All readers please note: If some aspects of this story are inauthentic, I make no apology for not doing the necessary research! This story is a masturbatory fantasy. In real life the kid in this story would probably grow up into a disturbed and unhappy adult.

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Oh”. “Ahhhhhhhh”.

Chaper 6

Passing the test

Before the happy boys left his house, Andy had a chat with them both about the need for discretion. Aaron persuaded him that it was safe to store the man's number on his mobile phone. After all they were both legally adult. Aaron would visit at pre-arranged times, and would use the back door. Separately the two boys were to continue practising the day's lesson over the next week.

The next morning Aaron left the house 40 minutes earlier than usual, as soon as his dad had left for work. He found the back door key in the specified hiding place, entered the house and crept up the stairs. He slipped his clothes off in the upstairs hallway and fondled his already engorged penis. He switched the hall light on and opened the door so he could see the handsome hunk sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Aaron peeled the duvet back then picked up the cock that was to enter his mouth and arse so often in the years to come. He stroked it until it got hard and huge. He knew he was going to love having it inside his body.

Andy was still asleep at this point, but once the youth started to pay oral attention to his dick he began to stir. He gave no indication that he was awake but rolled onto his back to make life easier for his boy. Aaron didn't have long before school, so he pulled his mouth away, reached out for the condom by the bedside and unrolled it on his masters massive phallus. He applied lubricant to the cock and to his own anus, then manoeuvred himself to a position where he could lower himself onto the organ. By this time his master was making no pretence at being asleep, so the impaled teen leant forward to kiss him on the lips. After a minute or so of mutual tongue and lip action he sat back up and started to move his arsehole up and down Andy's shaft. The man used one hand to steady his own cock while his toyboy bounced up and down on it. With the other hand he masturbated the boy's penis.

Aaron had had some practice at this activity with his uncle and the uncle's friends, but for Andy, supposedly the teacher, this was a novel way to fuck. He was drastically turned on by the sight of the hot teen who was putting so much energy into pleasuring him. After a few minutes his moans indicated imminent orgasm, and when he sensed cum squirting from the hard smooth cock in his right hand, the convulsions in his own body swiftly followed.

After a few savage thrusts into the boys rectum, Andy's juices were spent and he collapsed back onto the bed. Aaron glanced at the bedside clock, lifted himself off the softening penis and removed the condom and its contents. After disposing of the rubber he fetched a flannel and cleaned his mature lover's cock. He took a quick shower, dressed, gave Andy a quick peck on the lips, then left the house in time to join Chris on his way to school.

“Hi Chris. You'll love it when he fucks your sweet arse” were the first words he uttered that morning. “You up for some arse action after school?”.

That evening Chris's mother was out visiting a friend, so Aaron popped round and passed the time by stretching his boyfriends anal ring in preparation for the assault it was to get the following week. They weren't able to get together every day, but Aaron was finding little time for his homework between his activities as bottom boy for Andy, and top for Chris.

Up to this point, Chris's lessons had been on a Sunday, but Caroline phoned Andy on the Thursday to ask him if he could look after the house for her for the weekend as she had to go and visit her sick father. She would spend the Friday evening at home with her son, and leave early on the Saturday morning. Given the potential opportunities this offered, Andy was more than happy to oblige.

On the Saturday Andy woke at 8.30, showered and made himself a coffee, then ate a banana while he scanned the morning paper. He picked up the bag he had prepared the previous evening and walked round to Caroline's house. He let himself in with the key that he had had for occasions when a younger Chris lost his own key at school. Seeing no-one downstairs, he went up to the kid's bedroom, but found it empty. He heard some boyish giggling, and followed the sound to Caroline's bedroom. When he opened the door he found his two lover boys spreadeagled on the bed with their cute little arses invitingly jutting up in the air.

“Well hello boys. That's a beautiful sight. Is your sweet boy-hole ready for my fat man-cock, Christopher?”

“Oh yes, Andy. Fuck me with your huge cock” replied the eager child, as he rolled on his back and emphasised the invitation by pulling his thighs up to his chest so that the adult male had a full view of the target of his lust.

Aaron jumped off the bed and proceeded to remove and fold his masters clothing. He then rooted in Andy's bag to find a condom and lube. He placed the rubber between his lips, then expertly unrolled it on the man's shaft. He squirted some lube onto it then went to the waiting thirteen-year-old applied gel to his anal orifice. He held the two cheeks apart.

“He's ready for you now master. I want to see you give him a good hard shafting.”

Andy knelt on the bed and aimed his impressive organ at the small hole it was about to invade. Above the hole was the boys hairless scrotum and slender but rigid dick. The small patch of hair at the base indicated the boy's pubescent status. He looked up at Chris's face. The schoolboy nodded to him and he pressed the head of his cock against the boy's sphincter. The resistance was only brief, and he was able to push in the top half of his cock. Chris gave a little gasp but nodded to him again. Andy withdrew by a couple of inches then pushed once again, and with each push he entered the boy a bit further. After a few in-and-outs the full length of his penis was inside the boys intestines and his pelvis was pressing against the boys bottom.

“I love you Chris”.

“I love you Andy”.

And from Aaron: “I love you both”.

“And I love you too” came simultaneously from the copulating couple.

Andy started making regular thrusts into the boys intestines. Aaron sat on the bed and masturbated his younger friend while Chris returned the favour. For the youngest boy this was the most thrilling event in his young life. And for Andy, how much better could it get? He was fucking a gorgeous pubescent boy who loved him, and with whom he was in love. And in a threesome with his boy's hot boyfriend who was in turn his own toyboy! And Aaron? He was loving watching his master fucking the lovely boy whose virginity he had taken a week before.

Andy's thrusts became progressively stronger and faster. The young boy found the sensations so intense that he body very soon went into a series of orgasmic jerks and his juices spurted out onto the bellies of his partners and himself. He continued to play with Aaron's larger cock while the man on top of him continued slamming down against his bum as he gradually approached his own release.

“Oh Chris I'm going to cum” shouted the man as he humped the boy under him.

“Oh yes, shoot your spunk inside me” responded Chris.

Andy then began a series of emphatic thrusts as his orgasm took over his body. Waves of ecstasy swept through him as he felt his prostatic contractions expel spurt after spurt of cum. Simultaneously the effect of his ramming cock on Chris's prostate resulted in another orgasm for the youngster, though he had little cum to expel. It was left to Aaron to shower them both with cascades of hot boy juices.

Andy had been such a good teacher that Chris had passed his practical exam with honours!