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Part 4: Billy's decision!

Billy and Marc watched Kurt being helped from the make shift movie set, both preteens were wide eyed and horny. “can you believe he came twice, twice he got a nut!” Billy exclaimed. Marc also staring at Kurt “did you see the size of Coco's cock and he took it all?” Kurt looked over at them and smiled then gave them a thumbs up.

Miller came up behind them and put arms over their shoulders “you two ready for Coco, looks like Kurt loved it, he's the count's nephew and that was his third dog, or that's what's he says, but he did cum twice, so just maybe he did the three, come on Raul has friends coming over to watch the video and you'll have to please them, ready?” The two gave him a weak smile and mumble 'sure!”

Billy and Marc dove into the pool, the afternoon sun was extremely hot and they wanted to cool off. The were propped up on their elbows when two very black men walked by, looked down and smiled at them, they smiled back and heard “mustachiosnco, muy bonita!” Billy and Marc looked at each other, “What did they say?” Marc asked. “I think they said we were pretty?” Billy returned. Marc gulped “you know what they say about black men, right?” Billy shrugged “what?” Marc whispered into his ear “real big cocks, real-real big!”

Raul brought the two coal black men back to the pool and introduced them. “Billy, Marc this is Jean-Baptiste Clement a business associate from Belize and his brother Gascon, the are here to sample the bodies of white boys.” Billy looked over at Miller who nodded and smiled, Billy smiled back then up at the two blacks, Marc followed suit.

Billy quickly climed out of the pool and shook the hands of the two from Belize. He felt Jean-Baptiste squeezed his left butt cheek then smile 'you are delectable Billy, come with us.” Billy look at Marc who stayed in the water grinning. The two found a spot and laid out a large beach towel and had Billy sit down. The two blacks stripped and laid out beside him. Billy's green eyes were big, the men were hung. Billy thought “damn as fat as Coco's, just not as long.

Billy sat between them and had his slim white hands wrapped around each cock. Billy quickly took them in his grasp and squeezed and jacked them up and down. Satisfied moans came from the two men and creamy beads appeared from the hole's at the tip of each coal black cock. He felt a hand on the back of his shaggy blond head, he was being pushed toward a black cock, his red tongue flicked out an lapped up the creamy precum, his head was transferred to the other and he lapped that one up also. More pressure was applied and his red lips encompassed the coal black cock head his red lips stretched to the limit and half the cock was in his mouth, instinctively he sucked , his tongue scraping the sensitive underside.

Billy had Gascon's cock in his mouth, his saliva coated his chin and made tracks down his hairless chest. Jean-Baptiste pulled Billy's slim butt out and placed the head of his black mushroom shaped cock against the thigh pucker. Billy at first tightened up, but calloused fingers rolled the head of his hard boi-cock sending shivers up Billy's spine. The boi relaxed a bit.

The coal black cock pushed in hard and the lips of his love hole opened and the fat cock plunged forward until the end of the rood was covered by the youth's hot body. “Mumph, mumph, mumph.” Came from Billy's diaphragm, the unintelligible words were heard, and he moved with Jean-Baptiste's hard fuck strokes. He sucked in more and more black cock, his red lips nestled in the kinky black pubic curls.

Billy was being penetrated from two ends, and he liked it, in fact he loved it. The thumb kept up it rolling over the vermillion head of Billy's throbbing boi-penis. The preteen hoittie's hips kept jerking to meet each hard thrust of jean-Baptiste's fat black cock while his brother held Billy's head in place and fucked the boi's sweet face. Marc looked over the pools edge holding himself up with one arm and his hand wanking his boi-cock!

The men using the cameras of their cell phones captured the facial antics of Billy's mouth as it moved back and forth on the hard coal colored penis. Raul had a video camera on the table facing the three and he too captured the Oreo Cookie capers of his two friends and the white American boi-slut as he pleasured the two business associates.

Gascon's lips pursed tightly. “Oh je viens! Sucez plus dur, I'hirondelle!” He only spoke French. Billy was puzzled when the black cock erupted in his throat and he pulled up and his mouth filled quickly and he swallowed as fast as he could, but his mouth again filled and he swallowed as fast as he could. Creamy trickles appeared at the corners of his red mouth.

Then Jean-Baptiste positioned the slight preteen on his lap and skewered him on his fat black cock and the boi found himself bouncing up and down being fucked rapidly. “Oooohhhh my god it's so big, so fat and so deep inside of me!” the Pleasure Boi in training moaned, his boi-cock hard and hot and about to spurt it's creamy boi-honey in a very hard and needed climax.

In the pool Marc's blue eyes glazed over as he came hard and in the warm waters of the swimming pool. His breath came in short hard pants as he watched Billy being fucked hard and unmercifully by the black business man, he remembered his first black cock and how it took him a few days to recuperate.

Billy felt the build up inside. His penis stood at attention and throbbed, the vermillion cap tingles and the cock inside was rubbing his special place, he didn't even have to wank, his cock exploded and creamy hot obi-honey shot forth and landed on his thigh and leg. The cock deep inside quickly followed, to Billy it felt like a rapid firing gun as cum hit and coated his insides and filled his colon with the black man's ejaculate.

Spring Break went fast, Miller and Billy would be living in two days. Raul approached Billy with a proposition. “Billy I was hoping to make another vid with a boi and Coco, I was hoping you'd do it?” Billy's green eyes and mouth both got big. “I'll pay a thousand U.S.?” Now Billy was fit to be tied, the money was overwhelming, but the dog fucking him scared him, still he wanted the money. Billy asked Miller what he should do? “Billy that's a lot of money, it's up to you!”

Billy walked up to Raul “Is that cash money Raul?” Raul smiled slyly “it sure is and pulled a big wad from his pocket and peeled off ten “C” notes and waved them in front of Billy who quickly grabbed them, “OK when does he fuck me, do I have to suck him? Raul said “it goes with the video Billy he needs a good sucking before the fucking !” Billy shrugged, he had already decide that he was going to become a Pleasure Boi and this went with the territory, Ok I'll suck him like I sucked you!”

Marc walked up to Billy “damn kid, you got more “kahonies” than I do, I don't think I could do it, at least not right now, more power to you bud!” Billy gave Marc a weak smile “its now or never, I'm Pleasure Bi material, got a card from a recruiter at home and I'm gonna take him up on it, my mom is being held back and I think she'll go along with it, hell she's makes porn too!

Raul led Coco out and was followed by two camera men and their video equipment. ”Ready Billy. Coco is?” Raul asked the preteen, Billy nodded and asked “how we gonna do this Raul?” “You go to the middle and I'll spray your crack with “Bitch In Heat” and let Coco get a good whiff, he'll come up and give you some good licks and you grab his sheath and you'll find a few inches already out, just start sucking it and more will appear, you know the rest, you watched Kurt and I'll give you instructions from there, here's a small ear piece for your other ear, ready?”

Billy went to the center of the grass covered yard and Raul walked up, Billy bent over and felt the cold spray. On the sidelines he saw Kurt and Marc impaled on the black cocks, Diego full of Miller's throbbing penis. He stood there and watched Coco sniffing the air, he already was getting excited, his red cock was out three inches already, Billy readies himself for his introduction into Canine/boy sex, he remembered that Kurt had cum twice, he hoped he would cum too!

Coco came up and place both front paws on Billy's bare shoulders the big red tongue bathed his face with his big red tongue. Billy slowly eased back and onto his back. Coco was soon over the boy's face and almost five inches of red cock dangled around Billy's mouth. Billy swallowed and decided it was now or never and flicked out his tongue to take a taste of dog penis. Billy found it wasn't unpleasant and propped himself on his elbows and opened his mouth wide and drew in a few inches and sucked it. Coco humped forward and Billy quickly had eight inches in his mouth, the canine liquid filled his mouth and he had to quickly swallow,

He took the cock in his hand and sucked, licked and swallowed as much as he could, Coco humped and fucked the warm met oral cavity like a hot boi-hole he was use to. The two camera men were getting more than they bargained for. Billy ran his tongue tip up and down the length which was now almost eight inches. He eyes the purple veins then stretched the red length of canine cock.

The boy was already erect and looked into the camera and winked, then sucked in almost the entire length of leaking penis. The one's watching were slowly responding in their own ways. The men had hold of the slim hipped boi's and were fucking as the watched, the bois receiving the cock were grinding and using their inner muscles to make their fuckers feel like they were being sucked as they fucked.

As Billy made oral love to Coco he heard a voice tell him “it's time to let him fuck you Billy.” Raul had instructed him to get on all fours and ready himself for the penetration he was going to receive. Billy let the big red cock slip from his lips and rolled over and presented his butt to Coco. The big lab mounted him and locked his fore-paws around the boi's slim hips and waist.

Billy felt the tip of his cock tingle, his length was throbbing. Coco hunched forward, but missed, the camera picked up a “grrrrrrr” and then a second stab at the boi's ready love hole. Billy fet the head of Coco's cock find it's mark and his rosebud was being opened bu the red rammer. “Oooohhhh my god it's so big, and so hot, his cock is hot and it's really big!” Coco continued to push the entire length of ten inched into Billy's slim white body.

Billy's green eyes were as big a large Emeralds, his tanned body had a red hue to it, he began to relax which made him relaxed enough for the next surprise when Coco mad a second “grrrrrr” and lunge which pushed in the knot and sealed them together, Billy was tied and Coco began to fuck him unmercifully. His preteen body was getting the skewering of a life time. Billy was tring to figure out if the cock was going to come out his mouth, it was so long.

The canine cock hit his special spot, Billy let out with “holy fuck I'm cuming, look I'm shooting!” Both cameramen focused on his four inch boi-cock as it belched hot creamy boi-honey. His penis was bowed up and the cum first his chest and then long creamy strings hung and fell into a creamy pool below his flat chest, there was a long string that had hit one of his pink puffy nipples.

The second cameraman moved to the area the canine cock was and caught the three streams of canine lube were making on the insides of his thin tanned legs, Billy was getting a hot introduction to dog/boy fucking, he was loving it, he was stretched but fully packed with canine cock and had already climaxed, yet his cock hadn't lost it's complete rigidity.

Marc was the one who was really turned on and was thinking he should have volunteered to take Billy's place, the next time he would jump at the chance, Billy looked like he was having the time of his young life. The black cock he had inside of him was shooting hot sperm and he loved that feeling, so he wasn't totally left out of the hot fucking.

Coco was running on instinct, and he fuckrd hard and pushed in deep. Billy pushed back to meet each canine fuck thrust, he was again erect and throbbing, he was into the fucking and could be heard moaning “fuck me Coco, fuck me hard, I'm gonna cum again, please make me cum again I love the way you fuck me, god I'm glad I listened to Raul, oh it's happening again!”

The canreman on the left heard him and zoomed in on his boi-cock just in time to catch him cum again. The boi-cock began to shoot cream spurts against the boi's tummy. Billy was getting tired, he put his forehead on the grass and gave his nubile body to Coco to use as he saw fit.

G-r-r-r-r-r” spoke Coco, his rear was humping and fucking Billy harder and fsaster. The rivets of clear liquid turned creamy, the base of the canine cock had a white ring around it. Coco was shooting canine sperm into the boi and making for a very hot video, Raul knew he's make a bundle from it's sales. “Oooohhhh I can feel him cuming in me, damn it's so warm and there's so much, s-o-o-o-o hot, so good!” Billy was moaning as the dog deposited his seed deep into the boi's love tunnel!

Coco relaxed on Billy's back, his red tongue hung from the side. His big head rested on the center of Billy's back his cock still buried deep inside of Billy, his hips humping slowly as he deposited the last of his hot semen in the boi. Billy was doing everything to hold Coco up, but he too was exhausted and had really earned the thousand.

After ten minutes, Coco began to move and quickly was facing away. Raul stepped in and held him in place, if he hadn't Coco would have drug the preteen all over the back yard. It took another fifteen minutes for the knot to subside and the finally came apart with a big “PLOP”. The cock came out and what looked like a river shot out of Billy.

The preteen's legs became a creamy gloss as canine sperm began it's backward flow. Billy fell forward and lay out exhausted. Billy thinking to himself began to worry about his well reamed boi-pussy “fuck I bet I'm real big back there, god I hope to god it shrinks back to normal.” Then he remembered that within thirty minutes Kurt had shrunk to his regular size.

Marc went to the airport with Billy and Miller. “OK you promised that you'll meet me on Palmyra Island right?” Marc and Billy had made a PAC, they'd both join B.T.W. as Pleasure Boi's and both wanted to go to the South Pacific where Palmyra Island was located. It was one of Boi Toi World Wide vacation Pleasure Facilities. The company stocked each Pleasure facility with at least fifty ready and willing young boi's for the sexual pleasure of paying Patrons.

There seemed to be an endless supply or ready and willing young boi's who wanted to become Pleasure Boi's. B.T.W. had just opened Boi Atlantis near the Bahamas and now had ten floating Pleasure Facilities in the shape of cruise ships. These ships were stocked with 100 nubile young bois between the ages of 10 and 16. All ships were constantly booked full.

The plane ride was boring for both Billy and Miller. When they got home Lisa was not home, infact there was a note in Miller's mail box “I'm in California making a series of videos, please take care of Billy until I get back. “Gee Miller I'm sorry, she is so undependable.” Miller shrugged, he really didn't care what she did, he had resolved himself to the fact that Billy had decided he was going to contact B.T.W. and Miller couldn't change the boi's mind.

Billy found Demi Rank's card and called him. “Hey what's up Billy, I see your back from Mexico, hope you had fun?” Demi sounded very happy to hear from him. “I had lots of fun and even made a video for Raul.” Demi sound jovial “a sex video I hope?'' he said in a laughing voice. “I guess you could say it was a sex vid, I did it with a dog, I hope you don't think me too bad of a slut?” There was a pause then Demi answered “not at all I have two under my belt for B.T.W. and I still get residuals.”

Billy thought for a minute, “what were residuals?” He asked Demi. “Everytime one of my vid's get's sold I get a few bucks. B.T.W. pay's you.” That woke up Billy. “Hey that's what I wanted to talk to you about, I want to be a Pleasure boi and I want to go to Palmyra island, can that be arranged?” There was a pause, then Demi said “Billy let me talk to Mr. Tangiers, my supervisor, and I'll let you know, OK?” Billy said “sure, I'll be waiting!”

Within the hour the phone rang and Billy answered it. “Hi Demi what's the answer?” Demi explained that he had gotten Billy a tryout the next day. “Your going to have to pleasure three men in one afternoon, you think you can do it?” Billy assured him that if he could take on Coco, three men would be a piece of cake or cock which ever you like?” Demi said he pick him up at ten the next morning for a meeting then the tryout would come later.

The next morning Demi picked up Billy and drove him out of town to a secluded mansion. They went inside and were shown to an office. “OK Billy strip and place you clothes on that chair in the corner, Mr. Tangier's will be in in a moment.” Demi instructed. Billy did as told and then sat waiting for the man to come in. The door opened and a slim dark man with a pencil thin mustache came in, dressed in an impeccable white suit and white tie.

He was holding some papers “William Wallace Ware, correct?” Billy swallowed hard “yes sir.” The man looked Billy up and down. “Nice, very nice Demi, you really have a good eye.” Demi smiled “thank you sir.” The man sat down “Demi will you leave us, go and take some refreshment, please.” Demi got up and left the room. “So you want to be a Pleasure Boi correct William?” Again Billy swallowed hard and murmured “yes sir, I do.”

Well good William, but first we must see if you are capable of servicing our Patrons. I have contacted your mother, she is in California making porn, right?” Billy said “I guess, that's what she told Miller.” Tangiers smiled “yes she is and we have gotten her permission to take your custody, I have the signed papers here by FAX. Now lets see you made a video for Raul Sanchez with a Labrador Retriever, yes that's it, B.T.W. Has bought the rights from Mr. Sanchez and I must say you did a splendid job, bravo!” Billy blushed through his tan.

You know our Pleasure Bois take care of the sexual wants and needs of many men of many nation's and many colors, you can do that can't you William?” Billy smiled “yes I can, I was taken by two of Raul's black friends while I was in Mexico on Spring Break, I let one fuck me and I sucked off his brother, no problem with color, I even sucked off Demi too!” Tangiers smiled.

OK William today you will service three men, our bois take care of all who want to sample their bodies, so if you can do the three this day I believe you will become our next Pleasure Boi and you will go to Palmyra Island with your friend Marc.” Billy was astonished “how did he know about Marc?” Tangiers rang a buzzer and in walked Marc. “Hi Billy, you can do it I know you can, you did Coco.” Billy got up and embraced Marc, “I didn't know you were here?” Billy blurted out.

Tangiers gave Billy a set of Sponge Bob pajamas to put on for the first Patron. He slipped into the “footie jammies” and left the flap open to display his cute bubble butt. Tangiers led him to a room and opened the door “Mr. Farrington this is Billy, he will do anything you ask, but nothing painful, we will not tolerate that. Billy take care of this man's sexual needs.”

Billy stood in front of the Patron, then he slowly turned and gave the man a good look at his ass cheeks. “Sweet, very sweet my boi, now lets get down the hot sex.” He helped the boi onto the bed and ran his hands over the jammie covered body. Slowly he peeled off the top and played with the boy's puffy nipples. “Oh their indented, good I want to suck out the tips if I can.” Billy pushed out his naked chest where the man's lips began to suck.

The Patron moved from one nipple to the other, Billy moaned in pleasure, he felt electricity shoot to the head of his boi-cock. The man's free hands skinned off the “jammie” bottoms exposing a very hard four inches. He felt the mouth move to his penis and ran his fingers through the mans brown hair and moaned again “ooohhh that feels so good, I can't wait to taste you.”

The naked man laid back “do your best young Billy, my cock awaits your mouth.” Billy sat back on his heels and looked down at the man and his erect uncut cock. He took it in his slim fingers and planted a kiss on the head that peeked out of the sleeve. Instead of sucking it down he ran his red tongue tip down the underside and found the nut sac and sucked in the left, then the right and sloshed them in his saliva filling mouth. He heard a deep moan and sigh from the Patron.

Leaving the ball sac glossy with his saliva he edged to the man's ass hole and licked the rosebud. He felt the man shiver and he dug in his tongue tip which produced a deep shudder from the Patron. Billy worked his way back up to the purple head. Billy looked up at the man, winked and wrapped his red lips around the fleshy tube. Ever so slowly his lips sunk down and enveloped the hard throbbing cock. His red lips nestled in the man's pubes.

The Patron widened his legs and Billy sucked down harder, then to the man's surprise the boi's tongue began to wag on his ball sac. “Good mother Mac Cree I'm gonna cum.” Billy pulled up and clamped his lips behind the corona just in time to catch ther first eruption from the fleshy fountain. His cheeks puffed out and he swallowed fast, his cheeks puffed again and he swallowed the second creamy blast of sperm. They sucked the Patron dry, then proceeded to lick the head of the creamy residue.

Billy was given a break of thirty minutes before attending to Patron number 2. He was led into a second bedroom where a man lay on his stomach. There were an assortment of scented oils on a tray on the nightstand next to the bed. Mr. Tangiers explained that Billy should give the Patron a massage, both front and bachk do not leave any part of the body unattended you understand Billy?” Billy nodded and said “yes, sir!”

Billy went through the oils smelling each. He decided on the sandalwood. He straddled the man's backside and placed an ample amount of the oil in his hand and rubbed them together then started on the shoulders. He worked in the oil and slowly slid down making sure tor rub is own cock on the man's skin, it also felt good to him.

He reached the globular butt cheeks and rubbed them with his oily hands. He got a crooked smile on his lips and split open the ass cheeks and exposed the man's anus. Sliding down farther his lips planted a kiss on the pucker and his tongue tip circled the man's entrance. His tongue tickled the two sac encased balls, then went back to the ready hole and tongue fucked it. Billy finally got a response from him.

Billy continued down massaging the best he could to the man's feet. “Please turn over sir?” Billy asked and the man turned over. Billy picked up one foot and ran his tongue over the toes and sucked each digit. Again a shiver.. he sucked the toes of the other foot and then took hold of the fat six inch cock and circled the head with his tongue and sucked it in.

Now Billy straddled the man and placed the cock at his lubed love entrance and pushed down, the cock slid in and soon Billy had the entire cock deep inside of him. He rested on the hairy patch and moved his head forward and caught the left nipple between his lips and using his tongue tip he scraped the flesh. The man took hold of Billy's slip, tanned hips and began to plunge his cock in and out hard and fast.

The man fucked the boi hard and Billy continued to tease each rubbery brown nipple. The Patron quickly came to a hard and prolific cum. Billy felt the first jolt of sperm coat his insides, but the man seemed to cum for ever. Billy continued to grind and use his inner muscles to milk the man dry, finally Billy arose on the patron, only to feel a flood of the man's sperm rush out of him and coat the inside of his legs a creamy white. The Patron looked up and gave Billy a big smile “my boi you have my vote, you know how to suck and fuck!” Billy smiled broadly.

Billy showered and was led to the pool area to rest for a few minutes. He felt great and swam a couple laps. He was just climbing out of the pool and Mr. Tangiers was standing “You did very well with your first Billy, are you ready for number two?” Billy nodded “I'm as ready as I'll every be Mr. Tangiers, lets go!” He was taken to another room and Billy opened and entered.

He say a man sitting naked waiting. The man was of Indian extraction. “Hello I am Mr. Sengupta and I love white boi's, but I've never fucked one with green eyes?” Billy smiled and looked deep at the man and slowly went to his knees taking hold of the dark skinned cock and examined it closely. His red tongue tip dipped in to the bead of precum that servaced from the hole. His red lips encircled the cock and sucked it in. His blond head moved up and down as he bathed the penis in his warm wet saliva.

Mr. Sengupta laid back on his back and let Billy have his way with his sex organ. Slowly he watched his dark skinned member disappear inside of Billy's mouth until the lips rested in the sparse black pubic hair. Slowly Billy pulled back up leaving the cock a glossy dark brown. At the tip Billy's red tongue scrapped down the underside until he came to the crinkled ball sac. “Suck them Billy, make them feel good, please.” Billy looked up at Mr. Sengupta and smiled, he liked the way the man talked, almost sing-songish.

Billy returned to the ball sac and sucked them one at a time. The boy went to the neither area between the asshole and the sac. Billy nibbled and sucked the skin, the Indian man squirmed and moaned long and deep. Billy then licked the ass crack and tongue tickled the pucker. Billy sat back on his heels “how do you want me?” The man gave him a quizzed look “How do you want to fuck me?” The man grinned “on your back, woman style!”

Billy laid on his back, splayed his legs wide and gave Mr. Sengupta total access to his boi-charms. “Sweet boy with green eyes, I can't wait to have you.” Sengupta took a thin leg in his hand and ran his tongue down the inside of the boi's white thigh, quickly licking to the pink/red tip, then down the other. “Oooohhhh I was suspose to pleasure you.” Sengupta giggled “you are, you are.” This time he gave the four inch boi-cock a complete sucking.

Leaving the boi-penis quivering he began to suck on the pink puffy nipples, each ear received a complete tongue bath. The dark man looked down at Billy and pressed his brown lips to the boi's red. The hard brown cock battered Billy's love hole, then with a deliberate shove the brown tube penetrated Billy in a decisive

manner until the boi had taken the entire length of man cock, the dark skinned ball sac slapped the top of Billy's ass cheeks, the fucking began!

Billy was very turned on, Mr. Sengupta was making slow and deliberate love to the preteen white boi and Billy was responding to the loving way he was being fucked, licked and nibbled on. The man's pot belly was rubbing the tingling boi-cock sending shivers of pleasure through out Billy's nubile body. As Sengupta pushed in, Billy pushed back. “Billy you are so nice to fuck, so tight and so warm, I am so close!”

Billy was also close, the belly was bringing him to a climax, he pushed up to make the friction even tighter. Sengupta began to breath harder and faster, Billy did the same. “I cum, I cum here I cum!” Sengupta moaned out loud. Billy just gritted his teeth and let it fly. His boi cock coated both their bodies with his creamy boi honey, while Sengupta flooded Billy's insides, and fell to the side to catch his breath.

After Billy cleaned up, Mr. Tangiers led him to the pool area where Marc lay naked along side the water. “Billy we have a pay per view site and you and Marc are to perform for them, can you give us a good show?” Billy looked over at Marc and smiled, Marc smiled back. “You bet we can, right Marc?' Marc smiled back and nodded his blond head “yes!” Tangiers smiled “good, you have passed the first two with flying colors, now make it a hot presentation!”

Billy and Marc walked in to the pool area hand in hand as the cameras started. They came together and kissed passionately. Their tongues entwined and their hands groped each other bring each other to erections. They came apart and each dove into the pool and swam to the other side. Marc got out first and leaned back and the two kissed again.

Each dried off the other, each spent a gootbit of time on the oters private parts. Billy slowly went to his knees and turned Marc around and tongued the boi's asshole, digging in deeply. Marc then pushed Billy on his back and he too tongued the other very deeply, Billy could be heard moaning “ooohhh Marc tthat's-s-o-o good, swinging around, each facing the other's boi-cock.

Each mouth sucked in the others cock, their tongues polishing the others tight ball sac. Tangiers and Demi watched from the inside. “This is hot Mr. Tangiers, where did you come up with this idea?” Tangiers smiled “a customer requested two boys making love to each other and I decided the two had chemistry, yes, I was right, the do have good chemistry!”

As Marc and Billy sucked each other their fingers probed inside of their “love holes.” Marc let Billy's cock slide from his lips, a long string of saliva was attached to his tongue. He moaned to Billy “you fuck me Billy, please fuck me?” Billy let the others cock slide. He got up and behind Marc and first probed the hole with two lubed fingers, then guided his boi-cock into the tight anus and began to fuck his friend and now lover.

Billy was mostly on the otherside and this was somewhat different. He fucked and felt Marc's muscles began their milking of his cock. In and out he pounded while Marc braced with one hand and wanked with the other. Marc was drooling and crying back for Billy to fuck him harder and deeper, while his hand pumped at light speed.

Hot creamy boi-cum bolts shot from the tip of Marc's penis, Billy couldn't hold back any longer, he too shot into March deep and creamy, a creamy white ring appeared around the base of his cock. He fell forward atop of Marc kissing his back, the day had take it's toll. Tangier's looked over at Demi “well I do believe Palmyra Island has two new Pleasure Boi's, wouldn't you think?” Demi smiled and thought to himself “I can pick em”!”

Part 5: A South Seas Adventure!

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