Chapter 2

Three wankers

It was a week since Chris had had his wanking tutorial. Andrew nervously awaited his arrival for lesson 2. He knew that they could not continue the activities of the previous week: what he had done was wrong, and was a betrayal of his friendship with Caroline, Christopher's mother.

The doorbell went dead on time. When Andrew went to the door he was greeted with the sight of Chris on his bike, wearing a pair of very tight shorts and a t-shirt that he must have bought when he was several inches shorter. “C-come in” he stammered as he helped Chris to rest his bike in the hallway. “I don't know why you came on the bike when you only live round the corner”. Surely the bike couldn't just be an excuse for the boy to wear such seductive clothing?Was the boy that calculating?

This time Andy led Chris to the kitchen as he hoped there would be less likelihood of physical contact between them. “Chris I must apologize for what happened last week and I promise that nothing like that will happen again. Today we're going to talk about sex between boys and girls and how to stop girls from getting pregnant; also we'll talk about sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them. OK?”

In response Chris pulled off his t-shirt and moved to the seat next to the man whose cock he wanted. “Andy, you must know that I loved what happened last week. But if you really want to you can talk about all the boring stuff for twenty minutes. Then it's my turn.”

“Er, OK”. So Chris twiddled his thumbs while Andy droned on about sperm and eggs and babies. He showed little more interest when the older guy talked about HIV and gonorrhea.

“Your twenty minutes are up Andy”. He got out of his chair then swung his leg in front of Andy and sat on the surprised man's lap, facing him.”I'm gonna play with your big cock today” he announced as he placed his young lips against Andy's. As he kissed the man he moved his little bottom around so that it rubbed against the lump he could feel beneath him. Andy could not resist long and they were soon kissing passionately. Both were thoroughly aroused.

After a few minutes the near naked teenboy moved off the man's lap, took his hand and led him to the living room. There was no resistance. He then proceeded to methodically remove all the man's clothes. Once the man stood naked with his large mancock pointing skyward, the youngster stood back and admired his body. “Wow, your chest is so hairy. And what a big cock you've got.”

“All the better to fuck you with” was the man's unspoken response. What he said was “take your shorts off please, my darling boy”. Chris stripped of then led Andy to the couch where they sat down beside each other. The youngster grabbed the man's turgid cock and started to play with it. With his other hand he stroked the hairy chest and belly. “I'm so happy” he said as he kissed his mature lover on the lips. “I love you Chris” replied his companion as he manipulated the kid's dick and balls. Before long both were moaning, and then man and boy shot jets of cum over themselves, each other and the couch.

Young Chris left the house with a smile on his face. He jumped on his bike and tore round the corners till he turned into his own street. There was a van parked in front of his house. He swerved across the road onto the drive of a neighbour's house and around the van but found his way blocked by a pile of crates and suitcases. He slammed on his brakes but couldn't stop himself from skidding into the boxes. He ended up in a tangled pile on the ground with his bike.

“Are you OK?” came a boy's voice. He looked up and saw the face of a handsome black boy a few years older than himself. “I'm really sorry about our stuff getting in your way.” He reached out a hand to help Chris to his feet.

“I think I'm OK thanks. It's my fault, I shouldn't have come round the corner so fast. You look as if you're moving in”

“Yeah, me and my dad are moving in here. My name's Aaron, by the way”. He reached out his hand once again. Chris took his hand, saying”Hi Aaron I'm Chris and I live next door with my mum. Oh ouch, my bike seems to have hit me just here” as he pointed to his upper thigh.

“Let's have a look” said the older boy, who was dazzled by the scantily clad adolescent in front of him. He knelt to inspect the injured area while admiring the boys bulging groin and silky smooth skin.”I can''t SEE anything wrong, but I'd better see if I can FEEL anything. OK?”

Chris nodded silently so the horny older boy placed his hand softly on his smooth hairless leg, just below the edge of the very short shorts. “I don't feel any lump. Do you want me to massage it a bit?” Without waiting for an answer he started to stroke the skin. “Higher or lower?” he asked.

“Higher” whispered the angelic child in a husky voice, and Aaron's hand slid under the edge of his shorts. Chris then suddenly pulled away as the door to Aaron's new house opened. As he did so he felt a finger brush his smooth ballsack. “Oh, hi dad, this is our neighbour Chris, he just fell off his bike but he's OK”.

A few hours later Chris lay in his single bed with his right hand pumping on his erect dick. He imagined that he was sucking a stiff penis but the images in his head alternated between his adult lover and his new teenage neighbour. The hottest fantasies were of his bottom being filled by a stiff cock, but again he wasn't sure whose it would be. On the other side of the party wall Aaron too was masturbating furiously but he knew exactly where he planned to thrust his six inches. He'd accepted the advances of a few older guys previously and had enjoyed oral sex and being fucked, but he was most strongly attracted to younger boys. As a “top” he was a virgin, and little Christopher's arse was going to be his first. He hoped too that his would be the first cock to invade his young neighbour's rectum.

He didn't know that a few streets away an older man was also masturbating while enjoying the same fantasy of deflowering the adorable young Christopher.