Dutch Treat


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Enjoy. From RJ and Bjorn


His name is Bjorn and lives in Rotterdam NL. He is eleven, almost twelve with no father in his life and no siblings either. Four feet seven inches tall with light brown almost to a sandy blond going on that is long, well over his ears to his collar and almost covers the sparkling blue eyes. His small nose fits his slender face well, while his smile will light up a room. Nice straight white teeth as well.


For me I was in Europe on a business trip that started in Italy then to France and Brussels where my company maintains offices.

Since I had the long weekend including Monday because of a Bank Holiday I drove up to Amsterdam on Sunday. No not for the famous red light district, just basically being a tourist stopping to see interesting things and different architectural designs around Europe. I was in an open air market in Amsterdam looking at fruit and vegetables. Being on the road so often for work and always eating at restaurants or at the hotel some fresh vegetables and fresh fruit was what my body needed.

I had a pair of nice sized ripe tomatoes in my hand. These were not like tomatoes from my home state but would have to do.

A boy I guessed to be pre-teen but maybe on the cusp said "Hey, those are nice tomatoes. I like tomatoes too".

Before I could strike a potential conversation with the boy he was gone heading back to I assumed to be his mother with his own tomatoes in his hands.

I went to The Hague and Rotterdam as well. I met him on a Monday because of the Bank Holiday and the kids were out of school for the day. I went to a park with a lake just outside Rotterdam to roam around and enjoy the warmth of the day.

I was checking out all of the eye candy running around in Speedos or trunks. A wet headed boy very thin with blue trunks on holds out a cup of cherry tomatoes to me as I was walking past him. "Would you like some of my cherry tomatoes?"

Huh? What is with this kid, and then he said "Did you enjoy the tomatoes that you were buying yesterday. They looked really good. I like the cherry tomatoes but I would have eaten the ones you were getting too".

Stop the presses, and hold the phone. The kid in Amsterdam is now at a lake and handing me a plastic cup of cherry tomatoes. I had no idea the same boy was now standing in front of me with a cup of tomatoes. His wet hair his thin almost skinny white body only covered by a tight set of trunks.

I said "Thank you". I reached for a tomato and he offered more. "I didn't recognize you from yesterday".

He smiled at me "I know you are not Dutch so I will only speak English for you. I take English at school and mom wants me to speak other language too so we speak three days a week at home in English only. My name is Bjorn. What is yours?"

I smiled back to the boy "RJ. RJ Towsend. Nice to meet you Bjorn, and thank you for the English for me. I am not very good with other languages even if I do have to travel to many countries for work".


His head turned in a slight question pose "RJ? Your name is only initials?"

I started to chuckle "It's easier that way. My given name is complicated".

"My sir name is Bjorn Kraai. Kraai means crow in English and Bjorn means bear in Scandinavian"

I couldn't help myself and started to laugh at him. "Nice to meet you Bear Crow or should I just call you tomato boy". He gave me a look of concern for a second and realized I was teasing him and he started to laugh too.

In only a moment I think us both realized that we had things in common that we liked. I certainly liked the boy flesh that was visible and wondered what was hidden by his trunks. He sealed the thought with his next comment. "You are really tall and have hairy strong arms. I like tall men that are strong and hairy".


"Why do you like tall men Bjorn?"


"I like tall man because I want have a dad to play and do hobbies. I like him to hug me and feel his arms around me when we watch TV together or read together. Like a big best friend. Someone to help me with my homework. Mom is bad in math. A dad that will bring me to bed and give me kiss. My mom does not do that. I feel safe with you, besides you like tomatoes as much as I do". He extended his cup to me again so I could have another of his tomatoes, I accepted his offer.

Alarms started ringing in my head; did this kid just give a green light? Is he going to scream any second? Is he just naive and extremely friendly?

I took a more cautious approach and said "Are you here at the lake with your family Bjorn?"

He smiled again "Just with my mom. She is over there on a blanket. She won't go into the water because it's too cold. She yells at me to get out when I shiver and my lips start to turn blue. She yells at me when I fight with other boys in the water Its fun".


I said "Then you should cover up to get warm. Wrap a towel or blanket around you".

He smiled at my concern for him "Yeah okay. Do you want to meet my mom? Her name is Linda she is a nurse what do you do RJ? Is it alright that I call you RJ? I can call you Mr. Towsend or sir if it is more appropriate? I'm sorry if I shouldn't call you by your name. Would you like to swim with me?"

"Whoa easy sport, thanks for the tomatoes and I will meet your mom if you want me to. Taking a dive into a cold lake with you is tempting but I don't have any trunks and this doesn't look like a nudist beach to me. However I do have the day off as do you so I might be able to spend a little time with you if your mother doesn't object to it".

I tested the waters a little "I do have trunks at my hotel and it has a heated pool".

His grin got even bigger "I have school tomorrow but maybe I could come and swim with you after school".

I took a leap of faith and said "I should get back to Brussels for tomorrow to work but I could work from the Rotterdam area for a few days to see if there are any new customer prospects in the area".

After meeting mom and my suspicions being correct this very cute boy was man starved. He needs the attention of a loving father figure. Teach him, spend time with him and most importantly pay attention to him and his needs. Three phone calls later, one to the Brussels office one to the Corporate Headquarters in the USA and the third to the hotel to extend my stay I would be in Rotterdam for the remainder of the week and might need to be extended because of all of the business possibilities in the region.

A huge smile on Bjorn's face, and I think an understanding from mom of what her son needs and wants the wheels were put in motion. I handed each a business card with my email and Instant Messenger account information on it. My only request was not to call my cell number as it will cost a fortune with the European taxes and tariffs on cell phones and the company will only cover actual company business expenses.

It wasn't long after I left them at the lake before the first ding of IM was on my phone from Bjorn. He wasn't only hungry for a man's attention, he was horny for it. After a few IMs back and forth I gave him the name and room number of the hotel.

I worked from the hotel room and only had to use the courtesy lounge a few times to print a couple of letters. At four forty-five there was a knock on the door. Standing there was Bjorn holding a small backpack over his shoulder. I moved to allow him to enter and look around the hotel room.


I said "Ready for a nice warm swim Bjorn? Do you have your swimsuit? ". I was hoping for us to change in the open in the room. Bjorn opted for the bathroom with the door closed. He brought out his clothes out in a neat pile.

I did not opt for the bathroom and stripped in front of him to pull up my trunks. Bjorn's eyes lit up when he saw all of the hair on my chest. I said "There will be towels at the pool for us to use". I extended my hand to him, which he happily accepted putting his hand into mine. I grabbed the room card key and led him to the elevator.

There was a man and woman on the elevator with large suitcases so I stood against the wall and pulled Bjorn in front of me putting my hands on his shoulders caressing him lightly. He backed up to me even further so his back was in contact with my crotch. The man made a passing comment to us "You and your son are close aren't you?"

Bjorn looked up to me to see my reaction. I answered "Yes we are. This is the pool level enjoy the rest of your day". The doors opened and Bjorn and I stepped out of the elevator, past the equipment room and into the pool. I grabbed a couple of towels for us and tossed the card key on a small table.

There were two boys in the pool without an adult around which I found odd. I extended my arms to Bjorn which he accepted the hug gesture. I picked his small frame up and tossed him into the deep end with a burst of boy giggle before he splashed into the water.

The other two said something in Dutch that I didn't understand but I got the idea that they wanted to join us being tossed into the pool. Bjorn said in Dutch to the boys something then "My dad doesn't speak Dutch so you have to use English or I can translate for you".

The boys asked in English if I would toss them into the pool as well. I thought about it then said "I shouldn't have tossed my son and you two should not be in here without supervision anyway so sorry but the answer is no".

The larger of the two said "Our mom will be right back if she says its okay then will you toss us?"

I gave in a little with a "Maybe we will see". I jumped in the pool to get close to Bjorn I could stand even at the deep end so Bjorn wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist giving me a huge smile. I just dunked us both in the deep end a couple of times. I moved my hands from his waist to his ass to support him. His grip on my neck and his legs tightened around me. We were both enjoying the closeness and the feelings as our bodies continued to touch each other.

I finally released him pushing him toward the other boys "Go play son". He wasn't buying it and wanted me to play with them so I became it automatically and had to swim to tag the boys. I used every opportunity to fondle Bjorn squeezing the front of his shorts. The other two was a mere brushing not wanting them to scream `Stranger Danger' in the pool when mom could come back anytime.

When Bjorn came back to tag me his hand always found the front of my trunks for the tag. The boys' mother returned to gather them up and out of the pool. Bjorn wrapped himself around me again "The pool is all ours now".

I said "I think we have had enough pool time fun. I think we are ready for some sexy fun back in the room".


Bjorn said "Yes but you will not hurt me will you. I have been hurt before".

I hugged him tighter and said "I will not hurt you and you can tell me all about who hurt you and why". I put him on the edge of the pool and climbed the ladder to get out of the pool to grab the towels. I wrapped him in a towel trying to dry him and then myself. With a towel around my waist and his towel over his shoulders his hand slid into mine again as we headed for the elevator.

When we got back to the room I took the wet towel from his shoulders and knelt in front of him reaching for his trunks "Can I take these off you Bjorn? Tell me who hurt you".

"Yes you can take them off. A boy from school, he is a friend, he's thirteen. He hurt me when he put his penis in my butt. I don't want you to hurt me but I do want to try a penis inside of me dad. I just think Ansel and me didn't know enough or know how to do it the right way. Please teach me dad how to do it right. I want to".

I lowered the trunks and let him step out of them. I tossed the wet towel on the floor of the bathroom and grabbed a dry towel for him. "I will teach you my son. I will teach Ansel a lesson not to hurt you as well".

I wrapped the towel around him to dry him "Can I touch you Bjorn?"

"Yes I want you to I want to see yours too".

I stood up for him. He reached for my trunks to pull them down. My six inch circumcised cock pointing at his face. His almost three inches of hairless boy dick also pointing straight out from his body. The tip of his small crown still hidden by his long foreskin his balls still high and tight to his body. I picked him up to bring him to the bed. He started to rub my chest hair as I carried him, pulling on individual hairs to see how long each one was. I put him on the bed and got next to him. I brought my face to his to taste his soft pink lips. He did not resist the kiss, at first closed lips then my tongue started to pry at his lips getting him to open for me. My tongue entered his mouth feeling his tongue and his straight teeth. Bjorn pushed his tongue to mine as the boy discovered what an open mouth kiss was supposed to be like. His hands started to feel my chest hair and play with my nipples.


I said "You like that?"

"Yes I like dad".

I returned to his lips for another sexual kiss. I broke the kiss to kiss his chin and then his neck. He started to squirm because I started to tickle his neck with my beard. "Tickles" he squeaked. I moved down his smooth white chest to his tiny nipples sucking on the right one and then the left one. My beard causing more giggles and squirms from him. Now I knew the boy was extremely ticklish. Tickling can be fun but also can take the passion out of love making. I wanted him to know that I was making love to him. One brush of my beard on his belly made him curl into a fetal position so I did not pursue the area any further.

I said "Are you ticklish everywhere Bjorn? I want you to enjoy this".

He opened himself up to me again "My feet please stay away from my feet. I'm very ticklish there".

I said "Okay but I would love to suck your toes". "Noooo please don't".

I cupped his small boy cock and his balls "But this will be okay?"

"Yes. Yes please suck my penis I want you too. My bum is okay too".

Using my tongue I freed the rest of his crown from the foreskin, wrapping my lips around the small penis as he kept calling it. I pushed his legs apart. He spread them wide for me. I sucked his balls into my mouth and returned to his shaft. Bjorn hand his hands in my hair and squirmed around as I serviced his young penis. His motions led me to believe he was nearing his climax. I lifted off of him to ask "Are you going to cum for me Bjorn?"

He lifted his head as I returned to his penis he said "I can't cum yet but I like the feelings when it happens". I licked his balls again and moistened my middle finger for his boy hole.

Bjorn said "Tongue my bum it will give me the tingles. I saw it in a dirty drawing once". I started for his hole. He said "No wait like this, like the drawing. I roll over with my bum in the air and you come behind me".

I said "Anything you want son". I let him roll over his knees under him pushing his ass into the air. He put his head on the mattress turning his head so he could watch me. I got behind his tiny ass and spread his cheeks to get my tongue into his crack and hopefully into his tiny boy hole. I licked his balls and his crack then probed his hole with my tongue deeper and deeper with each thrust of my tongue. Bjorn grabbed a pillow to quiet himself when he wasn't saying "More" to me. I kept probing him and licking his crack and balls to return to the tongue probe. His hand found his own penis bringing himself to his orgasm until he fell forward to the bed breathing heavy from his dry climax. Truly a beautiful site to witness and to be part of.


When his breathing slowed to a more normal pace Bjorn said "Now I want your penis in my mouth then inside my bum".

I positioned myself in the middle of the bed with pillows behind me so I was propped up against the headboard. I spread my legs for him so he could crawl between my legs. He got on his knees between mine and put his hand around the base of my six inch penis. Bjorn used his tongue around my crown he opened his lips to take it.

I thought as a teacher and father and said "Don't use your teeth son it will scrape and hurt me".

He said "I know Ansel taught me that when I had his penis in my mouth. You can cum in my mouth if you want but I think I would rather have you cum in my bum dad". Bjorn returned to my penis taking a good amount of the six inches into his mouth doing a good job not forgetting to suck and lick on my balls occasionally and return to the blow job. I was encouraging him and praising him letting him know that he was doing a good job.


If he didn't get off of me I was going to cum in his mouth soon. I said "Stop Bjorn and get the K-Y from the drawer. I will use it to open up your bum with my fingers until you're ready to have me inside you".

He obeyed "What is K-Y?"

I said "Lubrication you didn't use any when you were with Ansel did you?" He shook his head at me. I said "That's why you got hurt. You can have my tube when we are done in case you and Ansel do this again. Oh and don't let him get too rough with you".


He giggled at me "We will".

I moved Bjorn to the top of me with his ass towards my face. He could still suck my penis but I greased my fingers and his hole with a generous amount of the lube. First with one finger then a second finger completely inside his tight hole. Bjorn pushed back on my fingers trying to get more inside him.


He finally declared he was ready for my penis inside him. I turned him facing me and held my rigid dick for him to lower himself onto it. He eased his way down me entering him completely. His face cringed a couple of times but he was determined to have a man inside him. Not just a man but now his dad was inside him. Bjorn using my knees behind him for support and motion raised and lowered himself controlling the motion of what seemed to be a truly enjoyable fuck. I still had enough KY on my hand to bring him to another dry climax. He brought me to a very wet orgasm deep inside of him.


We both laughed about it with my cum dripping from his hole and down his legs. I led him to the bathroom and started the shower for both of us. Before we got in the shower Bjorn wrapped his arms around me looked me in the face and said "I Love you dad even if you are only here for a little while I will always love you".

I returned the embrace and kissed the top of his head. "I will always love you too Bjorn. You are my son".

We stepped into the shower to wash the cum and K-Y off of us. Bjorn said "If I bring Ansel here before you have to leave us do you think you could both cum at the same time. One in my mouth and the other in my bum. I really want to do this".


I laughed at him "We can try son. Will Ansel take it up the bum as well?"

He said "You mean like Ansel inside me and you inside him at the same time? That sounds cool he might not go for it though. I'll ask him tomorrow".


I said "There are plenty of ways to make love son. Just you and me, you me and friends. Three-ways whatever you want to learn. I just hope I am around when you have your first wet orgasm"


He smiled "I want to learn everything about gay sex. I guess we will have to keep trying until I do. Same time tomorrow dad? I have to get home for homework before mom kills me".

"Same time tomorrow son. Bring Ansel so I can punish him for hurting you".


I said "I won't use the K-Y on him. I won't kiss him first either. Just pull his pants down bend him over the night stand and fuck him".

Bjorn smiled "I'm glad I'm not your enemy dad".


In the end Bjorn became a great boy hole and cock sucker. I had him every day for two weeks. He never gave me his boy juice at least not yet. I will be back for him from time to time.

Ansel did come by and I did exactly what I said I was going to. I put a towel in his mouth pulled his pants down and fucked him dry on the night table. Ansel never came back with Bjorn for the two weeks.



From RJ / RJT10000 Now also known as DJTyler1000@gmail.com


If you would like this story continued please let me know. I think it can stand on its own merit but my reading fans have let me know different and I can continue the story line.


Later for now RJ and Bjorn