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Chapter 5:

Virgin no more

During the course of that week the boys made several visits to each other's bedrooms, and had great fun wanking and sucking each other off. Aaron gave Chris a tentative rimming and fingered the boys arsehole while sucking his dick, but he was nervous about fucking him. He'd never done it before and knew that his lover was a virgin. But he knew for certain that he had to have that cute little arse before too long.

As Chris got ready to go for his next lesson with Andy he was also feeling rather nervous. He suspected that the topic for this week would be anal sex, and that Andy was looking forward to taking his virginity. He loved the masculine guy with the hairy chest and desired that big cock inside him. But he also loved his schoolboy neighbour, who was so handsome, and with whom he could play around and discuss topics of mutual interest. Perhaps it was because Aaron was, like him, a virgin (at least as far as being a 'top' was concerned), or maybe it was because his neighbour's teen cock was not as large as that of his mother's best friend, that it was the younger of his lovers that he wished to give himself to first.

He would have to tell Andy about Aaron. But he worried that Andy would feel that he had been promised the trophy, and that he would not accept that Chris could have two lovers. He had kept his promise to Andy that he would not divulge their secret to anyone, but this left him in the uncomfortable position of keeping a huge secret from someone who trusted him. He even thought that perhaps it was all getting too complicated and that it would have been better if he'd never got intimate with either of them.

Andy too was a bit nervous as he awaited his pupil's arrival, dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.. He was certainly excited at the prospect of taking the 13-year-old's virginity but was shocked at the dubious morality of what he was planning. He was shaken out of his reverie by the telephone. When he picked it up it was Caroline. “Hello Andrew, I want to have a quick word with you before my son reaches you. I am pleased at how much he seems to be enjoying your sessions, but I have a special request”.

Andy nervously informed her that he too was enjoying the weekly visits, and asked what the request was.

“I may be wrong Andy, but I'm beginning to suspect that Chris might be gay. I'd just like you to make sure that he knows all about safer sex and about other aspects of being gay, which of course you're an expert in! But please don't tell him that I made this call. If he is gay it's best that he comes out to me when he's ready, and not before”.Just then the doorbell rang so Andy made his excuses to Caroline and went to the door.

While Andy and Caroline were talking Chris had been on his way round to Andy's. However what he did not know he has been spotted by Aaron. As he turned towards Andy's front door he felt a hand on his shoulder.”Chris, what are you up to?”

“Oh I'm just visiting a friend of my mums. You'd better not come in with me, in case he wonders what's going on.”

“Well can we meet afterwards? I'm feeling really horny for you”.

Jamie was doing some quick thinking. “Well actually maybe you should come and meet Andy”, he said as he pressed the doorbell.

Andy opened the door in such a way that his state of undress should not be visible to passers-by, He got quite a shock when two boys walked in rather than just the one he was expecting. Chris shut the door and the three males stood looking at each other.

Aaron looked up at a handsome man who was not unlike the uncle he had been left with the previous weekend and whose large cock he had sat on with such pleasure. He had noticed as they came in that their host was already in a state of considerable arousal (in anticipation of the activity he had planned with little Chris). He looked across at his younger friend, who smiled tentatively back at him. It was clear to Aaron that Chris was not surprised by Andy's near-nudity or by his obvious erection, and he also knew that the older guy found him attractive.(He always knew instinctively when a man wanted to get inside his pants).

Aaron lifted his arm so that the back of his hand brushed Andy's cock. Chris giggled and the cock sprang up even more firmly than it already had. Chris reached out to fondle the bulge in Aaron's pants, and Aaron then slipped his hand in Andy's shorts and started stroking the big cock. With his other hand he started groping Chris's bottom.

“I think you two boys should come with me to the bedroom”, said the oldest of the three, “but I think you should tell me your naughty friend's name, Christopher.”

“OK, Andy, this is my neighbour Aaron. And I hope you're not going to be angry with me, but I want him to fuck”.

“Well I suppose that's OK if I can watch. But Aaron, have you ever fucked a boy before?”

“No Sir, but I really want to stick my dick in his cute little bottom”.

“Well I suppose I had better instruct you”.

“I will do whatever you say sir”

“Whatever I say?”

“Yes sir. I won't hurt him, but apart from that you are the boss.” Aaron puts his hand in the mans boxers and strokes the large dick as he says this.

“So your ass and mouth are mine? And the kid's ass once you've stretched it for me?”

“Yes sir”.

“That's a good boy, Aaron. But Chris, I hope you are okay with this. You must say no if there's anything you don't want to do.”

Chris nodded then skipped up the stairs to the bedroom and tore his clothes off. The other two followed, and Andy started to undress the older of the two boys. He inspected Aaron, then fondled his genitals briefly before giving the balls a sharp squeeze. He turned the boy round. “Touch your toes” he instructed then parted the teen's bum cheeks. “From now on, nothing goes in there unless I say so. Right?”. He slapped the boy firmly on the bottom.

Soon Andy had Chris bent over the side of the bed with his knees on the floor and Aaron's head buried in the kid's arse. As Aaron probed with his tongue the younger boy moaned with pleasure. Their instructor went over to a drawer and passed a condom to Aaron. He opened a sachet of lube, applied some to the boys anal opening then gently slid a finger into the puckered hole. He tenderly finger-fucked his protege, first with one finger, then two and finally three. Andy unrolled the rubber onto the Aaron's cock, before giving instructions.

“Chris, are you ready to take your first cock? Aaron, give him what he wants but be gentle. He's only thirteen, after all.”.

Aaron pressed his rigid black member against the lubricated sphincter, which yielded willingly to the invader. The bottom boy gasped while his buggerer paused. “Go on Aaron, fuck me please” he begged. The versatile older boy pushed in deeper then partially withdrew and began to gently hump his catamite.

Andy by then had moved round the bed. He kissed Chris on the lips then knelt with his knees on either side of the kid's head. The boy propped himself on his elbows and started sucking the large member.

“OK Aaron, fuck that hole properly now” said Andy, as he pulled the boys face to his and pushed his tongue into his mouth. The thirteen-year-old lay on the bed in ecstasy while the older males fucked his face and arse. Aaron by now was going like a train; he was experiencing the intense pleasure of fucking a tight boy-hole for the very first time.

Before long all three were moaning loudly. Aaron pulled his mouth away from his master's and breathlessly announced that he was nearly cumming. “Me too” responded Andy. From below came some stifled noises indicating that all three were ready to explode. “Oh yes”. “Yes”. “Oh Oh Oh Oh”. “Ahhhhhhhh”.