All readers please note: If some aspects of this story are inauthentic, I make no apology for not doing the necessary research! This story is a masturbatory fantasy. In real life the kid in this story would probably grow up into a disturbed and unhappy adult.

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Chapter 1:

The first lesson

Andrew waited nervously in his living room while he awaited the arrival of the gorgeous young teen boy. He knew how strong the urge would be to pounce on the lad, but he was certainly not about to assault an innocent little boy.

The doorbell rang and he went to greet young Chris. The blond boy smiled and greeted his host with a soft voice that was hovering uncertainly between high-pitched boy and deep-voiced man. Andrew fetched him a drink and sat on the settee, where Chris quickly joined him.

“Chris, happy birthday. Now that you are 13, and since your father is not around, your mum has asked me to talk to you about becoming a man. I guess you'll have noticed some changes in your body recently”.

“what do you mean Andy?”

“well your voice is beginning to drop, and I guess you are beginning to get a few hairs on your body”

“well I have got a few hairs round my willy. Do you want to see?” and the boy giggled.

“I don't think that's necessary. I have got some hair there myself you know”. Andrew laughed, charmed by the apparent innocence of his little friend. However he was having difficulty working out how to start his sex education talk. “What we need to talk about is girlfriends and sex and stuff like that. Your mum wants you to know how not to get a girl pregnant, and how not to get nasty infections like AIDS.”

“I haven't got a girlfriend. And anyway what would you know about girlfriends Andy? You're gay aren't you?”. Chris edges along the settee so he's sitting closer to the man. He giggles again.

“I didn't know you knew that, Chris. But all the same I know enough to teach you about sex”. Images of how he would really like to teach the boy flooded into his head, and his cock swelled up tight in his jeans. “I suppose you've started to masturbate”.


“You know. Wank, jerk off, play with yourself”. The boy collapses in a fit of laughter and his mentor starts laughing too.

“No. I've heard people talk about it but I don't know how to do it. Will you show me how?”

“Chris I can't do that. When men my age play around with 13-year-old kids it's called child abuse. I'd be sent to prison for it and you and your dear mother would have to see social workers and police officers. So I don't think we'll be doing anything like that. But surely, Chris, you've noticed nice feelings when you touch yourself down there?”

“I don't think so. Please show me. I won't tell anyone, and if anyone asks I'll say we were just talking”

“Chris, I don't think so. Er.. what are you doing?”. The teen had just sidled up, put his arm around the adult and placed a hand on the man's thigh.

“Please Andy? Don't you like me?”

“Of course I like you, Chris, you're a lovely boy, but.....”Chris was undoing Andy's trousers. Andy watched helpless as his best friend's pubescent son pulled his hard cock out from his underpants. Having extracted the engorged tool the boy sat open-mouthed and stared.

“It's huge” he gasped.

“Well, er, it's not that big, but I guess you didn't see many erect cocks before, did you. I expect yours will be as big in a few years time”

“let's compare them”, said the youngster as he speedily removed his trousers and underpants. Andy sat astonished at the turn of events as he gazed at the beautiful adolescent boy standing naked in front of him. The boy was slim, five foot tall, and had a perfect figure. He was hairless except for a small blond tuft at the bottom of his belly. Sticking up in front of his sparse pubic bush was 41/2 inches of slender but rock-hard boycock. Andy had often dreamed about such a sight, but hadn't seen a naked teen boy since he was himself one.

“You're beautiful”he murmured, by this time powerless to resist his strong sexual urges, as he reached out and gripped the perfectly formed penis with three fingers. “I guess I'll have to show you how to do it now”.

“Ohh that feels nice”, Chris moaned as his cock was stroked by another hand than his own, for the very first time.”I like this”.

Andy slowly stroked the excited schoolboy's penis, while exploring the adolescent body with his other hand. He stroked the smooth belly, tousled the boys blond hair, then tweaked the little nipples.

“Ooooo, aaaaa” moaned Chris, who was making rapid progress towards orgasm. A few more nipple tweaks and the teacher moved his spare hand to stroke the kid's perfect smooth bottom. His rhythm had accelerated now, but he was not accustomed to the accelerated sexual physiology of pubescence and was taken by surprise when Chris started arching his back and shreiking. The boy was having a wonderful orgasm, his first ever. “Oh Andy he moaned, that was fantastic”. He looked down and saw Andy's hand, which was cupping a small amount of whitish fluid. “what's that?”.

“That's cum, my dear boy. It's what comes out of a boys willy to make babies”. “really? Can you make a baby from that stuff?”. “No” smiled Andy. “only when it gets inside a woman's vagina and mixes with her egg”. He kissed his young friend on the lips, and tussled his hair some more. “Chris my boy, you'd better be getting back home, or your mum will be wondering what we're up to”.He gave the boy some instructions as to what they had been “talking” about, and showed his satisfied guest to the door. He then retreated to his bedroom and fantasised about what would happen on Chris's next visit. It didn't take long for him to shoot the load that had been building up in his balls over the previous hour.