Chapter 4:

More schooling

Over the past week Chris had been looking out for Aaron in the hope that they could get to know each other a bit better. He'd spotted him once in the back garden, and once getting into a car, but both times he was with his dad. On one occasion he looked out of the window as he dried himself after a shower, and saw the sexy teen walking down the street. He dressed as quick as he could and ran after him, but he didn't find him. He wondered if Aaron was trying to avoid him. Perhaps he'd misread the situation and the boy wasn't really interested in him, or perhaps like Andy he was afraid of getting involved with jailbait.

The day after his lesson in fellatio Chris went to school as normal. Between classes he spotted, at a distance, an older black boy. He hastened his pace and got close enough to confirm that it was Aaron. He saw him turn into the toilet and followed him in. Aaron was standing at a urinal taking a big piss. He paid little attention when someone appeared in the adjacent urinal till he noticed that the other student was stroking an erect though slender penis. He looked across and smiled with delight when he saw who it was. Looking round to make sure they were alone he muttered “you're bonkers”, but did not try to hide his own growing erection. Unfortunately they then heard the door opening and both hastily tucked their tools away, albeit with some difficulty. Chris swung his schoolbag in front of himself and wandered off to his next class but Aaron ducked into the cubicle where he had to relieve himself while he read some of the childish graffiti. His left his own contribution was “boyhole needed for stiff 16yr cock ”.

After his last lesson of the day, Chris wandered out the school gates and found Aaron waiting for him.

“Like what you saw?” said the older boy

. “Oh yes!” replied the younger one. “I'd like to see it again please, Aaron.”

“Yours is nice too, Chris. I'd invite you into my house, but my dad'll be at home.”

“That's OK, my Mum won't be home for a couple of hours, so you can come over and get your cock sucked. If you'd like that.”

“Chris you're the cutest kid, but I can't believe you're inviting me in for sex when we've hardly met.. How old are you by the way?”

“Thirteen. But I can make cum. And I think you are really sexy. How old are you?”

“I'm sixteen”

They entered the house and Chris took Aaron's hand and let him up the stairs. Chris threw himself on the bed and Aaron leapt on top of him and kissed him on the lips. Chris responded with his tongue and the two boys kissed passionately. After several minutes Aaron pulled his face away and pushed himself up so he was sitting on the smaller boys waist. “That first time we met I knew this was going to happen” and he started to undo the top of Chris's trousers. “This is what you want isn't it?” he said as he thrust his hand in and started fondling the junior boy's cock and balls. “Oh yes” breathed the kid underneath him “you can do whatever you want with me”.

Chris pushed the older boys hips to move the weight off his hips, sat up and started lifting off his friend's t-shirt. “You've got a lovely body Aaron” he murmured as he stroked the brown skin. Aaron removed Chris's shirt then slid down to remove the remainder of his clothes. He stood up, removed his shorts and boxers then gazed down at the adorable pubescent boy lying naked and available on his bed. “You're so beautiful” he told him.

Chris jumped out of bed and fell on his knees to worship at the alter of Aaron's rigid cock. The standing boy was soon in ecstasy as he watched his new lover's head move up and down the shaft. He placed his hands gently on the head and started face-fucking the not-so-innocent kid. It wasn't long before spasms swept through his body and waves of warm cum spurted into Chris's waiting mouth.

The two teens then lay cuddling on the bed for a few minutes before Aaron got on his hands and knees and started kissing Chris's lovely tool. It didn't take long for Chris to shoot his rather smaller load down Aaron's throat.