Chapter 3

Oral Practice

This time Chris felt confident that he had no need to dress so provocatively, and he just flung on some jeans and a hooded top and walked round. When the door opened he was greeted by Andy wearing only a vest and his boxer shorts. As previously Andy had prepared a lecture. The discussion move onto foreplay and specifically oral sex. Andy started to talk about cunnilingus but his pupil interrupted him “Yeuch, that's disgusting. We don't want to talk about that do we? Anyway your 20 minutes is up, so you can teach me about cock-sucking”. So they moved onto the practical phase of the lesson.

“Come here said the man, and pulled the eager lad towards him for the commencement of some kissing and groping. He hurriedly pulled his little friends clothes off, then lifted him off his feet and carried him up the stairs to the bedroom. Chris was more than happy that the man was taking charge this time. He found himself being dropped onto the bed and immediately felt Andy's lips on his slender penis. “ooo aaaah, that feels amazing” he said. His lover stroked his balls and thighs as his head bobbed up and down, then his finger crept round to stroke the child's bumcrack. This was too much for the hormonally charged boy, and his body went into spasms as he had the best orgasm he'd yet had. Andy too was in seventh heaven as he'd never had sex with such a young and enthusiastic boy before.

The two of them lay curled up and content for several minutes before Andy kissed his darling boy on the lips. “Your turn now, baby” he said, placing the kid's hand on his erect member. “Yes uncle Andrew” replied the obedient boy as he moved down the bed to taste cock for the first time. He lovingly stroked the big uncircumcised penis then placed his lips over the glans and licked up some sweet-tasting precum. He manipulated the organ with his hand while he tongued and sucked the top couple of inches. He then tried to take the whole shaft in his mouth but he gagged and pulled his head away.

“Hey you don't have to deep-throat me, you know. That takes a bit of practice. But I'd like you to turn around so your bum is in front of my face.”

The young boy was a bit surprised at this request but dutifully shifted round so that he was sucking and stroking a large dick, while it's owner had the boy's arse balls and cock inches away from his face. Chris felt his balls and cock being fondled then his arse cheeks were pulled apart so that Andy could inspect the puckered boyhole. He reached round to pull a pillow under his head then pulled the boys hips down so that his face was buried in boy-bottom. Meanwhile Chris was getting into a good rhythm bobbing up and down on his master's impressive cock. His action was suddenly interrupted when he felt the man's tongue probing his sensitive anus. What an amazing feeling it was!

Once Chris realized what was happening he resumed the enjoyable task of gobbling on his first mancock. Even the brief pain of a finger being inserted in his anal canal didn't cause him to break rhythm, even though it made him gasp with intense pleasure. He had a mature guy's finger against his prostate, his balls were being licked and his dick was being masturbated, while he sucked a fat dick.. What greater pleasure could there be? (well perhaps there was one activity that would be even better).

It wasn't long till man and boy came to simultaneous and ecstatic orgasms. They lay for a few minutes in the 69 position. “OK son, you've had your fun now. You'd better get dressed and go home before you mum wonders what's happened to you”. “Yes sir”replied the boy and they both hurriedly dressed. At the front door Chris got a kiss on the lips and a pat on the bum. “See you for next week's lesson” he said as he wiggled his bottom provocatively.