in the head a ways. “Does this tell you my answer” the boi said picking his head up a bit, then returning to suck the man!

As they drove toward Miller's home, Billy continues to suck the man's cock, Miller ran his fingers through Billy's blond locks and relished the sucking his cock was receiving form such very willing preteen cocksucker. Billy now had almost the entire length down his throat, he was getting so much better at his sexual craft, and Miller relished receiving it, Billy always swallowed all the cum he shot, such a good cocksucker Miller thought!

The next morning was Saturday and Lisa caught Billy before he took off to the park. “Billy, Miller is going to Mexico for Spring Break, he wants to know if you want to go with him?” Billy turned and smiled broadly “sure mom, that sounds great, gotta go.” he was on his bike and heading to Wilmont park to play. As he rode down the street he giggled, “well what she don't know won't hurt me!”

Billy loved to use the swings and slides. He climbed the monkey bars. He could be by himself as he played and got exercise. He then went into the toilet block to use the facilities. He entered a cubicle and removed his shorts and hung them up, he didn't want them to get dirty on the floor. Sitting on the toilet he was fascinated with all the art work, email address and phone numbers. It seemed many men wanted to meet you bois like himself. On his left was a hole above the toilet paper holder. Above the hole was writing “put your lips to the hole and suck a cock. Billy chuckled and looked thru the hole, no one was on the other side. As he did his business he read the poetry and read the ad's saying “boy wanted to relieve my pent up hornie's, call Mac at 555-3455. Another said “boy wanted between my sheets, hard cock for your reward, contact “hard-rod@lovemail.com”, he was intrigued.

Billy heard someone enter the next cubicle, for some reason he got excited, what would happen, if anything? He stood up and heard from the other side “half naked I see, oh good, ready for me and my cock, right young man?” Billy was going for his shorts, but stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and a hard cock vermillion capped cock poked through the hole. It stood white hard and very ready, Billy felt the temptation tugging at him, he sat back down and looked it over.

His slim white fingers ran up and down the hot length of flesh, then his fingers seemed to have a mind of their own and wrapped themselves around it feeling the beat of blood flowing through the throbbing length. “Oooohhhh son that feels nice, but your mouth would feel even nicer. Billy's lips came in contact with the vermillion head and his red tongue tip swirled around the mushroom shaped tip, a shiver ran up the recipients spine.

Ever so slowly the boy's mouth encompassed the hard throbbing flesh, his slippery saliva coating the man's cock and the rough of Billy's tongue scraping the underside as he swallowed the entire length. “My lord son you can really suck a cock, where did you perfect such an art?” Billy giggled and almost strangled on the man's penis. Holding it out he said “I just had a good teacher, then he popped it back in his mouth.

The man rocked to and fro as Billy made oral love to him. “You wouldn't mind joining me in this cubicle we could do some other things?” Billy let the cock slide from his red lips, grabbed his clothing and unlatched the door, looked both ways and then entered the other cubicle and latched it. He turned and faced a thirty-ish redheaded man with a crop of red hair surrounding his stiff, saliva coated penis.

Hi I'm Billy the half naked boi introduced himself to the completely naked man. “Hi I'm Eric. He was holding his cock waiting to resume their sexual congress. Billy hurried and took hold of the cock and straddled the sitting man. He positioned the slick cock at the entrance to his boi-pussy and felt the hard flesh slide into him until he nestled in the red patch of pubic hair.

Billy laid his blond head upon the red haired man's chest and held on as the two moved together. Up and down the two bodies moved. The hard penis probed the boi's warm insides while Billy clamped onto the hard vermillion headed cock. “Good cock, fuck me like no tomorrow. As the moved together the latch snapped in the cubicle that Billy had used, this time a hard brown cock appeared.

As Billy moved with his present lover, his lips clamped hold of the new invader and he sucked the ready brown flesh. This had turned into a small orgy, Billy was taking care of two and he loved it, he was the center of attention, and that was all he ever craved, attention. “The brown cock pushed forward into Billy's wet orifice, Billy's tongue scrapped the cock giving the cock's owner hot pleasures. The man on the other side of the glory hole was going crazy. Billy had hold and was playing lick the lolly on the dark skinned head.

Hey can I join you two?” The voice in the other cubicle asked, almost pleading. Before the redhead could speak Billy piped up “sure then I won't get splinters in my lip! The redhead picked up Billy carrying him with him to unlatch the door, Billy's boi-pussy was clamping and releasing and he didn't want to let go of the feeling.

In came the man, actually he was an older teen and a mulatto, holding his saliva covered cock and ready for more. He removed his jeans and Billy repositioned himself so he was impaled on the redheads cock and facing the mulatto teen. Billy was grabbing for the teen's cock and pulling it to his lips and back into the warm, wet recess's of his waiting mouth. Now the two were having their way's with the very willing boi.

Billy's chin was coated with his excess saliva, he coated the mulatto teen cock and pubic hair. “damn kid you suck a mean cock, after this we gotta talk, fuck your tongue is waxing my balls!” Billy had swallowed the whole thing, he was having such a great time. The Mulatto teen held his blond head and fucked billy's face. The redhead man had hold of the boi's hips and was pounding his boi-pussy. Billy had hold of his own boi-cock and was wanking himself, was making sure he'd cum too!

Billy could feel the tingle, the build up of sperm that would erupt from the tip of his penis. It began to swell, began to tingle and his penis head was opening up and hot sperm shot forth in a copious shot that landed on the mulatto teen's belly and legs. The redhead man was next. The head of his cock erupted and belched forth his creamy male elixir which filled and coated Billy's insides.

The mulatto teen was gritting his teeth, Billy's tongue licked and scraped the head of his brown cock which sent shivers up his spine. The dark purple mushroom head of his cock swelled in Billy's mouth and poured forth filling Billy's mouth with hot cream. His cheeks swelled and he swallowed. Three times Billy had to repeat his swallowing until the mulatto's brown cock ended with a dribble of cum. The three now caught their breath. The mulatto boi introduced himself and Demetrius Rank.

Demi as he was called pulled from his pac-pack some handi-wipes and the three cleaned up. Billy now sat on the toilet letting the redheaded man's cum flow from his well reamed boi-pussy. Without introducing himself the redheaded man dressed and left the two alone. Billy finally was drained and used the toiled paper to mop himself up. Demi pushed his cock back into Billy's mouth and let the little cocksucker suck him clean and dry.

He handed Billy a card with his telephone number and email on it. The front was labeled Boi Toi's World Wide, Demetrius Rank, Teen Recruiter. Billy looked it over and thanked Demi, and dressed. “Gee Demi I'm going to Mexico for a couple of weeks, I'll call you when I get back, maybe we can hook up again, you can fuck me then if you want, I like your cock, we can have some fun.” Demi smiled “then I can explain about B.T.W. And what it can do for you, how about we get some lunch OK?” Billy said sure, but I have to be home by five.

They dressed and slipped out of the toilet and headed for the local burger joint. “So what's B.T.W. anyway Demi?” Billy was fascinated. Demi explained it was a company that ran what were called Pleasure Vacation facilities all around the world and they place what are called Pleasure Boi's in them, I was one from the time I was ten, now they are putting me through college.”

Billy dipped his fries in catchup and asked 'you mean the bois let men fuck them at these places, wow?” Demi chuckled “yes, bois like you supply their bodies for the men's pleasure and the company takes care of you, feeds, educates, houses and takes care of your medical, dental and optical if you need glasses, you can earn extra money making videos, going out on excursions with the men who rent your services, things like that.” Billy's green eyes were wide.

The left the burger joint “does it sound like something you'd like to pursue Billy?” Billy shrugged, “I'm going to Mexico, let me call you when I get back, sounds interesting, but I don't think my mom would agree, although we really aren't that close, she's a stripper now and I think she's been fucking men on the side, almost caught her one morning when I got up to go to the bathroom she was doing two guys in here bedroom?” Demi grinned “you got to live you know!”

They went in opposite directions Billy was actually thinking about B.T.W., but he had to go to the computer site and check it out, besides Demi had been a Pleasure Boi and they were sending him to college. Billy had had a great afternoon, he got hot cock from two ways, lunch and a life changing offer “gee I wonder where I would go, if I decided to be a Pleasure Boi?”

Billy and Miller flew out on Friday morning, Billy was on his way to a new adventure, he had really never been anywhere in his young life. Miller quickly fell asleep, Billy was wide awake he looked out the small window, but all he ever saw were clouds. Raul resided in the Mexican State of Campeche. This was the original seat of The Mayan Empire. He had a large piece of land on the Chenkan Beach. His was very private estate with his own private beach.

The first landed in Mexico City and then were picked up by Raul's Lear Jet and flown to the city of San Francisco de Campeche. Raul met them and he and his driver took them to the hacienda. “Billy we have one rule here you must not wear any clothing unless told to do so, OK?” Billy shrugged and started to strip in the car. Both Miller and Raul had to chuckle, Billy sat naked with all his clothing in his lap.

They pulled up to the hacienda and all entered the house. Billy was shown to his room by Raul and then taken out to the pool area where three other bois were lounging around the warm blue water. Billy looked at Raul with a very puzzled look “you have a pool and the ocean is across the street?” Raul chuckled “si my beauty, my friends and I like to take a dip and not have the salt water in our eyes, besides the pool came with the hacienda when I bought it, now let me introduce you to the other sex providers.” raul summoned the three other bois, all blond and two with blue eyes and one with brown.

Billy this is Karl Kruger he too has just arrived with Coco.” Billy looked at the other two “which one is Coco?” Again Raul had to chuckle “Coco is my new Labrador Retriever, I purchased him from a Bavarian Count, he has special talents, right Karl?” The almost white blond boi with steel blue eyes nodded “yes Herr Martin, he isd a special dog, the Count has many, he is going to be my co-star, right?” Raul grinned, but Billy wasn't sure just what they meant.

Raul continued to introduce him to the other two “this brown eyes blond is Marc Du Ponte from Montreal, Canada, he is French-English right Marc. The boi smiled broadly we Messieurs Martin, now this is Diego Bern he is from Rio de Janiero and is actually Dutch extraction, right Diego? The boi smile and just nodded, he also had steel blue eyes, and a crooked smile, Billy wasn't too sure about that one, yet they all had the same thing in common, “cock!”

Marc walked up and shook hands with him “it's good to meet another north American, how did you get started fucking and sucking older men?” Billy was almost speechless “I-I-I-I met Miller in the rain and it seem to come natural, how about you?” Marc looked around like he didn't want anyone to know “I went into a toilet and sitting there I began to read and almost at once I was jacking off, I was so turned on, I knew this was for me.”

The two naked bois walked over and sat under a tree while Marc told how he kept going back and finally someone was on the other side and began to talk to me, at first I got scared, but he asked me to join him in his cubicle and I couldn't help myself, I went and at first it was he who sucked on me and I came like a thunder bolt, I got on my knees and sucked him, I didn't think twice I swallowed it all.' they both chuckled. “Anyway we met and I wet to his flat and let him have me, again and again.”

They looked around but the other two were swimming. “He is a photographer and soon I was posing, he shot videos of me and other of his friends, soon I was fucking everyone or I should say they were fucking me. He introduced me to Raul and was invited to come here, I think I am going to become a B.T.W. Pleasure Boi I've been asked and I am going!” Marc said in a mater of fact way.” Billy blurted out “but your family, they'll agree?”

Marc picked up a piece of grass “there is only an aunt and we don't get along, as far as she's concerned I'm going to hell for liking sex with boys and men, she'll be glad to get rid of me. I think I will go to a place called Palmyra Island in the South Pacific, all that blue water and swimming.” Billy thought for a minute “you know I met a guy and he asked me if I'd be interested, I must have given him one hell of a blow job, well I did swallow!” They both chuckled. “Maybe you and I could go to the same place, wouldn't that be kewl Billy, you and I in the South Pacific, we could get fucked in the warm water or while snorkeling, snorkel fucking, real hot to think about.” Marc added then began to chew on the piece of grass.

Billy was actually trying to put two and two together and figure out the correlation between Kurt and Coco, but he didn't want to look or sound like a dummy to Marc, but curiosity was really getting to him. Finally he had to ask “Marc what did you mean that Kurt and Coco being together?” Marc smiled broadly “there going to make a video together tomorrow.” He looked a Billy who had a funny look on his face and Marc smiled ever broader “you still don't get it do you?”

Shaking his head he said “OK I don't get it Marc?” Marc said lets sit down and get out of the sun, it's really fucking hot and I'll explain it to you so you understand.” Under a small Palm Marc began his explanation “Kurt tomorrow becomes Coco's bitch in the video, Coco is going to fuck the crap out of him, the video is called “Coco's willing Boi!” Billy's green eyes got really wide and all he could say was “wow!”

Raul had his staff serve lunch on the veranda. Ice cold fruit, chips, salsa and small slices of Casadeas. Two large pitchers of Sangria filled with ice and fruit!. All partook in the afternoon feast, then it was Siesta time for all. That night a big BBQ was planned and each boi would be paired up with a man for a night of hot man/boi sex. Each man sat in the shade and dream't of a boi who's mouth made hot oral love to his cock and swallowing his hot cum!.

Billy was paired with Raul who had already experienced Billy's hot mouth and wanted some of his hot boi-pussy. Back at Miller's he had watched the man fuck the boi and now Miller and Marc were seated together and he and Billy. Billy's hand was already at work and had slipped into Raul's trousers and had hold of his cock, the small thumb was massaging his mushroom shaped cock head and it was making him very, very horny.

Raul had invited another friend Arturo Sanchez, he and Diego had hands all over each other, Diego slipped to his knees and had fished out the Mexican's long brown cock, his mouth was working up and down the hard length. Diego's blue eyes were wide and sparkling, Arturo had his hand going through the boi's blond mop. “Suck me my sweet, suck my cock, oooohhhh so good, what a mouth, bueno!

Miller slid down in his chair. Marc yanked down the Bermuda shorts along with his tightly whities. Marc winked at Miller and ran his red tongue tip up the ball sac. As Marc ran a tongue up the underside of Miller's cock. Marc smiled as he looked at the man with his eyes closed as he savored the boi's mouth. At the tip Marc's red lips encompassed his hard throbber and sucked in over half of the cock.

Billy had Raul scoot down farther and found the ma's pucker. Billy circled the anus with his tongue while Raul splayed his legs wider and gave Billy total access to the ready hole. The boi licked the hole then dug in and wiggled his tongue inside, a shudder ran up Raul's backside, he was very glad he had decided on Billy, the boi did have skills.

Marc looked over with Miller's cock still in his mouth and saw Billy eating Raul's ass. He decided that the young American wasn't going to out do him and let Miller's throbbing penis slip from his lips and ran his tongue down the underside of the slick penis until he too found Miller's pucker. He circled his tongue tip round and round the rose bud then he too dug into it and wiggles his tongue tip. Miller grabbed hold of the chair arms and shuddered.

Now Diego saw the two “Norde Americano's” and decided that he wasn't going to let them out do him and quickly found Arturo's anus and began to lick, suck and dig into it. “Oooohhhh mother of mercy that is so wonderful, such a good boy, suck my ass harder good mother I am going to cum.” Like a geyser his cock began to shoot into the air and the cum landed in his hair and dripped down his face.

Billy moved his way back up the length of the man's penis until he found the tip and opened wide and sucked in the man's hard stalk. Slowly the hard rod disappeared down the hot boi's throat until Billy's full red lips nestled in the dense pubic hair. His head bobbed up and down as he sucked and scraped with the top of his tongue. The Mexican man squirmed and moaned as he could feel his sperm building and bubbling up from within.

Billy sucked the cock and nibbled the underside, but got bored, he was very horny. He crawled into Raul's lap f acing the man and straddled his legs. Reaching around he too the man's cock in his grasp and placed it against his rose bud. He rubbed his love hole teasing the man unmercifully. Billy ran his tongue around a fat brown nipple and flicked the point with his tongue tip.

Marc joined Billy and did the same with Miller and his cock. Billy holding the cock against his boi-hole sat down and felt the open him up. He pushed down even harder and felt the hard brown length drive into him to the end of the brown root. “lo siento mucho!” Raul was shivering while Billy used his inner muscles to milk the brown cock of his hot cum. Billy switched to the other nipple then moved back and forth.

This was more than Raul could take. He grabbed Billy by his hips and began to thrust up hard and fast driving his rampant penis into the boi. His cum was boiling and wanted an escape from his body, he would surely flood Billy's insides and it wouldn't be long. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, here it cums you fucking little beauty, take my seed deep!” His brown cock swelled and the single eye in the tips center opened and hot creamy sperm erupted and filled the boi's wanting body.

The three boi's left the three men sapped and dove into the pool and refreshed themselves. The men too naps and at four a naked Kurt led Coco out into the covered backyard. He said “Halt!” and walked to the other end of the yard. One of Raul's attendants held a can of Bitch-In-Heat. Kurt bent over and spread his butt cheeks and was amply sprayed. The scent alerted Coco who's nostrils sniffed the air.

The camera crew was placed in a semi-circle and readied themselves to record Kurt's fucking by Coco in the new recording called “Coco takes a Boi!” Everyone had pulled up a chair to watch the action including Billy. He noticed that Coco was beginning to get agitated and already two inches of red canine cock had protruded from the furry sheath.

Kurt stood with hands on his thin hips, this would be his third fucking by one of the Count's horny dogs, the one's watching saw that he too got excited and was fully erect in anticipation. Kurt wiggled his butt, the stood facing Coco he trust his hips out, his red capped penis fully erect and said “comen ze Coco, comen ze here!” The very large Chocolate Lab stood on all fours, four inches of red cock meat showing and began a slow circle around Kurt, each circle becoming smaller.

Finally Coco approached the blond German Boi. He sniffed the air and then Kurt's butt, another two inches had protruded and Kurt went to his knees. He grasped the brown hair covered sheath and slowly wanked it. Coco heavy hips were hunching forward. Kurt looked at the two camera men filming and smiled broadly, his steel blue eyes sparkled in the sun. his almost white blond head bent forward and his tongue ran the length of the protruding red penis.

Billy's green eyes and Marc's blue were wider than they had ever been. Both bois mouths open wide when Kurt's red mouth encompassed the hard canine cock and sucked it in, his lips hitting the brown sheath. Billy was sweating, he was fully erect and the slim fingers of his right hand had hold of his own cock, absentmindedly he was jacking off, he had never seen anything like what Kurt was doing to Coco. Coco 's hips pumped the cock in and out of Kurt's mouth, saliva and canine lube coated his chin and bare naked chest. His brown nipples were glossy.

Miller was adjusting himself over and over again, he had heard of such things, he had seen a B.T.W. Video on channel 6969, but this was first hand and it was suck a turn on. Diego was sleeping! Kurt felt more and more canine cock inch down his throat, this was the first blow job he had performed on a dog. “Just how long does it get?” The German boi was asking himself. Coco was fucking Kurt's mouth like it was a read pussy.

After ten minutes of sucking Coco's fat red cock and swallowing loads of canine lube Kurt was ready to take the cock. The other two bois were in awe of the canine cock when Kurt released it from his mouth. “Holy fuck it must be ten inches long?” Marc mumbled. “Maybe eleven or twelve/” Billy added. Kurt turned and presented his ass to Coco and slowly rocked it back and forth to stimulate the big Labrador Retriever, Coco was hunching and crying.

Kurt looking back at the humping canine said “Ficken me Coco, comn ficken me.” Coco mounted the hot and horny boi, clamped his fore paws around Kurt's thin waist and pushed forward. He missed the first time, but the second the fat red penis hit home and plunged five inched into the German bois insides. The saw Kurt flinch and ready himself for the rest. Coco gave out with a growl and hunched in harder.

Oh my god the whole thing is inside of Kurt!” Billy declared. Miller nudged him “I don't think so Billy, he still has to be knotted?” Billy looked at Miller “knotted?” He looked back and saw a fat round object at the end of Coco's red cock, it was whiter, maybe pinkish. His mouth dropped when Cock humped again and the knot was pushed into Kurt's tight anus. Kurt groaned with a high pitch groan “Ayeeeee he has me tied, it's so big, but then the other two were bigger!”

I don't think so?” Marc said. Yet he was erect and slowly wanking himself as Coco fucked the German boi unmercifully. The the groups surprise Kurt was fully erect and moaning “ficken, ficken me Coco, good boy, ficken me wundabar, ficken me wundabar!” They were surprised Kurt was really into the hot fucking, he throbbed, the penis head tingled and he knew he'd have a hand's free cum, he did the last two times!

The insides of Kurt's legs were coated with excess canine lube. As he was pounded by Coco, Kurt pushed back to meet the hard thrusts. “Ficken, ficken, ficken.” He moaned and mumbled in German. Billy's green eyes widened and he exclaimed “look Kurt's cuming, look at him shoot cum, he's cuming!” He was right everyone eyed the red cap as it fired off creamy boi-honey and pointed at the creamy pool on the grass.

The heavy dog lay on Kurt's back, it was coated with Coco's saliva, the long red tongue hung off to the right of Kurt's back, but he was still fucking the boi hard and deep. He fucked the boi for another five minutes then stiffened up, his big head went to the air and as he started shooting his gobs and gobs of sperm the gave out with a triumphant howl “Ooowwwwhhhhhooo!” the crew filming caught the creamy ring forming at the end of the fat red penis, three rivers of canine cum ran down the inside of Kurt's thin white legs. Kurt's blond head was on the ground he was exhausted.

Marc nudged Billy “look Kurt's hard again I think he gonna cum again?” Both boi's starred, the dog was still fucking Kurt like crazy, the cummy streaks were now streams and low and behold the German boi's penis was shooting once again. “Oooohhhh so good, I cum so good, Coco you ficken me so good, s-o-o-o-o-o good!”

Finally Coco collapsed on Kurt's back, the two still joined, Coco's hind quarters still moving, but slower. Coco then in a flash turned and the two were facing opsite directions and Raul had to grab Coco's collar. Coco wanted to be free, but his knot kept him and Kurt locked. Billy and Marc were sweating and each had hold of the others cock and were jacking each other in slow, but deliberate movements.

It took another twenty minutes for the knot to lose enough girth for the two to separate. Finally a loud pop was heard and Kurt fell forward and a gush of creamy white evacuated his body and form a large creamy pool between his splayed white legs. Coco was led to a place under a tree where he licked himself.

The video crew finished up by recording Kurt's well reamed boi pussy as the sperm lefy his body and his love hole shrank back to it's normal size. Billy and Marc were lying in a sixty-nine position each sucking the other one, the action between Coco and Kurt had really effected them. The men watched and one of the camera crew began recording them. Raul said who knows we might be able to use the footage in some other film.

Marc, Diego and Billy then were given the task of sucking off the men who had witnessed the action. Each boi had two cocks to suck and did a masterful job of it. After the mini orgy was over the bois swam and then food was set out. Kurt ate like he hadn't eaten in a month of Sunday's. The it was time for another siesta.

Part 4: Billy's decision!

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